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Joshua Morrow posts photo of his huge calf muscle

what do you think?

by Daniel Goddardreply 8605/01/2012

That looks more like a tumor.

by Daniel Goddardreply 112/01/2011

He's a Republican shit-stain. I don't think about him.

by Daniel Goddardreply 212/01/2011

how do you get it so big?

by Daniel Goddardreply 312/01/2011

It looks like an implant. The rest of his leg isn't muscular which is unusual because you would have to work out to get calves that size. Another thing, the top protrudes out. My calves and all the other calves I've seen on bodybuilders have a rain drop shape where the top doesn't protrude out much and the widest part is in the middle of the calves.

by Daniel Goddardreply 412/01/2011

He says on Twitter that he was asked to flex it.

by Daniel Goddardreply 512/01/2011

Here's what it normally looks like:

by Daniel Goddardreply 612/01/2011

Looks like he should see a doctor. That looks seriously wrong.

by Daniel Goddardreply 712/01/2011

i hope it's benign.

by Daniel Goddardreply 812/01/2011


by Daniel Goddardreply 912/02/2011

A huge calf muscle is the foundation of a good Veal Prince Orloff.

by Daniel Goddardreply 1012/02/2011

he asked for it!

by Daniel Goddardreply 1112/02/2011

It's good to see an actor really working at his craft.

by Daniel Goddardreply 1212/02/2011

His shin looks pregnant.

by Daniel Goddardreply 1312/02/2011

Would feast on that for days. FOR DAYS!

by Daniel Goddardreply 1412/02/2011

R2, he seems to be a social moderate though. He posted on Twitter that he is okay with gay marriage.

by Daniel Goddardreply 1512/02/2011

Why would anyone do this? Why would anyone care?

If I asked him to show his dick, would he?

The guy should be taking acting lessons instead of worrying about what his calves look like.

by Daniel Goddardreply 1612/02/2011

Um, elephantiasis???

by Daniel Goddardreply 1712/02/2011

Who's this guy?

by Daniel Goddardreply 1812/02/2011

"If I asked him to show his dick, would he?"

No, unfortunately. And I think you know mainstream celebrities don't post their cocks on Twitter. Only pornstars.

What's so unusual about posting a photo of his legs? Celebrities post shirtless photos of themselves on Twitter all the time. There's a thread here from earlier this fall where Daniel Goddard posted a photo of himself in his underwear on Twitter.

by Daniel Goddardreply 1912/02/2011

R18, Josh said that's a friend of his overseas.

by Daniel Goddardreply 2012/02/2011

Who is this guy, OP?

by Daniel Goddardreply 2112/02/2011

R21, soap opera star on The Young & the Restless since 1994

by Daniel Goddardreply 2212/02/2011

Ah, okay. Thanks.

by Daniel Goddardreply 2312/02/2011

I wonder if he does a lot of biking. I do a lot of bike riding and that's exactly how mine looks.

by Daniel Goddardreply 2412/02/2011

is it a venom sac?

by Daniel Goddardreply 2512/02/2011

[quote]It looks like an implant.

I thought the same thing, given the huge scar/stitch mark on top of the protruded mango. Then I read here he's a soap star and that kinda seals the deal.

by Daniel Goddardreply 2612/02/2011

He should get hat cyst lanced or removed. Perhaps its a lypoma.

by Daniel Goddardreply 2712/02/2011


by Daniel Goddardreply 2812/02/2011

If that is an implant, it is completely absurd and ridiculous looking.

Implants are supposed to look real, not preposterously fraudulent.

If it is a tumor or a growth, I hope he has seen an oncologist.

by Daniel Goddardreply 2912/02/2011

Looks like something that needs to be lanced immediately! And they better have a gallon bucket ready to collect what's inside it.

by Daniel Goddardreply 3012/02/2011

But r19, why? These guys are so into themselves, it's creepy.

by Daniel Goddardreply 3112/02/2011

It's a nest of botfly eggs! Quick, get a knife and a camera!

by Daniel Goddardreply 3212/02/2011

I had a tumor in my gastrocnemius muscle years ago. It took me forever to dance again. Attention must be paid.

by Daniel Goddardreply 3312/02/2011

It looks like a tuna can stuck under the skin.

by Daniel Goddardreply 3412/02/2011

Those skinny legs do not justify well-developed calf muscles. Looks like an out-of-control Baker's cyst to me. I agree he should get it checked.

by Daniel Goddardreply 3512/02/2011

I'd gladly slurp up the pus and blood they drain from that goiter.

by Daniel Goddardreply 3612/02/2011

Ewwww, you're nasty, R36. I think I like you.

by Daniel Goddardreply 3712/02/2011

R31, these guys are good-looking celebrities. People want to see their bodies.

Isn't that what you are here for?

Anyway, if you scroll down Joshua Morrow's twitter feed you will see people were asking him to post photos of his legs.

by Daniel Goddardreply 3812/02/2011

Yes, r38, I understand that. I would love to see alot of actors display a desired body pic by request, but ultimately I respect those who don't feel the need to do that. They can save the exhibitionism for required beef shots/photoshoots, but acting like narcissistic sociopathic pervs on Cam4U is another thing.

by Daniel Goddardreply 3912/12/2011

Josh is a good guy with no illusions about his limitations in show business. He knows there's really no work for him outside the soaps.

by Daniel Goddardreply 4012/12/2011

dont hate

by Daniel Goddardreply 4104/10/2012

Joshua Morrow is an interesting case because he's a bundle of contradictions.

He is a hardcore supporter of the Republican Party and loved George W. Bush, yet he is socially liberal and supports gay marriage.

by Daniel Goddardreply 4204/10/2012

Everyone makes a fuss about him and I just don't see it. He's boring, he comes across as a douche in every interview and he looks like a boy band star circa 1994.

His onscreen "brother" Michael Muhney is about 1,000,000,000 times hotter.

by Daniel Goddardreply 4304/10/2012

Disagree, R43. I don't like everything about Josh, but he is much better-looking than Michael Muhney. MM just doesn't have the hunk factor or the body that JM does.

by Daniel Goddardreply 4404/10/2012

I think one of his nuts has fallen down his leg and is stuck on the back side of his upper calf. You know all those pervie conservies have big balls instead of big brains.

by Daniel Goddardreply 4504/10/2012

I love Josh's lips, always have.

by Daniel Goddardreply 4604/10/2012

Yes, Josh has thick lips. It's too bad he's straight because they would look good sucking a cock.

by Daniel Goddardreply 4704/10/2012

Michael Muhney (former Veronica Mars), Josh's good friend and Y&R co-star, is always on Twitter as well. They're always ribbing each other. He posted this pic of himself pants-less last year.

by Daniel Goddardreply 4804/10/2012

R48, would you agree MM's body is much less impressive than Josh's?

by Daniel Goddardreply 4904/10/2012

Well that all depends on how you look at it, R49. Joshua pretty much has that chiseled look all the time, whereas Michael has a tendency to get a little doughy from time to time. But when he's in shape (as he is in the photo below), he looks great. I tend to lean more towards Michael more. I like a guy who can say "Fuck it, I'm going to have these tacos--soap career be damned!"

by Daniel Goddardreply 5004/10/2012

I'm sure it looks better when his legs are in the air.

by Daniel Goddardreply 5104/10/2012

Daniel Goddard's upper body is weird and akward

by Daniel Goddardreply 5204/10/2012

How so, R52?

by Daniel Goddardreply 5304/10/2012

Nicki Minaj called. She wants her butt back.

by Daniel Goddardreply 5404/10/2012

this makes me laugh so hard! his calf muscles are real, he is not a staunch republican, he is not gay, and he eats like shit, but works out, just blessed. he is also the nicest man you'll ever know. i can't believe 54 people commented on all of these things as if they knew him off one dumb tweet about his stupid calf! funny stuff.

by Daniel Goddardreply 5504/28/2012

Morrow still looks like a fucking caveman. Y & r still treats him like fucking stud of the century with all the sex scenes with michelle stafford. Which is a joke! When ALL the actors in his age range and younger who are hotter need to be stripping down. Billy miller, michael muhney , that dude that plays pauls son etc.

by Daniel Goddardreply 5604/28/2012

R55, what about the interview Joshua gave during the Bush years when he said he was a Republican and was a Bush supporter?

by Daniel Goddardreply 5704/28/2012

[quote]Morrow still looks like a fucking caveman.

I could never figure out why I always thought he was weird looking, but once you said "caveman", I thought, "THAT'S what he looks like!"

by Daniel Goddardreply 5804/28/2012

it's like a goiter!

by Daniel Goddardreply 5904/28/2012

A shame his character Nick is wasted on syPhyllis and now she's apparently pregnant, at age 46 just like that with her history of being barren, already having had her 'miracle' baby so many years ago. Who's labia is Michelle chewing on to keep Phuck oops I mean Phick (Phyll and Nick) together?

Joshua is good-looking but is so vapid and speaks in a monotone, it's a turn off no matter how good he looks shirtless or in his undies. He's always been a mediocre actor but it's interesting that he purposely tanks his scenes with Sharon Case because he doesn't want his character to be involved with hers again romantically.

by Daniel Goddardreply 6004/28/2012

"he purposely tanks his scenes with Sharon Case because he doesn't want his character to be involved with hers again romantically."

Why not?

by Daniel Goddardreply 6104/28/2012

He just loves working with Stafford, r61. He's admitted his preference in interviews.

While I agree that the Phick romance is insufferable at this point, I found the original Sharon/Nick/Phyllis triangle to be damn good soap. All three actors were excellent and Morrow somehow made you feel for Nick, even though he was being a selfish asshole. And when he was finally busted... Wow!

by Daniel Goddardreply 6204/29/2012

Joshua Morrow does seem like a decent guy, and he did say on Twitter last year that he is pro-gay marriage.

I just don't get why he is apparently a Republican.

by Daniel Goddardreply 6304/29/2012

It looks like his plastic surgeon got a butt implant mixed up with a calf implant.

by Daniel Goddardreply 6404/29/2012

Joshua has been married to the same woman for more than 10 years now.

Not bad.

by Daniel Goddardreply 6504/29/2012

I love the sex, kissing, and love scenes between Joshua Morrow and red-haired Michelle Stafford.

Michelle Stafford is very sexy with a great body and so is Joshua.

Those two steam up the screen together.

Michelle is incredibly hot, as is Joshua.

by Daniel Goddardreply 6604/29/2012

Are you a gay man, R66?

Why do you find heterosexual sex scenes hot?

by Daniel Goddardreply 6704/29/2012

R66 must work for y and r

by Daniel Goddardreply 6804/29/2012

What cracks me up is that Victoria Rowell has made a career of a spit take gone wrong by Michelle Stafford.

Wild accusations and conspiracy theories about the Y&R cast.


by Daniel Goddardreply 6904/29/2012

Joshua Morrow has fathered 3 boys:

by Daniel Goddardreply 7004/29/2012

Naked ASS

by Daniel Goddardreply 7104/29/2012


by Daniel Goddardreply 7204/29/2012

Does anyone know why he dislikes Sharon Case so much? And do Sharon and Michelle dislike eachother in real life? I know that they're both $cientologists, so I figured they would really get along.

by Daniel Goddardreply 7304/29/2012

Why are there 2 Scientologists at Y&R, plus an apparent Republican?

by Daniel Goddardreply 7404/29/2012

How do we know for certain that Michelle and Sharon are scientologists or that they are currently involved with scientology?

by Daniel Goddardreply 7504/29/2012

I think it's been discussed in the past, R75, and that there are articles about it.

As for Joshua Morrow, here's what he said back during the Bush years as well as I can remember from an interview:

"I'm a hardcore Republican and I love W. If I were to meet him, I'd want to talk to him about the War in Iraq".

by Daniel Goddardreply 7604/29/2012

Making it even more interesting, Michael Fairman, who plays Murphy, is an ex-Scientologist, and there's major friction between him and Stafford.

by Daniel Goddardreply 7704/29/2012

Someone said that Sharon distanced herself from Scientology. No source as this was in an old thread here. I don't know if this is true, but it could explain why she and Michelle don't get along.

by Daniel Goddardreply 7804/29/2012

For some reason Stafford seems like a TOTAL stuck-up bitch.

I doubt she's beloved on the set of Y&R.

by Daniel Goddardreply 7904/29/2012

There's obviously someone on the show who's a troublemaker:

by Daniel Goddardreply 8004/29/2012

R79 I know everyone thinks Victoria Rowell is bitter and crazy, but I believe the things that she's divulged.

by Daniel Goddardreply 8104/29/2012

What has Victoria said?

by Daniel Goddardreply 8204/29/2012

Jennifer Landon just cast as the new Heather Stevens! Great news!

by Daniel Goddardreply 8305/01/2012

I've only seen out-sized calf muscles like that on soccer players, and then not even that rounded.

Maybe it's a genetic malformation?

by Daniel Goddardreply 8405/01/2012

Hope Jennifer looks better than she did when ATWT's went off the air.

by Daniel Goddardreply 8505/01/2012

Does anyone think that Jess Walton will really come back after her so-called "sabbatical"?

by Daniel Goddardreply 8605/01/2012
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