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Marlo Thomas says Penn State would have never happened if women had been around

Bitch don't know shit. Bitches lie and coverup too.

by Jacey Dugardreply 14003/26/2013

Have another, mom

by Jacey Dugardreply 111/19/2011

I should have given you to God when you were born r1.

by Jacey Dugardreply 211/19/2011

Penn State is an all men's school?

by Jacey Dugardreply 311/19/2011

Well, this one certainly came out of left field.

by Jacey Dugardreply 411/19/2011

Has anyone heard what Joan van Ark's position on the Penn State situation is?

by Jacey Dugardreply 511/19/2011

Does OP have a link to this statement? Of course he doesn't, because she never said it.

by Jacey Dugardreply 611/19/2011

I would tell you, but my lips no longer have blood circulating through them!

by Jacey Dugardreply 711/19/2011

I could have kept them busy, Mare. And educated, too.

(laugh track)

by Jacey Dugardreply 811/19/2011

She said it on the Joy Behar show the last Friday

by Jacey Dugardreply 911/19/2011

they play at Beaver Stadium....what more does she want?

by Jacey Dugardreply 1011/19/2011

I'm especially interested in what Penny Singleton has to say on the matter.

by Jacey Dugardreply 1111/19/2011

OP, don't forget to let us know what Larry Storch thinks.

by Jacey Dugardreply 1211/19/2011

I don't even know what that means.

by Jacey Dugardreply 1311/19/2011

if there were woman in the chain of commende they would have not covered the story up. Bill Maher said the same thing.

by Jacey Dugardreply 1411/19/2011

Ann Jillian called for Paterno's immediate resignation. It's largely believed that her statements pressured the Board into removing Paterno as head coach.

by Jacey Dugardreply 1511/19/2011

Women tend to be the whistleblowers within organizations.

by Jacey Dugardreply 1611/19/2011

Joyce Dewitt just said on "The Florence Henderson Show" that this would have happened if John Ritter was in charge.

by Jacey Dugardreply 1711/19/2011

Marlo is a powerful feminist icon who writes for the Huffington Post, not a TVLand trivia question you bitches!!!

by Jacey Dugardreply 1811/19/2011

That's bullshit, R14. I'm sure mother superiors and other nuns covered for pedo priests.

by Jacey Dugardreply 1911/19/2011


by Jacey Dugardreply 2011/19/2011

R20 Jennifer Harris is a lesbian, but when the whole Rene Portland thing happened she stayed tight lipped and hid in the closet.

by Jacey Dugardreply 2111/19/2011

[quote]Bitch don't know shit. Bitches lie and coverup too. by: Jacey Dugard

Quoted for truth.

by Jacey Dugardreply 2211/19/2011

Ruth Buzzi just held a press conference and said she would've hit him with her purse.

by Jacey Dugardreply 2311/19/2011

Remember that girl who was kept in the box under that couple's bed? The wife was in the car with their baby when they abducted her.

by Jacey Dugardreply 2411/19/2011

Bullshit. PEOPLE are twisted fuckers, not just men. I have too many friends whose own mothers allowed their kids to be victimised and not only allowed it, but at times encouraged it. They certainly never sought help or spoke up.

by Jacey Dugardreply 2511/19/2011

Because the women football coaches would have been fired for being terrible and so the pedo wouldn't have been able to hide in football team protection for decades?

by Jacey Dugardreply 2611/19/2011

Right. Because Mrs. Sandusky called the police the first time she saw Jer in the basement 'wrestling' an eight year-old boy.

by Jacey Dugardreply 2711/20/2011

I have yet to hear the full analysis from Victoria Jackson.

by Jacey Dugardreply 2811/20/2011

Given the dynamics of this scandal, she is probably right!

by Jacey Dugardreply 2911/20/2011

Well, check THIS out from today's NYT.

by Jacey Dugardreply 3011/20/2011

That's an interesting article R30. Amazingly, it's a perspective I hadn't considered.

by Jacey Dugardreply 3111/20/2011

And Penn State was one of the most homophobic athletic departments around as evidenced by their longstanding support for Rene Portland.

by Jacey Dugardreply 3211/20/2011


by Jacey Dugardreply 3311/20/2011

[quote]Women tend to be the whistleblowers within organizations.

Lower level employees tend to be whistleblowers since their relative distance from the top allows then to see the dirty underbelly of the top level.

Women in a threatened power position would cover up just as much -- they do so in schools all the time.

by Jacey Dugardreply 3411/20/2011

That girl would never have been allowed within 10 feet of Penn State.

by Jacey Dugardreply 3511/20/2011

She's totally right. It's in those men only chain of commands where the worst shit happens.

Same in the church. I find it hard to believe you'd find as many women willing to help cover up child molestation at such a grand scale.

I've said this before; if men are in positions of power, they need to be supervised. They can't be trusted.

by Jacey Dugardreply 3611/20/2011

I think there would be less of an outrage had he abused little girls. That would have been considered more "normal".

by Jacey Dugardreply 3711/20/2011

Thank you for providing a link to that article, r30.

by Jacey Dugardreply 3811/20/2011

I don't know. It's not uncommon for wives of abusers to cover for their husbands, even when the victims are their own children.

by Jacey Dugardreply 3911/20/2011


by Jacey Dugardreply 4011/20/2011

Women are still too invested in victimhood. Nothing is ever their fault/responsibility cuz they are just poor, little, defenceless females. Yes, I'm over-generalizing.

by Jacey Dugardreply 4111/20/2011

Yes, it is uncommon, r39. The women who sit around and do nothing while their children are abused are the minority and are sickos. Most mothers go to great lengths to protect their children.

by Jacey Dugardreply 4211/20/2011

Marlo is right, just look at the hundreds of brave whistle blowing nuns who managed to put a permanent end to all the child abuse in the Catholic Church back in 1750.

by Jacey Dugardreply 4311/20/2011

Bill Maher said the same thing.

It's bullshit.

I suppose there were no women at Abu Ghraib and Auschwitz either.

by Jacey Dugardreply 4411/20/2011

R42 I don't have statistics so I used not uncommon to denote that it is something we hear frequently, not necessarily the majority of cases. I assume and hope you are correct.

As far as I know, the majority of men do not molest children or even turn a blind eye to it, but I would also say that molestation is not uncommon.

by Jacey Dugardreply 4511/20/2011

A very relevant example is Donna Shalala looking the other way as the University of Miami football team was showered with money & other gifts by a wealthy supporter. Not exactly a pedo scandal, but somewhat related.

by Jacey Dugardreply 4611/20/2011

[quote] if there were woman in the chain of commende

Oh, dear.

by Jacey Dugardreply 4711/20/2011

R44, you know the names of those women because it is just so fucking rare. Women can do evil things to be sure but it really is that rare.

You should've seen my FB page light up with disgust and a lynch mob mentality about those Penn State monsters. All women.

I think if a woman had come across some guy fucking a small child in the shower? She would have scratched his eyes out. At the very LEAST called the cops and told everyone she knew about it. It's our maternal instincts.

by Jacey Dugardreply 4811/20/2011

I've seen female dominated societies portrayed in science fiction films of the 1950's and they never work out once a man enters the scene.

by Jacey Dugardreply 4911/20/2011

I'm willing to give a statement.

by Jacey Dugardreply 5011/20/2011

Me too! Take my statement!

by Jacey Dugardreply 5111/20/2011

Marlo is a feminist icon as well as a television icon. Comparing her with some of these other actresses is a bit ridiculous. Let's cool it, shall we?

by Jacey Dugardreply 5211/20/2011

Ok Phil @ R52.

by Jacey Dugardreply 5311/20/2011

No, women have now entered primary educational institutions so they can fuck their students and get a slap on the wrist when caught.

by Jacey Dugardreply 5411/20/2011

[quote] Women can do evil things to be sure but it really is that rare.


by Jacey Dugardreply 5511/20/2011

Having been molested myself, I'm available for comment.

by Jacey Dugardreply 5611/20/2011

[quote]Women can do evil things to be sure but it really is that rare.

The trick is not to get caught doing evil.

by Jacey Dugardreply 5711/20/2011

Oh Lorna, don't be shilly, they're not talking about self moleshation.

by Jacey Dugardreply 5811/20/2011

Has Charlotte Rae made a statement yet?

I'd give more credence to her views since she once played "Mrs. Garrett" who worked at the all-girls Eastlake Academy. All I've ever seen Marlo do is wear hats and fly a kite.

by Jacey Dugardreply 5911/20/2011

Yeah, because no female teacher has ever tried to have sex with young male students...

by Jacey Dugardreply 6011/20/2011

Has anyone been following Peter Roebuck story? Kind of like Penn State, only it involves cricket, an Englishman with a whipping fettish and dozens of hot black men.

by Jacey Dugardreply 6111/20/2011

[quote]an Englishman with a whipping fettish and dozens of hot black men.

That hard part is finding even one black man willing to be whipped.

by Jacey Dugardreply 6211/20/2011

Marlo, with her extreme plastic surgery, is a feminist icon.

by Jacey Dugardreply 6311/20/2011

Is it true that Eggs Marlo Thomas is pig snouts served on a glass ceiling?

by Jacey Dugardreply 6411/20/2011

Gah dah fah ah-haa.

by Jacey Dugardreply 6511/20/2011

Women are the nastiest perpetrators of mobbing behavior -- particularly in female-dominant workplaces.

by Jacey Dugardreply 6611/20/2011

Bill Maher said the same thing.

by Jacey Dugardreply 6711/20/2011

Hopefully Marlo's courage in speaking out will finally shame Shelley Duvall into addressing this issue, as the world has been waiting for.

by Jacey Dugardreply 6811/20/2011

Women are adept at normalizing depraved behavior. They might have different social patterns guiding them, but within those social structures, they'll hide, overlook and excuse criminal acts.

Marlo should STFU.

by Jacey Dugardreply 6911/20/2011

Has anyone heard from Margot Kidder on this?

by Jacey Dugardreply 7011/20/2011

Sally Struthers has released a statement guaranteeing that this would never have been tolerated by the higher-ups at the International Correspondence School.

She also mentioned that you can major in Bookkeeping

by Jacey Dugardreply 7111/20/2011

TV/VCR Repair, Air Conditioning Repair, Learning the Personal Computer, Fitness and Nutrition...

by Jacey Dugardreply 7211/20/2011

@r69: You do realize the reason this molestation went on as long as it did was because MEN overlooked what was going on or didn't think it was serious enough to alert the authorities? I don't think women are all angels, but men are certainly no strangers to sweeping things under the rug or looking the other way when bad things happen.

by Jacey Dugardreply 7311/20/2011

Anyone who thinks Marlo Thomas is anything but a washed-up brat of a D lister is kidding themselves. She's practically a ventriloquist dummy for Gloria Steinam when they're out together.

And, on top of that, I used to work for a "movie star" in L.A. and it got to the point where I figured out if she was friends with them, they were major CUNTS -- with the exceptioun of Lanie Kazan and Kaye Ballard, both nutty but kind. One of her best friends and the biggest cunt of all? Yep, Marlo Thomas. And not just on a bad day. Always a snotty bitch. So bad I vowed never to watch her again.

Everything that butler wrote about her in that book was true, I assure you. She was a friggin' nightmare of a woman.

Has Sandy Duncan (another nightmare) weighed in on Penn State yet?

by Jacey Dugardreply 7411/20/2011

Wow, PLEASE tell us about Sandy Duncan being a nightmare, r74 - I'd never have guessed that!

Also would love to hear stories about Kaye Ballard and Lainie Kazan. Did you ever hear Lainie say anything about Streisand?

by Jacey Dugardreply 7511/20/2011

P.S. I have no issue with the fact that women are usually the whistleblowers -- but they never do it anonymously or to do the right thing. They have to take credit for it, get the media attention, etc. So hardly because they are of better character.

I have learned however that if you have a secret (and hopefully that secret is NOT child abuse of any kind, so awful), don't share it with a woman and expect some brotherhood of secrecy. Won't happen.

by Jacey Dugardreply 7611/20/2011

I have a call in to Jaclyn Smith and am waiting to hear back

by Jacey Dugardreply 7711/20/2011

[quote]You do realize the reason this molestation went on as long as it did was because MEN overlooked what was going on or didn't think it was serious enough to alert the authorities? I don't think women are all angels, but men are certainly no strangers to sweeping things under the rug or looking the other way when bad things happen.

I'm not claiming that men don't overlook things. I'm arguing that Marlo's assertion that women wouldn't have overlooked crimes is bullshit. Men overlook things and women overlook things. They have different social methods for normalizing crimes, but neither sex has the moral high ground.

by Jacey Dugardreply 7811/20/2011

Don't set your drink on Marlo's coffee table--whatever you do.

She inherited it from her father.

by Jacey Dugardreply 7911/20/2011

Marlo's statement is so refreshing considering Vicki Lawrence's outspoken support for JoePa and anger at his firing.

by Jacey Dugardreply 8011/20/2011

Did you hear Ann B. Davis is calling for the death penalty for Sandusky?

by Jacey Dugardreply 8111/20/2011

She's an idiot.

by Jacey Dugardreply 8211/20/2011

"Women are still too invested in victimhood. Nothing is ever their fault/responsibility cuz they are just poor, little, defenceless females. Yes, I'm over-generalizing."

I guess that's why rape is still likely to be blamed on the victim (mostly female)? Because of what she was wearing, where she was walking, and if she'd been drinking.

Because it isn't ever the fault of the male rapist.

Child molesters are mostly male, btw.

by Jacey Dugardreply 8311/20/2011

R83, are you posting from Saudi Arabia? Because that shit about rape being blamed on the (female) victim hasn't been true in the U.S. for about 35 years.

by Jacey Dugardreply 8411/20/2011


by Jacey Dugardreply 8511/20/2011

After her early statements on the subject, Bonnie Franklin withholds further comment after an embarrassing episode from her own past is leaked to the press.

by Jacey Dugardreply 8611/20/2011

Tracey Gold has come out in full support of Marlo. I usually agree with Tracey on all political and social issues.

by Jacey Dugardreply 8711/20/2011

Tracey is a cunt too.

by Jacey Dugardreply 8811/20/2011

Unfortunately it's still very common, r84. I'm speaking from experience.

by Jacey Dugardreply 8911/20/2011

No Streisand talk, R75, was much younger and more sensitive back then, ha, and she was nice so not interested in upsetting her. DID however go to her daughter's bat mitzvah -- held at a famous LA drag palace. That was pure Lanie.

Speaking of which, Lanie Kazan is on the fence regarding Penn State, awaiting a second opinion from Elaine May.

by Jacey Dugardreply 9011/20/2011

Yes, Penn State was all women's fault. What in the fuck is wrong with you misogynistic freaks?

by Jacey Dugardreply 9111/20/2011

Elaine May has officially weighed in (above).

by Jacey Dugardreply 9211/20/2011

It's a fact, women are less violent and depraved then men. Sure, you can name 3 or 4 famous sickos who happen to have a vagina but for every 3 you name there are five thousand men, rotting in prison for acts that are just as much or more immoral. And those are just the ones who got caught.

The VAST majority of sex offenders? Men. Women tend to ebophiles or whatever you most of the weirdos in this thread would call it.

by Jacey Dugardreply 9311/20/2011

R91, the thread was started on an indirectly misandrist approach, so what sort of responses do you expect.

by Jacey Dugardreply 9411/20/2011

r91 reads approximately two words in each sentence and decides she knows what the hell she's talking about. The rest of us point and laugh at her.

by Jacey Dugardreply 9511/20/2011

Danny Thomas a D lister? Put down the crack pipe. The man starred in two successful television shows and was a household name for forty years. We should all be so unknown.

Marlo is only washed up in the sense that she's old and can't get the parts that she got in her youth. For three decades, she was a staple of television and film. She broke down doors with THAT GIRL and her FREE TO BE specials. She is THAT influential to the feminist cause.

And I'm not even getting into St. Jude.

I'm stopping, because you ain't taking me any further.

by Jacey Dugardreply 9611/20/2011

[quote]It's a fact, you can name 3 or 4 famous sickos who happen to have a vagina. And those are just the ones who got caught.

Fixed it R91 & R93- the poster more concerned about touting a political agenda than child abuse.

by Jacey Dugardreply 9711/20/2011

Danny Thomas is a D lister as in D-D-D-Dead. But I was referring to his daughter anyway, who is one of those feminists who treats other women like shit, fires her maid for getting pregnant, etc. A true inspiration.

If you like, to be fair, you can move Marlo up to C List as in C-C-C-Cunt.

by Jacey Dugardreply 9811/20/2011

Thanks, r90!

But what about Kaye Ballard and especially the nightmarish Sandy Duncan??

by Jacey Dugardreply 9911/20/2011

No Bonnie Franklin's opinion, no credibility.

by Jacey Dugardreply 10011/20/2011

The reason The Second Mile is shutting down is because Didi Conn released a statement recommending it close.

by Jacey Dugardreply 10111/20/2011

Even the Lavendar Menace wouldn't make this big of a self embarrassment.

by Jacey Dugardreply 10211/20/2011

She just may have eclipsed my political faux pas.

by Jacey Dugardreply 10311/20/2011

Not to hijack thread but Kaye Ballard was just what you'd expect, a little neurotic but the fun aunt you'd want. Effusive. Not an act.

Louise Lasser, another of her friends, was the "a little neurotic" part but without the rest of it. She bleated.

Here's my daily phonecall with.... well, guess. Me: Hello? The star (grumbling): Get her. Me: And this is...? The star (sighing, exasperated): It's Marlo, goddamit. That same phone call every day, ha.

And Sandy Duncan was a separate affair from my days working in casting, oy, don't ask (in general, you gotta watch those America's Sweetheart ones, they're always a nightmare. I learned early!)

Not comfortable saying who the "movie star" I worked for was, her name might fit right into this board as joke value anyway, but will give you a hint -- she's known as an actress but was up for an Oscar only once in a completely different category. :) There you go for Double Jeopardy.

by Jacey Dugardreply 10411/20/2011

You've GOT to tell us more about Duncan, r104. Her whole career is built on people feeling that she really is the sweet, peppy gal that she always played - please disillusion us!

Your Double Jeopardy question is tough. My first thought would be that it's some actress who wrote or co-wrote a Best Song nominee, but other than acting winner Streisand, I can't think of any others.

by Jacey Dugardreply 10511/20/2011

ha, another clue. My movie star told PEOPLE magazine she was 35 when she had just turned 50. And they printed it.

And she once wrote a diet book which I bring up because one of my most vivid memories is stumbling across her naked on her knees in front of the refrigerator, eating guacamole with her hands. And I'm not kidding, still giggle at the memory which I can't escape anyway.

She was nutty but I adored her. It'll all be in the book. :)

by Jacey Dugardreply 10611/20/2011

I misread the title of this thread as "Marlo Thomas says Penn State would have never happened if her father hadn't hired hookers to take a shit on a glass coffee table while he laid underneath it and jerked off."

by Jacey Dugardreply 10711/20/2011

Surprisingly, despite the media hounding her for her opinion on the scandal, Jo Anne Worley has stayed silent.

by Jacey Dugardreply 10811/21/2011

OP = catnip to misogynists.

by Jacey Dugardreply 10911/21/2011

Marlo's right. Had a woman been around, Jerry Sandusky would've left work exhausted from performing nit-noid tasks and trying not to get involved in petty squabbles. Basically, he'd be too tired to spell is own name, let alone rape a 10 year old boy.

Obviously, Danny Thomas scooped up some of the prostitute shit from his coffee table and made a nice little brain for his little daughter. She willfully ignores the fact that countless women have sat by while their husbands have raped/molested children. As a matter of fact, I was shocked to discover that MOST women hesitate to confront partners who are accused of sexually abusing children (my sister's still legally married to her child molesting husband, but fortunately he's in jail!). Some of the most prominent cases involving the rape of children--from the Elizabeth Smart / Jaycee Dugard kidnappers, to Warren Jeffs / Roman Polanski--have involved women who failed to go to the police (husbands in the cases of Smart, Dugard, and Jeffs...Angelica Huston, a friend, in the case of Roman Polanski).

Marlo ought to be careful saying what she'd do in a hypothetical situation. If she wants to play pretend, maybe she should think of what she'd do if she were able to act.

by Jacey Dugardreply 11011/21/2011

My guess on R104s Double Jeopardy question - Nia Vardolos

by Jacey Dugardreply 11111/21/2011

Kind of weird how men don't want to admit that they are more violent than women when there's more than enough evidence to prove it. I guess that's what the people in power get to do: deny the obvious and get angry and violent when people aren't buying their shit anymore.

by Jacey Dugardreply 11211/21/2011

Nice guess, R111 -- but I was a young man then and all her friends I've named are, let's be kind and say, "elderstars". So you'd have to go back quite a bit (but still very much alive and kicking... just saw her in a cool recent well-known indie film on Criterion Collection just the other day).

by Jacey Dugardreply 11311/21/2011

[quote]I guess that's what the people in power get to do: deny the obvious and get angry and violent when people aren't buying their shit anymore.

Pretty much sums up the Republican platform

by Jacey Dugardreply 11411/21/2011

^ Valerie Solanis has now weighed in, as well.

by Jacey Dugardreply 11511/21/2011

At R112, I mean.

by Jacey Dugardreply 11611/21/2011

No, but someone would have sucker punched Marlo at Penn State, I betcha.

by Jacey Dugardreply 11711/21/2011

The sad truth that no one will say is that it probably never would've happened if Sandusky's wife gave him all the sex he wanted. She probably rarely gave it up, no bj's, no anal, so he looked elsewhere.

by Jacey Dugardreply 11811/21/2011

Of course it can't be said for sure that it never would have happened, but I do think it would have been less likely to be covered up if there were a woman in the chain of command.

by Jacey Dugardreply 11911/21/2011

Mothers of the world must unite to protect the children.


by Jacey Dugardreply 12011/21/2011

R109 = Cuntnip to Women Indifferent to Male Victims of Assault Who Have to Make It All About Them Regardless Because The Hole Can Never Be Filled

by Jacey Dugardreply 12111/21/2011

[quote]The sad truth that no one will say is that it probably never would've happened if Sandusky's wife gave him all the sex he wanted. She probably rarely gave it up, no bj's, no anal, so he looked elsewhere.

The biographical info that is emerging from various articles published since the scandal suggests that Sandusky has never been interested in women. He was an only child who was idolized by his parents. He did not have girlfriends as a youth. One of Sandusky's former friends from his hometown in PA said that as a teenager Jerry was very shy and "stayed away from girls". Apparently Sandusky had to be pushed into dating the woman whom he did eventually marry. And in his memoirs only three females earn any mention at all: Sandusky's mother, his wife, and his adopted daughter.

by Jacey Dugardreply 12211/21/2011

r118 a sexually unadventurous partner does not lead a healthy guy, gay or straight, to rape 10 year olds. He was a pedophile. The wife was just a cover he was maintaining. If one of them was suffering from disappointment in a partner's sexual disinterest it would no doubt be Sandusky's wife not Sandusky.

by Jacey Dugardreply 12311/21/2011

WTF is up with all of these ignorant people on this site who think that a bisexual or gay man is somehow the same thing as a ped0?

If you really feel that way, go lick Anita Bryant's pussy, join the Westboro Baptist church, or better yet actually learn more about human sexuality.

by Jacey Dugardreply 12411/21/2011

This is DL, so I'm not surprised someone is trying to blame it on the wife, I'm only surprised it took this long.

It's unfortunate that it should even have to be explained that a frigid wife does not cause a man to feel the need to rape little boys (or girls, for that matter), and that the only person who caused Sandusky's actions is Sandusky himself.

by Jacey Dugardreply 12511/23/2011

Ok, not many have heard about the Syracuse case (Bernie Fine), but not only did the guy molest the kid, his wife knew about it and later bedded him herself.

by Jacey Dugardreply 12611/27/2011

R126, I thought of this thread as soon as I heard about that....she apparently witnessed some of the abuse occur and then she acknowledged it happened...only to turn a blind eye. What would Marlo say?

by Jacey Dugardreply 12711/27/2011

Bill Mahr said the same thing on his show recently.

by Jacey Dugardreply 12811/27/2011

Yeah, he was saying something similar on "The View" which sounded like utter disingenuous pandering to a female audience; even he didn't really look like he believed it.

Instant karma got him, though, no sooner did he get a little applause than dumbshit Hasselbeck said in her Minnie Mouse voice, "Funny you credit women since...". And then yelled at him for saying she should be traded into slavery a bit ago. (And, purists, I paraphrase so save the bitchbites).

by Jacey Dugardreply 12911/27/2011

What the hell would miss New York Ivory Tower LAP (Lebanese American Princess) dancer know about some place as "pedestrian" as Penn State? Regular kids go there. Sons and daughters of factory workers, retail workers, the middle class in general. People Marlo would not give the time of day to if she were off her meds.

Marlo, should we remind you of the hundreds of reported cases of Junior Cougar action around the country? What she means is they would have had more willing victims and the scandal would have been better concealed. Until someone gets preggers.

by Jacey Dugardreply 13010/15/2012

shut the fuck up and go back to defending abortion clinics. It may be your body, but that's MY child. Women commit the vast majority of child abuse and child murder in the country. Who doesn't remember Susan Smith falsely accusing every BLACK man in the south of taking her kids. The Minister's Wife who shot him in the back with a shotgun because he was a freak. Call a lawyer, don't murder your children's father. She did three months in jail and is seeking custody of the kids from their father's parents!

Marlo, your gender does not make you any better than mine does. A little PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY please.

by Jacey Dugardreply 13110/15/2012

" Women commit the vast majority of child abuse and child murder in the country"

You apparently don't consider sexual abuse of children (which is almost exclusively committed by men, "child abuse".

Is there any other statistic you would like to pull out of your ass? Typical man, making shit up.

by Jacey Dugardreply 13210/15/2012

Any male exclusive environment - Catholic baloney, Sports, Boy Scouts anyone? - are going to be high risk for this behavior. Marlo is spot on.

by Jacey Dugardreply 13310/15/2012

A woman was "around" Dottie Sandusky was married to this predator for decades and was not only around but defends him to this day.

This woman also came around to calling her son a mentally ill liar when the son said Sandusky had attempted or actually abused him.

So there was a woman around for a fair portion of the abuse Sandusky inflicted on children and she not only looked the other way, she defended him and continues to defend him even at the expense of her relationship with her son.

by Jacey Dugardreply 13410/15/2012

Bill Maher says it all the time.

I disagree with both of them. However, no one's calling Maher a bitch.

by Jacey Dugardreply 13510/15/2012

[[81]] Ann B. Davis is pretty private. How did you find out she was calling for the death penalty? Just curious. I'm a big fan, so please tell more!

by Jacey Dugardreply 13603/26/2013

Well, what she claims may be true, but in reality these kind of business and social networks are quite paranoid and anyone who might be a potential threat to them is either kept at arm's lenght (= remaining an outsider) or is under surveillance 24/7.

Everybody who joins these kind of cult-like organisations or networks has to provide some real damning secret (and handing over proof) for company or other business like organisations or commit a criminal act in their presence in order to join (rape or kill someone) for cults in an initiation ceremony. The reason? If you attempt to betray them they will reveal your dirty secret and a) you will lose everything and b) nobody will believe you when you spill the truth about them (and when you get killed it will look like you are a total nutcase with suicidal tendencies).

by Jacey Dugardreply 13703/26/2013

Does anyone know how I can make a direct reply to a certain post? I'm not a member of the site, because something is wrong with the "join" form. So, how can I do it?

by Jacey Dugardreply 13803/26/2013

put the reply number in your r138...and then say what you want....

by Jacey Dugardreply 13903/26/2013

The article is such bullshit. It so wasn't about the gender of the victim(s). What mattered was that Sandusky was too powerful to bring him down. The guy who caught him in the act would have been the one getting fired for some made up reason and not Sandusky if he had caused a real stink about this and made a move to destroy a 'good thing going' for a lot of people.

by Jacey Dugardreply 14003/26/2013
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