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Tony Bennett: Gay?


by Lady Gagareply 4510/22/2013

Yes. Waited on him in the mid 80's. Nice man. Gay.

by Lady Gagareply 109/15/2011

Bald, not sure if he's gay. He's a singer and an artist.%0D %0D "His second marriage was failing (they would completely separate in 1979, but not officially divorce until 2007)."

by Lady Gagareply 209/15/2011

As lovely a man as his toupee is horrible.

by Lady Gagareply 309/15/2011

Michael Musto, (Datalounge haters acknowledged; let's get that out of the way), has written a few BIs about an older singer of standards that is gay.%0D %0D Tony Bennett has been the first to spring to mind.

by Lady Gagareply 409/15/2011

Wasn't he rumored to have spread a little herpes around?

by Lady Gagareply 509/15/2011

I thought it was so toughing when he said he broke down into sobs when Amy Winehouse died and he so wished he could have sat her down and had a long talk with her - but he didn't. He also said he had to be revived by his wife after a cocaine overdose in the 1970's so he thought he understood where Amy was coming from.

by Lady Gagareply 609/15/2011

Shit I meant "touching" - why can't I type anymore? Or at least learn to proofread before hitting submit. He blamed drug use on the Kennedy/MLK assassinations (?) but I wonder if being in the closet was the more likely cause, poor guy. Sweet guy, anyway. I've ordered the duet cd that has Amy's last song (a duet with him). At least, the last song she recorded in a studio.

by Lady Gagareply 709/15/2011

My dad told me he saw Tony Bennett performing at a Boston gay bar in the 1950s. This revelation was part of his "bond with the gay son by sharing all the men I cheated on Mom with" initiative, which always made my brain shut down so I never pressed him for details. Not that performing at a gay bar makes him gay, but it's interesting nonetheless.

by Lady Gagareply 809/15/2011

I don't know--he never sucked my cock.

by Lady Gagareply 909/15/2011

That might explain that nasty voice...too much deep throat.

by Lady Gagareply 1009/15/2011

Yeah...Tony. That's it. That's right.

by Lady Gagareply 1109/15/2011

He has a son who manages his career.

by Lady Gagareply 1209/15/2011

Hmm, friends with KD Lang, Lady Gaga...

by Lady Gagareply 1309/15/2011

I think Tony Bennett is straight. He has a terrific voice! and great music too. R4, I wonder if the blind item was about Jack Jones? He always seemed to be a little fruity to me. Jack Jones used to be extremely good looking when he was younger. His music is really great. I have read in a couple of gossip columns that Tom Jones is a switch hitter. Maybe Musto's blind item was about him? that is another possibility.

by Lady Gagareply 1409/15/2011

I would like to see this blind item. Does anyone have it?

by Lady Gagareply 1509/15/2011

Not gay. I used to see him at the US Open all of the time with his young chippy. He later married her.

by Lady Gagareply 1609/15/2011

There was a time when it was practically impossible to be "gay." Some bucked it as far as they could, but sheesh, even Rock Hudson got married to some woman. It could be Tony or any or all of the above mentioned men. I wish they didn't have to go through what they did in the old days.

I think even in the 1960's it was "illegal" to be gay in England - or at least to be caught committing "sodomy" or whatever. 1960's ENGLAND! Imagine much much more conservative America.

There were millions of little old ladies to whom it NEVER occurred to them that Liberace might be gay. God, what a ridiculous era. ANd I think he had his own show still in the 1960s.

by Lady Gagareply 1709/15/2011

Tony Bennett presently has a vastly younger wife. They have been together for a long time, both unmarried and married.

by Lady Gagareply 1809/15/2011

Boring singer with zero personality.

by Lady Gagareply 1909/17/2011

Tony grew up in Astoria, Queens and has lived in Manhattan for decades. His son owns a recording studio in Englewood, so Tony is now in the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Go figure!!

by Lady Gagareply 2009/17/2011

Gay. Knew one of his lovers in the late 60's - early 70's. His relationships were typical of a man of his prominence in that era. No surprises here.

by Lady Gagareply 2109/17/2011

horrible singer

by Lady Gagareply 2209/17/2011

Lay off Tony. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he has remained a liberal Democrat.

by Lady Gagareply 2309/17/2011

That's enough reason for me to love him - Gregory Peck remained a liberal Democrat throughout his life as well. Any other black-list era heroes?

by Lady Gagareply 2409/17/2011

Newsflash for r17:

"Sodomy" is still illegal in some US states.

by Lady Gagareply 2509/17/2011

I have a recording of Tony Bennett singing "The Man that Got Away" with no pronoun changes. He sounds VERY gay there.

by Lady Gagareply 2609/17/2011


by Lady Gagareply 2709/17/2011

Leave it to DL to come up with these revelations decades down the line.

Tony never pinged to me.

You all seem to forget, he's a musician and an artist, it's not a shock that a creative person might have experimented in their early years. He certainly did that drugs, so why not try being with a man?

I attended art schools, there were lots of men and women who experimented in same sex relationships while students, most of them are not gay today.

I guess many of you are too young to recall the slogan: "If It Feels Good, Do It"?

by Lady Gagareply 2809/17/2011

He certainly DID all those drugs!

by Lady Gagareply 2909/17/2011

So many gay Older Singers of Standards:

Engelbert Humperdinck

Johnny Mathis

Wayne Newton

Jim Nabors

Cliff Richard

Michael Feinstein

Bobby Short

Merv Griffin

K.D. Lang

by Lady Gagareply 3009/17/2011

R19, you can say many things about Tony Bennett,but you CANNOT say he's a "boring singer."

by Lady Gagareply 3109/17/2011

R25, I know that but Americans are idiots. It being illegal in England in the 60's is a shock. Sodomy being illegal here in Bachman-land FOREVER is not a shock.

by Lady Gagareply 3209/17/2011

That's true, R30. I can't remember where I heard it but I know it was somewhere - gay men tend to like Broadway musicals!

by Lady Gagareply 3309/17/2011

Oh an dancing - I've heard rumors about Astaire and Gene Kelly, but you just didn't let that get out, back in the day.

by Lady Gagareply 3409/17/2011

Well not just 'back in the day.' One of the Dancing with the Stars pros (Mark Ballas) said they only had one gay male pro dancer. Yeah right.

by Lady Gagareply 3509/17/2011

Tony Bennett has had three long term wives. See below.

On February 12, 1952, Bennett married Ohio art student and jazz fan Patricia Beech, whom he had met the previous year after a nightclub performance in Cleveland.

Bennett and Beech would have two sons, D'Andrea (Danny, born around 1954) and Daegal (Dae, born around 1955).

Bennett and his wife Patricia had been separated since 1965, their marriage a victim of Bennett's spending too much time on the road, among other factors.

In 1971, their divorce became official. Bennett had been involved with aspiring actress Sandra Grant since filming The Oscar, and on December 29, 1971 they married.

They had two daughters, Joanna (born around 1969) and Antonia (born 1974), and moved to Los Angeles.

On June 21, 2007, Bennett married long-time girlfriend Susan Crow in a private civil ceremony in New York that was witnessed by former Governor Mario Cuomo.

by Lady Gagareply 3609/17/2011

And Dom Deluise had some kids too. Some gay men managed to procreate - I guess some are better switch hitters than others.

by Lady Gagareply 3709/17/2011

Bobby Short was gay? Could be. How do you know for certain?

Bobby Short's companion in later life was Anderson Cooper's mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

Wayne Newton is gay? He's had two or three wives, some long term.

by Lady Gagareply 3809/17/2011

Longtime Tony Bennett fan here. My personal opinion is that he is straight. There is a song on his 1962 "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" album called "The Right To Love" probably was written about interracial relationships back in the day, but it certainly could be about gay relationships as well.

by Lady Gagareply 3902/18/2013

Gay or not he's certainly gay positive. For someone of his generation, with his target demo, to perform compulsively with KD Lang says something. I like that about him.

by Lady Gagareply 4010/03/2013

I worked for Tony for three years. Sorry, he is straight. But very gay friendly. Susan is a doll and they are adorable together.

by Lady Gagareply 4110/03/2013

I saw him perform in Boston in 2005. He was great. I love his smile, it lights up the room.

by Lady Gagareply 4210/03/2013

I met him many years ago, and he indeed had a young girlfriend - maybe she's the one he married -- and I did not perceive him as gay. When I was a kid, everywhere we went, people asked my father for an autograph because they thought he was Tony Bennett. They should have asked him to sing - he couldn't sing a note.

by Lady Gagareply 4310/03/2013

He's one of the few singers that I think is actually an artist -- and I don't mean his paintings. He contiues to oush himself and try new arrangements of songs. I saw him at theState Theatre in Cleveland a few years back. He was in his early to mid 80s and his encore was an acapella "Fly Me To The Moon." He spoke briefl about the acoustics of old auditoriums like the Sate and then, in front of an absolutely still 3,200 people, he sang. I will never forget it.

He's fucking brilliant.

by Lady Gagareply 4410/22/2013

Didn't have have a great-great granddaughter named Jon?

by Lady Gagareply 4510/22/2013
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