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James Spader...What happened?

look at him in 1999....will this happen to Henry Cavill too?

by I hate timereply 14512/29/2016

Thanks for the link, OP. You put a lot of a effort into this threat. I hope it's a success.

by I hate timereply 111/06/2011

Am I supposed to call Doc Brown?

How am I supposed to look at him in 1999 since it's 2011?

by I hate timereply 211/06/2011

It's funny that you say that OP. I recently saw both James Spader and Val Kilmer in fairly recent movies and I couldn't help but to think...what happened? They both looked bloated and old. They were so hot back in the day.

by I hate timereply 311/06/2011

I'm not the OP, but I found some pix. Spader looks fine.

by I hate timereply 411/06/2011

He's brilliant on The Office.

by I hate timereply 511/06/2011

It's called letting oneself go and it can happen to anyone. So beware kids...

by I hate timereply 611/06/2011

I think his character is totally wrong for the office. Too serious. It might have worked if he had Steve Carell to play off of. Ed Helms, as much as I love him, can't completely fill his shoes. The bad writing isn't helping the show either.

by I hate timereply 711/06/2011

It's called getting old and genetics.

by I hate timereply 811/06/2011

I went to high school with him. Nice enough guy. Known as Jimmy then.

Got his break through Mrs Onassis as he was friends with John.

My favorite memory of him was a story he told about running up an aisle in his underwear in a school play when little Jimmy flopped out.

That, he said, was the moment he learned that you wear underwear under your boxers onstage.

by I hate timereply 911/06/2011

link! sorry

by I hate timereply 1011/06/2011

He makes the case for a trophy husbands movement.

by I hate timereply 1111/06/2011

While men do tend to age better than women, it does not mean that all men age well.

by I hate timereply 1211/06/2011

Is alcohol the cause of this?

by I hate timereply 1311/06/2011

He was sexy. Then he got fat.

by I hate timereply 1411/06/2011

I don't think he was ever very cute.

He is hideous now.

by I hate timereply 1511/06/2011

Not everyone ages well. Is it really worth starting a thread every time someone notices a celeb looks worse than they used to?

by I hate timereply 1611/06/2011

Maybe we should all run our threads by you first r16 so you can decide wheter or not they meet your standards.

by I hate timereply 1711/06/2011

it's called the passage of time. people get old and die. get used to it.

by I hate timereply 1811/06/2011

I'd rather see a hot guy age into a shclub, than age into an oversurgeried steroid monster.

Sadly, those are are choices. We won't see another Paul Newman, not in our lifetimes.

by I hate timereply 1911/06/2011

[quote]look at him in 1999....will this happen to Henry Cavill too?



W. Miller, C. Elwes, B. Fraser, et al

by I hate timereply 2011/07/2011

The last time he looked sexy was back in the movie The Secretary (circa 2002?).

Then he joined that show with Shatner and became bloated, pink-faced and greasy-skinned (possibly a quasi-intentional weight gain so he'd look like a Shatner doppleganger?).

Now he's on the Office and has lost the excess weight but has old-person skin (papery, saggy) and developed a creepy Chris Walken hairline (see pic at link).

Great actor though. I still enjoy watching him. But, God, when you look at old still pics if a shirtless young Spader in Supernova (see r10's link), it does feel tragic that he had to grow old.

by I hate timereply 2111/07/2011

He bloated after his divorce. Either the divorce was really hard on him or (since his first wife was a personal trainer) she was the one who kept him thin and left on his own he ate too much.

by I hate timereply 2211/07/2011

r19 Paul Newman was very "face lifted" in his later years

by I hate timereply 2311/07/2011

[quote]it does feel tragic that he had to grow old

Boy, are you in for a surprise...

by I hate timereply 2411/07/2011

R9, you must know Tim R. It's through him that I met Jimmy.

He's lazy and loves to eat. I love him but that's the truth.

I met his Dad, who was at least 70 when I was introduced to him. He was a short very trim elderly doppleganger of Jimmy. I always thought that this was what Jimmy would look like when he got older. But Jimmy has taken the less active route.

He's a great guy. If he wants to eat he can eat. He was never impressed with his own looks.

by I hate timereply 2511/07/2011

I actually don't agree that "men tend to age better than women." It's just that the standards are different.

by I hate timereply 2611/07/2011

R25 You sound nice! James Spader is such a good actor. He was really beautiful at one time but it was never the most interesting thing about him. Glad to know he doesn't feel his physcial changes are tragic. Just want him to be in good health and keep working.

by I hate timereply 2711/07/2011

I don't think he looks that bad but he was one of those guys who looked very young well into his prime and he seemed to age suddenly so it was more of shock. He didn't really look like manly to me until Supernova. Before that he was a pretty boy.

by I hate timereply 2811/07/2011

So true R26. It's so much tougher in the gay world too. I understand being put off by those things that are more about lifestyle and indifference to staying reasonably fit, well-groomed, etc. but wrinkles, less than perfectly firm skin, a receding hairline, gray hair, etc. are not things that should seem SO dreadful to people. There is a beauty in those things too and I have felt that way since I was a child. I never understood the hangups about aging or the extremes that people go to try fight it. Nothing against some procedures if they make people feel more confident, but so often it looks worse.

by I hate timereply 2911/07/2011

He looks like an old lesbian now.

by I hate timereply 3011/07/2011

He looked phenomenal in Supernova. I agree, he's not looking so great now. And I'm not really a fan of his role in The Office. (Sorry Jimmy)

by I hate timereply 3111/07/2011

Gingers are horribly!

by I hate timereply 3211/07/2011

I agree that he has not aged well..even in the years betwen 2000(when he did Secretary) and 2004, something happened. For me, he was the sexiest man in the world. Now, my husband, who is 3 yrs older than him, looks hotter (no flab and still plenty of hair). But age can be very hard on some people...even harder when you were once so damn hot. Sad.

by I hate timereply 3311/19/2011

HE GOT FAT! I think if he lost weight (and maybe found a better hairstylist), he would actually look pretty great--doesn't seem like that's going to happen tho.

by I hate timereply 3412/29/2011

What is "Supernova" about? It sounds like science fiction and I do not think Jimmy Spader would do a genre film like that.

by I hate timereply 3512/29/2011



W. Miller, C. Elwes, B. Fraser, et al"


No, not everyone.

by I hate timereply 3612/29/2011

He was never cute.

Now he is hideous.

by I hate timereply 3712/29/2011

His voice always seemed to annoy me. Very waspy!

by I hate timereply 3812/29/2011

[quote]I agree that he has not aged well..even in the years betwen 2000(when he did Secretary) and 2004.

He turned 40 in 2000, and it seems that a lot of men who used to be good looking when they were younger start to lose their looks in their early 40's.

by I hate timereply 3912/29/2011

R25, info on why he divorced, please.

by I hate timereply 4012/29/2011

"Supernova" was a notorious mess:

"This film is the prime example of studio interference. I’ll make it short for you: First off director Geoffrey Wright (Romper Stomper) was hired and fired before shooting began. Action man Walter Hill (48 Hours) was hired instead, he changed the script and shot the film his way. The problem is that the studio wanted a sexy thriller but Hill delivered a grotesque serving. Walter departed and Jack Sholder (The Hidden) was hired for reshoots. Most of the stuff Walter Hill shot is not in the finished product. They even brought in Francis Ford Coppola to give his two cents in the editing room."

by I hate timereply 4112/31/2011

He is still sexy, he just needs to do something with his hair. Hair transplants as his hair is one of the sexy thing about him.

Love ya James

by I hate timereply 4203/11/2012

James Spader at his fittest and hottest:

by I hate timereply 4303/11/2012

James Spader in May 2011:

by I hate timereply 4403/11/2012

I don't think he was ever above-average on the handsome index.

He is now hideously unattractive.

And he acts on The Office, which used to be so good, many years ago before it got so broad, like he is in his own, separate show.

by I hate timereply 4503/11/2012

Spader was and is a good looking guy. I just wish he wasn't so short. I think the guy is only about 5'8". He was beauty in his youth, I would see movies I had no interest in, just because he was in them. If only he could have bee queer for me.

by I hate timereply 4603/11/2012

He had a bad nose job when he was young that made him look a little effeminate then. However, as we get older, noses (even nose jobs) succumb to gravity, as did his.

by I hate timereply 4703/11/2012

I don't even think he needs plugs. I think if he buzzed his hair he could look okay. It's just not a good look to try to have a full head of hair when it's receding that far back, IMO.

He could also stand to lose some weight. Not a lot, but 10-20 pounds might do him so good.

by I hate timereply 4803/11/2012

I remember him saying in the 90s he hated that he had to exercise so much to still be up for leading man roles, and that he (jokingly) blamed it all on Brad Pitt, who had showed off his sixpack in "Thelma & Louise" and made it necessary for all leading men to have to have sixpacks.

I think when he got to 42 or so he said, "Fuck it, I'm a character actor" (which is true), and decided to play schlubby middle-aged roles.

by I hate timereply 4903/11/2012

He looks like Michael Madsen in the link posted by R21.

by I hate timereply 5003/11/2012

He got old and fat. But don't we have a thread like this like three times a year?

by I hate timereply 5103/11/2012

Henry Cavill is better looking than James Spader ever was, but he's losing his hair, alas, so I think he's going to go more in the way of Jude Law.

by I hate timereply 5203/11/2012

[quote]But don't we have a thread like this like three times a year?


And even if we did: who cares? If you're complaining things have to be completely new all year long, you're spending WAY too much time on this forum and need to develop other interests.

by I hate timereply 5303/11/2012

Not complaining, just find it funny. Every few months, someone asks "what the hell happened to James Spader". Poor James.

by I hate timereply 5403/11/2012

Tommy Howell owns this thread. He's just 45. And he's looked like this for years. He suddenly went from young to old without looking middle aged.

by I hate timereply 5503/11/2012

He'd probably look better if he lost some weight. But people and actors should look different, too, so it doesn't matter.

by I hate timereply 5603/11/2012

[quote]Henry Cavill is better looking than James Spader ever was, but he's losing his hair, alas, so I think he's going to go more in the way of Jude Law.

Yes, Henry is definitely having hair problems. You could tell even back in 2010 with this picture:

by I hate timereply 5703/11/2012

At 25 he was hot enough. No so true at 52. He aged. Men do this. Worse, gay men do too, and keep saying they are not old.

by I hate timereply 5803/11/2012

"info on why he divorced, please"

He met Leslie Stefanson.

by I hate timereply 5906/19/2012

[r12]: i would say that it's just another piece of evidence showing men tend to age worse than women.

by I hate timereply 6006/19/2012

He has been one of two of my favorite actors since 1985 and Tuff Turf where I fell in love at first sight. Over the years I've been watching all his movies, I'll watch as long as he's in it.

It is sad, that he fell so far, so fast. I was watching Secretary last night, and he really was thin still, or somewhat, and had his hair, but he facially had already started to develop bad bags under his eyes, and a sag and wrinkled look to his face.

I caught commercials for his new TV show, and I was shocked. I watched episodes of the office to see him, and was sad then, now I could cry.

Poor James, I think he was stunning in his youth, he pretty much distorted. I wonder if it bothers him as much as it bothers me.

My other favorite actor is George Segal, since I was a little girl. At 79, he is sexier than James at 52. He looked hot even in his 60s in Just Shoot Me. Some men stay beautiful, some don't.

James still has a way, with his great voice, his steady gaze, but he definitely gave up on his weight. Oddly, I never pictured him possibly having any weight problems. He always seemed like the naturally thin type. I guess we cannot necessarily judge.

by I hate timereply 6108/30/2013

He was really successful on that lawyer show with Bill Shatner.

by I hate timereply 6208/30/2013

He was still slim and hot in the Secretary which was done in 2003. It looks like after his divorce he just gave up. And he lost his hair. That was the shocker. Still, he managed to find a woman much younger than him to shack up with. Story as old as time.

by I hate timereply 6308/31/2013

I always thought he was very bland looking when he was young. I'm not really surprised by his present appearance. It seems like he's no longer wearing a rug on the promos for his new show.

by I hate timereply 6408/31/2013

He was in the original Stargate movie R35.

I love him anyway, hair or not, thin or not. He's very talented and that is always far more sexy for me than cookie cutter good looks.

by I hate timereply 6508/31/2013

Here's the trailer for his new show on NBC, Blacklist. He looks better with the very short hair but could stand to lose more weight.

by I hate timereply 6608/31/2013

Denny Crane!!!!!

by I hate timereply 6708/31/2013

He never did anything for me, not to mention he always plays creepy characters.

He grossed me out in that Cronenberg film, "Crash"(I think that was the name) about the people getting sexually aroused over car crashes, to the point of getting turned from their bodies becoming deformed due to the crashes.

What a bizarre film, there's some weird fetishes out there. IIRC, it was based on a sci-fi book.

Now he looks like a slovenly bloated greaseball in need of a bath. I remember he was married to really homely, but wealthy, woman.

by I hate timereply 6808/31/2013

It all reminds me of Cary Elwes' disintegration.

by I hate timereply 6908/31/2013

He just didn't age well. He got fat, but he also has the kind of face that does not age well (just like Cary Elwes's).

Still, he's going to be playing Ultron in the next Avengers movie, which should be a huge career boost. He should be perfect for it--he's got that great insolent snarkly vocal quality.

by I hate timereply 7008/31/2013

I'm looking forward to Blacklist. I love Spader. I hope he has a career resurgence with The Avengers and Blacklist. He's a good actor. Too few of them get work these days.

by I hate timereply 7108/31/2013

Did his (IMO) standout role in Lincoln really boost his career?

by I hate timereply 7208/31/2013

A REAL ACTOR KNOWS that he/she doesn't have to be good-looking in his/her whole life.

by I hate timereply 7308/31/2013

R40 NO,Michael T Weiss still looks good. He's put on weight, the hair style isn't flattering. Doesn't matter he's one hell of an actor.

by I hate timereply 7408/31/2013

[quote] You put a lot of a effort into this threat.

Why do you find this threatening, R1?

by I hate timereply 7508/31/2013

Cavill's bone structure will guarantee that he'll age better than all of the names mentioned. He can continue to be handsome for years to come (like Pierce Brosnan) if he takes care of himself, but he appears to drink like a fish and smokes, so...

by I hate timereply 7608/31/2013

When I saw him in a "Psych" ep, I could not believe how badly Elwes had aged. What's his story? Boozer? Food addict?

by I hate timereply 7708/31/2013

He seems to don't have any trouble with his current looks, he looks happy with his life's natural stages and he still getting jobs that suitable with his looks, like in "Lincoln". You queens need to broaden your perspective and stop being so shallow. Of course we love beauty but when the beauty fades it doesn't necessarily stops one's life.

by I hate timereply 7808/31/2013

I never thought James Spader was that attractive to begin with.

by I hate timereply 7908/31/2013

Father Time beats everyone's ass in the end, just some quicker than others.

by I hate timereply 8008/31/2013

James Spader not that attractive to begin with? Okay, whatever.

He was gorgeous and great in Pretty In Pink and sex, lies, and videotape (one of my all-time favorite movies).

I know someone who's worked with him and he said he's a complete fucking asshole.

by I hate timereply 8108/31/2013

[quote]look at him in 1999....will this happen to Henry Cavill too?

James Spader is one hell of a talent to begin with, while actors like Cavill and Matt Bomer with their bland acting/personality are the ones who needs to be cautious about their looks.

by I hate timereply 8208/31/2013

[quote]I know someone who's worked with him and he said he's a complete fucking asshole.

Was this recent or during his drug days?

by I hate timereply 8309/01/2013

Its called getting lazy not old I weigh less than high school 50 years ago!

by I hate timereply 8409/18/2013

This is a good opportunity to remember the scene where James Spader gets down with DL fave Elias Koteas in Crash. Note the raw homosexual hunger between these men as they get ritualistic tattoos and explore each other's scarred male bodies. Director David Cronenberg notes that the actors generated considerable chemistry in this scene, and Elias has also admitted in interviews that Spader was a very good kisser (a clear indication that he was leaking a clotted stream of Cowper's fluid through his meatus at the time).

Do you think when the scene was over, Spader rested his clean-shaven yuppie jaw against the veiny slab of Grecian salami that was heavily bulging inside Elias's pants, and softly murmured "One more take, Cronenberg"?

by I hate timereply 8509/19/2013

I'm excited for his new show

by I hate timereply 8609/23/2013

He was on Jimmy Fallon last week and even though he looks somewhat old, I thought he looked good.

by I hate timereply 8709/23/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by I hate timereply 8809/23/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by I hate timereply 8909/23/2013

I saw Cary Elwes in the 2011 Wonder Woman pilot and he was heavy but didn't look terrible. Even seemed to have his hair.

He just looked pretty sorry compared to Justin Bruening, who played Steve Trevor.

by I hate timereply 9009/23/2013

Ugh R88 that pic reminds me of his imdb profile pic which needs to be changed asap! Do publicists and agents even do anything? seriously he probably has one of the worst ever. Even writers have better ones and they don't even need to.

by I hate timereply 9109/23/2013

He looks so much better now than when he was on that David E. Kelly show. And shaving his head so the hair loss is less noticable was a smart move. I also like that he is a real New Yorker at heart. He's getting great reviews for the new show. I hope it does well. He's one of my favorite actors.

by I hate timereply 9209/23/2013

Given how much Michael Shanks looked like James Spader in Stargate, I pray he ages better. I'd love to be in the middle of a Michael Shanks - Ben Browder sandwich...

Comparison of Shanks in the Stargate series in link:

by I hate timereply 9309/23/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by I hate timereply 9409/23/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by I hate timereply 9509/23/2013

You don't need to be an alcoholic or drug user to become bloated. Eating a lot will do it.

by I hate timereply 9609/23/2013

Actually now having seen more than promo shots...the trailer leaves an interesting premise but honestly something that should be a film. It reminds me of Person of Interest meets the Bone Collector.

And the shaved head would be for this role.

by I hate timereply 9709/23/2013

most pretty boys age badly.

by I hate timereply 9809/23/2013

I saw James Spader recently and he was nearly bald.

by I hate timereply 9909/23/2013

Sorry I was referring to his new show The Blacklist

R99 I think its for his new show

by I hate timereply 10009/23/2013

What happened to Parminder Nagra? One of the things I liked about [italic]Alcatraz[/italic] was how pretty she looked glammed up as a 60s professional woman. Now she looks hard with baggage under her eyes.

by I hate timereply 10110/14/2013

Eh, I'm only in my late 20s/early 30s and I actually think Spader is hotter now. When he was younger, it just didn't do it for me (I never saw him in motion, just the photo presented here). His whole aura/persona/whatever is very sexually charged in the Blacklist, probably why so many people are tuning in. Not that he comes onto the young FBI agent, but there's something very sexual and charismatic about him in the way he interacts with everyone.

by I hate timereply 10210/14/2013

Spader is not a drug addict or an alcoholic. He likes good food. He's kinda passionate about food. The amazing thing is that he's as thin as he is.

He's also a great cook. He claims that he can fry the perfect egg.

by I hate timereply 10310/15/2013

Post-middle age paunch happens.

He still has his sexy voice though.

by I hate timereply 10410/21/2013

I was just watching him in "Baby Boom" yesterday and I can't believe that it's the same person that we see today. I would never expect someone to look the same as they did 26 years ago, but my goodness, he doesn't even resemble his former self.

by I hate timereply 10510/21/2013

Welcome to real life, kids.

by I hate timereply 10610/27/2013

This represents Datalounge kids

by I hate timereply 10710/27/2013

Some of his peers remained in great shape and their careers have continued to thrive and far exceed his, you know.

by I hate timereply 10810/27/2013

He's happy with himself, and is doing fine with his career, Lincoln (and the film didn't bombed), new tv show, main role for Marvel/Avengers in the making, so you little babies need to stop complaining about him not looking like Colton Haynes.

by I hate timereply 10910/27/2013

He's become middle-aged, which beats the alternative. He's working (I like "Blacklist"), he appears to have a successful relationship. He should eat what he wants and be happy - as should we all.

I'd be interested in his perfect egg technique. Is it similar to Marco Pierre White's? That's basically a 'poach it in butter in a frying pan' method.

by I hate timereply 11010/27/2013

That's almost exactly his method, R110. Lots of butter, medium low heat, lots of basting. Voila: perfect fried egg.

by I hate timereply 11110/27/2013

He doesn't seem to be bald so why shave his head for the new show? It looks awful, as if he has a ball sitting on his shoulders, it's not a good look.

by I hate timereply 11210/27/2013

is he bi? he pings to me but not as completely gay

by I hate timereply 11310/27/2013

He's right, R111. That makes a perfect fried egg.

R113, the only things I've ever heard about him were het. Gay-friendly, not a dick about it, but I'm just a gossip. I don't know the guy.

by I hate timereply 11410/27/2013

I was just watching his '80s film "Tuff Turf" yesterday, and he was one hot piece of ass back then. Tight and toned with thick thighs and a nice fat ass.

by I hate timereply 11510/28/2013

R112 it's in character for the role, he said in an interview "The way his life has been for the last 20 years, he’s moving from place to place. I thought that he should have a haircut that he could do himself, if he cares to, or he could go to some barbershop in Cambodia and cut his hair in 10 minutes."

by I hate timereply 11610/29/2013

I just have to express my admiration for this man. I watch him in The Practice and Boston Legal and... I don't know if there is a sexier role IN THE WORLD than Alan Shore. It isn't easy to depict a conflicted yet heroic character like him. I think James deserves more love from us all, no matter what he looks like.

by I hate timereply 11711/18/2013

I love him too, R117. I've gotten lots of pleasure watching him in all those different roles.

by I hate timereply 11811/18/2013

there is no what happened...I still think he is still HOT and I just love the creepy powerful character he presents so eloquently in blacklist...imho he is still hot and I am into him even more...

by I hate timereply 11911/22/2013

It can't happen to Cavill, James is a good actor.

by I hate timereply 12011/22/2013

He should lose weight and get into drag.

He'd look as pretty as Cillian Muprhy

by I hate timereply 12111/22/2013

I agree r117. He was the hottest man on television as Alan Shore. His confidence, intelligence, and sense of humor made the character so sexy.

by I hate timereply 12211/22/2013

Only a few white people aged well.

by I hate timereply 12311/22/2013

Sadly he is now fat and bald and nothing even close to his cute, sexy self - do you remember him in White Palace with Susan Sarandon? Man, he was something. Yes it can happen to everyone..

by I hate timereply 12402/19/2014

James' sweet, sweet ass in "White Palace":

by I hate timereply 12502/19/2014

James shirtless in Sex, Lies and Videotape:

by I hate timereply 12602/19/2014

Fat or thin, hair or not. I always find James Spader sexy. George Cloony, yuk, leaves me cold. Being sexy is more than just looks and Red in the Blacklist is way more than cloony who looks like a shop mannequin.

by I hate timereply 12704/08/2014

He's ugly now with his mostly bald head. So sad. Maybe he should just shave his head and grow a mustache and short beard.

by I hate timereply 12802/01/2015

He really was sexy in Sex, Lies and Videotapes and he was still sexy in The Watcher.

by I hate timereply 12902/01/2015

Any tea about him and Keanu in The Watcher?

I always assumed he had some fun with Jami Gertz in Less Than Zero, and Andrew McCarthy always seemed like a drooling puppy around him.

by I hate timereply 13005/10/2015

He did gain for awhile but I think he's lost most of it. Guys lose their hair, nothing new or awful about that. It's simply what happens to most guys. It has nothing to do with letting yourself go.

He isn't hideous at all...he's a nice looking man.

by I hate timereply 13105/10/2015

He was hot in "Star Crossed" and "Dream Lover" (with the even lovelier Madchen Amick.)

by I hate timereply 13205/10/2015

He was once a sex symbol. He was also once 29, a party-boy, and a sex-obsessed addict. Chill. My over-60 Boomer boss has a crush on him as he is now, as do I, a late Gen-Xr. He's hot, now and then, because he exudes confidence.

He's calm, clean and centred now, and heavily into his work. What does the rest matter? He's 55 years old, he's got better priorities than his hair, his libido and his adrenaline levels.

He's done some excellent roles in the last 5 years, and I'll think he'll be remembered well for his contributions to screen acting. Still, Steff McKee of 'Pretty in Pink' is still my favourite part of his. I have very seldom seen hetero bedroom scenes in movies that convince, but Steff and Benny's post-coital smugness always works for me. They radiate as drunken, slutty, tanned-and-trustfunded jerks in lust.

"Oh, well, it's VERY nice to meet you, Andie.."

by I hate timereply 13305/10/2015

What happened??

Pizza Hut came up with their $11.00 large pizza specials

by I hate timereply 13405/10/2015

He's no Chuck there's a man!

by I hate timereply 13505/10/2015

Funny how in White Palace it was supposed to be strange that the young James spader would be hooking up with the older Susan Sarandon. People were supposed to ask, "What dos he see in her. If they were a couple in real life now, they'd be asking, "what does she see in HIM?"

by I hate timereply 13605/10/2015

He looks fine, just older. Actually I kind of think he looks better than when he was young. But then I'm old too.

by I hate timereply 13705/10/2015

He did have a hot ass back when he made White Palace!

by I hate timereply 13805/11/2015

White Palace was one of the better films to come out of that era; it's striking how much Sarandon and Spader resembled one another--their eyes in particular.

Spader's appeal (in addition to his slamming body) was his kind of opaque remoteness, in some roles: it isn't/wasn't hard for audiences to project their own fantasies onto him, hence the large gay following, IMHO.

In "Crash," I wanted Elias Koteas to fuck the living shit out of Spader--and then do it again, for good measure.

by I hate timereply 13905/11/2015

Jack's Back!

by I hate timereply 14005/11/2015

Is it me, or have 80's movies only just started looking really dated? Less than 10 years ago I could watch one comfortably without getting distracted by the period settings, fashion or parlance. I find James' earliest films difficult to take in, now.

by I hate timereply 14105/18/2015

I'm 21 and I'd let the current james spader do illegal things to me...he's hot as hell...his voice is porn...he's a perverted middle age man...he's sex on legs...and he was the most gorgeous boy in the world in the 80s...and he didn't have any nose job, there are pics when he was in his teenager days with Kennedy and his nose has always been perfect and graceful...he's the man of my dreams..I would need a time machine to fuck him when he was 20, and now I would bang him too

by I hate timereply 14205/26/2016

I've always thought Spader acted like an upper crust gay man like he had graduated like he had graduated from the Collegiate School in NYC, and his daddy was Thurston Howell III.

by I hate timereply 14305/26/2016

I suspect he grew tired of not being taken more seriously so he sabotaged his looks. While I never really liked him in the 80's and 90's he was easy on the eyes and was aging great, he looked gorgeous on this 2000 movie called Super Nova and has a sex scene with Angela Bassett, hot as all fuck. A bisexual's dream.

by I hate timereply 14412/29/2016

You bumped a thread from 2011 to post that?


by I hate timereply 14512/29/2016
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