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DLers is there one celebrity, who if they died today, you would honestly cry over?

Tears of joy DO NOT COUNT!!! lol

by inthenavyreply 25306/09/2013

Gloria Vanderbilt


Carol Channing

Well, maybe not cry. But I'd feel really sad. They don't make them like that anymore.

by inthenavyreply 112/10/2011

Mama Kardashian

Naomi Judd

J Lo

Jill Zarin/ Taylor Armstrong

Any other attention-seeing fame ho's like them

by inthenavyreply 212/10/2011

Angelina Jolie

by inthenavyreply 312/10/2011

Oops.... Well, I get the DUFUS award and didn't read the thread correctly. I certainly would NOT be sad if anyone on my list above croaked tomorrow.

Sorry for the confusion...

I would be genuinely sad if Robert Osborne died. I enjoy his commentary on Turner Classic Movies.

by inthenavyreply 412/10/2011

Diamanda Galas

by inthenavyreply 512/10/2011

Annette Funicello - she's had it so rough

by inthenavyreply 612/10/2011

I can't think of anyone I would cry over, but I'm not emotionally invested enough in any celebrity to feel it as a personal loss.

It's always sad when someone talented who has made a mark on the world dies.

Even if it's someone like Lohan, who squandered potential that millions of people would give anything to have had, it's sad, though I wouldn't cry.

by inthenavyreply 712/10/2011

When Aretha goes I will cry the rain down!

When Elton or George Michael bids us adeiu I will shatter into a million little pieces, grief will be as shards of glass ripping my heart open!


by inthenavyreply 812/10/2011

Barring the fact that I am so depressed that I can't cry anymore...sorry, but I can't think of any living ones. I'm being honest. There are certainly some from the past, though. The back to back deaths of John Candy and Kurt Cobain were both sad. Both were very sweet men that I felt emotionally connected to.

by inthenavyreply 912/10/2011

Nobody has mentioned Liza yet? I'm shocked.

by inthenavyreply 1012/10/2011

No. The last time I felt truly sad about a celebrity death was when Richard Pryor died. Celebrity deaths don't hit me that hard, and I've never cried over one.

by inthenavyreply 1112/10/2011

I was shocked to be so moved by the death of Amy Winehouse, so I guess I don't know whose passing will get to me.

In general I'm thinking that some celebs that have seemed ever present and come across as really great souls will get me. Dolly Parton is one that comes to mind.

by inthenavyreply 1212/10/2011

Ryan Gosling

by inthenavyreply 1312/10/2011

Mariah. I'm a psycho-fan and love her so much (I know most of you hate her.)

James Gandolfini. My imaginary husbear.

by inthenavyreply 1412/10/2011

[quote]I was shocked to be so moved by the death of Amy Winehouse, so I guess I don't know whose passing will get to me.

R12, you are probably the only person in the world that actually felt anything in reaction to that manufactured love fest.

by inthenavyreply 1512/10/2011

[quote]I was shocked to be so moved by the death of Amy Winehouse, so I guess I don't know whose passing will get to me.

Tell me about it! I'm still breathless.

by inthenavyreply 1612/10/2011

I'm quite certain that I would cry if all the members of "One Direction" died in a car accident or plane crash.

by inthenavyreply 1712/10/2011

I can't say I would dissolve into tears, but when Queen Elizabeth II dies, it will be the end of an era that will seem strangely sad to me.

She almost seems like a museum piece from another time. Her 'stiff upper lip' temperament is fascinating to me.

I'm also strangely fascinated that Olivia De Havilland is still around and will be sad, as a movie buff, when she passes.

Who knew Melanie Wilkes would be the last one standing from the major GWTW players? (Vivian Leigh died 1967; Clark Gable in 1960; Leslie Howard in 1943)

by inthenavyreply 1812/10/2011

When the Honey Badger dies after being ganged up on by all of the other animals, I will give a shit.

by inthenavyreply 1912/10/2011

Dolly Parton. I'd be crushed. She's such a lovely person.

by inthenavyreply 2012/10/2011

Phylicia Rashad

Chaka khan

Diana Ross

by inthenavyreply 2112/10/2011

All of the wall street bankers and politicians in general.

by inthenavyreply 2212/10/2011

maybe not exactly cry, but I'd be a bit sad about

Bruce Springsteen

Vanessa Redgrave

Glenda Jackson

Tilda Swinton

or some surprising death

by inthenavyreply 2312/10/2011

Our Almiqui Overlords who have given us succor and protected us no matter the place, from our gayborhoods to Manvox to Datalounge.

by inthenavyreply 2412/10/2011

No, R15, I felt sad for Amy Winehouse, too, for the same reason I mentioned Lohan above.

I love Winehouse's music, even when she was so loaded she could hardly stand up.

She made her own decisions, and they killed her, but what a waste. I've known supremely talented singers who will never have a tenth of the success Winehouse had, and she threw it all away.

It makes me sad that she couldn't appreciate what she had and that the world will be deprived of the music she might have made. That has nothing to do with the media circus surrounding her death.

(Michael Jackson, otoh, I felt nothing about except that a pedophile was off the streets.)

by inthenavyreply 2512/10/2011

"I'm also strangely fascinated that Olivia De Havilland is still around and will be sad, as a movie buff, when she passes."

Fuck off!

by inthenavyreply 2612/10/2011

Dolly Parton and Annette Funicello -- yes.

There's a football player named Steve Gleason who recently revealed he has ALS -- he's only in his early 30s and one of the few unabashed liberals in the NFL. When Gleason made the announcement, Scott Fujita (who's been on the frontlines for gay marriage) flew across the country to be with Gleason's family.

Gleason just seems like a gentle, philosophical guy - very different than most football players - and the disease is such a horrible one. Yes, I'll probably cry when he dies.

by inthenavyreply 2712/10/2011

I laughed when Michael Jackson died. I suspect that most of us did.

by inthenavyreply 2812/10/2011

Not one.

There were two favorite authors whose deaths made an impact, but both were in their nineties, so it was hardly a surprise or buckets of tears, just reflection on long and rich lives. Robert Osborne (mentioned by R4) falls somewhat into that category, though he's 79.

by inthenavyreply 2912/10/2011

I got a little teary when Paul Newman died.

by inthenavyreply 3012/10/2011

So far, nearly all of the still living celebrities named in here are arrogant, unlikable turds(with the exception of Dolly Parton). Says a lot about what you people idolize.

by inthenavyreply 3112/10/2011

Stephen Joshua Sondheim

by inthenavyreply 3212/10/2011

I cried for days when Michael Jackson died. I never believed the lies.

by inthenavyreply 3312/10/2011

I was also stunned by my reaction to Winehouse's death. It was so sad because she had talent but seemed so insecure with her outside appearance while so many untalented get by on looks only.

by inthenavyreply 3412/10/2011

Like many others who have already posted, I dont know of any celebrity who i would cry over. I've never cried over any ones death, though, im only 20 and never had a death in my family since I've been born.

I think I am not emotionally attached enough to any celebrity to shed a tear.

However, I was shocked when I realized my eyes were getting misty when it was announced that Elizabeth Edwards died.

by inthenavyreply 3512/10/2011

I know a lot of people roll their eyes at her, but Barbra Streisand is an original with such a unique voice. I'm glad she was around at the tail end of the movie musical era to have made Hello Dolly and Funny Girl.

I know they'll be blaring "The Way We Were" in the background when they air the news of her death on the evening news. The opening segment of that song gets me every time... (Yea, Mary!)

by inthenavyreply 3612/10/2011

Zsa Zsa. Hell, I bought a box of Kleenex when I thought it was going to happen, and it's almost at its expiration date now.

by inthenavyreply 3712/10/2011

Anyone that cries for a 'diva' has major issues.

by inthenavyreply 3812/10/2011

Dame Edna

by inthenavyreply 3912/10/2011

I'd say Dolly Parton, but she'll probably live to be 105 and outlive me.

by inthenavyreply 4012/10/2011

[quote]However, I was shocked when I realized my eyes were getting misty when it was announced that Elizabeth Edwards died.


by inthenavyreply 4112/10/2011

I don't know if I'll cry. What a concept. Is it something one can predict, rather ghoulishly?

I can share that I dread the day Sondheim, Harold Bloom, B.B. King, Loretta Lynn, Judi Dench, and Michael Gambon die. I can't explain Gambon - I just love him.

by inthenavyreply 4212/10/2011

Another vote for Carol Channing. The END of anything special about Broadway. Throw in Helen Gallagher, too.

by inthenavyreply 4312/10/2011


Michael Fassbender

by inthenavyreply 4412/10/2011

We will coerce you into thinking that you are emotional when the Congresswoman and the Astronaut(TM) die.

by inthenavyreply 4512/10/2011

Julie Andrews.

by inthenavyreply 4612/10/2011

Wink Martindale

by inthenavyreply 4712/10/2011

Julianne Moore, seriously.

by inthenavyreply 4812/10/2011

Diana Ross--the best ever!

by inthenavyreply 4912/10/2011

Daniel Davis(Niles from The Nanny).

by inthenavyreply 5012/10/2011

Betty White

by inthenavyreply 5112/10/2011

R41, I don't know why that's hilarious to you.

It was very sad when Elizabeth Edwards died. I'm just sorry it wasn't her shit of a husband who was wiped out.

by inthenavyreply 5212/10/2011

[quote]when Queen Elizabeth II dies, it will be the end of an era that will seem strangely sad to me.

Me too, and I don't give a damn about royalty.

For the same reason I'll be sad when Mickey Rooney dies. He started in silent movies for God's sake, and he's about the last of the old MGM stars left. When he's gone there's nothing left but history.

Paul and Ringo will also bother me. It'll make me feel very old.

by inthenavyreply 5312/10/2011

If we could get rid of 99% of them, I'd break out the champagne.

by inthenavyreply 5412/10/2011

There might be a few people who will die before their time that I'll think "what a waste," but I can honestly say that I won't shed a tear or feel anything but a momentary regret. I've never been emotionally invested in any celebrity.

by inthenavyreply 5512/10/2011

Margaret Thatcher

by inthenavyreply 5612/10/2011

A politician's spouse died! Hold me DL, and break out the smelling salts while you are at it!

by inthenavyreply 5712/10/2011

Not to turn this into a soap thread! but will be said when Ted Shackelford ("Knots Landing"; currently recurring on Y&R) dies - he's been in poor health (and no one saying what's wrong) for quite a while; also on that show: Jeanne Cooper ("Mrs. Chancellor"); also been off the show with something wrong. Probably 80+ - just can't imagine show without her.

I was devasted when Elizabeth Taylor died. Like several posters admitted above, I too cried when Michael Jackson died; cried and cried during moving memorial service.

Surprised no one's mentioned Betty White! Probably 'cause it seems like she's going to live forever; ditto Eli Wallach.

And I hope the cartoon strip character "Garfield the Cat" never dies (although since he's 33 already - hee-hee!)

And yes, Liza, too.

by inthenavyreply 5812/10/2011

[quote]I was devasted when Elizabeth Taylor died. Like several posters admitted above, I too cried when Michael Jackson died; cried and cried during moving memorial service.

What a sap! It was pathetic when they had his daughter up there saying how he was the best dad in the world or something. She was probably threatened into doing it. Completely fake.

by inthenavyreply 5912/10/2011

[quote]I can share that I dread the day... and Michael Gambon die. I can't explain Gambon - I just love him.

For R42, on the off-chance you've not seen it, the scene that made me love Gambon. It's from a 2001 a four-hour TV film by Stephen Poliakoff, "Perfect Strangers" (it aired as "Almost Strangers" in the U.S.).

Gambon's scene begins about 40-seconds in and runs for the rest of the clip, but the acting throughout is superb, including Timothy Spall and Matthew Macfayden who appear in this clip. It's one of the best things ever on TV, and I often think of Gambon's Hillingdon scene.

by inthenavyreply 6012/10/2011

I cried for Kurt Cobain, and on 9/11. Was very upset when David Foster Wallace killed himself. Didn't care much about Diana, Michael, Liz. Happy to see Reagan and Steve Jobs go.

It would depend if it was a surprise or not, but my shortlist would include Kylie Minogue, Michael Palin, Bill Clinton, or Pedro Almodovar.

by inthenavyreply 6112/10/2011

Just to fit in with the rest of the replies, I'll say OJ Simpson.

by inthenavyreply 6212/10/2011

Why Kurt Cobain?

by inthenavyreply 6312/10/2011

Martha Stewart

by inthenavyreply 6412/10/2011

Michelle Kwan

possibly, Angelina Jolie.

by inthenavyreply 6512/10/2011

Etta James

yeah, Sondheim

Barbara Cook, probably

Liza, especially if it's a little too much like Momma's.

by inthenavyreply 6612/10/2011

Julie Andrews

by inthenavyreply 6712/10/2011

Bob Dylan

Joni Mitchell

by inthenavyreply 6812/10/2011

Erika Slezak - seriously, I'm sad that OLTL is nearly over, but if she passed away I believe I would cry. I'm not a crazy fan who believes the soap roles are real. I've just enjoyed having the pleasure of her acting the part of Viki Lord as a constant in my life over the years.

by inthenavyreply 6912/10/2011

Patsy Stone

by inthenavyreply 7012/10/2011

Enya. I know---MARY!

by inthenavyreply 7112/10/2011

Actually, R70, I would add Joanna Lumley to any list.

by inthenavyreply 7212/10/2011

Yeah, Liza, but not if it's too much like Momma's.

by inthenavyreply 7312/10/2011

R71, I don't like her music but I think she is beautiful and seems like a very nice and unassuming woman.

by inthenavyreply 7412/10/2011


by inthenavyreply 7512/10/2011

for me Patty Duke, truly a wonderful woman.

by inthenavyreply 7612/10/2011

Linda Evangelista, because she is a true beauty.

by inthenavyreply 7712/10/2011

I cried for a day when Lucy died. I imagine it will be the same with Dolly.

by inthenavyreply 7812/10/2011

Can't believe I'm the first to say Angela Lansbury.

But agree to QEII and Sondheim too...

by inthenavyreply 7912/10/2011

Sondheim sucks.

by inthenavyreply 8012/10/2011

Doris Day

by inthenavyreply 8112/10/2011


by inthenavyreply 8212/10/2011

Sorry to be so gay, but Barbra Streisand.

I also will cry over Dolly Parton.

But I might cry over someone that I wouldn't expect that I would cry about. I was shocked at how emotional I got over Jerry Orbach's death.

by inthenavyreply 8312/10/2011

Kate Bush. While not exactly prolific, her music moves me like few others', and her imagination and emotion have seen me through a lot of times of my life. The idea that there won't be anything new from her would wound me quite deeply.

by inthenavyreply 8412/10/2011

Paul Mccartney

by inthenavyreply 8512/10/2011

Julie Andrews

Kiri Te Kanawa

by inthenavyreply 8612/10/2011

Yes, Carol Channing. I hope they have a big gay memorial in Palm Springs. Her life has been much harder than people think.

I don't think Liza will make it much longer, her body has been put through hell. For all the jokes and sarcasm, she really is lovely human being. Not a rocket scientist, but just a good, talented soul.

Young Hollywood is so heavily into drugs, it won't surprise me when any of them OD. I won't cry but I will feel like I did when MJ died, I'll wish it could have ended differently.

by inthenavyreply 8712/10/2011

[quote]I cried for days when Michael Jackson died. I never believed the lies.

You are an idiotic drama queen.

Jesus killing that odious creature was one of the few events in history that made me think He might actually exist.

by inthenavyreply 8812/10/2011

Julie Andrews

David Letterman

by inthenavyreply 8912/10/2011

Carol Burnett

by inthenavyreply 9012/10/2011


Dolly Parton is simply too much woman, too much of a human being, for one little body. She makes me sentimental just looking at her in life, let alone when she joins the hereafter.

All the others have it coming. Ha-ha and LOL!

by inthenavyreply 9112/10/2011

Jesus didn't kill Jacko, R88. It was an accidental suicide.

by inthenavyreply 9212/10/2011

Jodie Foster Helen Reddy

by inthenavyreply 9312/10/2011

I cry everytime someone my own age dies

by inthenavyreply 9412/10/2011

Any celebrity who's done a lot for the gays like Ellen, Roseanne, Rosie, Amy & Emily, Melissa might make me cry.

by inthenavyreply 9512/10/2011

I won't cry, but I'll be very very sad when Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett die.

I'll also be sad when Meryl Streep dies.

I'll be sad when President Carter dies, and Rosalynn. They've been good people. I'll also be really sad when Hillary Clinton dies--she's a real hero of mine.

by inthenavyreply 9612/10/2011

Maggie Smith.

I've been a fan for years but I'm actually enjoying her more current roles the most.

Loved her in Gosford Park and Downton Abbey (and even in Harry Potter). She plays those old battle axes so well; No one can fill her shoes in that dept.

(I had read that she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago but she seems to be beating it.)

And ditto on Dolly, Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews. Those are gonna be hard.

by inthenavyreply 9712/10/2011

Michael J. Fox

by inthenavyreply 9812/10/2011

I'm already all a-tremble at the thought of Michael J. Fox's death!

by inthenavyreply 9912/10/2011

For all the talk about DL misogyny, it's interesting that 80% of these people are women -- and not Fabulous Strong Divas! or whatever, but women whose genuine goodness has touched a lot of people.

by inthenavyreply 10012/10/2011

100 posts and no one has mentioned Ms Oprah yet. She's done enormous charity work through the years and has changed a lot of lives.

I realize a lot of people think she's a grandiose cult figure/diva, but I'll be sad when she kicks the bucket.

I'm guessing that when Oprah dies, it's gonna be a huge cultural event (with Gayle hanging over the casket during the live CNN coverage of the funeral, and many former presidents and Hollywood figures filling up the pews.)

On a completely random note, I would also add Steven Spielberg to the list. I love most of his films and would be genuinely sad to lose that kind of talent in this "Twilight" and Kardashian world that we're living in now. (Schindler's List, Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, etc are some of my all time favorite films)

by inthenavyreply 10112/10/2011

R100, most of them embody badness, arrogance, and being fake as hell.

by inthenavyreply 10212/10/2011

R101, she is one of the biggest media fabrications/lowest pieces of shit imaginable.

by inthenavyreply 10312/10/2011

I think when The Queen dies people are going to be affected in surprising ways. That is going to be a funeral no one has ever witnessed - bigger than even Diana's was. Who knows though, The Queen really could live for another 20 years.

by inthenavyreply 10412/10/2011

Kurt Cobain's death had the biggest impact on me by far. I hate to think of that happening again.

That said, I dread Wes Anderson dying.

by inthenavyreply 10512/11/2011

Me too, R105. And he really was murdered.

by inthenavyreply 10612/11/2011

Probably Maureen O'Hara, who I loved in The Parent Trap (not to mention The Quiet Man and Miracle on 34th Street).

The thing is, I'm often surprised at how a death affects me. I remember how sad I was when Caroline McWilliams (Benson) and Darren McGavin (A Christmas Story) died. The lesser knowns who pass quietly are sadder to me than a Michael Jackson or Diana type of death.

by inthenavyreply 10712/11/2011

Philip Glass, Tom Stoppard - not celebrities per se, but I'll shed a tear for them.

by inthenavyreply 10812/11/2011

Paul and Ringo.

by inthenavyreply 10912/11/2011

I still feel the loss of Elizabeth. I loved her! I wish she could have lived pain free and vital for another ten or twenty years! I hated seeing her shuffle around and then confined to a wheelchair at such a relatively young age.

All these cadaverous looking women, these botoxed, silicon-filled, collagen plumped,brittle, garish, laquered ladies rattling around out here, and Elizabeth Taylor gone!

by inthenavyreply 11012/11/2011

Dame Maggie Smith for me as well. I had tears in my eyes when I read in an interview that she lost her confidence and was wondering if it was still worth it.

by inthenavyreply 11112/11/2011

[quote]think when The Queen dies people are going to be affected in surprising ways. That is going to be a funeral no one has ever witnessed - bigger than even Diana's was. Who knows though, The Queen really could live for another 20 years.

The Queen will almost certainly outlive Philip, so we haven't even started the last act--her stoic widowhood. If you think she's popular now, just wait till the world sees her bravely carrying on in widow's weeds.

by inthenavyreply 11212/11/2011

Drew Barrymore. I think she's adorable.

by inthenavyreply 11312/11/2011

Actually did cry when liz taylor died. Other than her i think their death would have to be so shocking and their talent so much it would make me cry.

by inthenavyreply 11412/11/2011

Liza..... Oh God, whenever she's off the wagon I start worrying. I have this bad feeling that now that she had that foot surgery she's hooked on painkillers and stuff, tabloids say that 'according to some insider' she tripped over her dog while drinking. I thought of that too to be honest, though I reaaaly want to think that she's clean.

by inthenavyreply 11512/11/2011

Barack or Michelle Obama. Maybe Angelina Jolie.

by inthenavyreply 11612/11/2011

I second Angela Lansbury.

And to add a man to the list, Bill Cosby.

by inthenavyreply 11712/11/2011

[quote]Michael Jackson, otoh, I felt nothing about except that a pedophile was off the streets.

Did you also feel this way when Elvis died?

by inthenavyreply 11812/11/2011

When MJ died, I was in shock about poor Farrah -- the documentary they showed made it clear she was very sick, but I had hoped for more time.

Then MJ died and the press fell over itself as the pack of reporters ran from E's hospital to M's. Then came the long wait for verification that he died, although TMZ called it soon after the ambulance arrived at the hospital.

I was shocked when Gregory Hines died since no one knew he was sick...

I don't want to think too deeply about my still-living faves going, although I agree with those posters who say when QEII goes, it will be the end of a good era.

by inthenavyreply 11912/11/2011

Anderson Cooper. I don't know how anyone could cry over him or miss him. The world will better off with out his arrogant egotistical ways and looking down on those who aren't as fortunate as he is.

by inthenavyreply 12012/11/2011

[quote]And to add a man to the list, Bill Cosby

Why Bill Cosby?

by inthenavyreply 12112/11/2011

But they're famous, R102, and that's what makes them women worthy of gay male attention.

by inthenavyreply 12212/11/2011

I cried when Heath Ledger died and I don´t know why

by inthenavyreply 12312/11/2011

Tom Petty

Eddie Vedder (will cry like a baby, in fact)

Meryl Streep

Kathy Griffin

RDJ (especially if it's drug-related)

by inthenavyreply 12412/11/2011

Not quite a ~*~celebrity~*~, but Marian Seldes.

by inthenavyreply 12512/11/2011


by inthenavyreply 12612/11/2011

Sir Elton

by inthenavyreply 12712/11/2011

David Bowie

by inthenavyreply 12812/11/2011

In the past: Jon-Erik Hexum, Mark Frankel, JFK Jr, Andy Whitfield

Would cry for: Pavel Novotny (perpetual crush), Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, James Caviezel (have met him personally; really sweet guy)

by inthenavyreply 12912/11/2011

Charlie Sheen

by inthenavyreply 13012/11/2011

I'm 35 and the most shocking celebrity death of my lifetime was Princess Diana. That was just unreal. No other death, even Michael Jackson's, has been like that one. I just could not beleive she was gone. I couldn't remember a time when she was not the most famous celebrity in the world. She was always in the public eye and in media saturation coverage since I was a very young child and them BAM! She was just dead. Shocking.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't really all that shocked when Michael Jackson died. When he was on trail the second time for molestation, it all came out about how many drugs he was taking and how he was mixing them with alcohol. When I read that, I knew it would be just a matter of time. He had also looked like complete shit for quite a while. When he finally did die, I was surprised he lived as long as he did.

by inthenavyreply 13112/11/2011


by inthenavyreply 13212/11/2011

I think plenty of people think the queen has had her turn and it's time to move on.

by inthenavyreply 13312/11/2011

Robert Redford

Michael J. Fox

Carol Burnett

Julie Andrews

Dick Van Dyke

Bob Newhart

Carl Reiner

Jane Goodall

Alec Sulkin

Ted Danson

Danny Devito

Jane Fonda

Diana Ross


Bill and Hillary Clinton


by inthenavyreply 13412/11/2011

I will be deeply upset when Sir David Attenborough dies. His employment record is varied and very interesting. Head of BBC2, Hated sitting behind a desk so he went back to film making. Soon followed some of the most awesome documentary series......Life on Earth.....Living Planet......Trials of Life........and on and on.....latest one tHE frozen Planet. When he goes I will be devastated. And he also gets more handsome with age. This shy, unassuming man who still see the world of discovery with a child's eye for wonderment is the ral deal. Please David, live forever.

by inthenavyreply 13512/11/2011

[quote]Sir David Attenborough

Isn't he the one who messed up A Chorus Line?

by inthenavyreply 13612/11/2011

No, that would be Richard Attenborough, R136.

David & Richard are brothers.

by inthenavyreply 13712/11/2011

To reply 136.....uh no!

by inthenavyreply 13812/11/2011

Okay, then I like David, too.

by inthenavyreply 13912/11/2011

David's a national treasure in the UK. I remember a parrot telling him....."I love you, David Attenborough". Simple but sooooo sweet.

by inthenavyreply 14012/11/2011

Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton

by inthenavyreply 14112/11/2011

I cried when Freddie Mercury died. A great talent who was part of my youth was gone.

by inthenavyreply 14212/11/2011

Madonna, I love her.

by inthenavyreply 14312/11/2011

R115 I haven't heard those rumors this time around but Liza has tanked during the winter holidays more than once in the past.

(Mama walked out on Dad for the final time in early December all those years ago.)

by inthenavyreply 14412/11/2011

Jane Goodall is dead i believe, killed by a gorilla ironically.

by inthenavyreply 14512/11/2011

Stephen Sondheim

Bernadette Peters

Petula Clark

by inthenavyreply 14612/11/2011

Jane Goodall is very much alive (and touring!).

by inthenavyreply 14712/11/2011

Lauren Bacall

Barbara Bush

Nancy Reagan

Patti Lupone

Ann Coulter

Michelle Bachmann

Oprah Winfrey

OJ Simpson

Pope Benedict XVI

Joy Behar

Maya Angelou

Joan Baez

Donald Trump

by inthenavyreply 14812/11/2011

[quote] Jane Goodall is dead i believe, killed by a gorilla ironically.

You're probably thinking of Dian Fossey, as Jane's still alive. Though Dian wasn't killed by a gorilla, she was murdered, likely by the poachers she as trying to stop.

by inthenavyreply 14912/11/2011

Doris, Annette, Frankie, Olivia(N-J and de H)Maureen, Dolly, and Jamie Lee.

by inthenavyreply 15012/11/2011

The only celebrity I ever cried for was John Lennon, but that was a really shocking crime and everyone was freaked out by it.

by inthenavyreply 15112/11/2011

Nichelle Nichols.

by inthenavyreply 15212/11/2011

[quote]I cried when Heath Ledger died and I don´t know why

This basically sums up the fake reaction to this no talent hack.

by inthenavyreply 15312/11/2011

R142, would you still worship him after seeing this?

by inthenavyreply 15412/11/2011

Also, why wasn't that worldwide news? The media certainly saw it. Why did they hide it from you?

by inthenavyreply 15512/11/2011

Crap, I was referring to R141, not R142.

by inthenavyreply 15612/11/2011

Carol Burnett

So many happy memories from my childhood involve her. I can remember my family watching CBS on Saturday nights in the 1970s -- All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, etc. I can remember quite a few times I would be in the bathtub at 10:00 pm central time, and at the sound of her TV show's theme music I would jump out of the tub, dry off, and put my jammies on to go watch the show.

It wasn't until much later that I realized how gay those Ernie Flatt dancers were, and how other boys were not as interested in the show as what I was.

I'm so glad she's still around, and we still get to see her from time to time...when she goes, a piece of my childhood goes with her.

by inthenavyreply 15712/11/2011

R129, you're the first person I've seen mention Mark Frankel here on DL. Did you ever meet him?

by inthenavyreply 15812/11/2011

Barbara Cook

Stephen Sondheim

Leontyne Price

They have all moved me to tears with with their total devotion to music. I'm sure losing them would stir the memories of of what they meant to me personally. .. I'd probably cry.

by inthenavyreply 15912/11/2011

Ditto, R157. Saturday nights in the 70's were reserved for Mary Tyler Moore and Carol for me. It was a treat to be allowed to stay up "late" and watch her show. I grew up in a pretty dysfunctional household, but for that 1 hr it was like all was right with the world.

I attended a fund raiser last year that featured Carol and was blown away by how tiny she is. She always looked slim on TV but in person she has the frame of one of those tiny dept store mannequins.

She couldn't have been friendlier or more gracious to the crowd when she did her Q & A with the audience.

I'm right there with you when you say a part of your childhood will be gone when she passes. She is definitely one of the good ones. (And it's always bugged me that you can't buy her complete show series on DVD, just those random collections that don't capture near enough of the show.)

by inthenavyreply 16012/11/2011

Sad but more just a weird feeling when I watch something where everyone that was alive in my lifetime is now dead. I Love Lucy (okay I was newborn but still alive) The Golden Girls makes me sad but at least Betty is still hanging on. And yes GWTW I think even the little girl who played Bonnie is dead. Most of the Beatles are gone. I feel sad that O'Conner is gone when I watch AIF and that Dixie is gone when I watch Designing Women and Boyle is gone when I watch ELR. Not sad like over a family member but it seems like it was yesterday these shows were new on the air.

by inthenavyreply 16112/11/2011

Lily Tomlin

Angela Lansbury

Julie Walters


by inthenavyreply 16212/11/2011

Stephen Sondheim

by inthenavyreply 16312/11/2011

Only cried over one-- Princess Diana.

and been upset by two-- Natasha Richardson and Steve Irwin.

by inthenavyreply 16412/11/2011

You will see some real tears if Olivia Newton-John passes away anytime soon, but she is really healthy so I think she will live a long life.

by inthenavyreply 16512/11/2011

No mention of Cher?

by inthenavyreply 16612/12/2011

[quote] is there one celebrity, who if they died today, you would honestly cry over?


by inthenavyreply 16712/12/2011

Not sure I'd cry but I'd be sad

Joe Namath

Bill Clinton (Hillary, but not as much & I do love her)

Cong. John Lewis

Nelson Mandela

Bob Newhart

James Garner

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

Aung San Suu Kyi

Jane Fonda

Bruce Springsteen

Joni Mitchell

by inthenavyreply 16812/12/2011

definitely r1

His contribution to every thread would be missed

by inthenavyreply 16912/12/2011

Cher's already embalmed so it'll be hard to tell when she goes. She might have already!

by inthenavyreply 17012/12/2011

Doris Day...I really love her.

by inthenavyreply 17112/12/2011

Baby Jane Hudson

by inthenavyreply 17212/12/2011

Baby Jubilee

by inthenavyreply 17312/12/2011


by inthenavyreply 17412/14/2011

R171, of course, Doris! How could I leave her off my list?

by inthenavyreply 17512/14/2011

I will be very sad when I hear news that Marion Seldes has passed. She's truly one of a kind in the theatre world. She eats, lives, and [italic]breathes[/italic] theatre. A kind lady and a real gem. Not many around like her.

...and no, Karen Ziemba doesn't even come close.

by inthenavyreply 17612/14/2011

I think it's a little soon, but once some of the baby boomer icons start passing on it's gonna be hard. (Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Meryl, Springsteen, Hanks, etc.)

I'm the tail end of the boomer demographic and it's weird to read about Mick Jagger, Goldie, Barbra all turning 70 in the next couple of years. In my mind, they're always in their 50's for some reason.

Diane Keaton was on Ellen recently and she looked really 'elderly', i.e. not late middle age. (She was wearing a strange getup of a black cashmere turtleneck that had sleeves that extended over her hands so that only her fingers showed, i.e. almost like she had golf gloves sewed on the end of the sleeves. Her neck was totally covered in an elaborate scarf but you could see enough of her upper neck to see that it was very crepey and wrinkled. She really did look like an elderly person. She's 65, so more power to her but it seemed strange to see her so dramatically trying to cover her neck and hands.)

Google Diane Keaton and Ellen Show to see the get-up. (Can't seem to post the link here.)

by inthenavyreply 17712/14/2011

I may cry if Cher dies, or PJ Harvey.

by inthenavyreply 17812/14/2011

Zenyatta (racehorse) gabby Giffords Hillary Clinton Dennis Kucinich i was sad about Howard Tate's passing

by inthenavyreply 17912/14/2011

I have yet to cry over a celebrity dying and I doubt if I ever would unless I knew them personally. Even my favorite celebs I wouldn't cry over, just be really shocked and sad.

by inthenavyreply 18012/14/2011

[quote]Diane Keaton was on Ellen recently and she looked really 'elderly', i.e. not late middle age.

That's because she IS elderly (65 is usually the age most countries consider to be elderly status). Plus, her terrible dress sense doesn't help either.

by inthenavyreply 18112/14/2011

Stan Lee. He's funny, self-effacing and seems to really enjoy life. I love his cameos in the Marvel movies.

by inthenavyreply 18212/15/2011

Sophia Loren

Vanessa Redgrave

Dame Edna Everage

Monica Vitti

by inthenavyreply 18312/15/2011

Joni Mitchell !

Aretha !

by inthenavyreply 18412/15/2011

Maggie Smith.

by inthenavyreply 18512/15/2011

"Jane Goodall is dead i believe, killed by a gorilla ironically."

This may be my all-time favorite sentence anyone's ever posted on Datalounge.

by inthenavyreply 18612/15/2011

Jane Goodall is alive. The other primate researcher Dian Fossey is dead, killed by a machete, so it was probably not a gorilla.

by inthenavyreply 18712/15/2011

I would feel really bad if Liz Taylor died.

by inthenavyreply 18812/15/2011

John Barrowman and his husband, Scott Gill. I love them both.

Dolly Parton

Ewan McGregor

by inthenavyreply 18912/15/2011

Judy Garland, now that I've been reminded by another thread that she existed. Haven't thought about her for a while, but it would seem so tragic to have to die twice.

by inthenavyreply 19012/15/2011

Don't laugh at me, but I still have not adjusted to the absense of Larry King. Piers Morgan is a pig. I hate his show. I miss Larry, but the fact that he sometimes pops up and has a special now and then makes it not seem so bad. So if I read that he died, and someday soon I will, because he's 80 isn't he? Anyway, I will feel really sad and terrible about it.

Oh, I will also cry when Queen Elizabeth II dies. I'll miss her. She is, after all, The Queen. YOuTube has some delightful candid moments of her. She's a pisser.

by inthenavyreply 19112/15/2011

Michael Jackson's death would devastate me, and John Denver. How could we live without John Denver.

by inthenavyreply 19212/15/2011

I also miss Larry King's show. He was such an institution and I watched his show all the time. It's so weird that he's off the air now, after so many years. I will genuinely be sad when he goes.

I met Stan Lee once and he is the nicest man ever. A real down-to-earth, normal guy.

by inthenavyreply 19312/15/2011

I remember when Stan Lee used to call himself Peggy. Then, for a while, he settled on Pinky.

by inthenavyreply 19412/16/2011

Leonard Nimoy.

by inthenavyreply 19512/16/2011

Elizabeth Taylor's death saddened me for a long time- definitely shed tears. I grew up with her. She was mesmerizing in the 60s- I saw her in person, quite up close, in the 70s and thought her even more beautiful in person- much more. Her coloring, and those eyes- her entire face. And she was tiny.

As she got older and devoted herself to philanthropy I got a whole new respect... and in death all her friends and family and the grips and technicians who worked with her have come forward with their stories of her kindnesses. She was universally adored by those in her orbit. Then to top it off, going in side doors by wheelchair to an LA gay bar and having a good time with the boys.

Great lady, great broad, great beauty and what a life- drama, vulgarity and all. Never took herself seriously either. Love the story of someone looking at one of her new huge diamonds and sniffing- it's so vulgar, to which she responds- would you have me any other way? Asked in a thin phase in the 80s how she remained so beautiful she responded by saying "you all are blind".

I am a great fan of Streisand too. Have no idea how I will react when she passes away, that is if I am alive to know of it! Also a great lady- singular talent and doing a world of good with her fame and wealth for those less fortunate than herself. Both Elizabeth and Barbra were philanthropic as young women- but it was not unpublicized at the time- and of course all this was long before stars publicized their own philanthropy.

And then there is Rod Laver- the great tennis champion and one of the nicest of all of them. Also one of the most modest. Such a sweet man in the Aussie humble manner- I love very masculine men whose gentleness shine through their personalities.

by inthenavyreply 19612/16/2011

I like the affection that so many people have for Dolly Parton, Julie Andrews, and Carol Burnett.

by inthenavyreply 19712/16/2011

Phyllis Diller

by inthenavyreply 19812/18/2011

Lindsay Lohan

On a side note,

I still get a little teary eyed when I think of Brad Renfro, I don't understand what it is, but he is the only celebrity death that gets me this way.

by inthenavyreply 19912/18/2011

When Liza goes I will be very sad. I'm not even a huge fan of hers, but I do like her.

by inthenavyreply 20012/18/2011

Because I've been a huge Beatles fan all my life, Paul and Ringo's death will cause me to cry. I certainly did so for John and George.

by inthenavyreply 20112/18/2011

Vaclac (sob) Havel


by inthenavyreply 20212/18/2011








by inthenavyreply 20312/18/2011

Dame Edna

by inthenavyreply 20403/21/2012

Well #203 can cross 1 crying jag off his list- who's next ?

by inthenavyreply 20503/21/2012

I hate Sundays w/o. Andy Rooney.

by inthenavyreply 20603/21/2012

I'll make it four for Annette Funicello.

by inthenavyreply 20703/21/2012

I'll cry when it becomes a regular occurrence that the superstars of my generation start dropping. Then I know it won't be too long before......

by inthenavyreply 20803/21/2012

Streisand really will be a strange one. Seems so immortal -- and in my life since I was a boy, at least on the fringes.

Donna Summer may get to me too. Huge part of my first gay days. I know, I know, Hello Cliche. :)

by inthenavyreply 20903/21/2012


by inthenavyreply 21003/21/2012

Tina Turner

Doris Day

by inthenavyreply 21103/21/2012


Mary Tyler Moore

Tony Bennett

by inthenavyreply 21203/21/2012

Echo what others say: Dolly Parton. Probably one of the finest people alive today, and easily one of the best songwriters of the modern era.

by inthenavyreply 21303/21/2012

oooh, get those tissues ready, R212, I think you're due two of those in 2012.

by inthenavyreply 21403/21/2012

Joni Mitchell

Joan Baez

by inthenavyreply 21503/21/2012

Joan Baez

Hillary or Bill Clinton

by inthenavyreply 21603/21/2012

Curious - would anyone really cry on hearing of Tom Cruise's death. Don't mean to be mean, but really, would anyone on here cry ???

by inthenavyreply 21703/21/2012

Fifth vote for Annette Funicello. I once worked on a film/video project with her and she's just as you'd expect her to be -- gracious, friendly, and very funny.

Olivia de Havilland - so many great movies.

Doris Day - ditto.

by inthenavyreply 21803/21/2012

When people sense the passing of an era it's always deeply melancholic. As the last bastion of war generation stiff upper lip stoicism, and unwavering self-belief in the divine right of her position, with all the sense of assurity that flows out from that (ERII=UKOK), QEIIs death will be profound.

How odd that the defining characteristic of her heir is self-doubt!

But Charles does have the potential to be a very good king. Esp given the scale & thought that's gone into his philanthropy.

by inthenavyreply 21903/22/2012

Fuck no.

by inthenavyreply 22003/22/2012

Dame Vera Lynn. The White Cliffs of Dover, We'll Meet Again

by inthenavyreply 22104/18/2012


I don't know any of them personally.

by inthenavyreply 22204/18/2012

Bowie ... because I always wanted to see him live.

by inthenavyreply 22304/18/2012

To my complete surprise, I cried yesterday on hearing about Robin Gibb. Should the worst happen, I think I'll lose it.

by inthenavyreply 22404/18/2012

Leontyne Price

Julie Christie

Vanessa Redgrave

Larry Kramer

by inthenavyreply 22504/18/2012

I've never cried over a celebrity's death and I don't think I ever will, especially now that I know that most are total puppets at best, evil, at worst.

Having said that, I feel sorry for them. They have no idea that they are merely tools of the ruling class, easily sacrificed when they become too costly, inconvenient, or God forbid, have a mind of their own.

by inthenavyreply 22604/18/2012

Edmund White

by inthenavyreply 22704/18/2012

[quote]To my complete surprise, I cried yesterday on hearing about Robin Gibb. Should the worst happen, I think I'll lose it

Same here. :(

by inthenavyreply 22804/18/2012

Dick Clark

by inthenavyreply 22904/18/2012

Dolly Parton

by inthenavyreply 23004/18/2012

Ann-Margret, Dick Van Dyke, Michael J. Fox, Bob Newhart.

by inthenavyreply 23104/18/2012

I would cry if Prince Harry died.

by inthenavyreply 23204/18/2012

Phyllis Diller


by inthenavyreply 23304/18/2012

Peter O'Toole

by inthenavyreply 23404/18/2012

Levon Helm...

by inthenavyreply 23504/18/2012

Deborah Harry

Nancy Sinatra

Robin Strasser

Ilene Kristen

by inthenavyreply 23604/18/2012

I don't cry over the deaths of people I don't know; it seems unbalanced.

by inthenavyreply 23704/18/2012

None. The only time I cried for someone I didn't know was when I went to see the AIDS quilt.

by inthenavyreply 23804/18/2012

Bob Uecker - Mr. Baseball

by inthenavyreply 23901/09/2013

Julie Andrews. That's it.

by inthenavyreply 24001/09/2013

James Holmes

I feel such a strong connection with him.

by inthenavyreply 24101/09/2013

Julie Andrews

Kate Bush

Carol Channing

Carol Burnett

Bernadette Peters

Stephen Sondheim

Angela Lansbury

Maggie Smith

Judi Dench

Dolly Parton

The Queen

Fiona Shaw

Betty White

Susan Sarandon

Liza Minneli

Meryl Streep


David Lynch

Isabella Rosellini

Catherine Deneuve

Phillip Glass

David Gray

I will cry for them all.

by inthenavyreply 24206/09/2013

Brenda Dickson. She is beyond camp and beyond sanity. Someone special and unique in this gray and drab world. I will miss her so intensely.

by inthenavyreply 24306/09/2013

Debbie Reynolds.

by inthenavyreply 24406/09/2013

Weird. Especially the multi-name lists.

I would cry for someone I knew well, and maybe feel sad for someone I don't know. I've never cried for a dead celeb and probably never will.

Seriously tho - Liza Minelli so many times? Who knew she even had (living) fans?

by inthenavyreply 24506/09/2013

Dame Janet Baker and Countess Helen Fioratti

by inthenavyreply 24606/09/2013

Nobody. Not that invested, I guess.

by inthenavyreply 24706/09/2013

Heath Ledger

Meryl Streep

Honey Boo Boo

by inthenavyreply 24806/09/2013

R248 got some bad news for you....

by inthenavyreply 24906/09/2013

That parkinson's dude that played Alex P. Keaton... Would not mind if I never saw/heard of him again.

by inthenavyreply 25006/09/2013

LOL - just now realized I misread the topic. I thought it was NOT cry over...

by inthenavyreply 25106/09/2013

Iain Banks

by inthenavyreply 25206/09/2013

Cillian Murphy

Great female beauty like that comes along ever 50 years or so.

by inthenavyreply 25306/09/2013
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