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Who the hell put Anne Baxter in Lead Actress for Sunset Blvd?

Would she have won in Supporting? Would Davis have won in lead without her? Who should have been the 5th lead actress nominee?

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 4006/26/2017

oops!!!for All About EVE I mean!!!!

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 108/16/2011

Supposedly Anne insisted, but really, Eve is just as much a lead as Margo is.

I'm surprised she and Bette stayed such good friends, when Bette firmly believed she would have won if she and Anne hadn't "split the votes."

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 208/16/2011

Oh please, Bette! NO ONE voted for Anne.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 308/16/2011

What R3 said.%0D %0D The more likely story is that people had had enough of the Queen Bee of Warners.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 408/16/2011

Suck it, bitches.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 508/16/2011

OP, have you read the book "All About 'All About Eve' by Sam Staggs? I think you'd enjoy it. Dishy fun. Covers the movie and the Bacall musical.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 608/16/2011

thanks r6!

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 708/16/2011

OP, Sam Staggs other books about Sunset Blvd (Close Up on Sunset Blvd.), A Streetcar Named Desire (When Brando Met Blanche) and Imitation of Life (Born to be Hurt) are also great fun. Just finished the Desire book. When you read them, you immediately want to watch the movies again. So much detail in his books about the actors, production, problems on and off set and critical reception. The issues Warner Bros and director Elia Kazan confronted with the censorship boards and Legion of Decency over Streetcar edits could make up an entire book.%0D

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 808/17/2011

The vote was not split with Baxter, it was split with Gloria Swanson. What happened in 1950 was the same thing that happened in Best Actor 1989. Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman were the odds-on favorites, splitting the votes which would normally go to only one favorite allowing Daniel Day Lewis to sneak in for the win. Same with Marissa Tomei against the cream of the crop of the British Empire in 1992.

And to those who say Baxter shouldn't have been up for supporting actress, every time Margo Channing WASN'T in a scene, the viewer is wondering where's Margo, when will she come back? That last ten minutes of the film WITHOUT Margo is interminable.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 908/17/2011

Judy Holliday was No. 1.%0D %0D Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson were batting for No. 2.%0D %0D Eleanor Parker was No. 4.%0D %0D Anne Baxter was the fifth spot. On the list. Not so much for the votes.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1008/17/2011

If I were Anne Baxter, I would have had my pussy placed in Supporting an walked away with a second Oscar in under five years. Suck on that, Josephine Hull.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1108/17/2011

that was a most confusing headline.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1208/17/2011

I'm not sure I get the mathematics.%0D %0D If say, there were 1000 votes and Bette and Gloria were supposedly each odds-on favorites then they each got, say 300 votes. %0D %0D But Eleanor got say, 50 votes and Anne just voted for herself, leaving Judy with 349. %0D %0D So how does that not make Judy the odds-on favorite?

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1308/17/2011

But isn't "All About Eve" really another variation on Mankiewicz's previous hit "A Letter to 3 Wives" as I am sure if you timed them that Margo, Eve and Karen (Celeste) are all parts of about equal size. Margo dominates the first half but is side-lined as the film goes on and Eve and Karen and Addison take centre stage - which is why we see no more of Birdie once the action moves away from Margo's duplex. %0D %0D Baxter was cast because of her resemblence to Claudette Colbert who was meant to be Margo. (no, I cant imagine it either). Davis and Baxter both being nominated as best actress must have split their votes. %0D %0D For me the great performance of 1950 is Swanson as Norma Desmond - a full length role that dominates the film.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1408/17/2011

Norma Desmond? She used to be in pictures... she used to be big....

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1508/17/2011

Wow. Debating Oscar votes from over half a century ago. Stimulating. This certainly defines the "pointless" in the DL tagline.

If any thread needed "caftans! earrings!" this is it.

I'll be over there, patiently awaiting all the "fuck off!" replies...

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1608/17/2011

I've never Judy Holliday in whatever she won for.

But I loved Davis' performance in Eve.

It doesn't have to have won her the Oscar for me to love it the most.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1708/17/2011

Is the movie called "All About Margot"? I think not.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1808/17/2011

For a moment the OP had me convince Baxter was the dead monkey.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 1908/18/2011

Jeanne Crain (a Fox contract player and Mankiewicz favorite) was originally cast as Eve but left in pre-production when she became pregnant and she looked nothing like Claudette Colbert or Bette Davis for that matter.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2008/18/2011

Anne Baxter's performance as Eve in ALL ABOUT EVE is embarrassing. Anyone could see from the outset that she was a scheming phony. Maybe she was directed to act that way by Mankiewicz, but she was a very overrated actress anyway, and frequently a ham. Her cloying, affected delivery and over-enunciated line readings were pretty much the way she approached every part for the rest of her life.

But I think she was still at the end of her Fox contract, and as a contract player. promoting her was good publicity for the movie, and ultimately a plus for the studio, whether she won or not.

Davis and Swanson were the past, not the future, and neither were tied to any particular studio by contract, so no studio had a stake in either winning. Judy Holliday, on the other hand, had a big commercial hit with BORN YESTERDAY, and had signed a Columbia contract. She was the future (not really, but so it looked in early '51).

And Hollywood is always about the future, which is why predicting Natalie Portman's win over Annette Bening at the Oscars last year was a no-brainer.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2108/18/2011

I saw both Bacall and replacement Anne Baxter in APPLAUSE in New York. I had not had the opportunity to see ALL ABOUT EVE before seeing the musical. Back then, no TCM, no home video and no revival movie houses where I lived. Looking back, it would have been fun to see Baxter's take on Margo after seeing her on screen as Eve.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2208/18/2011

Anne was one hammy actress, and was terrible in almost everything. Her early performances were good("King's Row"), but her mannered overplaying got worse with each passing year.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2308/18/2011

I loved Baxter as Marsha, Queen of Diamonds on "Batman". At the cliffhanger, when she sat and knitted while Aunt Harriet hung, blindfolded and bound over a pit of boiling oil? Creepy. And Sadistic.

Her second appearance, with Vincent Price as Egghead, not as good.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2408/18/2011

Excellent post, R21. %0D %0D You can pretty much downgrade the idea of the Best Actress oscar for anyone over 50. I'd guess that it's been won by someone over that age about 4-5 times since 1960: K. Hepburn, Mirren, Tandy, Geraldine Page...anyone else?

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2508/18/2011

Baxter wasn't in KING'S ROW, r23. She was in THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, where she is not bad at all. And she won the Supporting Oscar in '46 for THE RAZOR'S EDGE. That is also not a terrible performance, but it is self-conscious, and the part of Sophie was so foolproof just about any actress in the part would have at least scored a nomination.

Zanuck wanted Judy Garland, and she would have been brilliant, though there is no way on earth she could have done it.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2608/19/2011

Wasn't Judy coherent in 1945/46?

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2708/19/2011

She could be a hottie

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2803/02/2013


by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 2902/19/2014

I love Anne Baxter in SUNSET BLVD..

I was really rooting for her to make her ...return.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3002/19/2014

Baxter's Eve reminded me too much of Eleanor Parker's Baroness in voice and demeanor. Of course, I watched THE SOUND OF MUSIC first and many times as a kid, and when I finally watched ALL ABOUT EVE as an adult, I couldn't help but think of Parker.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3102/19/2014

[quote]Anne was one hammy actress, and was terrible in almost everything

Baxter as the Mexican roadside café owner in Walk on the Wide Side is hilarious. What were they thinking?

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3202/19/2014

THe Sam Staggs book on Eve was the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. By the time you're finished he has tried to convince you that "Eve" has influenced just about every movie made before or since. A graduate thesis spread out over a million pages.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3302/19/2014

Anne was quite memorable as the dead monkey, but it really was a supporting role.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3402/19/2014

They were probably thinking Dietrich in Touch of Evil, R32. At least, that's what I've always assumed, given the timing and tone of the performance.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3502/19/2014

R25, add Streep to your list of over 50s since 1960 and make sure to count Hepburn three times. An argument could be made for MacLaine and Sarandon being nearly there (49), but I won't make it.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3602/19/2014

As Bette as Anne deserverd indications in lead category

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3707/31/2016

I think I've read that among Bettes best friends were Olivia de Havilland, Mary Astor, and Anne Baxter. I think that year Swanson should have won. And her film for Best Film.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3806/26/2017

r25 and r36 can also add Julianne Moore to that list!

Anyway, I love Baxter in Eve, but I would have obviously voted for Davis. I think Eleanor Parker is really underrated in Caged, though I think it's because no one has seen it (I was lucky enough to catch it on TCM during the middle of the day about a year ago). As for The Razor's Edge, yuck! Terrible movie, and Baxter didn't deserve her Oscar.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 3906/26/2017

"Same with Marissa Tomei against the cream of the crop of the British Empire in 1992."

Utter sophistry. Marissa Tomei can't do with the "cream of the crop of the British Empire" can do, but not one of those Brits could come close to the performance Marissa Tomei gave in "My Cousin Vinny." The only one of the British nominees doing their best work that year was Miranda Richardson, but her role was basically just one unforgettable scene.

It's all just one large press event, but given the rules, Tomei deservingly won that Oscar.

by Eleanor Parker, Cagedreply 4006/26/2017
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