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Let's post pics of guys self-sucking


by NSFWreply 16312/08/2013

I used to be able to do that. It's not as much fun as you'd think.

by NSFWreply 111/09/2011

I miss being able to do that- mouth full of jizz at the same time as you orgasm- perfect.

by NSFWreply 211/09/2011

Get it while you're young.

by NSFWreply 311/10/2011

So close, yet so far.

by NSFWreply 411/10/2011

You might think that the great point of it is that it can be done alone, but in a perfect world the self-sucker's getting fucked at the same time.

by NSFWreply 511/10/2011

I've never been able to get even remotely close.

by NSFWreply 611/10/2011

As a teenager, I used to be able to take my whole shaft -- none of this licking the tip bullshit.

Now I can barely get down far enough to tie my shoes.

by NSFWreply 711/10/2011

and why is that r1?

by NSFWreply 811/10/2011

Even if you can't reach, you can still cum in your own mouth:

by NSFWreply 911/10/2011

[quote]As a teenager, I used to be able to take my whole shaft -- none of this licking the tip bullshit.

R7. You must have had a flexible back and a very short dick.

by NSFWreply 1011/10/2011

Ah, you're a very "special" guy, aren't you R10? How precious!

Shaft length has nothing to do with how far you can reach, little one. And it did require deep throating.

by NSFWreply 1111/10/2011

R7. I'm just jealous. I've tried to suck my own dick many times to no avail. I wish i could. But I shoot a big load and far too, so often times I can just sit upright and aim my cum blast into my mouth. I love splashing my cum on my face.

by NSFWreply 1211/10/2011

Like r1 said, it's not as great as you'd imagine. It's like trying to tickle yourself. Plus it's hard on your back and neck.

by NSFWreply 1311/10/2011


by NSFWreply 1411/11/2011

Must I do everything myself?!

by NSFWreply 1511/11/2011

Deep throat with your chin tucked up to your chest, R11?

by NSFWreply 1611/11/2011

Why won't you share?

by NSFWreply 1711/11/2011


by NSFWreply 1811/11/2011

Well, it wasn't VERY deep, R16. I'm 7.5", and with a slight upward curve to fit the angle of reception, I was able to just barely get it all in. Those days are long gone, but I remember having my nuts draped over the bridge of my nose.

I had been doing a lot of limbering exercises for some dance classes for several years, and the self -sucking was a side benefit. An unrelated back injury put an end it to it.

And R12, I'm envious your big, long loads. Those days are gone for me now.

by NSFWreply 1911/11/2011

R14. Damn, now that is quite an accomplishment.

by NSFWreply 2011/11/2011

Thanks for being clear about things, OP. But I think what we really need is a safe for work pics of guys self-sucking thread!

by NSFWreply 2111/11/2011

Yeah, yeah, big deal. I'd be real impressed if you guys could toss your own salad.

by NSFWreply 2211/11/2011

I prefer seeing guys come into their own mouths, very slutty and greedy.

by NSFWreply 2311/11/2011

WOW! I wish I could lick my own clit but I'd probably crick my neck out of joint!


PS. Ssoooooo jealous.

by NSFWreply 2411/11/2011

Lucy J is totally fabulous.

by NSFWreply 2511/11/2011


by NSFWreply 2611/13/2011

Heres me self sucking. I am able to get all of my head in and sometimes a little shaft. My cock is a little over 8inches

by NSFWreply 2711/18/2011

The guy at r14's link is amazingly talented.

by NSFWreply 2811/18/2011

This guy's pretty good at it

by NSFWreply 2911/18/2011

r27, what was your phone number again?


by NSFWreply 3011/18/2011

r14's link looks like it could be a guy lying on top of the dick sucker. I don't think your head could be hanging off the bed like that while sucking your own dick. Aside from the fact you need to move your head forward in the direction of your dick, you'd flip right off the bed.

by NSFWreply 3111/18/2011

Point taken, r31, but it looks like the mattress is on the floor - there's some kind of blanket or something below it - that his head is touching.

by NSFWreply 3211/18/2011


by NSFWreply 3311/19/2011

Working it from both ends:

by NSFWreply 3411/19/2011

Heres me self sucking. I am able to get all of my head in and sometimes a little shaft. My cock is a little over 8inches

[see offsite link on]

Damn, nice...

by NSFWreply 3511/19/2011

R35 = link posting fail.

by NSFWreply 3611/19/2011

If you are in a relationship, is self-sucking cheating?

by NSFWreply 3711/19/2011

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If I could have done that over the years I would have never left the house.

by NSFWreply 3811/19/2011

More pics, less talk:

by NSFWreply 3911/21/2011


by NSFWreply 4011/21/2011

Some guys are just blessed I guess.

by NSFWreply 4111/21/2011

Licking the tip:

by NSFWreply 4211/29/2011

What an extraordinarily painful practice; the way you have bend and contort; it doesn't look like any of the self-suckers were comfortable self-sucking.

by NSFWreply 4311/29/2011

As always, Thethoughtfulcunt, your input is a reminder of why this forum needs a way for us to hide posts from specific posters.

by NSFWreply 4411/30/2011

slurp slurp slurp

gargle gargle gargle

by NSFWreply 4511/30/2011

[quote]As always, your input is a reminder of why this forum needs a way for us to hide posts from specific posters.

And every time you respond to her, she gets stronger. Ignore it as if never posted in the first place.

by NSFWreply 4611/30/2011

There aren't enough pics in this thread... let me help remedy this problem:

by NSFWreply 4712/09/2011

More pics!

by NSFWreply 4812/24/2011

Could someone please remind R43 that she has been hanging around here for months sucking herself ad nauseum and it's we who have been finding it painful, not her?

by NSFWreply 4912/24/2011

hugh @ corbinfisher

by NSFWreply 5012/24/2011

hot slutty hunk

by NSFWreply 5112/24/2011

R48 could use a little help with that.

by NSFWreply 5212/28/2011

Arpad Miklos. He's got tiny balls and can usually only touch the tip of his cock with his tongue, but his cock is quite thick and impressive nonetheless, and he's just hot as fuck. Plus, he always shoots a thick load of cum onto his face whenever he self-sucks.

by NSFWreply 5312/28/2011

Because he can:

by NSFWreply 5401/03/2012

TWO going at it:

by NSFWreply 5501/03/2012


by NSFWreply 5601/03/2012

I saw a guy on Cam4 rimming himself, I had no idea that was even possible.

by NSFWreply 5701/03/2012

It's not hot when walruses do it:

by NSFWreply 5801/03/2012

Going for it:

by NSFWreply 5901/14/2012


by NSFWreply 6001/19/2012

Cool animated gif:

by NSFWreply 6101/26/2012

I will never be this flexible:

by NSFWreply 6201/27/2012

If a straight guy sucks his own dick, does that make him gay?

by NSFWreply 6301/28/2012

I think every male in the world tries this, out of pure testosterone fueled instinct to get off.

All of my straight high school friends admitted to trying to get their own dick in their mouths. And yes, these guys were straight, they didn't want anyone else's dick. Anyway I didn't offer to do the sucking, I was in deep in the closet at the time.

by NSFWreply 6401/28/2012


by NSFWreply 6502/05/2012

And more:

by NSFWreply 6602/05/2012

Still more!

by NSFWreply 6702/05/2012

Even more!

by NSFWreply 6802/05/2012

And another!

by NSFWreply 6902/05/2012

Chowing down on his own knob:

by NSFWreply 7002/05/2012


by NSFWreply 7102/06/2012

Ricky Martinez owns this thread.

by NSFWreply 7202/06/2012


by NSFWreply 7302/09/2012

The flowers on r73 add a nice touch.

by NSFWreply 7402/11/2012

Go for it:

by NSFWreply 7502/12/2012

I've never been this limber:

by NSFWreply 7602/14/2012

Another pic of that guy:

by NSFWreply 7702/18/2012


by NSFWreply 7802/18/2012

Why can't we all self-suck? It's the way it should be. And I'd want a nice grip on my dick head and be able to suck on my foreskin. Shooting cum and hitting the back of my throat with jizz.

by NSFWreply 7902/18/2012

Nobody would ever leave the house and civilization would collapse, R79. That's why.

by NSFWreply 8002/18/2012

Double self-sucking:

by NSFWreply 8102/19/2012

Self-sucking on the stairs:

by NSFWreply 8202/20/2012

R78 is HOT

by NSFWreply 8302/20/2012

...wanna take over?

by NSFWreply 8403/17/2012

These guys have no problem if their date doesn't show up.

by NSFWreply 8503/18/2012

Licking his thick one:

by NSFWreply 8603/24/2012

Guylar, did you spill something on mother's rug?

by NSFWreply 8703/24/2012

juuuuust about there...

by NSFWreply 8803/24/2012


by NSFWreply 8903/24/2012

This self-sucker wears combat boots (or close enough):

by NSFWreply 9003/30/2012

Just because:

by NSFWreply 9104/11/2012

all the guys who manage to do it have huge cocks. i'm jealous.

by NSFWreply 9204/11/2012

I"d like to see more of the guy who posted a pic of himself.

by NSFWreply 9304/11/2012

Lovely gay

by NSFWreply 9405/25/2012


by NSFWreply 9505/25/2012

Pretty hot

by NSFWreply 9605/25/2012


by NSFWreply 9710/01/2012

So very flexible guys.

by NSFWreply 9810/01/2012

Do you flex 98?

by NSFWreply 9910/07/2012


by NSFWreply 10010/08/2012

the last guy is hottest as he's more muscular

by NSFWreply 10110/08/2012


by NSFWreply 10210/09/2012

I hope the photographer helped R102 with his cleanup.

by NSFWreply 10310/10/2012


by NSFWreply 10410/10/2012

102 shows how to give a self-facial.

by NSFWreply 10510/13/2012

Animated gif of a guy self-sucking...

by NSFWreply 10610/13/2012

here's a selfsucker

by NSFWreply 10710/23/2012


by NSFWreply 10810/23/2012

Animated GIF:

by NSFWreply 10911/05/2012


by NSFWreply 11011/06/2012

you know all those divers do that

by NSFWreply 11111/06/2012


by NSFWreply 11211/06/2012

A great perspective:

by NSFWreply 11311/11/2012


by NSFWreply 11411/14/2012

Why is my back so unflexible? I can't even get close to bending my back like these guys and I've always been thin.

by NSFWreply 11511/14/2012


by NSFWreply 11611/14/2012

I did that in a dream and choked to death.

If you really want to do that, all you have to do is have yourself deboned. It's sounds kind of rough, but since you'll never stop once you can do it...

by NSFWreply 11711/15/2012

Ron Jeremy

by NSFWreply 11811/15/2012

I love educational threads like this one!

by NSFWreply 11911/15/2012

There is something so hot about seeing a guy self sucking, whether all the way or not.

So hot getting a mouth full of jizz just as you cum.

by NSFWreply 12011/15/2012

Double self-suck:

by NSFWreply 12111/15/2012

i usevto suck my all the time got so hooked on doing so i had to have it cum and all 3 to 5 times a week for years

by NSFWreply 12211/16/2012

Taking a break from work

by NSFWreply 12311/18/2012

R123, that is work.

by NSFWreply 12411/18/2012

Thanks R121..for posting that pic for the 5th time on this thread

by NSFWreply 12511/18/2012

R125, I don't see YOU posting anything of value on this thread...

by NSFWreply 12611/18/2012

It's fun to be pounding a guy while he's self-sucking.

by NSFWreply 12711/26/2012

I used to try to stuff the cockhead of a boyfriend into his mouth, he'd grunt and groan, it was ALWAYS hot.

by NSFWreply 12811/26/2012

OP's guy is really having a good time.

by NSFWreply 12911/29/2012

I had a "straight" friend in High School that used to brag about being able to self-suck himself to me. Virgin, inexperienced, but out gay me used to joke to him that he had more experience with gay sex and same-sex blowjobs than I did.

by NSFWreply 13011/29/2012

Did he ever show you how he could do it, r130?

by NSFWreply 13112/01/2012

I used to get most of my glans into my mouth when I was a skinny teenager. It seems like something that would be awesome but it honestly is less exciting than you might think. One thing is the strain on the back and neck, it's hard to relax and enjoy it in that unnatural position. Someone posted that it is like trying to tickle yourself, that's a good description. After a few times trying, I got bored and decided it wasn't worth the effort. I remember one time only taking my own load, I didn't really like it.

by NSFWreply 13212/01/2012

It's always a bummer when you're self-fucking and it pops out.

by NSFWreply 13312/28/2012

Do it yourself technique.

by NSFWreply 13412/28/2012


by NSFWreply 13512/28/2012


by NSFWreply 13612/28/2012

I'd lve to once witness a hot guy self-fucking

by NSFWreply 13712/28/2012


by NSFWreply 13812/30/2012


by NSFWreply 13912/30/2012

Going down

by NSFWreply 14001/03/2013


by NSFWreply 14101/03/2013

mmmmm good!

by NSFWreply 14201/03/2013

Once upon a time, high over the city, there lived a man who...

by NSFWreply 14301/03/2013


by NSFWreply 14401/03/2013

I tried this as a limber young teen but could never quite get the head in. But it was great shooting my whole load into my mouth, with my legs flipped back over my head.

But I soon gave up as it was more trouble than it was worth. Still, I think lots of guys tried, gay and straight, since we all wanted head at 14.

by NSFWreply 14501/03/2013

[quote]I think lots of guys tried, gay and straight,

But most won't admit that they tried.

by NSFWreply 14601/08/2013


by NSFWreply 14702/10/2013


by NSFWreply 14802/10/2013

Super hot self-sucker:

by NSFWreply 14908/26/2013

I love sucking my own big juicy throbbing cock soo nasty hot for anyone who likes to watchme suck it. look me up at lpsg selfsucker under my big juicy cock / watchmesuckit4u

by NSFWreply 15010/27/2013

I tried selfsucking as a skinny teeager. I could only get the head in. It was hard to breathe, much less cum :(

by NSFWreply 15110/27/2013

There'd be no more wars. I wonder if serious yoga guys can do it more easily? Downward Facing Dog comes to mind. r143 That's a great pic, a little unnerving though. I'd be afraid, in the throes of orgasm, that I'd tip over, and fall out the window. Imagine finding a corpse in THAT position?

by NSFWreply 15210/27/2013

Self-sucking while standing...and presenting hole.

by NSFWreply 15311/04/2013


by NSFWreply 15411/04/2013

Self-sucking hole presentation:

by NSFWreply 15511/04/2013

Reaching for it...

by NSFWreply 15611/04/2013

used to spend hours milking myself at night in high school. It was awesome and worth the effort. Had to thrust my legs over my head and push my feet against the beadboard to get the head plus an inch of my cock into my mouth. Didn't have anyone else to play with in that small town. I love the taste of cum.

by NSFWreply 15711/04/2013

Has anyone ever been able to self-rim?

by NSFWreply 15811/04/2013

Head over heels again:

by NSFWreply 15911/07/2013

r159, anyone under 30 can do that.

by NSFWreply 16011/08/2013


by NSFWreply 16111/08/2013

Animated GIF of a guy self-sucking in action:

by NSFWreply 16211/10/2013

Super hot:

by NSFWreply 16312/08/2013
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