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Stuffing your jeans

I saw a friend of a friend getting dressed to go out, and he put on a fake padded ass under his jeans. Another friend told me he sometimes stuffs a sock in the front of his jeans before he goes to a club. How does this work out if you end up going home with a guy? I can only imagine, but I bet someone on DL knows.

by Clueless lesbianreply 3802/26/2013

I worked with a guy (he was our manager) who seemingly had the biggest dick in the world. It was gianormous. One day someone noticed a sock dragging from his pants leg. He said it was left from the dryer. We also noticed that he had no buldge. It returned after lunch. We called him "three socks" after that

by Clueless lesbianreply 108/16/2011

It goes a little something like this

by Clueless lesbianreply 208/16/2011

Hilarious, r1.

by Clueless lesbianreply 308/17/2011

Is a sock the best these guys can come up with to make their dicks bigger?

by Clueless lesbianreply 408/17/2011

I've never know somebody to stuff a sock in his underwear before going to a club. %0D %0D Popping a Viagra? Sure.

by Clueless lesbianreply 508/17/2011

I cruised a guy I thought had a huge cock in this shorts. Turns out it was a dildo. It was actually kind of hot, but it would've been hotter if he let me know it was a dildo before he pulled it out!

by Clueless lesbianreply 608/17/2011

I also picked up a guy who seemed to have an awesome bubble butt, turns out he had folded handkerchieves in the back of his pockets! That was more of a let down than the guy with the dildo in his shorts, because I'm an ass man.

by Clueless lesbianreply 708/17/2011

It's no different from women who wear a padded bra.

by Clueless lesbianreply 808/17/2011

Exactly R8, at first I thought it was ridiculous but then I thought about how women have been doing likewise for years.

Still wouldn't do it myself, but whatever.

by Clueless lesbianreply 908/17/2011

R8, I am not very invested in boob size, but I imagine a padded bra would still be less of an issue than having a huge bulge and presenting tinymeat and an extra sock.

by Clueless lesbianreply 1008/17/2011

I'd do it just to be a bit surreal and a few shits and giggles.

by Clueless lesbianreply 1108/17/2011

A cockring is much better than a sock (never known a single guy who stuffed a sock).

by Clueless lesbianreply 1208/17/2011

I've certainly stuffed arse, but never a sock.

by Clueless lesbianreply 1308/17/2011

Guys can get a soft leather cock ring with snaps. Wear that with jeans and it moves your junk forward. You put it around your cock and balls and the row of snaps lets you adjust it to size so it isn't too tight. Then, if someone should feel your bulge, it's really you and not a pair of socks. No matter what size you are, it can help to put yourself out there for others to admire.

by Clueless lesbianreply 1408/17/2011

Why are people resorting to stupid shit like this? Why not just be happy with what nature gave you? It's not like you can to anything about it anyway.

by Clueless lesbianreply 1508/17/2011

Plus the tightness will give your cock some tumescence, so, not only is your junk "out there", it's also a little hard.

by Clueless lesbianreply 1608/17/2011

With the right guy you can go far beyond what nature gave you. I'd post a Url, but my sex life is private.

by Clueless lesbianreply 1708/17/2011

It's just an animal instinct. Birds puff themselves out to be attractive to potential mates, why not humans?

by Clueless lesbianreply 1808/17/2011

Ooops, I clicked the wrong link and made myself a troll. A thick, hard troll ;op

by Clueless lesbianreply 1908/17/2011

whenever I use viagra, I get extremely congested and my nose turns red. kind of a turn off!

by Clueless lesbianreply 2008/17/2011

[quote]It's just an animal instinct. Birds puff themselves out to be attractive to potential mates, why not humans?%0D %0D Because you're going to look damn stupid once the guy you take home realizes it was fake.%0D %0D And if a guy just wants you for your fake big dick, do you really want a guy like that?%0D %0D

by Clueless lesbianreply 2108/17/2011

With my luck, my eyes would lock with those of a handsome stranger across a crowded bar. He'd smile, I'd blush and turn away. But then turn back to meet his gaze.

He'd saunter over, and offer to buy me a drink. What are you having, he'd ask. Everclear, no ice. We'd chat, flirt, and he'd ask me back to his place for a nightcap.

This is well before closing time, so the lights are low. I notice his tremendous bulge and his magnificant ass.

We get to his place. I have a vodka tonic with a roofie chaser. We gently kiss, and the passion builds. We start to go at it hammer and tongs. We begin to undress each other roughly, savagely.

It is this point (the roofie has yet to kick in) that I begin to realize he is wearing a rug. AS he seductively begins to peel off his jeans to his Calvins, I see a white tube sock peaking out from the crotch. OK, this is not the roofie talking to me.

When the jeans come off, I see that he has a peg leg. Pehaps he is a prirate. This could be the roofie speaking to me. I frantically scan the room for parrots because I am terrified of birds.

He shimmies out of the Calvins losing the tube sock, and revealing what I suppose is a dick. It is hard to tell. As for the magnificent ass, it is definitely store bought because as the padding falls on the floor I see that it still has the "Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law" tags on.

I am horrified, mortified and embarrassed.

But I still do him.

by Clueless lesbianreply 2208/17/2011


does it mean it glows in the dark?

by Clueless lesbianreply 2308/17/2011

Why stuff your jeans when you can stuff your mouth.

by Clueless lesbianreply 2408/17/2011

I didn't say it was smart. Just instinctual.

by Clueless lesbianreply 2508/17/2011

R22 reminded me of the time when J interrupted our lovemaking to answer the phone and took off an earring. It was a clip-on and I still sucked his dick while he talked to his mom.

by Clueless lesbianreply 2608/17/2011

"Peaking," R22?

I believe you wanted to write "peeking."

by Clueless lesbianreply 2708/17/2011

I think I'd be pissed if I took home a guy and he proved to have padding. Truth in advertising!

Which reminds me - I saw this guy walking along today with his little button dick just as clearly outlined as could be. I loved that he didn't care and was showing it off. I thought it was hot.

by Clueless lesbianreply 2808/17/2011

Years ago, I spent a summer with a travelling carnival.

Sometimes the show boss would be in a good mood and would borrow one of the potatoes from the cook shack and stuff it in the front of his jeans.

When he was in a REALLY good mood, he'd stuff it down the back. ;)

by Clueless lesbianreply 2908/17/2011

"but what about my bumps? why doesn't anybody mention my bumps?"

by Clueless lesbianreply 3008/17/2011

R8 um. It's VERY different. Breasts are part of a woman's overall figure. Everybody looks at a woman's figure and judges it, whether you're sexually attracted to women or not. And even lesbians do not notice when you take your clothes off, unless the padding is truly ridiculous, but outlets like Victoria's Secret give different amounts of padding for each size so it looks natural.%0D %0D A guy's BULGE is not a parallel.

by Clueless lesbianreply 3108/18/2011

r22? r2 did it better.

by Clueless lesbianreply 3208/18/2011

Your analogy is stupid. I could say the same, even straight guys notices when a guy has a big dick. It is also something that is judged about a guy and if women want to accentuate parts of their figure artificially then I don't see why a guy couldn't do the same if he wanted to.

by Clueless lesbianreply 3308/18/2011

I stuff my jeans everytime I see my guy, but it's not fake stuffing. I stuff him when we're in private.

by Clueless lesbianreply 3408/19/2011

R33 is totally correct when he says that even str8 guys notice other guys' cocks.

Scroll down to the picture of George Brett for proof:

by Clueless lesbianreply 3508/19/2011

r35, you beat me to it! I was thinking of that exact study. Straight guys look at crotches just as much as gay guys do. It's instinctual, I think.

by Clueless lesbianreply 3608/19/2011

Rancid Old Kunst: Pics or it didn't happen.

by Clueless lesbianreply 3708/20/2011

i have a really tiny dick that makes no buldge,even highschool i started ton stuff my jock,shorts, gave me a lot more confidence.all at once a lot of jocks became my friends. they would joke about what a stud i was.of course i could never let them sss me undressed. as time wentby i made my buldge even stuck wayout in front of me.i felt like a millionbucks,arealman.

by Clueless lesbianreply 3802/26/2013
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