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Joy Behar will have one less platform to spout off those saucy and snarky comments: The comedienne will reportedly leave HLN by year’s end.

Behar, whose contract is up this year on the cable news network, will continue her gig at ABC’s The View. A spokeswoman for HLN declined to comment.

The 68-year-old comedienne has hosted the eponymous primetime talk show on CNN’s sister cabler since 2009.

by Piers Morganreply 8602/23/2013

That's too bad. I like Joy on her nighttime show a lot.

And OP's link didn't say she was canceled. It said she will leave at the year's end when her contract is up.

by Piers Morganreply 111/16/2011

So what? Who cares?

by Piers Morganreply 211/16/2011

I'm sure both viewers will miss her terribly.

by Piers Morganreply 311/16/2011

I didn't know she's a comedienne. Doesn't that mean she's supposed to be funny?

by Piers Morganreply 411/16/2011

I enjoyed her show very much. She's a much better interviewer than Piers Morgan or ACooper.

by Piers Morganreply 511/16/2011

And yet Dr. Drew lingers on and on with hs pop psychology.

by Piers Morganreply 611/16/2011

That stinks! I am watching her right now, I like to wind down and watch her before bed. I liked that she had on some old celebrities like Larry King used to and also had the hot topics of the day without pandering.

by Piers Morganreply 711/16/2011

R5. Right on! I agree. What the hell is wrong with TV audiences these days?! Joy is a natural on camera and has a great interviewing style. It's too bad.

by Piers Morganreply 811/16/2011

I'll take her over Piers Morgan any day. She should have gotten Larry King's job instead of that jackass from England.

by Piers Morganreply 911/16/2011

is it true

by Piers Morganreply 1011/16/2011

She is pushing 70, maybe she doesn't want to work that hard.

by Piers Morganreply 1111/16/2011

I like her but she's awkward - not as bad as Larry King got - but she stumbles a lot when asking questions and responding appropriately, imo. It's a tough job and requires lightning quick judgments and wit, and I don't think she's great at it.

She's charismatic, charming, fun - but just too slow on the uptake. It's kind of amazing that David Letterman, at a similar age, is as quick as he is. But he was probably more gifted from the beginning - it's a strange skill. Probably an unusual one. Of all the host type people, I think Craig Ferguson is the best at it - staying in the moment and reacting constantly to what his guests say, how well his monologues are going, he can change tacks in a hurry, etc.

I know the venue is somewhat different but his skill at quick reactions is what her major weakness is, imo.

by Piers Morganreply 1211/17/2011

Joy's show was over run by the more trashier aspects of HLN. That whole evening-time lineup is pure trash until her show.

by Piers Morganreply 1311/17/2011

Wonder who they will get to replace her?

No doubt it will be another investigation type show.

by Piers Morganreply 1411/17/2011

The is GREAT news!

by Piers Morganreply 1511/17/2011

Thank God

by Piers Morganreply 1611/17/2011

R12, I disagree. I think Joy was excellent at all aspects of her HLN show, very quick on the uptake, fabulous at interviewing, and very funny and witty.

And intelligent along with being an intelligent interviewer!

by Piers Morganreply 1711/17/2011

[quote] And intelligent along with being an intelligent interviewer!


by Piers Morganreply 1811/17/2011


by Piers Morganreply 1911/17/2011

This is an OUTRAGE!!!

by Piers Morganreply 2011/17/2011


by Piers Morganreply 2111/17/2011

I get the impression from news reports that she left, or does it make a difference?

by Piers Morganreply 2211/17/2011

She's now free to take another job.

I hope you're listening at CNN.

by Piers Morganreply 2311/17/2011

She was awful. Good riddance. She deserves that embarrassing chat shit she cackles on in the daytime.

by Piers Morganreply 2411/17/2011

I'm with R24.

Her show and everything about her sucks, and she's NOT funny.

by Piers Morganreply 2511/17/2011

I'm bummed out as I really like her and her HLN show. Maybe it's too exhausting for her to do both shows. I hope she gives an explanation on tonight's show.

by Piers Morganreply 2611/17/2011

Joy Behar's show is a HIT - it's the 2nd highest rated show on HLN:

Behar has been doing her show on HLN since 2009, and it's the second highest rated show on the network, second only to "Nancy Grace."

Joy Behar to leave HLN at the end of the year Nov. 17, 2011, 1:32 PM EST by J. Busch

We love "The View" co-host Joy Behar. We love her outspokenness. We love her erudite and funny observations. We love her ability to make fun of herself. (She adores Fred Armisen's imitation of her on "Saturday Night Live.") And we love "The Joy Behar Show" on CNN sister network, HLN.

Sadly, according to Deadline, she'll be leaving her hit show at the end of the year!

Behar has been doing her show on HLN since 2009, and it's the second highest rated show on the network, second only to "Nancy Grace." Behar's contract is up this year.

Behar is pulling double duty, with her daytime gig at "The View," where she is under a long-term contract, and a night show over at HLN. (Nancy Grace did something similar, though she left her syndicated show "Swift Justice" this past summer to focus on her HLN show and participate in "Dancing With the Stars.")

Behar is apparently exploring new opportunities, possibly with HLN's parent company Turner Broadcasting. So, when is she going to try "DWTS?" We'd love to see it!

by Piers Morganreply 2711/17/2011

Please, r27, sometimes her viewers are under 400,000.

by Piers Morganreply 2811/17/2011

On Tuesday night, she pulled in a whopping 391,000 viewers.

by Piers Morganreply 2911/17/2011

R28, Joy Behar's HLN show is the 2nd highest rated show on HLN, right after Nancy Grace's show which is the highest.

by Piers Morganreply 3011/17/2011

Joy Behar is a breath of fresh air among the tabloid bullshit on HLN. Sorry to see her go. She's one of the best interviewers on the air today. She's also witty and smart, but I guess those qualities aren't valued with today's audiences.

by Piers Morganreply 3111/17/2011

I like Joy, but she has become sort of predictably redundant. .. She's not really funny anymore. Though I must admit, she is still amusing. I wish her well.

by Piers Morganreply 3211/17/2011

Predictable, r24.

R24 is the woman hater from the subway thread.

by Piers Morganreply 3311/17/2011

Monday night... 326,000

Hell, even Erin Burnett kicks her ass!

by Piers Morganreply 3411/17/2011

What every happened to swift justice? Was it swiftly canceled?

by Piers Morganreply 3511/17/2011

Not only is she funny and witty, she is a leftist Democrat, and often brings her progressive points of views into interviews which is very refreshing.

This week she interviewed lesbian country singer Chely Wright for the second time, and it was a great interview where Joy was very supportive.

Joy Behar sounds off almost every night with her progressive liberal points of view.

by Piers Morganreply 3611/17/2011

She wasn't doing any worse ratings wise than some of those other cable shows. She probably got into something with some higher ups. HLN will probably replace her with some loudmouthed right winger.

by Piers Morganreply 3711/17/2011

R28, 29, 34, why are you ignoring that Joy Behar's HLN show is the 2nd highest rated show on HLN.

You seem unable to accept this fact.

by Piers Morganreply 3811/17/2011

I'm not surprised.

by Piers Morganreply 3911/17/2011

That bitch so fuckingly deserve to get cancelled! She's a trainwreck with no control of her mouth.

by Piers Morganreply 4011/17/2011

Uh, that's not saying much, r30.

Nancy Grace 711,00 Behar 397 Dr Drew 367

2 out of the 3 primetime shows get downright hideous ratings.

by Piers Morganreply 4111/17/2011

Maybe 10 people watched Behar's show.

by Piers Morganreply 4211/17/2011

She's a very outspoken supporter of civil rights for gays and lesbians so of course Datalounge hates her and wants her silenced.

by Piers Morganreply 4311/17/2011

The problem with the show is that it's sandwiched in between a bunch of true crime type programs. It just doesn't fit in with the way in which HLN has been revamped in the past few years. So, the ratings reflect that. Also, HLN's demographics are shifting right. It's a shame, because Joy is a lovely person.

by Piers Morganreply 4411/17/2011

Headline from the HuffPost:

"Joy Behar's HLN Show Ending"

So maybe she really is leaving on her own accord, which is a shame. I like Joy's show very much. She's refreshing and different than any other host. I wish she didn't feel the need to move on.

by Piers Morganreply 4511/17/2011


by Piers Morganreply 4611/17/2011

[quote] she is a leftist Democrat, and often brings her progressive points of views into interviews which is very refreshing.

Refreshing cause NOBODY else does that.

by Piers Morganreply 4711/17/2011

i liked how she'd have on people who hated elisabitch. and i liked when she'd be able to laugh with ann coulter.

by Piers Morganreply 4811/18/2011

She's a terrible interviewer. Half the time she didn't know the most basic information on her guests. One time she had Sarah Silverman on and asked her "So is your sister, the one who's the rabbi, on your show?" That could be answered by a 10 second Google search. In that same interview, Sarah Silverman said "Remember that show The Comeback?", to which Joy answered "No" very dismissively. Sarah then said "The Lisa Kudrow show?" And Joy suddenly went "Oh, yes, of course! Amazing show!" What a moron.

by Piers Morganreply 4911/18/2011

I'm gonna miss her.

by Piers Morganreply 5011/18/2011

GOOD!!! One less loud mouth bitch on TV! She doesn't even know what what the fuck she's talking about half the time.

by Piers Morganreply 5111/18/2011

They'll probably give her spot to Dr. Drew. He needs another hour on tv.

by Piers Morganreply 5211/18/2011

Maybe the'll run Anderson Cooper's talk show in its place.

by Piers Morganreply 5311/18/2011

She's a little awkward and stilted, but I like her anyway.

And no, she's not hilariously funny, but the show is generally amusing.

I don't watch every night, but I never watch Piers Morgan or any other CNN or HLN shows.

So I'm sorry she's leaving. I hope they really are exploring other other possibilities, because she's likable and positive and I get a few happy/smiley endorphins from watching her.

by Piers Morganreply 5411/18/2011

I'd love Roseanne Barr but she's always putting her foot in her mouth. Rosie O'Donnell? Ellen DeGeneres? I'd take any of the 3.

Oh shit. I just read that Ricki Lake got offered a talk show. I hope HLN hasn't hired her to replace Joy Behar. Blech.

by Piers Morganreply 5511/18/2011

And Ricki's show was going to concentrate on issues women "love" -- like fucking diet and relationship child/rearing advice. Hopefully it'll be on OWN or Lifetime instead of Joy's spot.

by Piers Morganreply 5611/18/2011

THE SHOW WAS TOO FLUFFY. Too much fucking celebrity shit. Sadly, she could have assembled panels and guests full of smart & thinking raconteurs. Elderly guests, scientists, economists, etc. It should have been a straight news show; Joy would have nailed it. I've heard her on the radio and when she plays it straight, it is always good. Maybe she will have the opportunity to do specials in the future, without a thought of getting ratings or being exploitative or silly.

by Piers Morganreply 5711/18/2011

So relieved. Can't stand her. She's not funny and she doesn't know how to interview people.

by Piers Morganreply 5811/18/2011

I used to watch HLN a lot.

Now it seems they get obsessed with one thing, and talk ENDLESSLY about it.

Casey Anthony, Michael Jackson, Baby Lisa, Penn State molestation scandal, God knows what's fucking next.

And Robin Meade lost weight, and looks strange, now.

by Piers Morganreply 5911/18/2011

How many viewers does Piers Morgan have?

by Piers Morganreply 6011/18/2011

Joy is interviewing Diane Keaton tonight for the entire hour

by Piers Morganreply 6111/18/2011

[quote]How many viewers does Piers Morgan have?

He started off with about 2 million but his numbers have gone down steadily since his debut. He usually gets between 400,000-700,000 viewers on any given night.

by Piers Morganreply 6211/19/2011

Hosting that show, Joy comes across like someone who, like most of America, knows very little about the topic she's covering. Instead of reading research in advance to get her up to speed, she knows only what she read about it in one article or heard on TV.

She's likable, but I want a host who aspires to a level above ignorance.

by Piers Morganreply 6311/19/2011

I do wish her the best.

by Piers Morganreply 6411/19/2011

Seems like her cancellation came out of the blue. There weren't even any rumors going around about it before the announcement.

by Piers Morganreply 6511/19/2011

The news stories do not say that Joy Behar's show was cancelled.

The news stories say she decided to stop doing her HLN show.

by Piers Morganreply 6611/19/2011

If by supports GLBT people you mean that Joy Behar uses Trans people as jokes, claims that bisexuals somehow don't exist-see link, and like that other annoying woman Kathy Griffin only uses GLBT people and our causes to further her own career, only when it suits her to pretend to give a shit, and be a media whore then yes she's real "supportive" of GLBT people and our rights.

Who the fuck gave Joy Behar a job anyway? She's useless at this & knows fuck all about sex, GLBT people, politics, etc.

by Piers Morganreply 6711/19/2011

Joy has so many different guest hosts - maybe one of them will take over. Roseanne would be nice to see regularly again, and her macadamia nut farm show was cancelled.

by Piers Morganreply 6811/19/2011

I enjoyed Joy. I hope she gets another show.

R68, that's a shocker, I liked Roseanne's Nuts a lot.

by Piers Morganreply 6911/19/2011

Finally, this cunt is annoying, doesn't know shit about anything-including LGBT people, and is highly annoying-worse than Rosie!-and never knows when to STFU.

by Piers Morganreply 7011/19/2011

Good riddance cunt!

by Piers Morganreply 7111/19/2011

Glad someone cancelled this shrill, abrasive harpy!

No one gives a shit what her opinion is on anything except her.

by Piers Morganreply 7211/19/2011


by Piers Morganreply 7311/19/2011

Joy, indeed. HLN, I'm available.

by Piers Morganreply 7411/20/2011

How long will Joy Behar be on "The View" on ABC?

by Piers Morganreply 7511/20/2011

I wonder if "the View" pays significantly more than the HLN show.

You'd think that if you had 2 broadcasting jobs and wanted to cut back to one, you'd be more inclined to stick with the show that has your name on it rather than the show where you are just one of 5 hosts.

by Piers Morganreply 7611/20/2011

She had a very enjoyable interview for the whole hour with Diane Keaton. The best of the many interviews w/DK that were on television this week. That's the sort of thing she's good at. People seem relaxed with her and Behar asks questions others won't & pins them down til they answer.

by Piers Morganreply 7711/20/2011


by Piers Morganreply 7811/23/2011

She's very gay-friendly. Naturally, she would be maligned on a gay board.

by Piers Morganreply 7911/23/2011

why? What is the backstage buzz. ratings? Dr. Drew's are even lower and yet he is still on.

by Piers Morganreply 8011/23/2011

she is not funny.who cares about here opinion

by Piers Morganreply 8102/23/2013

Who cares about any of these people and there problems.Not me

by Piers Morganreply 8202/23/2013

[quote]She's very gay-friendly. Naturally, she would be maligned on a gay board.

I appreciate that she's gay-friendly, but she's incredibly annoying.

by Piers Morganreply 8302/23/2013

she is negotiating to come back to CNN according to yahoo trending topics

by Piers Morganreply 8402/23/2013

We get it, R81 and R82. You care about Joy Behar as much as you care about spelling your words correctly!

by Piers Morganreply 8502/23/2013

Fuck this bitch!

by Piers Morganreply 8602/23/2013
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