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What famous people have you slept with or almost slept with?

What famous men have you slept with?

by inthenavyreply 61106/17/2015

Some years ago a woman who worked for a record company claimed that she had an office hook up with a famous lesbian musician. The musician came to the office for some business and somehow the two had sex. I wish we were told the name.

by inthenavyreply 111/14/2011

Anyone who fails to identify their gender on this thread is a jerk.

The worst thing about this threads is when someone is all "I fucked George Constanza at a party" and don't clarify if they are male or female.

by inthenavyreply 211/14/2011

I think data lounge should tighten it up anyway.

by inthenavyreply 311/14/2011

He claimed he was famous but then I found out he just owned a used furniture store in Austin, TX.

by inthenavyreply 411/14/2011

Okay, R2. Your demands are simple and reasonable. Obviously you're the type who must be appeased and get your way.

I fucked George Costanza. I am a man. It was in 1990.


by inthenavyreply 511/14/2011

A friend of mine slept with Roy Cohn (I know...gross, right?) in the 70s. The friend is male, obviously.

by inthenavyreply 611/14/2011

No hook-ups but I was cruised at different times by Norm from the original "Real World" and Mike White from "Chuck & Buck" and "The Amazing Race." Norm was on the street outside The Abbey after closing as we were both trying to wrangle drunk friends. Mike White was in the magazine section at Barnes & Noble.

Also, I'm pretty sure Amy Linker from "Square Pegs" was flirting with me in Rhino Records in Westwood years ago. I'm way out of practice with getting attention from women but she made several attempts to engage me in conversation while I was browsing. I only recognized her as she'd recently been on one of those "Whatever Happened To" shows - right when "Sex and the City" was becoming huge and Sarah Jessica Parker was getting famous again.

by inthenavyreply 711/14/2011

Every man in LA has hooked up with Norm Korpi, R7.

by inthenavyreply 811/14/2011

I fucked Cheryl.

by inthenavyreply 911/14/2011

I wasn't bragging, r8.

by inthenavyreply 1011/14/2011

Barney Frank

by inthenavyreply 1111/15/2011

I was called by Nathan Lane and asked to come to his room at the Four Seasons to "make love.". I wanted to go but I was in bed with my partner and WE had just made love. So the timing was off and I said no. I wonder what it would've been like....

by inthenavyreply 1211/15/2011

I slept with a member of the chorus from the single 'Solitaire' by Laura Branigan.

I slept with the guy who wears the backless jersey in the 'What's Love Got To Do With It' video.

I got faggy vibes from Bill Shatner at an auto show signing. He complimented my hair and invited me backstage.

by inthenavyreply 1311/15/2011

I almost slept with all famous people, OP. It got THISCLOSE....

by inthenavyreply 1411/15/2011

Didn't Norm Korpi also date Charles "Drama Queen" Perez about twenty years back? I wonder who topped who?

by inthenavyreply 1511/15/2011

A brother of Babyface who was in a group called After Seven.

by inthenavyreply 1611/15/2011

who topped WHOM, r15. Jesus.

by inthenavyreply 1711/15/2011

Sebastian Stan from Captain America.

by inthenavyreply 1811/15/2011

dish r18--Seb Stan is a good actor as well as being a hunk of Romanian man meat

by inthenavyreply 1911/15/2011

cruised by that guy from that show Prison Break but didn't know who he was but he did look familiar.

by inthenavyreply 2011/15/2011

I was told that James Coco was one of the people that peed on me after I fell unconscious in a gay bar restroom.

by inthenavyreply 2111/15/2011

Long time ago ... was hit on by a guy from The Stylistics (Airrion Love) when they were touring Japan.

Maybe this can be the new "underwhelmed" thread.

by inthenavyreply 2211/15/2011

[R19] I'm sorry to report that overall it was a rather disappointing experience. he was incredibly sweaty, had bad breath and smelled terrible (combination of smoke and BO) which was a big turn off, I don't know if it was just bad personal hygiene or a result of the coke he'd been snorting all night. Average cock, nothing to write home about. He did give amazing head though.

by inthenavyreply 2311/15/2011

More please!

by inthenavyreply 2411/15/2011

Used to hook up with director Randall Kleiser (Blue Lagoon, Grease) semi regularly. We met online.

Got hit on HARD by Tim Curry at the old Mayfair in Hollywood. I was with my dad and he must have assumed he was my 'daddy' and not my dad.

Michael Feinstein made overt passes at me at a book signing at Hollywood Sheet Music. I found him kinda skeevy and was grossed out.

by inthenavyreply 2511/15/2011

Not slept with, but a slobberingly drunk Nathan Lane put his hands on my ass and tried to kiss me at the old Works bar on the UWS years ago.

Jealous, bitches? Oh yes, I think you are!

by inthenavyreply 2611/15/2011

Are you male or female, r16?

by inthenavyreply 2711/15/2011

Nathan Lane's name ALWAYS turns up in these kinds of threads.

by inthenavyreply 2811/15/2011

"Sebastian Stan from Captain America."

Are you male or female?

by inthenavyreply 2911/15/2011

What part of "gave amazing head" did you not understand, R29?

by inthenavyreply 3011/15/2011

Are you implying that you can't give a woman amazing head, R30?

by inthenavyreply 3111/15/2011

This thread, and that post, are obviously by a man, R30. On this board at least, "giving head" is generally used to describe a man being sucked off.

by inthenavyreply 3211/15/2011

Has anyone slept with a celeb who was cheating on their partner at the time?

by inthenavyreply 3311/15/2011

Peter Allen.

It was great. He was good and very kind. Set-up was easy going and romantic.

He was well hung, but mostly a bottom. Great legs. Great butt.

by inthenavyreply 3411/15/2011

Anyone here ever hook up with Paul Reubens?

by inthenavyreply 3511/15/2011

I've told this before on DL.

Back in the '70s a VERY drunk Myrna Loy tried to pick me up in a piano bar in Monterey. She kept talking about how she's worked with the best in Hollywood and she'd like to get me a screen test, blah blah blah.

by inthenavyreply 3611/15/2011

All this Sebastian Stan talk makes his scene in "Black Swan" (where the girls at first assume he and his bud are gay lovers) more interesting.

by inthenavyreply 3711/15/2011


by inthenavyreply 3811/15/2011

Some magazine reported that Sebastian Stan was seen partying with Chace Crawford and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Do you think Leo D. tapped those asses?

by inthenavyreply 3911/15/2011

Anything else?

by inthenavyreply 4011/15/2011

#39 I read about Chace and Leo celebrating Leo's birthday, but not mention of Sebastian. where your read him was there too?. And didn't I mention they said that models were with them? how convenient for their reputation..

#23 your post was gonna blow away a female friend of mine who said that all the gosspip of Sebastian liking men is my fabrication, because I find him hot and want him on my team.

by inthenavyreply 4111/15/2011

In the beard news of the day Chace Crawford was seeing making out with Lauren Conrad, who was dating Derek Hough (ok?) and broke up last week. That is the best Chace PR team can do? really??

by inthenavyreply 4211/15/2011

"R21: Why am I wet?"

Friend: "You are never going to guess who just pissed on you!! Come on guess!!"

by inthenavyreply 4311/15/2011

R33, this is mortifying, but Billy Bob Thornton hit on me while he was still with Angelina Jolie. I didn't fuck him. They announced their separation a month or so later.

by inthenavyreply 4411/15/2011

"I read about Chace and Leo celebrating Leo's birthday, but not mention of Sebastian. where your read him was there too?"

This wasn't at Leo's birthday. There was some random bit of gossip about Leo, Chace, and Sebastian just hanging out at some party or event (I'll have to see if I can dig it up).

by inthenavyreply 4511/15/2011

Well, not really a person but more a giant prehistoric radioactive dinosaur. We met at a coffee shop on Monster Island. Went out for dinner to a cute Polynesian restaurant. After a number of Singapore slings we ended up at his rented subterranean condo near the harbor. Despite his size he was a surprisingly gentle lover. Very attentive to my needs and respectful of my boundaries. I think our relationship would have blossomed into something really special if only the Japanese army hadn't interfered.

by inthenavyreply 4611/15/2011

R33, I hit on this really hot dude at the gym once, who completely ignored me. We were in the locker room, he was changing into his gym clothes, and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. His body was totally ripped, and I could tell he was packing some serious meat in his underwear (yes, I'm a size queen). I usually don't throw myself at guys like that, but he was so hot I had to give it my best shot. Sadly, he showed no interest in me whatsoever and rapidly went down to the gym floor to start working out. Not to be deterred, I decided to follow him in the hope of striking a conversation. 5 minutes later, I see him training with none other than Anderson Cooper! That's when I realized that the sexy stud was Anderson's French bf! No wonder the guy paid no attention to me...

by inthenavyreply 4711/16/2011

Is that all there is?

by inthenavyreply 4811/16/2011

Things sure have changed here. These kinds of threads used to get 100s of posts in the good old DL gossip days.

by inthenavyreply 4911/17/2011

Had - Tom Welling

Almost - Rider Strong

by inthenavyreply 5011/18/2011

I slept with the roadie accountant for the Rolling Stones. Lame, I know, but here in Madison, WI one takes what one can get.

The next morning he had a packaged delivered to the hotel room, which I assume were receipts he had to tally up.

by inthenavyreply 5111/18/2011

Did anyone got hit on by Stephen Coldert? or even slept with him? My friend claims he totally hit on her, I described it all on the gossip redux 2 Thread, for whoever is interested.

by inthenavyreply 5211/18/2011

Brian Boitano, Jim Jay Bullock, Dred Scott and Klaus Gearhart. Not at the same time and all years ago.

I'm a guy obviously.

by inthenavyreply 5311/18/2011

I'm famous and I fuck myself regularly.



by inthenavyreply 5411/18/2011

Andre The Giant. I'm a 3'4" busty lady with a septum ring!

by inthenavyreply 5511/18/2011

Yuck, what happened to Rider?

by inthenavyreply 5611/18/2011

You plan on elaborating there R50? The thread is fairly pointless without details, including of course what gender you are.

by inthenavyreply 5711/18/2011

r50, Tom Welling??? GASP! But he's married!!!!

by inthenavyreply 5811/18/2011

I did Dom Deluise at the Waldorf in the 70s. I aint proud of it. I was yung and he was famous.

by inthenavyreply 5911/18/2011

I'm sure r50 is Mrs. Welling.

by inthenavyreply 6011/18/2011

"I did Dom Deluise at the Waldorf in the 70s. I aint proud of it. I was yung and he was famous."

I'm assuming you're male...right?

by inthenavyreply 6111/18/2011

Male? I'm assuming he's blind!

by inthenavyreply 6211/18/2011

Hmmm ... once again, a thread about celebrity sex encounters that is a total letdown. Peter Allen? Nathan Lane? Dom Deluise?

Makes you think all the gossip about the real goodlooking guys that characterizes DL is just fanguy fantasies.

by inthenavyreply 6311/18/2011

C'mon somebody's bound to have done James Franco?

by inthenavyreply 6411/18/2011

Will Geer sucked me off in his dressing room during the run of 110 In The Shade, I fucked Rudolf Nureyev several times at the Continental Baths, the same with Doric Wilson, and Hans van Willigenburg, a TV star in the Netherlands, fucked me at an Amsterdam bathhouse.

by inthenavyreply 6511/18/2011

R47, sadly for you AC and Ben are totally monogamous and don't cheat because Ben is pretty hot.

by inthenavyreply 6611/18/2011

"Makes you think all the gossip about the real goodlooking guys that characterizes DL is just fanguy fantasies."

Yeah, you're right - no goodlooking male stars are gay! Not one! Despite the fact that lots of hunks from the past have been gay, like Rock Hudson, Richard Chamberlain, Tab Hunter, etc.

by inthenavyreply 6711/18/2011

A male friend of mine went on a date with Puff Daddy or whatever he was called at the time, I think it was before he hit it big.

A female friend of mine had sex with Lionel Ritchie. he wanted to cum in her hair, she got grossed out. Now, every time we hear that song "Hello" , we change the lyrics to "I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your hair..."

by inthenavyreply 6811/18/2011

[quote]I did Dom Deluise at the Waldorf in the 70s. I aint proud of it. I was yung and he was famous.


by inthenavyreply 6911/18/2011

So where are the guys who have slept with Cruise, Travolta, Selleck, Clooney, etc? The ones who have slept with Lautner and Efron are no doubt outside still living their lives, but the one-time hookups of the eldergays surely are sitting on top of their computers ready to spill and share with anybody?

by inthenavyreply 7011/18/2011

In past threads (yes, this topic has been discussed at least 27 times before), there have been people who've had sauna encounters with Travolta, and pre-Risky Business sex with Cruise.

They're probably just tired of having to type the same stories over and over.

At this point, they see the OP subject line and they skip the thread altogether.

So all of you clamoring for more, and/or denouncing the credibility of some stars' gayness --- you're just finding an old, tired thread topic novel, and the laughs are on you.

by inthenavyreply 7111/18/2011

I had great sex with John Glover - NY theater actor. I know it means nothing to you flyover idiots.

by inthenavyreply 7211/18/2011

R72, we "flyover idiots" do have television, so we see John Glover a lot. If you didn't know he does TV, who's the idiot?

by inthenavyreply 7311/18/2011

[quote]Almost - Rider Strong

What do you mean almost? More details please.

by inthenavyreply 7411/18/2011

R71 got any links to the older threads?

Anyone know anything about Chuck Norris? I read in another thread he likes black male prostitutes.

by inthenavyreply 7511/18/2011

r43 and r62 just made me laugh and laugh.

r65 made me remember the great Doric


by inthenavyreply 7611/18/2011

[quote]"I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your hair..."

That's hilarious. Now whenever I hear that song,I'll think of this.

PS: Where is the OP of the JANI LANE thread??! That was epic.

by inthenavyreply 7711/18/2011

What about the Tom Cruise stories?

by inthenavyreply 7811/18/2011

Posted this before, but for the newlings...

Robert Reed. Not particularly great experience, and yes, I did it because I was young and I just wanted to say I had sex with Mike Brady.

Heavy cruising: Daniel J. Travanti and Ed O'Neill. Didn't take either of them up on it.

And Barry Diller - gave me the come-hither thing in a nearly empty bar. I didn't come hither and he stomped out, obviously in search of a better bar and a better-looking guy.

by inthenavyreply 7911/18/2011


Any further details on John Glover? He's someone I've lusted after for years. Great actor, too.

Denis O'Hare?

John Benjamin Hickey?

by inthenavyreply 8011/19/2011

Wait... Shatner is gay?

by inthenavyreply 8111/19/2011

Not really famous, but Michael Cerveris. He may or may not have mainly gone along with it though because I was in a position of power over his career, not that I was being threatening, but I can see how he would think he could screw his way to a better outcome. Was a horrible fuck, doubt he's even bisexual. Almost felt bad for him afterward.

by inthenavyreply 8211/19/2011

sounds like a case of accidental rape there R82

by inthenavyreply 8311/19/2011

Didn't have sex with him and never even considered it, but I was cruised by Fred Phelps in an adult bookstore in Oakland, Ca. Had no idea who he was but thought he looked like a creepy old queen. Lo and behold, watching the local news that night, there was a feature on Phelps and his cult visiting San Francisco to protest gay pride. He was even wearing the same flourescent jogging suit on the news that he wore in the bookstore.

by inthenavyreply 8411/19/2011

[R83] Woops.

by inthenavyreply 8511/19/2011

Was that before or after he married, R82?

by inthenavyreply 8611/19/2011

[quote]John Benjamin Hickey?

I find him very sexy despite the unwashed character he plays on [italic]The Big C.[/italic] I seem to recall somebody here saying he's well known for his cocksucking skills.

by inthenavyreply 8711/19/2011

"Heavy cruising: Daniel J. Travanti and Ed O'Neill. Didn't take either of them up on it."

Details, please. Where did you meet them?

by inthenavyreply 8811/19/2011

Travanti - a party in Beverly Hills. He was wearing this flowy shirt that looked more like a blouse and had a man-purse on his shoulder. It was like some Palm Springs pool-queen outfit... but we were at a steakhouse in the evening. Bizarre.

O'Neill - a (straight) Irish bar in West L.A. I was waiting for a friend and O'Neill was staring holes through me and glancing at the door. As I was trying to decide what to do, my friend came in and sat beside me and O'Neill immediately got up and walked out... leaving me to tell a straight buddy that Al Bundy was trying to pick me up.

by inthenavyreply 8911/19/2011

this is mortifying, but Billy Bob Thornton hit on me while he was still with Angelina Jolie

wow you dogde a lot of std bullets.

by inthenavyreply 9011/19/2011

thread from Dec 2010

by inthenavyreply 9111/19/2011

R90, because of the stories about Billy Bob procuring girls for Angelina, I'm assuming you are a woman.

by inthenavyreply 9211/19/2011

Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner

by inthenavyreply 9311/19/2011

Burt Reynolds

by inthenavyreply 9411/20/2011

Who and when did Cervaris marry, R86?

by inthenavyreply 9511/20/2011

Don't just throw out a name. Give some details please.

by inthenavyreply 9611/20/2011

More stories?

by inthenavyreply 9711/21/2011

I skimmed through the old thread a couple of days ago, and I was very intrigued by the poster who claimed to have hooked up with Common. I developed a mini-crush on him after seeing him on [italic]Real Time with Bill Maher.[/italic]

by inthenavyreply 9811/21/2011

more please

by inthenavyreply 9912/01/2011

R36, Myrna Loy? Are you male or female?

Anyway-Lea Delaria, Bernadette Peters. I'm female.

by inthenavyreply 10012/01/2011


Tell us about Bernadette!

by inthenavyreply 10112/01/2011

I do know who John Glover is--I've seen him in "Love! Valour! Compassion!" and "Waiting for Godot" and you've got good taste.

by inthenavyreply 10212/01/2011


by inthenavyreply 10312/01/2011

David Sedaris and Sgt. Glenn Swann. But not at the same time.

by inthenavyreply 10412/01/2011

This is the most pitiful list of slept with/ almost slept with I've ever read. It's not who 'cruised' me or who I saw - it's who I had sex with/almost had sex with . C'mon guys.

by inthenavyreply 10512/01/2011

r25: Tim Curry comes across cruisy in person without even trying.

by inthenavyreply 10612/01/2011

Jaromir Jagr in an Annapolis hotel. Just showed cocks in men's room.

by inthenavyreply 10712/01/2011

R104 what did Sedaris want to do sexually with you? Is it true he's a bottom?

Is Sgt. Swann that guy who once did porn?

by inthenavyreply 10812/01/2011

I fucked with Rock Hudson in 1968. I was blond, a bit hunky and a senior in High school. I had hitchhiked to California from Utah on Christmas Eve to escape my family.

Rock Hudson was driving a four door Lincoln convertible. He picked me up. We chatted. He pulled off the freeway. We messed around in the back seat of his car. He took me home to chill out for a few days then bought me a plane ticket back to Utah.

by inthenavyreply 10912/01/2011

r59: Was it nice? Not [italic]thrilling,[/italic] but nice?

by inthenavyreply 11012/01/2011

[quote] Jaromir Jagr in an Annapolis hotel. Just showed cocks in men's room.

was he hard? Did he play with it? Describe his dick. he's hot.

by inthenavyreply 11112/01/2011

R109, seriously?

Because that's hot.

by inthenavyreply 11212/01/2011

We were both staying at the same hotel. I was at the bar with a bunch of co-workers. He was sitting with this older guy in a booth. I'm not a big hockey fan but the whole Washington Capitols team was staying there (hot to death) for pre-season training. We made eye-contact several times. He was wearing gym shorts, looked like no underwear and he touched his cock a few times while looking at me. I was standing at the bar with a drink trying to not be too obvious but I gave my crotch a touch or two. He went to the men's room and I followed. He showed his cock (big and uncut) and I showed mine. We both started to get hard but someone came in. We finished pissing and left. No other opportunity.

by inthenavyreply 11312/01/2011

[quote] because of the stories about Billy Bob procuring girls for Angelina, I'm assuming you are a woman.

Yes, R92, I am a woman. My original post was at R44, identifying me as a lesbian. I was 18 and a virgin. Although if I thought I could get at Jolie at the time, I probably would have given it a shot.

by inthenavyreply 11412/01/2011

I was a student at UT Austin and had a threesome with Montgomery Clift. He gave my friend a blowjob while I fucked him.

by inthenavyreply 11512/01/2011

R109, how old were you at the time, what type of sex did you have, and what did Rock's cock look like?

by inthenavyreply 11612/01/2011

R82, was that before or after he'd been on "Fame"?

by inthenavyreply 11712/01/2011

Here's a weird "almost"...

At a screening at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Theater, early 1990s. It was before the movie started, but a lot of people were in their seats.

In the row in front of me, several seats down, was this very sexy guy (in profile). For some reason, he glances around and sees me staring at him.

It's Robert Pastorelli. Not so sexy straight on, that's for sure, but with a hell of a lot of magnetism. He stares back and the message was clear: it was like a porn fantasy. I knew if I got up and went to the men's room before the screening started, he would follow me, but I had no idea what would happen after we did that (I was about 20).

But the freaky part was that the woman next to him leaned in and said something to him, and I realized it was either his girlfriend or he was on a date. He said something back and then turned his gaze back to me (I'm a guy with OK looks; his date was gorgeous). All I could think was "Fuck, this guy is on a date with a woman and he's trying to pick me up." After the movie we were in the aisle together, just feet apart, and he gave me the look again.

It later came out how fucked up he was emotionally. (It also later came out that everyone I dated until my mid-30s was an addict of some kind.)

by inthenavyreply 11812/01/2011

RE ; 118 Was that the same night he went home, and the girlfriend 'accidently' killed herself ? Or was it the night the police were about to arrest him for her murder, and he commited suicide ? Poor guy really was messed up, but now you've added a whole new gay twist to him.

by inthenavyreply 11912/01/2011

Robert Pastorelli has 2 daughters named Gianna. One with Charemon Jonovich - the woman that was found dead in his home, and one with Jalee Carder.


by inthenavyreply 12012/01/2011

r119 - I didn't even know about his crazy past until he died (wasn't there some question about whether it was suicide or an accidental overdose?). For all I know he wasn't even bisexual, but just got off on danger situations or humiliating his girl. It was incredibly fucked up to be cruising me with his date right there, particularly since I was average-looking by L.A. standards.

I had seen Murphy Brown, and I hadn't thought anything of Pastorelli at the time one way or another (I was about 20 and he had to be in his early 40s). But in person he had a definite dangerously sexy quality about him. He was wearing a black satin Western shirt with red satin roses and white piping, very druggy-sleazy.

Had the girlfriend not been with him, I probably would have gone into the bathroom to see what happened.

Didn't he date Glenn Close, of all people, right before he died?

by inthenavyreply 12112/01/2011

I've been watching the first season of "Murphy Brown" and Pastorelli and Bergen really had some great scenes together. Week after week, they really clicked. Some of the funniest moments in sitcom history.

by inthenavyreply 12212/02/2011

[quote]Makes you think all the gossip about the real goodlooking guys that characterizes DL is just fanguy fantasies.

Makes me think that DL is dying, thanks to the straight infestation (like you).

But I'm grateful for the gay guys and lesbians sharing their anecdotes, whether for the first or 100th time.

by inthenavyreply 12312/02/2011


by inthenavyreply 12412/13/2011

"I was a student at UT Austin and had a threesome with Montgomery Clift. He gave my friend a blowjob while I fucked him"

When was this? Did Monty give good head?

by inthenavyreply 12512/13/2011

Does Victor Hugo (Halston's ex, Warhol Factory regular, and sometime artist) count?

Anyway - huge uncut fat meat. Mostly a top, but a challenge to get hard because of his size and all the coke.

We did several threesomes. The parties were better than the sex. This was after everybody had died, so we're not talking at the height of his "popularity" or good looks. Still very sexy in a ravaged kind of way.

Oh - and to answer the blogger's question - he was Venezuelan

by inthenavyreply 12612/13/2011

Really r104, David Sedaris? Details please. He's pretty adamantly monogamous.

by inthenavyreply 12712/13/2011

Mark Frankel was the lead actor in a short-lived TV series on Fox called Kindred: The Embraced.

I was cruised by him at a hotel gym in 1994. At first it was just regular eye contact out on the gym floor. He is strikingly handsome, so he definitely got my attention. I was able to start up a conversation with him in the gym locker room, where we spent a chatty 20 minutes. He told me he was in town to shoot a pilot (Fortune Hunter). He was completely naked during most of the conversation, and his body was lean and muscular, though he did have skinny legs. He's very charming, but I wasn't out of the closet at the time and I was too young and dumb to close the deal. The gym was closing and the attendant came in to kick us out. I'll never forget the way his thick meaty fingers felt when we shook hands.

I saw him several times after that, and he was always polite, but not cruisy anymore, to me or anyone else. He had started to get attention from the press because the show was on the air, and I know his wife was in town during production.

He died in a motorcycle accident in 1996. I've always wondered if anyone else out there had a similar experience with him.

by inthenavyreply 12812/13/2011

Thanks r128. Care to comment on the size of body parts other than hands and legs?

by inthenavyreply 12912/14/2011

Sure, R129, you Cock Hound.

Since I didn't have sex with him, and his cock wasn't hard while we were talking, I can't say whether or not he had a huge dick. I can tell you that what I saw was more of a show-er than a grower, and it was beautiful. I expect European guys to be uncut, but his cock appeared cut to me, and easily 5 or more inches flaccid.

Every body part on him was photogenic, and I think he knew it. Inside the locker room, after he was completely naked, he started posing and admiring himself in front of the mirror. There were about four or five guys in the locker room at the time, and all of them were checking him out the same way I was.

Our conversation didn't really start until later, when we were the only two left in the locker room. Because I got a chance to see him up close, I was able to notice that his eyes didn't exactly match. It looked like one of his pupils was more dilated than the other.

As I said before, I would enjoy hearing from anyone else who met him.

by inthenavyreply 13012/14/2011

Keith Haring and Ricky Wilson of the B52s.

Same weekend!

Then they both died.

by inthenavyreply 13112/14/2011

bump for more please

by inthenavyreply 13212/20/2011

R128....I didn't recall the name, but googling Mark Frankel showed a man I was completely TV-infatuated with from when he was on that really awful show, Sisters. He was incredibly handsome and gave off such a strong sexual vibe in his work. I want to kick you for not sleeping with him!!

by inthenavyreply 13312/21/2011

R65, did Peepaw Walton give good head? Something tells me he was one randy old cuss.

by inthenavyreply 13412/21/2011

Go to the same college as Anthony Rapp's boyfriend, have been invited to threesome, I think I'm going to go for it just because I'm bored BUT posting on here because-- does anyone know if he has STDs? He seems like the sort of person who would. Especially because they're inviting college boys they've known for only a few weeks into their sheets.

by inthenavyreply 13512/21/2011

T0m Cruize used to hire porn star Jeff Palmer on a regular basis in the late 90's/early 2000's before Palmer became gross. This is a FACT.

by inthenavyreply 13612/21/2011

r136 its a fact because?

by inthenavyreply 13712/21/2011

R133, I have kicked myself ever since.

by inthenavyreply 13812/22/2011

It's a fact R137 because he wrote it in all caps.

by inthenavyreply 13912/22/2011

Who was the rock and roll guy, maybe a one hit wonder from the 1960s, who is gay? Someone on another thread said they blew him at some family wedding or something...said he was a really nice guy. Someone else posted recent pics of him and he is still a decent looking guy.

Sound familiar? It is bugging me.

by inthenavyreply 14012/25/2011

I finally figured it out. It was Lou Chrisite.

by inthenavyreply 14112/25/2011

Jack Fisk, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and Ocean City, MD (1985)

by inthenavyreply 14212/25/2011

I'm going to re-invoke the hatred of DL posters, but I was fucked hard bareback by Rodiney Santiago. However, it seems very long ago and I'm sort of ashamed of it now. At least he didn't ask me to pay. Rumors have it that he makes a living by receiving reimbursement for his male-to-male interactions now.

by inthenavyreply 14312/25/2011

Does Christmas Mouse count? (

by inthenavyreply 14412/25/2011

I looked up Lou Chrisite's site on google and it seems to stop at 2010 and he makes no mention of being gay in the bio section.

by inthenavyreply 14512/25/2011

Are any of the big pornstars from the 70's 80's still alive?

by inthenavyreply 14612/25/2011

Gawd, this is really scorched earth in here.

So OP, I guess the answer to your question is: NONE. As usual.

by inthenavyreply 14712/26/2011

R137 It's a fact because it's a fact. My sources are very reputable, including the escort/porn star himself. And since J.P. only topped back then, we can conclude that T.C. was (and likely still is) a big ol' bottom.

by inthenavyreply 14812/26/2011

This would be easier if you just asked a name and said No or Yes

by inthenavyreply 14912/26/2011

Billy Bob is flexible but don't take away his drug or sports.

by inthenavyreply 15012/26/2011

Last year a friend of mine (female) was at a bar in LA waiting for her friends to join her. Ryan Gosling was there as well and he hit on her. They flirted for awhile and he bought her a drink, but then she had to go because her friends arrived. I know she gave him her phone #, but I don't know if they ever hooked up.

by inthenavyreply 15112/26/2011

I had really great sex with Brad Pitt (nocturnal emission sex) in a dream once. In the realm of metaphysics, that should count for something. Why does nocturnal emission sex always feel so damn good, better than many cocksuckers?

by inthenavyreply 15212/26/2011

I met a wasted Ryan Seacrest in a gay bar here in Denver when he was in town for American Idol auditions a few years back. He does coke and he's really short. He went into the bathroom to do a line and I followed him in there and talked at him, he wasn't really that coherent, I got him into one of the stalls where he sat on the shitter and I pissed on him. I had drunk a lot of beer. His handlers were PISSED OFF more at him than at me. They hustled him out of the bar into a town car.

by inthenavyreply 15312/26/2011

Early 90's I got hit on by Leonardo D., had NO idea who he was at the time, and wasn't my type, my friend told me later that night he was on Growing Pains Also a few years ago got a strong vibe from Orlando Bloom at some indie band gig, but it was weird, seemed like he had handlers there, nothing came of it, (I was interested though!) and he was there with Kirsten Dunst, who seemed VERY out of it on something.....

by inthenavyreply 15412/26/2011

R 153

That. Never. Happened.

by inthenavyreply 15512/26/2011

[quote]I was a student at UT Austin and had a threesome with Montgomery Clift. He gave my friend a blowjob while I fucked him.

R115, Clift had colitis, would he have been able to have had anal sex without it being messy and painful?

by inthenavyreply 15612/26/2011

R156, I would say colitis would make anal sex impossible unless the guy was just totally numb from the drug cocktails he was famous for brewing for himself.

by inthenavyreply 15712/26/2011

R153, I like the way you think, but then, I love watersports especially in the raunchy setting of a public toilet. HOT! I would have put my dick in his mouth and told him to start drinking. His handlers would have LOVED that!

by inthenavyreply 15812/26/2011

Tommie Lee Jones was young and in a Broadway play. He was at drunk at the baths. We met in the corridor and eyes each other then went back to his room. He was hot before and while fucking me.

by inthenavyreply 15912/26/2011

r154 Are you Penis or Vaginal?

by inthenavyreply 16012/26/2011

Hooked up with Jake Shears of the scissor sisters before he was famous. Got hit on by John Cameron Mitchell but didn't act on it. Hot story about Rock Hudson Utah boy.

by inthenavyreply 16112/26/2011

oh my!

by inthenavyreply 16212/26/2011

r154 are you a guy or girl? And what was Leo's game like? what did he say? And what was the weird vibe from Orlando?

by inthenavyreply 16312/26/2011


by inthenavyreply 16412/26/2011

I was standing with my brother and Orlando bloom passed and I could have sworn he was cruising my bro. I could be wrong. My bro is straight so I never found out. I was jealous.

by inthenavyreply 16512/26/2011

I am a guy, Leo was wasted I think, so take that for what you will...the Orlando incident was cool, small talk at first, then was close and flirty, until some friends (or handlers, whatever) hustled him off, and giving me major attitude; later after the gig, outside, I saw him yelling out for some guy (don't rememeber the name) followed by the same dudes from before; weirdly enough Kristen D was trailing behind, looking lost (and ignored)- kinda sad...

by inthenavyreply 16612/26/2011

r154, so what exactly did Leo say> Wasted and all> Just curious? Also Kirsten Dunst, and Orlando made a movie years back called Elixabeth Town, so they were prolly hanging out. What was he saying to you asking> We need all details. Where was this , La?

by inthenavyreply 16712/26/2011

Orlando and Kirsten were hanging around together and going to gigs with a bunch of Orlando's friends from England in late 2006. The gossip media reported it as a possible romance but there was nothing really to indicate it was. There was also gossip that Kirsten was actually involved with one of his friends.

by inthenavyreply 16812/27/2011


by inthenavyreply 16912/28/2011

I slept with the deaf kid from the Amazing Race.

by inthenavyreply 17012/30/2011

R170 = MAAAAHHH!!!

by inthenavyreply 17112/30/2011


by inthenavyreply 17201/01/2012


by inthenavyreply 17301/14/2012

Dont let this dieee!

by inthenavyreply 17401/15/2012


by inthenavyreply 17501/22/2012

Oh I'm sure someone has done something during or after the holidays. *kicks dirt*

by inthenavyreply 17601/24/2012

Several years ago I got to hang with the Js from CW's Supernatural. Never made it "all the way down" (but damn close) and only hung with them twice when some drama started. Since I was not interested in being pulled into a mess, that was that. Good times though.

Please don't send their fangirls my way.

by inthenavyreply 17701/24/2012


Who exactly?

by inthenavyreply 17801/24/2012

Can someone please translate R177 into English for me? Thanks.

by inthenavyreply 17901/24/2012

I assume the J's are Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles. I'm not sure what the rest means though.

by inthenavyreply 18001/24/2012

I have learned during my decade long time here on the DL to quit telling my Los Angeles stories about celebs. No one believes you about your stories unless your saying what they want to hear instead of the actual truth.

by inthenavyreply 18101/24/2012

My first housemate was a reporter and once spent a couple of days in New Orleans, covering the premiere of The Undefeated. Btw, this was in 1969.

At the dinner for the press, Ted locked eyes with one of the stars.

Anyway, the day after Ted returned from N.O., a huge arrangement of flowers was delivered to our house. He said they came from a friend.

Years and years later, he told me that the flowers were from Rock Hudson, they had spent the night together, and that Mr. Hudson was a very nice man, very affectionate, and the sex was terrific.

I've always liked knowing that.

by inthenavyreply 18201/24/2012

R181, thanks. I would love to hear more stories from men who met and got naked with Rock Hudson! A few years ago, an acquaintance of mine shared with me that he had been friends with Rock Hudson in the 1980s, and attended his memorial service. I didn't know him well enough to ask him if he knew what it was like to have sex with "Roy" (as he called him).

by inthenavyreply 18301/24/2012

Tim Gunn. And boy did he make me work! We flipped fucked for hours.

by inthenavyreply 18401/24/2012

[quote]Hooked up with Jake Shears

Hope you were wearing a Hazmat suit R161.

by inthenavyreply 18501/24/2012

What R177? You never made it all the way down where? What drama? What mess?

by inthenavyreply 18601/24/2012

Are you Hans, R65?

by inthenavyreply 18701/24/2012

Years ago, I used to jog in WeHo, and into Beverly Hills. One day, I was slowing down, to rest, and an orange (!) Mercedes 380 SL (new, at the time), pulled up next to me, and a very good looking older guy, asked if I wanted a ride. I said no ( cause I was 25 - he looked 45) , and he said OK, and drove on. A few blocks later, near Sunset, he pulled up again, and said "You look tired. Are you sure I can't give you a ride ?". So I walked over to the car, and looked closer, thru the (rolled down) window. He had a baseball cap on . It was Johnny Mathis . I was so startled to see that , handsome, smiling face, all I could mutter was ' Ah, no thanks anyway'. And jogged off. I've always kind of regretted it.

by inthenavyreply 18801/24/2012

Ronald Reagan and I slept in the same bed but we never did it.

by inthenavyreply 18901/24/2012

What nationality is Johnny?

More please. Gr8 stuff!

by inthenavyreply 19001/25/2012

186 I was in the LA area at the time. The Js were distracted by a lot of calls from a friend the last time I saw them. They got pissed at him and then with each other. I wasn't going to follow them around while they figured out whatever so I split.

by inthenavyreply 19101/26/2012

[RE : 190] Isn't he black ? He did have beautiful skin, very light ( was 1 parent Caucasian ?) - almost more like an Italian , or Spanard). Amazing smile. I later heard he was well known to cruise that area, and use the "need a ride" line on a lot of people. He still lives nearby, up off Sunset Plaza Dr., but nowadays, he probably just goes online to meet guys. It was a different era.

by inthenavyreply 19201/26/2012

Maybe he was just being a Good Samaritan?

by inthenavyreply 19301/26/2012

True. If it had been Eddy, he would have asked if my feet were tired, and could he give them a massage. And oit would have helped if I was a trannie too .

by inthenavyreply 19402/08/2012

Keanu Reeves is still a virgin.

by inthenavyreply 19502/08/2012

Where, 195, his left ear?

by inthenavyreply 19602/11/2012

I fucked Whitney Houston

by inthenavyreply 19702/11/2012

I had a 3way with Nick Gregory 10 years ago. We were chatting on aol for awhile before finally hooking up. He's married with kids. He has a great body and big cut dick. He fucked my 19 year old bud. I ended up sucking and swallowing his load. He deleted his aol screen name after that so never got to hook up or chat with him again.

by inthenavyreply 19810/02/2012

Mr ED. He was really hung but with a horse-ish face.

by inthenavyreply 19910/02/2012

I slept with a guy in an MCI national TV campaign - twice.

He was here on business. I saw him in the commercial about 2 months later. I chatted with him online after I saw the spot,, and he confirmed it was him.

He was fun-had a nice fat dick!

by inthenavyreply 20010/02/2012

He was not really famous but fun and hot.

We met at the Parliament House in Orlando. Back at my room I asked him what he did and he said he was Batman at Sea World. He was really funny and sexy. Also, the "magic fingers" bed would not shut off.

Fun times!

by inthenavyreply 20110/04/2012

This is more revealing of my stupidity than anything else, around 1994 I still thought I was going to make some miraculous jump from a chorus girl sometime dance captain to a choreographer and for some reason I thought that screwing Betty Buckley would help get me there. I'd met her through a friend and the opportunity presented itself so it happened more than a few times (very desperate for connections), but obviously I didn't think it was a relationship, until I told her I was too tired one night (at this point I was very disgusted with myself and felt sick every time I saw her) and she started shrieking about how I was a withholding vampire and a bobbled headed sociopath tap dancing on the grave of her sexuality.

by inthenavyreply 20210/04/2012

My neighbor (female) had sex with Linda Ronstadt. A friend (male) worked in a hotel and Lou Christie came on to him NAKED when he delivered room service. Another friend (male) slept with Fran Tarnkenton.

by inthenavyreply 20310/12/2012

Has anyone here sampled the swarthy Cuban prick of Danny Pino? Pls decsribe.

by inthenavyreply 20410/12/2012

I'm a guy so I never attended but I heard Olivia Newton-John used to have "ladies nights" at her place in Malibu in the 80s.

by inthenavyreply 20510/12/2012

Almost slept with Victor Garber.

A friend (female) slept with Lionel Richie.

by inthenavyreply 20610/12/2012

Montgomery Clift was known as "Princess Tiny Meat", FYI. Used to read every Libby Holman bio I could find. Straight girl here, but always found gay male porn incredibly hot. Love the gossip, need to look up some of the older DLs.

by inthenavyreply 20710/20/2012

"Another friend (male) slept with Fran Tarnkenton"

Details please

by inthenavyreply 20810/20/2012

[quote]Has anyone here sampled the swarthy Cuban prick of Danny Pino? Pls decsribe.

Pls who has experienced the prick of Danny Pino, best known for his róles in Cold Case and Law & Order SVU?

by inthenavyreply 20910/21/2012

You're not going to tell us about Fran Tarkenton?!

by inthenavyreply 21010/21/2012


by inthenavyreply 21110/21/2012

I have to say, I'm pretty fascinated by the Fran Tarkenton thing too - more information, please. (Nobody would make that up.)

by inthenavyreply 21210/21/2012

Almost with Stephen Amell. Turned him down in 2006.

by inthenavyreply 21310/21/2012

Richard Gere, early 80's

by inthenavyreply 21410/21/2012

I'm 52 and male. I slept with Horshack. I've been trying to live it down for years. I have a few weather girls under my belt, but not Sam Champion. Just some in the local NYC and LA markets. I've got one news anchor in there too (no, not Sue Simmons).

by inthenavyreply 21510/21/2012

Gender r214?

by inthenavyreply 21610/21/2012

I knew an elderly man who was cruised by King Umberto of Italy on the Lido. They were later formerly introduced at the Savoy Grill in London.

"I believe, young man, we have met before."

Bowing low: "Yes Your Majesty, I believe we have."

He said he later became friends with the King's sister Princess Maria Pia. They used to cha-cha together. (Whether in Dawn Davenport cha-cha heels, I never thought to ask.)

by inthenavyreply 21710/21/2012

Not only gender in the case of Richard Gere, but animal species--was this before or after his "love affair" with a gerbil r214?

by inthenavyreply 21810/21/2012

In the '70s, I (young male) slept with a captain in the royal horseguards in London, who told me that he once slept with a young Prince Charles. It wasn't important to me then (or now) but it sorta fits into this thread.

by inthenavyreply 21910/22/2012

did Charles keep his riding boots on???

by inthenavyreply 22010/22/2012

[quote] My neighbor (female) had sex with Linda Ronstadt.

When was that, R203?

by inthenavyreply 22110/22/2012

Linda Ronstadt was so messed up on coke in the 1970s, she would have fucked a shoe if she was horny!

An old work friend had fucked actor Joel Crothers and some other famous soap actors, wish I could remember their names.

He was also seriously involved with a famous fashion illustrator who died of AIDS. I don't remember his name but he was very famous. My friend was really attractive, he used to be a model, he'd just meet these guys while walking his dogs!

by inthenavyreply 22210/22/2012

[quote]In the '70s, I (young male) slept with a captain in the royal horseguards in London, who told me that he once slept with a young Prince Charles.

James Blunt (You're Beautiful) was a member of the Household Cavalry at the beginning of this century. I wonder if he ever bumped into Prince Charles.

by inthenavyreply 22310/22/2012

214 here.


We didn’t have sex but made out, kissing, groping etc

I was visiting NYC and was invited to a party in Greenwich Village by my friend’s BF

As I was leaving the party, feeling a bit drunk, I stopped in front of a clothing store and was window shopping. It was a gay shop with clothes, cards gifts etc.

This super-hot guy walked by and we glanced at each other. He walked a bit then turned around and came back to me.

We started chatting and I was leaning on a fire hydrant and he put his arms around me and started kissing me. We kissed and hugged then he had to leave so I told him the hotel I was staying at and he was to call the next day so we could hang out.

I was staying at the Consulate Hotel on 42nd and that night feeling something crawling on me, I discovered the room was filled with roaches! I checked out the next morning and moved to another hotel, never thinking about the fact that he only had the hotel name.

Over the next 3 days as I walked through the village I always had an eye out for him but never saw him again.

I always wondered if he ever tried to call the hotel.

10 yrs. later I was at a restaurant in Montreal at the Four Seasons Hotel. My friend said look its Richard Gere. He was sitting two tables away with director Richard Attenbourg & some other people.

I glanced over and he smiled back and nodded.

I would love to think he remembered me but surely he was thinking I was just another adoring fan.

Ps.The few days I stayed at the Consulate it was overrun by gay porn stars. I got cruised hard by the guy Tim Kramer and the blond guy Lance. I regret not taking them up on the invitation.

by inthenavyreply 22410/22/2012

Thanks for that follow-up R224.

by inthenavyreply 22510/22/2012

Has anyone sampled the tanned swarthey Cuban prick of Danny Pino? Does it taste like boliche.

by inthenavyreply 22610/23/2012

What about Danny Pino's sizzling Cuban hole? Does it taste like "Flan de guayaba".

by inthenavyreply 22710/23/2012

Shut the fuck up with the Danny Pino nonsense! You're a fucktard.

by inthenavyreply 22810/23/2012

The Danny Pino stalker is hilarious

by inthenavyreply 22910/23/2012

Anderson cooper 5 or 6 years ago.

by inthenavyreply 23010/23/2012

Seriously people, don't just post names - give us details!

by inthenavyreply 23110/23/2012

Nick Charles is dead

by inthenavyreply 23210/24/2012

Are you male or female, R213?

by inthenavyreply 23310/24/2012

He made love to me once, Danny Pino Troll. His Cuban balls taste like "Dulce de leche".

by inthenavyreply 23410/25/2012

I slept with Moe Howard of the Three Stooges. Needless to say it was not pretty!

by inthenavyreply 23511/30/2012

Back in the late 80s when I had just graduated from college and moved to LA in my early 20s, I met blonde Australian actor/model ANTONY HAMILTON (who starred in the 80s/90s TV series remake of Mission Impossible, Cover-Up, and was rumored to be the next "blonde Bond") at a supermarket in WeHo - he invited me up to his house in the hills, where I ended up stuffing several huge dildos up his ass before fucking him until we both came. At the time I didn't know who he was, and I think he liked the fact, although he did have huge framed photos of himself all over his house. Alas, he died in the mid 90s of AIDS.

In the mid 90s, I hooked up with future "Will & Grace" star SEAN HAYES before he got famous - this was right before he landed a few national TV spots, "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss," and then "W&G" - he cruised me, we met at my apt, messed around - he sucked my dick, I sucked his cock and ate his nice ass, and we jacked off, can't remember how we finally got off, but he seemed like a regular, nice guy. This was when he was still an aspiring actor/server/waiter. I think stardom changed him.

BARRY DILLER pursued me and hit on me, but I ran the other way. He seemed pissed off and surprised that anyone would ever say no - but for rich, powerful closeted gay men, the power of saying "no" is not to be underestimated.

My first roommate in LA, a total slut, told me stories about hooking up with TRAVOLTA several times at a hotel where he worked (during press junket) and at a bath house on Melrose. I believe it, since I've heard too many stories about Travolta cruising guys in bath houses/spas to dismiss them all.

JOHN WESLEY SHIPP - who played "Kelly" on "Guiding Light," then "The Flash," then the Dad on "Dawson's Creek" cruised me hard at a gas station once - he was wearing rearlly tiny Dolphin-type jogging shorts, showing off his nice ass. Seemed like a bottom, but we never hooked up, so can't tell for sure.

by inthenavyreply 23612/28/2012


by inthenavyreply 23712/29/2012

[quote] I got cruised hard by the guy Tim Kramer and the blond guy Lance. I regret not taking them up on the invitation.

Good thing you didn't. Before he died, Tim Kramer gave my stepbrother and his boyfriend AIDS.

by inthenavyreply 23812/29/2012

Sounds like your stepbrother and his boyfriend willingly received it.

R224, I don't understand. Why would Richard Gere want to make out with you?

by inthenavyreply 23912/29/2012

[quote]Sounds like your stepbrother and his boyfriend willingly received it.

Oh yeah, they paid for it. Tim was charging people to kill them.

by inthenavyreply 24012/29/2012

R228 - How stupid are you brother and his "boyfriend"? Do they not practice safe sex? Or, do they just go around with "Open for Business" neon signs hanging over their assholes?

by inthenavyreply 24112/29/2012


Great story!

by inthenavyreply 24212/29/2012

The almost slept with Stephen Amell - guy or girl - I heard he was gay and not too far off from his Hung role. His younger cousin is rumored to have slept with Chris Colfer for a role in his movie.

by inthenavyreply 24312/29/2012

"An old work friend had fucked actor Joel Crothers and some other famous soap actors, wish I could remember their names."

I had a huge crush on him when he was on Dark Shadows. Your friend is lucky!

by inthenavyreply 24412/29/2012

James Franco.

by inthenavyreply 24512/29/2012

James Franco...thinks he is a top but is 100% bottom. Loved the good ass pounding I gave him. Said he was "researching" yet another gay role. So I guess that meant he was straight....?

by inthenavyreply 24612/29/2012

r245 details.

by inthenavyreply 24712/29/2012


by inthenavyreply 24812/29/2012

[quote]"An old work friend had fucked actor Joel Crothers and some other famous soap actors, wish I could remember their names."

Are you sure it wasn't Scatman Crothers?

by inthenavyreply 24912/29/2012

Still no info on Danny Pino?

by inthenavyreply 25012/29/2012

I was cruised years ago by Bob Gunton, the original Peron in "Evita" and lately of "Argo". Thats all I got...

by inthenavyreply 25112/30/2012

R243 I wish he was gay, but sadly I think he's straight. There's also rumors he's getting married (to a woman) as well.

by inthenavyreply 25212/30/2012

I'm 100% sure James Franco is gay but r245/246 doesn't sound very convincing.

by inthenavyreply 25312/30/2012


by inthenavyreply 25412/30/2012

Can someone start a thread about INFAMOUS people you've slept with or almost slept with?

A guy I know claimed he slept with Andrew Cunanan!

by inthenavyreply 25501/03/2013

I love when this thread gets bumped. I'm always hoping someone will post if Thom Bierdz is a top or bottom or if they ever licked his asshole.

by inthenavyreply 25601/03/2013

I had a three-way with David Lee Roth and Aretha Franklin.

by inthenavyreply 25701/03/2013

r255, I think there are a lot of people, many famous who did.

by inthenavyreply 25801/03/2013


by inthenavyreply 25901/06/2013

any more????

by inthenavyreply 26002/02/2013


by inthenavyreply 26102/02/2013

13 of us have slept with this same guy called bump. Is he a one name famous person like Madonna? I have two comments.

1. I have never heard of him and google search is no help as bump is also a word.

2. What a slut!

by inthenavyreply 26202/02/2013


by inthenavyreply 26302/02/2013


by inthenavyreply 26402/02/2013


by inthenavyreply 26502/02/2013


by inthenavyreply 26602/12/2013

r262, bump is a total top.

by inthenavyreply 26702/12/2013

Speaking of plump and bump, I screwed Max Gail in the ass. More cushion to the pushin......

by inthenavyreply 26802/12/2013

I was Cal Ripken's Dungeon Master. The first day I came to see him he ripped his sweaty baseball shirt wide open and begged me to suck his nips using plenty of teeth, then he needed to be paddled, first with his baseball pants up, then after taking them down to assess the redness a few more swats were delivered. I then ground away on his generous, fire engine red rump. He especially needed discipline when Baltimore never made it to the World Series. Oh, and he loved the dirty talk while his bottom was being punished. Lately he loves to have me pat his bald head after we're done and say "good dog".

by inthenavyreply 26902/12/2013

[quote]Anderson cooper 5 or 6 years ago.

Too bad R230 didn't give any details on this.

by inthenavyreply 27002/12/2013

only famous in my world. The town councilman and the holy roller church elder.

by inthenavyreply 27102/13/2013

I once slept with someone who slept with Val Kilmer.

I also once slept with someone who slept with Kevin Spacey.

I want to die.

by inthenavyreply 27202/13/2013

Details... Details...

by inthenavyreply 27302/13/2013

R273 The guy who slept with Kevin Spacey was a sport's masseur. Spacey was getting his massage when he asked the masseur to fuck him. I think the masseur was a bit taken aback because he was just there to give a regular massage. In any case, he fucked Spacey and Spacey loved every minute of it. So yeah, John Travolta isn't the only celeb hitting on masseurs.

by inthenavyreply 27402/13/2013

Not sure if anyone knows who he is, but I slept with Ezra Miller a few months ago. Yes, I'm a guy. He's very experienced in bed for someone so young. He told me that he lost his virginity at fourteen. So I guess that's why. And no, I'm not some old perv. I'm only a year older than Ezra who is nineteen.

by inthenavyreply 27502/13/2013

r272 rofl

by inthenavyreply 27602/13/2013

More on Val Kilmer please. What he fat or thin at the time? Top or bottom?

by inthenavyreply 27702/13/2013

R277 It was around the time that Val Kilmer was in Batman so he looked good. From what this guy told me, Val was versatile but preferred lots of oral play. He was also very concerned about being outed.

by inthenavyreply 27802/13/2013


by inthenavyreply 27902/14/2013

If we are doing two degrees of separation, I slept with someone who slept with Keanu Reeves (before he was famous.)

by inthenavyreply 28002/14/2013

r280.. ugh man or woman

by inthenavyreply 28102/14/2013


by inthenavyreply 28202/14/2013

r 280 did they mention any details of what they did? What KR was into?

by inthenavyreply 28302/14/2013

In multiple threads, many have written about their adventures with "Golden" Ricky Martin.

by inthenavyreply 28402/14/2013

bump tell us about what you heard of Keanu r280

by inthenavyreply 28502/14/2013


by inthenavyreply 28602/15/2013


by inthenavyreply 28702/16/2013

Honestly, I didn't ask nor did I know it at the time. It was an older guy who I sort of became friends with and slept with him after he was relentlessly pursuing me for a while. I think he was paying Keanu's bills while he was a waiter here in Toronto, at least that's what I was told by mutual acquaintances.

by inthenavyreply 28802/16/2013

R213 WHY??????????

by inthenavyreply 28902/16/2013

andrew crispo for INFAMOUS, R255

by inthenavyreply 29002/16/2013

I'm waiting for someone to talk about Red Reed.He must be the most boring thing in private. Girlfriend needs to know.....

by inthenavyreply 29102/16/2013

Danny Fields, the Ramones' manager

by inthenavyreply 29202/16/2013

You mean Daniel Feldbusch? Yuck.......

by inthenavyreply 29302/16/2013

Hardly news, but WTF

Had dinner with an old school friend who is now a high-end massage therapist. I asked the inevitable question, and the answer was yes--he had John Travolta as a client and yes John Travolta wanted sex. My friend was taken by surprise and did it but the next time he told Travolta it was not cool with him. Travolta said that's fine, and continued to be a long-term client without any sex.

by inthenavyreply 29402/16/2013

[quote]John Travolta wanted sex

Don't stop there.

by inthenavyreply 29502/16/2013

R275, I hear Ezra Miller is super-hung. Is that true?

What was he into sexually? How did you meet?

by inthenavyreply 29602/16/2013

Me too r290. Met him via 550 - something (before internet. He said his name was Andrew but I did not recognize him at the time. It was u=years after his scandal and frankly his was not a familiar face that got plastered all over like, say, Cunanan's or Jeffrey Dahmer's.

It was wild but, more importantly, no one was killed, accidentally or otherwise.

I did like his ceiling mirrors.

Then some gay magazine ran a "what are they up to now" thing on him and that's when I went, uh oh...

by inthenavyreply 29702/16/2013

More Ezra stories. I would get to know him in a minute.

by inthenavyreply 29802/16/2013

To learn that people is this thread turned away Stephen Amell, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Leonardo DiCaprio breaks my heart.

Hoties--Next time, take one for the team.

by inthenavyreply 29902/16/2013

R297 He was the first guy who fucked me. I knew him before the s&m stuff happened. He was still living on the UES.

Have you read David France's book about him, BAG OF TOYS?

by inthenavyreply 30002/16/2013

You went through with it, R292? He put the moves on me once BIG time, but to say I was uninterested would be an understatement. When did your experience with him happen?

by inthenavyreply 30102/16/2013

For a month or so in 1978, R301. He was hardly the monster you'd have us believe. Great sex.

by inthenavyreply 30202/16/2013

Ezra is in a band and I'm friends with one of the other band members. I hung out with him and the band a few times before I slept with him. And to answer your question, yes it's true he's hung. ;-) He's really into oral. Not much else specifically. Besides being great in bed, he's just fun to hang out with and very down to earth. And of course beautiful.

by inthenavyreply 30302/16/2013

Did he top or bottom? Cut or uncut? Give us more, please, r303!

by inthenavyreply 30402/16/2013

Who seduced whom, R303? How did it happen? No fucking?

I love him!

by inthenavyreply 30502/16/2013

Ezra bottomed for me. He's cut.

I was just hanging out with him and the band one night and we'd been flirting. Later on we left together and went back to his place. So it wasn't really planned.

by inthenavyreply 30602/16/2013

Surprisingly r305 and myself are different people. Thanks for the details, r306 you lucky dog.

by inthenavyreply 30702/16/2013

How did Ezra demonstrate his prodigious experience in bed, R306? What did he do that was so great?

by inthenavyreply 30802/16/2013

[quote]And no, I'm not some old perv. I'm only a year older than Ezra who is nineteen.

That's enough to be called a pedophile at Datalounge.

by inthenavyreply 30902/17/2013

I bottomed for Lance Bass when I moved to LA in 2010. He came into to Tigerheat with a bunch of people and one of his people came up to me. We hooked up twice and I got to meet Kathy Griffin's assistant.

by inthenavyreply 31002/17/2013

Lance Bass is a top, r310? I'm stunned.

by inthenavyreply 31102/17/2013

Did you notice worrisome drug use by Ezra? I think he is quite a talent and I really hope the rumors about his excessive drug use don't potentially derail his career.

by inthenavyreply 31202/17/2013

I agree R311. Difficult to imagine Lance Bass could be a top.

by inthenavyreply 31302/17/2013

I second r308! Come back to us you sweet prince Ezra fucker!

by inthenavyreply 31402/17/2013

Before Lance Bass came out there were people who posted on here that Bass was a top. IIRC the Malik Sanchez poster even mentioned that he was a surprisingly good top. He then dated Reichen and it was pretty obvious that he was most likely a top and not just financially generous to hook up with RL.

by inthenavyreply 31502/17/2013

I wonder if Lance was a top when he dated Bryan thomas or hooked up with JSP?

by inthenavyreply 31602/17/2013

LMAO I watched an interview with Ezra and I laughed my ass off. He had homeless people hair, and the interviewer asked him about singing some song... IT was so bad, and EZRA was so into it, closing his eyes, so serious. I was so uncomfortable, and yet couldnt stop laughing. Gross. Gross. Gross.

by inthenavyreply 31702/17/2013

Ezra Miller has such an amazingly beautiful body... R306 is one lucky bastard.

by inthenavyreply 31802/17/2013

Fuck off, R317. He's beautiful. And famously hung.

by inthenavyreply 31902/17/2013

An aesthete you are not, r317. Ezra is cultivated and brave. Go shit on a closeted actor that's afraid to take risks.

by inthenavyreply 32002/17/2013

Umm haha. 6:50 the madness begins. I also watched another interview where he was totally stoned and off the whole time. So sexy. Homeless hair, so deep and artistic. haha watch him sing in the video. So hot.. panties drop!

by inthenavyreply 32102/17/2013

r306 here. There was too much traffic on here and I couldn't post for a while.

I don't think it's appropriate to go into the details of what Ezra and I did in bed. I'll just say it was a great experience.

As for the person who asked about Ezra and drug use. I only ever saw him smoke cigarettes. I know he's been high in interviews before, but I personally never saw him get high.

by inthenavyreply 32202/17/2013

hi guys,I really apologize for asking this question in this thread but I don't have an account here,I hope the OP don't mind if anyone replies to my question. Anyways,the issue is that I'm a neurologist,I have a good income and I decided to contact David Forest to asking if I have any chance to meet with Charles Dera through his website forestmeetings.I told him that I was willing to pay $1000 to Charles Dera for a night as long as he allows me to suck his cock several times with no anal and kissing. Hi replied and this is what he wrote: I think we can work this out. First things first … you need to be on our “program.” We’re offering folks a special FABULOUS FEBRUARY “deal” … unlimited connections For TWO Years … for $495. You split up the payments … and give us $250 now and $250 in a year. WHERE are you located? CHARLES lives in both, L.A. and NYC. You could fly him to where you want to see him .. or … you could come to where he is. Normally, he requires ½ of the money in advance …. Put into MY Bank Account and I have to be able to give it to him. If we need to fly him anywhere … that money can also be put into my account (CHASE). I’m in my office now. If you want to call me to get things set up. He’s pretty available right now and through March. He looks fabulous. Looking forward to doing business with you.

this is my first time meeting an escort so I don't know how this businesses works but I don't know why I find the idea of giving all the money to him a little bit weird,I would rather give the money to the escort personally. I'm afraid it could be a scam my question is :Have you ever used this guy's website to hire an escort? thanks!!!

by inthenavyreply 32302/17/2013

I've never met with an escort, but there's no way I'd feel comfortable with the arrangement proposed.

I don't know if anyone else will reply to you; if not, I think there are forums that deal exclusively with escorting where the community could probably share more info with you.

by inthenavyreply 32402/17/2013


by inthenavyreply 32502/18/2013

I love Rock Hudson sex stories. Does anyone know if Andy Williams, Burt Lancaster and/or Charleton Heston played around w/ guys?

by inthenavyreply 32602/18/2013

Couple of UK based stories, I'm male and a male friend of mine had sex with James Corden (thought I'd start with that one as he is quite well known in America now?) a couple of times when we were both about 19 so about 6 years ago. He met him on the Gaydar website . This was before Gavin and Stacey but I recognised him from another show he was on. James was even heavier back then. my mate met him twice, said it was good, that he liked being fucked and fucking and liked football kit (which is really common here anyway lol)

Me and the same friend also paid to meet the porn star Steve Hooper on Gaydar 2 years ago. Our birthdays are 4 days apart so out drunk one night we said, why dont we see if Steve is still on Gaydar and message him as we saw him on it before but thought it was just someone using his pictures. Turns out it was him and the whole profile was legit. He is still on there, and I'd recommend him! He offered to bring another guy but we said we just wanted to see him. He said it was a relief to meet two younger guys who were in good shape rather than the people who usually email him. Really worth it. He didnt want to be fucked but fucked us both and sucked our dicks. he liked being rimmed and sucked at same time but said his ass was off limits for anything else lol. We were 23 and he was about 40 but still looked so good.

Last one is a guy I met, probably not know much outside the UK though. He is an actor called Leon Lopez. He was in a soap here called Brookside. Used to watch it when I was in my early teens but never really liked him as much as other guys on it. 10 years later though and he was looking awesome! Met him in Fire in London. He is openly out and theres actually a thread on one of the British gay websites that pops up every now and then when yet another person on there meets him and gets taken to his flat and gets taken very very hard!

by inthenavyreply 32702/18/2013

R327 You just made my day. British and always, always had my suspicions about Corden

by inthenavyreply 32802/18/2013

Steve Hooper sucked your dicks? Nice. I didn't think he was into that sort of thing...

by inthenavyreply 32902/18/2013

Yuck, R327. How's the HIV care in the UK?

by inthenavyreply 33002/18/2013

[R327] here - [R330] : everything was safe sex. I've never done bareback. my friend said everything with James was safe.

[R329] - yeah he is into most things. he is still on that site I think.

by inthenavyreply 33102/18/2013

Music producer David Foster

by inthenavyreply 33202/18/2013

I had a one-night fling with Jabba the Hutt in 1983. I was expecting major wood, but alas, he was hung like an Ewok.

by inthenavyreply 33302/18/2013

I can't say his name. He tends to sue people who make accusations and I don't have time for that bullshit. He started his career in commercials and was in a sitcom (circa 1975-1979), during that time he had at least two hit movies. After the series he remained successful to a lesser extent and had a big comeback circa 1994. He's been the source of controversy over the years. I will not say his name, or say any more except we hooked up in a public sex place and he was very much a hairy bottom.

by inthenavyreply 33402/18/2013

Gee, r334 how could you POSSIBLY leave us hanging like that. It could be a million people!

by inthenavyreply 33502/18/2013

R334, I hope you didn't catch a nasty case of Night Fever. He's been known to carry it on occasion. LOL.

by inthenavyreply 33602/18/2013

R332 R U A boy?

by inthenavyreply 33702/18/2013

R334 Albert, is that you?

by inthenavyreply 33802/18/2013

R338, No, this is Laura. Pa took Albert to Sleepy Eye to catch the train to Mankato. He'll be back in a couple of weeks. I'm helping Nellie with homework right now, but I'll send you a telegram as soon as I get back into Walnut Grove.

by inthenavyreply 33902/18/2013

Do guys from TV home shopping networks count?

by inthenavyreply 34002/18/2013

R39 LOL.

by inthenavyreply 34102/18/2013

R339, hate to break it to you, but Almanzo's on the DL. Total bottom.

by inthenavyreply 34202/18/2013

r334, did you Grease up with any lube?

by inthenavyreply 34302/18/2013

Danny Pintauro. I did not even know who he was. I had never seen his sitcom. I had seen the movie Cujo but didn't have any idea it was the same guy. A friend of mine saw us together and mentioned that it was him. I still pretty much had no clue. Weird date. The sex was decent. He's a complete power bottom.

by inthenavyreply 34402/18/2013

Hey Peter at r344. Did you guys smoke some meth or do GHB? (C'mon, it's an anonymous post, you can say).

Danny was heavy into the Manhunt PNP scene for a while there.

by inthenavyreply 34502/18/2013

R345, Peter here. No drugs. I've never used them at all. I rarely do one night stands. I had just broken up with a longtime flame and was depressed. I met this guy online. I definitely used a condom. I got the idea he was a wild one.

by inthenavyreply 34602/18/2013

Different Albert, R339.

by inthenavyreply 34702/18/2013

Lance Bass. He topped.

by inthenavyreply 34802/18/2013

Almost ten years ago, Scott Caan hit on a friend and myself in a gay club in LA. He seemed very pushy (sexually aggressive) and out of it, either drunk or high. He hit on my friend first and then me. After we both said "no thanks", he moved across the bar to another pair of guys.

by inthenavyreply 34902/18/2013

R349, was he cute in person?

by inthenavyreply 35002/18/2013

Yes, Scott was cute. Small in stature but a bit bulked up for his size. He didn't have the pompadour poof at the time. I remember him wearing tight jeans and a muscle shirt (wifebeater) which showed off some of his hairy chest.

by inthenavyreply 35102/18/2013

R351 Can I ask how he approached you, what he said, and why you turned him down? And can I ask you what you and your friend looked like at the time (just wondering what kind of guys he likes)?

Was he masculine or femme?

by inthenavyreply 35202/18/2013

r334, you couldn't be more obvious! I'm going to sue you!!!!!!!!!!!

by inthenavyreply 35302/18/2013

Why the turn down r351? Not your type or too aggressive?

by inthenavyreply 35402/18/2013

Are any of the QVC guys gay(Besides David of course)? Also has anyone here had sex with David and is he built to scale?

by inthenavyreply 35502/19/2013

QVC GUYS? Oh my. hahahahah

by inthenavyreply 35602/19/2013

I slept with Peter Jennings.

Do you really think I got my job with my effeminate phony speech and facial plastic surgery?

Let's face it, there are plenty of men out there who could do a better job anchoring.

by inthenavyreply 35702/19/2013

bump before this is killed

by inthenavyreply 35802/21/2013

Slept with: Bradley Cooper, David Schwimmer, Keith Allison, Randy Schiltz, John Kasich, Bernie Madoff, Jan Plum, Michael Beschloss, David Gest, Elaine Stritch, Larry Kern, Usher and Mark Consuelos-Ripa.

Almost: Larry Kramer, Kevin Richardson, Katy Perry and Lucky Vanous.

by inthenavyreply 35902/21/2013

R354, not that Scott wasn't my type -- he's actually a cute, bulked up little guy -- but he came across a bit too aggressive, definitely seemed like he had too much to drink which made the aggressiveness even more unpleasant

by inthenavyreply 36002/21/2013

R359. Bernie Madoff? Elaine Stritch? David Guest?

by inthenavyreply 36102/21/2013

Come on R359, you can't just say that mix without some story.

by inthenavyreply 36202/21/2013

I slept on the same hotel floor as Omar Shariff...does that count?

(It was like 5 years ago so no it wasn't very exciting. He's not Nicky Arnsteinish anymore.

by inthenavyreply 36302/21/2013

please die ppsm

by inthenavyreply 36402/21/2013

One guy from and two from the old

I need to get out more.

by inthenavyreply 36502/22/2013

R359 is just posting a silly list of names and making sure not to let on if it's a male or female posting the list.

by inthenavyreply 36602/22/2013

Maybe R359 is the same troll from the Rosie O'Donnell thread who claims to have two famous actor parents who abandoned him.

by inthenavyreply 36702/22/2013

Michael Beschloss. That's the first time I heard he's gay or bi.

Anyone else have him?

by inthenavyreply 36802/22/2013

Michael Beschloss seems as affected as David Tyler Muir.

by inthenavyreply 36902/22/2013

Couple of observations - so a few people have posted that Lance is a top. That begs the quesiton who in NSYNC uttered that famous BI line "I am known as a power bottom" from their heyday.

Ummm. David Foster? He who marries hot blondes in succession? Do tell.

I fucked the hell out of Michael T Weiss in 94. He still had a hot body and liked Tina way to much, but I did him three times, spent the night and again in the afternoon (when we woke up lol I never did tina after that night thank god for G).

by inthenavyreply 37002/22/2013

R372 R373 Not that it's definitive proof of hetness, but Michael Beschloss has a wife, Afsaneh Mashayekhi Beschloss.

by inthenavyreply 37102/22/2013

Rock Hudson: we didn't sleep with each other but we fucked in his car, a new 1969 Lincoln Continental convertible. He picked me up hitchhiking from San Francisco to LA.

by inthenavyreply 37202/22/2013

For some reason, i get the feeling that Michael Beschloss comes from money. His attitude, arrogance?

I can't find anything on the web. Does anyone know him?

by inthenavyreply 37302/22/2013

R377 His Wiki page reveals him to be echt preppie. And that's just the first thing I saw when I googled.

by inthenavyreply 37402/22/2013

R376, I love that story. He smelled of leather and armpits, right? Nice big, thick cock?

I had to Google Michael T. Weiss. Is he married now? Either way, nice one, R374. That dude was SMOKIN'.

by inthenavyreply 37502/22/2013

I had a threesome with Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. It was hella hot!

by inthenavyreply 37602/22/2013

R371 Damn, you're cynical. Relax and enjoy life a little. Not everyone is a troll.

by inthenavyreply 37702/22/2013

True, but he is.

by inthenavyreply 37802/22/2013

[R. 378] That doesn't necessarily mean Michael Beschloss comes from money.

I went to an exclusive prep school where my Mom was a teacher. And I attended an Ivy League university where my Dad was a professor.

There's something about Beschloss that makes me think he comes from big money and some of his career is based on money and connections.

(There are presidential scholars at almost every university and none of the others achieved any fame.)

by inthenavyreply 37902/22/2013

I fucked President Zardari last summer. Hairy ass pig. Sucks good though.

by inthenavyreply 38002/22/2013

R377, I seem to recall that on C-Span's BookTV "In Depth" program, Beschloss said he went to prep school on scholarship.

by inthenavyreply 38102/22/2013

Ian Charleson - just after Chariots of Fire.

Acne scars - but SERIOUSLY fit. Talk about an insatiable bottom...

Sweet man too.

by inthenavyreply 38202/22/2013

Something about Beschloss screams money and snobbery.

Something about him screams effeminate, too.

(Bad dying his hair.)

by inthenavyreply 38302/22/2013

***Before anyone feels the need to say this is trashy - I already know***

A couple of years ago I was snowed in at O'hare. I was in the American Airlines Admirals club. It was becoming clear the flights out were not going to happen and the club was plying us with booze. Kept oogling a slightly rough but really cute guy across the bar. We ended up talking and yadda yadda yadda, had sex in the showers in the club. An incredible fuck. Went back to lounge, had dinner, a couple more drinks and flights started moving. His was first. He gave me a CD and said he had a great time. Thought that was odd, but roughly 4 months later, I realized he was the guitarist in the band. Now, if I hear any of their songs on the radio I have to stop and flog the dolphin.

Purposefully vague - I do not know if he is out or not.

by inthenavyreply 38402/22/2013

Have posted this before, but this kind of post seems to come up periodically:

Chad Everett during his Medical Center days.

Frederick Combs, shortly after filming Boys In The Band (he was Donald)

Alan Bates while he was in NYC for the premiere of Women In Love.

by inthenavyreply 38502/22/2013

[quote]Webbie and his control freak minions have destroyed this site far more than any troll ever did. by: PPSM

Notice how it's [italic]always[/italic] the trolls themselves who complain the site has been destroyed, as PPSM has just demonstrated.

by inthenavyreply 38602/22/2013

Michael Beschloss looks like Michael Stedman on thirtysomething (Ken Olin).

by inthenavyreply 38702/22/2013



by inthenavyreply 38802/22/2013


by inthenavyreply 38902/23/2013

To be clear--I'm male. I'm gay.

Update: Mike Rowe, Jeff Gordon and Mindy McCready, though she's stopped taking my calls. I've been on a tear lately.

And I forgot to mention before...Madonna. I think. It was a long time ago, but I think she was on my list.

by inthenavyreply 39002/23/2013

Keanu - he had on black boxer briefs. I was blowing him, he wanted me to finger and lick his ass. Went down, saw a dingle-berry, and I was out of there!

by inthenavyreply 39102/23/2013

I haven't slept with anyone famous. Anyone I would want to make whoopie with probably would not be interested in me anyway.

by inthenavyreply 39202/23/2013

R359/394, details please.

by inthenavyreply 39302/23/2013

Here's one for the girls. Actress Shawna Waldron ( (I'd be surprised if anyone knows who she is.. Very pretty. Was a child actress. Bi I think)

Almost slept w Amanda seyfried. She was high. This was five years ago. She's bi as well, I'm guessing.

Flirted with Jane lynch, Jillian michaels, rose mcgowan, linda perry - years ago.

My friend dated Zachary Quinto for several years before he was more well known.

I'll try to think of more.

by inthenavyreply 39402/23/2013

PPMS, it's called having a little taste, something you wouldn't know anything about. Hey, at least I get to make whoopie, unlike you.

by inthenavyreply 39502/24/2013

R397--If he adds Nancy Reagan and Ted Nugent, would you get the joke?

by inthenavyreply 39602/24/2013

"Chad Everett during his Medical Center days."

Details, please.

You were one lucky guy.

by inthenavyreply 39702/24/2013

[quote]Slept with: Bradley Cooper, David Schwimmer, Keith Allison, Randy Schiltz, John Kasich, Bernie Madoff, Jan Plum, Michael Beschloss, David Gest, Elaine Stritch, Larry Kern, Usher and Mark Consuelos-Ripa.

Who are Larry Kern and Jan Plum?

by inthenavyreply 39802/24/2013

Yes, R379. He was big in every way and a bit furry. The car smelled like leather. His scent, from his armpits, was intoxicating.

He was obsessed with my blond hair and uncut cock. He was cut and didn't like it. I was a scared kid, running away from my homophobic family in Utah to see a friend in LA. It was around Christmas time. His affection, warmth and humor and the sex with him cheered me up.

by inthenavyreply 39902/24/2013

R401--I was just checking-in to make an update and here you beat me to it! Ted, Nancy and I thought we were being discrete. Were you the girl with the blue Afro?

by inthenavyreply 40002/25/2013

OK r405- not afraid to admit that I don't know half those names nor do I get the joke at all.

If anyone cares to explain it, fine. If not, no sleep lost.

by inthenavyreply 40102/25/2013

I don't get r359's joke either.

by inthenavyreply 40202/26/2013

R327, I just checked out Steve Hooper's picture and he is a gorgeous stud! Also, He shows the bottom of his gorgeous feet! I love British men! There are so many British men that are studs!It indicates he is Bi though so he is not gay? I notice in the picture he is wearing a wedding? is he married?

by inthenavyreply 40302/26/2013

I think Steve had a career in straight porn. I don't think he ever did gay videos. However, I've heard he does rent himself out to gay men.

by inthenavyreply 40402/26/2013


by inthenavyreply 40502/28/2013

R409, Steve Hooper did solos for gay porn. he has a FaceBook page.I think they said this creep did 120 straight porn films ,yet he is married and he had a kid around 4 years ago. What woman would marry some slime like this guy? His wife must have low self esteem! And if he does escort service for male clients, he must be a major confused closet case!

by inthenavyreply 40603/01/2013

[quote] I decided to contact David Forest to asking if I have any chance to meet with Charles Dera

Report back if you decided to go through with it r323. Will Charles Dera fuck guys for money? Will he be fucked? Has anyone else tried David Forest's site for meetings?

by inthenavyreply 40703/01/2013

I got cruised by Miss Piggy, but she is such a swine, she cruises everyone. If only kermit knew....

by inthenavyreply 40803/01/2013


by inthenavyreply 40903/01/2013

Old timer here. Lived in LA from 62-68. Moved from my Catholic but loving family in Chicago at 19 with enough cash saved from my paper route to stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a few nights before renting a place and looking for a job. I was sexually confused as I was turned on by girls having found a couple girlie magazines in our garage as a young teenager but sometimes I'd see a muscular guy in Tight pants and I'd wet my shorts. I was vaguely aware of this gay thing but didn't really know what it involved. My first weekend at the Beverly Hills hotel I laid eyes on the poolboy- blond, muscular, deep tan and tight white trunks . I had for the first time explicit fantasies and desires about a other male that left no doubt in my mind. The poolboy was straight alas but I did have many opportunities with the beautiful people of LA and I wasn't shy about spreading it around. I didn't want to name any names but my partner tells me that I'm too long in the tooth to be a tease! I'm not sure if these names will mean much to most of you but here they are. George Maharis,Tab Hunter, Richard Chamberlain and I eye fucked Roddy McDowall in the bathroom of Dinos - Dean Martins eatery. I was also partial to the advances of a very attractive lady and took Angie Dickinson to dinner, along with encounters with Suzanne Pleshette my neighbour and Diane McBain.

by inthenavyreply 41003/06/2013

Amazing, r415! You must have been a hot piece of ass!

by inthenavyreply 41103/10/2013

Hey, any of you happy hookers know if actor, Nicholas Turturro is bisexual?

by inthenavyreply 41203/11/2013

Great stuff 415! Tell us more!

by inthenavyreply 41303/11/2013

This is R417, does anyone know if hottie actor Danny Pino is bisexual? Have any of you sleazy whores had a thing with him or is he straight 8?

What about Ricky Schroder? He was on Andy's show Watch What Happens. WOW! he has aged badly! he looks much older than 43. Does he drink? He said he and Whitney Houston got into heavy kissing on the set of Silver Spoons when he was 15 and she was 18 only that one time ,and after that they never saw each other again. He said she was hot then. However, some on DL claim he was bisexual when he was younger? Is the bisexual claim by some on DL one of those DL myths now and then that float around here? or is this true? I am aware Ricky has been married for years and his children are in their 20's! Also, he is a Mormon.

BTW, I have read once he was a real brat and rude. Has anyone met him? a fling? etc. Was he a jerk and very nasty?

by inthenavyreply 41403/11/2013

[R100]Please tell about Bernadette Peters.

by inthenavyreply 41503/28/2013

I sucked Rebel Wilson's cock

by inthenavyreply 41603/28/2013

R421 Nothing to be proud of she is such a horrible actress.

by inthenavyreply 41703/29/2013

r417 I heard a rumor long ago tht Ricky Schroder fooled around with Jason Bateman who played his smart alec friend. It might have been teenage experimentation though.

by inthenavyreply 41804/02/2013


by inthenavyreply 41904/02/2013

bump for more

by inthenavyreply 42004/26/2013

I fucked Kip Pardue in Atlanta a few years ago. We had been seated next to each other on a flight to Atlanta but bc of weather delays we got to talking & drinking. Well we get to Atlanta & my next flight had been cancelled until the next day. We ended up going to his hotel room where we flip flopped each other through the night. He was a passionate lover but could get a little rough at times. We exchanged info afterwards but never kept in touch.

by inthenavyreply 42104/30/2013


Are you a guy or girl?

by inthenavyreply 42204/30/2013

Golden age siren Dixie Wexworth.

by inthenavyreply 42304/30/2013

R427, do men and women "flip-flop each other"?

by inthenavyreply 42404/30/2013

Not sure this even qualifies as "Famous". Jive Jones. Late 90s one-hit wonder from the TRL days. Hooked up with him in the mid-00s at his apt in east village. Body was smokin, but he was tweaked out on god knows what. Still, the sex was hot and he bottomed like champ.

by inthenavyreply 42505/05/2013


by inthenavyreply 42605/18/2013

had to google r430 but congrats! looks like a fun lay.

by inthenavyreply 42705/18/2013

Congrats to [R30]. Have no clue who that is but he looks like a hottie.

by inthenavyreply 42805/19/2013

Sorry meant R430 in the reply just above.

by inthenavyreply 42905/19/2013

Monday work bump

by inthenavyreply 43005/20/2013

Never heard of Jive Jones, but he looks hot - what was his apt. like?

by inthenavyreply 43105/20/2013

any others?

by inthenavyreply 43205/20/2013

One night with an American Gladiator contestant. Married guy, completely fucking hot - hairy, built like a brick shithouse, triathlete, Laird Hamilton type. Fuck! Sucked him off three times that night, would not let him sleep. He's also done some bit parts in crime dramas and was even a semi regular on a family drama. God, he's still quite prevalent in my spank bank 5 years later.

by inthenavyreply 43305/20/2013

Sally Jesse Raphael.

by inthenavyreply 43405/21/2013

r34....I had a friend who dated Paul Ruebens for about a year and a half in the mid-90s...they met online. He said he was a really nice guy...I can only imagine what went on during the that time my friend was a huge druggie and a drunk.

by inthenavyreply 43505/21/2013

Sorry....the reply at r440 was meant for r35...

by inthenavyreply 43605/21/2013

r438 what was his name?

by inthenavyreply 43705/21/2013

R442 never in a million years. The man has kids. We made contact on a4a. Wife ( a semi famous author in her own right ) was out of town with the kids. He gave me a cam show. He was going to a college game and I was a very convenient stopover on his journey. Amazed me - after driving 8 hours and no shower his crotch had the slight smell of evergreen.. I am not joking. Just the perfect specimen.

by inthenavyreply 43805/21/2013

R300 = David France

by inthenavyreply 43905/21/2013

r443 Let me guess - you took the A-Train....

by inthenavyreply 44005/21/2013

John Barrowman. He was in town for some event, either a comic convention or personal appearance, and was staying at the hotel where I worked. He was very flirty and cute from the first day. I had seen him during the day but we wound up getting together one night when I was helping with the night shift (the girl who was sharing my shift was pissed when I came back so late from my break). Had seen a few other celebs as well over my time.

by inthenavyreply 44105/21/2013

r446 Barrowman is supposed to be very well hung..that true??

by inthenavyreply 44205/22/2013

Very well hung and thick. Bottom.

by inthenavyreply 44305/22/2013

r443 -

So did he have on leg?

by inthenavyreply 44405/22/2013


by inthenavyreply 44505/22/2013


by inthenavyreply 44605/22/2013

that should be one leg.

by inthenavyreply 44705/22/2013


by inthenavyreply 44805/24/2013

Justin Bieber, but Usher wouldn't get out of the way.

by inthenavyreply 44905/24/2013

haah hahah ha ha ha ha ha hahaha... OMG r454 is sooo funny. OMG I'm forwarding the message to everyone I know. You is sooo funny girl! OMG. A datalounge reply comedian. So funny and witty!

Someone post something good?

by inthenavyreply 45005/24/2013

Chill, snarkypants.

by inthenavyreply 45105/24/2013

Awwwww.... isn't it cute when the widdle Beliebers get upset?

by inthenavyreply 45205/25/2013

You should not make fun of Bieber, he is an artist, all the rest of this stuff does not matter, he is a true artist. He is 19 and accomplished so much. He brought back leather diaper pants. He needs sunglasses 24/7. He shits gold bricks and farts sunshine. You should fucking kill yourself now.

by inthenavyreply 45305/26/2013

bump can someone bring life?

by inthenavyreply 45405/26/2013

Brad Pitt.

by inthenavyreply 45505/27/2013

R428 Poolie!

by inthenavyreply 45605/27/2013

R323 So did your escort deal work out?

by inthenavyreply 45705/27/2013

R323 What ever happened with you and Charles Dera?

by inthenavyreply 45805/28/2013

hi R411 its R327 here, yeah Steve is married. Or he was at least when we met. He is still on Gaydar, this is the profile. Pretty sure he is older than 37 as his profile says and that it said 37 when I mailed him over 2 years ago

by inthenavyreply 45905/28/2013

^^^ sorry meant to reference R409 there

by inthenavyreply 46005/28/2013

Richard Armitage picked my boyfriend up on gaydar years ago.

by inthenavyreply 46105/28/2013


by inthenavyreply 46205/29/2013


by inthenavyreply 46305/29/2013

I got drunk and made out with the captain of the football team. Does that count?

by inthenavyreply 46405/29/2013

Do local celebrities count?

by inthenavyreply 46505/29/2013


by inthenavyreply 46605/29/2013

Zayn Malik, Cara Delevigne.

I'm female.

by inthenavyreply 46705/29/2013

Are you sure it's a no? The football team captain was a hunk and then some. And then some more. Sigh.

by inthenavyreply 46805/29/2013

Not sure if this counts as famous, but I hooked up with a late 80s gay porn actor named Lou Cass. Big dick, nice body, bottom, but he's fried his brain on drugs and was always a little bit off. The whole thing left me feeling kind of sorry for him.

by inthenavyreply 46905/31/2013


by inthenavyreply 47006/01/2013

David Charvet

by inthenavyreply 47106/01/2013

details r476. Oh we never learn!

by inthenavyreply 47206/01/2013

Who was better, r472?

by inthenavyreply 47306/02/2013

[R436], apt was dark and on like ave A and houston. north side. mediocre size, think he may have had a roommate. he had platinum plaques on the walls from songs he had written on. i just kept thinking "i'm fucking the guy who wrote mandy moore's "candy."" i was slightly disgusted with myself lol.

by inthenavyreply 47406/03/2013

Can we get an brief summary of which celebrities were slept with and then break it down to who was good and who was bad in bed?

by inthenavyreply 47506/03/2013

R474 I remember seeing Lou Cass perform in j/o shows at either the Campus or the Nob Hill back in the day (late '80s maybe?)

by inthenavyreply 47606/03/2013

Probably not really considered a celebrity... but I ate out Adam Gertler's ass and blew him a couple years back. Yeah, no one knows who he is.

by inthenavyreply 47706/08/2013

r482, details please.

Not many knew who Jani Lane was, but that was one of the most epic DL threads of all time.

by inthenavyreply 47806/08/2013

Jealous, r482. He's cute. How'd it happen? What's his ass like?

by inthenavyreply 47906/08/2013

I never did, but my cousin´s grandmother was fucked by Jimmy Saville when she was dead.

by inthenavyreply 48006/08/2013

r482 - food network star runner up, hosted kid in a candy store show where he went around the country eating candy.

did he have a big dick? Did you lick his ass counter cloclwise?

by inthenavyreply 48106/08/2013

There is so much in this thread that you people should be ashamed to admit.

by inthenavyreply 48206/08/2013

You like, R486? I like!

by inthenavyreply 48306/08/2013

I was a classmate of Both Rider Strong and his brother Shiloh in high school, and i gave him (Rider) a BJ during senior year in 1997. We lost touch completely after that as it was a 1 time thing.

He was, IIRC, about 5 inches soft, and 7 erect with, about a Half Dollar coin sized in Girth. He was also pretty hairy down there. We went all the way. He was the first person i ever had any sexual experience with. He got pretty mad when i did not swallow his semen for some odd reason.

Wont get into anymore details. I doubt he would remember me unless he still has his yearbook. I still have mine.

by inthenavyreply 48406/17/2013


When we were finished, i had asked him out. He turned me down because of his "Celebrity Status" and how i was a "Nobody". Lame. Too bad too. Hes pretty dang hot and im glad i screwed him.

by inthenavyreply 48506/17/2013

Adam Gertler looks like he doesn't wipe very well, R482.

by inthenavyreply 48606/17/2013

r489 was Rider circumcised?

by inthenavyreply 48706/17/2013

So Rider is straight? Bummer.

by inthenavyreply 48806/17/2013

r493 I think Ben Savage would disagree if the rumors are true.

by inthenavyreply 48906/18/2013

Rider Strong is hot!

by inthenavyreply 49006/18/2013

I almost slept with a tennis player who had been in the top 50 WTA.

This is "almost" by a very long stretch.

by inthenavyreply 49106/19/2013

reply 492,

Yes. He was.

by inthenavyreply 49206/22/2013


by inthenavyreply 49306/22/2013

Bob Newhart. We stayed in the same hotel one night.

by inthenavyreply 49406/22/2013

Jealous of Janis.

by inthenavyreply 49506/22/2013

Did anyone get close enough to Henry Cavill's butt is all I want to know?

by inthenavyreply 49606/23/2013

Curious just watched Eat Drink Love and Chris Crary from top chef (the good looking one) was there with Adam the end of the night someone said "am I going home with you" and Chris said "I am taking him home..."


by inthenavyreply 49708/12/2013

Sorry for the bump, but I would like to add mine. I was an extra on the 1996 movie, Scream, and during production in 95/96, me and Skeet Ulrich (Who played antagonist Billy Loomis) had a year long relationship in 1995, and well, eventually we slept together. If I can remember correctly he had a nice cut 7Inch erect penis with some pretty good sized testicles. He was also really, really hairy down there I had to encourage him to shave it.

Eventually in 96 though, we parted ways because the movie was wrapping up and I lived all the way across the country, and neither of us wanted to do a long distance relationship. He eventually met and quickly married someone else and had kids with her. It was not until 2005 that I unexpectedly met Skeet again when I was an extra on The Magic of Ordinary Days. I was informed by him that he was divorcing his wife because he could not handle her abuse anymore. I gave him my number and he gave me his, and eventually we started another relationship which lasted about 2 years, because I was then now living in L.A, and so was he. We broke up later because we decided to see other people. He is still a REALLY nice guy and we still keep in touch and meet up with each other sometimes to this day in 2013. He is also still really, really cute too, even though we are both in our 40`s now. ( :( I wish time does not fly so fast. I would do anything...anything to reverse back to 1995/1996 when we were a cute couple).

Anyways, the point is, I slept with Skeet, seen his penis, and is was really nice. It was about as long as the "WiiMote" when it was soft. (Just to give you a better idea), and as round as a banana. Ha, I might have to seduce him again just to get him in the sac again. He is really good in bed. (Oh, and he is also a moaner!)

by inthenavyreply 49810/18/2013

Don't get any ideas, Nia. He's off the market.

by inthenavyreply 49910/19/2013

Jeff Stryker and Ty Herndon.

by inthenavyreply 50010/19/2013

Ha! One of the 'evil kids' from 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose' way back when. Talked on AOL, went over to his place, didn't go through with it.

by inthenavyreply 50110/19/2013

No wonder Skeet Ulrich never amounted to much professionally if this is the sort of support he got. Poor guy.

by inthenavyreply 50210/19/2013

500, how long ago did you sleep with Jeff? Is he still hot? How is the big cock up close?

by inthenavyreply 50310/19/2013

Is Abraham Benrubi from Parker Lewis and ER(The giant guy)gay?

by inthenavyreply 50410/19/2013

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary. He is a real jerk. Glad I got out of his apt. before anything happened. He was later accused of raping a minor. BTW, I was 16 at the time, him probably early 40s. He actually had the fucking guts to call home and ask my mom questions about me.

by inthenavyreply 50510/19/2013

How old is he now...about a hundred?

by inthenavyreply 50610/19/2013

"Anyways, the point is, I slept with Skeet, seen his penis, and is was really nice. It was about as long as the "WiiMote" when it was soft. (Just to give you a better idea), and as round as a banana."

R498, this is possibly the weirdest description of a penis I've seen on here.

by inthenavyreply 50710/19/2013

I am not sure if the last message posted but I slept with Jon Beavers from the fresh beat band at the Millenium Hilton last year.

We fooled around a bit. He had a nice and shaved 8 Inch erect dick with a nice pair of low hanging balls.

by inthenavyreply 50810/21/2013

R477, are you male or female?

by inthenavyreply 50910/21/2013

Are you male or female 500?

by inthenavyreply 51010/21/2013

I'm 500...male...Stryker was 2002-2004ish...he's very sexy in person....very nice guy.Ty Herndon was 1996...Dallas.Huge 10 inch dick...he's known for it.He wanted to fuck me but I just sucked him dry.

by inthenavyreply 51110/22/2013

500. thanks. Do you still keep in touch? Was it a real date or an arranged thing?

by inthenavyreply 51210/22/2013

Two '70s porn stars, Marc Stevens (Mr. 10-1/2) and Dick Fisk.

by inthenavyreply 51310/22/2013

Who the hell wants to get fucked by 10 inches? That's a curse.

by inthenavyreply 51410/22/2013

Actually, I fucked him. He loved it. Everyone expected him to do the fucking, but he was quite versatile.

by inthenavyreply 51510/22/2013

No don't keep in touch with Stryker....I have a picture of us together somewhere...

by inthenavyreply 51610/22/2013

Was it a social date or was it "arranged"? Is he gay, or bi?

by inthenavyreply 51710/22/2013

r498, you mean you want to get his sac in the sack again! (I wonder if he kept up the shaving...?)

by inthenavyreply 51810/22/2013

Skeet in 2010

by inthenavyreply 51910/22/2013

Skeet is gay? (This is one of those times, R519, where you'd better not be female.)

by inthenavyreply 52010/22/2013

I thought the person talking about Skeet was a woman.

by inthenavyreply 52110/22/2013

I think we want to know if r498 is a woman!

(They ought to start their stories with this fact!)

by inthenavyreply 52210/22/2013

I had an affair with a well-known NYT bestselling female author. She was in an open marriage. Lasted a little over a year but we lived in different cities; she was batshit crazy and exhausting once the shine wore off.

I'm currently in a 4 year relationship with a female CNN anchor/correspondent you'd most likely know.

Between those, I had a two-night romp with a famous female politician. She wanted to keep seeing each other, but the idea of being caught/exposed freaked me out too much.

by inthenavyreply 52310/22/2013

That's why I hate the fact that women who don't sleep with women post here.

Who fucking cares if Skeet Ulrich slept with a woman? News value = 0. Now, if he and Corey Stoll were getting it on between takes on L&O:LA, that's a story.

by inthenavyreply 52410/22/2013

R523, you've posted about your stories before. Is there anything more you would like to share? Not names nor hints obviously, but maybe things you've learned, or funny stories, I don't know. I definitely remember the long-term relationship with a famous anchor.

I'm reading Rita Mae Brown's memoir at the moment and she shares a lot (well, a lot and not a lot, given libel laws). You learn from other people's lives, and I am seeing mine quite differently now, as if from a propoer distance. One thing I should have kept in mind very early on is not listen to what other people think. And do what you want in life.

by inthenavyreply 52510/22/2013

I had sex with James Mitchell (Palmer Cortland on AMC, Dream Curly in Oklahoma movie and original Harry Beaton in Brigadoon) when he was 77 and I was 23. It was pretty hot. He was very sweet and had a decent body for his age. He was pretty handsome right up til his death three years ago. We stayed friends the last 13 years of his life. I miss him.

by inthenavyreply 52610/22/2013

r526 = thread killer

by inthenavyreply 52710/22/2013

How did you meet him R526? Who came on to whom?

by inthenavyreply 52810/22/2013

I met him on a crosstown bus in Manhattan.

by inthenavyreply 52910/22/2013

I had sex with him just after he died. Too much rigid mortis for my taste.

by inthenavyreply 53010/22/2013

rigid mortis?

by inthenavyreply 53110/22/2013

Rigor! Damn auto correct

by inthenavyreply 53210/22/2013

I rimmed Bambi.

by inthenavyreply 53310/22/2013

R525, I can only assure you that said author was not Rita Mae Brown.

by inthenavyreply 53410/23/2013

We already knew that about Disney. We are not the general public.

by inthenavyreply 53510/23/2013

Kennedy from MTV wrote a book.

She said the GooGoo Dolls song, Name, is about her.

by inthenavyreply 53610/23/2013

This is truly pathetic on my part but the closest I've ever come to bedding someone "famous" was 90's porn star Gianfranco aka Ali. Not once but twice. I'd probably enjoy it more now then I did back then. This was all about 15 years ago. At the time I was a budding young teenaged slut just starting out & Gianfranco (Ali) took a liking to me. I thought I knew what I was doing but I truly was no match for an experienced whore like him. He devoured me! Now that I'm older & have gained quite a bit of experience myself, I wouldn't mind going a few more rounds with him. I'd love to see what he looks like nowadays.

by inthenavyreply 53710/23/2013

The Duke of Ferrara

The King of the Belgians

The Baron de Signac

by inthenavyreply 53810/23/2013

I know someone who thinks he was exposed to HIV by Mr Brady of the Brady Bunch.

by inthenavyreply 53910/23/2013

R539 , you're a lucky girl. Gianfranco was one hot, hairy Daddy!

by inthenavyreply 54010/23/2013

R526 I think you meant to post in the what's the perviest thing you've ever done thread...

by inthenavyreply 54110/23/2013

For me, one of the most interesting posts of this thread was the one that mentioned hooking up with a member of the R&B group After7 (male-on-male hookup). Everyone who is of a certain age and who was listening to R&B circa 1990/1991 remembers After7 - they were a staple on BET video shows and on "urban contemporary" radio stations. I wish the person who posted that had gone into more detail - i.e. which one of Babyface's brothers was it? (Didn't Babyface have two brothers in that group?)

In retrospect - all three of those guys seem(ed) to be likely candidates for DL activity.

by inthenavyreply 54210/23/2013

And by having gained quite a bit of experience R#539 means become an old blown out whore.

by inthenavyreply 54310/23/2013

Mitchell Palmer? I'm kind of impressed. I always loved his character, even when he was mean.

by inthenavyreply 54410/25/2013

Did we ever find out if r498 is a man or a woman?

by inthenavyreply 54510/25/2013

I never did anything with him (Because he is not gay), but I was part of the dressing and makeup crew for the TV Show "Joey" and I seen Matt Leblanc`s penis dozens of times. Seriously, it was the largest I have ever seen. It was literally around 9 Inches and it was just soft.

I really wish that guy was gay, because If so, Id of loved that giant cock in my mouth.

by inthenavyreply 54611/01/2013

Most obvious Matt LeBlanc post in the history of the internet.

by inthenavyreply 54711/02/2013

I have been on heavily by a member of a well known rap group ( we made out, exchanged numbers and talked almost daily for about 3 months), as well as El DeBarge (we did not have sex, just some great flirting and conversation) who is a complete gentleman. I am female

by inthenavyreply 54811/17/2013

Axl Rose, a number of times.

He's a nice guy, not at all like his public persona, and actually very intelligent and funny. He said he was bisexual, and I don't think it's any big deal.

We were friends and we would spend the night or the weekend together at a hotel. I liked him.

He did have some bad experiences with older men hitting on him when he was younger, and I recall the first time we talked about it he said that he'd thought that anal sex would be too painful. Later he came to enjoy it.

He never liked to use condoms, though, because it didn't feel like real sex; didn't feel like you were really loving the other person.

by inthenavyreply 54911/20/2013

Axl Rose sounds like a really nice guy from R551's recount, unless it's creative writing.

by inthenavyreply 55011/20/2013

I worked for the video game company, Insomniac Games, from 1998-2003, and I was close friends with Ted Price, and CEO of the company, at the time. One day, me and him were at the gym, and we always would shower together. I am gay, but he is not (He has a wife and kids), but I always would take a peak at his dick. Very, very nice piece of meat on him. I never seen it erect, but soft, it was at least 6 Inches, with nice black pubic hair all around his testicles and pubic region.

by inthenavyreply 55111/23/2013

Axl was nice, and we had a lot in common, being refugees from fundamentalism, dysfunctional families and so on.

by inthenavyreply 55211/24/2013

Matt LeBlanc has a very small penis and is straight. He's about 4 inches erect.

by inthenavyreply 55311/24/2013

You may or may not know who he is, but I went to high school with actor Anthony Guajardo and I never actually slept with him or did anything, of course, but he used to shower after basketball practice and he has a pretty nice piece of meat. It was about 6 inches soft, and is was pretty round and very hairy. I used to peak and stare at it all the time. It was hot! I wish I could of found out if he was straight or gay, because id of offered to... "Handle" his meat.

Anyways, incase you need to know who he is, he played an extra named Miguel on The Walking Dead.

by inthenavyreply 55412/04/2013

I slept with youtube star Ray W Johnson and it was not all that impressive, just average, about 3" Soft and was cut.

by inthenavyreply 55512/12/2013

John travolta. he tried to blow me in 24hr fitness.

by inthenavyreply 55612/12/2013

My brother worked at a a bellboy at the Luxor in LV in the 90's and Madonna had 4 of the suites for her upcoming concert. She asked him to run an errand for her to pick up a pair of shoes for her at the Shoebox and deliver them when he got off work. He was only in his late teens but I think of age...she invited him in for a bottle Cognac and he ended up having sex with her against the kitchen counter. Said she was in jeans and sandals at the time, had her hair up in a ponytail, no make-up, she was wearing a shirt with Elmo on it or some Sesame Street icon??! No underwear. Says its the first time he had an orgasim 3 or 4 times in a row.

by inthenavyreply 55712/22/2013

[quote]My brother worked at a a bellboy...Madonna had 4 of the suites...he ended up having sex with her against the kitchen counter

As the dutch say: the best way to learn to ride is on an old bike.

by inthenavyreply 55812/22/2013

Bumping this old thread because I'm interested in reading about the Ricky Wilson hook up. Hopefully #131 is still outthere.

by inthenavyreply 55901/11/2014

Pedro Zamora.

by inthenavyreply 56001/11/2014

Casey Donovan - it was the early 80's and he was incredibly handsome, sexy, and charming. Intelligent and fun. I had to make several trips to NYC and found his ad in the Advocate. Really enjoyed his company and so sad to later ready about his death.

by inthenavyreply 56101/12/2014

[R131} I agree, I'd like to hear more about Ricky Wilson.

by inthenavyreply 56201/20/2014

Bump again

by inthenavyreply 56302/13/2014

Precious the fat chick. But she decided to hit the buffet at the last minute.

by inthenavyreply 56402/13/2014

[quote]Matt LeBlanc...'s about 4 inches erect.

His friends must call him The Python!

by inthenavyreply 56502/13/2014

Seth MacFarlane. I am a woman and he is not gay. I gave him a blowjob after we met at a club.

Very nice piece of meat... at least 9 Inches erect and as round as a coke can, and I am not kidding. Look for photos of his bulge. He has a very big softie too...

by inthenavyreply 56602/19/2014

Nice try R568

by inthenavyreply 56702/19/2014

Tell us more about Casey, r563. I always thought he was kind of cute.

by inthenavyreply 56802/19/2014

Sorry, 569tbut its true. Go be cocky and rude elsewhere.

by inthenavyreply 56902/20/2014

"Look for photos of his bulge"

I have. You are lying.

by inthenavyreply 57002/20/2014


by inthenavyreply 57102/20/2014

bump for more hookups

by inthenavyreply 57203/22/2014

I f*cked Jared Vollman before. Incase you need to know who he is, he starred as the lead antagonist in the hit fanfilm Scream Generations as Ian. Anyways, he had an ad on Craigslist and I was surprised to find it was him when I met him in person. We had sex and it was pretty good. His cock was about 5 inches erect. Sure, that doesn't sound like much, but it was cute. Fitting for such a cute guy!

He is gay too, btw, and is dating one of his Scream Generations co stars.

by inthenavyreply 57304/04/2014

Who here has fucked Timberlake?

Beside Lance Bass I guess.

I want to know what it's like!

by inthenavyreply 57404/04/2014

I want to know if anyone was ever with any of the hot men on the soap PASSIONS. Both of the guys who played Miguel were delicious, as was actor Dylan Fergus. The first Ethan who was later on Scrubs pinged. The oldest Lopen Fitgerald brother--who always was shirtless--had me hard all the time. The hot daddy who played the police chief OMG and Luis too (although I think he is straight.) The second Ethan also seems straight. I can't remember his name but the very handsome black guy who was the second actor to play this character--boyfriend of Theresa's best friend. L.A. brothers--any of you had these guys? Esp. Dylan?

by inthenavyreply 57504/04/2014

[quote]Who here has fucked Timberlake? I want to know what it's like!

R576=Jessica Biel

by inthenavyreply 57604/04/2014

r576, I've fucked Timberlake

by inthenavyreply 57704/04/2014

All this Sebastian Stan talk circa 2011 has me laughing (especially considering his list of "girlfriends"). In case y'all didn't notice, he's the new Tom Hiddeston of teen girl social media since The Winter Soldier opened. Wonder what new beard he'll be promoted to? Especially since he has a 9 picture deal with Marvel...

by inthenavyreply 57804/22/2014

The person who posted about Jon Beavers, are you a guy or a woman?

by inthenavyreply 57904/22/2014

R580: what rumors about Sebastian Stan? I'm too lazy to go back in the thread...

by inthenavyreply 58004/26/2014

Had a three way with Franco and Nick Kroll

by inthenavyreply 58104/27/2014

Cruised by Andrew Sullivan on a Metrobus in the 90s. Those were bad old days in DC and unacquainted middle class people didn't make eye contact on the bus. It was disturbing. We got off at the same stop, Fortunately, he went the other way. I had no idea who he was but the Washington Post ran a story on him the next day with a pic. When I moved back to DC I crossed paths with him periodically until he left--now that he's back I'm sure I'll see him again. Mostly he scowls at other people now.

Cruised by Bob Mould, the gay punker singer. Once in NYC and other time in Columbia Heights, DC. Sadly, he moved to SF.

by inthenavyreply 58204/27/2014

Ew, Sully

by inthenavyreply 58304/27/2014

Cruised by Kevin Klein when he was appearing on Broadway in "On the 20th Century" He was outside the theater about an hour after curtain call. It was a heavy cruise, I was with a male friend and we regret to this day that we were too stupid to hook up with him. I am male btw.

by inthenavyreply 58404/27/2014

I hooked up with this actor/artist named Thom. Just a blow job, but I nearly drowned on his spunk. He only does soap work, but I guess he was famous.

by inthenavyreply 58504/27/2014

R587 - this guy?

by inthenavyreply 58604/28/2014

Who slept with Jeremy Renner?

by inthenavyreply 58704/29/2014

[quote] Those were bad old days in DC and unacquainted middle class people didn't make eye contact on the bus


by inthenavyreply 58804/29/2014

I am male. I was cruised by both Richard Gere and Sonia Braga in a film festival in Rio de Janeiro, late 80s, but nothing happened. I was too shy.

by inthenavyreply 58909/19/2014

Standing at the urinal at the Chacago Airport Lou Christie walked in and pulled his cock out and everyone couldn't help but watch him take a leak, I couldn't take my eyes of it. Tried to get his attention but just watched him shake that thing an put it back in his pants. I would have done anything to get my hands on it. What a beauty. It took me all day to remember his record Lightning Strikes , Well it did that morning.

by inthenavyreply 59009/19/2014


by inthenavyreply 59109/19/2014

Jackie Gleason buggered him up the old trap door while he shouted "to the moon, god damn it, to the moon"

by inthenavyreply 59209/19/2014

A famous international dance pop star. I met her through my friend was a song writer and still is. I was lucky enough to meet a few famous people through her.

Well this dance pop star came to America for 3 months so she and my friend could write songs for an album. I'm not sure if I was dating her. We never kissed, but she asked for a lot of massages and hugs. I felt like an unpaid assistant and I really had no idea who she was even if she had a hit song like a decade prior. I was just happy to have her in my life.

Her lifestyle was odd to me at the time, she was just awake all night. I'd have to pick up food from Denny's on a nightly basis. She never wanted to go out and do anything, if there was something she wanted, I was sent out for it and that's okay.

She wanted to meet my friends, because I talked about them so much. She met some of my friends, but always met them wearing hats and just used a name that sounded similar to her last name. No one caught on at all. No one would believe me anyway. That's always been aggravating to me over the years. At least my friend the song writer knows.

After the 3 months ended, she went back overseas, made an album and it was history. I've hung out with her maybe once every two years since then. She asked me once why I never tried to date her. I replied, weren't we? I did touch your body for 2 - 6 hours a day. She wondered if I really felt like we dated and she got a kick out of it. Then she said it would never have worked out. Yep thanks for telling me.

Over the next 15 years, I never heard that she was married or even dating anyone. Always elusive I guess. I've only told one other person and well I wasn't believed and that's cool. I don't even believe myself.

by inthenavyreply 59303/08/2015

Was that Kylie Minogue, R593? One of the Spice Girls? Really wonder who this might have been. I'd say Australia or the UK are in this story, either from the pop star, or from the poster.

by inthenavyreply 59403/09/2015

I was thinking Shakira the whole time for r593.

by inthenavyreply 59503/09/2015

Good thread. Let's hear more!

by inthenavyreply 59605/20/2015

Cameron Fox

by inthenavyreply 59705/20/2015

I had sex with Falco.

No, wait...Taco.

Wait, I think it was Cilantro.

by inthenavyreply 59805/21/2015

R243 Did Stephen Amell and Chris Coifer bottom or top. Details please!!!

by inthenavyreply 59905/21/2015

"almost slept with Stephen Amell" ?

Yeah, me too. It's called jerking off. Where did you hear that he's gay? I know every married male celeb on DL is secretly gay - but seriously?

by inthenavyreply 60005/21/2015


by inthenavyreply 60106/17/2015

At a charity dinner, I was eye-raped by Barry Manilow. I'm a man, obviously.

by inthenavyreply 60206/17/2015

Years ago when I was a humpy young stud I had a fling with Tom Selleck's stand-in. Not going to state his name but his initials were H.H.

by inthenavyreply 60306/17/2015
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