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This sucks!

by Julesreply 5306/26/2013

I thought this went off two years ago.

by Julesreply 111/18/2011

It's coming back in March, but it's order was reduced from 22 episodes to 15:

by Julesreply 211/18/2011

There might actually be a god after all.

by Julesreply 311/18/2011

I had watched it a couple of times...I thought it was pathetic. I wanted to like it but it was really terrible.

by Julesreply 411/18/2011

Was Demi in this? I may need to up my alimony request...

by Julesreply 511/18/2011

You're the one on the hook for alimony, Ashton, with your big sitcom paycheck.

by Julesreply 611/18/2011

PS Love Cougar Town, but it's polarizing, like New Girl (Which I hate).

by Julesreply 711/18/2011

I like Cougar Town a lot and am bummed by the long wait for new shows. It's always possible that the scheduled start will change if one of the ABC's other new shows goes down in flames.

I think it would make a good tandem with Happy Endings since they share a similar sense of humor.

by Julesreply 811/18/2011

I agree with r7. Love "Cougar Town," hate "The New Girl." I'm glad it's coming back but pairing it with Tim Allen's show is going to be the final nail in the coffin. They should pair "The Middle" (which I also happen to like) with Tim Allen's show and pair "Cougar Town" with "Suburgatory."

by Julesreply 911/18/2011

Hopefully Josh Hopkins gets another job soon. For instance, I currently have an opening (snicker) for a man-whore.

by Julesreply 1011/18/2011

OMG! What will Abed do?

by Julesreply 1111/18/2011

Cougar Town will air after Community on the Aspergers Network.

by Julesreply 1211/18/2011

R9, I watched one episode of the Middle on a flight recently, and now I understand all the Patricia Heaton loathing.

by Julesreply 1311/18/2011

The Middle (which I kind of enjoy) is not the reason for the Heaton hate. She's a right winger.

by Julesreply 1411/18/2011

CT isn't cancelled. ABC owns it, and it still needs at least 1 more season for syndication. I will be back for a 4th season.

I found it really interesting that ABC did not slot Apt 23, which is their most buzzed new comedy.

by Julesreply 1511/18/2011

Has anyone seen Scream 4? What did Courtney Cox do to her face? Sad.

by Julesreply 1611/18/2011

I liked CT but thought the relationship between Courtney Cox and the tiny eyes guy happened way too fast. I'm also in the very very small minority of people sort of liking The New Girl.

by Julesreply 1711/18/2011

Is Community in trouble?

by Julesreply 1811/18/2011

It is about time.

by Julesreply 1911/19/2011

I like New Girl. Weirdo Jess and her twisted/cruel friend Cece crack me up.

by Julesreply 2011/19/2011

I watch this just to see Busy Phillips, and for the chance to see Josh Hopkins pecs.

by Julesreply 2111/19/2011

It's not cancelled, OP, just being retooled. Courtney Cox is getting married off, and then the rest of the girls will move to a hotel full of wacky employees.

They're going to call it "Cougar Sanctuary".

by Julesreply 2211/19/2011

Unlikable actors. Unlikable characters. It will not be missed

by Julesreply 2311/19/2011

I agree r23 I think it's utter shit that thinks it's oh so funny and clever. I caught the Penny Can episode - just so sad.

by Julesreply 2411/19/2011

The only episode I ever watched guest starred the fab Bevs D'Angelo.

Perhaps if they had made her the star (or even a regular) then I would have continued to tune in.

by Julesreply 2511/19/2011

This sucks. Cougar Town is hilarious. ABC should cancel that awful show that follows Tim Allen's awful show on Tuesday and then move Allen's show to follow Modern Family. Cougar Town and Happy Endings could then air back to back on Tuesday opposite that awful Glee show which no one watches or likes any more. Cougar Town and Happy Endings worked so well together last season when ABC aired two episodes of Happy Endings after Cougar Town on Wednesday nights.

by Julesreply 2611/19/2011

Will it be funny when it returns? My boyfriend and I tried watching a couple of episodes and wound up slack jawed by how awful it is. Just unbelievably awful. I don't understand at all how it's lasted as long as it has unless it's a favor to Cox for having made so many other people rich with Friends.

by Julesreply 2711/19/2011

They still aren't announcing when the new episodes will start, but they are announcing a cut back in the number of episodes....for now.

by Julesreply 2811/19/2011

Cougars are really having a bad year...first Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins then Demi and Ashton now this.

by Julesreply 2911/19/2011

Busy Phillips talks about her disappointment over the reduction in episodes/storylines for this season. But she also sheds some light on upcoming events.

by Julesreply 3012/15/2011

FUCK!!! This was a fun show! WTF?!?

by Julesreply 3112/20/2011

by most accounts, the show was actually pretty funny, though I never really watched it. I don't think it was helped much by the title "Cougar Town" though. Doesn't exactly draw in the viewers.

by Julesreply 3212/20/2011

R32, they had a little fun with the debate over changing the name of the show last season. During the opening credits they would always add something in parenthesis after the title acknowledging the discussion. For example, they would have something like "Cougar Town (we're sticking with the name because we can't agree on anything better)."

And just for clarification to others, the show isn't cancelled. They just cut back the number of episodes they want for this year, and haven't yet announced when the third season will start. I'm sure as soon as ABC pulls the cross-dresser show that hasn't started yet (is it called Work It?) after one or two episodes, Cougar Town will be the replacement.

by Julesreply 3312/20/2011

Not cancelled...yet. Coming back Feb. 14th in place of the hit cross-dressing show Work it.

by Julesreply 3401/18/2012

bump for updated news...

I don't know if this has been addressed in another thread. It's true, ABC has given up on Cougar Town.

But TBS has picked it up and will run a full season next year! Good news for fans of the cul-de-sac crew.

What does it mean though for Dan Byrd and Josh Hopkins who both had accepted roles on pilots for new fall shows?

by Julesreply 3505/11/2012

TBS? Only black shows succeed on that channel.

by Julesreply 3605/11/2012

I don't watch any of the original sitcoms that TBS runs currently, but hopefully they will come up with something that could pair well with Cougar Town to make a nice comedy hour. That would have to be a non-Tyler Perry show.

by Julesreply 3705/11/2012

News about who is taking over as exec. producer. For those that enjoy the show the way it is (unfortunately there are too few of us), I'm not sure this change bodes well for the future.

by Julesreply 3805/25/2012

Byrd and Hopkins are tied to Cougar Town. Since it was picked up, they would have to have been replaced in the pilots they made had those shows gone to series.

Bill Lawrence will still have input,so I don't think this will be a makeover like Community and Smash are getting. I liked those shows as they were. I'm more optimistic Cougar Town will maintain itself.

by Julesreply 3905/25/2012

Actually TBS will likely do two seasons of 15, so Cougar Town will get to 100 episodes (or near it) and be good for syndication.

The new guy is just taking over as showrunner….as long as the same writers are in I think all is OK.

by Julesreply 4005/25/2012

Courtney Cox just could not stop hitting the botox.

She did a Today show interview a few years ago, and her face was half paralyzed.

She said later that she regretted doing it, but the last season promo pics even showed she's jacking up her face - repeatedly.

She would have aged well, but has probably permanentaly fucked her face up with her joker perma-smirk

by Julesreply 4105/25/2012

I think the shows sucks! It's one of the worst written shows I've ever seen in my life. Courteney Cox looks like some duck lipped clown with all that horrid plastic surgery on her face. She can't even make an expression. Look from season 1, which I was shocked but not as much as I've seen her in pictures and talk shows lately. She has literally frozen her face. Maybe that's why Jennifer quit hanging with her because she doesn't like talking to a stone faced weirdo.. Yuck!!! My God she'll be looking like Joan Rivers before you know it. The stupid Cul De Sac crew.. How stupid can you get.. her shows always tank... God her face sure has. STOP now!!! Future Joan Rivers.. Gross .. is the new look paralysis..

by Julesreply 4209/05/2012

Jan. 8th will be the premier on TBS.

This promo is cute - nice shirtless shot of the guys. Dan Byrd has shed weight.

by Julesreply 4309/12/2012

Howard Stern listeners will know that Christa Miller and her show runner husband (Bill Lawrence) are super fans.

Ronnie the Limo Driver got a part on an episode in the upcoming season of Cougar town. Eric the Midget/Actor might also end up in an episode, but Ronnie is a sure thing. They had a contest between those two guys on Howard's show to see who would be a guest 'star.'

by Julesreply 4411/05/2012

The problem with Cougar Town is that none of the women sound like women and all of the characters sound like Bill Lawrence, the creator.

Also, they need to cool it with the "our title sucks" jokes. It's really really played out. It's like when a friend is insecure about gaining a few pounds and is constantly making fat jokes at their expense so that we know that they know there's a problem. It's not cute, it's annoying and desperate. Either shit or get off the pot.

Did they ever end up saying who came up with the title in the first place?

by Julesreply 4511/05/2012

New episodes start on TBS next Tuesday, Jan. 8th. I just reprogrammed the DVR today because of the network change.

by Julesreply 4601/03/2013

Can they curse on TBS like they do on FX shows? Not that Cougar Town will start dropping 'shit' because they really don't talk like that on the show, but I'm just wondering if it would be possible like on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

by Julesreply 4701/06/2013

Last week on the Stern show they said that Ronnie the Limo Driver will be on the season finale episode. Apparently he'll play a transvestite.

by Julesreply 4801/07/2013

Seems like TBS should be happy with the debut ratings. CougarTown pulled about the same numbers as they did on ABC - but that number of viewers looks better on a cable network.

by Julesreply 4901/09/2013

We know the characters drink a lot of wine, too. That's gotten old, too. We get it.

by Julesreply 5001/09/2013

Please tell me Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley are safe!?!?!?

by Julesreply 5101/09/2013

TBS is happy with the Cul-de-sac Crew. They are renewed for another season.

by Julesreply 5203/25/2013

I remember Courtney Cox specifically telling Howard Stern that she was not dating the dude that plays her ex-husband on the show. Apparently she might not have been forthright.

by Julesreply 5306/26/2013
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