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Kevin McHale Is Into "Exotic Women"

I honestly didn't think he was gay up until this interview.

@ 7:35

by "Forget You"reply 4410/12/2012

All those guys flame to me.

by "Forget You"reply 108/17/2011

maybe jeremy whatever was right, and the minerals in bottled water cause bisexuality...

by "Forget You"reply 208/17/2011

Perez Hilton is one of the most irritating people I've ever seen on t.v. He can lose weight, try being nice now on his website, etc., but he doesn't belong on camera. He's gross as hell.

by "Forget You"reply 308/17/2011

Shows you I have no idea about "Glee" because I thought you were talking about the former Celtic.

by "Forget You"reply 408/17/2011

Kevin and his boys in Brazil.

by "Forget You"reply 501/02/2012

Does "exotic" mean "has a penis"?

Unless someone reliable says otherwise, McHale is gay. The real question is why Perez Hilton sets him up with a question that de facto closets him?

by "Forget You"reply 601/02/2012

"maybe jeremy whatever was right, and the minerals in bottled water cause bisexuality..."

What bisexuality? He's just straight-up gay

by "Forget You"reply 701/02/2012

Kevin said "exotic".....the repulsive, ugly freak that is Perez said "women."

by "Forget You"reply 801/02/2012

I read somewhere that he was dating the star of R.J Berger or whatever that MTV show is called.

by "Forget You"reply 901/02/2012

That young man is gay. Period. End of sentence.

by "Forget You"reply 1001/02/2012

Larry Bird is into hillbilly women.

by "Forget You"reply 1101/02/2012

So he likes Filipino go-go boys? Or Mai Tai Trannies?

by "Forget You"reply 1201/02/2012

Like, duh. Closeted gay Americans only date girls from other countries and continents so they can focus on their job, because, you know, they are sooooooo damn busy to date. And in Kevin's case the busy thing may be not so far off (those Glee kids have probably no free time at all).

by "Forget You"reply 1301/02/2012

I think he might be a little bit homosexual.

by "Forget You"reply 1401/03/2012

Me too, R4! Too funny.

by "Forget You"reply 1501/03/2012

I have no clue who this person is but I will conclude that, yes indeed, he is probably gay by that "exotic women" phrase. Didn't Vin Diesel say something similar and most men dating Asian girls ping to high hell.

by "Forget You"reply 1601/03/2012

Forget him - let him go date in Europe. I want to know about Mark Salling. Now HE'S delicious!

by "Forget You"reply 1701/03/2012

Me too, R15. Kevin McCale had giant big dick face. In his Cheers re-run, he was sporting bulge. Is he still coaching?

by "Forget You"reply 1801/03/2012

None of the men act gay, it's wishful thinking.

by "Forget You"reply 1901/03/2012

Interesting that Perez didn't interview Naya or Dianna. I wonder why?

by "Forget You"reply 2001/03/2012

Kevin said he's into "exotic." Perez added the "women."

by "Forget You"reply 2101/03/2012

R21, meet R8

by "Forget You"reply 2201/03/2012

Perez Hilton has a face made for radio....

by "Forget You"reply 2301/03/2012

Perez has a face made for Easter Island.

by "Forget You"reply 2401/03/2012

I wonder what types of guys Kevin is into? I think he's into black guys from what I've heard

by "Forget You"reply 2501/03/2012

Is exotic a euphemism for ugly?

Is eating a tarantula exotic cuisine?

by "Forget You"reply 2601/03/2012

R4, that is the only reason I clicked on this thread. I started watching the video, wondering, "why is Kevin McHale at this red carpet event??"

by "Forget You"reply 2701/03/2012

Could Kevin be dating costar Grant Gustin?

by "Forget You"reply 2802/29/2012

Eww, why did Mark Salling let Perez kiss him in that video?

by "Forget You"reply 2902/29/2012

[quote]I have no clue who this person is but I will conclude that, yes indeed, he is probably gay by that "exotic women" phrase.

Why do you think that? I ask because it's something of a trend I've been noticing myself.

by "Forget You"reply 3002/29/2012

Kevin McHale and Grant Gustin are totally playing up this bromance thing that makes the fangirls go wild.

Kevin is actually gay, Grant Gustin isn't from everything I've heard. Obviously were they actually in a real relationship they would have not be displaying it all over twitter. It's a way to get the Glee fangirls talking about them.

by "Forget You"reply 3102/29/2012

Kevin has great taste.

by "Forget You"reply 3204/15/2012

Me too! I only like women who live across a major ocean.

by "Forget You"reply 3304/15/2012

Oooh, when you said Kevin McHale, I thought you meant this guy.

by "Forget You"reply 3404/15/2012

Somebody who knows him told me that his very bisexual

by "Forget You"reply 3504/15/2012

[quote]Perez Hilton has a face made for radio....

And that's putting it nicely...

by "Forget You"reply 3604/15/2012

Grant Gustin seems more gay than McHake does and McHale seems pretty gay.

by "Forget You"reply 3704/15/2012

Wait so is the dude gay or not ????????????

by "Forget You"reply 3810/11/2012

He is actually bisexual. i know a couple of guys and girls that have messed with him

by "Forget You"reply 3910/12/2012

Can he do anything below the waist?

by "Forget You"reply 4010/12/2012

I've always found it totally odd that the Artie character is the de-facto "thug/hip hop" guy in all the songs on Glee when he is the most geeky, white bread WASP I've ever seen.

And there are no black men on Glee.

by "Forget You"reply 4110/12/2012

I'm another one who thought it was Kevin McHale the basketball player. I don't know any of those "glee" people except Lea Michele because of her obnoxious posing on red carpets.

by "Forget You"reply 4210/12/2012

So is "exotic women" code for gay?

by "Forget You"reply 4310/12/2012

It's often code for 'bi', R43. Seriously.

by "Forget You"reply 4410/12/2012
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