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Are You Boycotting Black Friday?

The ugliest shopping day quickly approaches.

If you receive a local newspaper, the few stores who still advertise are weighing down the paper with all the crap you can imagine.

Gizmodo says TVs won't be a great deal. Apple's idea of a sale is usually only 10% off.

Videos of Walmart flashblobs will be up by 8am.

by by requestreply 11611/17/2012

Why's it gotta be BLACK Friday?!?!?!

by by requestreply 111/21/2011

Not shopping on black Friday might not be the best way to kill rampant consumerism. In fact, economists might insist there is a moral impairitve to shop because otherwise stores won't hire the extra workers to fill the demand. I'll fish up a link if anyone is interested. Basically without the black friday shopping we are encouraged to do, many working class temps lose out on jobs to pay for their own spending. It's screwing the little guy by not shopping on Friday. End of rant

by by requestreply 211/21/2011

Nothing like going to war over $15 kitchen items.

by by requestreply 311/21/2011

Fighting over a toy -

by by requestreply 411/21/2011

No, but I always avoid the carnage. Smaller stores have good deals without the insanity.

by by requestreply 511/21/2011

Yeah I am, I've done this every year for awhile now.

by by requestreply 611/21/2011

More fun -

by by requestreply 711/21/2011

I would recommend, seriously, that people stay home and not waste money. Your time would be better spent writing to your congressperson or, better yet, a Letter to the Editor about how bad the economy is.

As for me, I can't take all the fat women. I'll warch the mayhem highlights on the evening news from my bed which I may not have gotten out of.

by by requestreply 811/22/2011

I'm not boycotting. I just don't understand why anyone in their right mind ever bought into that shit in the first place. I used to work for a huge retailer and understand the mentality that you have to get their money before somene else does but this has gotten ridiculous. I'm cringing every time I even see an Xmas ad. Can I at least cook my turkey first before getting slam ducked into all Xmas, all the time?

by by requestreply 911/22/2011

Oh honey, I gave up black Friday fifteen years ago. Why would I shop in a day when there are no parking places within a mile of any store anywhere, and most of the sales aren't that good?

I'm going to slog around a marsh in the cold, instead. I hear the snow geese have arrived.

by by requestreply 1011/22/2011

When did they start calling it "Black Friday"? Not too long ago, right?

by by requestreply 1111/22/2011

I do all my shopping online for the most part. It's much easier to find the exact thing you want, and if you are patient you can always find what you want at a good sale price. The only things I don't buy online are clothes, linens, and groceries.

I don't understand why anyone would want to risk life and limb to go to Black Friday sales when there is Cyber Monday if you REALLY have to buy a bunch of crap this time of year.

by by requestreply 1211/22/2011

I've not gone shopping on Black Friday in over a decade.

Instead, we have another family tradition. The family gathers in central KY for Thanksgiving, and we spend the Friday going to bourbon distillery tours. I'd much rather drink Makers Mark than fight the Walmart crowds.

by by requestreply 1311/22/2011

[quote]economists might insist there is a moral impairitve to shop because otherwise stores won't hire the extra workers to fill the demand.

They aren't hiring extra people now -- just working those already employed by them extra hard.

by by requestreply 1411/22/2011

My family's tradition was that the day after Thanksgiving, we stayed at home all day and put up Christmas decorations. We had a bigger house, and a lot of decorations to put up, inside and outside. When that was done, we'd usually just hang out, eat leftovers, nap, watch movies. Not until I was 21, and both of my parents had died (I was left living in the house alone, my older siblings were married and lived elsewhere) did I have to get a job in retail, and I ended up working facilities maintenance for ShopKo, and was scheduled on Black Friday. I had never seen anything like it, and that was the only year I was ever "out" that day. I'm 33 now and my husband knows that I won't go anywhere. So it's basically been a lifetime boycott.

My parents had a tradition where they would drive to a nearby city in mid-November for a weekend and do all of the Christmas shopping, and us kids would stay at home (Grandma would come into town and stay with us and cook).

by by requestreply 1511/22/2011

No I will be working. I'm in retail and can backup what r14 said we have not hired more holiday help everyone just has to work more hours and since black Friday is not a real holiday no holiday pay. I'm just thankfull to have job that pays my bills .

by by requestreply 1611/22/2011

R16 is the corporatists' Step N Fetchit

by by requestreply 1711/22/2011

Thanks for the reality-checks r14 and r16. I didn't know that practice has ended.

Fuck black Friday. Fuck it right in its giant ass.

by by requestreply 1811/22/2011

Black Friday is called that because it's been a belief (true or not, I don't know) that stores start to make a profit, ie,"go into the black" starting the day after Thanksgiving.

by by requestreply 1911/22/2011

It probably varies from business to business, but my company adds holiday temps. We have a long list of people who have been working only holidays for several years.

We also offer extra shifts (overtime) to our best workers.

by by requestreply 2011/22/2011

It's not that I "boycott" black Friday. It's just one of the most unpleasant things I can think of doing, so I always try to be prepared so I don't have to leave my house after Thanksgiving until the following Monday.

And though I am happy to see the current "buy local" campaign, I've always avoided chain stores, and buy what few holiday items I get from small stores, local consignment shops, etc.

In fact, one of the reasons I buy so little at Christmas is that when I see something at any time of year I think would make a good Christmas gift for a friend or family member, I buy it and give it to them immediately.

And then at Christmas, I make a lot of cookies and give very few actual gifts.

Yes, I'm an eldergay, and anyone who doesn't want cookies or who thinks I owe them something more expensive or faddish is welcome to drop me from their list and avoid me during the season. I won't be hurt; I know that many people are only in it for what they can get, but I don't play that game.

by by requestreply 2111/22/2011

[quote]I'm not boycotting. I just don't understand why anyone in their right mind ever bought into that shit in the first place.

This. I've never done it and don't see the appeal.

by by requestreply 2211/22/2011

Five years ago I started my own tradition. I stopped giving and accepting Christmas gifts. Try it people get used to it and you'll start having fun on the holidays again.

My parents loved my idea. They didn't do it themselves but for years they've been telling people not to waste their money they had everything they need.

My brothers and sisters at first were aghast. Not so much for themselves but for their kids who were going to get one less gift. In fact it was their kids and others I was expected to buy for that led me to stop with the whole mess. I come from a big family and the list of kids I was expected to buy for was just insane.

Eventually though everyone got used to it. I don't want a shitty gift I have to find room for and I don't want anyone upping their credit card debt to buy me something.

Try it. Trust me. At first people think you're a dick. Then they are thankful that they have one less person to buy for. Then they envy your choice and wish they could do it.

by by requestreply 2311/22/2011

That was an ugly, mean post, R17. And by the way, it's STEPIN Fetchett.

by by requestreply 2411/22/2011

I'm not surprised that most on DL never bought into it to begin with, but is anybody encouraging others to boycott or shop local?

by by requestreply 2511/22/2011

I've been doing exactly what R23 described for years as well. It works. I just refuse to get sucked into the stress and shallow consumerism of the holidays.

by by requestreply 2611/22/2011

r19 is correct, and retail analysts have called it Black Friday for at least 25 years. Probably before that, but that's how long I've been in the workforce. Another elder gay here.

I've also cut way back on gift giving. As I posted in another thread, for those with whom I exchange gifts, this year we have a challenge - we can't spend more than $25 and it must be made in the US. However, I have no intention of shopping at all this week, and the only stores I will go in between now and Christmas are small locally-owned and managed stores.

by by requestreply 2711/22/2011

LOL R1 and OP, "lesbian, 5%", hahhahaha! Happy holidays DL, this is why I still come here.

by by requestreply 2811/22/2011

Most of you know this, of course, but for anyone who doesn't, it's called Black Friday because it's the day retailers count on to put them in the black for the year.

by by requestreply 2911/22/2011

Put me down with those who've NEVER gone shopping on this day, at least that I can remember.

by by requestreply 3011/22/2011

I am in the UK, so we don't have Black Friday - I'd never heard of it until I started visiting DL. However, I agree that the mad rush for sales (we have them after Christmas here) is disgusting. I have been avoiding them for years.

As for Christmas gifts: I did all my Christmas shopping on Saturday. I got small items from local craftspeople that I know my friends will find useful/interesting.

by by requestreply 3111/22/2011

I have never shopped on Black Friday and couldn't imagine something I would hate more.

As someone else said almost all my shopping is done alone anyway.

by by requestreply 3211/22/2011

r29, actually r19's explanation is more appropos. It's not that they count on that specific day (although it is generally one of the single busiest). It's the entire Christmas shopping season which traditionally puts them in the black. And the Friday after Thanksgiving has been viewed for decades as the unofficial kickoff to Christmas shopping for a huge percentage of the buying public.

Amen, r23. I generally only buy for the kids in my extended family now. And I'm lucky - I have a very small extended family.

by by requestreply 3311/22/2011

I've never shopped on Black Friday and never will.

Until I started seeing all these ads, for a long time I assumed it was just something the lower classes did, because we had a trailer park denizen marry into the family and it's all she could talk about at Thanksgiving.

by by requestreply 3411/22/2011

Also, boycott local TV news, which always seems to think that shoppers standing in line waiting for doors to open is the most important news event of the day.

by by requestreply 3511/22/2011

Occupy Media

by by requestreply 3611/22/2011

I'm sure most of these morons who buy this crap either return it the next day, or try to sell it on eBay for retail price. They aren't even looking at what they're grabbing. Wonder what the body count will be this year?

by by requestreply 3711/22/2011

I'm going to r13's family's house for Thanksgiving.

by by requestreply 3811/22/2011

Great post, R23. I couldn't agree more.

I don't want some shit that somebody is going to give me. It truly does give me more pleasure for them to keep their money and their time.

My mom called last week and said she was contacting everybody to make sure that we're not doing Christmas presents. Charity and Elizabeth Warren are the only gifts allowed, if people insist.

My boyfriend and I exchange gifts for Christmas and that's it. (And even in that case, we generally keep it something pretty small.)

by by requestreply 3911/22/2011

I have always boycotted.

I never leave the house on that day.

People are crazy, and it's not worth the stress, the traffic, the parking hassles, etc.

by by requestreply 4011/22/2011

I actually love Black Friday. But I'm not one that hits the stores before the sun comes up. If I were, I might have a different opinion.

Usually after dinner on Thanksgiving one of my cousins and I go through the sale ads together and map out a plan of attack for the following day. The family enjoys the evening together and wakes up whenever we would naturally. Those of us that decide to hit the stores will have a brunch of leftovers before hitting the streets. Although I'm not a fan of waiting in line, oftentimes the lines aren't so long in the afternoon and evening. Either way, one has to expect to be patient when shopping that day.

Heck, even when I worked in the mall I looked forward to the day after Thanksgiving. It's a real rush.

by by requestreply 4111/22/2011

R41, what do you buy on Black Friday?

by by requestreply 4211/22/2011

BIG LOTS small crowds amazing prices on BF You bitches don't know shit It's a Gold Mine SIT ALONE DRINK IN HAND LIMP DICK IN THE OTHER

by by requestreply 4311/22/2011

I've never gone out on Black Friday. One summer in high school I worked at KMart. I heard stories of holiday mayhem like people actually getting punched out for taking the last Blue Light Special.

In my family we draw names and everyone gets a gift ($50 limit) and a stocking ($25 limit). It's enough so that everyone gets a treat, not too consumerist, and you aren't ripping your hair out trying to find presents. I'm usually done shopping within a few days, and then I can get to the important stuff, like what I'm going to eat and drink.

by by requestreply 4411/22/2011

I only go out if there is something I was going to get anyway. About 5 years ago it was an 8" portable DVD player for $70, good at the time. Another year was wireless headphones for my stereo. Those were a ripoff courtesy of Radio Shack. I've never come across anything that was sold out before 6am, which is the earliest that I'll go, and then head into work.

by by requestreply 4511/22/2011

I'll unfortunately will be working in retail hell. I landed a retail gig in October after being work most of this year due to health issues which made me ineligible for unemployment. Old job let me go when I exhausted FLMA.

As others have said a lot of places haven't hired any extra help. In fact the store I'm at hasn't been replacing people after they ramped up on part-time employees when they remodeled the store this fall.

Last week I worked 11 hours. This week I'll work 28, most of which will be on Friday and Saturday. The following week, I'm scheduled for 15 hours, but have to be at their beck and call in case somebody calls in sick or doesn't show up. The store manager started scheduling people fewer hours if they don't respond to calls asking you to come in on your non-scheduled days.

I won't be spending a dime this Christmas. I'm not even bringing in enough to pay the rent.

I also suspect if this past weekend is any indicator of what Black Friday will be like, I'll probably lose my shit and cuss out some asshole frau with coupons and quit in a huff, losing my average $75 a week pay.

by by requestreply 4611/22/2011

What R21 said.

by by requestreply 4711/22/2011

I used to love Black Friday because it was a really nice family & friend event for the Thanksgiving weekend. But this year I think I will end up doing it online.

Most of my Black Friday crew are either working this year or suffering from severe financial problems. Only one friend is interested in going out but only to keep me company. I would rather not get the guy up at 12 AM just to hang out in a Best Buy on his off day since he's really not excited about it at all.

So I'll be doing the virtual Black Friday thing this year from the comfort of my own home & with the added bonus of no tax plus free shipping.

by by requestreply 4811/22/2011

I loved the choice of lesbian so I picked it.

by by requestreply 4911/22/2011

The whole notion of Black Friday represents the worst of the holiday season to me Consumerism, materialism, the thought that "happiness" can be BOUGHT through material possessions. It's not what Christmas is SUPPOSED to be about. If it does anything substantive for the economy, overall, considering a 12 month "arc", I would be surprised. I mean, perhaps there is a short "spike" in profits for retailers but it can't be sustained with one day's worth of shrieking heifers fighting over big screen TV's. I would not venture out into that mess of greedy cows.

by by requestreply 5011/22/2011

R50 Exactly.

Yes, I am boycotting Black Friday and I have been encouraging others on here to do the same.

You can give charitable donations to organizations that help the poor instead of Christmas presents. I wish more people would abandon gift giving for Christmas and adopt volunteering and donating for The Holidays.

by by requestreply 5111/22/2011

I don't boycott black friday, I just ignore it.

I truly feel sorry for the people who allow themselves to get caught up in it and become puppets for retail and the media. The retail wants their money and business, and the media wants to see people trampled to death at Walmart. it's pathetic all around.

by by requestreply 5211/22/2011

[bold] Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday [/bold]

Attention holiday shoppers: your cell phone may be tracked this year.

Starting on Black Friday and running through New Year's Day, two U.S. malls -- Promenade Temecula in southern California and Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Va. -- will track guests' movements by monitoring the signals from their cell phones.

by by requestreply 5311/22/2011

Never gone shopping on this day. I'm too busy sleeping late and eating turkey leftovers. I don't even know what someone can be thinking who would participate in that carnage. No one NEEDS stuff that bad.

I have shopped the day after Chirstmas many years ago in small shops in Georgetown to get half price Christmas decorations, ornaments, cards, etc. That was when I cared about that shit.

by by requestreply 5411/22/2011

Why on earth would anyone engage in this madness?

There's nothing I want so badly, nor friends nor family who do a gift exchange any more.

My husband and I buy for each other, and that's capped at around $75. Plenty.

by by requestreply 5511/22/2011

Canadian here and only vaguely aware of what you're referring to. Sounds scary!

by by requestreply 5611/22/2011

[quote]Sounds scary!

Scary, stupid, and a national embarrassment to any American who isn't a fucking lemming.

by by requestreply 5711/22/2011

Another Canadian here. I have been hearing about "Black Friday" my whole life. The local news station always does a piece on the most barbaric examples of people running amuck on this annual display of rampant consumerism. The most vivid memory I have is of two women fighting over a cabbage patch doll. It was wild, they had to bleep out most of what they were saying to each other. I have always felt sorry for my American friends that have to put up with this type of thing being shown as an example of how all Americans are. Because it certainly is not.

by by requestreply 5811/22/2011

My local Fred Meyers always has their towels and their socks 1/2 price on Black Friday. I used to go and stock up on those two items, have a cup of coffee and a donut and I was done. The last few years this has blossomed into a huge deal. I need both items this year but I am actually afraid to try. Oh and they haven't had the coffee and donuts for years. As far as gifts go we have a Saturday market with only locally made stuff and I buy all year. I hate this time of year.

by by requestreply 5911/22/2011

R23's a dick. He accepted gifts his whole childhood, but when it's his turn to buy gifts for the kids he no longer gives them.

by by requestreply 6011/22/2011

Line up at low end stores? Are you serious?

by by requestreply 6111/22/2011

Black Friday! Black Friday!

Fun Fun Fun Fun!

by by requestreply 6211/22/2011

Yes, I can't believe that bitch sold out. I'll never be able to see her as a true artist again.

by by requestreply 6311/22/2011

I am not shopping on Black Friday because I hate the crowds and he hassle. I've never shopped on Black Friday.

I wouldn't say I'm "boycotting" since I really have no theoretical objection to the day.

by by requestreply 6411/22/2011

R15, what town are you from?

by by requestreply 6511/23/2011

I don't have many Christmas gifts to get. I pick up items during the year. It's usually stuff my friends and immediate family would enjoy and they are usually shocked that I put so much care into my gifts.

I also shop on eBay, where I find that most items are much cheaper than paying retail. For instance, my mom is always losing her cell charger, I found a brand new charger, for $4, that was with shipping! Of course, that's just a stocking stuffer.

Everyone always enjoys my gifts, because I take great care in buying each person something I know they will really enjoy and appreciate it.

I'm an artist, so my friends, and family, also expect one of my homemade 'photo funnies' cards which incorporate old family (or friend) photos with cartoon bubbles in a Holiday theme, I consider the card part of the gift because each card is time consuming.

I think if we became more imaginative and personalized with our gifts, there wouldn't be this moronic mad rush to act like a pack of wolves trying to get discounts on crap most people can simply buy themselevs.

If you have friends or family down on their luck, why not find out they really NEED: a new computer chair, dishware, a set of pots etc, rather than get them an expensive bottle of cologne or an expensive silk scarf they'll never wear?

As for this Black Friday lunacy, what is so personal about buying your partner a TV, electronic gadget or small appliance? It takes no imagination, let them buy it themselves.

Most of this Black Friday nonsense revolves around people trying to save on expensive electronic items, these items should be bought during the year, when usually they cost less!

by by requestreply 6611/23/2011

America has officially canceled Thanksgiving & replaced it with Black Friday.

The BK down the street will be open on Thanksgiving.

by by requestreply 6711/23/2011

I've never been shopping on Black Friday in my life, and I'm not about to start now.

Why is it that DLers are never as bothered by seeing fat men as they are by fat women? There are more fat men than women.

by by requestreply 6811/23/2011

Don't worry, r68. They repulse me, regardless of gender, as does the discussion of tramping around in some bargain basement discount mart in order to save money.


by by requestreply 6911/23/2011

[italic]When did they start calling it "Black Friday"? Not too long ago, right?[/italic]

You're joking, right?

by by requestreply 7011/23/2011

Black Friday now exists online too, right?

by by requestreply 7111/23/2011

The day's name originated in Philadelphia, where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving.[4] Use of the term started before 1966 and began to see broader use outside Philadelphia around 1975. Later an alternative explanation began to be offered: that "Black Friday" indicates the point at which retailers begin to turn a profit, or are "in the black".[5]


Black Friday as a term has been used in multiple contexts, going back to the nineteenth century, where it was associated with a financial crisis in 1869 in the United States. The earliest known reference to "Black Friday" to refer to the day after Thanksgiving was made in a 1966 publication on the day's significance in Philadelphia: JANUARY 1966 -- "Black Friday" is the name which the Philadelphia Police Department has given to the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. It is not a term of endearment to them. "Black Friday" officially opens the Christmas shopping season in center city, and it usually brings massive traffic jams and over-crowded sidewalks as the downtown stores are mobbed from opening to closing.[4] The term Black Friday began to get wider exposure around 1975, as shown by two newspaper articles from November 29, 1975, both datelined Philadelphia. The first reference is in an article entitled "Army vs. Navy: A Dimming Splendor," in The New York Times: Philadelphia police and bus drivers call it "Black Friday" - that day each year between Thanksgiving Day and the Army–Navy Game. It is the busiest shopping and traffic day of the year in the Bicentennial City as the Christmas list is checked off and the Eastern college football season nears conclusion. The derivation is also clear in an Associated Press article entitled "Folks on Buying Spree Despite Down Economy," which ran in the Titusville Herald on the same day: Store aisles were jammed. Escalators were nonstop people. It was the first day of the Christmas shopping season and despite the economy, folks here went on a buying spree. ... "That's why the bus drivers and cab drivers call today 'Black Friday,'" a sales manager at Gimbels said as she watched a traffic cop trying to control a crowd of jaywalkers. "They think in terms of headaches it gives them." The term's spread was gradual, however, and in 1985 the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that retailers in Cincinnati and Los Angeles were still unaware of the term.[12]

by by requestreply 7211/23/2011

Cyber Black Friday

Observed byt United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Datet Friday after Thanksgiving

2010 datet November 26

2011 datet November 25

2012 datet November 23

Celebrationst Shopping

Related tot Thanksgiving, Christmas and Black Friday (shopping)

by by requestreply 7311/23/2011

Well this is R23 and not I'm not a dick. I should have posted what my Christmases were like when I was a kid. Which is why I'm so surprised my siblings have turned it into such a greed fest for their kids.

Christmas Eve we would go to my grandmother's house for a big dinner with all the extended relatives. Some would drive the whole day to get there. Then we would get home about 10:30. At about 11:00 PM we would walk to midnight mass. Then when we got home we all opened our one gift. On Christmas we got our Christmas stockings. Then went to Christmas Mass. Came home had a big meal. Then went to the evening Christmas Mass.

This is why when I was an adult and moved to my own place I was really shocked at seeing how others got into a holiday frenzy and were mostly miserable from Thanksgiving until January 2nd.

But you have fun..

by by requestreply 7411/23/2011

r74 is delusional, and hails from Mayberry... in his head.

by by requestreply 7511/23/2011

I boycott it. I buy online. I just think it's important to send a message.

by by requestreply 7611/23/2011



by by requestreply 7711/23/2011

My short Xmas shopping list was done weeks ago. Black Fridays are usually reserved for stuff that's indulgent for me...lately it's been stuff from Apple, which doesn't usually discount much. Short of cash this year, it's an iPod Touch.

by by requestreply 7811/23/2011

I adore watching the Epsilons fight and trample each other over whatever disposable trinket they must have this year to complete their lives. It's the best part of Christmas.

by by requestreply 7911/23/2011

Panic sells Made in China crap faster

by by requestreply 8011/24/2011

R66 sounds like a Joan Crawford passage from her book My Way of Life

by by requestreply 8111/24/2011

I'm afraid the staggered hours at all the stores and the early opening times might result in fewer YouTube videos of fights and tramplings, which have become as cherished a Friday tradition to me as turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberries.

by by requestreply 8211/24/2011

I just walked past the "Occupy: Target" group in my neighborhood and they all seemed happy to be there. The whole line of them was being friendly and social.

It didn't occur to me to ask about how they are obtaining restroom facilities until I got home. None of the surrounding stores are open all night, and I didn't see any Port-o-John facilities.

I remember camping out overnight for concert tickets once when I was a teenager and we had one of our parents drive to check on us every 2 or 3 hours. I assume these folks must be doing something similar.

If I'm still up and feeling restless at Midnight (which I probably will be) I might walk back over and check them out as they bum rush the store...kidding. Target seems to have a good system going. They have a special place for them to line up and I believe they are all being giving numbers based on their place in line.

by by requestreply 8311/24/2011

Holy shit you anti-consumerists are tiresome.

If you don't want to go, then don't, but please shut the fuck up. Obviously people do like to go because stores keep having big sales the day after Thanksgiving.

If life vexes you so much just stay in the basement.

by by requestreply 8411/24/2011

I don't believe in Giftmas so I don't need Black Friday.

Still boycotting Target.

by by requestreply 8511/24/2011

I hate to say it but the Walmart trampling that happened a few years ago was in my town. Hell no to Black Friday, there will be other sales before Christmas.

by by requestreply 8611/24/2011

[quote]Target seems to have a good system going. They have a special place for them to line up and I believe they are all being giving numbers based on their place in line.

Fuck that. I want a store to let everyone pack up against the glass in a writhing mob. Then open the doors seconds apart so part of the mob gets a head start. Place one $100 HDTV, one $150 Acer netbook and one $175 iPad 2 all in one corner of the store. Station employees on the tops of displays to dangle this year's "must have" toy over the crowd's heads on a fishing pole. Then YouTube the whole thing so I can watch while eating Thanksgiving leftovers.

by by requestreply 8711/24/2011

It seems to me shopping on Black Friday would be the WORST way to bargain shop. You tend to find the best bargains where the crowds aren't.

by by requestreply 8811/24/2011

I have for the past several years but up until then I went out (usually reluctantly).

One year my dad wanted me to take him because he didn't "believe" the news reports. He got a first-hand mauling at KMart.

I used to take my mom out on Black Friday because she mistakenly believed that everything was on sale.

Once I started shopping on line I can't understand why ANYONE would go to an actual physical store that isn't a local business.

I try to not even go to the GROCERY between Thanksgiving and Christmas because it's such a nightmare.

by by requestreply 8911/24/2011

The new videos are starting to come in -

by by requestreply 9011/25/2011

Racial harmony -

by by requestreply 9111/25/2011

[quote]In Porter Ranch, a woman pepper sprayed customers at a Wal-Mart in what authorities say was a deliberate attempt to get more "door buster" merchandise. ...20 customers, including children, were hurt in the 10:10 p.m. incident, officials said. Shoppers complained of minor skin and eye irritation and sore throats. "This was customer-versus-customer 'shopping rage,'" said Los Angeles Police Lt. Abel Parga. The woman used the spray in more than one area of the Wal-Mart "to gain preferred access to a variety of locations in the store," said Los Angeles Fire Capt. James Carson.

[quote][bold]"She was competitive shopping,"[/bold] he said.

by by requestreply 9211/25/2011

Ugh. I have to be at my retail job in 50 minutes.

I will cut a bitch.

by by requestreply 9311/25/2011

A riot over $2 waffle irons at a Walmart.

by by requestreply 9411/25/2011

Good luck, r93.

Never been out to any stores on Black Friday and debated whether or not to try a quick in & out for one item at the mall. Eddie Bauer had everything 40% off til noon, and I wanted a Sherpa fleece lined light jacket. I waited until 11:00. Parking was a slight pain in the ass (had to park on the top of the parking deck), but EB wasn't overly packed, and I walked right up to a very friendly guy at the registers. Maybe all the insanity is at the big boxes and department stores. My errand took all of 15 minutes. Now I'm back home watching hockey.

Didn't see a whole lot of people with multiple packages. Maybe families just use today as an excuse to get out of the house, at least at the mall. God forbid they have to spend more than a day couped up in their houses with their relatives. Something tells me the economists are going to be disappointed.

by by requestreply 9511/25/2011

That bitch at r7's link is SCARY and ought to be killed.

by by requestreply 9611/25/2011

She's probably the same stupid cunt who jumped the counter at MdD's and got a beatdown by the fry cook.

by by requestreply 9711/25/2011

Grandpa body-slammed by cops while attempting to protect grandson from being trampled in an Arizona Walmart...

Cops say Gramps was trying to shoplift, but eyewitnesses say he was trying to protect the kid -- who got a bloody face anyway.

by by requestreply 9811/25/2011

Spending Black Friday putting up Christmas decorations. Free and put me in the holiday spirit more than standing in line at Walmart for hours ever would.

by by requestreply 9911/25/2011

This weekend is a fantastic time to do any major grocery shopping. Everyone's pantry is filled because of Thanksgiving. I was in my local grocery store today and it was almost empty.

by by requestreply 10011/25/2011

I actually thought it was called Black Friday because most of the people causing the riots, e.g., trampling of the person to death at Walmart WERE BLACK! They seem to have no control over themselves at all. Well, if they will shoot indiscriminately at cars passing the projects, I am surprised there aren't more stabbings and shootings just to get the latest plastic piece of shit that TV has enshrined as the next shortcut to heaven.

by by requestreply 10111/25/2011

I had a great time in my freezing swamp! Saw ten million snow geese and a peregrine falcon, among other things.

No mobs, no fights, no fucking tear gas.

by by requestreply 10211/25/2011

I participated in my first Black Friday ever. I live 5 minutes away from a Barnes&Nobles and walked over 10 minutes before doors opened. There were 6 or 7 customers at the door. Picked up a Nook Touch for $79 and a baby toy at 50% off. All very genteel. I think there were more B&N employees present than customers.

A bit of a nonevent but I expected it. The neighborhood isn't one for the trampling hoards. The only reason why I did it is because B&N is in the neighborhood and the sale was in store only AND I knew it wasn't going to be a mob scene. Spend a November night outdoors to buy a crappy HD tv from best buy? Forget it.

by by requestreply 10311/25/2011

I didn’t mean to shop, but I passed my neighborhood shoe store (NYC) that was having a store-wide 25% off. I needed to buy shoes and buying them cheaper was even better. The place was packed, but I got helped immediately.

by by requestreply 10411/25/2011

I went to Big Lots at 7:15 a.m. I parked right near the door, got in and out in 5 minutes. And I got exactly what I wanted.

by by requestreply 10511/26/2011

I didn't leave my house all day. And probably won't today, Saturday, either.

by by requestreply 10611/26/2011

I didnt' spend any money all day Friday.

by by requestreply 10711/26/2011

[r94] The butt crack at 16 seconds is the worst!

by by requestreply 10811/29/2011

OWS invades Walmart -

by by requestreply 10911/30/2011

I actually went out and spent some money on Friday, but I went to a local camera shop and bought a new camera from them.

by by requestreply 11011/30/2011

This is the image the rest of the world has of America -

by by requestreply 11111/30/2011

r111, GHETTO.

by by requestreply 11211/30/2011

Yeah !!! LIKe americans would ever STICK together like they used to.......WAIT I know why NOT there ALL ILLEGALS ......Funny shit do you all know that in Europe that walmart was boycotted for non union wages and they caved in because they had NO customers !!! Thats what happens when people STICK together instead of a MOB there called THE VOICE !!!!! we used to have one untill we caved in to these illegals

by by requestreply 11311/17/2012

Look and see who these people are. I mean, really.

by by requestreply 11411/17/2012

Yes, but only because I would rather poke my eye out with a sharp stick then be caught in a store with all those lunatics.

They don't give a damn if they run over old people or small children. And, someone always whips out a can of pepper spray!

by by requestreply 11511/17/2012

Always half, Always will

by by requestreply 11611/17/2012
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