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Is Christopher Meloni gay?

I know a lot of people think he is, but he seems so comfortable with his sexuality and is so gay-friendly that I kinda think he wouldn't have a problem coming out, if he were gay..

by Ozreply 54508/14/2017

Major pussy/cockhound. Big Bush/Obama supporter.

by Ozreply 111/14/2011

If you think he's hot you're proud of being gay/self-loathing.

by Ozreply 211/14/2011

Christopher Meloni is not a fag!

And I'm just the dame to prove it!

by Ozreply 311/14/2011

I have posted this a number of times. My next door neighbors here in Austin are long-term friends of his from college. They know him very well and stay with him in New York. He is not gay, but he is very gay friendly. He's much more liberal than my neighbors, but I don't know what his politics are. I hope to met him next time he is here in Austin.

by Ozreply 411/14/2011

That's what I think! Gay-friendly not gay:)

by Ozreply 511/16/2011

The epitome of bi.

by Ozreply 611/16/2011

r6 is correct. A former boss of mine was a busboy at Studio 54 when Meloni worked there as a bartender. He said Meloni hooked up with a couple of guys he worked with.

And don't get me started about the way he used to prance around nude in the locker room at Crunch. Yes, I know it's a locker room, where people change clothes. But this guy would literally put on a show in the showers.

by Ozreply 711/16/2011

My neighbours also think that I'm gay-friendly but not gay.

by Ozreply 811/16/2011

A guy you'll never know, find soaringly hot from his television shows ... why is he on your radar about if gay or not? WTF? Other than wishful thinking on your part, nevermind that there is nothing about him pinging, if he did ping, he'd not ping with you. Give it a rest!

Upstairs Eldergay knows him from his days working at REDBOOK magazine. Nice guy. Good at magazine promotion. Wanted to be an actor. He had an acting degree, went for commercials. Started to work in his early 30's.

No, he is not gay.

by Ozreply 911/16/2011

Edga = Cheryl

by Ozreply 1011/16/2011

[quote]why is he on your radar about if gay or not? WTF?

Do you even know where you're posting? Is this your first day at DataLounge? [bold]WTF????[/bold]

by Ozreply 1111/16/2011

[quote]But this guy would literally put on a show in the showers.


Wow, that must have taken some work to set up a ticket booth and lighting and scenery all in your shower room.

by Ozreply 1211/16/2011

[quote]And don't get me started about the way he used to prance around nude in the locker room at Crunch. Yes, I know it's a locker room, where people change clothes. But this guy would literally put on a show in the showers.

by Ozreply 1311/16/2011

He always came across to me as being bisexual but then I have bidar and gaydar.

by Ozreply 1411/18/2011

Isn't Meloni a bit too young to have been a bartender at Studio 54?

by Ozreply 1511/18/2011

No, R15, he's not a bit too young to have worked at Studio 54.

by Ozreply 1611/18/2011

With an ass like that, it would be cruel if he wasn't at least BI.

Speaking of Meloni, I watched an episode of SVU last night where Kathy Griffin guest-starred as the leader of some lesbian brigade. At one point in the show, her character says to Stabler "You've got a big ass...your ass is HUGE!" Then she goes on to call him "Assy McBigpants". I LOLed!

by Ozreply 1711/18/2011

Does anyone have photos of Chris Meloni presenting his taint? He presented his hole beautifully in OZ, but I would also love to see how he presents his taint.

by Ozreply 1801/26/2012

I also love the scene where he takes a steaming piss in a bucket. Would let him piss all over my nasty face. What do you think Chris Meloni's farts smell like? I reckon they smell GOOD.

by Ozreply 1901/26/2012

How abut pics of Chris Meloni's balls? He presented his nice dangly low-hangers in a few different shower scenes in OZ.

What do you think his balls smell like in relation to his hole or his taint??? Pls answer soon.

by Ozreply 2001/26/2012

Please find photos of the hot stink rising from Christopher Meloni's taint. Also do you think the skin of his taint is smooth/tender/dry? Would you go down on it even if he hadn't bathed in a few days?

by Ozreply 2101/26/2012

He's not Gay, but he's had his cock sucked by another man more than once, but won't get rimmed for ANYTHING.

by Ozreply 2201/26/2012

I think he seems very bisexual, too

by Ozreply 2301/26/2012

His wife is kind of butch.

by Ozreply 2401/26/2012

He's definitely bisexual. He butches up for the cameras but in real life he's a bit queeny, loves walking his dog and go antiquing with his thick-necked interior decorator wife Sherman. Has done commendable work for countless LGBT causes.

by Ozreply 2501/26/2012

R22 how do you know he's had his cock sucked but won't let guys rim him? What a waste, if true!

also wasn't there more than one blind item about him having affairs with men during shooting of OZ?

by Ozreply 2601/26/2012

Found this on Yahoo Q & A on: is Chris Meloni a closet fairy?

"yes he is ...

and last I heard he is dating someone clandestinely. He used to date my ex-bf's brother's boyfriend. Apparently he was also the 'passive' partner.

as well my ex bf's brothers bf also said that chris also had a thing for fruit - inserted rectally

Source(s): my ex-bf's brothers boyfriend"

Thoughts? WHAT FRUITS DOES HE LIKE TO HAVE INSERTED UP HIS RECTUM? Has anyone tried this, what would you recomend etc?

by Ozreply 2701/28/2012

I can safely say I'd eat his WORST shit

by Ozreply 2801/28/2012

Aside from his role on OZ and his wife having a man's name and a thick neck, he always pings loud for me.

1. Queeny in that commercial where he sings the NBC theme tune.

2. Loves furniture and interior design, a pastime he shares with his wife of the past 17 years.

3. Rumors flying about male hook-ups he had during those long cold New York winters of the mid-late 80s, when he plied his trade in a variety of porny alpha-male jobs - bouncer, bartender, gym instructor, construction worker - while studying drama with Sanford Meisner. As mentioned already, talks of him putting on a real show for guys in the locker room: soaping himself up for a good half hour in the shower, strutting around without a towel etc (I've heard similar stories about Dolph Lundgren and Mario Lopez). Within the past few years there was talk of him frequenting a very gay-friendly NY gym where he always wore the tightest silver lycra shorts, would walk right into the middle of a pit of fags and proceed to tease the queens by doing deep barbell squats and acting oblivious to his behavior.

4. In summer 2010 he buys a one-bedroom Financial District apartment in Greenwich which according to his real estate people he wanted to use as "personal office space" (i.e. a fuck pad for his mano-a-mano encounters). Six months later Dan Deutsch from Homestate Properties announces that Meloni needs a bigger work space and it's going on the market for just $875,000. When Meloni bought it the place was valued at $1 million, then all of a sudden he keeps dropping the price and relisting it like it were the apartment in Rosemary's Baby.

5. He insisted on pissing in the bucket in OZ himself when producers offered him a prosthetic piss device because he enjoyed the attention of the (mostly male) crew watching him piss. This jibes nicely with the talk of him putting on a show for guys in the gym shower. Again it seems that rather than gay or straight, he's a narcissistic exhibitionist who simply craves sexual attention from whoever will give it to him, much like Mario Lopez.

by Ozreply 2901/28/2012

Beats Carmine by a mile. What a hunk!

by Ozreply 3001/28/2012

Good gossip, R29! Post like that is what I love about DL!

by Ozreply 3101/28/2012

R27, kiwi.

by Ozreply 3201/28/2012

[quote]...(i.e. a fuck pad for his mano-a-mano encounters).

Why doesn't anyone realize that mano a mano is Spanish for hand to hand?

by Ozreply 3301/28/2012

R27, why you say kiwi?

I like the thought of Meloni moaning and whimpering as the pulpy green slush of a kiwi slimes up his open rectum!!

by Ozreply 3401/28/2012


by Ozreply 3501/28/2012

R31, you might wanna hit the trolldar before you go on believing R29's posts.

by Ozreply 3601/28/2012

Trolldar Troll at r36!

by Ozreply 3701/28/2012

Fuck off you sexless dried-up troll at R36 unless you have something positive to contribute about which fruits Meloni likes taking up his shithole.

by Ozreply 3801/28/2012

Word from the True Blood set is that Meloni and Joe Mangianello hate each other's guts.

by Ozreply 3901/28/2012

So we know now he likes taking the flesh of a KIWI up his rectum. Do you think he ever smears PENAUT BUTTER around his hole and forces one of his twinks to lick it off but good?

by Ozreply 4001/28/2012

R39 Where did you hear that? It's just strange since it has been weird that there has been absolutely NO word from the TB set, except that he was there one day before going back to film Man of Steel in Vancouver.

by Ozreply 4101/28/2012

He has hair plugs.

by Ozreply 4201/28/2012

That's strange R42 considering that he's still pretty bald. You're probably getting confused with what he had to wear on SVU. Now he's back to his natural self.

by Ozreply 4301/28/2012

Hair plugs? That man is as bald as a newborn.

by Ozreply 4401/28/2012

It's as if someone took B vitamins and then peed all over this thread!

by Ozreply 4501/28/2012

You're probably right, R43.

When he stood outside in scenes for SVU you could his plugs. All men with bad plug jobs should never stand outside. You can literally see the plugs.

by Ozreply 4601/28/2012

I am very excited for his turn on True Blood. I hope he still looks good naked.

by Ozreply 4701/28/2012

What do you mean by B vitamins, R45?

Re: his hair plugs on SVU, I noticed them too. Very visible in certain scenes, as was his bronze foundation. In some outdoor daylight scenes he was wearing more make-up than Mariska.

I'd still take him to the root.

by Ozreply 4801/28/2012

Trolldar R48, then go back and look at this thread.

by Ozreply 4901/28/2012

Can't wait to see him in True Blood. All I know is that his character will be "an ancient powerful vampire"! He looks like he throws a mean fuck.

by Ozreply 5001/28/2012

Well, obviously he's in love with Christopher Meloni, R49. He would spread for him, probably.

by Ozreply 5101/28/2012

Trolldar Troll at r49. They're worse than the EST-accusing Trolls. This whole place went downhill when the Trolldar Trolls started posting their crap yet they NEVER post anything of interest, humor, wisdom, or value.

by Ozreply 5201/28/2012

Agree with R51 that Meloni Troll is in love with Meloni, as evidenced by his name and the fact that at R28 (posting under the name of former 007 girl and Nicaraguan model Barbara Carrera) he claims he would eat Meloni's "worst shit."

by Ozreply 5301/28/2012

R52, trolldar is here for a reason. The only people who get mad when it's used are trolls.

by Ozreply 5401/28/2012

[quote]trolldar is here for a reason. The only people who get mad when it's used are trolls.

Spoken like a true Trolldar Troll who has contributed nothing to this thread. So what if some guy is a Meloni fan and likes to post a bunch of Meloni stuff in this thread! If you don't like it, don't click on the thread r54. Duh! Have you ever contributed anything of real value or any gossip to any thread? Doubtful! Take your trolldar and shove it, Miss Hall Monitor!

by Ozreply 5501/28/2012

Use trolldar on R18. Someone who has a human waste fetish is obsessed with the dude.

by Ozreply 5601/28/2012

probably a combination of massive ego that would probably lead to a few bi encounters.

what straight people call "gay friendly."

by Ozreply 5701/28/2012

I think that he's, at the very least, bisexual.

by Ozreply 5801/28/2012

MELONI ass at it's best! Bent over and spread and all!

by Ozreply 5901/28/2012

He has gayface to me.

by Ozreply 6001/28/2012

He is so unattractive. I don't think he's gay.

by Ozreply 6101/28/2012

I see Ms. R55 is a Hillary Clinton troll. No wonder she's so touchy about trolldar. It's been used dozens of times on her.

by Ozreply 6201/28/2012

[quote]I see Ms. R55 is a Hillary Clinton troll. No wonder she's so touchy about trolldar. It's been used dozens of times on her.

Wow! How long did you spend, Trolldar Troll, searching for my other posts? Yes, I'm a fan of Democrats and when someone accused Hillary of being anti-gay, I posted six or seven messages revealing facts and quotes about her work for gay equality. Further, I don't intend to stop defending her against that lie.

You're one damn sicko, r62, if the only thing you EVER contribute to DL is trolldar announcements. It's jackasses like you who tear this place down with your pathetic jealousy. Just as webbie has said he doesn't want to see EST accusations, it's time to get rid of Trolldar Trolls like you.

by Ozreply 6301/28/2012

R63 needs to take her meds.

by Ozreply 6401/28/2012

He's not gay. But he's probably not 100% straight either.

by Ozreply 6501/28/2012

[quote]Just as webbie has said he doesn't want to see EST accusations, it's time to get rid of Trolldar Trolls like you.

That doesn't make much sense considering the webmaster was the one who created Trolldar.

by Ozreply 6601/28/2012

Will you Net Nannies please just STFU about trolldar. ALL gay men with half a brain want to see Christopher Meloni's raw, spread, exposed pink asshole! Are you actually hetero or something??

I the Meloni Troll have admittedly made more than a few posts in this thread requesting to see Meloni's taint and his hole, but there are also plenty other pervy posts in this thread by other like-minded folk demanding to see similar things, folk with excellent taste and a better sense of humor than some of you nasty little queens who probably haven't been fucked by a real man since 1978. Sister at R49/R54/R56, if you can't answer anything constructive on the Qs at hand here - is Christopher Meloni gay? (if so, give proof or else just speculate); does anyone have pics of Meloni presenting his taint (if so, SHARING IS CARING, faggots!), does Meloni really like to have fruit inserted in his rectum (if so, which fruits?)... then take your Xanax and get out of this thread.

Thanks to R59 for the delicious pics of Meloni's spread hole and taint, and for keeping on track. Let's stay that way from now on.

by Ozreply 6701/28/2012

I agree we don't have to troll for Meloni-enthusiasm.

by Ozreply 6801/28/2012

Simmah dahn nah.

Keller/Beecher first kiss never gets old!

by Ozreply 6901/28/2012

although I always thought this kiss between Meloni and Brian Bloom was hotter!

by Ozreply 7001/28/2012

Last clip, hopefully Meloni's ass in those gray shorts will silence the Trolldar trolls for a while. He's clearly sweating up a storm in that wrestling scene, what do you think his hole smelled like as they were filming it?

by Ozreply 7101/28/2012

Ooh, and it doesn't look like he's wearing underwear in that clip either, R71. I'll bet he smelled like must and MAN.

by Ozreply 7201/28/2012

What are EST accusations?

by Ozreply 7301/28/2012

You accuse me of being sexless when you're the one who's obviously desperate?

That is just plain pathetic how you are thanking yourself for your own posts and think nobody will notice.

by Ozreply 7501/29/2012

Do you think he ALWAYS wipes properly after a shit?

by Ozreply 7601/29/2012

He seems like one those guys who was a terrible bully during his school days and you find out years later they are gay.

by Ozreply 7701/29/2012

Much hotter in OZ than today. He's too steroided now.

by Ozreply 7801/29/2012

[quote]He seems like one those guys who was a terrible bully during his school days and you find out years later they are gay. [/quote]

He certainly nailed that characterization on OZ. I love the moment when Sister Pete assumes the ex wife Keller is so obsessed with is this hot redhead and it turns out to be this huge, huge woman.

Meloni seriously owned that show.

But I get a omni-sexual thing from Meloni. He'll do anyone if the mood strikes.

by Ozreply 7901/29/2012

Keller seemed to be nominally bi, strongly leaning towards gay. He did more for/against/with Beecher than he did for any woman he was with. Some of the late 90's slash fiction for them was excellent, focusing on how the post incarceration couple worked to make a life for themselves in a pretty hostile world.

by Ozreply 8001/29/2012

I always thought it was a mistake to have Beecher lose his parole. Some of the best, most intense scenes between Beecher and Keller occurred when Beecher had been paroled as was taking steps to get his old life back. Meloni played the jealousy so perfectly. They could have had Beecher continue to work with prisoners to keep him on the show - although I know they were going for an over the top Shakespearean thing with the final half of the last season.

Lee Tergesen was also spectacular on the show.

by Ozreply 8101/29/2012

Wasn't it Freud or Jung who said something to the effect that most narcissists are effectively bisexual?? In that their primary desire is towards themselves so therefore they'll quite easily get off on sexual attention directed at them from any gender. That doesn't necessarily mean they need to screw both men and women the whole time, but Meloni does look just the sort to go around squatting in lycra at a gay gym and "put on a show" for guys in the shower. He laps up the attention (he used to be a personal trainer for crying out loud!) but probably not in a nasty way. Whether he likes having guys stuff fruit up his hole is another question. There's also the fact that he played the bisexual narcissist Keller so, so well on OZ, yet he's never shown himself to be a very good actor in any other role!

by Ozreply 8201/29/2012

One of the most embarrassing moments of my life involves Chris Meloni. My then-wife, who was supposed to be out of town, arrived home early to find me jacking off in the living room to that scene of Keller and Beecher wrestling in the prison gym. There was no credible explanation for what I was doing... besides the obvious one, that I was a gay man living in denial. Perhaps I should thank Meloni for setting me free!

by Ozreply 8301/29/2012


by Ozreply 8401/29/2012

OMG, how mortifying, R83!

by Ozreply 8501/29/2012

I bet Meloni's asshole tastes like butterscotch.

by Ozreply 8601/29/2012

I'd like to find out, R86.

by Ozreply 8701/29/2012

[quote]Some of the late 90's slash fiction for them was excellent

Ha ha!

by Ozreply 8801/29/2012

"Perhaps I should thank Meloni for setting me free!"

How would you like to thank Meloni, Divorced man?

by Ozreply 8901/29/2012


by Ozreply 9002/02/2012

Talked to a guy who blew him in the late 80s. Said he roared like a bull when he ejaculated, and that his cock was average length but FAT.

by Ozreply 9102/14/2012

I am a close friend of Christopher Meloni and I nor would he appreciate the lies and fabricated stories that have been posting in this room. Lies that have be spun just to tarnish his name. I have sent this thread to him and have advised him to take legal action against those slandering his name. I suggest those culprits, of which are responsible for spreading these lies, stop spreading these rumors and leave Christopher Meloni alone. He is a good, warm heart person who is true blue no matter what. He's got a heart of gold and a wonderful sense of humor. I'm not saying this to everybody in the forum just those who have slattered Chris and told lies about him. You all know who you are. You either stop or legal action will be taken against you.

by Ozreply 9205/07/2012

"Slattered"? is that some new kinky sexual euphemism I haven't heard of, as in 'I'd totally slatter Chris Meloni if I had a chance.'?

by Ozreply 9305/07/2012

Would swallow his slatter.

by Ozreply 9405/07/2012

You can't take legal action on something written on a GOSSIP board; no one claims on here that things are fact, they are gossip. Also, to prove slander, you have to prove that what is printed here as adversely affected the party. It has not. Be careful when you claim slatter!!!

by Ozreply 9505/07/2012

John Slattery is on Mad Men, not Law & Order.

by Ozreply 9605/07/2012

No one's trying to "tarnish his name," dumb-ass at R92. Please take your homophobia elsewhere.

by Ozreply 9705/07/2012

would lick his slatter

by Ozreply 9805/07/2012

R92 how could anyone as obviously illiterate as you be a friend of Chris Meloni. The man is urbane, sophisticated and witty. You can barely write a coherent sentence. Begone! Never darken our door again.

by Ozreply 9905/08/2012

People like r 92 obviously don't get the concept of a place like Datalounge. The very tag line "gossip and pointless bitchery" kind of sums it up.

R 92 would be better served visiting a Nancy Grace fan site where people can offer all sorts of "picnic table litigation" ideas.

I prefer to think of someone like r92 as someone sharing their psychotic fantasy of being a friend of CM. Because IF you really were a friend standing up for his honor, you would have opted to print sign your real name and made a case.

Furthermore - this idle speculation and fantasizing about one Christopher Meloni serves nothing to make the man more marketable as a sex symbol and actor, thus, making him a sought after commodity for projects like True Blood. Don't forget, friend of CM, the second word in the phrase is business. Chatter and speculation are two of the fuel rods that feed a star's fire in show business. If they ain't gabbin ' about you, they ain't hirin' you.

by Ozreply 10005/08/2012

I am the guy whose next door neighbors are best friends with Chris. I am sure he is just amused by this discussion. He isn't gay, but very cool and open about gay men. There is no way he would sue anyone about this subject.

by Ozreply 10105/08/2012

r92 - getting an autograph from the man in the late 90s doesn't make you two friends. Just wanted to clear that up for you.

by Ozreply 10205/08/2012

Seriously? You're going to talk to me about grammar? Some people in here could use a lesson in it too I agree. But you have to admit I am not the worst. Okay, fair enough, I didn't read the tagline. I wasn't aware this is a gossip site. Besides most things on here are pleasant and I'm sure Chris would be very flattered. Yes he would be laughing at how ridiculous the minority are. I mean serious the locker room thing? It was a freaking locker room. Who the hell isn't naked in there? LOL! You know? I wasn't attacking anybody I was just sending out a warning to those who were dragging Chris' name through the mud with slanderous lies. That is all. I didn't mean any offense to those who weren't involved in that. Yes, I know you're his best friends neighbor. I saw that the first time. But let's be frank here, just because you know his best friend and see Chris sometimes when he visits his best friend doesn't mean you really know him does it? My point is I do know him and yes, he has an amazing sense of humor but I know for a fact he wouldn't appreciate people posting lies and making him out to be a "sex addict" or "whore". I've only seen about 3 or 4 posts like that but the rest of you there's no issue with you guys.

by Ozreply 10305/12/2012

And how I know him? I went to the same high school as he did. We were best friends and still are. I moved to New York with him was roommates with him before I found a place of my own too. We still stay in regular contact and have dinner and what not. He's a good man and I don't like seeing my friend being trashed by 3 or 4 people on here. You don't believe me? That's perfectly fine but I know I am telling the truth if you don't believe it that's your business.

by Ozreply 10405/12/2012

And trust me I am not homophobic. I am bisexual myself. I just didn't appreciate the rumors that were posted here about a dear friend of mine that's all. Is that so wrong that I should defend a friend of mine?

by Ozreply 10505/12/2012

Fuck off, R103/R104 and take your fucking homophobia with you. There have been gay rumors about Meloni for years and if you can't stand it then stop coming to gossip sites.

by Ozreply 10605/12/2012

r103/104 is sounding a bit too deperate. Perhaps he and Chris Meloni were the basis for "Single White Female".

And if they aren't - why does Chris Meloni choose bisexual neurotics as friends?

by Ozreply 10705/12/2012

Or maybe R103/R104 is Meloni's agent or someone from the True Blood PR team. Hey idiots, the gay rumors bout Meloni have been around for years. Coming here and trying to bully posters to stop talking about him make you look like a bunch of dumb asses.

by Ozreply 10805/12/2012

Nothing wrong with being delightfully bi. OTOH, the homophobic pretend-bi at R104 - R105 needs to STFU.

by Ozreply 10905/12/2012

R104/R105 = Chris Meloni.

Don't worry, Chris. Your secret is well known. Nobody is surprised that you like dick.

by Ozreply 11005/12/2012

Meloni "friend" = Sherman.

by Ozreply 11105/12/2012

So true, R11. Poor Sherman just can't accept that Chris's "special" friends belong to the male gender.

by Ozreply 11205/12/2012

R104 Chris has never seemed all that bothered about things that are said about him. He doesn't seem to want any sort of media presence at all. Many of his fans miss his official website and, with him leaving SVU, news about him has been very scarce although it has been great to see him working so much. How often do you meet with him?

by Ozreply 11305/12/2012

To the guy who went to HS with him, my neighbor was in college with him and he and his wife are still close friends with him. I'm in Austin, Chris would know who I am talking about. He isn't gay, but I have heard nothing but great things about him from my neighbors who know him well and everything else I read about him. I don't know him myself, but I trust what my neighbors say and Chris Meloni is not gay. It would be nice if he were, to have another successful, handsome and powerful gay man out there to stand up for us and be a positive gay role model for gay kids. Even if he isn't gay he still is, I understand and believe, extremely friendly towards the gay community and would be the first to stand up and say he was gay if he were.

I love the DL and spend too much time in here...

by Ozreply 11405/12/2012

I don't think anyone really said anything bad about him on this thread. It's mostly fan love and some jokes.

by Ozreply 11505/12/2012

R114 = The Meloni-isn't-gay-troll.

Give it a fucking rest, man. You've been hounding DL for years trying to prove Meloni's "straightness". Nobody believes you. And I love that you admit that you don't know him but your neighbors do. Does that mean that you have a private viewing into his personal life?

by Ozreply 11605/12/2012

Hey, just telling the truth, buddy, you don't have to accept it if you don't want to.

by Ozreply 11705/13/2012

Did I say he was straight? I'm just saying he's not 100% gay.

by Ozreply 11805/14/2012

hi guys! I love Chris I think he's an excellent actor and a handsome, sexy man. Reading the comments I realized that the people like someone who would like this person looks like they. The vast majority of celebrities are pointed as gays and lesbians and if they are or not really will never know unless they tell them one day. My opinion is that Chris is not gay and not bisexual. He is an actor and he can play gay and people confuse what is normal when you like someone so much you want it to be like you.

by Ozreply 11905/16/2012

I met Chris Meloni at a L&O: SVU wrap party a few years ago. My friend did publicity for a show and brought me along. He was called away, leaving me alone with my cocktail. I got a little tipsy and Chris came up to me and asked if he could drive me home....

by Ozreply 12005/16/2012

Uh oh, it's the "I met (enter any hot actor's name here) at a party while I was drunk and he offered to drive me home..." troll at R120

by Ozreply 12105/16/2012

...he...he asked me if I wanted to see the million dollar condo he was selling. My sister was house-hunting for a new place, so I said sure. It was a nice place. I was about to ask him how much he paid for the granite countertops in the kitchen, when I felt a rough hand over my mouth. Suddenly I felt the cold, cold steel of a knife, and his hot breath whispering in my ear, "If you don't do what I say, I'll KILL YOU..."

And then he...he...OMG

by Ozreply 12205/16/2012

Gee, bitchy much people? God LOL!

by Ozreply 12305/17/2012

sorry gays but Chris is not gay you will have to satisfy with John Travolta.

by Ozreply 12405/17/2012

Years ago- he was at the GLAAD Awards in NYC with his wife, Mariska H (did I spell that right?) and the guy who played his love interest in Oz. Their table was right next to mine, so we got to "watch them." I did not really watch them until Meloni and his co-star took the stage to either give or receive an award (cannot remember which). In their little bit on stage they embrace, kissed open mouth, squirming thighs hands on butts etc to bedlam at the dinner. They stopped, adjusted their ties, smoothed their suits and went on with their presentation. They came back to their table I watched them pretty closely thereafter. The wives/girlfriends were laughing and enjoying all of it- and no one gave off a gay vibe at all at their table. They were very cool, all of them very attractive- and well, just as they should be. But not gay from what I could tell including Mariska- who was pretty touchy feely with her date. This night was kind of famous for this incident on stage.

by Ozreply 12505/17/2012

R125, incredible looking bisexuals love pulling shit like that. They're just fuckin' with ya. They're actors, you know.

by Ozreply 12605/17/2012

To: Charlie(R125) Who was the date of this event of Mariska?

by Ozreply 12705/17/2012

I don't care if he is gay or not but I do think drilling his ass wouldn't be a bad thing. One thing I do notice on that police show he's on is that they never show his ass--just watch it and you'll see that RARELY do they get a shot of him including below the waist walking away. If you do see more of him below the waist it is with a jacket on to cover his ass. All I know is that Chris Meloni needs to be spanked and there is a website dedicated to that very timely concept. Let's see more of Chris getting a spankin on his ample behind!!!!

by Ozreply 12807/26/2012

His ass was well displayed on True Blood. It was glorious while it lasted.

by Ozreply 12907/26/2012

Who here would orally service Meloni to completion, on the condition that he can break your neck, right as he cums?

by Ozreply 13007/26/2012

[quote]Trolldar Trolls... NEVER post anything of interest, humor, wisdom, or value.

That seems to be accurate.

by Ozreply 13107/27/2012

Why do you think that is, R128?

by Ozreply 13207/27/2012

So you have noticed it too r132? I have no clue why except maybe they're afraid of getting higher ratings in what is otherwise an utterly boring cop show--at least they would get more of the gay crowd who are into bottoms--just a thought. Why do you ask, what did you have in mind?

by Ozreply 13307/27/2012

They were probably afraid that something would draw attention away from Queen Mariska.

by Ozreply 13407/27/2012

R133, they sometimes make references to his ass on the show but don't often show it even in trousers. I've noticed that on many major network shows where actors have very nice asses they try to deflect attention away from them visually. I don't know why. Perhaps they think it would be too hot for the audience to handle or that it makes the actor appear vulnerable like a sex object in some manner. What do you think?

by Ozreply 13507/27/2012

R135, I think it's terribly frustrating. On Eureka they went so far as to position props so you couldn't see Colin Ferguson's ass.

by Ozreply 13607/27/2012

Chris was always well aware that people talked about his ass. He's mentioned it in interviews and many times on his now defunct site. On the show it was mentioned by Kathy Griffin's character who called Stabler 'Assy McBigPants'. There was no talk about whether that was scripted or ad-libbed,

by Ozreply 13707/27/2012

I am Chris Meloni lover from his role on SVU. After seeing some of these clips, I have to watch Oz though. Any new rumors about Mariska? Why does she stay in the closet?

by Ozreply 13808/16/2012

Mariska and Christopher - both very hot here. You can see his ass in trousers swinging on a pole at 0:50.

by Ozreply 13908/16/2012

He's revolting looking. He looks exactly Burt of Burt & Ernie.

by Ozreply 14008/16/2012

No He is Not gay at all. Chris is a friendly man is all.

by Ozreply 14108/21/2012

I think the show does not highlight Mariska or Chris ass, because it's a cop show about sexual victims.

by Ozreply 14209/04/2012

I believe that Chris is not gay. He does not mind it if people are gay, bi or straight. He just has bad taste you can see that the wife he has.

by Ozreply 14309/04/2012

R142 the show was about the 'Special Victims Unit' i.e. the staff involved, rather than just being about the 'Special Victims' themselves.

by Ozreply 14409/05/2012

I am an 74 year old preachers wife.. I have several children and teach bible study ... I would love for Mr Malloney to do number 2 in my mouth...

by Ozreply 14511/24/2012

Chris is bi. He always seems to be up for acting effeminate on talk shows.

by Ozreply 14612/14/2012

He swings both ways.

by Ozreply 14712/14/2012

As it happens, Meloni, I understand, is straight.

But the argument that he is unlikely to be gay because his gay-friendliness suggests he would come out if he were doesn't hold water.

Clooney is very supportive of the community. He's also gay (or possibly bi) and closeted.

by Ozreply 14812/15/2012

R148 the answering machine message outs him. Sorry, that is not a straight man. He's not even in the same zip code as a straight man.

by Ozreply 14912/15/2012

R149...what answering machine message?

by Ozreply 15012/15/2012

r149, what answering machine? and what kind of bullshit about there being a zipcode without straight men? I live in a zipcode one might think that were true of, and it certainly isn't.

by Ozreply 15112/15/2012

Christopher Meloni is gay, gay, gay.

by Ozreply 15212/16/2012

R150 R151 They are talking about the answering machine message played in the video in R146. It was played by Lee Tergesen on the commentary for an Oz DVD. I would imagine that if it was a real declaration of love he would hardly have made it public.

by Ozreply 15312/23/2012

No not a declaration of love but Chris doesn't sound like he is talking to a buddy either.

by Ozreply 15401/02/2013

15 years from now he'll come out as bi when he writes his book.

by Ozreply 15501/03/2013

Didn't he and Adam Beach have some altercation that led to Beach leaving the show? Fuck buddy relationship that went sour?

by Ozreply 15601/03/2013

He can write, R155?

by Ozreply 15701/03/2013

R156 Adam Beach originally appeared to have been brought in to replace Chris as the main lead. He was given a three year contract but released after one season. The problem was that the audience hated the character for various reasons, including that his character appeared to be taking the place of Munch, who provided the light relief on the show. The scripts for that season were the worst produced for the show at that stage and they finished off the season by losing Beach, and also Diane Neal which proved to be a mistake as the audience did not warm to her replacements.

by Ozreply 15801/03/2013

Adam Beach seemed slow, so it was hard to buy him as a detective.

by Ozreply 15901/03/2013

Meloni and his wife are both openly bisexual within their circle of friends. I know one of her former girlfriends (gorgeous lipstick). They don't "swing" together, but they've both had partners outside the marriage. I don't know much about him, I know more about her. Met her once- she's very sweet. Wish I'd met him. :) He's supposedly sexier in person.

by Ozreply 16001/03/2013

Most straight men are not gay friendly. Not if they are being honest. If Meloni is as gay friendly as you say OP, he's either really gay or just another fake lying kiss up celeb.

by Ozreply 16101/03/2013

He's gay.

by Ozreply 16201/03/2013

So if most straight guys aren't pro-gay and most closet cases are anti-gay, does that mean that most straight guys are closet cases?

I love the logic of DL and the fact that a cunt like R161 pretends to speak with such authority.

by Ozreply 16301/03/2013

R163...then there are people like you who want a signed affadavit that someone is gay or bi from a GOSSIP board. It's losers like you who've driven away everyone with good gossip.

by Ozreply 16401/03/2013

I said most straight men are not gay friendly (if they are being honest) and I stand by it.

by Ozreply 16501/03/2013

Nope, R164, I didn't say that at all. I believe that Meloni is probably bi or gay. I just thought R161's words were simply ludicrous, especially about a Hollywood actor who works around gay men all the time.

by Ozreply 16601/03/2013

R163 = R166

forgot to sign...

by Ozreply 16701/03/2013

Sadly, I agree with r161/r165. I think that a lot of straight guys pretend to be pro-gay or claim it's no big deal because they don't want to be seen as non-PC and/or they want to curry favor with their pro-gay gfs. For most straight guys, gay still = effem.inate and submissive. God forbid a man is not masculine and domineering. Rigid gender conformity is still the norm in the US, unfortunately. I see it with straight guys at the gym and at work. Not much has changed except they now feel they have to pretend to be ok around gay guys.

by Ozreply 16801/03/2013

R168, you could use some therapy. Seriously, I'm not even being snarky. If you think that Meloni was 'pretending' to not be homophobic by doing those sex scenes with other male actors then you have issues.

by Ozreply 16901/03/2013

r169, I wasn't talking specifically about Meloni. I meant the average guy on the street is probably not totally honest when he says he's pro-gay. I wouldn't include Meloni in that category.

by Ozreply 17001/03/2013

Thank you, R160.

Finally, someone with some real gossip.

by Ozreply 17101/03/2013

R170 has done a lot more than appear "gay friendly". Both he and Lee Tergesen were unique at the time for being so open in answers to questions about their roles and the relationship between the characters. Chris showed support for AIDS Walk New York, before it was trendy, and relatively recently did a PSA for marriage equality. Chris, and his wife have a LOT of gay friends. I don't know about R160's claims although they may be true. Homophobic people do not willingly associate with gay people in their personal lives.

by Ozreply 17201/03/2013

I had a three way years ago with Meloni. I don't know that I'd say he's gay or bi but the experience was very much like the ending of the movie Threesome.

For those that haven't seen it, he wasn't like running to suck my cock, but he wasn't shying away from exploring either.

by Ozreply 17301/03/2013

R173 How many years ago? Was the third person a woman?

by Ozreply 17401/03/2013

Around 10 years ago, probably. Yes, the third person was a woman.

by Ozreply 17501/03/2013

[quote]I had a three way years ago with Meloni.

Are you and the third person female?

by Ozreply 17601/03/2013

R173/R175 That is since he was married then. How did that come about?

by Ozreply 17701/03/2013


I don't know if he was married at the time or not. We didn't all sit down and have an in-depth conversation about our personal lives.

Surely we're all old enough here to not assume that just because someone's married means they don't fool around. Give me a break.

by Ozreply 17801/03/2013

R178 I made a statement, not a judgement on the facts.

by Ozreply 17901/03/2013


Apologies then for misreading your statement.

by Ozreply 18001/03/2013

Interesting recent posts about Chris. I'll be telling him about R160 and R173. What's your name R173, I'm sure he'll remember you. R160 how did you discover those facts, did you find them on the web or did someone tell you. Is it first-hand knowledge?

by Ozreply 18101/03/2013



by Ozreply 18201/03/2013

LMAO @ R181.

by Ozreply 18301/03/2013

The R181 people of this world make me appreciate Big Pharma.

by Ozreply 18401/03/2013

Most actors are very open about exploring their sexuality and are comfortable with all forms of sexuality. They explore sexuality in the roles that they chose. I saw a movie about actors and their dogs. Chris was in it. He was wearing a big colorful tortoise shell bracelet on one wrist and a funky straw like hat. If I walked pass him in NY- I would of guess that he was gay.

I would do him even though his cock isn't that much.

But I wonder if he is going to return to Law and Order SVU. Last night episode showed Olivia on a plane holding a man's hand. But they didn't show his face.

The show went down in ratings after he left but it has been renewed for another season. I think the writing is better since the producer left and I like that all the characters get some screen time. But I do miss Detective Stabler/Chris Meloni.

by Ozreply 18501/03/2013

As much as I like Meloni, I think the show is better without him. The show had seriously gone down in quality (not his fault), the stories were dull, it was always anger issues with Stabler and mommy/rape issues with Olivia. Although it was sad to see him go, his loss resulted in a change in format and formula, and after about a half season of trying to figure it out, I think the show has since been much better than it was the last three or four years of the Stabler / Olivia years.

by Ozreply 18601/03/2013

Well the Neilson wouldn't agree with that assessment. Since viewership went down after Meloni left. But it is true the writing is better since the show fired Neal Baer the writer. Which has nothing to do with Meloni. I think Nick Amaro is a tool and acts stiff as a board. And Amanda Rollins is an interesting character but her southern accent needs to be tone down. Every time she speaks, I think of the movie Deliverance.

But like I said, the writing has improved and I like that all the detectives are getting screen time. But no one except Munch has the one liners to sum up the case as Stabler did. I miss his viewpoint as a guy with children who can't stand what he is seeing but must continue to try to find justice for the victims.

I also liked Stabler's skepticism of some of the victims whereas Benson naturally believed everything the victim said. They were the perfect ying-yang. Amaro tries to fill that role but he doesn't have the enlighten intelligence and modern view of Catholicism as Stabler did.

Amaro reminds me of Rick Santorum in his blind belief in religious dogma. Stabler was more new waveish in his belief and more focused on sacrificing himself for duty and to honor his wife and family. But he demonstrated vividly how much of a trap that could be when his life and beliefs have changed over time.

by Ozreply 18701/03/2013

The ratings are fine without him, R187.

by Ozreply 18801/04/2013

His looks have really gone downhill in the last 5 years. I guess no matter how good someone looks in their early and mid 40's, age WILL catch up with you by 50 no matter what.

by Ozreply 18901/04/2013

LOL at R188, you must work for NBC with that sort of spin. In season 12, the last year with Meloni, even with terrible writing, the show had a 18-49 demo of 2.5 and an average of 8.48 million viewers. The following season the demo was down to 1.9 and 6.87 million viewers. This season has outdone the last with a spectacular series low of 1.3 in the demo for one episode and an average of 1.76 (which will be improved when this week's final ratings come in) and 6.32 million viewers. In order to get up to a massive 2.1 in the demo this week they had only repeats for competition. Back to the main point however, I want to hear more from R160 and R173.

by Ozreply 19001/04/2013

R190 = Meloni

You won't be asked back, Chris. Get a grip on yourself.

by Ozreply 19101/04/2013

[quote]As much as I like Meloni, I think the show is better without him.

Be very, very careful. If R181 reads what you wrote, he will report you to Meloni.

by Ozreply 19201/04/2013

Nope, not interested in the shows he's in. I don't watch them.

by Ozreply 19301/04/2013

Is it true that after he heard Danny Pino was replacing him on LAw & Order S.V.U. he called over to Danny Pino's house in a rage, demanded to be let in to his living room, and pro-ceeded to jack himself off violently onto Danny Pino's face??

by Ozreply 19401/04/2013

For someone who isn't conventionally handsome, Chris has a boatload of charisma and is one sexy motherfucker!

by Ozreply 19501/04/2013

[quote]As much as I like Meloni, I think the show is better without him.

I totally agree. I'd lost interest in it the last couple of Meloni seasons. I love how the addition of Puno and Giddish has freshened the whole show up. Mariska thinks so, too. Everyone expected her to stay for just the one season, but she came back for this one, and has said she's having so much fun she might come back next year.

I think Pino is a breath of fresh air - lots of issues, but none of them are the same as Stabler's issues.

by Ozreply 19601/04/2013

The show is better with new writers and not because Meloni is no longer with the show. Neilson ratings don't lie. The new additions don't have the chemistry with Finch, Munch and Benson. No one cares about them.

Mariska signed on for another season because she gets to work less for more money. Doesn't sound so buddy buddy with the new actors like she was with Chris. She doesn't even care how much weight she gains anymore.

When she came back from maternity leave the first time- she slimed back down to her sexy character' self. She seems like she could give a rat' ass as long as she makes bank.

Plus, where else would she go. It took Jullianna Marguilies almost a decade to get back on tv with the Good Wife and she was younger when she left ER and is around the same age as Mariska is now.

by Ozreply 19701/04/2013

R196 is spot one! The show is much better now.

by Ozreply 19801/04/2013

R196 Mariska signed on for both season 13 and 14 at the same time. She signed before Chris left negotiations. You have no idea what she thinks about the show as she is praising the writing just the way that she always did. She is hardly going to say that the writing sucks and the new cast doesn't work. She was happy to sign on as she was getting the same pay as before for doing less work. Who wouldn't sign that deal? It's not as if she's likely to have lots of job offers.

by Ozreply 19901/04/2013

Even Dick Wolf sees the curtain falling on LO: SVU. That is why he is branching out with Chicago Fire and releasing his new novel. The crime drama narrative limited to one episode is going out of favor with the viewers.

The problem with the show wasn't the fact that they delved into the characters personal life. The problem was that they kept repeating the storyline without any movement of the narrative. How many times Stlabler left his wife and went back home. How many times did Stabler and Benson put the other first above their jobs.

It was shitty writing. TV is all about caring for the major characters. That's why they invest some much in the Q ratings and network shows are not so much about a great story but who has the Q rating or celebrity standing to attract viewers and advertisement.

Viewers want to know about the personal lives of the characters.

And Mariska signed on for less hours and more money for both of those seasons. And she isn't the godmother or favorite auntie to the new actor's children. And I already said- she probably isn't getting more offers.

by Ozreply 20001/04/2013

The Law & Order franchise is really dated, just like the CSI franchise. I think people are getting tired of all the cop/detective shows on television - it's a saturated genre.

by Ozreply 20101/04/2013

Yes, the cop and drama shows are over saturating the tv landscape. But the point of the LO:SVU is that it didn't take dip in the ratings until Chris left the show. And even with the replacement of the writers and new characters-the show hasn't rebound in the Neilson. The show is still sliding because the new writing can not compensate for the viewers not caring for the new characters.

If I want to see the Amaro character; I don't have to watch the show. I just have youtube Rick Santorum clips.

by Ozreply 20201/04/2013

[quote]Yes, the cop and drama shows are over saturating the tv landscape. But the point of the LO:SVU is that it didn't take dip in the ratings until Chris left the show. And even with the replacement of the writers and new characters-the show hasn't rebound in the Neilson. The show is still sliding because the new writing can not compensate for the viewers not caring for the new characters.

Oh, I wasn't denying that, just pointing out that when a character whose been on a show like this for years leaves, there's really no reason to stick around, especially when there's numerous other cop/detective shows to choose from. And IMO, L&O is dry and dull compared to say Criminal Minds.

by Ozreply 20301/04/2013

I think some people need to go back to reading the title of this thread.

by Ozreply 20401/05/2013

Some people need to stop trying to act like the post police.

by Ozreply 20501/05/2013

I agree, R204. But Meloni's agent has taken over the thread.

by Ozreply 20601/05/2013

Thread hijacked!

by Ozreply 20701/05/2013

LOL @ R197, R200, and R202.

Meloni's agent is working overtime trying to show that SVU is done without him.

by Ozreply 20801/05/2013

I guess Chris' agent is the NY Times. And the consensus seems to be that Chris is bisexual. So I guess this thread can close.

by Ozreply 20901/05/2013

Some poster in the "What Celebrities Have You Fooled Around With?" (or something like that) thread said he kissed Meloni and when said poster plaed his hand on Meloni's crotch, the latter removed it.

by Ozreply 21001/05/2013

That's because Meloni probably like his ass fondled with, R210. Not his crotch. I bet the poster would have had a better chance of fucking him that way.

by Ozreply 21101/05/2013

I agree with the last few posts in that Meloni seems like your archetypal bisexual prick-tease who just gets off on sexual attention wherever he gets it. The focus is always on him and his narcissism, not on whether the person attracted to him is male or female.

Very hot ass and tits on this man.

by Ozreply 21201/05/2013

plaed >> placed

by Ozreply 21301/05/2013

Well he had a great body on Oz. Small prick but great body. And sounds great for an one night stand.

by Ozreply 21401/05/2013

More on Meloni's tits and ass pls!


by Ozreply 21501/05/2013

He does not have a small prick. He is bigger than average.

by Ozreply 21601/05/2013

R216 = Meloni

We all saw his prick and it's nothing special.

by Ozreply 21701/05/2013

I'd hardly describe this as little. Obviously NSFW.

by Ozreply 21801/05/2013

He has a nice plump cockhead and impressive low-hanging balls.

by Ozreply 21901/05/2013

All you Queens saying he has a small cock would still drop to your knees and suck it for all its worth if he gave you the opportunity.

by Ozreply 22001/05/2013

I would do anything Chris Meloni told me to do. ANYTHING!

by Ozreply 22101/05/2013

I said he has a small prick but I would do him any day and be on all fours in 2 seconds

by Ozreply 22201/05/2013

perfect size for me

by Ozreply 22301/05/2013

R221 and R222

That's what I like to hear from my bitches.

Glad my friend R181 told me about your comments.

Now bend over so I can shove my fist up your ass.

by Ozreply 22401/05/2013

only cocks but your fist is probably bigger than your cock.

by Ozreply 22501/05/2013

We love you, Chris Meloni @ R224. You don't even have a small prick, it's a decent size with good girth, a fat head and big ol' bull balls swingin low on the tape measure. You also have an impressively thick bubble butt with hair in the hole.

by Ozreply 22601/05/2013


Which is why I wanted to use it. I figure my fist is the only thing that might make your gaping hole feel anything.

By the way... whose fist ISNT bigger than their cock? I think you should have thought about that one a little more.

by Ozreply 22701/05/2013

Richard Simmons. He has small hands.

by Ozreply 22801/05/2013

Chris Meloni @ R224/R227, please ignore the whore at R225 and instead engage in dialogue with me. I am the longtime fan who left the supportive message about your lovely girth, balls and bubble butt with hair in the hole, at R226.

by Ozreply 22901/05/2013

SVU seemed to go downhill after Kathy and Elliot had that fifth baby. And sometimes the writing was not that great - the show had to rely on the Meloni/Harigtay dynamic - they really did have great chemistry on the show. It's missing from the current lineup, and Dann Florek and Richard Belzer are like cadavers.

In retrospect, now that I am seeing them on USA reruns all the time, Criminal Intent has better writing than SVU, although Vincent D'Onofrio seriously hammed it up at times. The show sucked with Jeff Goldblum and that awful Saffron Burrows.

by Ozreply 23001/05/2013

R229 I think Chris likes whores. Come and get me Chris baby!

by Ozreply 23101/05/2013

Christopher Meloni is not gay and so what if he was its his business and if your all talking about him being gay cause of the tv shows its his job Christopher is so sexy I love him

by Ozreply 23201/05/2013

Just because you love him doesn't mean Chris isn't bisexual. And if you read the thread people were not associating Chris sexuality with his role in Oz. People were discussing the voicemail he left his Oz costar Lee. Chris didn't sound all heterosexual alpha male in that message.

by Ozreply 23301/05/2013

I'm totally jerking off to this thread right now.

by Ozreply 23401/05/2013

This should wilt your dick, r234.

by Ozreply 23501/05/2013

Haha, R235. You were right.

by Ozreply 23601/05/2013


by Ozreply 23701/06/2013

The real issue is not if he's gay or straight, but if he a top or a bottom. I'd guess bottom. His type usually is.

by Ozreply 23801/06/2013

I agree with R238. Chris is definitely a bottom.

by Ozreply 23901/06/2013

Chris is obviously a raging power bottom. Loud, bossy, and a relentless talker.

by Ozreply 24001/06/2013


by Ozreply 24101/30/2013

Gay, straight, bi or each one on rotating days - Meloni's just fucking hot.

Oh, and please meet Amanda Gorey, tasteful friends.

by Ozreply 24201/30/2013

the epitome of bi, without a doubt

by Ozreply 24302/02/2013

I have always had a strong hunch that he's bi too. He radiates very strong bi vibes. I wonder what it is exactly though... What is it that makes Meloni the epitome of bi for you, R243?

by Ozreply 24402/02/2013

He is not gay. But rings so gay friendly that he might be open to receiving oral....

by Ozreply 24502/02/2013

Christopher Meloni is bi and his wife doesn't mind. In college, he hang out in gay bars and went on to be a bouncer at a gay club after college. He's had several affairs with men including Lee Tergesen who used to be married by never hid his bisexuality.

by Ozreply 24602/02/2013

How do you know that, R246?

by Ozreply 24702/02/2013

Here's what some woman posted about him on another site:

[quote]Totally gay, he graduated from CU Boulder, at an alumni meeting in the Torrance area, hecame on to a male I was with. He's totally gay!

I also remember before he got famous, he'd only been on a couple of sitcoms like The Fanelli Boys and Misery Loves Company, he gave was answering fan questions at his one fan site back then where he'd regularly hang out from time to time, where he stated he preferred "bisexual" (?) bars in college because he got tired of the aggressive competitiveness of straight bars. He was very uninhibited back then, I remember him answering questions about sex where he mentioned his first threesome (two chicks) and how everyone left satisfied that night. He also said he'd been complimented on his ass since he could remember and felt it was his best feature. But he didn't admit to gay sex.

by Ozreply 24802/07/2013

Did your friends give any info on how Meloni's hole smells, pls?

by Ozreply 24902/08/2013

I don't think he's totally gay. He's just a little bit bi.

by Ozreply 25002/08/2013

I wonder if he ever stands naked before a full-length mirror and studies his wondrous ass.

by Ozreply 25102/10/2013

He certainly does what R251 suggests. What I wonder is whether he then spreads his fat cheeks, inserts a well-vaselined finger up his shithole, has a good wiggle around up there, removes his finger, and sucks on it long and slow as he murmurs "Finger lickin' good".

by Ozreply 25202/11/2013


by Ozreply 25302/11/2013

Damn, getting older's a bitch. He looks like shit now. Here's a pic of him in December:

by Ozreply 25402/11/2013

Ugly now? Hardly, R254. He looks great in that candid photo--still thick and ruggedly handsome. Also, did you not see him on "True Blood" last season? He's as gorgeous as ever.

by Ozreply 25502/11/2013

Ignore the silly queen at R54, Chris Meloni was never and will never be "ugly".

Let's discuss the taste of butterscotch from his hole.

by Ozreply 25602/11/2013

I meant to write R254 in my previous comment.

by Ozreply 25702/11/2013

How reliable are the rumors that Meloni and Lee Tergesen hooked up while filming Oz? Were they just a result of their on-screen chemistry and off-screen friendship, or is there something else more concrete that causes people to believe that?

by Ozreply 25802/11/2013

What constitutes "concrete" proof r258? A sex tape? Look, the rumours were flying fast at the time when he was shooting both Oz and SVU that he and Tergesen were sleeping together and often wasn't going home to his wife using his shooting schedule as an excuse and instead bunking with Lee. Subsequent remarks by both have also hinted at something more than a mere friendship between the two.

by Ozreply 25902/11/2013

That's hot, R259. I'll bet Lee was tapping that ass when he was supposed to be going home to Sherman.

by Ozreply 26002/11/2013

damn I could eat that hole all day n night :3 he is fucking hot he is on the top of my 'i gonna lick his hole' list. He is bi for sure.just thinking of having that ass on your face makes me shoot :3 mmm ass i have ever seen

by Ozreply 26102/15/2013

R258 those rumors were born on the Internet and had no basis in reality. There has never been any evidence, just supposition and imagination at work. Some people wish it were true - especially Meloni's gay fans like me, but alas, not so...

by Ozreply 26202/15/2013

Just watched an episode of SVU last night called "Bound" where Jane Krakowski was the guest star, and damn did CM's ass look hot in it. There's a scene where he comes to the doorway of the interrogation room and demands for Olivia to come out and speak to him (they're trying to trick Jane's character, who may or may not be the killer), and when he leans in there's a great profile shot of his ass. You could balance a tray AND two drinks on the huge thing!

by Ozreply 26302/16/2013

R254 is right. He looks terrible in that pic

by Ozreply 26402/16/2013

All your taste is in your mouth, R264.

by Ozreply 26502/16/2013

R263 It still looks amazing. Last year on True Blood they had him in some very tight clothes. R264 he did look bad in that pic. He is shaved again after finishing filming White Bird in a Blizzard and he looks good again now.

by Ozreply 26602/16/2013

And your brain is up your ass, R265. Get over yourself, idiot. Not everybody has the same taste. I never found him good looking but he was handsome. Now he just doesn't look good.

I wonder if he still hooks up with Tergesen?

by Ozreply 26702/16/2013

He's a handsome man, but his scowl is a bit off-putting.

by Ozreply 26802/16/2013

R268 I just think that he isn't found of being papped as he comes out of a restaurant.

by Ozreply 26902/16/2013

I remember seeing The Running Bride back in '99 and I thought he was the hottest guy ever. I would've been 16 then.

by Ozreply 27002/16/2013

You man "Runaway Bride" aka "Pretty Woman Pt. 2".

by Ozreply 27102/16/2013

R267 , Tergesen recently remarried again, and with the kind of career he has at this point, it's doubtful that he's just bearding. I'd guess he's genuinely bi and was looking to settle down, probably putting a stop to any hook-ups (with Meloni or anyone else).

by Ozreply 27202/16/2013

Do we have any updates on how Meloni's hole smells or tastes?

by Ozreply 27302/17/2013

I'd love to personally find out, R273.

by Ozreply 27402/17/2013

Oh gawd.

by Ozreply 27502/17/2013

Surely you jest.

by Ozreply 27602/17/2013

For what it's worth, I doubt he is way. Obviously a lot of people WANT him to be gay, but I don't think he is.

I don't think he and Lee Tergesen ever got it on, either. As for Tergesen, I remember hearing that he was the boyfriend of...CHER!

by Ozreply 27702/17/2013

Holy crap!!!!! You are awesome. I know you probably must get this a lot, I'm 13 but you and Chris Meloni are awesome. I grew up watching your show. It crushed me when my momn said that you guys probably were stopping the show. I don't care what sexuality either of you are. That doesn't change who you are. Please message me through e-mail if you get this response.

by Ozreply 27802/19/2013

No, he's bisexual.

Yes, he was caught in dark corners w/Lee Tergesen several times by crew members.

Yes, they have attended certain NOTORIOUS all-male parties of a famous gay photographer - separately & together.

Yes, I also know both of them personally.

My CV: 4th gen "Industry," I've worked in both mainstream and gay adult entertainment for 20 years.

by Ozreply 27902/20/2013

R267 Short answer: They never stopped. LT's wives aren't always beards, but they must be "understanding." (think BB Mtn fishing trips)

by Ozreply 28002/20/2013

So much fantasy in this thread.

by Ozreply 28102/20/2013

Some celebs who seem comfortable with their sexuality and gay-friendly are straight.

Other celebs who seem comfortable with their sexuality and are gay-friendly are in the closet.

aka the difference between Meloni and Clooney.

by Ozreply 28202/20/2013

[quote]I know a lot of people think he is

I have never heard anyone speculate that he might be gay outside of Datalounge. I've never heard a single person mention him in regards to a gay rumor or a male companion. I've heard gay men WISH he were gay (including myself), but I've never heard one say "I think Chris Meloni is a closeted gay man".

I lot of people think Tom Cruise is gay. Hardly anyone thinks Chris Meloni is gay.

by Ozreply 28302/20/2013

There is no diferece between Meloni and Clooneye, R282. They are both comfortable with themsleves and are gay-friendly and they are gay.

by Ozreply 28402/20/2013

R283 = Melonis wife.

by Ozreply 28502/20/2013

Thanks for the gossip, R279/R280.

by Ozreply 28602/20/2013

His wife's name is Sherman.

by Ozreply 28702/21/2013

"I have never heard anyone speculate that he might be gay outside of Datalounge."

Here we go again... same old b.s.

Don't you get tired of posting this about Meloni, George Cloony, Hugh Jackman, Aaron Schock, etc., etc.?

If you never read any forum other than Datalounge, you won't hear anyone speculate about them even though it's all over the place. Duh!

by Ozreply 28802/21/2013

Chris Meloni is now FAT

by Ozreply 28902/21/2013

He is NOT fat but *YOU* are a cunt!

by Ozreply 29002/21/2013

Awesome gossip r279. Is Lee the only man he hooks up with?

by Ozreply 29102/21/2013

R289 , did u see a recent pic? link? his ass has always been huge

by Ozreply 29202/21/2013

Meloni has a very exceptional ass. Remember there was a story he liked sticking fruit up his hole?

by Ozreply 29302/22/2013

Let's be honest here - he hasn't done anything of significance since he left SVU. That had to be the best paying gig he will ever have. He was dumb to leave, in my opinion.

by Ozreply 29402/22/2013

what does his hole smell like pls

by Ozreply 29502/22/2013

"They are both comfortable with themsleves and are gay-friendly and they are gay."

How comfortable can Clooney be with himself when he gets bearded?

by Ozreply 29602/22/2013

[quote]How comfortable can Clooney be with himself when he gets bearded?

It's called being a bisexual, R296. And yes, bisexuals exist. Both Meloni and Clooney are the epitome of bi. They have a woman in their life but still hook up with men.

by Ozreply 29702/22/2013

The Clooney bearding is a head scratcher, and kind of pathetic, but it's gotta have something to do with those whose livelihoods depend on his bankability. But he is definitely gay. And this isn't a "DL-only" rumor. I have friends in L.A. who are super well-connected and they know it for a fact.

Same goes for James Franco, but he is a pretentious twat, so who cares.

More true facts about Meloni's bisexuality, please. ScriptMama? you still there?

by Ozreply 29802/22/2013

[quote] the epitome of bi


It's like a writing tic. Poor thing is bat-shit crazy and has to say it.

by Ozreply 29902/22/2013

[quote]Both Meloni and Clooney are the epitome of bi.

I agree, R297. You're right on target!!!!

by Ozreply 30002/22/2013

There are no 'facts' regarding Meloni's bisexuality yet. It's still wishful thinking at this point, although it's possible something real may come out in the future. Anything is possible.

by Ozreply 30102/22/2013

[quote]There are no 'facts' regarding Meloni's bisexuality yet.

Beyond that, R301, there are no 'facts' regarding the possibility that Meloni could be straight. Thus, we'll go with bisexual until someone proves otherwise.

by Ozreply 30202/22/2013

I've mentioned this before, but I am friendly with a gay actor who's done numerous under-five's (usually as a cop) on all of the L&O's, but mostly SVU. He is friendly with Meloni, who would take them all out drinking after a day of shooting. According to my friend, Meloni is very gay friendly and even jokes about people thinking he's gay, but he's ultimately straight. He just never got a vibe from Meloni. Take that for what it's worth.

by Ozreply 30302/22/2013

R302 sounds like a sad, desperate queen.

by Ozreply 30402/22/2013

R303 is absolutely right about Meloni. I have posted first-hand information myself. The Meloni 'birthers' who insist he's gay won't accept any proof.

by Ozreply 30502/22/2013

R305 is the Meloni-isn't-gay-troll. He shows up everytime somebody posts about Meloni's gayness and stomps his little feet and cries that only he knows Meloni's true sexuality.

Are you going to run to Meloni and tell on us again?

by Ozreply 30602/22/2013

People with real information aren't trolls. Look in the mirror for one.

by Ozreply 30702/22/2013

R304 displays the mentality of a hate-mongering Fundie frau with a dried up cooter from decades of rejection.

by Ozreply 30802/22/2013

Run off and cry to Meloni, R305/R307.

Your posts are hilarious, though. I'll give you that. Your post at R181 is a classic.

by Ozreply 30902/22/2013

Old but sweet.

by Ozreply 31002/22/2013

Look like two aging FI queens afraid of getting older.

by Ozreply 31102/22/2013

Is R305 the one who is neighbors with Meloni's "best friend" in Austin?

If so, maybe people would be more inclined to believe you if you didn't INSIST that you know for a FACT that Meloni is straight every time the subject comes up. I don't know if he is or not, but I'm more likely to believe the posts at R160 and R173 and R279 than I am you, just because those people simply posted their gossip and moved on, rather than seeming like they have some kind of agenda by constantly repeating themselves every few months.

Even assuming you are telling the truth (and aren't just some deluded fangurl), you need to realize how flimsy your "proof" is. If Meloni is gay or bi, his best buddy from years ago (assuming he even knows) isn't going to confirm it to some acquaintance who he knows hangs out at a gay gossip website.

I wonder if the photographer referred to by R279 is Jim Cox? He took some gorgeous shots of both Chris and Lee back in the day.

by Ozreply 31202/23/2013

[quote]Meloni and his wife are both openly bisexual within their circle of friends

His wife is kinda butch, and she has a guy's name (Sherman).

by Ozreply 31302/23/2013

R311 That photo was taken sometime around 2002.

by Ozreply 31402/23/2013

Does his hole taste like "dulce du leche"?

by Ozreply 31502/24/2013

Not unless you pour caramel sauce on it, R315.

by Ozreply 31602/24/2013

Okay, that photo of his wife pinged so loudly my ears are ringing. She reminds me of Jackie Warner, lesbian fitness gal.

I totally believe that is a loving but wide open relationship.

by Ozreply 31702/24/2013

I would love to swirl my tongue around the lips of his anus.

by Ozreply 31803/20/2013

Today is Chris Meloni’s birthday!

What present would you most like to give him?

by Ozreply 31904/02/2013

Yes. every night in my dreams!

by Ozreply 32004/02/2013

I totally and completely believe Meloni is gay, you can see it in his eyes and those swishy gestures he can barely suppress. I think have heard somewhere his drag name is Christina Astarte Melonely and he performs secretly at a drag bar in New York. I want to have sex with him in drag.

by Ozreply 32104/02/2013

R321 fantasy....

He does not do drag, or perform secretly.

Sex, yes, drag, no.

by Ozreply 32204/02/2013

I know he says he isn't gay, but no matter what he says I won't believe him. I am sure he has secret boyfriends from coast-to-coast. The marriage is a sham to a lesbian. His friends all know and are covering for him. I am NEVER wrong on these things and my gaydar is perfect. You can just tell about these things. Wasn't it proven he had sex with a Lee Tergirlson? I saw pictures of them doing it, there was a secret sex tape. Also I saw more pictures of him having a sex with a guy in the showers. He's been caught - gay!

by Ozreply 32304/02/2013

There have rumors for years in the DL about him being gay, I remember reading them. "Where there's smoke" they say.

by Ozreply 32404/02/2013

R324 They also say that there is a difference between acting on a show and reality, but R323 doesn't seem to have quite understood that.

by Ozreply 32504/02/2013

"Swishy gestures," r321? Are you kidding me? Is it still 1963 in your house?

by Ozreply 32604/02/2013

Weren't his and Sherman's kids conceived through surrogate? His sperm and her eggs implanted into another woman?

by Ozreply 32704/03/2013

Yes, R327

by Ozreply 32804/03/2013

Oh, ok R328. Wonder why? Did she just not want to bear kids, or is she unable to?

by Ozreply 32904/03/2013

Gay or not is it really relevant?

by Ozreply 33004/06/2013

It was a long time since one saw Sherman and it seems that the explanation for this is the new woman at his side at the premiere of 42 in Hollywood as seen in the clip on You Tube. Gay? I don't think so!

by Ozreply 33104/11/2013

The new woman by his side? You mean his publicist, who walked alongside his manager as be signed autographs?

by Ozreply 33204/11/2013

His publicist? Her body language, facial expressions and the way she touches him in the clip when he arrives at the premiere says otherwise.

by Ozreply 33304/12/2013

I don't care about the evidence. by gaydar i 100% and I say he's gay.

by Ozreply 33404/12/2013

R323- have met him, and his wife- not gay. Has gay friends and is a progressive Dem, but not gay.

by Ozreply 33504/12/2013

I don't think he's gay, I might wish he was.... And that I'd bought him at a charity auction. What I woudn't do to his butt.

by Ozreply 33604/12/2013

R333 She greets him exactly the same way that his female agent, who is the brunette in the video did. She moved him along when he was signing autographs and later in the evening told fans that he couldn't sign any more. She also took charge when the photographers were talking his pictures. She's his publicist, a girlfriend doesn't have that role.

by Ozreply 33704/12/2013

No doubt that he's gay. You don't even need great gaydar to know it's a fact.

by Ozreply 33804/12/2013

His wife has been invisible for a while. She always used to be with him at all events he attends. A first step towards stepping out of the closet?

by Ozreply 33904/14/2013

The premiere was in LA during the week while their children are in the middle of their school week in CT. I would imagine that his wife was at home with them. She hasn't always gone to all events with him and sometimes she has gone but not done the red carpet.

by Ozreply 34004/14/2013

There's your proof! There has been a conspiracy to conceal his gayness that has been going on for years. The marriage is a total sham to cover for his real marriage to Lee Tergelsen from OZ. How many people have been bought off, how many documents have been forged, how many photographs have been altered? Meloni is one of the gayest guys there has ever been, so obviously gay in his hyper-masculinity.

by Ozreply 34104/14/2013

Searched "Sherman Meloni" on You Tube. Found a clip of a birthday video and they ignore each other totaly. Sherman seems more interested in her friend. She and CM does not even look at each other.

by Ozreply 34204/14/2013

You got it man, more absolute proof that the dude is gay - 100% gay - you can see it in her eyes, she knows it. Thanks for letting us in on your wisdom and insight. Tell the world, expose the fraud, out them both. Get more hot evidence like this - the smoking gun is here. You proved Meloni is gay, go to the tabloids and collect your reward. You are fucking Sherlock, bro.

by Ozreply 34304/14/2013

Have you ever looked at the length of his fingers? Check that out dude and get back to us. I hear that is one of the signs too.

by Ozreply 34404/14/2013

I have the trolldar, R334. And I am 100% sure about you.

by Ozreply 34504/14/2013

R309 - what's the news? Has your sleuthing turned up anything new? Are you still observing/tracking Meloni for evidence he's gay?

R340 - post any new insight you have on Meloni's interactions with his wife or others that are indicators of sexual orientation.

by Ozreply 34604/16/2013

I think Meloni should just give up and say he's gay, even if he isn't. Our "Meloni is gay because I say he is" Datalounge poster will not leave him alone until he does.

Surrender Meloni!

by Ozreply 34704/16/2013

He's lost his looks, so at this point nobody really cares if he's gay, straight or polyamorous. Let's talk about the current crop of masculine guys with gay rumor like Taylor Lautner. What do we know about him?

by Ozreply 34804/16/2013

He's still hot, but he looks a bit tired. Could it be because he is gay?

by Ozreply 34904/16/2013

[quote]Let's talk about the current crop of masculine guys with gay rumor like Taylor Lautner

Let's wait until he develops an interesting personality. Right now he exhibits the personality of a haystack.

by Ozreply 35004/16/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Ozreply 35104/16/2013

But we do not know if he fucking pussies!!! Have Mariska Hargitay fucked him? She always had a hard time hiding that she was in love with him.

by Ozreply 35204/16/2013

[quote] masculine guys with gay rumor like Taylor Lautner

Oh, it feels good to laugh again!!

by Ozreply 35304/16/2013

Was he fucking BD Wong? BD always looked like he already had one knee on the floor in their scenes together.

by Ozreply 35404/16/2013

You know, I was watching him on TV and I thought... "this guy is so straight acting he must be gay". I mean isn't that the ultimate giveaway that somebody is gay, how masculine they are? He must be gay, cause he "isn't", does that make sense?

by Ozreply 35504/17/2013

At this point, does anyone care if he's gay? He looks really haggard now.

by Ozreply 35604/17/2013

Haggard? Certainly not in that pic, R356. A little casual/disheveled, yes, but definitely NOT haggard.

by Ozreply 35704/17/2013

He can't be gay because he's getting old and showing it. Gay men retreat into the shadows when they age - or self-destruct like Logans Run.

by Ozreply 35804/18/2013

Interesting observation R355. Back on that sitcom about the Fanelli brothers, he pinged off the charts, but wasn't straight acting as he's been in recent years.

by Ozreply 35904/18/2013

His wife looks like a man and has a man's name. Even if he's not gay, he must have bad tatse in women

by Ozreply 36004/19/2013

His wife does not look like a man! I have met her, but I did not know then that she was married to Christopher Meloni. It's several years ago, and we talked briefly. A delightful and friendly person. She was not a bit masculine.

by Ozreply 36104/20/2013

The moustache is for his role in a new French thriller called WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD, directed by Gregg Araki (The Doom Generation) and premiering at Cannes next month.

Do you think Meloni plays the white bird in a blizzard?

by Ozreply 36204/20/2013

trick sold his crib

by Ozreply 36304/20/2013

Wow, based on his real estate holdings alone, he is far, far wealthier than I might have imagined. I didn't that Law & Order show paid nearly that well.

by Ozreply 36404/20/2013

It seems like they have a hard time settling down. Is it Mrs. Meloni, who must have a new house to decorate as soon as one is done, or it is a divorce going on? Is Christopher Meloni gay?

by Ozreply 36504/21/2013

Just saw him playing Leo Durocher in the movie "42" (good movie btw), he was completely bald, nicely muscled and added an extra bit of testosterone with the accent.

I would so do him.

by Ozreply 36604/21/2013

Meloni is a true New Yorker. Of course it didn’t work out to stay in Connecticut! The home is in a complete lack of personal style. Icy colors, boring furniture. Not homey. It looks abandoned, like someone started to decorate but given up and moved out. Is his wife really an interior designer?

by Ozreply 36704/21/2013

Yes, but is Meloni the "White Bird in a Blizzard"?

by Ozreply 36804/21/2013

Is he a white gay bird in a blizzard?

by Ozreply 36904/21/2013

He is the White Gay Bird in a Blizzard of Cum.

by Ozreply 37004/21/2013

Don't be fooled by the macho posturing. So queeny, he should be christening British battleships.

by Ozreply 37104/21/2013

Sherman was not present when he hosted the Only Make Believe Gala neither when his first film after his defection from SVU premiered. And now they are selling the new house. It smells divorce on long road.

by Ozreply 37204/21/2013

[quote]I didn't that Law & Order show paid nearly that well.

He was on the show for over a decade, and was at one time one of the highest paid actors on a primetime drama (as was Mariska). That, coupled with all his movie roles, and the fact that he at one time did double duty on "OZ" and "L&O", and yeah, the man's got some loot.

by Ozreply 37304/21/2013

Plus residuals. SUV gets a lot of broadcast still.

by Ozreply 37404/21/2013

Right, R374. They likely get HANDSOME residuals.

by Ozreply 37504/21/2013

R272 his premiere was in LA. His children were at school in CT. Most mothers would stay with their children rather than flying across the country midweek while their husbands are working on a pilot and at a premiere. His work offers, including the pilot he has been filming this week, all are in LA. Moving out of this new home says moving the whole family to LA, rather than divorce to me.

by Ozreply 37604/21/2013

All I can say is more that proves he is gay. The family, the wife, his butchness it's all a sham to deceive us. I am sure he would go so far as to have sex with his wife - daily - to throw us off the trail. We are not that stupid. Meloni is so obsessed with us not knowing he's gay I'll bet he's never slept with a guy - even though he wants to - so he'll never get caught. I'll bet he pretends to enjoy sex with women so they will put out the story he's straight.

by Ozreply 37704/21/2013

I saw a picture of Meloni and his wife and it was obvious from the picture that he was looking at his wife's shoes, not her face. From the look of disgust on his face you can tell he was upset by the shoes his wife was wearing. This tells us two things, divorce is coming and Meloni is gay. More proof.

by Ozreply 37804/24/2013

R378 you need some serious help with your obsession with posting in this thread. I don't mean to disappoint you but Chris AND his wife have just signed a lease on a family home in LA as he will be working there.

by Ozreply 37904/24/2013

his new rental in LA

by Ozreply 38004/30/2013

R380 That house looks dated.

by Ozreply 38104/30/2013

He moves around like a 25 year old who just started his career.

by Ozreply 38205/04/2013

Asking if Christopher Meloni is gay is like asking if Richard Simmons is gay. Who doesn't know?

by Ozreply 38305/04/2013

Maybe.But you can't tell by Mariska Hargitay because she is such a cunt..Mostly.His wife was sweet but bland.

by Ozreply 38405/04/2013

I almost posted that he was Crash, but he wasn't, but I'll go ahead and say what I was going to say, in Crash, he made out with the main character. But, it wasn't Christopher Meloni, so I'll go ahead and see myself out, I don't know if the guy's gay, and if it is, why are we on the internets debating it?

by Ozreply 38505/04/2013

John Travolta persuaded Meloni to get a pilot's license. They are apparently good friends, and there are rumors that Travolta is gay. What can you conclude from that?

by Ozreply 38605/05/2013

That Meloni is reading `Dianetics`?

by Ozreply 38705/05/2013

It would be better if he had sex with Travolta than reading Dianetics!

by Ozreply 38805/05/2013

A thread pure of wishing thinking and a much needed addition to DL's fantsy files!

by Ozreply 38905/05/2013

I know nothing about acting. He is handsome, but can he act in a credible way?

by Ozreply 39005/05/2013

Why did he spend so much time at the Port Authority bus terminal when starting out? Was he taking a bus into the city from the burbs?

by Ozreply 39105/05/2013

He must be bus-sexual.

by Ozreply 39205/07/2013

"John Travolta persuaded Meloni to get a pilot's license. They are apparently good friends, and there are rumors that Travolta is gay. What can you conclude from that?"

A great deal.

That is if you are a gay man who has no good straight male friends and knows no other gay men who have good straight male friends.

But you see, many of us who are gay men don't fit into that category. And those of us who don't would have to answer quite differently: you can't conclude anything from that.


by Ozreply 39305/07/2013

Either that or Travolta wants to get into his pants. Which, of course, he would.

by Ozreply 39405/07/2013

When Meloni was young he was discovered by Liberace, who gave him his start in show business. Liberace grew tired of poor Chris and passed him on to his buddy Paul Lynde. From there Chris became Merv Griffin's 'personal assistant'. Where do you think he got that fabulous body of his? Richard Simmons was his private trainer for years.

Meloni has had a successful drag career under the name, Cristhina Melonee.

I was able to determine all of this in a session with Sylvia Browne, she got it from Rock Hudson on the other side.

by Ozreply 39505/07/2013

He is gay and those pictures I have seen prove it. I have heard that Meloni is a vampire and works in law enforcement on the side. He was in prison for murder. Search the net for proof - it's there. Why this isn't more widely known I can't figure.

by Ozreply 39605/08/2013

I wish there was a serious CM-site. I think it is irrelevant whether he is gay or not. I would rather get to know more about how he thinks he developed as an actor now that he can play so many different roles after playing Stabler in SVU after all these years.

by Ozreply 39705/09/2013

Lol, what fucking planet is R397 on? The evolution of Chris Meloni the actor? This is not Inside the Actor's Studio. The only things we care about in relation to Chris Meloni are his virile veiny dong, his fat red low-hangers, and his voluptuous bubble butt with hair in the hole. The only versatility we care about is whether he's a switch-hitter, and the only depth we care about is how far he could slam his cock into our gaping holes.

by Ozreply 39805/09/2013

All right. I wonder how Meloni's dong has been affected by the new roles he plays.

by Ozreply 39905/09/2013

Meloni's dong was buried deep inside Henry Cavill's sculpted British ass throughout the making of Man of Steel.

by Ozreply 40005/09/2013

It was filmed I'm sure, secretly for sure.

by Ozreply 40105/09/2013

Do you think Meloni enjoyed feeling the muscular ring of Henry Cavill's anus contracting around his fat one?

by Ozreply 40205/09/2013

No doubt - it is a PROVEN fact!

by Ozreply 40305/09/2013

red painted fingernails, red pumps and a blond wig would complete the picture

by Ozreply 40405/09/2013

To whom or what did Meloni's dong respond to enthusiastically on the set of WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD?

Surely none of the heavily female cast, though perhaps the homosexual director Gregg Araki tongue-fucked Meloni's corpulent anus???

by Ozreply 40505/09/2013

R377/R378/R395/R396 is pretty hilarious and deserves some recognition. (Ditto for R398/R400 etc.)

by Ozreply 40605/09/2013

I am so disappointed - aren't any of my posts deserving of recognition?

by Ozreply 40705/09/2013

In my opinion Meloni has probably never had sex with a man or had fantasies about man-on-man sex. His whole sex life has probably been women so far and he probably enjoys it. This means nothing. Even though he has never had sexual feelings toward guys he is still gay, proven to be gay, case closed again.

by Ozreply 40805/10/2013

r408, Meloni may be straight for all I know (or gay, or bi), but what the hell does "your opinion" have to do with it? Are you saying you can tell by looking at him what his sexuality is?

by Ozreply 40905/10/2013

I think he's a really masculine heterosexual who is comfortable with his sexuality and the gays. He is an exhibitionist for both men and women. I know some straight guys who like to talk about and show off their big cocks. If you queens stepped outside of your Judy garland ghetto and experienced real life, you'd realize everyone is not gay!! And they all don't want their cocks sucked

by Ozreply 41005/10/2013

Let's up the ante a bit here. I would like a formalist description of Christopher Meloni's cock please.

We know he is CUT. But let's have some details here. What circumference is his GIRTH? Describe the veinage that runs up and down his shaft.

Does he have a big ol' mushroom head that flares obscenely at the tip? Or is it more of a "rocket" shape that tapers from a thick root to a pointed, narrowed tip to facilitate SODOMY WITH MEN???

by Ozreply 41105/10/2013

Stop diverting this discussion it is only for proof of Meloni being gay.

by Ozreply 41205/10/2013

A female friend had sex with Meloni, many years ago. She has told me that he was well as most and not excelled in any particular way sexually. But he was in good shape and a nice guy.

by Ozreply 41305/10/2013

R413, what did she say Meloni's ANUS smelled like pls?

by Ozreply 41405/10/2013

She just remembers that he had a fresh breath and that he had a cold.

by Ozreply 41505/11/2013

Just LOOK at it.

What does it SMELL like? What does it TASTE like? What are the MEASUREMENTS of that BIG FAT MUSCLE ASS???

by Ozreply 41605/11/2013

I think it smells and tastes like violets and vanilla.

by Ozreply 41705/12/2013

Five years ago he got the "Epitome of Bi Award" from DL.

by Ozreply 41805/14/2013

He can not be gay. He wears brown shoes to the blue suit on Man of Steel premiere.

by Ozreply 41906/12/2013

[quote]Five years ago he got the "Epitome of Bi Award" from DL.

It was long overdue but I know how that feels.

by Ozreply 42006/12/2013

did anyone see him on Jimmy Fallon last week? with his huge ass busting out of the velcro suit he had on for the game....HUGE ass

by Ozreply 42106/13/2013

What I want to know is, does Meloni suffer from overactive precum glands like his kindred spirit Elias Koteas? Does he leak large volumes of clotted Cowper's fluid into his underwear throughout the day, often causing a heavy dark wet spot on his pants? Thanks.

by Ozreply 42206/13/2013

There was a thread on it which I can't find. Meloni's hilarious, even if he's just fucking with us now.

Here's the link:

by Ozreply 42306/13/2013

[quote] "What do you think his balls smell like in relation to his hole or his taint??? Pls answer soon." [/quote]

[bold] MARY!! [/bold]

by Ozreply 42406/13/2013

R424, please explain. What does your friend Mary smell like?

by Ozreply 42506/13/2013

So does Meloni suffer from overactive precum glands, causing a heavy wet spot in his pants throughout the day. Does his precum emerge from deep in his prostate and so have a thicker, gluey consistency? Thanks.

by Ozreply 42606/14/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Ozreply 42706/14/2013

What do Meloni's FARTS smell like? Let's discuss his HOT FARTS now.

by Ozreply 42806/14/2013

He has a weird taste in clothes. Strange shirts, ugly shoes, tie askew. His wife or a stylist should be looking over his wardrobe and make sure he dresses better.

by Ozreply 42906/15/2013

Hey all,

I would just like to take the time out and say you are all fantastic. I had a good old giggle and smile from your comments. You are all incredibly open and it's a beautiful thing. You're a fun bunch. I just thought I'd drop by and let you all know. Not that anybody here cares but I said it anyway.

Peace & Love

by Ozreply 43006/21/2013

Searched "Sherman Meloni" on You Tube. Found a clip of a birthday video and they ignore each other totaly. Sherman seems more interested in her friend. She and CM does not even look at each other.

by: Anonymoustreply 342t04/15/2013 @ 01:31AM

That just proves Sherman is lesbian not that Chris is gay. Chris isn't gay. He's probably bisexual but not gay.

by Ozreply 43106/21/2013

Guys, I got good news. I found Meloni on Facebook. If you all want to add him there you have to send him a message first cause he's really picky on who he accepts I messaged him and he accepted. He has a pic of a seagul on the Hudson River dock as his profile picture and rows of tequila as his cover photo.

I found him via Valentina Cervi's profile.

by Ozreply 43206/21/2013

R432 That is a fake account run by a Welsh girl called Wijdan. She keeps getting banned by Facebook and then opening up accounts again. She also runs fake accounts for Lee Tergesen and Mark Fuhrman. When she got found out last week, after the real Chris mentioned in an interview that he had never met Fuhrman, she started using the two fake accounts to argue with each other. She really needs help. She recently tried to friend some of Chris's real childhood friends but it didn't take long for them to realise she was fake.

by Ozreply 43306/21/2013

I wonder if Meloni has some employees who check around on the internet for him so that he may know what is written about him. I would in that case like to be involved in such a meeting when they tell him because I think Meloni is so insanely sexy when he laughs.

by Ozreply 43406/23/2013

Sherman Meloni is on Facebook but I don’t think you can be friend with her if you do not know her personally. His sister Michelle Meloni Barbosa is also on Facebook.

by Ozreply 43506/23/2013

R433 you are right thats not Chris on fb he doesn't have an account anyway.She needs help thats just crazy lol and by the way can you give me the link of that interview? She is using more than 5 accounts bro that is crazy.Chris's real friends were dumb even to think it's really him.

by Ozreply 43606/23/2013

R434 he obviously doesn't as he has done nothing about this nutcase when she has done some really crazy things which have invaded his family's privacy. If you mean the interview where he mentions not having met Mark Fuhrman, then a fan shared it here. It was one of many Man if Steel radio interviews. The Mark Fuhrman mention is at about 6 minutes.

by Ozreply 43706/23/2013

R437 Thanks for the link

by Ozreply 43806/24/2013

Does anyone know if Meloni has served in the army?

by Ozreply 43906/26/2013

R439 No, he hasn't.

by Ozreply 44006/26/2013

I've had a confession from that person and I've blocked him. How you know it's her? The person impersonating that profile said his name is Bobby and runs a Zak Williams profile too. Weird!

by Ozreply 44106/29/2013

How would you know it's her? Hmmm... I wonder... after all this is a gossip lounge so you have to take everything as though its just idle gossip

by Ozreply 44206/29/2013

Wijdan, which is obviously you, has a habit of blaming other people for her fake accounts. It's time for you to seek professional help for your stalking.

by Ozreply 44306/29/2013

I have seen two clips on You Tube where Meloni signing autographs. He seems so uncomfortable. He is very resolute, he does not smile, he does not look at the fans and does not respond when fans talk to him. Is he shy?

by Ozreply 44406/29/2013

Those tend to be professional autograph hunters, those that then put them up for sale, not fans. He tends to be much friendlier with actual fans. He says that he is an introvert, which seems at odds with how open he was earlier in his career.

by Ozreply 44506/29/2013

I know this is not the right place to ask this question, but I do it anyway, and so I guess I'll see if someone gives me a serious answer. I would like to know how Meloni have experienced that after so many years played only one character (Stabler in SCU) get to play so many others, new roles. Was it difficult to get rid of Stabler and familiarize himselves with the new roles? Is there any one I can send an email to, an agent, a publicist? I'm not looking to get in touch with Meloni personally, but I would like an answer to my question.

by Ozreply 44606/29/2013

Is Chris Meloni gay?

"Most likely"

Issue resolved!

by Ozreply 44706/29/2013

R447: First, "Reply hazy. Try again."

Then, "Most likely."

by Ozreply 44806/29/2013

I asked that twice,got `don`t count on it` both times,but upon asking the same about Tom Cruise, I got answered `most likely`.Fun site.

by Ozreply 44906/29/2013

R449 I asked it whether Matt Hughes was circumcised, and it said "Better not tell you now."

by Ozreply 45006/29/2013

Is Chris Meloni gay?!?!? Noooooo... I Think he´s gaystrightqueertrans-sexual!

by Ozreply 45106/29/2013

I don't know who Wijdan is or you but you know this is a gossip room right? Its for gossip not quarrels.

Chris doesn't like the fame side of things much. He's uncomfortable with it but he's always fan friendly :)

by Ozreply 45206/29/2013

Okay people so who's up for a Meloni drooling fest? :D

by Ozreply 45306/29/2013

His face has been aging. A hint of a double chin and the skin has begun to hang on his neck. Time for some surgery?

by Ozreply 45406/29/2013

Maybe I'm wrong, but is he not pretty short?

by Ozreply 45506/29/2013

He is not friendly to his fans! I met him in New York when he starred in Law & Order. I waited until he was not busy. I said hello and told him I thought he was a good actor and I liked Law & Order and I kindly asked if he had time to sign an autograph. He signed the autograph, I thanked him for having taken the time and wished him good luck. He just walked away without saying a word. I thought he was behaving strangely.

by Ozreply 45606/29/2013

No way is he straight.

by Ozreply 45706/29/2013

R456 Shut the fuck up I met him a few years ago and he is really friendly.He even asked me to take a picture of us and we did.I was there with my friends and we took a pic all together so don't shit around man.He even asked us to go out for a coffee with him but he hadn't time :( fucking hell he's so hot in person I think at least he's Bi.I don't wanna start talking about his ass cause it's so fucking big..mmm

by Ozreply 45807/02/2013

R555, he's not particularly short, about 5'10-5'11".

by Ozreply 45907/02/2013

Today, on July 2, 18-year wedding anniversary for Christopher & Sherman Meloni.

by Ozreply 46007/02/2013

I have also met him and he was actually not very friendly. He was not rude, but he kept the distance in a slightly unpleasant way. But it is perhaps necessary to keep the most intrusive fans at a distance.

by Ozreply 46107/02/2013

I have met him too and he was friendly to me and my boyfriend :)That was on a day on set of SVU there were many fans and he vas friednly to everyone gay friednly would I say but still when you see that man yo ufall i nlvoe wit him.And if you don't believe that hes friendly there are some videos on youtube with him talking to fans and signing autographs.

by Ozreply 46207/02/2013

He was wonderful in Man Of Steel!

by Ozreply 46307/02/2013

[quote]That was on a day on set of SVU there were many fans and he vas friednly to everyone gay friednly

He vas, dahling? He sounds luffly!

by Ozreply 46407/02/2013

He is so sweet in person.He hugged me and said good look Ohhhhh I was dying

by Ozreply 46507/03/2013

He was very rude to me and a friend of mine. We saw him at a restaurant and went up to give him a hug and tell him we were big fans. He should have asked us to have dinner with him and he pulled away when I tried to give him a quick kiss. The pictures we took were cute, I don't know why he was offended. The crotch shots we grabbed were hot. I told him how the whole world knew he was gay and he should be out and proud. The woman he was with and Chris didn't seem to get it. The only faux pas was my friend rubbed his butt, but it was meant as a compliment. Well, he was really rude and just seemed to ignore us and obviously wanted us to go away. I don't get it. Well at least we got pictures that we know intend to sell to the tabloids to get even.

by Ozreply 46607/03/2013

Could he be mildly bipolar?

by Ozreply 46707/03/2013

I'd say he's totally GAY-polar.

by Ozreply 46807/03/2013

R466 that's the dumbest thing I ever have heard.Go kill yourself

by Ozreply 46907/03/2013

I know people who have worked behind the scenes with Chris Meloni. He wasn't disagreeable than anyone else. He was easy to work with and had a good sense of humor.

by Ozreply 47007/03/2013

Did they pass any comment on the fact that Meloni can crack off some eye-wateringly smelly farts through the hot little stinkhole nestled between his huge cheeks?

by Ozreply 47107/17/2013

No wonder he was rude to you. You practically almost raped the guy. Selling it to tabloids? How pathetic you are! You're the rude one for grabbing on him like that and saying that stuff.

by Ozreply 47207/22/2013

People! [r466] is a joke

by Ozreply 47307/22/2013

no [r455] 6' minimum

by Ozreply 47407/22/2013

I have known Chris for years since he lived on Thompson St. We are not close, but he has been very kind and accessible for most of it. Sometimes he keeps folks at arm's length, but I think he is a good person. He loves gay people. Is he gay? I don't think he would care if you thought so. I have seen him open mouth kissing men in RL.

by Ozreply 47507/22/2013

Who was he kissing R475?

by Ozreply 47607/22/2013

Dean Winters, among others

by Ozreply 47707/23/2013

R477 I've heard of him kissing Dean before. He has kissed most of his co-stars (except Ice T) on SVU in jest. It doesn't seem to be a big deal for him, or his wife.

by Ozreply 47807/24/2013

The Dean thing looked quite serious

by Ozreply 47907/24/2013

operative word = "looked"

by Ozreply 48007/24/2013

If he kissed Dean in front of people it sounds like he's either having a relationship with him, which seems unlikely, or he was fooling around as a laugh. If you know differently then I'd definiteky be nterested in hearing any other background info. Dean no longer seems to be in his circle of friends as in a recent interview he didn't seem to be aware that he was back on SVU.

by Ozreply 48107/24/2013

Many years ago I studied in the U.S.. I lived at 110 Thompson St. Did Meloni stayed near 110?

by Ozreply 48207/25/2013

No many years ago he lived way uptown.

by Ozreply 48307/25/2013

Yes, OP. He's very happy.

by Ozreply 48407/25/2013

His scrotum is much, much bigger than his ----.

by Ozreply 48507/26/2013

How do you know this, R485? How big is his scrotum? What does it smell and taste like?

by Ozreply 48607/26/2013

[quote]How do you know this, [R485]? How big is his scrotum? What does it smell and taste like?

by Ozreply 48707/26/2013

no [r483] 2001 and a few years later he lived on Thompson Street near Broome. Then he moved to Riverside ...

by Ozreply 48807/26/2013

[r481] Meloni distanced himself from the OZ crowd early on not that he purposely did that. Just worked out that way. Seemed to concentrate more on the family once the girl was born. He is now West Coast. Whatever his proclivities, CM is very gay friendly and supportive. I don't think he is the kind of person who would stay in the closet. The same goes for Dean. Ten-twelve years ago they were all a little crazier. Happy times for me, btw.

by Ozreply 48907/27/2013

R489 according to a recent interview with Lee it sounds like he and his friends at the time were majorly into the drug scene. I don't think you can be part of that when you are successfully working on two shows and bringing up your family simultaneously. Lee has managed to get away from that himself and its only now that he has had a child. He said that he was 10 years sober and clean. Chris hasn't moved to LA yet but will have to soon as his new show is supposed to start shooting in August. Would love to hear any gossip about Peter.

by Ozreply 49007/28/2013

[r490] Show is shooting and Chris is in LA. They leased a huge compound in Beverly Hills. Mansion in CT went up for sale a few months back. Check out the trailer for SURVIVING JACK

by Ozreply 49107/28/2013

here it is

by Ozreply 49207/28/2013

He can be gay, if you want him to be.

by Ozreply 49307/28/2013

They filmed the pilot episode in LA months ago after which Chris went home again. When it was picked up by Fox they didn't like the lead actress and she was dropped. They have still not announced the replacement and have still not reshot her scenes or any other episodes. In fact, one of the young actors mentioned on Twitter the other day that he did not know when he was starting work. Chris may have put of one of two CT homes on the market but he was still living in CT this past weekend. I don't know when the lease of his LA house is due to start but the show is not supposed to start filming for another three weeks.

by Ozreply 49407/29/2013

Here's a picture of his wife early in her transition.

by Ozreply 49507/29/2013

oops that link didnt work. try this.

by Ozreply 49607/29/2013

R496 The only transitioning in that photo is between hair colors.

by Ozreply 49707/29/2013

Beverly Hills is already leased

by Ozreply 49807/29/2013

[r496] old photo

by Ozreply 49907/29/2013

my cousin as been on a couple of SVU-espisodes- minor roles- she says Meloni is easy to work with, thoughtful, respectful and she thinks he's totally hetero and just one cool comfortable guy

by Ozreply 50007/29/2013

The wife is super nice, and quite passable.

by Ozreply 50107/30/2013

Christopher Meloni isn't gay but I'll tell you who is... Danny Pino... we had a full blown affair until he got scared he was going to be outted therefore ended the relationship... he's a shit lay by the way and he's so self centered... makes me wonder why I ever fell for him

by Ozreply 50208/24/2013

Gee [r502] a self centered actor. Strange.

by Ozreply 50308/26/2013

Please, r502 was making up that Danny Pino story as he posted!

by Ozreply 50408/26/2013


by Ozreply 50509/02/2013

The epitome of bi, leaning to gay.

by Ozreply 50609/03/2013


by Ozreply 50709/04/2013


by Ozreply 50808/31/2014

The best thing about R508's post is that she obviously found this year-old thread by Googling "is Chris Meloni gay?", proving she does, indeed, care if he is gay. She probably cares more than the rest of us.

by Ozreply 50908/31/2014

So are Meloni and Tergesen still fucking around?

by Ozreply 51012/21/2014

I had an affair with King Kong. It still hurts to talk about it.

by Ozreply 51112/21/2014

R510 they are still friends, if that's what you mean. Lee had just had his first child with his third wife. Meloni lives in LA permanently now.

by Ozreply 51212/21/2014

Another recent pic of them.

by Ozreply 51312/21/2014

R513 I don't care if he is straight, he is man enough to play bi and filming lots of gay scenes.

by Ozreply 51412/22/2014

R514 according to Gregg Araki, Meloni's lawyers were in a real panic about the masturbation scene in White Bird in a Blizzard. They obviously had not seen any of the things he did in Oz or indeed seemed to be aware of the crucial scene in that film.

by Ozreply 51512/22/2014

“I don’l like labels.”

- Chris

by Ozreply 51612/22/2014

Chris and Lee look good together in that pic. I'd still do both of them.

by Ozreply 51712/22/2014

Christopher Meloni has kept a low profile.

by Ozreply 51812/22/2014

Lee 3rd wife kids?

Shocking...I was sure he was an uber bottom.

by Ozreply 51912/22/2014

This is the funniest, laugh-out-loud DL thread in AGES.

by Ozreply 52012/22/2014

There are plenty of married guys who like to bottom.

by Ozreply 52112/22/2014

Well, anyone else thinks that all this is is marketing? I mean... I've concluded that Meloni is straight--unfortunately, but far from stupid. He knows he has a huge gay following, he knows he's hot, he knows that he's an exhibitionist, and besides being an ego boost, we keep his name current and controversial. You don't think there are casting agents, directors, etc who don't know this and wonder too? Especially if they're gay. His relationship with Lee Tergeson could be genuine but he's in on the game too. I would see Lee many times walking on 8th Ave past the RawHide Bar (never saw him go in but...)all the time.

That Beecher/Chris story line did wonders for their careers. Who had really heard of them prior to those roles? This sort of reminds me of the Bette Davis/Joan Crawford feud. Somewhere I had read that it was all a figment. The two women never really thought about each other. However, the press/public got this idea of a feud in its head and the gals got wind of this. They rode it for what it was worth even to the point of believing it themselves.

by Ozreply 52212/22/2014

Obviously it is marketing, R522. Yeah, sure, they may get along but posting pics of themselves together is to get people interested. Tergesen has disappeared and Meloni is slowly being forgotten. This is something for fans to talk about. As for them being straight, don't fool yourself. Neither Tergesen or Meloni are totally straight. Both are bi leaning gay.

by Ozreply 52312/22/2014

(sigh)Alas R523... I was moving into the acceptance level but you totally put me be back into "KEEP HOPE ALIVE!"

I recall seeing Meloni in person at Crunch Gym on Christopher Street years ago. He was wearing black shorts--shorter and tighter than the video clip up thread and a grey T-shirt. The guy really has muscular legs and was in very good shape. He's good looking too. He actually started going around helping people with various machines and offering instruction. I understand that he was a personal trainer at one point in his life.

by Ozreply 52412/22/2014

In that Twitter photo they look like a couple of gay dads.

by Ozreply 52512/22/2014

I want him inside me deeply.

by Ozreply 52612/22/2014


by Ozreply 52712/23/2014


by Ozreply 52812/26/2014

R523 they posted these two pics at different times because their fans asked about the two of them. They knew people would get a kick out of them. There doesn't have to be any publicity centered motive. Meloni may have been reluctant to work in TV again this year after Surviving Jack was canned but Tergesen has been on practically every TV show this year including AHS. He has worked steadily since Oz.

by Ozreply 52912/27/2014

Meloni was really hot on The Fanelli Boys. He has great comic timing.

by Ozreply 53012/27/2014

I didn't know Meloni had sold his place at the Park Imperial on West 56th Street. I used to see him on the nearby blocks from time to time.

by Ozreply 53112/27/2014

It's called fan service people. They know what they're doing.

by Ozreply 53212/27/2014

R531 he hasn't sold it although it was on the market for a while. It was rented last year to a prince. He has just bought the former Ozzie and Harriet home in LA. He has been living there for quite a while and he was renting until now.

by Ozreply 53312/28/2014

Fan service IS marketing, R532. R523 is exactly right.

by Ozreply 53412/28/2014

I hope so. The fact that he has a wife named Sherman gives me hope.

by Ozreply 53512/28/2014

As somebody who has been completely besotted with Mike Doyle ever since I first saw him multiple times in Burning Blue and who thinks he is God's gift to humanity at his most loving and generous I went to the reading of Godfather IV at E 59th.

Afterwards I saw Meloni up close interacting with his besotted fans. I have to tell you I was pretty impressed. He spent all the time in the world chatting comfortably with them and taking endless pictures and smiling with his arms around their shoulders. Of course they were about to die but he was pretty affable about it.

by Ozreply 53612/28/2014

He doesn't need to be gay, because he gets the guys anyway.

by Ozreply 53712/28/2014

I think it's great that Chris and Lee still hang out.

by Ozreply 53812/28/2014

I bet that if I asked if I could squeeze his ass, he would oblige.

by Ozreply 53912/28/2014

When Meloni dies we can truthfully say "He had a hot ass but he couldn't live forever".

by Ozreply 54012/31/2014

Does anyone else think he wanted to nail Mariska?

by Ozreply 54104/11/2016

He looks like he wears bad cologne and sweats too much.

by Ozreply 54204/11/2016


by Ozreply 54308/13/2017

Was very close to the first show runner (who eventually came out). Meloni is very gay positive, but not even a little gay.

by Ozreply 54408/13/2017

Whether he is gay, bi or straight he is sexy and a good actor.

by Ozreply 54508/14/2017
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