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Best food processors for making pastry and pie doughs

Any suggestions, DL bakers and foodies?%0D %0D I've never owned a food processor in my life, I'm a horrible cook but have taken to baking pies over the last year. I LOVE baking pies. I have no idea where this came from but I'm rolling with it, (pun semi-intended).%0D %0D Can any of you recommend a good food processor to help me make crusts? I'm tired of using my little hand held pastry tool and we need a food processor in my house anyway.%0D %0D Also, PLEASE tell me if I should look for one with a particular attachment, like a pastry mixer thing. I'm completely dumb to these things and appreciate your help. XOXOXO

by Pie guyreply 2710/06/2013


by Pie guyreply 109/16/2011


by Pie guyreply 209/16/2011

OP, you don't need a special blade to make pie crust. Here is Alton Brown's technique (see link). I still prefer to make pie crust with one of those hand-held blenders though. %0D %0D Cuisinart food processors are good all-purpose machines.

by Pie guyreply 309/16/2011

I like my Kitchen Aide. I got it from a few years ago. I chose the Kitchen Aide because it holds more liquids. You need to compare the amount of liquids it will hold, because just because the bowl is the same size, the Cuisinart does not hold as much. Also, my Kitchen Aide came with much more accessories, including three different sized mixing bowls.

by Pie guyreply 409/16/2011

So, Cuisinart?

by Pie guyreply 509/17/2011

Best is by hand with a pastry cutter you lazy fuck.

by Pie guyreply 609/17/2011

Suck my ass R6, I asked a fucking question. Back to your bottle and the lonely, crappy apartment you live in.

by Pie guyreply 709/17/2011

You don't need any special blade to make pie crust in a food processor, nor to you need a specific brand. Pie crust is a lightweight job for any food processor, and if you are only going to use the machine for this one job, then there is no point buying a $300 machine. A $100 machine will suit you just fine.

The only consideration for this task would be the size of the bowl. A typical full (top and bottom crust) pastry recipe uses 2.5 cups of flour and another cup of fat. You need to make sure that the food processor you buy can comfortably fit that amount of ingredients, with some room to spare.

Of course, food processors are great things, and if you want to use them for more than just pie crust, you might want to spend some extra money. If you want to use them for something like kneading bread dough, you would definitely want to go with a higher end machine that has more power -- bread dough is a much heavier task.

The only other thing I would suggest is to possibly get one of the machines that comes with both a small and a large bowl. The small bowl can come in really handy for sauces (or other things) where the total volume of your ingredients might only be one cup or less. The large bowl is not effective for this kind of task, so it's great to have a small bowl option.

by Pie guyreply 809/17/2011

Thanks R8. I've been making crusts by hand and as I said in the OP, I'd rather have a processor because I'm tired of making it by hand; I'm starting to double crusts as more people ask for my pies, etc.. Plus, not being a cook but beginning to become more adventurous for whatever reason, a food processor needs to be bought so we can have it on hand.

I keep seeing Cuisinart popping up as among the best but haven't seen many with double bowls. We're gonna go haunt around a Bed Bath and Beyond today and see what they have but thanks for the heads up for the double bowl options. That's exactly what I need to get.

by Pie guyreply 909/17/2011

Another vote for Cuisinart.

by Pie guyreply 1009/17/2011

Well, if you've decided on Cuisinart, this one has comes with three different bowl sizes.

by Pie guyreply 1109/17/2011

Buy the simplest machine possible. Cuisinart is reliable.

Avoid machines that come with lots of gimmicks. Each extra part generally means a reduction in quality of the basic machine.

by Pie guyreply 1209/17/2011

You CANNOT make decent pastry or pie-dough in a food processor. It is NOT POSSIBLE. %0D %0D

by Pie guyreply 1309/17/2011


by Pie guyreply 1409/17/2011

I have a Kitchenaid and love it. It also makes whipping cream so much easier...

by Pie guyreply 1509/17/2011

[quote]You CANNOT make decent pastry or pie-dough in a food processor. It is NOT POSSIBLE.

Julia Child explains how to make excellent pie dough in fool-proof detail in her book from the 1980s, Julia Child & Company.

by Pie guyreply 1609/17/2011

Kitchenaid mixers are awesome for most everything.%0D %0D But I don't undrestand the desire to make pie dough in a MACHINE.%0D %0D It turns out vastly inferiour pie crusts, and making it by hand wtih a pastry cutter in a bowl is not difficult or any more time consuming at all.%0D %0D

by Pie guyreply 1709/17/2011

[quote]It also makes whipping cream so much easier...

It only takes a few moments with a hand held balloon whisk and a bowl of cold cream. What on earth is so hard about that?

by Pie guyreply 1809/17/2011

R18, it only takes a few seconds in a Kitchenaid, and you don't have to tire your arm out. And the result is every bit as good as hand-whipped.%0D %0D So there's no reason not to use a machine to whip cream.%0D %0D This is not the case with pie crusts, where it doesn't save you much time, and the result is almost always a lot worse than the by-hand version.%0D

by Pie guyreply 1909/17/2011

I had a Cuisinart and replaced it with a Kitchenaid for one simple reason - the food chute. Cuisinart insists on this contraption that is ridiculous. Kitchenaid's food chute is simpler and the entire machine is powerful and quiet.

by Pie guyreply 2009/17/2011


by Pie guyreply 2109/17/2011

[quote]I had a Cuisinart and replaced it with a Kitchenaid for one simple reason - the food chute.

That's the same thing that happened to Star Jones, only we called it her "pie hole."

by Pie guyreply 2209/17/2011


by Pie guyreply 2309/17/2011

I have used a Cuisinart Food Processor for my pie crust and also my Kitchen Aide mixer and my crusts are flaky and delicious and so easy to whip together.

by Pie guyreply 2410/06/2013

I also have the Kitchenaid 7 cup size processor, which is perfect for one double-crust recipe. The Kitchenaids are plenty of machine for crusts and most other uses, and cost a lot less than a Cuisinart.

I mostly use it at Thanksgiving though, when I'm cranking out a lot of pies at once for our very large family feast. When just making one pie, I find it's a lot easier to just use the hand pastry cutter than it is to clean the processor.

And it is not only possible, but very easy to make delicate, flaky crusts in a processor.

by Pie guyreply 2510/06/2013

Crap. Just noticed the dates on the other posts. I hate it when I get sucked into responding to an antique thread.

by Pie guyreply 2610/06/2013

OP: It's extremely easy to OVER-process pie dough in a food processor. A few pulses is all it takes, and have all the ingredients cold, even the bowl and blade. UNDER is better than OVER-mixed. Pecan pie for me, btw, and no chocolate in it, please. Or blueberry, my favorite fruit pie.

by Pie guyreply 2710/06/2013
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