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Gayest straight people ever

They were 100% hetero- but could have passed as queer without changing a thing: Tony Randall; Martin Mull; Karen Hughes; Lynn Sherr...

by Kinseyreply 11105/22/2012

Dubya and Obama.

by Kinseyreply 111/24/2011

I am still shocked that Tony Randall was straight.

by Kinseyreply 211/24/2011

Didn't Roddy McDowall claim to be straight?

by Kinseyreply 311/24/2011

Tony Randall was not straight.

by Kinseyreply 411/24/2011

Maybe, but he wasn't.

by Kinseyreply 511/24/2011

LOL @ anyone who ever thought Tony Randall was straight. Your gaydar needs major repairs.

by Kinseyreply 611/24/2011

Jon Cryer Prince Peter Sarsgaard Simon Cowell

by Kinseyreply 711/24/2011

Lynn Sherr isn't gay?

by Kinseyreply 811/24/2011

Kate Jackson

Ted Knight

Dick Van Patten

Chuck Norris - too OTT to not be compensating

by Kinseyreply 911/24/2011

Tony Randall just could not have been straight.

by Kinseyreply 1011/24/2011

I think Tony Randall actually was straight. Amazing, yes, but it seems he really was heterosexual. Pissy, controlling, haughty in his well-known public demeanor, but I've never heard a word about him going after or with guys from the NY actors and Hollywood vets from his era, and they dish at the drop of an olive. And there's something authentic in his widow's description of their life together.

Is Simon Cowell really straight or just typically fuck-anything-for-power?

by Kinseyreply 1111/24/2011

Meschach Taylor

by Kinseyreply 1211/24/2011

At least a couple of women who worked with Tony Randall in the movies have said that he was a constantly horny groper, but so boyish and lighthearted that it was hard to stay mad at him. In today's world he would have been charged with sexual harassment or assault. I once saw him waiting for a plane with his first wife, who clearly wasn't well. She died a few years later. Fans were all around, pestering him for autographs as he calmly tended to her -- getting water, finding her pills, making sure their tickets were in order, holding her hand. Solicitous and loving, he obviously cared for her a great deal. He seemed like a mensch.

by Kinseyreply 1311/24/2011

A mensch literally means "a person" in Yiddish, but figuratively it means something much deeper. A mensch is a person with whom you would be happy to befriend and associate with, because you feel genuine in a mensch's presence. A mensch is a highly evolved human being.

by Kinseyreply 1411/24/2011

Brett Chukerman. The star of "Eating Out 2:Sloppy Seconds" can currently be seen as a host on Home Shopping Network. He's about the gayest little thing on 2 legs, but I believe he still says he's straight just like he did when that movie came out. It gets to be a little annoying.

by Kinseyreply 1511/24/2011

Frank from "Trading Spaces".

by Kinseyreply 1611/24/2011

Lol about Frank-cant believe he is married

by Kinseyreply 1711/24/2011

I still can't get over John Lithgow being straight.

by Kinseyreply 1811/24/2011

I'm straight?

by Kinseyreply 1911/24/2011

Chukerman has only ever played gay roles and his other work doesn't seem to make a case for him as a straight guy. I know someone who interviewed him when Eating Out 2 was released. The interviewer directly asked him if he was gay and his response was that he preferred not to answer so as not to disappoint his fans. Delusional that he had that many fans as well as that someone who had played so many gay roles would turn out to be gay would be disappointing to "fans".

by Kinseyreply 2011/24/2011

David Pogue.

by Kinseyreply 2111/24/2011

Ron Reagan.

by Kinseyreply 2211/24/2011

Good one, r22. Ron is probably gayer acting than Tony Randall.

by Kinseyreply 2311/24/2011

My hot and sexy fella!

by Kinseyreply 2411/24/2011

Joel Grey

by Kinseyreply 2511/24/2011

Joel Grey is gay

by Kinseyreply 2611/24/2011

I can't believe so many people think Richard Simmons is gay. I am quite sure he wanted to do me, but you know...

by Kinseyreply 2711/24/2011

While I don't know if they're all 100% hetero: Pink, Janeane Garofalo, Peter Sarsgaard, the drummer from Placebo (the new one), if any of the three main Twilight cast are straight--them, etc.

by Kinseyreply 2811/24/2011

Tony Randall was not only straight but a major pussyhound who married his young 20something second wife when he was in his early 70s. And they quickly proceeded to have 2 natural born children.

by Kinseyreply 2911/24/2011

Vincent Price

by Kinseyreply 3011/24/2011

Brett Chuckerman is a tranny

by Kinseyreply 3111/24/2011

R30, Price probably would be considered bisexual nowadays. Despite his three marriages and two children, he was emotionally drawn to men as well, although he was a famously discreet person.

William F. Buckley - I still can't believe that thing was straight.

by Kinseyreply 3211/24/2011

OMG, Frank from Trading Spaces....lofl!

Although if he really were gay, he wouldn't suck at interior design.

by Kinseyreply 3311/24/2011


by Kinseyreply 3411/24/2011

Dan Wells from "Boy Meets Boy." Yeah, he was one of the ones "pretending" to be gay but he was awfully convincing. He's now married with a kid and just had a non-speaking guest role on "2 Broke Girls." If he's in the closet it's not working out too well for him.

by Kinseyreply 3511/24/2011

modern family's eric stonestreet whom i love. and i think will win many awards if he ever plays rush limbaugh in a biopic

by Kinseyreply 3611/24/2011

Wilma Flintstone

by Kinseyreply 3711/25/2011

Mark Consuelos

by Kinseyreply 3811/25/2011

R28, Pink is bisexual.

What about those super Italian studs on Kitchen Cousins on HGTV? Are either one of those guys gay?

here is a link to these amazing looking guys!

by Kinseyreply 3911/25/2011

38 replies and no one says the more than obvious Philip Seymour Hoffman? GEEZ! And don't get me started on Ty Burrell.

by Kinseyreply 4011/25/2011

r20 he might have meant he didn't want to disappoint people by revealing he's straight.

I believe I saw Vincent Prices daughter on tv talking about how, when she was old enough, her father revealed his discreet 'other life'.

by Kinseyreply 4111/25/2011

What actor, especially a closeted actor, has ever had a problem revealing that they are "straight"? Chukerman probably made his statement because anyone viewing his work would have a problem believing that he was straight and guys he has been with might out him publicly as well. A "straight" actor only able to book gay roles is more than likely not very straight.

by Kinseyreply 4211/25/2011

Dee Dee Myers

by Kinseyreply 4311/25/2011

If we're going to out the government, then how about Janet Reno, Eric Holder or Hillary?

by Kinseyreply 4411/25/2011

Darren Criss

He's so amazing but... he seems gay.

But I know he's not.

by Kinseyreply 4511/25/2011

Barack Obama

by Kinseyreply 4611/25/2011

Ooooh me! Aren't I Adam! Aren't I!?

by Kinseyreply 4711/25/2011

Fred Rogers simply had to be gay. The sweaters, the puppets, the shoe thing? Come one, his neighborhood was gayer than The Castro.

Fred Astaire, Claude Rains and Peter Lorre should be mentioned as well, although all three were married multiple times.

by Kinseyreply 4811/25/2011

I think Fred Rogers has been confirmed, r48.

Claude Rains basically was a professional perpetrator false pings. He impersonated effete upper class Englishmen for a living but in real life he was a Cockney pussyhound with a third grade education.

Humphrey Bogart's wife Mayo Methot attacked him with a knife after she found him naked in a steambath with Peter Lorre. Draw your own conclusions.

by Kinseyreply 4911/25/2011

R45, Oh yeah, I forgot about him. Both Harry Potters: Darren Criss and Daniel Radcliff.

by Kinseyreply 5011/25/2011

Daniel Radcliff isn't straight

by Kinseyreply 5111/25/2011

Uh, he is.

by Kinseyreply 5211/25/2011

I think the jury is still out on Karen Hughes. She was the butchest thing in Bush's administration. She made Cheney look effeminate.

by Kinseyreply 5311/25/2011

Sarah Paulson

by Kinseyreply 5411/25/2011

He probably wanted to shoot her in the face.

by Kinseyreply 5511/25/2011

I saw Jerry O'Connell today on Live with Kelly.

Even when he was talking about renewing his vows with his wife and about his twins my inner gaydar went off!

by Kinseyreply 5611/25/2011

Jack Cassidy

by Kinseyreply 5711/25/2011

Angie Harmon

by Kinseyreply 5811/25/2011

Carson Kressley

by Kinseyreply 5911/25/2011

Gale Harold

by Kinseyreply 6011/25/2011

Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik

by Kinseyreply 6111/25/2011

Sean Cody Models

by Kinseyreply 6211/25/2011

Penny Marshall

by Kinseyreply 6311/25/2011

Ryan Seacrest

by Kinseyreply 6411/25/2011

Judith Light

by Kinseyreply 6511/25/2011

If Daniel Ratcliffe goes for MTF's, does that make him straight or gay?

by Kinseyreply 6611/25/2011

Richard Simmons

by Kinseyreply 6711/25/2011

Justin Beiber


Niel Patrick Harris


by Kinseyreply 6811/25/2011

Ryan Reynolds

by Kinseyreply 6911/25/2011

Rock Hudson

by Kinseyreply 7011/25/2011

Bobby Trendy

by Kinseyreply 7111/25/2011

r70 wasn't he the straightest looking gay man?

by Kinseyreply 7211/25/2011

R72, he was indeed. He took 'straight-acting' to a whole new level.

by Kinseyreply 7311/25/2011

If there is any possibility that Kristen Stewart is straight, then she is the gayest straight girl alive.

by Kinseyreply 7411/25/2011


by Kinseyreply 7511/25/2011

Oh, honey, Duncan Sheik is about ready to fly out of that interview in R61's post. I've always suspected that he was "family". I think this just confirms it.

by Kinseyreply 7611/25/2011

Dan Quayle

by Kinseyreply 7711/26/2011

Bob Balaban

by Kinseyreply 7811/26/2011

Tim Hauser and Alan Paul of Manhattan Transfer. Especially Alan Paul.

by Kinseyreply 7911/27/2011

Edward Andrews

by Kinseyreply 8011/27/2011

Janeane Garofalo. I bet she'd be much happier as a lesbian.

by Kinseyreply 8111/27/2011

I agree about Eric Stonestreet. On Modern Family, I figured he was playing up the effeminate side for his role. I then saw him on American Horror Story playing a straight person. The ping bells were in full orchestra. It was the exact same personna as on MF...

by Kinseyreply 8211/27/2011

I thought Melissa McCarthy was a Lesbian until fairly recently.

Daniel Radcliffe is not gay at all but it would be just so nice if he was what for his age and massive fame. He is very gay friendly and quite the tolerant minded hard working fellow, so it could be worse for us all. Screw it. He has no fiscal need to ever work or even do an interview again. But, he keeps on trying to grow as an actor and speaks in tolerant minded terms about the LGBT community. That Bastard :)

by Kinseyreply 8311/27/2011

Simon Cowell

by Kinseyreply 8411/27/2011

Tony Curtis

by Kinseyreply 8511/27/2011

Fred Armisen

by Kinseyreply 8611/27/2011

James Brown always gave me a gay vibe. The processed hair, the Vegas outfits, the heels.

Prince also, for the same reasons.

by Kinseyreply 8711/27/2011

r81 - Janeane Garofalo has said she's asexual.

by Kinseyreply 8811/27/2011

Neil Sedaka

by Kinseyreply 8911/27/2011

Mike Tyson

by Kinseyreply 9011/27/2011

I can't believe Michael C. Hall is apparently straight. He is one of the "gayest" straight men I have ever seen.

by Kinseyreply 9111/27/2011

I read that despite his super-butch public image, Rock Hudson could really camp it up in private when he was around other gay men.

by Kinseyreply 9211/27/2011

I tend to think that it's straight actors who are quite confident in their sexuality who are not afraid to play roles requiring them to come across as effeminate.

On the other hand, guys who seem hesitant to the point of horror that they might, even briefly, be perceived as less than super-macho...

by Kinseyreply 9311/27/2011

Brian Austin Green

David Spade

Paul Shaffer (the guy who wrote "It's Raining Men" is straight?!)

by Kinseyreply 9411/30/2011

David Spade's not straight. He might be bi, but David E. posted on here about going to a party where Spade spent the entire night with one guy, but they carefully separated about 5 minutes before leaving separately, so as not to be seen as "together".

And then there was the "personal assistant" situation. If that wasn't a boyfriend, the story makes no sense.

by Kinseyreply 9512/02/2011

How can people be so sure Harry Potter is straight? Isn't he all of 18 years old?

by Kinseyreply 9612/02/2011

I don't believe Tony Randall or Jack Benny were straight. OF COURSE they had to go to their graves pretending to be straight. They had no choice. Almost everybody in their generation did this.

by Kinseyreply 9712/02/2011

Please, George Hamilton for the win....

by Kinseyreply 9812/02/2011

He's 22, R96.

According to a few DLer's, one can get him into bed if he's drunk and you happen to be an older man. Pity he stopped drinking.

I think he's probably bi-curious, but straight for the most part. I don't think he'd ever be the type to be a closet case, and I don't think his enthusiasm for women is feigned in the slightest. I like the HP movies and I've been seeing this kid in interviews since he was fourteen. He has no filter, and he's so self-effacing. He seems to be drawn to really busty women, too.

I don't even think he's all that gay acting. He comes across as a total straight boy when he really starts sharing personal tidbits. He's geeky, can't dress for shit, has no style, is a total slob, but completely adorable. And yes, a big friend to the gays and not at all concerned at how others might take that.

I submit the following link as evidence for straight boy goofiness.

by Kinseyreply 9912/02/2011

Rip Taylor

by Kinseyreply 10012/02/2011

Ming Tsai. Every time he has a masculine guy cooking on his show, he seems to bustle around complimenting the guy like crazy. Definitely a pleaser.

by Kinseyreply 10112/03/2011

David Niven

Peter O'Toole

Shelley Winters

Venus Williams

Annie Lennox

David Cassidy

Luis Miguel


Thomas Lennon

Anyone involved in South Park

[quote]the guy who wrote "It's Raining Men" is straight?!)

Yeah but the guy who wrote it with him wasn't

by Kinseyreply 10212/03/2011

Mario Lopez

I know he's got the pussyhound reputation but really?!

by Kinseyreply 10312/03/2011

Tosh O. does seem gay to me, but he certainly pushes the hetero! Still I find him very sexy.

by Kinseyreply 10412/03/2011

Gavin Macleod .... aka Capt. Stuebing on the Love Boat

by Kinseyreply 10512/03/2011

I'm confused about Josh Groban, but I guess it's because I don't know much about him. I always thought I knew that he is gay, but his appearance on Live with Kelly today proves to me that that isn't what he wants people to believe.

They were showing a picture of a beautiful blond woman with cleavage showing, and Kelly asked him if that girl is his type. He stammered a bit and said "No, I mean, I don't know, how funny is she?" Then he said "She's a looker."

It all struck me as the kind of response a guy that has no interest in hot women would give. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not convinced with Groban at all.

by Kinseyreply 10612/07/2011


by Kinseyreply 10705/21/2012

Well, first of all: How do you know they were all "100%" straight? I have my doubts about Tony Randall for sure. Only a naive fool believes that a wife or husband guarantees the "straightness" of the individual. There CAN be male "beards" too you know. I have this fantasy when I see a hot man with his wifey and screaming spawns....I say to myself: I wonder if he has ever had anything up his hole? Did he enjoy it? I do this all the time. I think I need a shrink................oh wait...been there done that.

by Kinseyreply 10805/21/2012

Not all gay men like things up their hole.

by Kinseyreply 10905/22/2012

But all gay men like a cock in their cak hole.

by Kinseyreply 11005/22/2012

R108--Upthread someone said they never heard any gay gossip about Tony Randall among the NYC theatre queens. That's pretty persuasive to me.

by Kinseyreply 11105/22/2012
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