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Aaron Charles Rodgers speaks

during halftime interview. Coming up on CBS.%0D %0D He and Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers are lovers. (I made that up.)

by Dellareply 707/23/2013

I thought you threw your purse over your shoulder and marched right out of Datalounge; have you returned now?

by Dellareply 108/26/2011

Yes. I slunk back, tail between my legs. Trust me, I embarrassed myself.%0D %0D Anyway, Aaron Rodgers is one dull dude. Seriously, I've been more aroused watching grass grow than to see and hear him interviewed.%0D %0D Inexpicably, however, I have a HUGE crush on him and will not miss this.

by Dellareply 208/26/2011

I am pleased that you have returned Della.

by Dellareply 308/26/2011

Thank you, r1. %0D %0D Is that a pornstache on Rodgers?

by Dellareply 408/26/2011

Hey Della,

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, right?

by Dellareply 508/26/2011

Since when do baseball games have a halftime?

by Dellareply 608/26/2011

bump for Rodgers bad wager...

Guess Aaron didn't know his boyfriend as well as he thought he did, Della.

Or else he was just being a good mate and covering for him. He might have had the same belief as Braun had - that his secret would be safe forever.

by Dellareply 707/23/2013
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