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Why all the hate for Joe Biden?

He is a decent guy. He was a good Senator. Also, he is a smart, funny person.

Why all the hate?

by Curious to knowreply 7007/23/2014

'cause he sucks? Duh?

by Curious to knowreply 110/15/2011

I don't hate him.

by Curious to knowreply 210/15/2011

I would love to work for him. He seems like a very cool guy. For example, while he was a Senator he'd take Amtrak from Delaware to D.C. He knew all the conductors, and would also chat with other passengers.

by Curious to knowreply 310/15/2011

I actually love Joe Biden. He was a brilliant senator. I admire him greatly.

by Curious to knowreply 410/15/2011

Where do you see all this "hate"? I'm not aware of any huge amount of hate for Joe Biden.

by Curious to knowreply 510/15/2011

People rag on him constantly, I don't get it either.

by Curious to knowreply 610/15/2011

No hate, just because he's a plagiarist, won't show his brain scans and he's still at Katy's Cafe?

by Curious to knowreply 710/15/2011

He's not smart, but he is well-connected and knows how to play the Washington-insider game, which he has done very well for many years. A lot of people see him as an example of the old-school, firmly entrenched career politician who knows where a lot of bodies are buried.

by Curious to knowreply 810/15/2011

Joe, who?

by Curious to knowreply 910/15/2011

He had the Patriot Act written and ready to go after the Oklahoma City Bombings. They didn't get it passed tho. After 9/11 he liked to call himself the "Father of the Patriot Act." So that's why I hate Joe Biden.

by Curious to knowreply 1010/15/2011

He's a wimp.

by Curious to knowreply 1110/15/2011

R8 - you just described practically every politician in the US...

by Curious to knowreply 1210/15/2011

He kept Robert Bork out of the Supreme Court. He tried to keep Clarence Thomas out.

Those are two big wins, as far as I'm concerned.

by Curious to knowreply 1310/15/2011

A relative of mine is very friendly with DOCTOR Jill Biden.

Whenever she is introduced as DOCTOR Jill Biden, I always think, "BOOM BOOM BOOM."

by Curious to knowreply 1410/15/2011

R13, you are full of shit. He did not try to keep Clarence Thomas out. He polished Thomas' dick while completely raping Anita Hill. She was insulted and humiliated in front of the Senate. She, being an adult, moved on with her life. Thomas is still whining and should be impeached.

by Curious to knowreply 1510/15/2011

As Chairman, Biden's treatment of Hill was despicable.

by Curious to knowreply 1610/15/2011

[quote]He polished Thomas' dick while completely raping Anita Hill. She was insulted and humiliated in front of the Senate. She, being an adult, moved on with her life. Thomas is still whining and should be impeached.

You do know he voted AGAINST Thomas' confirmation, right?

by Curious to knowreply 1710/15/2011

He kisses O's pink asshole surrounded by brown skin and a butt-afro laden with dingleberries? ♥☻☺♥

by Curious to knowreply 1810/15/2011

He also opposes gay marriage.

So he's not exactly ahead of his time.

by Curious to knowreply 1910/15/2011

Biden is a foot in the mouth moron, OP.

by Curious to knowreply 2010/15/2011

As a US Senator, Joe Biden voted for DOMA in 1996. That may not mean anything to you OP, but that law is still harming tax paying gay Americans couples.

by Curious to knowreply 2110/15/2011

[quote]You do know he voted AGAINST Thomas' confirmation, right?

Stop trying to hijack this thread with facts.

by Curious to knowreply 2210/15/2011

And he is STILL against gay marriage.

by Curious to knowreply 2310/15/2011

Biden is stupid, corrupt, and his unwillingness to show leadership on the economy has allowed the president to cower in the corner. If Biden were out calling for caps on CEO compensation, new jobs programs for millions, etc., then Obama couldn't hide from these issues.

by Curious to knowreply 2410/15/2011


by Curious to knowreply 2510/15/2011

Well let's see, let me count the ways....they are to numerous to list, but Obama sending this brain dead vp out on the trail thinking he's a pit bull like Spiro Agnew, is ludicrous. The only thing he and Agnew share is the word crook.

by Curious to knowreply 2610/21/2011

He is a very articulate advocate for GLBT issues.

During the 2008 campaign, I watched him have an excellent conversation with people at the GLBT issues booth at the Iowa caucuses, and he was great, well-informed, relaxed and funny and clearly on our side.

I don't recall specifically anything he said about marriage equality, but he's an advocate for us.

Plus, he's a hot daddy who has given me wood since I first became aware of him during the Bork hearings.

by Curious to knowreply 2710/21/2011

The freepers and pumas here will never say anything good about Obama or Biden.

That said, I've been disappointed that Biden hasn't been more forceful in defending the White House proposals or getting the message out about what has actually been accomplished.

The latter is an opportunity that this administration has squandered repeatedly.

It's very possible that Biden hasn't been more forceful because Obama won't allow it.

by Curious to knowreply 2810/21/2011

"He is a very articulate advocate for GLBT issues."

By stating he is against gay marriage?

by Curious to knowreply 2910/21/2011

Oh, don't worry R29 -- he nicely allowed that we should be able to visit each other in the hospital!

by Curious to knowreply 3010/21/2011


by Curious to knowreply 3110/21/2011

He's a complete DOOFUS!

by Curious to knowreply 3210/21/2011

We love Joe Biden. It's the OP that we loathe. OP is a disgusting hate monger.

by Curious to knowreply 3310/21/2011

Totally an asshole during the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill thing.

Why does no one remember that?

by Curious to knowreply 3410/21/2011

Why do we hardly ever see Joe Biden?

It reminds me of when Dick Cheney would disappear for months into his cave.

by Curious to knowreply 3510/21/2011

I love Joe Biden.

by Curious to knowreply 3610/21/2011

I don't think anybody genuinely hates Joe Biden, but he does have two significant flaws that make it hard to fully embrace him:

1. He can't go more than 2 seconds without saying something unbelievably stupid/cringe-inducing.

2. He's a bit pompous (not in a condescending way, but he clearly think he's a bit more awesome than he truly is).

3. He never says or does anything particularly profound. He kind of...exists.

by Curious to knowreply 3710/21/2011

He ripped into Anita Hill so as not to seem too liberal.

I've never forgiven him for that.

by Curious to knowreply 3810/21/2011

He's our national village idiot.

by Curious to knowreply 3910/21/2011

No, georgie porgie was the idiot.

by Curious to knowreply 4010/21/2011

Biden is an ass

by Curious to knowreply 4110/11/2012

Correction: Biden just fucked Ryan up the ass.

by Curious to knowreply 4210/11/2012

kuz he is a dog and a puke ball. head out of ass please

by Curious to knowreply 4310/12/2012

bidn is evil , get a grip people

by Curious to knowreply 4410/12/2012

Love Joe Biden, always have.

by Curious to knowreply 4510/12/2012

Why are all the Republican assholes who google "I hate Joe Biden" (yes, that's how they find their way to Datalounge and go on to revive this old thread) - why are they ALL SO FUCKING ILLITERATE?!

See R41, R43, R44.

by Curious to knowreply 4610/12/2012

Gay men who find Ryan "dreamy" with "purty eyes and a purty mouth" are completely mentally deranged. Or most likely, the ones now posting this shit here are freepers who have suddenly permeated DL. I find it shocking that any gay man would truly be a Republican.

Today's ReThugs are ugly inside and out and even if one ReThug male WAS attractive, his politics would be enough to turn me off!

ReThugs want to take away gay rights and womens rights, they want to push civil rights back to the dark ages! Ryan and Romney WILL take away your rights.

If the Republican gays don't see this, they need to seek some mental therapy.

by Curious to knowreply 4710/12/2012

Ageism, I dare say. If he dyed his hair, like Romney - might be perceived differenly.

by Curious to knowreply 4810/12/2012

Why are people saying Biden's against gay marriage? His remarks earlier this year about being in favor of it is a major reason why Obama went ahead and declared he was now in favor of it as well.

by Curious to knowreply 4910/12/2012

Riiiiight, Barry & Biden are so pro DOMA and equal marriage. sigh. Bet Time & Newsweek magazine wish they could retract those covers about now...

by Curious to knowreply 5010/28/2012

I like him. I think he's smart, sincere and funny. And I'd do him.

by Curious to knowreply 5110/28/2012

Love Joe Biden. Great American.

Hate OP. Jerk.

by Curious to knowreply 5210/28/2012

The next President of the United States is Mr. Joseph Biden. It is time.

by Curious to knowreply 5307/21/2014

He's funny and smart, I don't get the distaste.

by Curious to knowreply 5407/21/2014

The guy is half way there in terms of being senile, he says the wrong thing all the time, fake hair, fake teeth, fake tan.

by Curious to knowreply 5507/21/2014

and I think he is kind of hot, as is his son

by Curious to knowreply 5607/21/2014

Joe Who ?

by Curious to knowreply 5707/21/2014

Joe's a nice guy. Why does OP see hate everywhere?

by Curious to knowreply 5807/21/2014

He's a buffoon.

by Curious to knowreply 5907/21/2014

Love him. He's the ideal vice-president: compassionate, outspoken, fairly honest.

But even so, I do not want him as my president.

by Curious to knowreply 6007/21/2014

He is a lovely example of American politics, media and culture. We give Joe a complete pass on his gaffes while we're still laughing at Dan Quayle's spelling of tomatoe and Lloyd Bentsen's carefully rehearsed put-down 25 years later.

by Curious to knowreply 6107/21/2014

I bet he is smarter and more savvy than Obama. He is badass, stupid people don't get it.

by Curious to knowreply 6207/22/2014

most people laugh at him

by Curious to knowreply 6307/22/2014

Joe Biden is the John McCain of the Democratic party.

Clownish, impulsive, poor judgement & too old to be president.

by Curious to knowreply 6407/22/2014

Past his expiration date.

by Curious to knowreply 6507/22/2014

He's a dumb Jew. He's over there crying about a few slant eyed gooks and sneak dutchman, who got killed because the pilots were STUPID ENOUGH to fly over a war zone where they were told NOT TO FLY.

Then he goes on about how more Palestinians should be killed.

by Curious to knowreply 6607/22/2014

He saved Obama's ass in the debate. Sheesh, how quickly we forget.

He's also of the few good old Democrats we have left. I think he's great.

by Curious to knowreply 6707/22/2014

Whatever one may think of Uncle Joe there is no doubt he would be better than the current president.

by Curious to knowreply 6807/23/2014

I haven't heard a lot of hate for Biden. He's not at all annoying. He just seems to mind his own business. At least he's not sending planes to fly into buildings so he can make 69 billion from a bogus war.

by Curious to knowreply 6907/23/2014

I think we should send Biden to the Middle East instead of Kerry.

by Curious to knowreply 7007/23/2014
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