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Rob Kardashian's ass in shorts

Out jogging:

by Sidney Crosbyreply 10112/18/2012

What is with the DL obsession of this zero-talent lowlife?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 109/24/2011

Somebody just likes a big ass, doesn't matter who it's on or who it is.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 209/24/2011

Tasty. I'd pull those shorts right down and eat his hole until there was a layer of skin stripped away by my tongue.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 309/24/2011


by Sidney Crosbyreply 409/24/2011

You must be very lonely Op.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 509/24/2011

His ass is out of shape. It would be hotter if that butt sat up higher.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 609/24/2011

I could eat my own cream outta an ass like that.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 709/24/2011

He is HOT and has a great ass. He is not fat, just thick. Who wants a rail-thin waif, anyway?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 809/24/2011

R8 = Jennifer Anniston

by Sidney Crosbyreply 909/24/2011

His pussy must be sweeeeeeet.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1009/24/2011

[quote]His pussy must be sweeeeeeet.

....and DISEASED!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1109/24/2011

one fat ass family all of them...

if only he had the Kardashian 'stepford wife' long hair, dyed a lighter colour at the end and feathered - along with the 7 inch whore heels he could get himself some promo work like his sisters

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1209/24/2011

Oh no, another idiot who thinks permanently marking vile designs on his skin is a sign of beauty, intelligence and being au courant. No thanks, he's as stupid as his ass is precious.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1309/24/2011

Mmmmmmm, I likey Robbie's ass, yum, perfection.

I said before, and I meant it; I'd give two ounces of gold to plow that ass.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1409/24/2011

Leave Rob alone! He cant help that his sisters are married whores that have ruined his life.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1509/24/2011

[quote]Leave Rob alone! He cant help that his sisters are married whores that have ruined his life.

I could drain his balls every day to ease the stress of it all.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1609/24/2011

He's a whore that doesn't wear protection.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1709/24/2011

R17 i woud be the one wearing the protection with a guy with an ass like that. Yes sir.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1809/24/2011

Every time he fucks some skank he freaks out that she may be pregnant. It's like he has brain damage.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 1909/24/2011

r19 or it may be the amount of abortions the whores in his house have had that have set his dick to 'red alert'..

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2009/24/2011

wasted ass. fat butt = tite hole, yeah mamma

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2109/24/2011

Is Rob a confirmed straight guy? He pings...

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2209/24/2011

Thanks OP, DAMN! Love his ass! This thread is obviously for people who love guys with juicy butts, which he does. If you can't stand him or not into big butts STFU and get the hell out!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2309/24/2011

Fat ass....not shapely...there I said it!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2409/24/2011

I love when straight guys are cursed with phat asses, though! They try to hide it by wearing over sized clothes but when you see em' at your school's track meet in their uniform, you're thinking "Damn, where that ass come from?!"

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2509/24/2011

RIGHT ON #23! #24, GTFO!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2609/24/2011

[quote]What is with the DL obsession of this zero-talent lowlife?

I don't get it either. People act like they've never seen an ass before. He's not even all that great looking and he's dumb as a box of rocks.

Someone else in another thread put it perfectly: In 5 years, this guy is going to look like a Persian rug seller.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2709/24/2011

It's because he's on TV. That's the only thing I can figure. This is the first time I've seen him and there's a fat person just screaming to get out of him, starting with his ass.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2809/24/2011

The naysayers are frustrated bottoms, promise...

by Sidney Crosbyreply 2909/24/2011

And like his sisters, he looks in need of a bath.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3009/24/2011

[quote]The naysayers are frustrated bottoms, promise...

Nice try sweetie, but some of us are genuinely trying to understand why sad people like you are getting all worked up over this no-talent Z-Lister.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3109/24/2011

Some people like a fat ass, it doesn't matter if it's on a guido leprechaun or not, as long as it's fat, that's all that matters.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3209/24/2011

[quote]It's because he's on TV. That's the only thing I can figure. This is the first time I've seen him and there's a fat person just screaming to get out of him, starting with his ass.

He definitely has a weight problem. I remember seeing a picture of him with his family when he was younger and he was chunky. I imagine when he gets older and his metabolisim slows down he's really going to have weight issues.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3309/24/2011

He has a great ass, luv, that's all. Why do you get all worked up? Are you a Z-Lisper? I bet you are...

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3409/24/2011

r31 sounds like an angry dyke.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3509/24/2011

R-31, if he's a "no talent Z-lister" that you don't find even remotely attractive, then why are you even in this thread? My guess would be that the title "Rob Kardashian's ass in shorts" got you hot and curious, and pinged your subconscious desire for him. If you don't find him worthy of your time, do yourself a favor and move along.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3609/24/2011

Now that is one big ass, and his butt is big too.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3709/24/2011

Do you think he farts?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3809/24/2011

Everyone farts, dummy.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 3909/24/2011

R5 is a cunt. The guy is a no-talent jerk who once had a great ass, and this rotundo he's pulling behind him is the sign of his lazy life style that maybe DWTS will whip into shape again, but for people on the DL to snipe at a thread talking about a guy's ass is proof that the DL is infested with cunts, freepers, homophobes and sex-aversives.

So the OP digs this creeps big ass. R5 judges the OP's life over it. That's cunt trollery. One would like to wipe that fat ass with your smug face after a chili weekend.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 4009/24/2011


by Sidney Crosbyreply 4109/24/2011

HE's JUST A FORMER FAT KID who had a sister that did a porno and has no respect, but he seems to carry himself better than the hollywood castaways these days...He's noticing a little sagging. If he doesn't work out, he will be fat in his later days.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 4211/21/2011

It takes all kinds, and that we have our preferences is so very clear in this thread. I call that a Sgt. Bilko ass.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 4311/22/2011

R1 there is ONE person. ONE person obsessed with him.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 4411/22/2011

Looks like a typical hood rat from Western Ave.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 4511/22/2011

Hardly, R44. He is on Dancing With the Stars. The media gives him a lot of attention.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 4611/22/2011

I would gladly drain his balls all day! I think he is super dumb/sexy. I love that fat ass! His cock is huge I hear. Love it!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 4711/26/2012

I like Rob too!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 4811/26/2012

His dick is LIKE A BABY'S ARM!!!!!!!!!!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 4911/26/2012

Anybody have any updated or new gossip on Rob?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 5011/26/2012

Rob pings

by Sidney Crosbyreply 5111/26/2012

He's such a loser he can't even launch a sock line!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 5211/26/2012

I heard Rob and Ryan Seacrest were dating

by Sidney Crosbyreply 5311/26/2012


by Sidney Crosbyreply 5411/26/2012

Pu-leaze. Rob Kardashian does not have a big dick. The way his sisters push him around I wouldn't be surprised if he had a nice, warm vagina.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 5511/26/2012

Rob was supposedly dating the British-Kosovar soul singer Rita Ora, who is tipped to be the next Rihanna.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 5611/26/2012

Anthony Recker has a better ass.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 5711/26/2012

R52 No his sock line is out. I have one on my cock as we speak!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 5811/26/2012

I want that cock

by Sidney Crosbyreply 5911/26/2012

Rob gay?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6011/26/2012

Yeah but Rob's sock line only comes in singles. You're not supposed to wear it, just spunk in it.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6111/26/2012

Hot rodent.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6211/26/2012

I would drink Rob's spunk

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6311/26/2012

Rob is ready to get penetrated

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6411/26/2012

R64 I want to be first in line

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6511/26/2012

I want some nude shots of him. Anybody? Anybody?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6611/26/2012

I'd eat take his cum in my mouth and spit it up his hole before I fucked him.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6711/26/2012

His ass isn't even bubble shaped. Its kinda flat a little

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6811/26/2012

I imagine him fucking me and his big ass bouncing up and down as he does it. So fucking hot!!! Ohh Rob, harder, yeah right there....aaaooohhhhhh!!!!!!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 6911/26/2012

What about those nudes?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 7011/26/2012

Hey, hey guys, you gotta have a ticket first if you want to fuck Rob. You can buy them from Kris Jenner.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 7111/26/2012

I'd drain him to the tip.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 7211/26/2012

Hello this is Kris Jenner:

The line to buy tickets to fuck Rob starts here. Tickets are $100.00 a piece.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 7311/26/2012

I heard Rob's got a gig coming up on Sean Cody.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 7411/26/2012

I am friends with a girl here in the city that slept with rob that confirms his cock is huge. I wannt some

by Sidney Crosbyreply 7511/26/2012


by Sidney Crosbyreply 7611/26/2012

What was he like in bed, R75?

Did you say whether he is good, or whether he eats pussy?

And is he cut or uncut?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 7711/26/2012

He's not bad looking but last time I saw pics of him last year, he was a fatass. Is he still out of shape? I remember a few years ago he was in decent shape was trying to be a model which I guess didn't work out. Can't stand the WhoreTrashians including this cunt.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 7811/26/2012

r78, Rob is a nice guy and not a cunt. Only when Kim gets on his nerves. I think I prefer Rob when he is fat, because his ass gets extra big.

Rob has low self esteem sometimes and his is an emotional eater. Which means he will definitely squeal with pleasure when you hit it from the back.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 7911/26/2012

R75 here. She said he was very, ah, giving. Yes, he eats the punanny. He is cut and about 7.7' long. Very thick I was told. What can I say, I would hit it and would bend over for him anytime.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 8011/26/2012

I would drink him dry anytime. Yes his sisters dominate him which is all the more reason to give him a break and let him Long and strong if what is said above is true. I love his big bubble butt. His cum probably tastes like sweet tarts.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 8111/26/2012

I've always thought he was sexy and the only inoffensive person in that family. He kept a low profile until he was on "Dancing with the Stars" (it was weird he was on it because he had been so rare;y on his sisters' shows before that).

by Sidney Crosbyreply 8211/26/2012

Check out the tread "Return of the pics of amazing asses" and the R2 picture of Rob's fat ass. Wonderful!!!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 8311/26/2012

I've never watched the show. Come to think of it, I don't even know what his voice sounds like.

But I am obsessed with dat ass.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 8411/26/2012

I think he is a flamer......

by Sidney Crosbyreply 8511/26/2012

am I the only one that would drink this man's cum morning, noon, and night?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 8611/26/2012

R86 Judging from all that is written above, it does not appear so

by Sidney Crosbyreply 8711/26/2012

He is bringing Persian back baby

by Sidney Crosbyreply 8811/26/2012


by Sidney Crosbyreply 8911/26/2012

hope Rob DOES NOT wax his hole

by Sidney Crosbyreply 9011/26/2012

It's no Anthony Recker ass.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 9111/26/2012

We all know that Recker is the gold standard, but Rob's ass is not to be ignored.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 9211/26/2012

Check out some of his DWTS stuff. His ass is amazing in those costumes.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 9311/26/2012

love me some rob

by Sidney Crosbyreply 9411/26/2012

Rob is a douche

by Sidney Crosbyreply 9511/27/2012

Rob, oh Rob...put it in me. Harder, harder, (as his fat ass bounces up and back) oh yeah Rob, do it!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 9611/28/2012

I think Rob is a fox!

by Sidney Crosbyreply 9712/16/2012

Rob is a HOMO

by Sidney Crosbyreply 9812/16/2012


by Sidney Crosbyreply 9912/16/2012

I was at a club in Vegas last year and he showed up.

That ass gives so much more of a performance in person.

by Sidney Crosbyreply 10012/18/2012

In what way, R100?

by Sidney Crosbyreply 10112/18/2012
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