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Actor Richard Armitage

For our friends across the pond -- what's the take on that raven-haired hunk Richard Armitage? Just discovered him on a marathon of Spooks/MI-5. Considered a good actor - and a possible movie star -- or just another handsome tv man?

by Hermione Norrisreply 11605/25/2013

I read somewhere he was def straight but a bit weird.

by Hermione Norrisreply 109/05/2011

He stikes me as kind of dull

by Hermione Norrisreply 209/05/2011

Gorgeous guy. He caused something of a national sensation in the UK when he starred in the BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's "North & South" a few years back--it was the biggest thing of that sort since Colin Firth became so popular as Mr. Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice" in the mid 90s. Armitage is very cool--quite humble, in fact.

by Hermione Norrisreply 309/05/2011

Supposedly linked to Luke Evans - remember him?

by Hermione Norrisreply 409/05/2011

I remember reading something about him living with an air steward/flight attendant. Note: steward, not stewardess. I think it was from popbitch.

by Hermione Norrisreply 509/05/2011

His speedo pix are out there.

by Hermione Norrisreply 609/05/2011

Please. please tell me he is suerly gay. What are the hard facts ? I am very upset he is allegedly with Luke Evans. I am more viking type, does it mean I have no chance, even in my imagination ?

by Hermione Norrisreply 709/08/2011

Here's his speedo! Nothing is left to the imagination!!

by Hermione Norrisreply 809/08/2011


by Hermione Norrisreply 909/08/2011

I believe he is straight and has a longtime live-in girlfriend, a certain Annabel Capper. If you google them, you can find photos of them together. %0D %0D He used to send regular personal messages and updates for the webmistresses of his fan websites to post, which I thought was very sweet of him to do. He was really good about keeping in touch with his fan base. He seems like a very nice guy, actually.

by Hermione Norrisreply 1009/08/2011

R10 I read about that live-in gf as well, I was wondering where the hell did some posters get this Luke Evans rumour from.

by Hermione Norrisreply 1109/08/2011

Richard Armitage has a particularly rabid fan base - one is called called Armitage's Army. He excites strong passions it seems among certain female fans. Perhaps r10 might know of it?%0D %0D If you search out the thread on Luke Evans which ran here recently there are several posts linking the two. Whether it's a current relationship or past I don't know.

by Hermione Norrisreply 1209/09/2011

Annabel Capper is his beard.%0D %0D He's gay, gay, gay and deeply in the closet.%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D

by Hermione Norrisreply 1309/09/2011

DAMN he's hot.

by Hermione Norrisreply 1409/09/2011

Average actor but who cares? He's gorgeous and gay.

by Hermione Norrisreply 1509/09/2011

R12 I don't particularly care whether he is gay or not but the 'link' you talk about was nothing more than one poster wondering if they ever got it on since they are acting together in the hobbit, some other poster agreed that would be hot and thus the rumours started.

by Hermione Norrisreply 1609/09/2011

R16%0D %0D Hello fangurl. Sorry, but he's gay and very, very clever.

by Hermione Norrisreply 1709/09/2011

I have read several blogs on him and been outraged by so called Armitage Army. It is over done and the fangirls sound like middle aged women with no private life themelves.%0D %0D Richaaard is soooo sweeeet !!!%0D %0D Nevertheless, he is hot and I would do him.

by Hermione Norrisreply 1809/09/2011

Armitage has a beautiful womanly butt and child-bearing hips. Hot as hell!

by Hermione Norrisreply 1909/09/2011

Wooden actor.

by Hermione Norrisreply 2009/09/2011

He was great as Guy of Gisburne in Robin Hood tv series recently. %0D %0D There was a poster here who claimed to have slept with him some time ago (male) but others claim he has a girlfriend called Amy or something but rarely divulges his private life. %0D %0D Whatever he is he is very lowkey about it.

by Hermione Norrisreply 2109/09/2011

Rep 20: yes, in his hit North and South he is quit wooden. I find his audio books great, esp.Lords of the North. It is real art. Deep, flexible voice, he speaks for many male and female characters.%0D Although I would not probably listen if I have not seen him on screen before. I am into looks and would not let him go from a gay bar if I met him there.

by Hermione Norrisreply 2209/09/2011

He's gay and closeted.%0D I read on forum that he has some seriously scary hormonal fangroups. I think that's why he's so low key.

by Hermione Norrisreply 2309/09/2011

This fanbase woulds shoot anybody who dears to suppose Armitage is gay or not saint. Stupid from him to support them ,if he does, because it makes him looking even more gay and needy.

by Hermione Norrisreply 2409/09/2011

Richard Armitage is beautiful on the inside & out so hot an handsome!!

by Hermione Norrisreply 2509/11/2011

He's no Michael Fassbender.%0D Boring and average actor but definitely gorgeous.

by Hermione Norrisreply 2609/11/2011

This is exactly what I mean by DL's violent misogyny, and if you don't intervene against it, you are acting in favor of it:

"Ann Coulter is responsible for that horrible stench that emanates from her dried up gash wherever she goes."

Your violence against women helps kill queer teens.

Ann Coulter's stupidity has nothing to do with her body parts.

Stop the violence.

Stop the hate.

It's killing us.

by Hermione Norrisreply 2709/11/2011

Gay and gorgeous. I love him.

by Hermione Norrisreply 2809/11/2011

He's a method actor, very good at brooding, scowling and raging. The problem is he keeps on repeating the same stuff and I fear his "Thorin" won't be different. (Maybe a bit of singing) For many his major appeal is the way he looks in leather trousers: definitely beautiful and sexy.%0D Allegedly gay.

by Hermione Norrisreply 2909/14/2011

He's not hot, gay, a bit stupid and a dull actor. Take it from me - I know.

by Hermione Norrisreply 3003/25/2012

I feel sorry if RA is not straight and kissing women, like in NORTh and South! All women he has kissed should be tested quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving his acting and and looks are not enough when it might cause another human being harm. Signed, Educated Highly on this subject, 4 Universities.

by Hermione Norrisreply 3103/26/2012

Definitely straight. Charming and sweet, but not very interesting.

by Hermione Norrisreply 3203/26/2012

This is maybe the most erotic thing ever posted on the web

by Hermione Norrisreply 3303/26/2012

How much make-up does this guy have to wear, in an attempt to look good.

by Hermione Norrisreply 3404/06/2012

There was a story (also Popbitch, I believe) that after Lenny Henry was exposed as having had an affair, Dawn French tried it on with Richard, during the final Dibley episodes, but was taken aback to know he lived with an air steward.

I remember an interview when he talked about his private life being private. No denials, no pretense, just private.

by Hermione Norrisreply 3504/06/2012

Another example of a boring guy of average looks that has a certain fanbase having fits over him because they're convinced he's gay. Or straight.

by Hermione Norrisreply 3604/06/2012

I've also seen him in that shitty Robin Hood show. He is gorgeous and had so much chemistry with everyone - both genders. His career could definitely go places based on that. (not Fassbender places likely, I agree)

by Hermione Norrisreply 3704/06/2012

Gay and gorgeous.

by Hermione Norrisreply 3804/06/2012

Allegedly gay.

by Hermione Norrisreply 3904/07/2012

Great article in The Guardian about actors in the closet.

by Hermione Norrisreply 4004/07/2012

Wow! It seems that someone on DL was right about a love affair between Lee Pace and Richard Armitage.

"Sooo, Richard Armitage and Lee Pace went to see Prometheus together in Welly last night. I was not there."

by Hermione Norrisreply 4106/11/2012

Poor Luke Evans. He must be devastated.

by Hermione Norrisreply 4206/11/2012

I think LL (liar luke) had his share of fun with Richard Armitage before Lee Pace arrived on The Hobbit set. And maybe sometimes still has.

by Hermione Norrisreply 4306/11/2012

Nice, friendly, average to poor actor, thick as two short planks and straight. Stories about him being gay come from online gossip columns reading cabin crew and purser as air steward.

by Hermione Norrisreply 4406/11/2012

So the Welly girlfriend is ... Lee Pace. I love them. Sexiest couple ever.

by Hermione Norrisreply 4506/11/2012


PR and fangurls stay away from DL, please.

by Hermione Norrisreply 4606/11/2012


Maybe r44 is the famous "neighbour"

by Hermione Norrisreply 4706/11/2012

More likely a middle-aged fangurl.

by Hermione Norrisreply 4806/11/2012

Charlie Condou outed him. More or less.

by Hermione Norrisreply 4906/11/2012

R 49

Not exactly. He might be but there's no name.

by Hermione Norrisreply 5006/11/2012

Is it true that Richard Armitage dated Jonathan Groff when he was in London?

by Hermione Norrisreply 5106/11/2012


No idea but someone said on DL that Jon dumped his London lover because he didn't want to come out.

by Hermione Norrisreply 5206/11/2012

At least Zachary had the balls to come out. He really cares for Jon. I love them.

by Hermione Norrisreply 5306/11/2012

R 50

In Charlie Condou's article there are no names, we can only guess. Let's see.

"I've witnessed it first hand. Years ago I had a brief relationship with an actor

(Richard and Charlie worked together in France for "The Impressionists")

who told me he'd never actually lied about his sexuality, more that he just avoided talking about it. Later on I heard him on the radio discussing a fictional girlfriend and how one day he'd like to have children with her.

(I don't know about any radio interview but in this 2010 article Richard Armitage stated:

Speaking of which, how’s your love life? RA: Unfortunately, my love life is nil. I’m not in a relationship any longer – I’m working too much – but I would like to settle down at some point. That’s probably why I’m going to LA soon, when I’m not tied down. I feel like if you don’t try LA, then people will think you’ve failed.

Do you want a family? RA: Yes, I’d like a wife and family. I spend so much time with my brother’s little boy, Abe, who’s coming up to five, and he’s so hilarious. Playing a father in Strike Back has really resonated with me, although I can’t believe I’m starting to get cast with teenage daughters! I’m quite relieved I don’t have that responsibility in real life, but I look around and my fellow actors are having babies and I’m envious. One day, one day.

But you’ll turn 40 next year. Isn’t about time you gave it some thought? RA: Yes. That’s part of the problem, isn’t it, because I still feel like I’m 25 in my head. I always thought when I got to 40 it would be OK because I’d feel 40, but I don’t.

What type of girl would you go for? RA: Someone a bit naughty. And who likes food – because I really do – and who doesn’t take life too seriously and has a sense of humour. I could never go out with another actor, I’d find that hard – the stresses of the job, they just pull people in different directions.)

It was painful, and he was mortified after. (Armitage is very private, read very hypocrite)

But now he's in Hollywood (Wellywood?) working on a huge film. (The Hobbit?) Personally, I doubt whether being frank about who he really was would have changed that."

My opinion is that Richard Armitage might well be the actor Charlie is referring to. What do you think?

by Hermione Norrisreply 5406/12/2012

Armitage is a fucking liar.

by Hermione Norrisreply 5506/12/2012

I despise closeted actors.

by Hermione Norrisreply 5606/12/2012

Lee Pace went to the theatre with Billy Connolly.

Are they in a relationship too?

by Hermione Norrisreply 5706/12/2012

I love Richard armitage I would love to make passionate love to him yum!!

by Hermione Norrisreply 5806/12/2012

R57 is another thick fangurl

by Hermione Norrisreply 5906/12/2012

Armitage is a lucky fellow. I adore Calpernia.

by Hermione Norrisreply 6006/12/2012

Armitage Army would follow him regardless of his sexuality. This place is obsessed with it, however.

by Hermione Norrisreply 6101/10/2013

Gay / straight ? Who cares after all? I do not understand why so much secrecy. If indeed he is gay, sooner or later the truth will come out, and that's when he will loose his credibility. Look at Ricki Martin, he pretended for many years he was straight; even in a relationship with a journalist. At the end he did his come out. Nothing happened. So people, my advice: say the truth from the beginning we are in the 21st century!!!!!

by Hermione Norrisreply 6201/24/2013

Aww, look at poor Richard playing the pronoun game all the way back in 2005 when none of you bitches knew he existed:

(copy pasted from an interview) Is there anyone in his life? "Not really. Nobody serious. Yet. Dating." Has there ever been anyone special? "I guess if there had been I would have married them. No." Has he ever been in love? "Yeah. I think so. I don't know. It's hard to say, isn't it? Is it love or maybe infatuation? I did date someone when I was at drama school but it was on and off. That's the weird thing because what you're doing at drama school is quite revealing, you're quite vulnerable. We've remained friends, I guess because you've been so open to someone."

by Hermione Norrisreply 6303/01/2013

His beard was Annabel Capper.

by Hermione Norrisreply 6403/01/2013

What's the evidence that's he was ever with Luke Evans? (I had to google that one. Who?) I don't see any reason given in any thread there to even assume some kind of relationship, let alone wail like a teenage Twihard "Poor Luke Evans. He must be devastated"

Also saw someone reference a rumour about telling Dawn French he was gay after Lenny Henry had an affair and she tried to start up with him. Uh, I remember this bit: Lenny H's affair was in 1999. Also can't find any trace of the rumour on popbitch, popwatch or anypace else.

And before anyone goes off on me for fangurl or frau, I'd like to point out that I'm just asking for details.

Also - there are Ponies on this thread: r63! (Does anyone else actually talk about "Wellywood?" Can't find one other reference in all DL)

by Hermione Norrisreply 6503/04/2013

Armitage's boyfriend is Lee Pace not Luke Evans.

by Hermione Norrisreply 6603/09/2013

I met him when he was doing the press tour for "The Hobbit". He's a class act and nice to fans. There were screaming fangirls (and a few fanboys!) practically climbing all over him, and he took the time to sign autographs and take pics with those who wanted them. He told one girl she was beautiful, and I thought she'd require medical attention.

by Hermione Norrisreply 6703/09/2013

That's a nice fantasy, r66, but there's nothing that could lead anyone to believe that what you say is the case.

by Hermione Norrisreply 6803/09/2013

I think he's straight. It's really hard to tell with the Brits. For years everyone on DL thought and swore that John Hurt was gay but no. He's been with a female for years. Armitage is most likely straight, like Bradley James, some of the most beautiful Brit men are straight.

by Hermione Norrisreply 6903/09/2013

Armitage is gay while Bradley Cooper is straight.

by Hermione Norrisreply 7003/09/2013

How about some proof he's with Lee Pace? All I find are comments from the same guy on different forums posting over and over without proof.

by Hermione Norrisreply 7103/31/2013

R71 That "same guy" is a girl, a straight girl. She seemed so unhappy with these two, or with one of them.

by Hermione Norrisreply 7204/01/2013

Carter Smith and Lee Pace split last year. Carter has a new boyfriend: Helio Santos. Sheer coincidence? I don't think so.

by Hermione Norrisreply 7304/11/2013

my friend and i were trying to figure out if he's a potential sub or not. He comes across so quiet and meek at times but I think that's an act or something he does so he doesn't seem imposing with his height and build.

by Hermione Norrisreply 7404/19/2013

For the fraus/spinsters:

Lee and Armitage (and PJ) spotted at a concert in Wellington:

by Hermione Norrisreply 7505/23/2013

If indeed true they're a couple then they make the most handsome one.

by Hermione Norrisreply 7605/23/2013

[quote]Armitage Army would follow him regardless of his sexuality. This place is obsessed with it, however

This is the meanest shit that hurting some peeps here more than it hurting some fangurls.

by Hermione Norrisreply 7705/23/2013

R77 ???????

by Hermione Norrisreply 7805/23/2013

R78 When you call'em "fraus" or "fangurls" it shows.

by Hermione Norrisreply 7905/23/2013

Ok, now I get it, you're a frau.(not an intelligent woman)

by Hermione Norrisreply 8005/23/2013

There are intelligent people in here?

by Hermione Norrisreply 8105/23/2013

Maybe one of them is dating Jackson -- they weren't even walking together in r75's photo.

by Hermione Norrisreply 8205/23/2013

R81 Not as unlikely as you think.

It's really hard for you to accept the idea he's gay and has been fooling you from the very beginning, isn't it?

by Hermione Norrisreply 8305/23/2013

R83 I have nothing to loose. I enjoy talking.

by Hermione Norrisreply 8405/23/2013

You didn't answer: why you can't admit/accept he's gay and he's been exploiting women for the sake of his career (fraus go repeatedly to see his movies, buy dvds, gadgets...)

by Hermione Norrisreply 8505/24/2013

R85 No need to admit anything. People are still buying his stuff if they just want to regardless of what they heard. Openly gay actors are still exploiting boys and girls with their good looks and six pack abs, so what?

by Hermione Norrisreply 8605/24/2013

But at least they are being honest to other gays and women, don't you see the difference that this makes for the gay cause?

by Hermione Norrisreply 8705/24/2013

R87 You have no interest in stuff that contains unattractive but openly honest gay actors/actress, unless they look like Matt Bomer or Zac Quinto. This gossip site is exploiting you in many ways, you are exploiting gay issues...If you're not an Amish, makes you a hypocrite.

by Hermione Norrisreply 8805/24/2013

Gay people on a gay gossip site are exploiting gay issues? You're completly deranged. Get help.

by Hermione Norrisreply 8905/24/2013

R89 So to you this gossip site is your activist battle ground. If so, how do we know that you are truly gay? Care to expose yourself here for the sake of the gay cause? Anonymousity won't help the cause you know.

by Hermione Norrisreply 9005/24/2013

And why a frau comes here to defend a closeted coward instead of supporting the gay cause?

by Hermione Norrisreply 9105/24/2013

R91 If you're brave enough to make these guys to reveal their sexuality, maybe meet them and talk to them, then I WILL be supporting your fucking cause, fulltime!

by Hermione Norrisreply 9205/24/2013

That's the problem with fraus - and I mean fraus not women - they PRETEND to support the gay cause but truth is they don't give a damn.

by Hermione Norrisreply 9305/24/2013

I know you're actually an unintelligent frau/fangurl too R93, you just don't like these men that's all. Real gays here are smart enough to not repeat the same crap only to sound phony.

by Hermione Norrisreply 9405/24/2013

You're so delusional and deranged that I really pity fraus like you. Get a life.

by Hermione Norrisreply 9505/24/2013

R84, 86, 88, 90 etc. is a well-known and vile presence in the Armitage internet following. She always screams at people to expose their true identity. She claims to be protecting Armitage's privacy and tries to censor everything that is posted about him anywhere. Once she even foiled one poor woman's attempt to conduct an interview with Armitage, accusing her of being a stalker.

There's no point in responding to her posts. She is deranged.

by Hermione Norrisreply 9605/24/2013

You don't have to pity anyone if you just sit there gossiping without helping anyone who need real help.

by Hermione Norrisreply 9705/24/2013

R96 You did exactly the same thing. Yawn.

by Hermione Norrisreply 9805/24/2013

This frau is even worse than I thought. Could you tell us something more about this "vile presence"? What did she do to the journalist?

by Hermione Norrisreply 9905/24/2013

R99 So now you know that Richard Armitage fan are not like Robert Pattinson's or Justin Bieber fangirls. Good.

by Hermione Norrisreply 10005/24/2013

R99 I became interested in Armitage only after the Hobbit was released and after I realized he was probably another closeted actor. I Googled basically everything that is Google-able about his relationships (very little). On the topic of him being gay - well, I don't see how this conversation can move on without any actual new gossip because mostly it's just people bickering about general themes.

Anyway, everywhere you go (imdb, topix), there is this one woman that always emerges with her holier than thou attitude and starts bullying everyone. If you're interested, you can search for her yourself, the link I'm sending is just the beginning. Hopefully, you'll see that it's pointless to engage her directly.

by Hermione Norrisreply 10105/24/2013

Here's an ass pic with a glimpse of balls. Yummmmmm.

by Hermione Norrisreply 10205/24/2013

R100 Your mental issues are really serious if you don't understand how deranged your behaviour is. Get help.

by Hermione Norrisreply 10305/24/2013

R102 Thanks, your post is the best thing that happened to this thred in a while :D

by Hermione Norrisreply 10405/24/2013

R101 I get your point but at the same time I wonder if it's fair to allow deranged people - like this one - to impose their "rules" on our forum.

by Hermione Norrisreply 10505/24/2013

Well, if you liked that R104, you're gonna love this. Here's his ass in ACTION!

by Hermione Norrisreply 10605/24/2013

First of all, I'm deeply impressed with the level of detective work some people are willing to do on topics like this.

Second, I think it is very hasty and premature to call Richard Armitage a "liar" based on specious inferences form a a vaguely worded article.

That being said, the vitriol level of some of these posts is such that I could actually believe an angry, jilted Charlie Condou wrote them, so I'm somewhat inclined to believe that Armitage is/was involved.

Now I'm curious, though, about who else CC could have meant, so I will waste a little time and look into it.

And before you call me a fangirl or a frau, just consider I could be a closeted soap actor with an axe to grind

by Hermione Norrisreply 10705/24/2013

He looks like the British porn star Ross Hurston.


by Hermione Norrisreply 10805/24/2013

Obsessed fans should be a specific disorder in the DSM.

by Hermione Norrisreply 10905/24/2013

Thorin is HAWT. He is matched in hawtness only by Kili.

by Hermione Norrisreply 11005/24/2013

I wonder if he got an erection din the scene @ r106's link.

by Hermione Norrisreply 11105/24/2013

OK so I read the original Condou column and did a little searching.

I have to say, the argument made here that Condou may have been referring to Armitage. What I wonder though, Condou says the unamed actor was devastated after the interview in which he claimed he wanted to have kids wth a fictional girlfriend. Someone cited RA's 2010 interview as an example of this. The problem however, is that RA hs done that before and since the 2010 interview.

If it were devastating, wouldn't he stop doing it?

by Hermione Norrisreply 11205/24/2013

He stopped doing it in 2010. No more bearding and since then he's been maintaining an ironclad silence about his personal life. Yet, he still subtly encourages his fandom to believe he's interested in women.

by Hermione Norrisreply 11305/24/2013

I have some issues with the time line here. The RA interview in question occurred in 2010. Yet Charlie Condou has been dating his cuurent partner for 7 1/2 years (this article is from 2012):

"They have been dating for seven-and-a-half years and have daughter Georgia, two, and son Hal, who’ll be one year old in January."

That would put the start of their relationship near 2005. Now if Charlie was dating RA at some point just prior to 2010 or during 2010 he'd have been cheating on his then boyfriend Cameron. In fact, based on the ages given, I think his first child would actually have been born in 2010. The idea that he would be in a vaguely serious relationship with Richard while he was having an child via IVF is absurd to me

Methinks this is all a load of bollocks

by Hermione Norrisreply 11405/25/2013

R114 You're wrong, because Armitage is gay.

IF Condou and Armitage had a brief story, it was while they were shooting "The Impressionists" and that dates back to 2005/2006. Not so absurd, after all.

Just two words about Charlie Condou, R107: Charlie is one of the most amiable, honest and committed man in the showbiz. Google his articles on the Gardian. Wonderful man unlike these closeted liars.

by Hermione Norrisreply 11505/25/2013

Here's a question for you. Thorin Oakenshield is at the front door, Kili's at the side door. King Thranduil is at the back door.

Which do you open first?

by Hermione Norrisreply 11605/25/2013
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