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Keram Malicki-Sanchez knows...

Keram knows that Henry Cavill's biggest problem isn't those photos with a Z-list actor that his flack is trying to cover up, but rather the existence of his now-former relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. Why do you think production on "Man of Steel" has been so endlessly delayed? The studio got wind of the fact that Star Magazine has still photographs of Henry and Jake in a compromising position -- well, more like a dozen of them -- taken from a CCTV camera during their fling in London, and spent the better part of a year squelching them before proceeding with filming ... if only to avoid the embarrassment of having to fire him and recast the role, since naturally the notion of Superman being played by an out(ed) homosexual is "unacceptable" to them. Again, why do you think Matt Bomer, once a leading candidate for a Superman part, was dropped?

Keram knows that Liam Neeson and his horsehung cock have, regrettably, returned to the world of heterosexual sex, but that Liam has no regrets about his widower interlude into homosexualist relations.

Keram knows that Matthew Morrison celebrated Gwyneth Paltrow's "halliday" on "Glee" by fucking her senseless in his dressing room -- much to the amusement of his castmates, given the volume. Keram does not know why Gwyneth remains married to Chris Martin, given that it's an open secret in Hollywood that their relationship ended two years ago, and she's since become the biggest co-star slut since Nicole Kidman's heyday, albeit minus the lesbian behavior. She was dropped from the upcoming "Avengers" movie, by the way, after foolishly putting the moves on happily married director Joss Whedon.

Keram knows that Gwynnie's former-BFF Madonna is going the Michael Jackson route in her attempts to stop the aging process, and recently spent two weeks and $80,000 at a Switzerland clinic undergoing an endless array of "serum treatments." They didn't take.

Keram knows that Ryan Reynolds has fallen into a disturbing depression following the failure of both his marriage to Scarlett Johansson as well as both of his latest leading-role films, and is starting to act out through alcohol overuse. Keram knows that his handlers are flailing left and right to keep this news out of the press.

Speaking of substance abuse, Keram knows that Amy Winehouse OD'd on heroin, but her "people" are actively working with paid moles inside London's Metropolitan Police to make her autopsy show that the cause of death was something akin to accidental alcohol poisoning, all in the interests of protecting her perceived legend. Keram also knows that this tactic may not work, given the dramatically heightened scrutiny on the police thanks to the News of the World scandal.

Keram knows that Tammy Cruise had a situation on her hands ... no, make that both a literal and figurative Situation, after trying to hit on the aforementioned MTV star during a recent sojourn in New York. Keram knows that The Situation wanted to beat The Living Shit out of Tammy for assuming he was gay, but knew that doing so would be career suicide and thus politely rebuffed her advances.

Keram knows that Marc Cherry hadn't planned to end "Desperate Housewives" after this season, but that ABC announced a preemptive ending (actually a cancellation) out of worry that Nicollette Sheridan's harassment lawsuit not only has merit, but that it's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as far as Cherry's "odd" treatment of women on set goes. Keram knows how awfully strange it is for a gay man in charge of a show about housewives to be such a virulent misogynist, but also knows how clearly anti-feminist and anti-female the show is if you look back at its characters and plots in-depth.

Speaking of fucked-up Republicans, Keram knows that Arnold Schwarzenegger has A LOT more illegitimate kids than just the one with his maid...

by Keramreply 27007/19/2013

Thank you Keram. Kinda bummed that Liam is hetero again.. Any news on Bradley?%0D %0D Thanks again!

by Keramreply 208/11/2011

There is no way in hell Matt Bomer was ever in the running for Superman. The only people who know who he is are AfterElton posters and their moms.

by Keramreply 408/11/2011

Welcome back! You make DL worth it!

by Keramreply 508/11/2011

R4, Bomer's background was comparable to Brandon Routh's at the time he was cast - mainly soaps and mainly known only to 'frauen. The fact that he was up for the role certainly wasn't limited to the sphere of AfterElton and gay gossip Web sites; see link.

by Keramreply 608/11/2011

r4 Where have you been? He even did an in-character commercial for Toyota in Japan as Superman, tights and everything.

by Keramreply 708/11/2011

The Situation is a toolbag and an egomaniac, but he's not a 'phobe. (His oldest brother is gay, BTW.)

by Keramreply 808/11/2011

Thanks Keram

by Keramreply 908/11/2011

r6, that's interesting. I have to admit I didn't even think about Brandon Routh

by Keramreply 1008/11/2011

(although I think it's slightly less likely that Zack Snyder is in the habit of fucking his nobody leading men. Even if he did direct 300.)

by Keramreply 1108/11/2011

Thank you!!!!! More please Keram. Are Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig marriage for real? Who is Jake seeing now? And what was going on with Luke Evans?

by Keramreply 1208/11/2011

I am almost weeping tears of joy, it's so good to have you back with some real gossip!

by Keramreply 1308/11/2011

If this, "She was dropped from the upcoming "Avengers" movie, by the way, after foolishly putting the moves on happily married director Joss Whedon." is true, I'm bummed.

I really like Paltrow's performance as Pepper Potts.

by Keramreply 1408/11/2011

Welcome back KMS!

by Keramreply 1508/11/2011

Not KMS here, but Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig really did get married and are living near me in New York's Hudson Valley. I saw him at a local convenience store. He is really handsome, and has a beautiful ass! Two perfect handfuls.

by Keramreply 1608/11/2011

Praise Jebus!

by Keramreply 1708/11/2011

Please KEram do you know if this guy is right about Ellen Page?

by Keramreply 1808/11/2011

Pure BS. For starters, everyone knows Morrison is gay

by Keramreply 1908/11/2011

There is nothing here which is why we waited so long to post. %0D %0D True gossip would have had an immediate response.

by Keramreply 2208/11/2011

r20 I don't know if this is real or not but CCTV is what you call surveillance in England and it is widely used. And Matt Bomer has spoken on several ocassions that he was up for Superman, twice even.

by Keramreply 2408/11/2011

I thought Joss Whedon was known to have cheated on his wife before?

by Keramreply 2508/11/2011

Wow, R20, you are SPECTACULARLY full of shit:

[quote]Studios wouldn't have touched Bomer with a 10 ft pole for Superman because he is out around HW circles.

He was ALREADY CAST by Brett Ratner and then mysteriously dropped (the studio claimed it was because Ratner himself dropped the project, but that didn't stop *two* of the people Ratner was talking to - Routh and Cavill - from later being cast by other directors), plus back in 2003 nobody in Hollywood knew who the fuck he was until they did some investigating.

[quote]He wasn't cast as Superman when the fake Keram posted that fanfic about Jake flying from London to Ireland fro the alleged trysts which would have been in 2008.

What on *earth* do the original Keram rumors have to do with him being cast or not? Contrary to popular belief, casting directors and studio agents do not routinely monitor DataLounge and would not necessarily have known about the earlier rumors. Btw you have a remarkable level of recall about old Keram rumors for someone who's immediately decided the current batch are bullshit, never mind that the writing style is clearly the same as the last batch of Keram posts.

[quote]If Star had pics that would have posted them, rags don't care anymore, remember John Edwards?

Now you're just being ridiculous. The tabloids steer VERY clear of gay rumors, even today, unless there's an absolutely overwhelming amount of evidence, e.g. Revolta kissing his "manny" on the lips. Hypocritical politicians, however, are fair game, just as they've always been; do you not remember how the Enquirer derailed Gary Hart's presidential campaign way back in the '80s?

[quote]Isn't a CCTV camera Canadian? If it was in London wouldn't it have been a BBC camera?

...and there went your last shred of credibility: I used to *live* in London, and "CCTV" is the term EVERYONE uses to describe closed-circuit cameras -- which btw are installed nearly *everywhere* in Central London, both by private merchants and the city government alike, for security purposes. It is literally almost impossible to walk down the street without at least one CCTV camera being on you at all times. Finally, you are pathetically getting the term confused with "SCTV," the old Canadian sketch comedy show; see link.

by Keramreply 2608/11/2011

[quote]I thought Joss Whedon was known to have cheated on his wife before?

Apparently he doesn't have a taste for fish sticks.

by Keramreply 2808/11/2011

FAIL!%0D %0D I want the REAL Keram back!

by Keramreply 2908/11/2011

I know the Housewives "item" is wrong, so take the rest of the items with a grain of salt.

by Keramreply 3008/11/2011

Welcome back, Keram. real Keram or not, this is what the DL is all about. Keep posting!

by Keramreply 3108/11/2011

My memory of the story is that Jake began his relationship with Cavill and then began commuting to Ireland every weekend during the Tudors shoots. It's retarded to suggest there couldn't have been London-based footage, if indeed they did get together over a period of months.

by Keramreply 3208/11/2011

Now why on earth would Ryan Reynolds be driven to drink because he divorced his beard? I can see being upset by two flops in a row, but certainly not losing the lady he married and seldom was in the same town with.

by Keramreply 3408/11/2011

Keram is just a DL thing, it is not a specific person.

by Keramreply 3508/11/2011

R25, the thought is that Whedon cheated on his wife during the early days of Buffy (possibly even with Gellar, despite her own lesbo rumors); he made a statement about the Mrs. not letting him spend so much time on the set that was supposed to be about his workaholic tendencies, but was more likely about his wandering eye.

Beginning with Season 3, his work was suddenly awash with "redemption" tropes (whereas before it had been about facing fears and making hard choices), notably with the "Amends" episode, but certainly not confined to that. Whedon claims it's because "a friend" told him about his experiences in AA, but it has seemed more like someone who had to do a bit of begging to save his marriage.

So I can see him as a born-again spurner of temptress actresses. Although I too will miss Pepper if Gwynnie really did get herself shitcanned. Sigh.

by Keramreply 3608/11/2011

[quote]Isn't a CCTV camera Canadian? If it was in London wouldn't it have been a BBC camera?

Oh, honey!! CCTV means closed-circuit television. Security cameras. They exist all over London.

It also means China Central Television, but that's not what we're talking about here.

by Keramreply 3708/11/2011

Paltrow had an affair with Mario Batali while they were filming their PBS series in Spain. She must have had an open relationship then because he husband stayed with her.

by Keramreply 3808/11/2011

[quote]Keram is just a DL thing, it is not a specific person.

Keram Malicki-Sánchez is the name of an actual Canadian actor. Why gossip is posted under his name is something I missed.

by Keramreply 4008/11/2011

I have posted real stuff in here lots of times. I am not Keram or pretending to be him.

People have posted that my gossip was BS too, but it wasn't.

by Keramreply 4108/11/2011

r40, KMS is an inside joke to Dl.. Thanking him is also an inside joke.

by Keramreply 4208/11/2011

R2, Keram knows that Bradley has been keeping a low profile sexually after developing a nasty case of the clap after fucking a ladyboy in Bangkok while filming "The Hangover Part II." It's cured, of course, but Bradley remains nervous.

R8, Keram wishes to point out that there's a difference between being a homophobe and not wanting to be confused as being gay; The Situation's, um, situation is the latter.

R12, Keram knows that the Craig/Weisz marriage is legit and that Jake Gyllenhaal's fucktoy du jour is a comely young male extra, just over the legal drinking age, that he met on the set of "Nailed."

R18, Keram knows that Ellen Page is living in a glass closet, Jodie Foster-style, but that her sexuality is not even remotely secret as far as Hollywood is concerned. This hasn't affected Jodie's career, nor will it Ellen's. Keram nevertheless finds that V-Generations site disturbing, and strongly doubts Ellen is aware of its existence, contrary to its owner's belief.

R20/R23, Keram will not further dignify your insane rantings and troll accusations with additional response, but Keram knows that his original reveal about Jake/Henry included the fact that they met at The Groucho Club, a members-only establishment in London, while Jake was in town filming "Prince of Persia," and that Jake later flew to Ireland -- where "The Tudors" was shot -- to continue the fling after "Prince of Persia" wrapped. Keram did not know at the time that the two had been caught making out in a Soho alleyway late at night on CCTV, possibly the same night they met at The Groucho Club. Keram also finds it amusing that you believe Tammy Cruise considers The Situation to be a bona fide "celebrity," and as far as Tammy hitting on celebrities to begin with goes, wishes to remind you that Tammy's had flings with multiple male co-stars, including Justin Chatwin, who played his son in "War of the Worlds," and most famously Val Kilmer while filming "Top Gun." Finally, Keram will point out that Ryan Reynolds is not, contrary to your apparent belief, gay.

by Keramreply 4308/11/2011

Yeah, I've been here since that started; I just don't know why it started. Maybe I'm overthinking it, and there's nothing to explain. At any rate, I for one am always grateful for the gossip. Thank you, KMS!

by Keramreply 4408/11/2011

I've been here for years and years and I still have copies of his original postings. Many of us would be very happy if he did come back. Rereading his postings I see many people doubted him as well.

Thanking him is hoping he reappears. I hope he does.

Remember when it was believed Ben Affleck used to post in here?

by Keramreply 4508/11/2011

Keram: Why did Liam go homo after his wife's death? That's pretty fucked up if he was only going to go back to women when he "got over" her death. Why is fucking men OK during the mourning period, but fucking women not OK?

by Keramreply 4708/11/2011

r43, I doubt Bradly Cooper is into the ladyboys.Something tells me he likes older men.

by Keramreply 4808/11/2011

Wow, this is good stuff!!%0D %0D Someone, please get a hold of those Jake G. and Henry Cavill pictures, STAT! Talk about primo wanking material...%0D %0D [quote] Madonna ... recently spent two weeks and $80,000 at a Switzerland clinic undergoing an endless array of "serum treatments." They didn't take.%0D %0D Omg, that matter of fact comment at the end is just hilarious.%0D

by Keramreply 5008/11/2011

Keram keep it coming!

Love the Gwen and Winehouse gossip. Of course AW od'ed on smack.

by Keramreply 5108/11/2011

[quote] Keram did not know at the time that the two had been caught making out in a Soho alleyway late at night on CCTV, possibly the same night they met at The Groucho Club.%0D %0D This little tidbit of information would HAVE TO make Jake Gyllenhaal the infamous "Toothy Tile."%0D %0D The original blind item about Toothy Tile mentioned that there was proof of "Toothy" fooling around with another guy in public, and that was from a few years ago.%0D %0D It pretty much fits with the timeline of when "Prince of Persia" was filmed.

by Keramreply 5208/11/2011

Lest certain posters not have troll-dar on, Keram will point out that his obsessive troll/stalker at R20 is impersonating him at R49, and that idiots like R20 are why Keram departed DataLounge in the first place.

R47, Liam fucked men because, in his warped thinking, he thought it would be "disrespectful to Natasha" to have sex with women so soon after her death. Keram would not characterize this behavior as "fair-weather homo" per se. R48, Bradley needed to get laid, and there aren't many gay-male "daddy" types in Bangkok.

by Keramreply 5308/11/2011

[quote]The original blind item about Toothy Tile mentioned that there was proof of "Toothy" fooling around with another guy in public, and that was from a few years ago. It pretty much fits with the timeline of when "Prince of Persia" was filmed.

Are you kidding? Toothy dates back to 2004-2005; "Prince of Persia" was filmed in '09.

by Keramreply 5408/11/2011

Anything new on Logan Lerman?

by Keramreply 5508/11/2011

Thank you, Keram.

But who is Jake Gyllenhaal?

by Keramreply 5608/11/2011

Any gay directors (e.g. Singer, Daldry, Emmerich) using the casting couch?

by Keramreply 5908/11/2011

Keram, is Henry's "engagement" to his "fiance" a bearding arrangement? There's not ONE picture of them together, even though they've supposedly been dating for over a year. The timing of the announcement (right after it was revealed he got Superman) was very suspect as well.%0D %0D What do you know about all that?

by Keramreply 6108/11/2011

R60 etc. - you seem quite unhinged. I don't know if Keram is a fraud or not, but anyway - calm the fuck down!

by Keramreply 6308/11/2011

R62 So the girl really is a beard? Will they live in separate homes?

by Keramreply 6408/11/2011

R64, use trolldar - r62 is not Keram, but the guy obsessed with proving him a liar.

by Keramreply 6508/11/2011

R65 Aw, damn.%0D %0D I wish people would stop fucking around on here.

by Keramreply 6608/11/2011

Keram is a DL meme, asshat. Just as Cheryl has a stinky pussy and Julie is a terrible friend, KMS brings gossip.

Besos, KMS.

by Keramreply 6908/11/2011

Keram, would you elaborate on the Nicole Kidman "co-star slut" lesbian behavior with the names of those she pounced on, please?%0D %0D Thanks, doll.

by Keramreply 7008/11/2011

[quote]All of this stuff isn't gossip, just familiar antidotes mashed together with fiction and viola! Gossip.

Double OH DEAR!!

by Keramreply 7408/11/2011

Good stuff! Thanks, Keram.

by Keramreply 7508/11/2011

Google the photo of Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds at a party after the Oscars two years ago and try to tell us again that Reynolds is straight and never had sex with Cooper. The photo makes it quite clear that those boys were probably minutes away from sex in the men's room.

by Keramreply 7608/11/2011

Boy, you Marys really can get into a snit over nothing!

by Keramreply 7708/11/2011

i LOVE tjos thread and the OP, Keram or not.%0D %0D Thank you thank you thank you!!!!%0D %0D I hope, above all else, the item about Marcus Bachmann is true. I want him & MIchelle to go DOWN!

by Keramreply 7808/11/2011

[quote]familiar antidotes mashed together with fiction and viola%0D %0D I guess he's just stringing us along with those medications.

by Keramreply 8008/11/2011

[quote]I hope, above all else, the item about Marcus Bachmann is true. I want him & MIchelle to go DOWN!

I'm sorry to say that one didn't come from the OP, but from the anti-Keram troll.

by Keramreply 8208/11/2011

r68, you are not Keram. Keram said Leo was not gay.

by Keramreply 8408/11/2011

Well. It doesn't matter if you are the original Keram poster or not. So long as your gossips have at least some credible traces I would love to hear them.

by Keramreply 8508/11/2011

Keram needs to take off his/her blinders, especially about who is gay and who isn't. Ryan Reynolds has a very close male friend who happens to be his producer partner and has been for over 10 years. The partner has been a close friend of Sandra Bullock's for years and that is how Reynolds was introduced to her.

The producer partner (whose father is veteran actor James Komack, by the way) was part of the group of friends Bullock had at the infamous New Years Eve party where the tabs went wild alleging a romance between Reynold and Bullock. It wouldn't surprise me that the real coupling is between the producing partners.

by Keramreply 8608/11/2011

Attention all readers-

Trolldar R20 before reading, and just skip the 27 posts they have made on this thread. UN-HINGED barely covers it! Damn, that girl be CRAZY!

by Keramreply 8708/11/2011

While I know that Morrison isn't straight, I think he hops in bed with various beards just to keep up the ladies man illusion.

by Keramreply 9008/11/2011

[quote] Ryan Reynolds has a very close male friend who happens to be his producer partner and has been for over 10 years. The partner has been a close friend of Sandra Bullock's for years and that is how Reynolds was introduced to her.%0D %0D There is no way that Ryan Reynolds who is super tall and super hot, would ever be with this much older and much shorter and much less attractive guy, Jonathan Komack. NO WAY.

by Keramreply 9108/11/2011

Is this guy Reynolds' production partner?

by Keramreply 9208/11/2011

Keram, thanks doll.%0D %0D What happened between Gwynnie and Madge?

by Keramreply 9308/11/2011

Keram must ask whether R84 is getting Ryan's producer friends confused. His best friend is John August; he wrote and directed one of Ryan's films, "The Nines," and they've been friends for many years - openly so. August is openly gay, and the fact that they are friends does not remotely indicate anything one way or the other as to Ryan's orientation.

Keram will continue to ignore his unhinged OCD troll.

by Keramreply 9408/11/2011


by Keramreply 9608/11/2011

[quote]Ryan Reynold's is gay and he married and divorced his beard, Johannsen.

Actually, ScarJo dumped him, not the other way around, and you continue to do yourself no favors by consuming 2/3rds of the bandwidth on this thread and insisting on stuff that is false. If Matthew Morrison was gay, for instance, he would have been outed eons ago on one of our Broadway threads, as has been every single fucking actor, major and minor, in New York's theater circuit. You're attempting, and failing, to produce proof of a fire where there's not even any smoke.

Oh, and it's Lukas Haas, not "Lucas," and he's straight but has one gay brother. (I know the gay brother.)

by Keramreply 9708/11/2011

Oh my god r20: CCTV means "closed circuit TV"

by Keramreply 9808/11/2011

r99, why do you care?

by Keramreply 10008/11/2011

R99, troll-dar is your friend. The only person pretending to be Keram here is his obsessed troll. (Hit troll-dar on R20 and see the sea of yellow revealed.)

by Keramreply 10208/11/2011

Keram,%0D %0D Any dirt on James Franco? Who's he screwing these days?%0D %0D Also, is it true that Christian Bale banged Anne Hathaway?

by Keramreply 10408/11/2011

Anything on Ryan Gosling?

by Keramreply 10608/11/2011

r103 (and many of the other posts on this thread) sounds insane.

by Keramreply 10708/11/2011

Great gossip! Keep it coming. (Ignore the idiot troll).

by Keramreply 10808/11/2011

[quote]She also insists that her crushes Leo, Ryan and Matthew are straight and of course she never heard of 2 gay men from one family (eyes roll).

R20? Cupcake? *I* posted about Lukas's brother, Simon, because I KNOW HIM PERSONALLY - we went to RISD together - and also know, FROM HIM, that both Lukas and their third brother are straight. Jesus H. Christ you are nuts!

by Keramreply 11008/11/2011

Is the Groucho Club a gay gentlemen's club? the official website makes it look like it's some bohemian (media and) art society venue.

by Keramreply 11108/11/2011

I didn't, R41. I always appreciate good gossip.

by Keramreply 11408/11/2011

Will the real Keram please stand up!

by Keramreply 11508/11/2011

[quote]how convienent that you show up on a thread that says that he and Leo are a couple, and "Keram" insists that Leo is straight.

*You* are the only one on this thread trying to argue they're a couple, hon, never mind the basic logical fallacy of arguing that Leo DiCaprio (very high on the A-list of celebrities) would be romantically obsessed with a scrawny, kinda-weird-looking, much-less-famous friend he's known for close to 15 years.

[quote]Prove that you are friends with him, post a pic.

Um, no. I'd just assume not have you start stalking *me* too, thanks, and I'm certainly not saying anything else about Simon, who isn't a celebrity at all.

[quote]I have seen Haas and Leo together in NY, nuff said.

Have you seen them fuck? Make out? Didn't think so. No one's trying to argue that they aren't friends.

by Keramreply 11608/11/2011

so what was it r41. I always appreciate gossip.

by Keramreply 11708/11/2011

Lukas Haas is not straight.%0D %0D %0D %0D Ask Michael Stipe!

by Keramreply 11808/12/2011

Keram, do you have any gossip about David Boreanaz? Has he really changed his ways? Or is he still cheating on the wife?

by Keramreply 11908/12/2011

"I am almost weeping tears of joy, it's so good to have you back"


by Keramreply 12008/12/2011

My god you bitches are gullible. Slow night in Mommy's basement?

by Keramreply 12108/12/2011

[quote]Keram knows that Henry Cavill and Luke Evans had a fling on the set of The Immortals.

hot, if true.

by Keramreply 12308/12/2011

R122? Get some sleep, hon. It's nearly 1am in NYC, and you must be positively *exhausted* after trolling all day.

by Keramreply 12408/12/2011

The way I look at the Henry-Jake thing is that it can only help the movie. The regular fans who would go and seee it will not have read anything about the affair (emphasis on "read"). For the rest of us, such a romantic pairing .. swoon. Can't wait to see it Henry in tights. This is what box office used to be about.

by Keramreply 12508/12/2011

Who the fuck cares if and which Keram is a fake? This is the kind of down-and-dirty gossip catfight thread I've been missing around here lately.%0D %0D And who cares if the gossip is true? It makes for a good story, and there's your entertainment.%0D %0D Keep up the good work, all you Kerams and Keram-debunkers!

by Keramreply 12708/12/2011

Paltrow wasn't cut. She filmed for two days over a month ago. Her part isn't huge, but she is in it and there were no problems between her and the director. %0D %0D %0D

by Keramreply 12808/12/2011

I love how the "experts" crawl out of the woodwork every time there is a gossip thread and accuse everyone of being gullible, fangurl rubes.I also love how these experts think they are getting all Sherlock Holmes on everybody by pointing out inconsistencies of the writing styles of the gossipers or by mentioning that they've "seen" so or they "know" somebody who knows someone. Most pathetic are those who debunk things because THEY know how Hollywood works.

Really, do you know how hysterical and stupid you come across?

by Keramreply 12908/12/2011

98% of Egyptian men are descendents of Sherlock Holmes.

by Keramreply 13008/12/2011

It's better to be somewhat skeptical to this gossip, considering it looks fake, than to be gullible and look like a complete moron, R129.

by Keramreply 13108/12/2011

Is it?

by Keramreply 13208/12/2011

Had a major drug problem. He cleaned up after his stroke ten years ago.

by Keramreply 13508/12/2011

R127, you're an idiot.

by Keramreply 13608/12/2011

[quote]And who cares if the gossip is true?

This perspective, repeated over and over on DL, completely baffles me.

by Keramreply 13708/12/2011

I still remember when Haas was supposed to be paralyzed and would never have a career again. Then he starts popping up in Leo's movies and I see pics of him hanging with the Leo rat pack and I figured I must have hallucinated that there was anything wrong with him.

Now it all makes sense. He had some sort of drug related stroke. But isn't Leo still doing drugs? If so, Haas must still be using--at least to some degree.

by Keramreply 13808/12/2011

R26 - Canada's national TV station is CTV, which could get confused with CCTV.

by Keramreply 13908/12/2011

[quote]Wow, I haven't seen a crazier unhinged troll in a long time.

No kidding. Still posting here at nearly 1am and right back at it again by 7:30am!

by Keramreply 14108/12/2011

[quote]There is someone on this thread

...aaaaaaand there it goes again. It's like the Energizer Bunny of trolls!

by Keramreply 14308/12/2011

Keram, whoever you are - ignore the troll and keep posting!

by Keramreply 14408/12/2011

Thanks for posting, OP. Though I don't agree with everything, at least it's more interesting than "What if Valley of the Dolls..." and "Do You Feel Bad For People Who Contracted HIV Through Sex?" and "A make-believe residence that's yours?"

by Keramreply 14608/12/2011

Hey, Keram. Any Sandra Bullock gossip? She has always pinged a bit for me--though that may be wishful thinking. ;)

by Keramreply 14808/12/2011

Keram, we were right about Marcia Cross were we not?

by Keramreply 15008/12/2011

Keram, could you enlighten us on the previous question at R70?%0D %0D Thank you.

by Keramreply 15108/12/2011

Did Orlando Bloom achieve his goal on the set of "Three Musketeers"?

by Keramreply 15208/12/2011

for what it's worth, i saw lukas haas (alone) try to pick up on a stunning girl who was also eating lunch alone at popular restaurant. i bought into the gay rumor thing too, since leo is obviously gay, but after seeing him in action, and seeing the way he eyed the girl (way out of his league, looks-wise, btw), i'd have a hard time believing he is gay now. he just ain't that good of an actor.

by Keramreply 15308/12/2011

when is Marcus Bachman going to be outed?

by Keramreply 15408/12/2011

If you trolldar r20 you'll work out another mentally deranged hack with an alcohol problem and a never ending buring cigarette is squatting all over this thread like Jabba the Hut, contradicing itself and picking fights almost with itself, then posing as Keram. %0D %0D What a weirdo. %0D %0D Half the posts are by this one character, who seems to have a grudge against the thread starter. %0D %0D If I were her I'd be worried I was so wound up about all this and be asking myself why. Maybe the Jake/Cavill stuff touches a nerve? %0D %0D A PR nerve maybe? Fwiw I have always believed Jake was into guys and still is.

by Keramreply 15508/12/2011

[qute]There was so much news about unions and extras not being paid on the set of Nailed that the lead fooling around with an extra would have been out there.%0D %0D The unhinged troll forming the sea of yellow is honestly none other than the Jake is Straight troll tha disappeared a while ago when he started bearding hardcore with Reese.%0D %0D This troll's uber contradiction to even the tiniest detail in someone's sentence (see above, unions, wtf?) almost to settle her own mind is creepily similar. This person used to contradict anything and everything, from timelines to reasons for Jake Gyllenhaal being here there and everywhere, then used to blow up and call other people obssessed for merely suggesting Jake was gay. %0D %0D She is politically savvy, a film buff and probably an older woman. I have seen her routine over several forums over the years and it gets more wild the more Jake gets mentioned. This person is here because Cavill/Jake got mentioned. It wants to quash any rumour of Jake G being gay, even now it's absolutely fixated. %0D %0D So just for you babe, Jake is gay gay gay, and I hope he is having fun with his cute little male extra from Nailed.

by Keramreply 15708/12/2011

I don't think Orlando Bloom is gay, not that I care that much one way or another.

Now as for Henry Cavill, did anything happen between him and Jonathan Rhys Meyers on "The Tudors"?

by Keramreply 15808/12/2011

I don't know, R159. Is there any evidence to support it?

Viggo and Orlando have both been married to women and have children. (Not that that means anything).

by Keramreply 16008/12/2011

Questions for Keram:

Who are some of the lesbian affairs Nicole Kidman has had? And is she straight and experimental? Bi? Or gay?

by Keramreply 16108/12/2011

I saw Morrison with his firmer fianc%C3%A9e and it certainly seemed real. This was before he was well known. And the word about him pre-Glee was that he was a straight hound dog. I know since Glee he has palled around with JC Chasez which is almost like putting up a gay billboard but at least before his TV success he had a solid rep as a straight guy.

by Keramreply 16208/12/2011

[quote]Keram, we were right about Marcia Cross were we not?

Keram, is it also true that she was dating Lauren Graham right before she almost waltzed out of the closet?

by Keramreply 16308/12/2011

Yea Keram - real or not!

by Keramreply 16408/12/2011

[quote]before his TV success he had a solid rep as a straight guy.%0D %0D No. He was in "South Pacific" before his TV success. %0D

by Keramreply 16508/12/2011

I used to think Matthew Morrison was straight, now I think he pings.

by Keramreply 16608/13/2011

Who the fuck is Keram Malicki-Sanchez, is he like another entertainment lawyer?

by Keramreply 16708/13/2011

Oh, BTW, lil Leo is gay. A fruit cup. Queer. Homa-sexual. Hint of mint.

by Keramreply 16808/13/2011

Is Leo a bottom? Because he sure has a small dick.

by Keramreply 16908/13/2011

while i totally believe that gwyn and morrison hooked up, the complete and utter lack of chemistry between them during their makeout scenes on glee was cringe-attack inducing.

by Keramreply 17008/13/2011

"i totally believe that gwyn and morrison hooked up"


by Keramreply 17108/13/2011

Anything on Joe Jonas?

by Keramreply 17208/13/2011

I could see Morrison hooking up with her as a way to push his hetero act.

by Keramreply 17308/13/2011

Keram DOESN'T know that he should use "Swiss clinic" instead of "Switzerland clinic!"

by Keramreply 17408/13/2011

I could see Morrison fucking her because she could help his career.

by Keramreply 17508/13/2011

Keram knows that Marcia Cross has been making lez-lez with Adrianne Palicki, seen most recently as the lead in the defunct "Wonder Woman" pilot and before that on "Friday Night Lights," for a couple of years now. Her husband, Tom, is a homosexualist and old friend who married her to help squelch the gay rumors that had been circulating for years but took fire and hit the mainstream thanks, ironically, to a series of total bullshit rumors about Marcia and "Desperate Housewives" posted on DL by a fake "ABC insider." Keram also knows that the Lauren Graham rumors were true, but that that relationship was short-lived, by lesbian standards.

Keram knows that the short list of Nicole Kidman's co-star/friend lovers, both male and female, includes Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Thomas Gibson, Allison Janney, James Caan, Jude Law, Charlie Hunnam and Renee Zellweger. She is less "bisexual" or "experimental" than polysexual, as in she will fuck nearly any human with an orifice.

by Keramreply 17608/13/2011

Does Keram know if the rumors are true about Shawn Pyfrom and Penn Bagdley being a couple?%0D %0D Does Keram have any scoop on Joe Jonas?%0D %0D Does Keram know if Scott Neal, the actor who played Ste from the movie "Beautiful Thing" and Tv's "Bill" is gay?%0D %0D

by Keramreply 17708/13/2011

Does Keram have any gay info on 'Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam?

by Keramreply 17808/13/2011

Does Keram know if Samantha Cameron ever fucked Goldie, when she was studying in Bristol and used to do lines of coke with him?%0D %0D Does Keram know if Dawn French wipes from front to back?%0D %0D Does Keram know if Denise Van Outen is a natural blonde?

by Keramreply 17908/13/2011

I would love more details (if any) on the Bradley Cooper pictures that Keram has seen that "proved" he's gay.

by Keramreply 18008/13/2011

Alison Janney?!!?%0D %0D Alison Janney and Nicole Kidman?!!

by Keramreply 18108/13/2011

Keram...why did Jake G. even bother going along with the silly Taylor Swift "dating" fiasco?. His handlers MUST have known that it could blow up in his face...and it did. Even the usually gullible tabloid/blog reading meemaw and fangurl crowds weren't buying it. His films still bombed and Taylor looked like a ladder-climbing opportunist as a result. Too bad his alleged Cavill fling went pear-shaped; they were a hot couple. Do you know if he was involved with the Mumford & Sons dude. That "arms interlocked/fingers entwined" pic of them was probably the most evidence we've seen of his inclinations.

by Keramreply 18208/13/2011

Keram has pictures of Cooper that proves he's gay????

BTW Keram, that ABC insider wasn't fake.

by Keramreply 18308/13/2011

Nicole Kidman and James Caan??????

by Keramreply 18408/13/2011

LOL @ 184!

It's called throwing shit to the wall and see what sticks.

Hey Keram, what about Vince Vaughn? I always heard he was gay despite finally getting married.

by Keramreply 18508/13/2011

Wait wait wait. Thomas Gibson also slept with Tom Cruise did he not?%0D %0D Did they have a threeway??

by Keramreply 18608/13/2011

I'd be interested in any sort of gossip (gay or not) that relates to Nicholas Hoult, Dave Franco and Anton Yelchin. Never heard anything about their personal lives.

Also hear any rumors about what team Kellan Lutz plays for? Seeing him at Comic-Con with Henry Cavill and Luke Evans had me wondering if any of them are straight.

by Keramreply 18708/13/2011

[quote]Also hear any rumors about what team Kellan Lutz plays for? Seeing him at Comic-Con with Henry Cavill and Luke Evans had me wondering if any of them are straight.%0D %0D No, NONE of these guys are straight.%0D %0D

by Keramreply 18808/13/2011

[quote]hear any rumors about what team Kellan Lutz plays for? %0D %0D I don't think he has ever been accused of being straight.

by Keramreply 18908/13/2011

[quote]Um, no. I'd [italic][bold]just assume[/italic][/bold] not have you start stalking *me* too, thanks, and I'm certainly not saying anything else about Simon, who isn't a celebrity at all.

Of all the disturbing things on this thread. Nobody commenting on this at R116 has upset me the most.

by Keramreply 19008/13/2011

Does Keram know if Shawn Pyfrom and Penn Bagdley are really a couple?%0D %0D

by Keramreply 19108/13/2011

[quote]Of all the disturbing things on this thread. Nobody commenting on this at R116 has upset me the most.%0D %0D Some people may be sick of "oh dear" trolling and just ignore things like that. If you are so disturbed that you can't deal with that, maybe you should up your meds.

by Keramreply 19208/13/2011

You seem overly concerned with people and their meds R192. You must be a nurse.

by Keramreply 19308/13/2011

Keram, any gossip on Dana Delany?

by Keramreply 19408/13/2011

[quote]BTW Keram, that ABC insider wasn't fake.

Dude, seriously? NOT ONE of the supposed "ABC Insider" items proved to be true. Yes, we all know Marcia is gay. No, she was never planning to come out in "The Advocate." It was all TOTAL BULLSHIT. The supposed "insider" also posted a bunch of shit about "Desperate Housewives" in general that proved false, e.g. how Andrew ended up coming out.

by Keramreply 19508/13/2011

I have a friend who is working on the Avengers movie and will be back in late September...I'll try to pump them for info- the last time I asked for some was on Kristin Stewart: Completely miserable because she's in denial that she's attracted to women.

Also: Celebrity Caterer was full of shit.

by Keramreply 19608/13/2011

Celebrity Caterer had Matt Lauer pegged right.

by Keramreply 19708/13/2011

Celebrity Caterer was not full of shit and he was mre right than wrong and his gossip was original, not re-hashed gossip gleamed from other gossip sites annd spun as some sort of insider gossip.%0D %0D The ABC insider said that Marcia was gay which was already known before they posted that here, the Advocate stuff was BS, it's called embellishing.%0D %0D It's interesting that the ABC insider crap about DH turned out to BS becasue the stuff about DH posted by Keram is a como of BS and gossip that was already out there, embellished.

by Keramreply 19808/13/2011


by Keramreply 19908/13/2011

Not Keram but still fun to read

From Lipstickalley

"Zac Efron had a relationship with Sterling Knight who stars in a Disney show. They broke up after he began seeing Vanessa from High school Musical. He actually helped him brea into hollywood but then began cheating on him with some d-list actor and Zac moved on."

From Gawker

"One of my mom's gay BFFs from 1940s and 50s Brooklyn (I was her menopause baby) told me Leo likes to anonymously go to Palm Springs under cover of night, check into hotels under fake names and hook up with swarthy, bear-sized guys. That's his thing. But as mightyJew points out, he could def be bisexual. This same Friend of Mom's called Travolta out as gay way back in the '70s because they both frequented the same gay scene, so my source is trustworthy."

by Keramreply 20008/13/2011

Alison Janney is pretty hot in a way where she'd probably have her pick of hot femme idiot sophomores if she were a popular humanities professor at a Seven Sisters college. Is she actually a lesbian?

by Keramreply 20108/13/2011

Keram what about Sebastian Stan of Gossip Girls, I heard rumors of him been gay

by Keramreply 20208/14/2011

I know Keram is Hollywood-based but does he know anything about David Tennant? Is it true he's bi, and what's going on with him and the girl he got pregnant? I heard their wedding got postponed.

by Keramreply 20308/14/2011

[quote]Attention all readers- Use Trolldar on post [R20] before reading, and just skip the 27 posts they have made on this thread. UN-HINGED barely covers it! Damn, that girl be CRAZY!

Just bumping this to clue in any new readers. If you want to find the real Keram's posts, use Trolldar on post 43.

by Keramreply 20408/14/2011

Any real dirt/gossip on Clooney Keram?

by Keramreply 20508/14/2011

I'd like to hear dirt on Ryan Gosling.

by Keramreply 20608/14/2011

Keram, does Palicki's muff-munching with Marcia mean that her relationships with Alan Tudyk and Chad Faust have been fauxmances? Wouldn't be shocked in either case, but Tudyk's put a considerable amount of effort into denying it.

Similiarly, does Vanessa Hudgens's being seemingly surgically grafted to her lezzie "bff" (live-in lover?) mean that Josh Hutcherson is on our team, like Efron before him? Yum if true.

by Keramreply 20708/14/2011

Not KMS, but I know from being an eyewitness that Alan Tudyk, like quite a few other actors, was openly gay when he lived and worked in NYC. It's only when they go to LA and think their careers are "taking off" that they go back in the closet and beard up. In Tudyk's case, we worked together on a Paul Rudnick play and he and Paul were fucking.

by Keramreply 20808/14/2011

Not Keram, but for anyone curious, the actors sharing Kevin's dressing room for Richard III are Nathan Darrow (plays Lord Grey & Richmond), Simon Lee Philips (plays Tyrell & 3rd Citizen & Norfolk), and Gavin Stenhouse (plays Dorset & Urswick). They are all around their mid-twenties tops, pretty, and relatively unknown.

by Keramreply 20908/15/2011

I was told years ago by people who know her well that A. Janney is straight. My two big crushes - Alison J. and Judith Light - straight.

by Keramreply 21008/15/2011

But Judith Light is GAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

by Keramreply 21108/15/2011

So wait.. does this mean that Justin Chatwin is gay? hmm.. interesting.

by Keramreply 21208/15/2011

r212, which post do you refer?

by Keramreply 21308/15/2011

Alan Tudyk was in a relationship with Amy Sedaris when I worked with himjavascript:submitPost();

by Keramreply 21408/15/2011

Judith Light isn't gay

by Keramreply 21508/15/2011

I believe the Bradley/Liam item. There's audio proof in their datalounge thread.

by Keramreply 21608/15/2011

[quote]which post do you refer?%0D %0D %0D I was talking about R43

by Keramreply 21708/15/2011

So what's the dirt on Sebastatian Stan?

by Keramreply 21808/15/2011

So if Justin Chatwin is gay does that mean Molly Sims is? I've wondered about her.

by Keramreply 21908/15/2011

Haven't there been a lot of rumors that Justin Chatwin is gay? I've definitely heard that before.

by Keramreply 22008/15/2011

Sebastian Stan is now dating Dianna Agron, whatever that might mean.

There's pictures of them all over JustJared.

by Keramreply 22108/15/2011

r216 I also like to believe the Liam Bradley item and its thread, especially the radio interview where Bradley hints at the size of Liam's package: %0D %0D [quote]Bradley and Liam radio interview, talking about Liam's then supposed upcoming cameo in The Hangover 2 (around the middle of the clip):%0D %0D B: "Yeah Liam comes out naked and hits me with a crowbar. That would be, that would be something. (Laughter) Could you imagine? Quite the opposite of Mr Chow." %0D %0D So Bradley is aware of Liam's Evian bottle situation? In The Hangover movies Mr Chow's tiny package is a running gag.%0D %0D

by Keramreply 22208/15/2011

Mister Keram, sir, have you any news for us of Gerard Butler? Why has he recently gone from hot to not??

by Keramreply 22308/15/2011

Keram, any gossip or info on Venezuelan hottie Edgar Ramirez. He shows it all in Carlos and has grown quite close to Karl Lagerfeld who photographed him for AMFAR this year?

by Keramreply 22408/15/2011

[quote]Keram, does Palicki's muff-munching with Marcia mean that her relationships with Alan Tudyk and Chad Faust have been fauxmances?

Alan Tudyk is straight?! My jaw just hit floor. I could've sworn he was out. Love the guy and wish we could see him in more movies.

by Keramreply 22508/15/2011

I believe Keram whasshisname Malicki

by Keramreply 22608/15/2011

Matthew Morrison was fucking the 'Liat' understudy when both were in SOUTH PACIFIC at Lincoln Center. That's why former fiance, Crishell Strause (Amanda on ALL MY CHILDREN) dumped him.

by Keramreply 22808/16/2011

I've always believed Keram, but I have to put my two cents in.%0D %0D MDMA has been quietly killing partiers in London for months. Amy Winehouse bought MDMA as well as heroin the night before she died, and I'd put my money on it being the MDMA that killed her.

by Keramreply 22908/16/2011

Why is it killing them? Bad batch?

by Keramreply 23008/16/2011

[quote]Don't know if KMS can help a girl out, but do you have any gossip on Rachel Ray? That chick just pings big time everytime I see her!

Rachael pings for me, too. As does her husband. Total marriage of convenience!

by Keramreply 23108/16/2011

Alan Tudyk was fucking Paul Rudnick?

He deserves the Purple Heart of casting couches.

by Keramreply 23208/16/2011

My thoughts exactly, r231. I was just curious if there was any gossip to support my suspicions. Glad I'm not the only one who sees it, though!

by Keramreply 23308/16/2011

Yeah, I find that hard to believe, too, R232.

by Keramreply 23408/16/2011

what is MDMA?

by Keramreply 23508/16/2011

Unadulterated ecstasy, which makes the Wino rumours even stranger if true.

by Keramreply 23608/16/2011

A friend of a good friend of mine in Palm Springs says that Leo does, in fact, go there to get fucked by bears.

by Keramreply 23708/16/2011

What rumors?

by Keramreply 23808/16/2011

Does KMS think Marc Jacobs will replace Galliano at Dior?

by Keramreply 23908/17/2011

Keram any gossip on Everwet er I mean Michael Fassbender would be appreciated. Thank You

by Keramreply 24008/23/2011

keram any gossip on shane west?

by Keramreply 24108/25/2011

(Taken from previous Keram thread)%0D %0D let's just say Keram knows that Alexander Skarsgard is one of the most "open-minded" men in Hollywood, and the variety of people he's fucked - in terms of age, race, BMI and gender - is possibly unrivaled.%0D %0D and Viggo Mortenson hooks up with like minded people with whom he has a connection to regardless of race, age and sex as well hmmm%0D %0D please elaborate on some of their pairings if you can Mr. Keram%0D

by Keramreply 24208/26/2011

"let's just say Keram knows that Alexander Skarsgard is one of the most "open-minded" men in Hollywood, and the variety of people he's fucked - in terms of age, race, BMI and gender - is possibly unrivaled"%0D %0D So he is a chubby chaser.

by Keramreply 24308/26/2011

Any John Cusack info would be appreciated.

by Keramreply 24408/26/2011

Thank you, Keram.

by Keramreply 24508/27/2011

You gossip hounds are like junkies lining up at the door of an East Village crack house.

by Keramreply 24608/28/2011

We've read about True Blood's Skarsgard, but what about Ryan Kwanten?

by Keramreply 24708/28/2011

Funnily enough I was watching an epsiode of CSI this past week (in the UK) and on the opening credits 'Keram Malicki-Sanchez' appeared! %0D %0D I thought of the DL straight away.

by Keramreply 24808/28/2011

What we know about Naya Rivera and Heather Morris?Are really in a secret relationship?

by Keramreply 24909/01/2011

Very underwhelming thread.

by Keramreply 25009/01/2011

R250 That's an understatement.

by Keramreply 25109/01/2011

2nding the request for Fassbender gossip.

by Keramreply 25209/01/2011

[quote]Keram knows that Gwynnie's former-BFF Madonna is going the Michael Jackson route in her attempts to stop the aging process, and recently spent two weeks and $80,000 at a Switzerland clinic undergoing an endless array of "serum treatments." They didn't take.

This is too bad. Madonna has good enough Mediterranean genes that she probably would have aged quite well with a decent fat intake.

by Keramreply 25309/01/2011

[quote]You gossip hounds are like junkies lining up at the door of an East Village crack house.

Yes, yes we are. And we make no apologies for it!

by Keramreply 25409/01/2011

I like that a Haas family associate in the recent thread totally knew that Lukas is gay, while his brother is straight, getting the information directly from their mother, and another associate here knows that he is straight, while his other brother is gay, getting the information directly from said brother. I'm going to have to assume he is bi for perfect family balance. Still doing Leo.

by Keramreply 25509/01/2011

R252 I'm not Keram but there is a BI that claims that Fassbender has been using his recent fame to land himself some grade A vag.

by Keramreply 25609/02/2011

Why the hell would that be in a BI, r256, when it's as obvious as the Pope preaching Catholicism?%0D %0D Now, if it were Grade-A dick he was looking for, that might merit a BI...

by Keramreply 25709/02/2011

I'm always suspicious of BI that wouldn't have to be blind, especially when it's obvious who they are referring to.

by Keramreply 25809/02/2011

We know Fassbender is fucking a lot but who is he fucking? Not Zoe Kravitz either.

by Keramreply 25909/08/2011

Anyone heard that Sebastian Stan of Gossip Girl is dating or dated some guy called Phil Ettinger, another actor. I was reading in a board about Captain America and found this..anyone?

by Keramreply 26009/10/2011

Any gossip on Willem Dafoe?

by Keramreply 26109/19/2011

Any info on Edgar Ramirez?

by Keramreply 26209/20/2011

Where did you go Keram?

by Keramreply 26312/21/2012

lol it's not Keram

by Keramreply 26412/21/2012

umm from his original post - he was wrong Paltrow was in Avengers, there was not much more of a bigger role Pepper Potts could have played in the movie. Matthew Morrison is gay there is a pic of him kissing another guy at Ben Masani's bar. Cavill is deep in the closet but not fucking around with Jakie poo. He has been seeing the same guy for a while...infact I don't think any of his original post is correct.

by Keramreply 26512/21/2012

some interesting stuff

by Keramreply 26612/22/2012


by Keramreply 26707/19/2013

Damn, who bumped this old-ass thread? To clarify: Gwynnie had all of three lines in "The Avengers." That pic allegedly of Matthew Morrison at Eastern Bloc is not at all definitively him - hard to tell given the cap he's wearing and the pic angle. Finally, we have no knowledge who Henry Cavill is or isn't fucking right now.

by Keramreply 26807/19/2013

Good save, R267. And wholly appropriate.

However, we still have nothing conclusive regarding Henry and Jake. The only one who could really out Henry, is Jake, and he'd be outing himself, so that's a no-go.

Now the London CCTV pictures... that's some interesting stuff.

The internet would be SHUT DOWN, if anyone ever got a hold of those pictures and posted them online.

Anyone? ANYONE??

by Keramreply 26907/19/2013

Keram. Come back.

by Keramreply 27007/19/2013
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