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Military memories. Post yours

Growing up in the 1960s a person couldn't come out like nowadays. I knew I was gay at the age of 13. Had some fun with school friends, but very limited. I joined the Army at 19 and found a whole new world. I had many encounters with my army friends.

I was stationed in Thailand for 2 years and thought my lower bunk mate was cute. Kevin was celebrating his 21st birthday at the EM club. He got completely wasted. It was 2 a.m. and I told my friends I'd take Kevin back to the barracks and put him to bed.

Our barracks had 40 guys in one room. They were all sleeping. I got Kevin to his bunk and took off ALL of his clothes. Got him in bed and I went to bed myself. I slept in the upper bunk, above Kevin.

(Kevin and I were good friends as we were both clerks working in personnel.)

I kept thinking if I really wanted him, NOW was the time. He'll never remember. So I got out of bed, (the barracks were dark with no lights on and 40 guys sleeping just feet away), sat on his lower bunk and started to play with his cock. It only took seconds for Kevin to get this big hard-on. I sucked him off as his began to moan. He came shooting a big load and I took it all. He sat up and gave me a big kiss. Kevin went back to sleep.

I crawled back up to my bunk only to discover a few minutes later Kevin was standing next to me (in the nude) and wanted to suck me off. How could I refuse?

A few days passed and Kevin didn't say a word about the encounter. Then we happened to be in the shower together and he said, "That sure was great the other night." I agreed.

For the next year, we became great suck buddies.

Getting out of the military I returned to Wisconsin and Kevin back to California. I haven't had any contact with him since, but sure have some great memories.

During my four years in the Army, I came across a lot of gay guys, we called DADT "Just Don't Tell Anyone." LOL. That sure is a joke! If the military only knew just how many gays/bis serve our country with pride (a play on words), maybe they could get over this. With DATD soon to be history, they will have to.

KEVIN, if you happen to be reading this, please contact me.

by Henryreply 5104/17/2013

I'm very interested in your story, OP!

by Henryreply 108/26/2011

I've fucked a number of marines. That kid of stories??

by Henryreply 208/26/2011

No, you didn't want anyone to know ... now I am only sorry I didn't haunt the service club or USO club bathroom, No doubt contacts were made. Outside once I met an Air Force guy on R&R and we went somewhere ... just the once and I forget where. Later I ran into him at a civilian barracks party, he knew some of the lady librarians. I was Hqs. Co., and nearby was "town", our little base strip-mall, theater, library, club and chapel on a hill. Picked up a Marine Chaplain's Ass't. up there and we did it out on the hill one night. Our barracks had a Master Sgt. with a little cadre of "friends", all probably gay; they were to the eye and ear, but I never heard anything about them actually sexing with anyone or thing. The one I had a hard on for was from San Francisco. We had a "close" friendship after not liking one another for a while, then something happened, whatever it was -- I wonder if it was me trying to get into bed with him one drunked night ... he said no -- and he never spoke to me the rest of my tour. Just like two girls spatting. The homely muscle guy in the barracks, liked by all and in with my mates, took me up some hill to some saki house (all this was in Okinawa). We had dinner in a private room and later played footsie and we groped and carried on. I was so bothered he didn't have a pretty face I don't remember his having a dick. He was a ginger.

by Henryreply 308/26/2011

OP, where in WI are you? I'm in GB. Why don't you try and find out where Kevin is?

by Henryreply 408/27/2011

What a weird, confusing story, R3.

Please use paragraphs next time, and spell out entire words.

by Henryreply 508/27/2011

More, please (to keep warm during Irene)

by Henryreply 608/27/2011

Here's a good one for you guys:

Earlier today...I can't believe I'm telling you all this...anyway, earlier today I was driving on driving on an Army post! And if that's not hot enough for you, I got some gas. I know, right?

by Henryreply 708/27/2011

this thread gives me gas

by Henryreply 808/27/2011

I wasn't in the military but had my share of men who were. I went to an adult book store once that had booths with windows. This very hot guy went into the adjoining booth and started jacking off. He was 28 or so, blond hair, awesome face and body. We went back to some facility at Fort Indiantown where he was staying. He ended up with my cock in his ass.%0D %0D Another guy was 24, on leave, staying at his parents. We hooked up on AOL and I went to his parents house. He did some protested but ended up getting fucked too.

by Henryreply 908/27/2011

They used gas and napalm to burn my village.

by Henryreply 1008/27/2011


by Henryreply 1108/30/2011

R10, that's hot! Literally.

by Henryreply 1208/30/2011

OP, you do realize the first time you did that, you basically raped him?%0D %0D sicko.

by Henryreply 1308/30/2011

Shut up, Nan.

by Henryreply 1408/30/2011

I'm a recent veteran. This is from when you are in garrison and weren't in Iraq. The overall theme that runs through the military is a lot of boredom. A lot of boredom. A lot of time thinking on how to get back to the barracks so you could spend the day in napping. Napping because at night you stayed up all night drinking and partying. PT lots of PT. Running, pushups, etc etc .

Having your body weighted pinched and measured like you were a stewardess in the '60s. heaven forbid you should have an ounce of fat on you if you were in the infantry.

Dealing with ass holes who were lifers. Because for the most part only dumb asses became lifers. Seeing lots of hot guys with hot bodies naked and in various states of undress all the time. Falling instantly in love with them and then a short time later falling instantly out of love with them. It would be like fucking a brother. When you spend 24/7 with these same people the sex appeal and lust dies. Dies very quickly.

Going off post and trying desperately not to walk in step with each other. Hating to have an asshole with you who loved calling cadence where ever you went.

Being surrounded with what others would consider hot slabs of meat and not wanting a single one of them. A great body and a high and tight becomes really boring after a while.

Oh, and since you spend 24/7 with these people in every respect ...pretty much everyone knowing everything about you. Including that you are gay and not really giving a shit.

Did I shatter any illusions?

by Henryreply 1508/30/2011

Another one....once you get to your permanent duty station. If it's near a city....going to your first gay bar alone. Everyone can see you are in the military no matter what you do because you stick out like a sore thumb. Fucking everyone in the bar wants you. I was(and am) definitely a neck downer...but damn if it wasn't an ego booster.

by Henryreply 1608/30/2011

Oh and puking. Lots of puking.

by Henryreply 1708/30/2011

What's a "neck downer?"

by Henryreply 1808/31/2011

What an Erotically Satisfying Testimony, OP.

by Henryreply 1908/31/2011

I'm guessing neck downer means a paper bag face, or butterface. R15, though, I liked your story. I can totally see how familiarity and too much intimacy kills any kind of hot vibe.

by Henryreply 2008/31/2011

Neck grill is kind of messed up but the body and dick would be considered near perfect on anyone's scale.

by Henryreply 2108/31/2011

But r15, between the time you fall instantly in and out of love with them isn't there time for a little action?

And you don't mention jerking off, etc. Where does that fit in?

by Henryreply 2208/31/2011

More sir, yes sir.

by Henryreply 2304/04/2012

r15, thanks for that post, it gives a real glimpse into military life. All we get on the outside is cheerleading and TV commercials that make every day look like a scene in a movie.

More details please.

by Henryreply 2404/04/2012

This thread is making me horny as hell.

by Henryreply 2504/04/2012

Military life isn't the same all over. It depends on the type of work you do and how well you do it. My experience is just about the oppostite of R15, that's why I stayed in for a number of years.

As far as boredom, that happened maybe twice a year when there would be some class everyone had to sit through, reminding us about racial and gender equality. There was a PT test twice a year but I would jog two days a week.

My work was always interesting and I got to more than 50 nations. Several times I traded jobs with people in foreign military service so I served with the Royal Australian Navy and Brit navy. I also spent a lot of time with military people in South America.

Hooking up with other guys wasn't a problem. I served under DADT and the end of the previous all-over ban on gays. When I knew I would be assigned to a permanent station for a year or more, I usually settled in with one guy. At one time I had an off-base apartment with two guys from the same command. We each had different duty nights so some nights two of us would be in bed and other nights it would be a threesome. Good times!

I never had a job where I saw dozens and dozens of the same people 24/7. I usually had an office with two or three others. The men who worked for me worked out of other spaces.

by Henryreply 2604/04/2012

I picture a military gay life would be like YANK! THE MUSICAL.

by Henryreply 2704/21/2012

Any more?

by Henryreply 2810/25/2012

Why are people on this thread thanking R15 for his post? He didn't post anything interesting at all.

by Henryreply 2910/25/2012

most marines I've had sex with were all power bottoms

by Henryreply 3010/25/2012

This thread is useless without fact checking.

by Henryreply 3110/25/2012

I want to hear from more navy guys who got paddled with fire hoses going across the equator. And in the army someone said there was something called "butt discipline", has anybody ever heard of it?

by Henryreply 3210/25/2012

Sure are a lot of moes around here. I was expecting war stories... not sodomy. Just saying.

by Henryreply 3310/25/2012

r33, in case you didn't know it and are not trying to pull anybody's leg (especially the "third" one), this IS a gay site. Maybe this is like the time you "mistakenly" walked into a gay bar?! And besides, I'm pretty sure that the army/navy without "sodomy" as you put it, would be alot like the Indianapolis 500 without the cars. Just saying.

by Henryreply 3410/25/2012

Honestly, I don't know how I missed it but I think it's hilarious. I've been posting here for a couple of hours and none of the posts had hardly anything to do with the gay. I was reading through one thread that went on for 150 replies and never mentioned anything gay. Some of the stuff here is pretty funny, I don't care who you are.

by Henryreply 3510/25/2012

Yesterday, I sent and email to a Brigadier General and a Colonel, and a bunch of Colonels were Cc:'d. The Colonel in the address line replied to all with a snark-filled rant and I figured my boss was going to hand me my ass on a platter. Fortunately, the Colonel wasn't upset with me, he just wanted to prove a point to other leaders who received the message.

It was soooo hot!

by Henryreply 3610/25/2012

pretty uniforms

by Henryreply 3710/25/2012

r35, this may come as a shock to you, but gay people usually don't talk constantly about "the gay" and are concerned about getting through life much the same way you are. Actually I think you might be some frau trying to put everybody on, I can't believe you were that oblivious to the nature of DL.

by Henryreply 3810/25/2012

Well, when I was a kid I was an Army brat. I always remember having to stand for the National Anthem in base movie houses before the movie started. My friends thought it was weird. I thought it was weird that civilian movie theaters didn't do it.

Or did you mean something about sex?

by Henryreply 3910/25/2012

r38, no way, dude. I got caught in a Google surf tide. I was looking up the recent death of Scott McKenzie, which got me thinking of McKenzie Phillips and that fucked up book she wrote. That lead me to the DL thread about McKenzie Phillips giving her daddy puss for 10 years. Go look at the tread... there is no mention of the gay anywhere in that thread. Swear to God, it's not my fault.

by Henryreply 4010/25/2012

r40---DATALOUNGE, GET YOUR FIX OF GAY GOSSIP, NEWS AND POINTLESS BITCHERY. If you look really hard, I think you will find this quote somewhere around here........

by Henryreply 4110/25/2012

I was in the USAF and stationed at Keesler AFB, MS back in the late 60's. I met this very cute, blond guy at the Keesler Amateur Radio Club. I later found out he was an officer which was a concern because I was enlisted (Big No-No mostly for him). Anyway, we started to hang around together off base. One night, after we both had been drinking at a sleezy titty bar, he suggested that we go back to his apartment for a final drink before he took me back to the barracks (I was living in the Airman's Quarters for Permanent Party - I was a Staff Sergent who was an electronic instructor). We got to his place and we both just spontaneously began to grope each other and make out. Long story short...we became secret lovers for the duration that I was stationed at Keesler. I got out of the Air Force and lost track of him. Last year, after not seeing him for 40 or so years, he contacted me on Face Book. We sort of renewed our friendship but he and I both are in committed relationships. This is as weird as I got in the military.

by Henryreply 4210/25/2012

bump for more military memories...

by Henryreply 4304/13/2013

Was R33 the original "mo" creep?

by Henryreply 4404/13/2013

I love the OP's story! So hot.

by Henryreply 4504/13/2013

I know this must sound like a fantasy, but every word is absolutely 100% true....

by Henryreply 4604/13/2013

[quote]since you spend 24/7 with these people in every respect ...pretty much everyone knowing everything about you. Including that you are gay and not really giving a shit.

That's right.

by Henryreply 4704/16/2013


by Henryreply 4804/16/2013

It's kind of like the prison fantasy. It seems really hot until you get there (I'm assuming, since I've never actually been to prison). I thought it seemed hot until I got on base. Then the fantasy died.

by Henryreply 4904/17/2013

#15, are you a lesbian?

by Henryreply 5004/17/2013

[quote]If the military only knew just how many gays/bis serve our country with pride (a play on words)

Thanks for the hot tip, Scoop. No one would ever have know "pride" was a play in words without your helpful explainer.

by Henryreply 5104/17/2013
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