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Jazz great Dave Brubeck is 91 today

Wanna feel old? Tom Hulce is 58.

Happiest of birthdays to both.

by Take Fivereply 1412/05/2012

who and who?

by Take Fivereply 112/06/2011

[quote]who and who?

R1 is a pencil-armed fashionista who thinks Britney Spears is really old.

by Take Fivereply 212/06/2011

Makes me feel young, actually. I think Brubeck was the first jazz I ever heard, even before hearing Guaraldi on the Peanuts specials.

by Take Fivereply 312/06/2011

But Tom Hulce almost 60. Eeyah, he was that kid in Amadeus.

by Take Fivereply 412/06/2011

For the uninformed... watch and learn

by Take Fivereply 512/06/2011

I remember feeling completely mesmerized the first time I heard his Time Out album. To this day "Blue Rondo A La Turk" remains my favorite jazz song ever.

by Take Fivereply 612/06/2011

Time Out, which includes Take Five, is Jazz 101 - and for very good reason.

by Take Fivereply 712/06/2011

Time Out is truly that most overused of words: a classic. I've heard it thousands of times but it always sounds new.

by Take Fivereply 812/06/2011

Holy Jesus, this is Hulce last year.

by Take Fivereply 912/06/2011

Brubeck: too many notes.

by Take Fivereply 1012/06/2011

And he's dead today 12/5/12.

by Take Fivereply 1112/05/2012

Actually the fact that Tom Hulce is older than me makes me feel relatively young. Thank you.

by Take Fivereply 1212/05/2012

Aw, he died just before his birthday!

by Take Fivereply 1312/05/2012

I just opened this thread then went to the kitchen for a drink and heard on BBC radio that Brubeck died on the eve of his 92nd birthday.

by Take Fivereply 1412/05/2012
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