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''80''s songs that deserve more play

What great '80's songs are languishing in obscurity? I want to add them to my collection.

I'd never heard Madleen Kane's "You Can" before - what a fun song!

by More, please!reply 42709/17/2014

I'm sorry, OP. I can't get more than 7 seconds into it. That hideous dress and hair!

by More, please!reply 108/20/2011

After clicking on OP's link, all I can say to Madleen Kane is, "No, you can't." I hope that song continues to languish in obscurity.

by More, please!reply 208/20/2011

OMG...I thought our generation had it bad with Britney and Katy Perry...god the 80s really had some shitfests didn't they?

by More, please!reply 308/20/2011

"I'm Undecided" by Tight Fit

It's like ABBA by way of Human League. The "group" was really a studio production. Initially they hit with a medley of 60s hits, ala Stars On 45. Then they did a cover of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" which also found success. Finally they decided to be ABBA/Bucks Fizz clones and released several minor hits (this one, "Fantasy Island," Secret Heart") but critics dismissed their lack of true musicianship and the female singers on the album were replaced over royalty disputes. Steve Grant, the male lead singer, returned with the two replacement female vocalists for one last single but that was it.

Recently, they've reunited and re-recorded some of their hits. The original versions are hard to track down but more recent remixes are available on iTunes and amazon.

by More, please!reply 408/20/2011

I'd completely forgotten about this song until I ran across it while looking for something I was adding to the thread on eldergay disco (or some such thread).

My friends were all snobs and wouldn't dance to anything that wasn't new wave or synth pop, or punk, or whatever they thought it was cool to declare themselves fans of. But Debbie Deb was very popular in the clubs for a while. Although I never was a fan of hers, I've always liked the song "When I Hear Music."

Now I never hear her even on retro nights which is why I'd nearly forgotten about her. "Look Out Weekend" was the bigger hit - and it basically sounds the same as this song.

by More, please!reply 508/20/2011

I used to love this, a song about having a Walkman.

by More, please!reply 608/20/2011

Thgis is a great song to work out to...

by More, please!reply 708/20/2011

Popular and also popularly loathed, but really typical of the sound and the time. I don't think the Reynolds Girls should be forgotten.

'I'd rather jack, than Fleetwood Mac..."

by More, please!reply 808/20/2011

Don't know if this song ever made it outside of her native Canada, but this soft metal song by Lee Aaron should have been a global hit. It was actually written by Dan Hill!

by More, please!reply 908/20/2011

UK hip-pop at it's best--"House Arrest" by Krush

by More, please!reply 1008/20/2011

Transvision Vamp - "I Want Your Love"

by More, please!reply 1108/20/2011

80s are over, gramps.

by More, please!reply 1208/20/2011

Strange but memorable song, hard to track down because nobody ever knows what it's called or who it's by.

by More, please!reply 1308/20/2011

Here ya go and hot boys too...

by More, please!reply 1408/20/2011

Adeva--"Warning"--she was WAY ahead of her time.

by More, please!reply 1508/20/2011

The 80's had a lot of good synth driven music! And a lot of that synth drive stuff came out of Britain of all places.

by More, please!reply 1608/20/2011

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime - The Korgis

Go For It - Kim Wilde

Out of Mind Out of Sight - The Models

Stick Around - Julian Lennon

by More, please!reply 1708/20/2011

Bad Boys - Wham

by More, please!reply 1808/20/2011

This was my jam back in 1988. i think his breakout in Europe paved the way for other non-anglophone African acts like Angelique Kidjo and Les Nubians to break through overseas.

by More, please!reply 1908/20/2011

Trick of the Night - Bananarama

World Domination - Belle Stars

I'm Half the Man I Used to Be - Fine Young Cannibals

She's On It - Beastie Boys

by More, please!reply 2008/20/2011

The best thing Vanessa Paradis has ever done (other than snagging Johnny Depp)

by More, please!reply 2108/20/2011

In the immortal words of that guy from "The Twelve Pains of Christmas," "Oh, I don't even know half these people!"

by More, please!reply 2208/20/2011

Dare you to get this out of your head, Midge Ure - Dear God, sadly as relevant today as twenty three years ago.

by More, please!reply 2308/20/2011

Wa Wa Nee--probably the first "urban" Australian group to crack the US charts

by More, please!reply 2408/20/2011

Godley and Creme - Cry

by More, please!reply 2508/20/2011

Giant Steps--"Another Lover"

by More, please!reply 2608/20/2011

Magic Carpet Ride - Bardeux

by More, please!reply 2708/20/2011

Princess--'Say I'm Your #1"--the 80's heyday of UK soul

by More, please!reply 2808/20/2011

Three Time Lover - Bardeux

by More, please!reply 2908/20/2011

Anything by Kirsty MacColl or Prefab Sprout.

Also, Everthing But THe Girl DID exist before "Missing" and put out some good shit in their early days.

by More, please!reply 3008/20/2011

Scritti Politti - Boom! There She Was

by More, please!reply 3108/20/2011

David Bowie's "Loving The Alien"

by More, please!reply 3208/20/2011

geez vanessa paradis sure looks a lot like kate moss in her old videos.

by More, please!reply 3308/20/2011

The Korgis I love it.

by More, please!reply 3408/20/2011

Thanks, guys! Keep 'em coming, please!

And R1 & 2 & 3 - give poor Madleen a chance. The song really does get better 30 seconds in when it speeds up.

The Drivers "Tears on Your Anorak" is classic Brit-Pop.

by More, please!reply 3508/20/2011

Skin Trade - Duran Duran. It should have been a bigger hit.

by More, please!reply 3608/20/2011

Oxo - Whirly Girl

by More, please!reply 3708/20/2011

"The Rumour", sung by Olivia Newton-John.

It's a great, fun, catchy Bernie Taupin/Elton John song, and it would have been a huge hit, but Livvy suddenly found out she had breast cancer and had to cancel plans to tour and promote it.

by More, please!reply 3808/20/2011

from the Sixteen Candles soundtrack - Annie Golden doing her best Cyndi Lauper impression in the days before cell phones.

by More, please!reply 3908/20/2011

A Split Second - Rigor Mortis

by More, please!reply 4008/20/2011

Completely forgot about this minor hit from 1989.

Anyone else remember this one?

Kevin Paige - Don't Shut Me Out

by More, please!reply 4108/20/2011

Flamethrower - J Geils Band.

by More, please!reply 4208/20/2011

Synth and sax solo free!

by More, please!reply 4308/20/2011

Arcangel - Use To Think I'd Never Fall In Love

by More, please!reply 4408/20/2011

Love's Worn Out Again - America

by More, please!reply 4508/20/2011

Belouis Some: Imagination:

by More, please!reply 4608/20/2011

Belouis Some: "Some People"%0D

by More, please!reply 4708/20/2011

One of the best songs of the 80s that often gets overlooked when people are looking for the biggest hits of the era. The Waterboys with "The Whole of the Moon" And on a separate but related note I'd like to put out a big Thank You to the people that include some text that indicates what your attachment is. I can't be the only person that doesn't like looking at every single YouTube link only to see something (or several things) that I never would have bothered with if I'd known in advance what it was going to be.

by More, please!reply 4808/20/2011

R48, click "Settings" in the left side-bar, and click "inline youtube" checkbox. Then close the settings.%0D %0D Then you can see exactly what it is without having to open the link.%0D %0D

by More, please!reply 4908/20/2011

Gene Loves Jezebel. I think they would have made more really strong music for many years if the brothers hadn't split up. My guess is more people would be familiar with the band now if they'd kept making albums as solid as their first one. "Desire (Come and Get It)" isn't my fave of theirs, but it might be the best known and most likely to deserve more play, as the thread asks for.

by More, please!reply 5008/20/2011

ABC's The Look of Love

by More, please!reply 5108/20/2011

"Do you wanna hold me?" - BOW WOW WOW

by More, please!reply 5208/20/2011

R48 I LOVE that song....I even liked Mandy Moore's cover of it. To quote Spin magazine's review, she sounds like a 50 year-old French whore, and that's a good thing."

by More, please!reply 5308/21/2011

Ok r48, "Room to Move" is still a great song to work out to.

by More, please!reply 5408/21/2011

R54, I didn't mean you at all. I saw you had Animotion in your 'author' field, so I knew what I was getting with you. You are cool as far as I am concerned.

And as long as I'm posting again, I'm going to add the only song that I truly love that Michael Jackson has anything to do with. This made hardly an impact on the U.S. music charts, but I've always loved it. Obviously other artists do too because it's sampled often.

The Jacksons, "Can You Feel It?"

by More, please!reply 5508/21/2011

Rex Smith with headbands! & Rachel Sweet - Everlasting Love

by More, please!reply 5608/21/2011

The Primitives--"Crash"

by More, please!reply 5708/21/2011

Phil Oakley - Together In Electric Dreams

by More, please!reply 5808/21/2011

Nia Peeples--"Trouble"--should have been a *much* bigger song than it was

by More, please!reply 5908/21/2011

Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know

by More, please!reply 6008/21/2011

Thanks, R52. I had lost track of that wonderful song. It was the first non-top-40 song that grabbed my attention back when I was but 11 years-old. I heard it on the plane on my first plane trip, appropriately enough to California. On that trip we went to a shopping center and I was thrilled to find and buy the 45, which never was available where i lived. It encouraged me to enjoy proudly what resonated with me and quit worrying about liking things that my friends didn't.

I had never seen that non sequitur video, though.

by More, please!reply 6108/21/2011

r39, I love that song and have been searching for a decent quality version of it. It was only released on the "Sixteen Candles" mini-cassette soundtrack and it's extremely hard to find. Wish it would get released on some 80s compilation. I always say it's the best Cyndi Lauper song Cyndi never recorded.

by More, please!reply 6208/21/2011

"Mountains" - Prince

by More, please!reply 6308/21/2011

"Watching You"--Loose Ends--their best song in my opinion

by More, please!reply 6408/21/2011

Great soul from Montreal circa 1992. A HUGE hit on the US R&B charts.

by More, please!reply 6508/21/2011

Song for 2012!

by More, please!reply 6608/21/2011

This is probably one of the most criminally "slept on" songs in history. if there were any justice, she would have been as big as Madge.

by More, please!reply 6708/21/2011

SOS Band!

by More, please!reply 6808/21/2011

Sorry, but for those of you who can't bother to type the song title and artist in your post why should I bother to click on the link. Just a pet peeve of mine, not a personal attack on any of you. I love you all.

by More, please!reply 6908/21/2011

"Do you wanna hold me?" - BOW WOW WOW Actually, ANYTHING by BowWowWow! Pity they're almost all but forgotten! "Baby Oh No" is a great song! Fun Fact: Most of BowWowWow consisted of the original Ants ( Adam & The Ants) Speaking of Adam : I remember fondly J/O to his videos back in the day ( particularly "Desperate But Not Serious" )

by More, please!reply 7008/21/2011

LOVED this song back in the day. Even straight guys would drool over Bryan Ferry in this video. Loved the cameos by Christine Keeler and Mandy Smith in this.

by More, please!reply 7108/21/2011

"Never Say Never" - Romeo Void

by More, please!reply 7208/21/2011

One word: classic

by More, please!reply 7308/21/2011

[quote]Sorry, but for those of you who can't bother to type the song title and artist in your post why should I bother to click on the link.

OK, OK! It never occurred to me that some people don't have their settings adjusted to display YouTube inline. Mine was "Wired For Sound" by Cliff Richard.

by More, please!reply 7408/21/2011

Oh Romeo - These Memories

by More, please!reply 7508/21/2011

[quote]Sorry, but for those of you who can't bother to type the song title and artist in your post why should I bother to click on the link.%0D %0D Sorry, but those of you too ignorant or lazy to click the "youtube videos inline" checkbox in settings, shouldn't whine and bitch.%0D %0D

by More, please!reply 7608/21/2011

Tanita Tikaram -Twist in my Sobriety

by More, please!reply 7708/21/2011

Level 42--"Out Of Sight Out Of Mind"

by More, please!reply 7808/21/2011

Level 42--"Children Say"

by More, please!reply 7908/21/2011

The Way To Your Heart by Soulsister

by More, please!reply 8008/21/2011

A little better than R39's R62

by More, please!reply 8108/21/2011


by More, please!reply 8208/21/2011

Wendy & Lisa"--"Waterfall"

by More, please!reply 8308/21/2011

"Quiet Life" by Japan

by More, please!reply 8408/21/2011

Eight Seconds--"Kiss You When It's Dangerous"

by More, please!reply 8508/21/2011

"The Art of Parties" by Japan

by More, please!reply 8608/21/2011

Siouxsie and The Banshees (feat. Robert Smith from the Cure) - Melt

by More, please!reply 8708/21/2011

1989 Jesus and Mary Chain - Blues From a Gun

by More, please!reply 8808/21/2011

Concrete Blonde--"God Is A Bullet"

by More, please!reply 8908/21/2011

Freez's "I.O.U". Perhaps one of thge best dabce recordings of all-time and certainly one of the best freestyle. I used to have severe sleep disorders as a kid and I would lie awake listening to this song while everyone else was asleep.

by More, please!reply 9008/21/2011

Thanks so much for that link, r81!

I had forgotten this one until I happened across it on an alternative 80s CD: Vicious Pink "Take Me Now."

by More, please!reply 9108/21/2011

Great songs!%0D %0D "Breaking Away" by Balance, perfect pop:

by More, please!reply 9208/21/2011

More >>BOWWOWWOW>> in concert The girl could move - and without lip-synching.

by More, please!reply 9308/21/2011

Stabilizers - "One Simple Thing"

by More, please!reply 9408/21/2011

Bourgeois Tagg - "I Don't Mind at All"

by More, please!reply 9508/21/2011

Flesh For Lulu "Postcards From Paradise"

by More, please!reply 9608/21/2011

David & David - Welcome to the Boomtown

by More, please!reply 9708/21/2011

From 1989 Donny Osmond

by More, please!reply 9808/21/2011

I think it's unfortunate that a-ha are stuck with the 'one hit wonder' label in the United States. They have been consistently (with a break in the 90s) making solid pop music for 25 years, yet the last album released in the States was 1990's "East of the Sun, West of the Moon." Granted, that wasn't their finest work, but they've had really good music since then.

Anyway, I'm submitting "I've Been Losing You" from their second album "Scoundrel Days."

by More, please!reply 9908/21/2011

"My Name Is Norman Bates" by Landscape

by More, please!reply 10008/21/2011

Not that obscure, but one of the greatest songs of the 80s. And the video is great, too.

Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson

by More, please!reply 10108/21/2011

or here:

by More, please!reply 10208/21/2011

this charted but most people don't know it. Most of my gay friends loved it :).

Blue Kiss - Jane Wiedlin

by More, please!reply 10308/21/2011

I'm cheating and picking a song from 1977. Ladies and gentleman, Miss Patsy Gallant:

by More, please!reply 10408/21/2011

Glenn Frey - True Love

by More, please!reply 10508/22/2011

Device - Hanging On A Heart Attack

by More, please!reply 10608/22/2011

Feargal Sharkey - A Good Heart

by More, please!reply 10708/22/2011

Danny Wilson had a lot of great songs after Mary's Prayer, don't know why they weren't bigger hits.%0D %0D A Girl I Used To Know - Danny Wilson

by More, please!reply 10808/22/2011

Lone Justice - Ways To Be Wicked

by More, please!reply 10908/22/2011

The Tubes - Piece By Piece

by More, please!reply 11008/22/2011

Joan Armatrading - Kind Words And A Real Good Heart

by More, please!reply 11108/22/2011

Wax (UK) - Bridge To Your Heart

by More, please!reply 11208/22/2011

Cheap Trick - If You Want My Love

by More, please!reply 11308/22/2011

The DBs - Spy in the House of Love

by More, please!reply 11408/22/2011

What should have been Was (Not Was) big hit instead of "Walk The Dinosaur".%0D %0D Was (Not Was) - Spy In The House Of Love

by More, please!reply 11508/22/2011

"Call Me Mr. Telephone" Cheyne%0D %0D "Attack of the Name Game" & "Dynamite" by Stacy Lattisaw%0D %0D

by More, please!reply 11608/22/2011

Rainforest - Paul Hardcastle

by More, please!reply 11708/22/2011

Tony Carey - First Day Of Summer%0D %0D Obscure, even though it was a Pick Hit on Solid Gold.

by More, please!reply 11808/22/2011

The dBs: "Amplifier." What a great "fuck you" song.

by More, please!reply 11908/22/2011

Ph.D, with "I Won't Let You Down," and the most hideous leading man in history. Thank god for YouTube and the Internets, because I swear I haven't heard this song since 1982:

by More, please!reply 12008/22/2011

Walkabout - The Sugarcubes

by More, please!reply 12108/22/2011

OMD, "Maid of Orleans." I bought this (the entire album) on vinyl the day it arrived at my backwater record store. I love the percussion here, whether it's programmed or live, I don't care. What great atmospherics!

by More, please!reply 12208/22/2011

It appears this thread is a bit heavy on the "Scritti Politti" style of late 80s music: as in, easy keyboards and skinny keyboard ties.%0D %0D Also making a heavy showing here is the Freestyle/Latin Hip Hop movement of the late 80s.%0D %0D While these are valid and very 80s sounds, I wish to post a number of early 80s New Wave that fell under the radar, which featured more innovation in the early synth sound, and relied more heavily on inspiration from the minimalism of Kraftwerk.

by More, please!reply 12308/22/2011

Certain Reality by Modern Mannequins.%0D %0D This track out of Atlanta wasn't ever a hit, but is indicative of the US/UK interpretation of Kraftwerk's massive influence, once disco had died.

by More, please!reply 12408/22/2011

Lead singer of Tangerine Dream, Peter Baumann, gave solo work a try. His album "Repeat Repeat" was not a work of genius by any stretch, but this track sticks in my head. It captures synth minimalism while using a complementary minimalist vocal/lyric line.

by More, please!reply 12508/22/2011

Disco had died, but New Wave dance music continued to flourish with Giorgio Moroder-inspired arpeggiations on such tracks as "Body Heat" by Fockewulf 190, which was a Euro club hit in the early 80's. This track was an early example of Dark Wave, which later led to Siouxsie & The Cure creating full genres of the stuff. Many fans liked to label tracks like these "Italo" simply because Italian producers were making their own disco long after disco had died...this track falls under that radar, but is much darker and more "New Romantic" sounding, kind of like as if Duran Duran made electro techno.

by More, please!reply 12608/22/2011

Andie Oppenheimer was an innovative New Wave producer and singer who wrote catchy danceable tech songs as well as introspective experimental synth wave ballads. Here's "The Devil's Dancers", a good example of what later became known as "Cold Wave". Much like Dark Wave, Cold Wave was an interpretation of New Wave that lent itself to more monotone phrasing in the vocal lines, and less friendly sounds coming from the synths.

by More, please!reply 12708/22/2011

Trek With Quintronic was a completely unnoticed early New Wave outfit - and it's a shame, because it appears that Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks had aped his vocal stylings and got famous for it. Here's "Zolian Space"

by More, please!reply 12808/22/2011

Philly based Experimental Products were a fairly late arrival in the underground New Wave scene. Here's "Aviation", although my favorite track of theirs, "Modern Living" appears to not be on YT yet.

by More, please!reply 12908/22/2011

Greg Hawkes (keyboardist from Boston-based The Cars) had his own solo venture. Here's one of the more memorable tracks, "Jet Lag" from 1983.

by More, please!reply 13008/22/2011

Ian Elms was a Britpop producer that had his hand at minimal electro Dark Wave sounds with this early trance sounding "The Street Enters The House". You can hear Kraftwerk all over this one.

by More, please!reply 13108/22/2011

John Ruth did a wonderful album called "I Am a Model" in 1982. Here's the title track, and it's almost like Michael Hutchence heard this and decided to change his then punk band INXS to conform to this song entirely. John Ruth did the unthinkable, adding a strong guitar line through a synth track, but never do you feel overwhelmed by guitar like you do in later 80's pop.%0D %0D I am a model...I stand around.

by More, please!reply 13208/22/2011

Ohama with "TV".

by More, please!reply 13308/22/2011

I'll leave you with Those Attractive Magnets and "Survivors"

by More, please!reply 13408/22/2011

Suburban Lawns - Janitor

by More, please!reply 13508/22/2011

Kleenex - Nice

by More, please!reply 13608/22/2011

Drive by The Cars

by More, please!reply 13708/22/2011

"Bachelor Kisses" - The Go-Betweens

by More, please!reply 13808/22/2011

Mr Mister - Broken Wings Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams Don Henley - Boys of Summer Bruce Hornsby - The Way it Is Jody Watley - Looking For a New Love Johnny Kemp - Just Got Paid Keith Sweat - I Want Her Bomb Da Bass - Beat This

by More, please!reply 13908/22/2011

"Rattlesnakes' - Llloyd Cole & The Commotions

by More, please!reply 14008/22/2011

When Your Heart Is Weak - Cock Robin

by More, please!reply 14108/22/2011

R137 and R140, you listed the MOST played songs of the really think they should've been played even more??

by More, please!reply 14208/22/2011

Sorry, I meant R139.

by More, please!reply 14308/22/2011

From the country charts, George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today

by More, please!reply 14408/22/2011


Yes... I can't get enough of them...

From the sounds of it you have, well and truly, had enough of them :-)

by More, please!reply 14508/22/2011

I LOVE that song, R141!!

This one brings back great memories.

by More, please!reply 14608/22/2011

"Strange" - Galaxie 500

by More, please!reply 14708/22/2011

"Body's in Trouble" - Mary Margaret O'Hara

by More, please!reply 14808/22/2011

FYI: Mary Margaret O'Hara is Catherine O'Hara's younger sister.

by More, please!reply 14908/22/2011

Karla DeVito, "Cool World"

by More, please!reply 15008/22/2011

That "Hang up the Phone" song is amazing!

R95, here's another great from Brent Bourgeois "Dare to Fall in Love."

by More, please!reply 15108/22/2011

Love that Jane Wiedlin song.

R85, I remember "Kiss you when it's dangerous" - my older sister went to see them in concert!

Another great Canadian song: "Shades of 45" by Gary O: "And though we waved goodbye to silver wings on high..."

by More, please!reply 15208/22/2011

10-9-8 - Face to Face

by More, please!reply 15308/22/2011

Living in a Dream - Pseudo Echo

by More, please!reply 15408/22/2011

Kiss and Tell - Breakfast Club

by More, please!reply 15508/22/2011

Oh Girl - Boy Meets Girl

by More, please!reply 15608/22/2011

The Replacements (mellow) Swinging Party

by More, please!reply 15708/22/2011

Nick Ashford passed away. Here's 80's classic "Solid" -

by More, please!reply 15808/22/2011

Dr. John - New Looks

by More, please!reply 15908/22/2011

Love this thread!

R103, when I saw this thread, I immediately thought of Blue Kiss. I still remember reading an article at the end of 1985 that said it was the best song of the year that no one heard, so that at least made me feel a little better for Jane. It reached only No. 77 on the charts. At least she made No. 9 a few years later with "Rush Hour".

Since I can't think of another 80s tune at the moment that fits the bill, I'll cheat and pick another Jane Wiedlin, this one from 1990, "Tangled". How this never charted is beyond me. I thought it was perfectly crafted pop music.

by More, please!reply 16008/22/2011

Thanks for that nugget from Annie Golden, R39.

I was probably one of the view people to have the cassette tape of the Sixteen Candles soundtrack, so I knew the song "Hang Up the Phone". Then one day, years later in the age of You Tube, I found the video and was shocked to realize that the singer of "Hang Up the Phone" was the same Annie Golden who played Margaret "Maggie" O'Keefe, Cliff Claven's postal carrier girlfriend on Cheers!

by More, please!reply 16108/22/2011

Whoops - that should be "few" people, not view people...

by More, please!reply 16208/22/2011

"Your technique it leaves me weak..."

Can anyone tell me if the JoBoxers were a gay group? The only song I know from them is "Just Got Lucky" and I've always believed he is singing to a guy.

by More, please!reply 16308/22/2011

More Jane :)

by More, please!reply 16408/22/2011

I loved my Sixteen Candles cassette EP.

by More, please!reply 16508/22/2011

all of the Talking Heads songs should have gotten more exposure i.e. Ahead by a century...not just Burning Down The House%0D %0D p.s. The Wham selection posted here was pitiful.

by More, please!reply 16608/22/2011

Kim Wilde - Chequered Love

by More, please!reply 16708/23/2011

Kim Carnes - Voyeur

by More, please!reply 16808/23/2011

Steel Breeze - You Don't Want Me Anymore

by More, please!reply 16908/23/2011

The Sixteen Candles soundtrack didn't have some of the best songs that are in the movie, however.

by More, please!reply 17008/23/2011

Scandal - Love's Got A Line On You

by More, please!reply 17108/23/2011

Julian Cope - World Shut Your Mouth

by More, please!reply 17208/23/2011

The Pointer Sisters.

Didn't like them back in the day, but now they're quite fun & easy to listen to.

by More, please!reply 17308/23/2011

The Alarm - Rain In The Summertime

by More, please!reply 17408/23/2011

Debbie Harry - I Want That Man

by More, please!reply 17508/23/2011

Breathe - Hands to Heaven

by More, please!reply 17608/23/2011

Meat Loaf w/ Cher - Dead Ringer For Love

by More, please!reply 17708/23/2011

Thompson Twins - Nothing In Common

by More, please!reply 17808/23/2011

Brian Setzer - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

by More, please!reply 17908/23/2011

Blow Monkeys - Digging Your Scene

by More, please!reply 18008/23/2011

R177, was Cher ever not amazing?

by More, please!reply 18108/23/2011

I had a terrible crush on George Strait and thought he was singing this song just to me.

Amarillo By Morning

by More, please!reply 18208/23/2011

I have a question about "Yo Little Brother" which was a song and video that made me happy in the 80's. In the video, Marko Kalfa appears as the lead singer (Nolan Thomas) lip-syncing to someone else's voice, but Kalfa provided the vocal for the rest of the accompanying album. Why didn't they simply re-record the vocal with Kalfa after they had found the guy they wanted to market?

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I'm listening to a replay of Casey Kasem's American Top Forty from Aug. 30, 1980. Here are some songs that are never played much anymore from that week's countdown:

37. Never Knew Love Like This Before - Stephanie Mills

36. Jesse - Carly Simon

34. How Does It Feel To Be Back - Hall & Oates

25. Make a Little Magic - The Dirt Band

24. Hot Rod Hearts - Robbie Dupree

21. Boulevard - Jackson Browne

15. Take a Little Rhythm - Ali Thompson

12. Into the Night - Benny Mardones

And of course... (drumroll, please)

10. More Love - Kim Carnes

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Love that list R 184. And I bet the top five have.. Magic - Olivia Newton-John Coming Up - Paul McCartney (LIVE!) It's Still Rock n Roll To Me - Billy Joel Those are some greats forgotten songs. Loved "Jesse"

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Giuffria--"Call To Your Heart"

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The Mac Band--"Roses Are Red"--the song was actually used in McDonald's commercials on urban radio in 1988. it was also a huge hit in the UK

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Madame X--"Just That Type Of Girl"--WAAY ahead of their time

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Giorgio--"Sex Appeal"

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View from the Hill - "No Conversation"

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Curiosity Killed The Cat - "Down To Earth"

by More, please!reply 19108/27/2011

Lolita Pop - "Bang Your Head"

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Good guesses, R185! The Top 5 were: 5. Take Your Time - S.O.S. Band 4. Emotional Rescue - The Rolling Stones 3. Magic - Olivia Newton-John 2. Upside Down - Diana Ross 1. Sailing - Christopher Cross "It's Still Rock And Roll to Me" was No. 14, having been Top Five just a few weeks earlier. "Coming Up" dropped out of the Top Forty that week; it had reached No. 1 in late June/early July.

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Wire - Eardrum Buzz

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Eurythmics %E2%80%93 No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)

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From this week's Casey Kasem retro-countdown (Sept. 7th 1985), songs that I never hear these days:

37. Do You Want Cryin'? - Katrina & the Waves

34. C-I-T-Y - John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band

30. Every Step of the Way - John Waite

26. There Must Be an Angel - Eurythmics (I love the beginning of this song!)

22. Shame - The Motels

15. Dare Me - The Pointer Sisters

11. Invincible - Pat Benatar

And a special shout-out to Corey Hart at No. 14 with "Never Surrender" which I still hear occasionally, but he was so friggin' handsome he deserves a mention.

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"Crybaby" - Utopia

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"Man Out of Time" - Elvis Costello

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Donnie Iris - Ah Leah

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Saga - On The Loose

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Sexy times

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Cry And Be Free by Marilyn

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The Politics of Dancing by Re-Flex

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Hipsway: Honeythief

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r203, that brings back memories. I'm rock hard as I type. Don't tell Gwen!

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Scritti Politti's - Absolute, check out the people in the toilet putting drops of Absolute into their eyes.

Wonder why I never saw this on American TV.

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I don't know where I was when all this music was out. I'm 47, so I was in my late teens early 20s when it was released, but I recognize less than 10% of these songs. I guess I was too busy listening to crap like this.

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Marshall Crenshaw - Whenever You're On My Mind

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And of course Les Rita Mitsouko

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OMG r201. I thought I was the only Canuck on here. I see I'm not. (I prefer Wind Him Up).

Another Northern blast from the past, dated video, timeless song:

Honeymoon Suite-Feel it Again

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An under-rated song from an underrated album, Pictures at Eleven by Robert Plant. Pledge Pin (live) The studio version is better, especially the drums.

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R208, I really didn't notice the music-wow that guy is stunning.

The Working Hour - Tears for Fears

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Heading for the Light - Traveling Wilburys

Zombie Zoo - Tom Petty

I'm an Adult Now - Pursuit of Happiness

You Don't Own Me - Blow Monkeys

This Corrosion - Sisters of Mercy

Love is Like a Rock - Slade

Digging Your Scene - Blow Monkeys

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Pale Shelter- Tears For Fears

Sole Survivor- Asia

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r211, I was so close to posting Wind Him Up, but I thought it was a bit too obscure.%0D %0D I'm from the US and On The Loose was a minor hit, but I barely heard this.%0D %0D Saga - Wind Him Up

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[quote]Marshall Crenshaw - Whenever You're On My Mind%0D %0D Hell yes! Such a great songwriter.

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Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen went solo with Candleland in '89. It was critically well received but was probably a dud sales-wise. I'm the only person I know of who bought a copy.

Here's The White Hotel.

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One To One: "Angel In My Pocket"

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Georgio: "Tina Cherry"

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Jesse Johnson: "Can You Help Me"

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The Jets: "Curiosity"--the best song they ever did and a classic almost subliminal groove. A fucking classic.

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Patty Smyth - "Never Enough"

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Holly Knight -"Heart Don't Fail Me Now"

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Device - "Hanging On A Heart Attack"

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"Party Fears Two" - The Associates

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Another Canadian entry, Larry Gowan.

This 2001 version is with Styx, his current band.

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Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache%0D %0D

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Robin Gibb - Boys Do Fall in Love

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Don Dixon - Praying Mantis

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Clannad w/ Bono - In A Lifetime

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Jennifer Holliday, No Frills Love

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After All -- Cher, Peter Cetera

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INXS's 80s songs get a huge amount of play on commercial stations in Australia - what about in other countries?

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Giant Steps- "Another Lover"

Soulsister - "The Way To Your Heart"

Stars on 45 - "Beatles Medley"

Diesel - "Sausolito Summernight"

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Taja Sevelle, "Love Is Contagious"

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Irene Cara's "You Were Made For Me."

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Toto Coelo - I Eat Cannibal

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Fire Town - The Good Life with future Garbage members Butch Vig and Duke Erikson.

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Just Like Jesse James -- Cher

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"It's Not Enough" - Starship

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"Someone Like You," Van Morrison

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You Might Think - The Cars

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Electronic - Getting Away With It

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Some Squeeze, mainly "If I Didn't Love You" and "Up the Junction."

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No Way Out- Starship

Too good to Be True-Jermaine Jackson

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Not to be all hipster, but I'm sure you've never heard of this group. Zot.

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The B-52s and one of the best innuendo songs ever "Dirty Back Road".

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A song 10x better than the sappy "We Are The World": Artists United Against Apartheid "Sun City" from late 1985.

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Say It Say It by EG Daily (daughter of Bill Daily from I Dream of Jeannie and the first Bob Newhart Show)

Also: Baby Love by Regina Man Size Love by Klymaxx In My House and Walk Like a Man by the Mary Jane Girls

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Little Steven-"Sanctuary" (very Prince/Minneapolis-sounding)

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E. G. Daily is not Bill Daily's daughter R251, but I agree it's a great song.

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Heaven 17 - "Let Me Go"

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Kenny & Dolly

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Cheyne "Call Me Mr. Telephone"

The System "You Are In My System"

Stacey Lattisaw "Attack of the Name Game"

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Basia, "Time and Tide"

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Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods

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"Ship of Fools" - World Party

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Heaven 17 - "Temptation"

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OH DEAR - to every song I've heard in this post!

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Here are some songs that I thought were very popular in the 80s, but it must have just been my crowd, because they never cracked the Top 40. You probably won't know all of them, but I'm betting a few will surprise you.

1980: The Horizontal Bop - Bob Seger, You Better Run - Pat Benatar, Flirtin' With Disaster - Molly Hatchett, Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel, What I Like About You - The Romantics, Stop Your Sobbing - The Pretenders, Private Idaho & Rock Lobster - The B-52s

1981: Souper Trouper - ABBA, Flash (Theme to Flash Gordon) - Queen, Tom Sawyer - Rush, Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood, Tempted - Squeeze, The Kid is Hot Tonight - Loverboy

1982: Working For a Living - Huey Lewis & the News, Words - Missing Persons, Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash, Get Up and Go - The Go-Go's, I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses, I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow, Shakin' - Eddie Money, Goodbye To You - Scandal

1983: Unconditional Love - Donna Summer, Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs, It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls, Cool Places - The Sparks, New Year's Day - U2, Goodnight Saigon - Billy Joel, Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top, Bang the Drum All Day - Todd Rundgren, On the Dark Side - John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, Only You - Yaz, Rockit - Herbie Hancock, A Million Miles Away - The Plimsouls

1984: Relax & Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Illegal Alien - Genesis, Rebel Yell & Catch My Fall - Billy Idol, Give Me Tonight - Shannon, Hot for Teacher - Van Halen, Tender Years - John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band, Robert de Niro's Waiting - Bananarama

1985: To Live and Die in L.A. - Wang Chung, We Close Our Eyes - Go West, Centerfield - John Fogarty, Wierd Science - Oingo Boingo, Do you Wanna Get Away - Shannon, Like To Get To Know You Well - Howard Jones, And She Was - Talking Heads, Your Love Is King - Sade, All You Zombies - Hooters, Meeting in the Ladies Room - Klymaxx, Through the Fire - Chaka Khan, Can You Feel the Beat - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Ways to Be Wicked - Lone Justice, Forever Young - Alphaville

1986: Pretty In Pink - Psychedelic Furs, Wrap It Up - Fabulous Thunderbirds, If Looks Could Kill - Heart, Playing With the Boys - Kenny Loggins, Every Little Kiss - Bruce Hornsby

1987: Boom Boom - Paul Lekakis, Same Ole Love & No One in the World - Anita Baker, Why Can't I Be You - the Cure, Graceland - Paul Simon

1988: Knocked Out - Paula Abdul, Hippy Hippy Shake - The Georgia Satellites, Handle With Care - The Traveling Wilbury's, Hot Hot Hot - Buster Poindexter, Hot in the City - Billy Idol, Peek-a-boo - Siouxsee and the Banshees, Girls Ain't Nothin' But Trouble - DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Like the Weather & What's the Matter Here? - 10,0000 Maniacs, It's the End of the World As We Know It - R.E.M., Talkin 'Bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman

1989: Circle - Edie Brickell, Let the River Run - Carly Simon, I'll Be You - The Replacements, Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls, Pretending - Eric Clapton, Anchorage - Michelle Shocked, Pop Song 89 - R.E.M.

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I'm surprised about Pretty in Pink. I couldn't get away from that song.

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A few of those songs actually DID make the Top 40, R264.

by More, please!reply 26610/16/2011

Prefab Sprout - "When Love Breaks Down"

by More, please!reply 26710/17/2011

R266, if you have proof of any specifics, please post. According to my data, they all fell short of the top 40, at least the versions performed by the artists mentioned.

I can list peak position and date for each based on the info I have.

By the way, this week's AT40 Flashback: the 80s features music from 1980, including Xanadu at No. 8.

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Forgot the link of the flashback 1980 Top 40 -

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This reminds me of what actually was worth something in the generally barren pleasure head landscape of the 80's:

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by More, please!reply 27110/21/2011

Tell me! tell me! how to be a millionaire,,,,,

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It wasn't a hit, but I think ABBA's "Should I Laugh or Cry" (1981) -- the B-side of "One of Us" -- is an underrated gem. Annie Lennox could do a kick-ass cover of this.

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I love a lot of the songs in this thread.

Here is one of my favorites from the 80's - 40 Years by the House of Freaks.

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Er...many songs featured on Page 13 of this thread were megahits.

Islands in the Stream? You Might Think???

by More, please!reply 27511/27/2011

R268 "Relax" - #10, 1985. "Every Little Kiss" - #14, 1987. "Hot In The City" - #23, 1982. But you're definitely right in the sense that they didn't make the Top 40 in the years you have them listed. It's just that all 3 of those songs were released twice and had 2 separate runs on the chart.

by More, please!reply 27611/29/2011

Maria McKee - Nobody's Child

by More, please!reply 27711/30/2011

Change of Heart by Cyndi Lauper.

Which was a big hit back in 1986-87, but I don't seem to remember hearing it much back then, and it's never played now.

by More, please!reply 27812/11/2011

Agreed...and here's the video:

by More, please!reply 27912/11/2011

Shriekback - All Lined Up

by More, please!reply 28004/28/2012

Love and Rockets - Kundalini Express

by More, please!reply 28104/28/2012

None of these made the charts, but they are great tunes.

Bittersweet - Hoodoo Gurus

Funny How Love Is - Fine Young Cannibals

Space Cowboy - Jonzun Crew

Coming Up Close - Til Tuesday

Sean Penn Blues - Lloyd Cole & The Commotions

Out Of My Hands - Face to Face

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Boom Boom Boom (Let's go back to my room) by Paul Lekakis

by More, please!reply 28304/28/2012

Good Life, by Inner City

by More, please!reply 28404/28/2012

Aria on Air by Malcolm McClaren.

Some peeps may know it as the British Airways comercial. People dressed in red formed lips, people in blue became eyes, etc. All the parts came together at the end to form a face that winked and then turned into the world.

Question about music from a Perrier commercial. Maybe from the 70s or early 80s. It was a guitar solo, very soft. Nothing much happened in the commercial other than a clip of a babbling brook set to this guitar. Would love to know what the guitar piece was if anybody knows...

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I think the 80's had fantastic songs and groups. They were much better than the crap that has been out there in the last 14 years. There are myriads of groups and singers from the 80's I have loved deeply. The British New Wave was like the Rolls Royce of New Wave music. When I was a kid I just adored them and their amazing songs! Here are just SOME that were and are the best.

Men At Work

Howard Jones- What is love

Howard Jones- I'm a Prisoner


Cetu Javu - Have In Mind

The Pet Shop Boys- How Can You Expect To be taken Seriously.


Depeche Mode

ABC- Whose Got The Look of Love

Human League- Fascination

Yazoo - Don't Go

Ten Thousand Maniacs

Here is a link to

Cetu Javu - Have In Mind

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Eddy Grant- Don't Do Electric Avenue.

This is a super song that has been forgotten.

by More, please!reply 28704/29/2012

First Music Video on MTV- Video Killed the Radio Star

This is one of the best golden oldies!!! I remember my brother paying this song often.

by More, please!reply 28804/29/2012

I don't mean to sound like a gram pa but the 80's music were the best and magical! Terrific memories that flow through through my mind.

I adore ALL of Howard Jones songs! Does anyone know if he is gay? I thought there was a hint he was?

Here is his song, The Prisoner

by More, please!reply 28904/29/2012

Super artist and song:

Howard Jones "What is Love"

by More, please!reply 29004/29/2012

Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes

This song is one of the best! When Bette Davis heard this song she was thrilled and loved it.

by More, please!reply 29104/29/2012

Yeah, it's a shame no one remembers Bette Davis Eyes.

by More, please!reply 29204/29/2012

Hellzapoppin in the whole wide world

by More, please!reply 29304/29/2012

Harry Houdini by Kon Kan

by More, please!reply 29404/29/2012

I see the 80s didn't have auto-tune.

by More, please!reply 29504/29/2012

Talk Of The Town

by More, please!reply 29604/29/2012

Re-flex,"The Politics of Dancing"

by More, please!reply 29704/29/2012

R293 - that is the BEST!

by More, please!reply 29804/29/2012

Cameo's Word Up... Or should I say Cherry Coke. I still mix up the lyrics.

by More, please!reply 29904/29/2012

We Live For Love - Pat Benatar. Although it might have been from '79, my apologies if so...

by More, please!reply 30005/01/2012

Jane Wiedlin - Inside A Dream

by More, please!reply 30105/02/2012

IS Howard Jones Gay?

by More, please!reply 30205/02/2012

Robbie Nevil "C'est La Vie"

by More, please!reply 30305/02/2012

Vanity "Under the Influence"

by More, please!reply 30405/02/2012

"Blue Moon at Midnight" -- Dash Rip Rock

by More, please!reply 30505/05/2012

Cherchez la Femme. OK maybe this was end of 70s too but it reminds me of 80s.

by More, please!reply 30605/05/2012

All Janet Jackson 80's songs

by More, please!reply 30705/05/2012


by More, please!reply 30805/05/2012

George Kranz - Trommeltanz (Din Daa Daa)

by More, please!reply 30905/05/2012

Rubber Rodeo "Anywhere WIth You"

by More, please!reply 31005/05/2012

and "The Hardest Thing" also by Rubber Rodeo.

they were really good, I saw them at RISD.

by More, please!reply 31105/05/2012

Robert Gorl "Darling Don't Leave Me"

(with Annie Lennox singing Tie me! Bite me! Hate me! in the background)

by More, please!reply 31205/05/2012

The B-52's "Cak"

by More, please!reply 31305/05/2012

This is a great thread!

by More, please!reply 31405/05/2012

Utopia - "Crybaby"

by More, please!reply 31505/05/2012

Throwing Muses - Fish

Actually most of their songs deserved more play. for a great backstory on this video, read Rat Girl by Kristin Hersh.

by More, please!reply 31605/06/2012

The Korgis - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime

by More, please!reply 31705/11/2012

Lulu - I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)

by More, please!reply 31805/11/2012

"Out of Mind, Out of Sight." - The Models

by More, please!reply 31905/11/2012

YES R307!!! Here's one from her first album that didn't get much play but should have. It's new wave goodness through and through...

by More, please!reply 32005/11/2012

Eric Carmen "Make Me Lose Control"

by More, please!reply 32105/11/2012

from other thread

Carmel, More More More

I think madonna ripped off her style. if you watch the TOTP version of the same song.

by More, please!reply 32205/11/2012

a-ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV

by More, please!reply 32305/11/2012

Vicious Pink - Ccccan't You See?

by More, please!reply 32405/11/2012

Creeping into the early 90's... PM Dawn "Paper Doll"

by More, please!reply 32505/11/2012


by More, please!reply 32605/11/2012

There are some seriously shitty songs posted here. This one from Honeymoon Suite is particularly horrible but the video might be the most 80s thing ever.

by More, please!reply 32705/11/2012

wow I love PM Dawn r325.

Oh-Ok, Such and Such

Featuring michael stipe's sister

by More, please!reply 32805/11/2012

Christmas, Stupid Kids

Featuring naked people

by More, please!reply 32905/11/2012

I don't want your love I don't want your money I just want the key to your Ferrari

by More, please!reply 33005/11/2012

R327 honey, go back to listing to your idol, Lady CaCa.

by More, please!reply 33105/11/2012

Pictures of the Homeland by November Group

Seeing this now is sort of creepy. Who'd of known we'd have a huge Homeland Security in the USA.

by More, please!reply 33205/11/2012

Lulu, best known for her No. 1 hit "To Sir With Love", last reached the Top Forty 31 years ago. Her hit "I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)" reached No. 18 in October of 1981.

I had forgotten all about it until I was listening to a Casey Kasem retro countdown today. Stupid video, but I like the song.

by More, please!reply 33309/02/2012

Lulu - If I Were You

by More, please!reply 33409/02/2012

Do we have any Soft Cell?

by More, please!reply 33509/02/2012

I had to check the date on this to make sure it qualified for the topic. Technically the single, All That Glitters Isn't Gold, by The Cover Girls, was released in 1990, but the album it was on (We Can't Go Wrong) was released in 1989, so it's 80s. I love the song and the video and the adoration of male models.

by More, please!reply 33609/02/2012

APB - Summer Love

LOVE APB but no one in the US out of the WLIR listening area LI, NY, CT ever heard of them it seems.

They had a bunch of great songs...

by More, please!reply 33709/02/2012

This one's great too!

Postcards from Paradise Flesh for Lulu

by More, please!reply 33809/02/2012

I know it's a long thread to get through R338, but that one got a shout out at r96. And it is a fun song, so it's not criminal to have it on here twice.

by More, please!reply 33909/02/2012

Bye Bye Mon Cowboy by Mitsou. I like exotic, half-naked cowboys dancing:

by More, please!reply 34009/02/2012

The Au Pairs

by More, please!reply 34109/02/2012

Cheers Then

by More, please!reply 34209/02/2012

Nein, Zärtlich Bist Du Nicht by Dalida

by More, please!reply 34309/02/2012

Lime "Your Love"

by More, please!reply 34409/02/2012


by More, please!reply 34509/03/2012

Stormtrooper in Drag, Gary Numan

by More, please!reply 34609/03/2012

Eight Seconds - "Kiss You When It's Dangerous"

by More, please!reply 34711/15/2012

This week's American Top 40 with Casey Kasem - The Eighties will feature music from November 17, 1984. Listen in if you want to catch these gems:

40. Centipede - Rebbie Jackson

33. Girls With Guns - Tommy Shaw

31. Hello Again - The Cars

30. Holiday - Madonna

27. I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar

25. We Belong - Pat Benatar

24. I'm So Excited - Pointer Sisters

21. On The Dark Side - John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band

19. The Wild Boys - Duran Duran

14. No More Lonely Nights - Paul McCartney

9. All Through The Night - Cyndi Lauper

8. Strut - Sheena Easton

7. Better Be Good To Me - Tina Turner

6. Out of Touch - Hall & Oates

4. I Feel For You - Chaka Khan

Look under "retro shows" at the link to find a radio station that's playing it. You can catch a lot of these stations on I Heart Radio.

by More, please!reply 34811/16/2012

Since American Top 40 with Casey Kasem - the Seventies will feature music from Nov. 17th, 1979, I guess I can post here as well, as these songs were probably still on the charts in 1980. You'll be able to hear:

30. Dreaming - Blondie

29. Do That To Me One More Time - Captain and Tennille

28. Half the Way - Crystal Gayle

26. The Rainbow Connection - Kermit the Frog

23. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes

22. I'll Never Love This Way Again - Dionne Warwick

16. Broken Hearted Me - Anne Murray

15. Come To Me - France Joli

13. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson

11. Good Girls Don't - the Knack

10. Pop Muzik - M

8. Tusk - Fleetwood Mac

6. Rise - Herb Alpert

4. No More Tears - Barbra & Donna

3. Dim All The Lights - Donna Summer

by More, please!reply 34911/16/2012

'Broken Wings' by Mr. Mister

by More, please!reply 35011/16/2012

Lawnchairs are Everywhere by Our Daughter's Wedding!

by More, please!reply 35111/16/2012

"I'm In Love With A German Film Star" - The Passions

by More, please!reply 35211/17/2012

"I'm In Love With A German Film Star" - The Passions

by More, please!reply 35311/17/2012

R350, broken wings was a number one hit for 2 weeks.

by More, please!reply 35411/17/2012

How do you get the video to appear in your post?

by More, please!reply 35511/17/2012

I always enjoyed this one.

Level 42 - Lessons in Love

by More, please!reply 35611/17/2012

Runaway Love- Linda Clifford

by More, please!reply 35711/17/2012

That 80s singer looks like former supermodel Claudia Schiffer trying to sing after having too much champagne at a Native American inspired Fashion show in the mid 90s.

by More, please!reply 35811/17/2012

I loved Half the Way by Miss Crystal Gayle. Here she is singing it on Solid Gold. I always thought SG was a show for lip-synching performances, but Crystal is singing live with live musicians.

I wonder if her hairdo is still five feet long? She must have a really strong neck, that shit would be heavy.

by More, please!reply 35911/18/2012

"The Iceman Comes", Gary Numan

by More, please!reply 36011/18/2012

Jill Jones' "Mia Bocca" of Prince's most compelling side projects featuring the lush,sophisticated string arrangements of the late Clare Fischer.

by More, please!reply 36111/18/2012

I heard this song yesterday, probably for the first time since it was on the charts in 1986: Another Night, by Aretha Franklin.

I liked her other songs from that era (Freeway of Love, Who's Zoomin' Who) but this may actually be my favorite.

by More, please!reply 36202/17/2013

Another song from the 80s that I always thought should have been a bigger hit: Le Bel Age, by Pat Benatar.

by More, please!reply 36302/17/2013

Jane Wiedlin (of the Go Go's) never released "I Will Wait For You" as a single, but I always thought it was a catchy song.

by More, please!reply 36402/17/2013

Everybody's Trying by Poi Dog Pondering 1989. Love it.

by More, please!reply 36511/09/2013

The Glamorous Life by Sheila E.

Burning Down the House by Talking Heads

Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads

Husker Du's songs

Cruel Summer by Bananarama

Good Life by Inner City

by More, please!reply 36611/09/2013

Kundalini Express - Love and Rockets

by More, please!reply 36711/09/2013

Tragically Hip

by More, please!reply 36811/09/2013

Timbuk 3 - Life Is Hard (1986)

by More, please!reply 36911/09/2013

Images of Heaven - Peter Godwin

by More, please!reply 37011/09/2013

The Cure - How Beautiful You Are

by More, please!reply 37111/09/2013

"This is not America" (Instrumental) Pat Methany Group/David Bowie

by More, please!reply 37211/11/2013

Destination - The Church

by More, please!reply 37311/11/2013

I Eat Cannibals by Toto Coelo

Valley Girl by Moon Unit Zappa

I Wanna Be A Lifeguard by Blotto

Body Language by Queen

This Town by The Go-Gos

by More, please!reply 37405/21/2014

Oh dear. You people and your '80s obsession! I was born in 1996 and have no idea about anything from that tacky decade. From what I hear the '80s had the worst movies, music and TV ever. No computers, only slow and ugly cars, ugly clothes and hair, and the worst --- Rethug presidents. The '80s are dead and ain't ever coming back so come into the modern age. LOL.

by More, please!reply 37505/21/2014

r375, every decade has excessive crap. While the 80s were no exception, there seems to be some kind of intense denial that there were any good songs to come out of that decade. It's odd.

I think that's why people post here about a lot of the music that wasn't bad.

I just listened to Songs from the Big Chair; it still holds up, despite some dated sounds.

by More, please!reply 37605/21/2014

Boomtown - David & David

by More, please!reply 37705/21/2014

Rebbie Jackson - Centipede

by More, please!reply 37805/21/2014

Donna Summer - Love is Control (Finger on the Trigger)

by More, please!reply 37905/21/2014

Olivia Newton-John - Soul Kiss

Alison Moyet - Invisible

Nu Shooz - Point of No Return

Wendy & Lisa - Waterfalls

by More, please!reply 38005/21/2014

Never understood why this wasn't a bigger hit

by More, please!reply 38105/21/2014

R 375, I feel sorry for you. Music died the year before you born. Movies and television followed shortly thereafter. Give me an 80s song over your modern age Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber any day.

by More, please!reply 38205/21/2014

The House Of Love - I Don't Know Why I Love You (1989)

by More, please!reply 38305/21/2014

Air Supply- Making Love Out of Nothing At All

by More, please!reply 38405/22/2014

I think the '80s has awesome music: AC/DC, Madonna, Duran Duran, Metallica, Judas Priest, Cyndi Lauper, Iron Maiden, Queen, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Depeche Mode, Scorpions, Dio, Def Leppard, The B-52's, Devo, Rick Springfield, Journey, INXS, Guns N' Roses, Prince, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Queensryche, Kiss, Slayer, Anthrax, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, The Police, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Loverboy, Accept, Krokus, Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Dokken, The Bangles, Savatage, New Order, Erasure, Bryan Adams, Motorhead, Whitney Houston, Wham!, Z.Z. Top, Real Life, The Go-Go's... the list goes on and on. Love it!

by More, please!reply 38505/22/2014

After 7- Can't Stop

by More, please!reply 38605/22/2014

"The Fall" by Electric Light Orchestra, from the "Xanadu" Soundtrack. I loved that soundtrack album in the late summer/early fall of 1980. I hated the movie, but the music was terrific. I was 18 and had just moved to L.A. from Austin, TX. in Nov. of 1978 and I was living it up and having the time of my life for a couple of phenomenal years. "The Fall" was my favorite song on the album and I have such great memories of it.

Many of the songs on the album were hits (Magic, Xanadu, I'm Alive, Suddenly, All Over The World) but "The Fall" really resonated with me and reminds me of those fun-filled, magical days of 1980 (the best year of my life).

By 1982, I had lost most of my friends to the plague and had retreated back to Texas as a much sadder person. Ignorance was bliss in '80, as we had no idea the monster was lurking out there.

I dedicate "The Fall" to Chris, Danny, Rene, Steven, Paul, Andrew and Mark. We had so much fun on the beaches, soaking up the rays, slamming cold beers and jamming our tunes (the "Xanadu" Soundtrack, "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, "The Game" by Queen, "Back in Black" by Ac/Dc, "Crimes of Passion" by Pat Benatar - God, those were fun times. "The Fall" was the special tune though).

by More, please!reply 38705/22/2014

"The Promise", When In Rome

"Always on My Mind" & "Jealousy", Pet Shop Boys

More later..let me think on it!

by More, please!reply 38805/22/2014

Tonight It's You - Cheap Trick

Do The Dark - Blondie

Hold On Tight - E.L.O.

Twilight - E.L.O.

The One Thing - INXS

Don't Change - INXS

Red Skies - The Fixx

Why Me? - Planet P

by More, please!reply 38905/22/2014

"Ilia's Theme/Main Theme" by Jerry Goldsmith from Star Trek-The Motion Picture.

The movie and soundtrack were actually released in late-1979 (December 7, to be exact), but I played the sound-track album constantly throughout 1980. The Main Theme got tons of play from '87 on as the theme to Star Trek-The Next Generation TV series, but I'll always remember it from The Motion Picture.

ST:TMP had one of the best orchestral sound-tracks ever.

by More, please!reply 39005/22/2014

R 390: That film was great and had a fantastic score. The next one "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" from '82 (my fave Star Trek film) had a fabulous soundtrack, as well.


by More, please!reply 39105/22/2014

Runaway Train - Rosanne Cash

by More, please!reply 39205/22/2014

"Tears Are Falling" by Kiss

by More, please!reply 39305/22/2014

Not exactly an unknown song but I've been listening to Alphaville's Big in Japan a lot this past week and I just have to share it.

You enjoy the song much more without seeing the visuals. All the video versions of the song I've seen are pretty horrible.

by More, please!reply 39405/22/2014

Miss Me Blind - Culture Club

Heartbreaker - Dionne Warwick

Heading Out To The Highway - Judas Priest

She's So Cold - The Rolling Stones

Break It Up - Foreigner

Desire - Andy Gibb

He's A Liar - Bee Gees

Guns For Hire - AC/DC

Just Between You And Me - April Wine

Flamethrower - J. Geils Band

A View To A Kill - Duran Duran

Private Dancer - Tina Turner

by More, please!reply 39505/22/2014

Two tracks from my all time favorite band, Blue Oyster Cult:

"Joan Crawford" from 1981

"Shooting Shark" from 1983/84

by More, please!reply 39605/22/2014

Blood & Roses - Smithereens

Antmusic - Adam & The Ants

Die Hard The Hunter - Def Leppard

Fire & Ice - Pat Benatar

Destroyer - The Kinks

by More, please!reply 39705/22/2014

'More Love' by Kim Carnes

'Menergy/Megatron Man' by Patrick Cowley

'Do Ya Wanna Funk?' by Sylvester & Patrick Cowley

'Cruising The Streets' by Boystown Gang

'Heart Attack' by Livvy Newton-John

'Rush Rush (For The Yeyo)' by Debbie Harry

'Strut' by Sheena Easton

by More, please!reply 39805/22/2014

Let's All Go To the Mall!

by More, please!reply 39905/22/2014

Mariah Carey has recorded a version of this forgotten tunr on her new album

by More, please!reply 40005/22/2014

"Let's Get It Up" by AC/DC. My local rock stations play tons of AC/DC, but never that one. It was a constant on both rock and pop radio back in late-1981 and early-1982. Now, I never hear it. It's one of my favorite AC/DC tracks.

"Rock 'n' Roll Party In The Streets" by Axe was another great rock party tune in 1982 (at the same time as Aldo Nova's kick ass "Fantasy"). Another cool one from that time period was "Rage In The Cage" by J. Geils Band. "A World Without Heroes" by Kiss was another late '81/early '82 favorite.

Gosh, this '80s thread is getting me in a mood to pull out some of my old vinyl L.P.'s. LOL. My partner is just gonna have to put his earplugs in when he gets home. I'm gonna be rockin'...

by More, please!reply 40105/22/2014


BRONSKI BEAT "Smalltown Boy"

GOLDEN EARRING "Twilight Zone"

PETER FRAMPTON "Breaking All The Rules" (a really great song from his early '80s, post-heyday years)

E.L.O. "Rock And Roll Is King" (seeing the above posts about them reminded me how much I love their early '80s work)

by More, please!reply 40205/22/2014

Making Love - Roberta Flack

by More, please!reply 40305/22/2014

All the hits by A Flock of Seagulls.

I Ran (So Far Away)

Space-Age Love Song

Wishing (If I Had A Photograph of You)

by More, please!reply 40405/22/2014

Not Now John by Pink Floyd

Since You're Gone by The Cars

Mean Street by Van Halen

Love Is Alright Tonight by Rick Springfield

Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier

Hot In The City by Billy Idol

Dragon Attack by Queen

I Will Follow by U2

by More, please!reply 40505/22/2014

"The Night Owls" - Little River Band

by More, please!reply 40605/22/2014

be my baby by the ronettes

by More, please!reply 40705/22/2014


by More, please!reply 40805/22/2014

The Different Story - Peter Schilling

Baila Bolero - Fun Fun

99 Luftballons - Nena (German version)

One in a Million Men - Pet Shop Boys

I Know There's Something Going On - Frida (from ABBA)...may have been very late 70s

Salisbury Hill - Peter Gabriel

Another Nail in My Heart - Squeeze

Blue Savannah Song - Erasure might be early 90s

Cruel To Be Kind - Nick Lowe

Ca Plane pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand

Atomic - Blondie

Tarzan Boy - Baltimora

Bad Reputation - Joan Jett

Someday Soon - Suzy Boggus

Bad Goodbye - Clint Black

Tonight - Ken Laszlo

by More, please!reply 40905/22/2014

Send My Heart - The Adventures

The Dance & Unanswered Prayers - Garth Brooks

by More, please!reply 41005/22/2014

God Damn, R24.

I had been looking for this song Forever!!

I was thinking I had completely made it up.


by More, please!reply 41105/22/2014

Ciccone Youth [Sonic Youth]: "Get Into the Groove" from The Whitey Album (1988)

by More, please!reply 41205/22/2014

Cars 1980 Touch and Go.

by More, please!reply 41305/25/2014

[quote]GOLDEN EARRING "Twilight Zone"

I agree. Such a great, atmospheric pop/rock track.

by More, please!reply 41405/25/2014

Shiny, Shiny by Hayzi Fantayzee.

John Wayne is Big Legey by Hayzi Fantayzee

by More, please!reply 41507/15/2014

This Town by The Go-Go's

Twilight by Electric Light Orchestra

The Fall by Electric Light Orchestra

He's A Liar by Bee Gees

Joan Crawford by Blue Oyster Cult

Flamethrower by J. Geils Band

Rock Myself To Sleep by April Wine

by More, please!reply 41607/15/2014

The Godfathers - Birth, School, Work, Death

by More, please!reply 41707/15/2014

"I Can't Wait" by Nu Shooz

"I Don't Like Monday's" by The Boomtown Rats

"Breaking Us In Two" by Joe Jackson

by More, please!reply 41807/15/2014

This is good. Forgot all about this song.

by More, please!reply 41909/09/2014

The Blasters - Fool's Paradise '83

by More, please!reply 42009/13/2014

X - True Love Pt. 2 [Very Nice]

by More, please!reply 42109/13/2014

"Does it Make You Remember" KIM CARNES

by More, please!reply 42209/14/2014

"The Matador" from DRIFTER by Sylvia. Loretta Lynn's baby sister stole Sylvia's starness.

by More, please!reply 42309/14/2014

Animal by Def Leppard

by More, please!reply 42409/14/2014

Brian Setzer, The Knife Feels Like Justice

by More, please!reply 42509/15/2014

One Great Thing, Big Country

by More, please!reply 42609/17/2014

"Soul City" - The Partland Brothers

by More, please!reply 42709/17/2014
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