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Will Datalounge Go Down due to hurricane Irene

Hold me, David, I'm scared

by Ann Romanoreply 1910/19/2013

It fucking better not! How will I ever say "I TOLD YOU SO!"???

by Ann Romanoreply 108/26/2011


by Ann Romanoreply 208/26/2011

No, the servers are secretly located deep in flyover country.

by Ann Romanoreply 308/26/2011

The servers are protected by three foot rats in Brooklyn.

by Ann Romanoreply 408/26/2011


by Ann Romanoreply 508/26/2011

I hope it does go down just to teach the flyovers a lesson!

by Ann Romanoreply 608/26/2011

What a bunch of whing bitches you queens are

by Ann Romanoreply 708/26/2011

Yes, and not in a good way

by Ann Romanoreply 808/26/2011

Why would you teach the "flyovers" a lesson,R6? If it goes down that would probably mean some kind of really bad situation in that part of the country, not NYC.The servers are elsewhere. Believe it or not, not everything is located in your city, not even the hurricane.But we flyovers would sure get a kick out of NYC getting only 1/2 inch of rain and hearing endless drama queen stories about how all of you sissy marys " rode out the storm."

by Ann Romanoreply 908/26/2011

though some of us wouldn't mind seeing Mother Nature massively kick your asses by drenching and shrinking or molding your precious Pradas

by Ann Romanoreply 1008/26/2011

Like anyone would notice the difference.

by Ann Romanoreply 1108/26/2011

How will we know if the DL isn't down or not? I'm very worried.

by Ann Romanoreply 1208/26/2011

Have you checked DL lately?

by Ann Romanoreply 1308/26/2011

Oh please! The only thing DL hasn't gone down on is the Titanic.

by Ann Romanoreply 1408/26/2011

If the DL goes down, where am I supposed to go??

by Ann Romanoreply 1508/26/2011

Down on who?

by Ann Romanoreply 1608/26/2011

The cloud is above any hurricane.

by Ann Romanoreply 1708/26/2011

Don't worry, the sky will be blue that day.

by Ann Romanoreply 1808/26/2011

Like all you whores, Datalounge will go down anytime, anywhere, without regard for convention, decency or the disruption to good people it may cause.

by Ann Romanoreply 1910/19/2013
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