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Your Favorite Investigation Discovery Shows


Deadly Women

Paula Zahn for 48 Hours


Aphrodite Jones

Wicked Attraction

I just started watching "Cold Blood". OMFG, the acting in that show is so bad, so camp, it's unbelievable! I like Candice DeLong's new show as well. There's a show called "Stalked". Then there's a new one about deadly neighbors. I never watched "The Devil You Know", or "Who The Bleep Did I Marry". There's also a new one called something like "The Will". This week is black widow week. I'm in my glory! "Disappeared" is always creepy.

ID is getting bigger and bigger every year. People are obsessed with it, as am I. I love true crime crap, so it's perfect for my viewing pleasure. I can't be the only one watching this shit.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 6607/03/2016

But ya are op,ya are the only one.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 111/26/2011

I love that channel, my favorites are:

Disappeared, Stalked, Stolen Voices, Buried Secret, Who the Bleep Did I Marry? Deadly Women. There used to be a show with James Ellroy but it disappeared without a trace and no explanation.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 211/26/2011

On the Case with Paula Zahn. Never cared for her on CNN but I love her intensity on this show, like when she was interviewing the girl who was strangled and left for dead by her attacker. My favorite PZ episode is "A Slip of Fate" - woman kills husband, tries to make it look like an accident and falls and breaks her hip while planting evidence. There was also a show where a kid was killed at a party in Brooklyn (I live in Brooklyn and had heard of the case) and the mother of one of the suspects went incognito to try to discredit one of the jurors.

Unusual Suspects - sometimes it doesn't live up to its name. It's best when it really is a family member/friend/neighbor but sometime it just is some random weirdo.

48 Hours - although I don't think they present the cases as well as the Paula Zahn show.

Don't really care for Deadly Women. It seems kind of cheesy. OK, I know the entire network is kind of cheesy but DW is too melodramatic. I watch Who the Bleep Did I Marry sometimes - the cases range from interesting to blah. I keep meaning to record "The Will" because the bits I've seen have been interesting.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 311/26/2011

I was watching the case of that crazy mother who shot her kids and said that a hitchhiker did it. She reenacted it for the media, laughing and joking as her kids lay dying in the hospital. She then got pregnant purposely when they locked her up before trial. They played the song in the courtroom that she was playing as she drove her children slowly to the hospital after they had been shot. She began rocking out in the courtroom, lipping the words. They tracked down the daughter she gave birth too. Farrah Fawcett played the woman in a made for tv movie. The case happened back in 1984, before Susan Smith. It was so fucked up.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 411/26/2011

Candice DeLong looks like Raven.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 511/26/2011

Diane Downs, R4. Ann Rule wrote an excellent book about her, "Small Sacrifices".

by Deadly Gay Manreply 611/26/2011

Candice pings, but Aphrodite dykes!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 711/26/2011

Deadly Women is produced by an Australian company now, and all the actors in the reenactments are Aussies. Their true accents slip through all the time. The majority of the stories are American. They even flip the images of the cars because of the steering wheels. Hilarious.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 811/27/2011

I like the reenactments from the 30s and 40s. The actress with the cupey-doll lips who played Winnie Ruth Judd, the old train, luggage from the period where Winnie stored the body that alerted the conductor when blood leaked out.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 911/27/2011

r9, they totally fucked up that story, leaving out that her husband was a doctor. You should look up some of these cases. They leave a lot of pertinent shit out. It's not just them, but a lot of shows like this.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1011/27/2011

I Almost Got Away With It!

I'm always rooting for the fugitives, particularly Peter Braunstein, the Fire Fiend (famous NYC sex criminal).

This network ROCKS!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1111/27/2011

I love this network! Whenever I'm feeling down, it restores my faith in humanity!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1211/27/2011

My favorite show on that network is probably Disappeared, followed by Wicked Attraction. Paula Zahn also has interesting cases on her show. My main issue with Aphrodite is that the cases she covers are largely high profile cases that have gained so much notoriety that it feels there's very little new light she can shed on them.

Deadly Women I find terminally boring. The one show that I really hate is True Pulp Fiction. It's cheesy beyond belief.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1311/27/2011

Aphrodite Jones is a joke, and a Michael Jackson fangurl who tells lies to make Michael look innocent.

Deadly Women is cheesy but interesting - I like that they cover some older cases, ones that don't usually get featured on the other crime shows.

The Will is really good since it doesn't cover the same territory as all the crime shows (which tend to recycle the same cases over and over again)

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1411/27/2011

R12, I agree!

The channel is inspiring!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1511/27/2011

True Pulp Fiction? Is that even still on, or was it even an ID show?

Deadly Women is on for like 72 hours straight now. Black Widow Marathon.

I loved Disappeared so much, that I found myself buying episodes off of Amazon, all the ones I had missed. They've had a few this season that were solved, IN the episode. Most of the time they're cold cases/cases that were never solved.

There's "I Almost Got Away With It", which I never saw. I'm telling you though, watch "Cold Blood" for the camp factor. The acting is insane! They should dub it a comedy!

Please tell me someone has noticed Aphrodite Jones' eye wink/eye squint/lazy eye thing when she talks. Is it so frigging disturbing, and hilarious at the same time! She does it when she's trying to make a point. She gets all serious. Her right eye begins to squint as she speaks. I love when Jane Valez Mitchell has her on, and literally has to scream at Aphrodite to get to the point. I've never watched "The Will", maybe once, but not much. Everyone talks about it. I'll have to check it out. "Face of Evil" is starting back up I think.

My viewing:


-Headline News - Jane Valez-Mitchell


The end.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1611/27/2011

I can always rely on this channel having something on that interests me when other channels fail me.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1711/27/2011

I watch a lot of "Disappeared." I have always been freaked out by cases where people just vanish under the most mundane circumstances and are never seen again. It really could happen to any one of us.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1811/27/2011

r18, the last season of Disappeared frequently appeared in the news as a couple of cold cases were solved after viewers saw the episodes. This involved digging up an entire parking lot, because of body was believe to have been buried in the concrete. I like the music too. Thank god most of these shows are an hour!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 1911/27/2011

Disappeared is SO creepy. The last two cases they showed were resolved, which is not the typical outcome for the show.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2011/27/2011

The Disappeared episode that really got to me was the one about the three missing women (mother, daughter and daughter's friend) from Springfield, MO that happened back in 1992. Vanished without a trace, and no sign of struggle in the house. No information has ever come forward. Really scary.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2111/27/2011

Deadly Women is playing the story about the woman who shot her Neo-Nazi husband, who was into child porn, who was planning on blowing up Washington at President Obama's inauguration. They found uranium. He was going to plant a dirty bomb. She was put on trial, given 8 years, and they commuted her sentence. She walked free.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2211/27/2011

Aphrodite's eye problem may be the result of a bad surgery.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2311/28/2011

Aphrodite Jones is beautiful until she speaks.

She is family, right?

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2411/28/2011

New Disappeared tonight!!!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2511/28/2011

Aphrodite has turned herself into a camp classic. She'll have photos of a guy's body parts scattered all over a lawn and will ask, "Do you think it was suicide?" She is so fucking stupid, but she has some fabulous hooker boots!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2611/28/2011

They re-aired the "Disappeared" episode from a year ago about the prosecutor that disappeared back in 2005. Guess what, it's the Jerry Sandusky prosecutor that disappeared that everyone has mention since the Penn State story broke. Thankfully, they updated the episode with this information, and for a few minutes outlined the connection. Completely and totally bizarre. The guy's laptop was found floating in the river. They never found a body, a reason for disappearing, nothing.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2711/29/2011


That's nothing compared to the story of the woman who killed her husband, then made lard out of her fat, which she sold to the local tavern as "pig lard."

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2811/30/2011

r28, sounds delicious! How did I miss that one? Was it this season?

by Deadly Gay Manreply 2911/30/2011


wow, I remember that episode!!!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3011/30/2011

r30, when they started bringing a certain disappearance up the moment the scandal happened, in PA, I instantly knew that it had to be the same guy. That episode of Disappeared is crazy!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3111/30/2011

There's a Facebook group called "Candice DeLong Never Blinks". LMFAO!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3212/03/2011

A few weeks ago there was a good episode of The Will. It was the Estate Of Art Hadley.

There were three sides of a family contesting the will of a very distant relative. One side of the family wanted it all. There were two other sides of the family. The two other sides of the family grew up together. One of the groups (of the two sides) consisted of a fundie asshole and his sisters and female cousins. After much wrangling they could have settled but the fundie fuck wanted to contest it. Instead of taking the money and being happy, he wanted to risk it all. His sister had cancer and was dying and could have really used the money, but he didn't give a shit. The fundie fuck's other sister started talking and she said it was all tearing her apart and she knew right then just how george w bush felt when everyone was going against him in the beginning of the Iraq war and how everyone said he was wrong, but he knew he was doing the right thing. She said that kept her going because he kept going. They even showed a picture of gwb. Her fundie brother (who is a minister) kept talking about God and going on and on. And of course he knew it all and chose to act as his own attorney

Any way, at the end of the show the other two sides agreed to a settlement and the judge agreed with them. The fundie fuck and his gwb loving sister didn't get a penny. I cheered

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3312/03/2011

Tonight on The Will they are doing the Rock Hudson/Marc Christian saga.

(I thought it might deserve its own thread but I can't start threads)

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3412/14/2011

Did anyone watch the Rock Hudson show?

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3512/14/2011

The infamous David Ehrenstein is one of the commentators in the Rock Hudson episode

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3612/14/2011

Behind Mansion Walls

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3702/22/2013

I like Deadly Women for its cheesiness. It's so bad. I also like Behind Mansion Walls, Unusual Suspects and Who the Bleep Did I Marry. Disappeared is depressing but I always get sucked into marathons of it.

I don't care much for Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets because listening to the dead reenact their own murders doesn't work for me.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3802/22/2013

Can someone clarify the prosecutor/Jerry Sandusky episode of Disappeared thing again? I watched it some time ago and remember the connection about the prosecutor. BUT, the Sandusky story broke last year and this prosecutor disappeared in 2005. The timeline is confusing. Seems like there was an investigation done back years ago but nothing came of it? Something like that?

by Deadly Gay Manreply 3902/22/2013

The series Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets looked really good in the promos, but when I saw it, it was so poorly done. It proposes to literally speak for the dead. The segments were choppy and at the end, you knew no more about the victims when they were alive than how they died. I don't think it's airing anymore.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4002/22/2013

Stolen Voices, I find to be very boring.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4102/22/2013

DW is the worst with it's reenactments. There was one many years ago about Lizzy Borden and it was so bad, the woman playing her was literally dressed like Vicki Lawrence on 'Mama's family' grey curly wig, house dress, black glasses. It was the first and one of the only ones I ever saw. Aphrodite sucks and yes, only covers cases that have been done to death, except the Children of Thunder cult, that was pretty creepy. Aphrodite had some 'expert' on from Boulder who said that the Ramseys were innocent, that about did it for me.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4202/22/2013

I didn't do it! is a good one. I also like Homicide Hunter with Det Kendra?

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4302/22/2013

as did I r41. I got suckered in by the promo with the haunting song by Gary Jules' "Mad World' cover.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4402/22/2013

Disappeared is one of my favorite shows. I never knew so many people have severely manic bipolar episodes and then wander off into the woods to die.

It's heartbreaking, though, when the parents describe what it's like to have a child go missing. Knowing they're probably dead, but praying they're alive . . . always slugs me right in the gut.

And I have become somewhat obsessed with the fate of one of their subjects, Charlie Allen, Jr. I'll admit, part of the reason I'm obsessed is because he is completely fucking adorable. That's shitty and shallow of me, I know. But I also found it sad that his family seemed to be ignorant (or in denial) about the potential danger of inadequately treated mental illness. The kid was dx'd Bipolar I as a teenager and had a history of severe manic episodes. Do whatever you must to make sure the kid takes his goddamned medication!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4502/22/2013

I'm currently obsessed with Nightmare Next Door

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4603/08/2013

I've recently discovered this channel and have become rather obsessed. What draws me in, more than the crime, is the denouement. I love when the law closes in and the fucker is caught. I love the re-enactments where the obviously guilty person tries to lie their way out, but the evidence is thrown in their face and they break down in their failure.

There was one this week, with this newlywed chick who hired a hitman to kill her husband. They had her on tape, setting up the murder with an undercover cop. When confronted with the tape, this bitch still tries to cover her ass. I LOVE! LOVE! the part where they're busted.

However, watching this channel for any length of time just makes you lose your hope for humanity, when you see how horrific and blood thirsty people can be. Men who kill for no apparent reason are the scariest.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4710/03/2013

I didn't even know shows like this existed until last night's SOUTH PARK.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4810/03/2013

Candice DeLong's first big case was the Tylenol poisonings in 1982.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 4910/03/2013

Anything to do with aliens, ghosts, murderers and prisons.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5010/03/2013

More or less fitting the category, I think, is "City Confidential" which usually focuses on somewhat more ingenious sorts of murders grounded in jealousy or family feuds, all in the context of rattling the usually staid small town or country club set.

The writing belabors this point, though often in clever ham-handed way that sticks mostly to the facts. The episodes are by and large well produced, but it's the narration by Paul Winfield that makes it.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5110/03/2013

There's a frequent theme of adulterous couples who fall in love, then they decide that they can't be really happy until a spouse is "out of the way". Next thing you know, somebody is dead.

There was a story about a woman who got into an affair and the guy kept harping her that his wife was in their way. Then this woman dresses up in army gear disguise and shoots the wife in a parking lot. She was caught and she had the nerve to say it was the guys fault - he knew she was weak and he played on that; basically brainwashed her. I can see people trying to cover their ass after a crime, but this bitch was sincere and serious about it not being on her. I hope she fries.

When I see these situations, it confuses me why these adultering couples don't just move away together. They think murder is a viable solution instead? They're so blindly in love (barf) that they decide to kill and live with that guilt?

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5212/26/2013

Investigation ID is running their series called "I'd Kill For You". It's full of cases with the premise "let's get rid of X so we can be together". Each episode is basically the same.

I love when the fools finally get caught by the law.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5312/28/2013

I've become obsessed with ID in the last few months, and I do mean obsessed, I feel like a junkie. It's easier to list the few shows I don't like, than what I do, which is practically everything they air. Jerry Springer's Tabloid is one of my least favorites, I hate the cheap attempt at titillation and Jerry's a pretty poor narrator in my opinion. Also I know Disappeared is a fan favorite, but to me it's only ok because I find it anti-climatic, since the person is still missing by the end of the episode. I prefer finding out what happened.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5403/22/2014

Watch VICE on HBO. Best, most informative show about real news in the world, imho.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5503/22/2014

Trying to explain the mystery of Revolat and Miss Tammy Cruise.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5603/22/2014

I used to love "The Justice Files" Jay Schadler was such a hot daddy.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5703/22/2014

I love [italic]Elder Skelter,[/italic] about old folks who kill.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5803/22/2014

I still miss Disappeared, but I like Obsession: Dark Desires and Web of Lies both pretty creepy. Obsession seems to be a longer version of Stalked, but still good.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 5903/22/2014

[quote]When I see these situations, it confuses me why these adultering couples don't just move away together. They think murder is a viable solution instead? They're so blindly in love (barf) that they decide to kill and live with that guilt?

People who murder as a solution to a problem (as opposed to someone who commits a murder as a crime of passion) tend to be not so bright, [R52].

by Deadly Gay Manreply 6003/22/2014

I like "Nightmare Next Door." Haven't lived in Pennsylvania for 25 years, but remember the 1985 murder of the 13-year-old paper boy in Schuylkill Haven. Murderer wasn't discovered until 2008. Shots of town brought back memories.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 6103/22/2014

Are all the episodes of Disappeared on Netflix?

by Deadly Gay Manreply 6203/22/2014

Never watched Disappeared. The bf and I recently moved in together and we now have DirecTV and stumbled upon this channel and we are totally hooked. Our DVR is filled with shows from this channel. We love Dateline, Passport to Murder, and The Perfect Murder. Murder Among Friends is OK but some of the stories are hit and miss.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 6307/03/2016

[quote]They never found a body, a reason for disappearing, nothing.

They'll never find him! I told him that no one likes a busybody. He just wouldn't listen to reason!

by Deadly Gay Manreply 6407/03/2016

A Crime to Remember started out well but seemed to go downhill.

by Deadly Gay Manreply 6507/03/2016

The Paula Zahn show is so weirdly specific. It's like they go, "We're only looking to profile white female victims aged 14 to 36 who were murdered from 1970 to 1986."

by Deadly Gay Manreply 6607/03/2016
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