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PROJECT RUNWAY ALL-STARS on Lifetime this Fall (but without Tim, Heidi, Michael & Nina)

It's judgement day ... again! "Project Runway" fans %E2%80%93 and more than a dozen of the Emmy%C2%AE Award-nominated series' past contestants %E2%80%93 will have to wait no more. World-famous designers Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman will serve as judges on the new series, which will be hosted by supermodel Angela Lindvall and feature fashion tastemaker and Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles as mentor for the "Runway" veterans. "Project Runway All Stars" will premiere later this year on Lifetime with a 12-episode order.

The "Project Runway All Stars" designers include:

Austin Scarlett: (New York, NY) Season 1, Fourth Place

Kara Janx: (New York, NY) Season 2, Fourth Place

Elisa Jimenez: (New York, NY) Season 4, Tenth Place

Rami Kashou: (Los Angeles, CA) Season 4, Runner-up

Sweet P/Kathleen Vaughn: (Pasadena, CA) Season 4, Fifth Place

Jerell Scott: (New York, NY) Season 5, Fourth Place

Kenley Collins: (Brooklyn, NY) Season 5, Second Runner-up

Gordana Gehlhausen: (San Diego, CA) Season 6, Fourth Place

Anthony Williams: Season 7, Fifth Place

Mila Hermanovski: (Los Angeles, CA) Season 7, Second Runner-up

April Johnston: (Savannah, GA) Season 8, Fifth Place

Michael Costello: (Palm Springs, CA) Season 8, Fourth Place

Mondo Guerra: (Denver, CO) Season 8, Runner-up

These designers will each vie for the most lucrative prizing ever in "Project Runway" history. Prizes include an exclusive designer%E2%80%99s boutique in select Neiman Marcus stores and on, $100,000 dollars in technology and office space to help grow their business from HP and Intel, $100,000 cash from L%E2%80%99Oreal Paris, a feature spread in Marie Claire, for which he or she will serve as a guest editor for one year, and a sewing and embroidery studio provided by Brother International.

by Miareply 60003/12/2012

Wow, tepid cast and none of the usual judges or Tim. And I guess this means Mizrahi's other horrible show for Bravo is over.


by Miareply 108/08/2011

The Neiman Marcus aspect of the prize is amazing.

And I will be watching just to see that CUNT Kenley Cuntlings in action! She was a fucking beast! If they could have gotten Wendy Pepper this would have been MUST SEE.

by Miareply 208/08/2011

So I guess this means that The Fashion Show abomination on Bravo has been cancelled, since the Miz is on this.

by Miareply 308/08/2011

I wish they would have brought Jack Mackenroth back.

by Miareply 408/08/2011

I like Isaac Mizrahi however I think having him as a judge is a bad idea. His TV career has been a disaster. He hasn't made a single hit ever and has been given so many chances. There are other designers who could use the chance.

by Miareply 508/08/2011

Hated Jack Mackenroth. I'm glad that he's nowhere near this.

by Miareply 608/08/2011

I bet Jack is considered too sleazy because of all those nudity shots he posed for. I actually like him and feel sorry for the way he had to leave the show. He was too cutesy as an HIV poz. guy who looks like a model while a guy like Mondo who deals with all sorts of emotional problems coming out on TV as HIV poz. just creates better drama.

by Miareply 708/08/2011

Looks good to me - Mondo was robbed and Kenley is unstable; the others also made impressions on the audience; this personality mix has built-in drama. I like it and will, of course, be rooting for Mondo.

by Miareply 808/08/2011

Hated Kara, Sweet P, and Kenley.%0D %0D Go, Mondo!

by Miareply 908/08/2011

I'm glad that fucking frogface Jack is NOT on this show.%0D %0D Also, this is Mondo's chance to win the show he already should have once before.

by Miareply 1008/08/2011

Loser all-stars?

by Miareply 1108/08/2011

Jack was by far the hottest guy to ever appear on PR.

by Miareply 1208/08/2011

I wonder who Kenley will throw a cat at? Bitch is a one-note designer who's going to throw together yet another rack of 50's cocktail dresses.

by Miareply 1308/08/2011

Jack Mackenroth?%0D %0D Jack NASTY!%0D %0D He was such a pissy bitch in all the interviews when he left and they let Chris March come back.

by Miareply 1408/08/2011

Gotta love Mondo!!!

by Miareply 1508/08/2011

Angela Lindvall and I are from the same town. She's a little older, but it was kind of a big deal when she became a supermodel.

by Miareply 1608/08/2011

Jack didn't want to do this. It's way below him at this point in his career.

by Miareply 1708/08/2011

Why are they bringing back Elisa Jimenez? She lasted 2 weeks before they kicked her to the curb. That makes her an "all-star"????

Tim Gunn could never be on the same show as Mizrahi after the bitchy things Tim wrote in his book about what a 'c word' Mizrahi is.

[quote]this is Mondo's chance to win the show he already should have once before

You do realize that this show is still on Lifetime Television for Women, right? There is no way a gay guy is going to win this.

by Miareply 1808/08/2011

Don't know if I'll actually watch this, but I must be in the minority, because I liked Kenley. I also like Kara Janx, Jerrell, and Sweet P. Can't stand Austin Scarlett.

by Miareply 1908/08/2011

I'm surprised Austin is participating in this. He seems to think he is a star now.

by Miareply 2008/08/2011

R12 needs to buy herself some glasses.

by Miareply 2108/08/2011

No Tim or Heidi? Not watching.

by Miareply 2208/08/2011

[quote]And I will be watching just to see that CUNT Kenley Cuntlings in action! She was a fucking beast! If they could have gotten Wendy Pepper this would have been MUST SEE.

I can't stand that bitch. More reasons to tune out.

by Miareply 2308/08/2011

Okay, really? No Heidi, Tim, Michael or Nina? What were they THINKING? Would you have a "Survivor All-Stars" without Jeff Probst? Of course not!

by Miareply 2408/08/2011

Just what I love, a knockoff!

by Miareply 2508/08/2011

Isn't the omission of the regular judges and the host from the "Top Chef All Stars" playbook?

by Miareply 2608/09/2011

Aw, no Keith.

by Miareply 2708/09/2011

Where's Andre?

by Miareply 2808/09/2011

Uh oh. My mom has the hugest crush on Austin. I think she secretly wishes I were gayer.

by Miareply 2908/09/2011

Most Survivor fans now hate Jeff Probst so I'd answer "YES" R24.

I guess Wendy Pepper isn't happy how the show affected her life? Would have been great if Jay or her were to return.

by Miareply 3008/09/2011

I wouldn't mind seeing Jay return, but only the skinny version--he was looking good after Celebrity Fit Camp.

I like Austin, but how does he have time to design anything after packing on a pound of foundation with a trowel every day?

by Miareply 3108/09/2011

maybe it's not a bad idea to have fresh eyes judge them, but ISAAC? He was much better in the last season when they told him to mentor with wisdom not bitchiness. But he is so not relevant anymore.

by Miareply 3208/09/2011

Perhaps if I saw their photos it would be different, but I can't remember most of the contestants from the later (and most recent!) seasons.%0D %0D Elisa?%0D %0D Gordana?%0D %0D Anthony?%0D %0D Mila?%0D %0D April?

by Miareply 3308/09/2011

Wasn't Gordana the Eastern Bloc woman who designed that terrific flowy blue dress with some kind of tower on the print?

by Miareply 3408/09/2011

Gordana sells knitting patterns to Vogue.

by Miareply 3508/09/2011

Ooh, loves me some Rami Kashou!

by Miareply 3608/09/2011

And excuse me - Rami was the hottest contestant EVER!!!

by Miareply 3708/09/2011

Did Rami ever officially come out? I remember he had family issues (of his family being homophobic?) but a hot boyfriend.

by Miareply 3808/09/2011

Rami could take his big, fat, uncut Arab cock and COME OUT ALL OVER MY FACE!

by Miareply 3908/09/2011

I don't really know if he's Arab.

by Miareply 4008/09/2011

Yeah, I thought Rami was Israeli.

by Miareply 4108/09/2011

Rami is dreamy. Where's Malan?

by Miareply 4208/09/2011

R38, in an interview on AfterElton, Rami said that the guy he called a "friend" during the Tim Visit was his boyfriend, so yes, he's out. He gave a rambling explanation that he and the guy were on a break when the visit was taped, so he couldn't call him a boyfriend right at that moment.

He went on to say that he doesn't push "the gay thing", that he's about his work, but if people ask personal questions he is happy to answer them.

by Miareply 4308/09/2011

Rami was born in Jerusalem, raised in Palestine, and his parents were Jordanian. I read an interview where he mentioned that growing up in Israili occupied Ramallah was very limiting and he dreamed of living somewhere where he would be free to go anywhere he wanted whenever he wanted, so he might identify as refugee (and I'm not going any further with that political can of worms).

by Miareply 4408/09/2011

[quote]Most Survivor fans now hate Jeff Probst %0D %0D Speak for yourself, toots.

by Miareply 4508/09/2011

Are the nudes on the net of Probst real? if so. Yum.

by Miareply 4608/09/2011

Mila can easily outbitch Kenley - I'm just saying don't count out the dinosaur cunts.

by Miareply 4708/09/2011

Love Jeff Probst too. He is a national treasure.

by Miareply 4808/11/2011

Gordana narrating her fashion show: "Svimvear...Eveningvear....Very nice.

by Miareply 4908/11/2011

Most viewers wanted them to ask Jack Mackenroth back again. He was one of the most popular designers that they've had, he's hot and he had to go home early because of a disease.

by Miareply 5008/11/2011

[quote]Rami is dreamy. %0D %0D I don't think he's dreamy, but he's incredibly sexy. Bald and hairy tends to turn me on!

by Miareply 5108/11/2011

So does this mean Austin and Santino's makeover show is cancelled too? That was a hot mess.

And I heard Bravo is bringing back The Fashion Show, but without Isaac. IMAN is going to host, solo.

by Miareply 5208/11/2011

bump for tonight.

by Miareply 5301/05/2012

[quote]Most Survivor fans now hate Jeff Probst so I'd answer "YES" [R24].

Not true, cunt.

by Miareply 5401/05/2012

[quote]Most viewers wanted them to ask Jack Mackenroth back again. He was one of the most popular designers that they've had

Bullshit. Plain bullshit.

by Miareply 5501/05/2012

Starting now!

by Miareply 5601/05/2012

I get to start watching in 9 minutes. On the DVR and no commercials!

by Miareply 5701/05/2012

aaaaand Kenley's already a bitch.

by Miareply 5801/05/2012

watching from Kenley's hometown of Pompano Beach, FL. We hate the cunt - everyone here who remembers her hates her. I've never heard a nice word about here besides the publicity our city gets from the recognition. She is one vile sorry little bitch.

by Miareply 5901/05/2012

Rami looks very muscular this season. Mondo is still the nerdiest gay that ever gayed!

by Miareply 6001/05/2012

I'd still fuck him (with 3 condoms, of course).

by Miareply 6101/05/2012

[quote]Hated Jack Mackenroth. I'm glad that he's nowhere near this.

Who, this guy?

by Miareply 6201/05/2012

No orange-faced Kors, but at least Valentino and his partner represented the wealthy orange designer contingent.

by Miareply 6301/05/2012

I love Mondo's designs, but his eccentric outfits for himself need some serious thought.

I picked this week's winner, but missed on the loser. I'm not unhappy I was wrong by any means!

by Miareply 6401/05/2012

LOVED IT. After the shitfest seasons of Top Chef Texas and TC Just Desserts, this is a very welcome show.

by Miareply 6501/05/2012

Sweet P should have gone home.

by Miareply 6601/05/2012

Not bad but weird without Heidi.

Maybe that cool Brit chick in the fashion show after would've been a better fit. She's got something -- but when the host is drab like that Molly Sims on dreadful "Accessory" spinoff, it feels dead.

by Miareply 6701/05/2012

Did anybody else's video freeze up? I only had audio for the last 20 minutes.

by Miareply 6801/05/2012

Elisa's father was a very famous and important sculptor. He died in a studio accident.

She may be nutty, and her designs nuttier, but I still like her. But when I saw her runway look, it was bye bye Elisa.

by Miareply 6901/05/2012

[quote]Yeah, I thought Rami was Israeli.

He's a Christian Arab from the West Bank. I remember during his season he mentioned only that he was "from Jerusalem", which is vague and neutral. I suspect they didn't want viewers to make the mental leap from Arab to Muslim to terrorist.

by Miareply 7001/05/2012

[quote]LOVED IT. After the shitfest seasons of Top Chef Texas and TC Just Desserts, this is a very welcome show.

Omg, I totally agree!

by Miareply 7101/05/2012

Is Sour Urine still a grossly tattooed lardass obsessed with prints?

by Miareply 7201/05/2012

I predict the competition will be between Mondo and Rami.

by Miareply 7301/05/2012

Mondo needs to stop rading Eddie Munster's closet.

by Miareply 7401/05/2012

Ewww, Jack is gross. I hated looking at him and I can't believe there are so many posts about his alleged hotness. I know it takes all kinds, but he is just so....gross.

by Miareply 7501/06/2012

I quite enjoyed it - but it is an adjustment without Heidi, Michael, Nina and of course Tim.

The clothes were all pretty good - I agreed with the judges on the top (and bottom) three. Why Elisa was there (she is the only one whom I don't really remember, although April comes in a close second on that one) I don't understand. I know Laura Bennett turned them down, but would Wendy Pepper have really done the same?

When Mondo said he thought he should have won, it is the first time someone who said something like that didn't sound like sour grapes - Mondo, so did the rest of us.

Of course Kenley is glad to have the "fresh perspective" of Joanna Coles - her interactions with Tim were quite combative.

And Austin Scarlett (whom I loved on season 1) makes Brad Goreski from "It's A Brad, Brad World" look like a power top.

by Miareply 7601/06/2012

I love Austin to death. Mondo should have won. Elisa was bizarre in her first season too.

by Miareply 7701/06/2012

All Semitic peoples, Jewish and otherwise, believe in circumcison so Rami is cut.

by Miareply 7801/06/2012

the hostess is stiff and her line readings are so awkward.

Sweet P should have gone home. At least Elisa's superheroine sidekick outfit was interesting.

by Miareply 7901/06/2012

I can do without Nina the Meana and Michael the Orange Tangerine but oddly, I hadn't realized how much Heidi pullled the show together. This model/whatever is lovely and sweet but she has no presence whatsoever.

That said, the judging without the Evil Duo seemed quite fair, Mondo and Rami had the best outfits, and Elisa was really the worst.

But no Tim makes the whole thing feel all wrong. I don't think I'll the watch the rest of it, just catch up on it here.

So bring it on, mes petites.

by Miareply 8001/06/2012

Holy crap- I worked with Ken in the early 90's at Neiman's Union Square S.F. when he was head of Visual Merchandising. He was a super sweet guy, had some great windows (esp at xmas), and worked like a horse. Glad to see he's done well. Still looks the same.

Rami is now into really muscular daddies now- he's checked out one of my friends, who is one.

I would like to think it would come down to Mondo and Rami, but I'm afraid that Lifetime for Women is going to screw that up

Wouldn't you rather see Paulina Porzikova (who speaks her mind) rather than this bland chick as Heidi's replacement?

by Miareply 8101/06/2012

I guess they'll keep Kenley around for the bitch factor. Her runway dress was a terrible, sad dress.

by Miareply 8201/06/2012

I think Jerrell is quite cute and I loved his dress. Why couldn't Heidi do this show, it's weird with that other person hosting.

by Miareply 8301/06/2012

I don't get it either... Isn't "Runway" her brainchild and her production company's product? So they can't "write her out".

And, yeah, Paulina would've been a great choice of host. Those European ones are playful, don't take it all so seriously -- including Heidi and her baby talk voice. Never thought I'd miss it but I do.

by Miareply 8401/06/2012

I agree about the dull host.

Rami now looks like a porn star, like he's going to get peed on in a Titan film.

I do enjoy most of the cast and I'm eager for the rest of the season.

by Miareply 8501/06/2012

[quote]Gotta love Mondo!!!


by Miareply 8601/06/2012

The link talks about why Heidi isn't there for All

by Miareply 8701/06/2012

"Elisa's father was a very famous and important sculptor. He died in a studio accident."

Holy crap! He was the the sculptor of the infamous horse-with-the-glowing-red-eyes at the Denver airport and was apparently killed when a piece of it fell on him. That sculpture is part of the whole wing-nut conspiracy theory that the Denver Airport is some New World Order/Satanist arrival center and world headquarters. (I of course learned this from an old Datalounge thread.)

by Miareply 8801/06/2012

I don't care for Mizrahi but he's a major improvement over Smores

by Miareply 8901/06/2012

Heidi's dominatrix vibe really added something to the show. When she came out to introduce the challenge, it seemed like the contestants were afraid she'd not only boot them off the show, she'd handcuff them and deliver a painful spanking as well.

Without her, the show has lost some of its suspensefulness.

by Miareply 9001/06/2012

I like this show a lot and it doesn’t bother me that the usual judges aren’t there. On the contrary, I’m glad Nina and Michael are not there making stupid snippy remarks. I think with this bunch of judges there is more constructive criticism so far. I greatly miss Tim. I just think Tim seems terrific and very kind. diane von furstenberg is going to be one of the judges next week witch I think is great. Austin is beyond creepy and gross that he looks like a contorted Tim Burton creation, yuck! I like Mondo a lot but his fairy personal style is so annoying and completely weird in a very bad way. Is Gordana Gehlhausen Jewish?

I can't stand Isaac Mizrahi! I watched an episode of Cake Boss in which Isaac Mizrahi came into Buddy's bakery and placed a cake order. He came in and made rude remarks about the bakery located in Hoboken, and he said he couldn't believe he was going to New Jersey. Buddy was so nice to the guy and he was trying to make Isaac Mizrahi happy but Isaac was just being a complete snobby asshole. Isaac had a very low period in his career to the point he was almost through, and now he is back on top and he is full of himself again. What a complete phony!

Someone on here mentioned Project Accessory? I love that show and their creativity was much more incredible than Fashion Runway. Here is a major shocker, a male won on Project Accessory. I was thinking, how did that happen on Lifetime?! If you haven't watched that show, please do next season. The creativity is amazing!

Someone on this thread mentioned the show, its a Brad, Brad, Brad, World. I can't stand Brad!!! He is a backstabbing little fruitcake. I thought what he did to Rachael was pure shitty. I can understand he wants to make a name for himself, and go out on his own. But the way he did it was really calculating and really bitchy. Also, I can't this guy's ego. I think he thinks he is so pretty when he did those facial expressions like a girl usually does on the commercials like he was striking a pose. Then this major queen was walking around with his shirt tied in a knot and up above his waist?! major eye roll! I won't give him the time of day.

Did Michael Costello lose some weight or something? He looks a little different. He isn’t remotely a stud, but I know this may sound weird to some or many on this thread, but I find him really hot! However, I bet he is a bottom, which that is a turn off to me.

by Miareply 9101/07/2012

[quote]However, I bet he is a bottom, which that [sic] is a turn off to me.

What a shock.

by Miareply 9201/07/2012

This show needs to die after revealing itself to be completely phony when they "cast" a porn star beauty queen to be the winner last season.

Sooooooo ovah.

by Miareply 9301/07/2012

Jerrell is getting the bitch edit this season, and I hope he goes off on Kenley at some point.

Did anyone catch the promo that appeared to show Austin and Isaac trading barbs??!!

Love, Mondo, but he is TOO FUCKING OLD to be dressing like that!

by Miareply 9401/07/2012

I feel that this series will be exciting because, if nothing else, there are 2 genuinely talented and interesting contestants in Rami and Mondo.

The judging, so far, has been fair (though perhaps a little boring).

by Miareply 9501/07/2012

Alot of the designers seem to be performing more for the camera this time around.

by Miareply 9601/07/2012

Oh get over it R93. We all hated her but she's gone, thank God. New show. New options.

by Miareply 9701/07/2012

Also noticed that most of the designers themselves seem to have had some form of makeover. They all looked more professionally coiffed - maybe part of the whole package deal to have them back. A "star" treatment/perk of sorts.

April, Sweet P, Michael, Lorelle or whatever his name is, even Mondo, all seem to have stepped up their personal stylings. Better make up, less facial imperfections, better facial hair placement, etc.

by Miareply 9801/07/2012

Guys, this is a cheap filler show; get over the temp host and judges. also, the sponsors pay for the prizes.

by Miareply 9901/07/2012

I just watched it. Who cares who pays for the prizes; there are some seriously awesome ones like the fabric printer.

The mentor offered actual advice.

But it seemed very rushed and you barely had time to see the clothes. The regular show is 1.5 hrs now and I think that's necessary for the early shows where there are so many designers.

by Miareply 10001/07/2012

Slade misses Slade.

by Miareply 10101/07/2012

Isn't that Georgina Chapman judge married to one of the Weinstein brothers,thus her placement on PR:AStars?

by Miareply 10201/07/2012

So, if Heidi walked out at Ep 3 over money, doesn't that mean that they had to go back and re-film as Heidi would have been all over at least the first two challenges. How phony!

by Miareply 10301/07/2012

Yes R102, Georgina Chapman is married to Harvey Weinstein

by Miareply 10401/07/2012

also: Valentino. I was impressed.

by Miareply 10501/07/2012

OMG the mentor never said "Make it work!"

What will be her catchphrase?

by Miareply 10601/07/2012


Rami now looks like a porn star, like he's going to get peed on in a Titan film.


by Miareply 10701/07/2012

"Do it, bitch!"

by Miareply 10801/07/2012

Once again-the judges have NOTHING good to say about Sweet P's "garment" and have tepid, but not overly critical responses to spitina's dress. Result-Sweet P stays. Already they're showing it's not at all about talent and all about fan and producer favorites. Will there ever be a show based only on talent again? Why don't they just give Mondo the money now and be done with it?

by Miareply 10901/07/2012

What's the real reason for the new host and judges??? Sure it serves the contestants better, but not the viewer. No way Lifetime wouldn't want Klum and Co. to do this.

Austin was more fun when he was fabulous yet humble. Now he's your typical queen.

by Miareply 11001/07/2012

I was not going to watch it but T&L gave it the thumbs up so I gave it a chance. I liked a lot of what I saw. Yes, the designers are a lot more aware of the camera, but I think it's a good thing. They know that stupidity and bitchery for the sake of bitchery does not win you fans. I thought it was rushed but all the seasons feel rushed at the beginning with so many designers, and this year there are even more than usual. I actually prefer not seeing every little discussion that they had with each other, and it was great not to have to watch yet another alcohol induced argument once the over tired designers get back to the apartment and are supplied with alcohol.

I liked a lot of the designs on the runway, both what they brought from home and their creations. I was good with the winner. I think it was a toss up between Sweet Pea and the spitter as to whom would go home. I would have sent SP if only because she lasted a few episodes longer than spitter, so i feel she had her chance. All those episodes she made ugly stuff. Spitter is weird but I remember that one gown she made with one perfect seam. I think she deserved more than one chance. Granted, that bird in a swim suit with stories on the wing is perfect for MichFest, but at least it wasn't butt ugly and it wasn't boring. Besides she LOVED it and SP hated her own design. Also, SP used more conventional material so that should have been points off.

The judges were refreshing. For one, they went back to appreciating good execution ... unheard of in the last few seasons. They also did not spend time talking about styling, but concentrated on the designs. Whatshername is NOT Tim Gunn, but her advice was just as on point as Tim at his best. She also didn't feel the need to talk about furry balls to seem "relevant."

I like Tim Gunn, but I think he should leave the show because clearly the editors are doing all that is in their power to trivialize him.

by Miareply 11101/07/2012

I read somewhere that this is supposed to be a separate series from the other and that's why they used different people. But I hadn't read about the money issue with Heidi.

by Miareply 11201/07/2012

[quote]So, if Heidi walked out at Ep 3 over money, doesn't that mean that they had to go back and re-film as Heidi would have been all over at least the first two challenges. How phony!

Huh? None of those links say anything resembling that. She was never the host. The article mentions they're filming episode three but Klum was never part of the show. How did you possibly infer that?

by Miareply 11301/07/2012

I sooo want to rape Rami. And it's legal now, you know.

by Miareply 11401/07/2012

I hate the rape troll.

by Miareply 11501/07/2012

Thought it was a great show and a marked improvement over PR for the past few seasons. Sweet P's housecoat should have gone home but since she's already participated and was a finalist in an All-Star challenge, they couldn't let her be the first to be eliminated.

You have to remember that one of the prizes is a boutique in several Neiman-Marcus. The only one who should be up to that would be Rami. Mondo would be the logical winner if the store were Nordstrom or Bloomingdales.

by Miareply 11601/07/2012

Mondo needs to stop with the Little Lord Fauntleroy outfits.

by Miareply 11701/07/2012

You can see Michael Costello setting himself up to be a victim again - what a whiny little bitch. This must be his typical MO.

by Miareply 11801/07/2012

Georgina Chapman is one of the founders of Marchesa - she is not there because she is some rich fat fuck's girlfriend.

by Miareply 11901/07/2012

[quote]Georgina Chapman is one of the founders of Marchesa - she is not there because she is some rich fat fuck's girlfriend.

She's there because of her husband. Marchesa exists because of her husband.

(Yes, I know she had launched the line before she met him, but he kept it going.)

by Miareply 12001/07/2012

Are you crazy r119? The rich fat fuck financed Marchesa and Georgina is only the face of the business. In spite of their PR, she does none of the actual designing.

by Miareply 12101/07/2012

Marchesa sucks. Georgina realizes that the line is fading and is wisely positioning herself as a fashion talking head. Just like she wisely married that fat fuck who put her crappy clothing line on every starlet he owns.

by Miareply 12201/07/2012

And Project Runway is a Weinstein show. I didn't make that connection.

by Miareply 12301/07/2012

Wait! I thought Project Accessory, Project Runway, and PROJECT RUNWAY ALL-STARS were Heidie's babies? Isn't her name on the credits as a producer? I thought she owned a production company or something? Weinstein? is that the guy in that blind item which indicated a studio big wig who he along with another guy, raped an actress who desperately needed to work? He is that demon seed right?

I think Georgina is a bitch! When she was on Project Runway, she cut down the designers in a real crappy way. She in her husband must be two nasty, bitter, rotten, people.

by Miareply 12401/07/2012

I'm not judging Sweet Pee, but her tats really turn me off, and it's hard to take her seriously with those tats showing.

by Miareply 12501/07/2012

Why does Mondo keep wearing mini shorts with those skinny legs showing? He's looked like Mickey Mouse.

by Miareply 12601/07/2012

Another explanation for at least some of the re-cast

by Miareply 12701/08/2012

Oh my gosh! R126 you nailed Mondo's look! He did look like Mickey Mouse!

by Miareply 12801/08/2012

So which of the All-Stars is Tim happy to not work with again? Other than Kenley, of course.

by Miareply 12901/08/2012

I'm going to guess that Tim is also relieved not to have to interact once again with the chick who was just au'd (sorry, forgot her name!) and Michael Costello.

It will be god for Tim (as well as Heidi, Michael and Nina) to watch the All-Stars series without being involved in it. He may get a refreshing perspective on the whole PR experience from the viewer's point of view.

by Miareply 13001/08/2012

I get the feeling this is mostly going to come down to who Joanna Coles wants hanging out at her magazine.

by Miareply 13101/08/2012

Tim hates Mizrahi and wrote about what a horrible diva he is in Tim's last book. There is no way Mizrahi would have anything to do with Tim. Also, Tim knows how fake this show now is since moving to Lifetime. He's quite happy NOT to be associated with this phony mess.

by Miareply 13201/08/2012

[quote] Most Survivor fans now hate Jeff Probst

Another vote here. Probst has completely ruined Survivor.

[quote] Sweet P should have gone home.

No way. I actually think that Anthony should have gone home. He is designing the exact same shit that he did on his season. He has not improved or innovated, even a little bit.

[quote] it is an adjustment without Heidi, Michael, Nina and of course Tim. The clothes were all pretty good

I totally agree. It's just weird without them, but I think the designers are great. I thought that every single one of them - including Elisa - did a very good job.

[quote] But no Tim makes the whole thing feel all wrong.

True. But I think that Joanna Coles might be the Tim for this all-star season, considering the prize package. This cast has been through the process, so they don't really need the mentor as much as they did previously.

They do need to be supervised and inspected by Miss Coles, however, because they are going to be writing editorials for Marie Claire. There's no way the magazine would just let those judges choose who is going to work for them for an entire year, without some input.

[quote] Wouldn't you rather see Paulina Porzikova (who speaks her mind) rather than this bland chick as Heidi's replacement?

Omg, Paulina would have been perfect. She has the right amount of beauty, intelligence and personality, to be a superb host of Project Runway. What a missed opportunity!

[quote] I’m glad Nina and Michael are not there making stupid snippy remarks. I think with this bunch of judges there is more constructive criticism so far.

[quote] I can't stand Isaac Mizrahi! I watched an episode of Cake Boss in which Isaac Mizrahi came into Buddy's bakery and placed a cake order. He came in and made rude remarks about the bakery located in Hoboken

I think I like Nina and Michael Better. They have the right amount of bitchiness combined with the right amount of professionalism.

Michael Kors is just a bitch. I didn't care for him on "The Fashion Show," and I don't care for him on this show.

You can see from previews that he gets into it with Austin Scarlett, with that catty little exchange where he calls Austin Scarlett, Austin Starlet. What a child.

[quote] This show needs to die after revealing itself to be completely phony when they "cast" a porn star beauty queen to be the winner last season.

My initial thought was that's why they replaced the judges - because of that whole Anya disaster.

And this is definitely a refreshing change of good designers, after that hell of a season last Fall, when not one of them deserved to even lick Christian Siriano's boots.

Although many of you think that Rami and Mondo were tops, I actually felt that Michael Costello's mop dress was the best. Both he and April did a fantastic job with their respective designs, and I honestly thought he would be in the top 3 at the very least.

My winner would have been Michael Costello, and my loser would have been Anthony. Elisa's dress had a lot of personality, as did Sweet P's. Anthony's looked like a pageant gown, and not a very good one, at that.

by Miareply 13301/08/2012

R133 - you can't be serious about Sweet P's dress. It was horrible and showed no imagination. It looked like something a person who can't sew would make. I would have sent her packing.

by Miareply 13401/08/2012

[quote] you can't be serious about Sweet P's dress. It was horrible and showed no imagination. It looked like something a person who can't sew would make.

It was made out of terry cloth. She did as good a job as she could have, and it looked sort of retro 70's, which is a perfect representation of the material.

Anthony's dress, however, looked cheap and stale.

It's just my opinion.

by Miareply 13501/08/2012

Sweet Pea is a str8 woman...on Lifetime...think about it...

by Miareply 13601/08/2012

I get that Sweet P is straight woman, and I do think the right two were at the bottom, but she's bland, just like the season she was on. That showed through in what she made - it wasn't clever or fun. Give the same materials to Rami or Mondo and they'd probably have made something 20x better. Having said that, I think Mila will make it to the end, if not win. She's female, for one thing, and she's the type you could see working for Coles. I think the F3 will be her, Mondo and Rami.

by Miareply 13701/08/2012

[quote] Having said that, I think Mila will make it to the end, if not win. She's female, for one thing, and she's the type you could see working for Coles.

Mila looks like a Vulcan or a Romulan, and her aesthetic, more than anyone else's, is very unique.

I was surprised, but then again I wasn't surprised, that I was able to pick out Mila's design right off the bat.

There's something that is so futuristic and German and Star Trekky about her clothes, that really stand out.

I like her, and if she was one of the final 3, I would be okay with it.

by Miareply 13801/08/2012

The runway part went by so fast. I had to go to the website to remind myself what everyone designed and I have absolutely no recollection of Anthony's and Mila's.

I wish the early episodes were 1.5 hr and the later ones 1 hr.

by Miareply 13901/08/2012

Mila's was the same color-block assemblage of napkins she always does.

by Miareply 14001/08/2012

[quote]I think Mila will make it to the end, if not win. She's female, for one thing, and she's the type you could see working for Coles. I think the F3 will be her, Mondo and Rami.

2 gay guys and a str8 woman....hmmmmmm....I wonder which will "win" and by "win" I mean be pre-selected by the producers as the winner.

The suspense is killing mZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

by Miareply 14101/08/2012

I think Kara Janx will make it to the top 3 before Mila.

by Miareply 14201/08/2012

[quote]Another vote here. Probst has completely ruined Survivor.

Yup, especially after constanty bringing the Hanz family to Survivor. He already is trying to bring another Hanz to the brew.

by Miareply 14301/08/2012

I've got news for you. The producers are still there. And they decide the winners. Look at the credits for the comment about producers "advising" judges on the candidates. It's the reason that I stopped watching. It's about who makes the best TV, not who is the best designer.

by Miareply 14401/08/2012

Kara Janx SHOULD make it to the final three over Mila, but somehow I get the feeling Mila will be the one to make it through to the end. She'll make it on her 'point of view'.

by Miareply 14501/08/2012

They never vote for the best designer, just the one that brings in ratings.

by Miareply 14601/08/2012

I normally would agree, but wouldn't Elisa's weird schtick be "better tv" than sweet p?

by Miareply 14701/08/2012

Elisa is good TV, but I think it goes back to who could seriously work for Coles. So it can't be anyone weird, into drama or completely embarrassing. That's why this contest is going to be as much about personality as it is talent, but personality in a good way. Not some weird chick who spits on fabric.

by Miareply 14801/08/2012

Lots of idiots in this thread.

I do agree that this show would be better at 90 minutes. Even though the last few PR seasons have been disappointing, I do appreciate the chance to see more of the creative process and the actual garment making. Ultimately, that's why I watch shows like this, to see creative people being creative.

That said, Sweet P's outfit looked like something you'd see on the woman making tortillas at a chain Mexican restaurant.

by Miareply 14901/08/2012

I don't remember her name. Who was the Kmart designer cunt that bullied Michael Costello?

by Miareply 15001/08/2012

This show was rushed but they had to introduce the contestants and new judging panel and there was the early show display.

Future episodes (especially once people are elimiated) won't feel as rushed.

The level of talent was so much higher it was stunning compared to the past few seasons. Still, Mondo and Rami were far superior to what anyone else created in the first challenge. They were in a league of their own IMO.

If other people don't step up their game I can clearly see it as the Mondo/Rami showdown.

by Miareply 15101/08/2012

Mondo is gross. How did he get HIV anyway? He's creepy.

Rami is gorgeous. He should win.

It looks like used all of the true All-Stars in that special a couple years back. Otherwise Daniel V and Santino should be here.

by Miareply 15201/08/2012

Has Austin decided NOT to have the surgery after all? Why else would he have grown that cheesy mustache?

by Miareply 15301/08/2012

And then there is Dana...

'Real Housewives' Dana Wilkey Thinks She's Finer than Angelina Jolie January 08, 2012 03:30 PM EST

Dana Wilkey from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills certainly has a very high opinion of herself. She thinks she's so awesome that she's better than one of the world's most recognizable, richest and beautiful movie stars.

RumorFix caught up with the reality TV star Thursday night and proceeded to ask her a series of questions with the camera rolling. While she refused to speak about the legal problems she and fiancé John Flynn are experiencing (they are being sued for fraud by a business investor), she happily spoke about what she looks for in a man. If anyone out there is wondering, she's "looking for a man who has some worth." She then said that her celebrity crush is Brad Pitt and that "Angelina has nothing on me, f*ck that bitch!" She continued to talk to the paparazzo despite the efforts of her driver to get her in the car and even chided him for getting the cost of her infamous $25,000 sunglass wrong.

The newcomer to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill routinely brags about herself and all that she has on the show, but even this proclamation is grandiose for her. Fellow cast members Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, with their dry sarcastic humors, would probably have some very funny things to say about Dana Wilkey if they saw this video!

by Miareply 15401/08/2012

Dana's video clip from the above article

by Miareply 15501/08/2012

Ooooops wrong thread....

by Miareply 15601/08/2012

R154/R155 -- what are you doing???

by Miareply 15701/08/2012

Is Rami still with his bf? I want him to fuck me so bad.

by Miareply 15801/08/2012

Rami's mother was a beauty queen, Miss Jordan, there was a pic of her in her prime and she was stunning. The man has good genes, not only is he gorgeous but is a very graceful and classy man.

by Miareply 15901/08/2012

Sweet P's dress again fails to impress. Even Kara's was better. I like Jerrell, but not his dress. Austin's is good. Rami again shines.

by Miareply 16001/12/2012

Excellent work tonight and I am already used to the new lineup of judges... feels upscale somehow. So actually enjoying this All Stars which isn't always the case. And the competition is indeed tough.

After the crappiest of "Survivor"s and "Top Chef: Sweaty Texas", I needed at least one reality show to still love.

by Miareply 16101/12/2012

First things first. That Rami sure can wear a T-shirt.

I thought all of the designers did well today. My favorite was Michael Costello's but Austin Scarlett also did a great job.

I like Sweet P and I liked her dress it just needed to a little refinement. April was very lucky.

This is a good All Stars.

by Miareply 16201/12/2012

Loved Austin's dress. HATED Sweet P's but April's was worse. Sweet P had two dogs in a row so I think that's why she had to go.

by Miareply 16301/12/2012

April's looked like the model had walked through a mud puddle.

Michael's, Mondo's, Rami's, and the queeny fellow whose name escapes me (white dress, black leather gloves, very elegant) were very lovely.

by Miareply 16401/12/2012

I bet Rami has a huge uncut dick and big bull balls.

by Miareply 16501/12/2012

R164, just say it. The Black One.

(rolling eyes)

by Miareply 16601/12/2012

I wasn't too wild about Michael's dress, I thought Mila's and Mondo's were better. Not crazy about the feather look. April ruined her dress by dyeing it. Austin Scalett deserved the win.

by Miareply 16701/12/2012

[quote] Is Rami still with his bf? I want him to fuck me so bad.

Good luck, especially since he's probably a power bottom.

by Miareply 16801/12/2012

I thought the judging was extremely fair in this episode.


So surprising that Anthony made such a beautiful gown. After last week's crap that he sent down the runway, I thought for sure he would make another loser, but his gown was so beautiful. The neckline, the asymetry, and even the accessories really made his dress unique.

I wasn't as impressed with Austin's gown. It looked a bit wrinkled. However, it did have a nice design, and the colors were okay. I didn't think it should have won, though.

Michael Costello is proving to be the dark horse again. His gown was STUNNING, and I loved everything about it. You can tell that the judges were wowed, and I'm actually surprised that they didn't give him the win. The only thing I can think of, is what Isaac said about not every woman being able to wear the gown. And is it me, or does Michael look really hot this season?


I love Sweet P. She's so... sweet. And she looks absolutely fabulous this season. She lost a ton of weight, and she is really paying attention to her personal styling. Her dress was cute, but it didn't fit the challenge, and I agree that two stinkers in a row are what did her in.

Likewise, Kara's dress also had a nice, summery feel to it, and the pattern was cute. But again, it was no evening gown.

April's dress was definitely the worst. It looked horrid. The dye job took it to such a cheap level, and her goth gown looked like it belonged in the movie "Carrie," rather than at the opera.


Jerrell's dress was my next fave. I think he would've made the top 3, but Anthony beat him out. One question: why did so many designers choose to poof out the bottom of their dresses? I thought that that effect made all of their models look heavier.

Kenley's gown was really cute. She's another who probably came close to the top three, but it just lacked a bit of sophitication because of the pink and polka dots. Even so, it was a beautiful gown.

I was surprised with Mondo and Rami. Both of their gowns were underwhelming. Rami's was a hot mess, with bunching in the wrong places, not to mention that the magenta/hot pink color was not at all sophisticated. As for Mondo, his gown looked like something from the 1990's, and something that Selena would design for a quinceanera.

I was hoping Giordana would go home, but her gown was decent. I absolutely loved the detail in the top of her lavender gown, but the bottom was hideous. Her two-toned cutout patterns made the dress look cheap, and they made the model look hippier.

Finally, Mila also did a decent job, but something about the slit on her black dress bothered me. It was too high and too tight or something, and it made her model walk funny.

Overall though, I give high praise to these designers for making such beautiful gowns in only one day. VERY impressive!

by Miareply 16901/12/2012

Overall though, I give high praise to these designers for making such beautiful gowns in only one day. VERY impressive!

R169 agree with you on the above statement. Overall I think this group of designers are much more impressive than the usual designers that are on the regular Project Runway Show. Austin and Micheal's dresses were thee two top dresses that were just stunning. I can't stand Austin, but I give credit when credit is due and Austin seems very ,very talented. Austin's dress had a kind of retro 1930's look to it. I think when Michel Kors and Nina are not there people seem to do better? However, I do think April should have gone home because her dress was thee worst dress there. Sweet P's dress was very ugly ,and I don't think the woman can design.

by Miareply 17001/12/2012

Anyone else notice Rami with his arms around Anthony, stroking his hair?

I am surprised some of the judges liked Kara and Sweet P's choice of fabric - it was a couture challenge, not reupholstering Laura Ashley furniture.

And as much as I love Austin, I think Michael Costello should have won.

by Miareply 17101/12/2012

[quote]Mondo needs to stop with the Little Lord Fauntleroy outfits.

Bitch stole my look!

by Miareply 17201/12/2012

I was really impressed with Michael Costello's dress. Not only was the design itself beautiful, but the execution was perfect. Thank god he decided not to use the red fabric because I think it would have cheapened it a bit. The detail on the collar & the waist was a nice touch that made it stand out from the others. He should have won, but being that there's no immunity, it doesn't really matter.

April should have been kicked off. Her dress was horrid. A dye job shouldn't look like a dye job.

That said, I'm glad Sweet P was the one to go. She made it way further than she should have on her first season, and here she is fucking up the first 2 challenges of this season. I don't know who's cock she's sucking to have even been asked to do an all-star season.

by Miareply 17301/12/2012

[quote]Overall I think this group of designers are much more impressive than the usual designers that are on the regular Project Runway Show.

Only because they know the drill now. They know where to find what they want at Mood, not having to run around in a panic. Been there it's not a huge warehouse but I can see newbies getting flustered. They know how to manage their time better now.

by Miareply 17401/13/2012

Very predictable - though not necessarily undeserved - outcome. We knew Sweet P was gonna bite the dust this week even before a single stitch was made. And she didn't disappoint, with her inappropriate design. Kara's pregnant bridesmaid and April's prom-date-after-the-abortion were still edgier and more interesting than SweetP's 1970 maxi.

The moment Austin's dress took to the catwalk, you knew it was going to win. It was exquisite. But I'm glad Costello gave him a run for his win (can't really say his money).

And since there are no rewards in the All-Stars competition, a very close second is just as good as a win ... at least reputation-wise. So Michael has carved himself a nice place in the eyes of the judges, and if he's ever in the bottom tied with someone else, he will prevail.

I always thought he was underappreciated by his previous fellow competitors --- though he certainly knew how to milk that.

by Miareply 17501/13/2012

He's cut, R165. As beautifully as his clothes.

by Miareply 17601/13/2012

Haven't been able to watch. Does April still only use black and white, or has she gotten some psychological help?

by Miareply 17701/13/2012

April's dress was red.

by Miareply 17801/13/2012

God, I hate to quote Liza on HSN but Michael's gown was made of jersey and I remember Liza saying that audiences are so overdressed that they're uncomfortable and can't enjoy the show. Not only was Michael's dress beautiful, you could probably sit through an opera in it, though not a Liza concert. I thought Austin did a beautiful, tasteful gown, which is what he does but I would have given the win to Michael on wow factor alone.

Everyone hates Kenley but I thought her dress was really cute. Maybe not the challenge description but ver nice. I swear I saw Anthony's dress on a woman at Celine's concert in Vegas and everyone was laughing at her behind her back. Of course, we were at the Celine concert, so who were we to laugh.

If Sweet P did something as simple as a jacket to hide that hideous top, she would have stayed instead of April.

by Miareply 17901/13/2012

I'm loving this series. BM have their work cut out for them because it makes PR look, dare I say, unfinished. The runway shows have been great and the judges have been evenhanded and fair in the comments and choices. They already had a one-off PR All-Stars episode (Sweet P was a contestant) and it wasn't nearly this much fun.

by Miareply 18001/13/2012

I hope April No-Chin is the next one to go. She's just as sour as she was the first time. What's up with her granny blue hair?

by Miareply 18101/13/2012

I love April and LOVE her hair. It's such a great, fuck you look.

by Miareply 18201/13/2012

You and Liza are right- if you were to sit down in Austin's gown, it would probably split. In Michael's, you could sit, eat and dance. The judges were wrong- you would have to have a perfect body wearing Austin's dress, as it would have no give at all.

by Miareply 18301/13/2012

I absolutely adored Michael's gown, Anthony's as well. And I think that Kenley's dress was surprisingly beautiful. Great episode!

by Miareply 18401/13/2012

There is something to be said for how enjoyable it is to watch strong designers make something pretty -- and great models showing it off. Don't need much more gimmick than that. Dress after dress, I was going, "Wow... good job." And it's only Week Two!

Wish "Top Chef" and the rest would take the cue -- haute cuisine instead of chili and barbque, gross. No more dumbing down competition shows.

And, yes, I thought Kenley's pink dress was beautiful. Most of them, really. It's nice to be proud of people's work, even when they're strangers. So many to root for on this show, especially in terms of sheer talent.

by Miareply 18501/13/2012

I'm glad some of your mentioned pregnant. I thought several of the dresses looked like something Marcia Gay Harden would wear when she gets an Oscar.

I guess I don't know fashion but I thought that pregnant silhouette was horrible. I think at least 3 of the gowns looked like pregnancy gowns. Karas was the worse - i loved her comment about adding pockets (like that matters).

by Miareply 18601/13/2012

[quote] If Sweet P did something as simple as a jacket to hide that hideous top, she would have stayed instead of April.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Or even if she used a different color. I was thinking that a white satin top with a nice structured shape, combined with the flowery pattern on the bottom, would have looked really elegant and sophisticated.

Add a small jacket on top of that, and you have an opera gown. Voila!

by Miareply 18701/13/2012

IIRC, Michael has a son.

by Miareply 18801/13/2012

r188, Michael has a son from a past relationship? He did say that his model was making him question his sexuality.

by Miareply 18901/13/2012

Michael's son is from a marriage into which he felt pressured by his family. As of the season he is on, he has a male partner, despite his family's objections.

One of the reasons this season moves along so quickly, and can focus on the clothes (more than really interests me) is that we know so much about the contestants right from the outset, so not a lot of time is wasted on exegesis. But what a friend we have in exegesis.

by Miareply 19001/14/2012

[quote]IIRC, Michael has a son.

Who's the father?

by Miareply 19101/14/2012

[quote]I don't know who's cock she's sucking to have even been asked to do an all-star season.


by Miareply 19201/14/2012

R190, I believe you're incorrectly using the word exegesis.

As I understand the word, it refers to a critical explanation of a text, and more specifically, a religious text.

I'm not sure what you mean by "not a lot of time is wasted on exegesis," but perhaps you could have used "backstory" or "background." It would probably also be less pretentious.

by Miareply 19301/14/2012

Because I have doctorates in both literature and semiotics, R193, I don't think that "pretentious" is quite the word. Go back to bed.

by Miareply 19401/14/2012

[quote] Because I have doctorates in both literature and semiotics, R193

Well, la di da.

by Miareply 19501/14/2012

Not denying your degrees r194 (I'm not r193), but your use the word twice in the same paragraph was very transparent:

You were trying to show off in some way.

I would have simply gone with "exposition", the actual literary term used for character/plot/setting background information.

by Miareply 19601/14/2012

"What a friend we have in exegesis" is a joke, dope.

by Miareply 19701/14/2012

Oh, OK.

by Miareply 19801/14/2012

I'm not a diehard fan of the show but I'm not missing Heidi, Tim or the old judges at ALL...

How come Michael and Tim didn't get along ?

Someone needs to tell Austin that silly thing on his lip needs to go...

by Miareply 19901/14/2012

Don't really understand the comment about Marsha Gay Harden, who is a MILF. And btw - this is what she wore when she won her Oscar - Randolph Duke, motherfucker.

by Miareply 20001/14/2012

Tim said he didn't have time to do All-Stars because taping coincided with the last season of PR. He also has that ABC daytime show coming up so maybe he was busy prepping for that. It was an interesting switch because All-Stars format has proven that Tim, Nina, Michael and Heidi are not central to the formula but rather the concept drives the series.

by Miareply 20101/14/2012

I love Tim - he is the only person I miss - but J. Coles has made useful commentary throughout.

And I love that the judges are not so bitchy - but the level of talent is much higher. Judging Anya and Co. can do that to you.

by Miareply 20201/14/2012

That's exactly what I was thinking, r200. I think they were referring to when she was pregnant with twins (and about to pop) at the Oscars though.

by Miareply 20301/14/2012

At the end of the episode this week, someone (I think it was the model/host, but I've deleted it now and can't go back to double check) said to the designers as they were dismissed from the runway "See you next week."

Did anyone else catch that?

Does that mean that they aren't doing challenges day after day in a row like during regular seasons of PR?

by Miareply 20401/14/2012

I hope they ask the designers to design a wedding dress. I don't think they've ever had that challenge before.

by Miareply 20501/14/2012

Cool wedding dress challenge in Season One, had to design each model's dream gown -- and Austin got stuck with nutty model who wanted crazy purple dress. Almost got him eliminated and then, ironically, he went on to work for Vera Wang's Wedding department.

One of the last episodes of season if you want to check it out.

by Miareply 20601/14/2012

A wedding gown challenge would be nice. And not one where they have to turn some divorced cougar's wedding dress into a pair of slacks.

by Miareply 20701/14/2012

They also had a bridesmaid challenge, which Kenley won.

by Miareply 20801/14/2012

R206, I think the dress was green but the entire concept was bad. Remember that train of fabric that looked like entrails? Kenley did that Balenciaga "inspired" wedding dress that would have also fit Austin's model's avant garde sensibilities.

by Miareply 20901/14/2012

Thank you R203. My feeble old brain inaccurately remembered Marcia winning with that Jiffy Pop blue gown. Apologies to the queen of Harlem and friend of the gays.

Looks like I lost 3 years somewhere

by Miareply 21001/14/2012

[quote]It was an interesting switch because All-Stars format has proven that Tim, Nina, Michael and Heidi are not central to the formula but rather the concept drives the series.

Eh, I don't know if I agree with that.

Viewers already knew the whole cast. It's their personalities that are driving this season.

If it was "the concept" that drove the series, the last two seasons wouldn't have been so shitty.

by Miareply 21101/14/2012

I wonder why Santino didn't compete this season?

by Miareply 21201/14/2012

I definitely miss Heidi and Tim, but the designers and their level of talent make up for it.

by Miareply 21301/14/2012

R211, I don't agree at all that the personalities are driving this season. The design is driving the season and that's what's making it so good.

We viewers might be familiar with the some, perhaps all of the cast, whatever hijinx they get into is secondary to the creation of a product. The last two seasons were so shitty because they got away from that idea. It was all about the drama and the extra 30 minutes a show wss all for that.

by Miareply 21401/14/2012

[quote] It was all about the drama and the extra 30 minutes a show wss all for that.

I miss the extra 30 minutes. I'd love to see more of the creative process and actual making of clothes with the all stars bunch.

by Miareply 21501/14/2012

Unless guaranteed a win, there was no real reason for people like Santino Rice or Laura Bennett to come back, risking losing a second time. And perhaps a guaranteed win was not possible, having been promised to someone else, e.g. Mondo. Or Austin.

by Miareply 21601/14/2012

The prizes are pretty cool and Santino already competed in that first All Star Special and lost. Nothing would be at stake for him since his highest profile gig has been as a judge for "Drag Race." He also had that series with Austin that bit the dust after one season.

by Miareply 21701/14/2012

Who won the first All-Star Special?

Lifetime had plans for an All-Star season featuring famous designers, but I guess that fell through. I'm sure the famous designers didn't like the idea of being critiqued by a panel of judges.

by Miareply 21801/14/2012

ha, yeah, R209, think I may be getting it mixed up with the purple ball gown that indeed got him kicked off -- the one for reporter broad at the Emmys (same tie dye print Santino used the next year).

In any case, that wedding challenge is worth revisiting for all just to see Heidi's open mouth recoil when the model walked out in it. Poor Austin had to pay for that, too, though he gave her what she wanted. Still makes me laugh.

(P.S. I could be wrong but she seems to have grown up a lot and God knows she is talented --so all you saying it's between Austin and Mondo may have a surprise coming when KENLEY takes it all. She sure has an eye and if I were a woman, I'd want to wear her cool retro designs. Dark horse alert. :)

by Miareply 21901/14/2012

The All Star special was won by Daniel V from Season 2.

Kenley won't win because her design sensibility doesn't fit with Neiman. That's such a big part of the prize that you know the judges won't allow someone with a more youth oriented approach like Kenley or Mondo to win it.

If there's a dark horse, I'd vote for Mila.

by Miareply 22001/14/2012

I agree, the level of contestants and their talent make up for any disadvantage. I would like to see another All-Star show, there other runner ups that could fill another show. (like Santino, Koto, Daniel, etc.)

by Miareply 22101/14/2012

PRAS is having an event at the Paley in NY on Thursday. But take a look at the designers who will be there. Spoilers or not?

I'd like the next season to be the No-Stars. All designers who were eliminated either first or second. I really think that could be interesting if it was stretched across an entire season.

by Miareply 22201/14/2012

[quote] I'd like the next season to be the No-Stars. All designers who were eliminated either first or second.

Oh, yes. Me me me me me me!!!!!

by Miareply 22301/14/2012

Late to the party. What an amazing episode. I actually liked (or liked something about) every single gown, even poor April's.

The "pregnant" silhouettes reminded me of a watteau line and I thought that was fresh, if inadvertent. Mondo's was the only one that made me gasp though. It was the most dramatic. That said, I loved Kenley's bow bodice (didn't like the shape of the skirt), loved Sweet P's and Kara's choice of print, loved Jerrell's, liked Anthony's plunging white v but it did rather highlight the clamp-on boobs of his model, appreciate the fitting skill that went into Austin's, and I even liked that pathetic Michael Costello's black feather number although someone pointed out that it owed a lot to McQueen.

Great episode.

by Miareply 22401/15/2012

[quote] I even liked that pathetic Michael Costello's black feather number although someone pointed out that it owed a lot to McQueen.

Steve or Butterfly?

by Miareply 22501/15/2012

My prediction for next episode is that Michael will start breaking down and crying again because of the 'pressure' after creating, in his mind, a masterpiece. He's a one-trick pony. Everything else he does this season will be shit, and he'll bitch and moan about it.

by Miareply 22601/15/2012

The winner will be a designer with a pretty and traditional aesthetic because the judges are Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi. And since the winner will get a small boutique within Neiman-Marcus, the designer's style must appeal to their luxe buyer.

Austin and Michael are probably the favorites.

by Miareply 22701/15/2012

[quote]All designers who were eliminated either first or second. I really think that could be interesting if it was stretched across an entire season.

Terrible idea.

by Miareply 22801/15/2012

Huge PR fan, but this All Stars season sucks donkeycock.

Huge bore. Although I love Johanna Coles. She is so chic and cool.

Even Kinley Cuntlings isn't fun anymore.


by Miareply 22901/15/2012

R229 = Josh from horrible season 9.

I hated the last season with those sub-par designers and a winner who made the same old design week after week. Anya would not last 4 episodes with this bunch. The judges threw sewing skills and execution out the door. I'm glad for a breath of fresh air---no bitchy Kors and snotty Nina.

by Miareply 23001/15/2012

R229 is the type who tunes into Runway wanting to see stereotypical reality show drama. Not to actually watch talented designers create fashion in a pinch. Not even hating on you, but I get if that is what you want you would be dissapointed.

[quote] And since the winner will get a small boutique within Neiman-Marcus, the designer's style must appeal to their luxe buyer.

I was thinking the same thing. Someone like Mondo is not really suited for a Neiman-Marcus boutique.

[quote]PRAS is having an event at the Paley in NY on Thursday. But take a look at the designers who will be there. Spoilers or not?

I doubt it, because I can't imagine all those designers outlasting Rami. But crazier things have happened.

by Miareply 23101/15/2012

I love that they're focusing on the actual work and challenge and NOT the fucking drama and back stories.

by Miareply 23201/15/2012

I liked how the judges didn't really say anything mean at the contestantants. You couldn't really tell who they didn't like...

by Miareply 23301/15/2012

This episode, especially, seemed way too short and kind of rushed. It was fun with Miss Piggy and nice that the designers played along. But everyone played to Piggy so much that it drew away from the usual bitchy tone. I guess they thought kids would be watching.

by Miareply 23401/19/2012

Okay, someone at Lifetime (or maybe Weinstein's company) deserves a raise -- because everything that has made this show seem dull the past few seasons is gone.

The challenges are fun and upscale and the contestants, even though they don't have much airtime, are likeable again and, more important, SO TALENTED that one can't guess the winner right away. (In the past, it was starting to be 10 dogs and 2 good/decent designs).

It has really gotten on track again (it's like "The Glee Project" of design shows), nothing but talented folks so the "loser" is relative and truly missed. And then one can stick around for the "24 Hour Catwalk" after and not be sorry; it also has its charms.

I'm glad they got their shit together again. I wasn't ready to give up on it yet.

by Miareply 23501/19/2012

I thought Rami should have won, his dress was fun and just incredibly festive.

I don't care for Michael's designs, they're too flashy.

by Miareply 23601/19/2012

I also think Rami should have won the "Miss Piggy" challenge. When Michael Costello's dress came out, my first thought was that it was way too short (especially for Miss Piggy, but like the designers, I will play along).

How the fuck Kara was safe, I do not understand. I thought her design was far worse than Mila's severe German look. And after Joanna Coles said that Gordana's dress looked like a nightgown, that was all I thought about when I saw it.

by Miareply 23701/19/2012

Gordana's dress is what Miss Piggy would wear in her boudoir, not on the red carpet.

With a feather boa and marabou slippers, of course.

by Miareply 23801/20/2012

Austin, Gordana, and Mila were the bottom three. I think at least Mila and Gordana would have been blasted if it wasn't a muppet challenge. Perhaps Austin and Kara too. Gordana's was a total nightgown. They had fun with Austin's hip bows. But I could see Piggy in both Michael's and Rami's outfits. Isn't she going to wear it to her Premiere? I'd love to see her in it, just out of curiosity.

by Miareply 23901/20/2012

[quote]I'd like the next season to be the No-Stars. All designers who were eliminated either first or second.

That would be no different than the regular PR since we never got to know the first time eliminated.

by Miareply 24001/20/2012

Rami's Miss Piggy dress was too "on the nose" and predictable. We've seen Piggy in versions of that dress hundreds of times.

by Miareply 24101/20/2012

Gordana wuz robbed!

by Miareply 24201/20/2012

And, yes, Michael Costello is looking adorable this season, including the opening credits -- and ESPECIALLY when he asked Miss Piggy if she "had a date". I know pro actors who couldn't have delivered it better.

Think I'm rooting for him now. Wanted it most before, wants it most now, has got the goods --and no Poison Ivy hag to berate him.

by Miareply 24301/20/2012

Have you all noticed how sweet and easy-going Kenley is the this season? She obviously wanted to get on the show to rebuild her image and it's working. At least so far.

Kara Janx is one of the nicest contestants ever and I enjoy watching and hearing her comments (laden with that heavy New Zealand accent) but she is NOT a good designer.

by Miareply 24401/20/2012

[quote]Have you all noticed how sweet and easy-going Kenley is the this season? She obviously wanted to get on the show to rebuild her image and it's working. At least so far.

I have. But I also wonder what the editors aren't showing us. With that many big personalities and only 42 minutes, we're not seeing much.

by Miareply 24501/20/2012

I'm sure it's just a matter of time until Kenley's true cuntiness comes out. It's still early in the season.

by Miareply 24601/20/2012

I don't want to see Kenley be a cunt, but it would be entertaining to see her make a major blunder judgement when she tried to make a Hip Hop outfit.

"It's Hip Hop!!!"

by Miareply 24701/20/2012

No, I think Kenley wised up and is not going to give the camera or the editors a moment of her looking cunty.

Can you imagine the reaction she got meeting people after her last season on PR?

by Miareply 24801/20/2012

Kenley sounds exactly like those Kardashian impersonations on SNL.

by Miareply 24901/20/2012

Kara Janx is South African, my friend.

by Miareply 25001/20/2012

Michael is shown twice saying, "I think that's the last we'll see of Austin Scarlett." first in episode one and episode three.

Michael seems to be wishing for Austin's departure.

by Miareply 25101/20/2012

Yeah, rather suspiciously Costello has said that twice -- and in the same tone, maybe even word for word. Never trust that stuff, he might've said it once, been pushed to say it in his backstage interview even, and they will use it all season to set up drama ("Will Austin leave?!")

Don't trust any reaction shots either like Costello looking on in dismay as Gordana's dress was critiqued or whatever. Unless both designers are in the same shot, they mix and match moments like that all the time. Michael could've been looking up at anybody.

Manipulated, granted, but still fun.

by Miareply 25201/20/2012

I don't get it, R250. Why would someone from South Africa have a New Zealand accent?

Michael Costello's aesthetic is fundamentally cheap. He does a good job of executing it, but those outfits are best suited for the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Speaking of which, why do so many of those housewives in every venue seem to wear evening wear so often? On so many occasions, they are shown in dazzling sunlight (if only because restaurants won't close for filming during more lucrative evening hours), dressed in cocktail clothes, accompanied by husbands dressed as thugs in NJ or in the calculatedly casual stuff the housewives' husbands wear in California. Is this a shopgirl's idea of how the wealthy behave? If so, is it Bravo's idea, or just the result of their own undereducated efforts to appear glamorous?

That, by the way, might be an explanation of the values that inform Michael's designs.

by Miareply 25301/20/2012

[quote]Michael Costello's aesthetic is fundamentally cheap... those outfits are best suited for the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I intensely disliked his last two dresses because of they have that Real Housewives look--garishly flashy. Why has he been in the top 3 lately and not Mondo?

by Miareply 25401/20/2012

Because Mondo's last 2 dresses were rather unimpressive.

I'm beginning to think that Mondo isn't as great as we thought he was. Maybe he just seemed amazing compared to that ugly bitch that won his season (forgot her name). But now that he's with a bunch of really talented designers, plus a new & improved Michael Costello, he's under-performing. I'm not rooting for him anymore. Both Michael & Rami have been consistently good so far, so for now I'm in their corners.

by Miareply 25501/20/2012

Heh, its been all of three episodes. One of which Mondo was the close runner up. It is always amusing how short American attention spans are.

Maybe I'll be wrong, but right now I still think Mondo is fundamentally one of the most talented and will go far.

by Miareply 25601/20/2012

Her accent is very typically South African. She doesn't sound kiwi at all.

by Miareply 25701/20/2012

kara janx bio.

I agree Michael Costello is pretty trashy.

by Miareply 25801/20/2012

I want Rami to win this. He would have won in any other season had it not been for Christian Soriano.

by Miareply 25901/20/2012

From what I understand, Kenley isn't even a designer anymore but fancies herself a singer.

by Miareply 26001/20/2012

Miss Piggy was the best judge they ever had on this train wreck of a show

by Miareply 26101/20/2012

I'd like to think Mondo is smart enough to realize that being an early, super-strong favorite of the judges would not necessarily be the best move for him. Then, he'd have to continually top himself and would end up being judged by different criteria than others.

I don't know that Mondo is smart enough to realize that, however.

Whatever happens, I'm on his side and hope to see him win this thing.

by Miareply 26201/20/2012

No comments on the twinky little blonde judge/TV stylist/costume designer who was making eyes at Piggy all night? He didn't seem terribly bright and made me actually miss Miss Isaac!

I must say that Georgina is coming through as a smart and fair judge. Her criticisms are always even-handed and sensitive and helpful. I wonder if she's prompted or if they're really her opinions?

by Miareply 26301/21/2012

[quote]I'm beginning to think that Mondo isn't as great as we thought he was. Maybe he just seemed amazing compared to that ugly bitch that won his season (forgot her name).


by Miareply 26401/21/2012

[quote] I'm beginning to think that Mondo isn't as great as we thought he was. Maybe he just seemed amazing compared to that ugly bitch that won his season

This thought crossed my mind when watching the show. However, I came to the conclusion that he's just in a different phase in his career.

I remember during his season, he had a lot of checkered and striped designs, along with Mexican themes.

Now, he seems to have moved in a different direction, that's more sophisticated and elegant. However, I don't think he does this aesthetic as well as he does funky and quirky.

Kenley seems to have the same design style, as does Michael.

April is TRYING to branch out from her typical black, but notice that the one time that she did (during the opera challenge), she failed miserably.

Rami is doing much less draping this season, and I was shocked that he didn't do it during the opera challenge. His first design was boxy and constructed (so NOT Rami!), and his opera challenge dress was a failure. It didn't flow at all, as his dresses used to.

Even Austin is foregoing his flowy, glamorous, and "sophisticated" evening gowns, and trying out different things. Not surprising, since he got eliminated the first time around, for doing the same thing over and over.

Anthony is still doing his pageant dress thing, but his eye for design seems to have gotten better.

I could never figure out Jerrell's aesthetic, but he seems to be into moomoos this season.

Mila is such a sourpuss, and her basic black is tiresome. Austin NAILED her design style, when he labeled it as "severe." That's Mila - severe in all respects.

From what I've seen so far, it looks like the finals might come down to Rami, Michael and Kenley. I've liked all of their designs so far, save for Rami's opera gown design.

I would have sent Mila home instead of Gordana.

[quote] No comments on the twinky little blonde judge/TV stylist/costume designer who was making eyes at Piggy all night?

He was very cute. I thought he was adorable in the way that he bantered with Miss Piggy, and I would love to see him co-host "The Fashion Show" with Iman.

by Miareply 26501/21/2012

Heidi's upcoming divorce probably explains why she's not judging this show.

by Miareply 26601/21/2012

I loved Mila's dress. And Miss Piggy would have rocked it. They get upset that Rami was too predictable, but then can't think out of the box enough to see Miss Piggy rocking a Twiggy outfit? For shame!

As for the banter with Miss Piggy ... I felt so awkward like when you have outgrown Santa Claus but still, for the sake of your elderly grandma, have to pretend that you BELIEVE! And frankly, unless you are a comedian, don't try to pull off comedy on TV. It's not funny. It's not even cute. Ridiculous? Yes. Cute? Not by a long shot.

I also agree that quite possibly we have found a replacement for Tim Gunn that I would be able to live with. Especially when she is not forced by the producers to gush over the most mediocre of designs and pretend that they are new, innovative and fashion forward (all in the same breath...)

by Miareply 26701/21/2012

[quote]Heidi's upcoming divorce probably explains why she's not judging this show.

As has been stated here repeatedly, the other cast is filming Season 9 concurrently. They're busy.

by Miareply 26801/21/2012

I predict that it will be very difficult for Heidi and the old PR judging team to have to come up to the standards of the new PRAS judging team.

by Miareply 26901/21/2012

r265 I agree with absolutely everything you wrote except for your spelling of muu muus.

by Miareply 27001/21/2012

I still feel that the Tim Gunn mentoring role should have gone to someone who can be there at all the stressful times where support is needed and also to serve as referee, which Tim does. Not just to make an appearance for a couple of hours during the sewing stretch.

Clearly Miss Marie Claire is far too busy to show up at Mood or come blow the end whistle, leaving the designers themselves to scream "times up! we gotta leave!" to each other. That takes away quite a bit from competitive nature of the show by blurring accuracy and impartiality. It also leaves the deigners to their own devices for far too long.

by Miareply 27101/21/2012

It's only a matter of time before Miss Marie Claire will have to deliver a well-deserved smackdown to Kuntley. I can't wait.

by Miareply 27201/21/2012

I've completely loved Kenley's opera and Miss Piggy dress but how long can she continue doing the tulle? I think she has an incredible career as a youth designer, prom maybe even bridal. As posted above, her unconventional wedding gown was spectacular and it has influenced everything she's put forth since. However, to win, she has to show more age range since the prize is a boutique in select NMs. The final three, I think, are Austin, Michael and Rami. Even though I liked it, I thought Rami's dress looked like something the Pointer Sisters would have worn during their 70s thrift shop couture era.

by Miareply 27301/21/2012

Mondo will never be successful as a designer because he's a sad sack. Fashion is about fun and glamour. Coming out as hiv+ was the dumbest thing he could have possibly done. It was career suicide.

by Miareply 27401/21/2012

Miss Piggy rocks!

by Miareply 27501/21/2012

[quote]Mondo will never be successful as a designer because he's a sad sack. Fashion is about fun and glamour. Coming out as hiv+ was the dumbest thing he could have possibly done. It was career suicide.

Well, dressing like Mickey Mouse will surely not help your career either.

by Miareply 27601/21/2012

[quote]Have you all noticed how sweet and easy-going Kenley is the this season? She obviously wanted to get on the show to rebuild her image and it's working. At least so far

It was reported that Kenley was "horrified" by her actions when she watched her season on TV.

by Miareply 27701/21/2012

Mondo does look depressed all the time. He doesn't seem to have fun with the rest of the designers.

by Miareply 27801/21/2012

[quote]Mondo does look depressed all the time. He doesn't seem to have fun with the rest of the designers.

He mentioned in an interview that he went through a big break up right before coming on the show and was depressed.

by Miareply 27901/21/2012

R279, he was depressed all through his first season on the show, too.

by Miareply 28001/21/2012

I wonder how Ivy felt? She was way worse than Kenley and was the most unpopular PR contestant ever.

by Miareply 28101/21/2012

Austin Scarlett has no taste. That dress of his was the worst but they let him stay because he's a 'personality'.

Most of the contestants have the same attitude that they did on that All-Stars Special, like they were betrayed by the camera once and they're not taking any chances this time.

This show is kind of dull but I appreciate the lack of manufactured drama, inspirational dead relatives and truly untalented contestants.

by Miareply 28201/21/2012

The Marie Claire editor visits just as much as Tim Gunn does. The contestants all said that she was helpful and insightful. She confers with each one for a fairly long time 15-30 minutes, but obviously it all ends up on the cutting floor because of time limitations. Bravo used to post extended judging and extended Tim time videos online, but I am not sure if Lifetime does that as well.

by Miareply 28301/21/2012

I hate myself for even saying this, but Rami's dress was totally Miss Piggy. It fit the challenge and who she is. He should have easily won. I was surprised Michael won. I never thought he'd be anywhere near the top three.

If the challenge was about who completely missed the mark by creating something Miss Piggy would never wear, Kara and Mila would have both been in the bottom two. Mila should have gone home over Gordana. Her dress, besides being nothing particularly fun or Miss Piggy-like, didn't look all that well constructed.

by Miareply 28401/21/2012

Of course Austin's dress was ludicrous. Then again, he was designing for a pig. Granted, he missed the mark, but it's not as though he were proposing those hip bows be worn by a human. Rami's was right on the money, but it probably seemed like a bad idea to give him two wins so close together.

by Miareply 28501/21/2012

The 3 finalists will be Rami, Mondo and either Michael or Austin. No women finalists this time!

I predict that Rami will be the winner.

by Miareply 28601/21/2012

The dress Rami made was not suitable for a red carpet movie premier. Yes it was absolutely a good dress for Miss Piggy, but I completely get why the judges gave Michael the win. My comments actually matches what the judges said, so kudos to them.

Rami supposedly gets eliminated early in the season according to unconfirmed spoilers, given what we have seen so far I have a hard time believing that even if he messes up for a challenge, but we'll see.

by Miareply 28701/21/2012

"The dress Rami made was not suitable for a red carpet movie premier."

That was not the brief. The challenge was design a cocktail dress to wear promoting the movie.

Poor Gordana. When she mentioned "comfortable to wear" I wonder if she meant comfortable for the puppeteer.

Curious to see how Michael's winning dress and that folderol on the bodice scales to Miss Piggy's size. Apparently it's not made an appearance yet.

by Miareply 28801/21/2012

If that's true, that really sucks, R287.

by Miareply 28901/21/2012

I noticed that J.Coles is not there at the end, comforting the loser and saying "we'll miss you" before telling them to clean up their spaces.

by Miareply 29001/22/2012

I for one am happy that Joanna Coles is NOT there as much as Tim Gunn and doesn't simper over everyone in the manner that Tim has taken to in the last several seasons.

I was his biggest fan initialy but have lately found him to be tedious and tiresome and phony (though I'm willing to concede that may be due to heavy censorship and editing on PR's part).

I'm just finding the simplicity and directness of all the new adults on the show very refreshing. Even Isaac seems appropriately reined in and more humane and fair.

by Miareply 29101/22/2012

Fuck you people and your spoilers without warnings!! Godammit, how many times does it have to be said that most of us don't want to be spoiled. Fucking asswipe.

by Miareply 29201/22/2012


by Miareply 29301/22/2012

People who complain about spoilers in a thread about a TV show have got to be some of the dumbest, more tiresome people on the internet.

The rest of us shouldn't have to spend any time remembering to add in extra spaces or type "SPOILERS" in all-caps just because you stupidly decided to read a thread about a show you're not caught up on.

by Miareply 29401/22/2012

R294 - I think people are talking about the *possible* Rami spoiler, which I hope is wrong.

by Miareply 29501/22/2012

Sorry, I posted the Rami spoiler. I didn't spoiler warn it simply because it is really nothing more than a rumor.

by Miareply 29601/22/2012

r295, that wasn't a spoiler. It's a rumor, and even the person posting it admitted as such. You can go through any reality competition thread and find the exact same - and often wrongheaded - rumormongering and faux spoilers. Unless someone comes along with specific insider info, why would anyone get upset about something as vague as "I heard a rumor that Rami gets eliminated early?"

I heard an "unconfirmed spoiler" that Michael Costello goes postal halfway through the season and kills Mondo with a pair of scissors.

Ooops! Sorry, girls! I should have put a SPACE in!

by Miareply 29701/22/2012

All spoilers are unconfirmed until they happen morons. Spoiler space is just common courtesy and the jerk should have put it up there.

by Miareply 29801/22/2012

Oh sorry, R296, I didn't see your post. I'll say it nicely. Please put spoiler space even for unconfirmed rumors.

by Miareply 29901/22/2012

Seriously, what kind of asshole complains about something like this on a gossip site, in a thread about this particular show? Either you're new here, you're retarded, or your a pissy little control freak queen.

I'm betting on the 3rd option.

by Miareply 30001/22/2012

No, I'm not new here, R300. I'm not asking people to lift a fucking car. Spoiler space just isn't that difficult to do. Unless you're retarded or a pissy little control freak queen. I'm betting the first option.

by Miareply 30101/22/2012







Peaches comes back as a "helper" for the final round & garrottes Mondo. You heard it here first!

by Miareply 30201/22/2012

A spoiler is a revelation of something that is not common knowledge. That there is a rumor to one effect or another is not a spoiler; it is merely an invitation to conjecture.

Once the episodes have aired, information about them does not constitute a spoiler. Nor do unsubstantiated rumors. No courtesy has been breached here. The self-righteousness is misplaced.

by Miareply 30301/22/2012

I found what are allegedly photos from the movie's premiere, and Miss Piggy did not wear the winning dress.

by Miareply 30401/22/2012

Link please to the pictures.

by Miareply 30501/22/2012

r304: I found what are allegedly photos from the movie's premiere, and Miss Piggy did not wear the winning dress.

r288: That was not the brief. The challenge was design a cocktail dress to wear promoting the movie.

by Miareply 30601/22/2012

R306 is completely correct, but I'd like to think that she DID wear Michael Costello's sleazy dress, but there was a wardrobe malfunction, causing four or five of her nipples to come into full view of the assembled crowd.

by Miareply 30701/23/2012

[quote]All spoilers are unconfirmed until they happen morons.

Wrong. They are everything but rumor. They are factual statements made after witnessing filming and revealing content and/or viewing in some geo areas and revealing content to people in other areas.

They are NEVER based on rumor. Therefore the poster was completely in his right to post - in all places a gossip web site - what constitutes gossip - a rumor.

For real spoilers, go to the Downton Abbey thread and watch how a hyserical Brit posts about 15 moments of season two in all-cap vitriol, just to piss off critics and speculators. Of course, all that could be avoided if one watches the episodes already available online

by Miareply 30801/24/2012

Gordana's nightgown was ghastly and she deserved to go.

Michael Costello (as he did in his season) gets on my nerves. He's a total fucking phony and is really playing the reality tv game. Hopefully the producers are not too dumb to realise that this time. That dress was something a hostess would wear in a "gentleman's club".

Austin is so entertaining. Rami needs to really design. Atlanta needs to step it up, he's had a nice moment or two. It will be awesome if Kenley's mask slips.

by Miareply 30901/26/2012

In Battle Caftan, Mondo was robbed!

Seriously, Michael's pink caftan looked like a frau's bathrobe. Mondo's was still a caftan, but the colors were striking and unusual, and it looked like an actual dress!

The rest are unworthy of mention.

by Miareply 31001/26/2012

Mondo was robbed, because he dressed ridiculously tonight.

by Miareply 31101/26/2012

Mondo totally was robbed.

Michael's look wasn't bad, as it had a real Halston flait to it, but it wasn't anywhere near as creative as what Mondo did.

Also, I'm starting to wonder if Austin is holding back. He knows the show would never kick him out early, right? I just feel like he hasn't really blown me away yet.

by Miareply 31201/26/2012

Lordie, did I get it wrong tonight... I thought Austin's dress was stunning, a very classy take on vanilla, the winner. And that Mila was going home with that hideous red and white thing that looked sewed in the dark.

Wasn't even close on either count!

(But, then, that's what makes this season good. That and the fact that I tear up and actually miss the people who get kicked off -- like tonight).

by Miareply 31301/26/2012

"that hideous red and white thing ", I so agree, yet the judges loved it...go figure. I didn't like either one of the caftans. Would someone plese tell Mondo to quit dressing like some freak. He can't possibly this he looks good.

by Miareply 31401/27/2012

I LOVED Mondo's caftan. The other was pretty but not as wonderful to me. I thought Kara should have gone with that ridiculous pregnant cuppycake atrocity.

by Miareply 31501/27/2012

I can't Michael. He's the ultimate kiss-ass, suck-up, hypocrite. He is a good designer. And a real creep.

by Miareply 31601/27/2012

Poor April - I'll miss her!

by Miareply 31701/27/2012

Michael's caftan was horrendous. It was so dated and funny looking. Jerrel sucks but he called it when he referred to Michael's dress as a choir robe.

Kara should have gone over April and Mila's looked like it was sewn by a ten year old.

by Miareply 31801/27/2012

"He is a good designer. And a real creep"

I feel exactly the opposite. He's a friend of my ex who says he's a sweetheart. But good designer? Not so sure about that one. I remember seeing his dresses when he had a shop in Palm Springs. What the hell is that, I thought. I think he's a one trick pony.

But, I thought the work by Michael and Mondo for this round looked good. Mondos, IMHO was superb, but was lessened by the belt. Michael's was also good, but the necklace was distracting.

But Mondo surprised, and Michael was, well, Michael.

by Miareply 31901/27/2012

All the dresses in this challenge looked bad. Michael's looked like a satin robe. Mila's looked hideous. She made chiffon look like a potato sack. Rami's was odd looking, but his wife beater made up for it. And I don't understand why Jerrell is never at the bottom. His clothes and taste are horrible. Maybe it was the fact that they only had 6 hours, but this challenge blew.

by Miareply 32001/27/2012

I wish Anthony's origami pistachio dress was done with just a bit more finesse....I think it would have won. It was the best design with the worst execution.

Also preferred Austin's white number and Kenley's pink print girly frock though neither of them ushed any envelopes. But both were better than the 2 finalists IMHO.

Jerrell is sweet but his designs each week are just awful. He and Kara have no eye for design and just reek of bad taste.

And Rami in that dark singlet.....woof!

by Miareply 32101/27/2012

Rami's shoulders were inspirational, if inexplicably shiny. Enough to make me passionate about draping.

by Miareply 32201/27/2012

I loved Austin's vanilla dress and surprised it didn't even make the top ten, what's up with these judges esp Miranda Kerr--the girl babbled something idiotic about breast-feeding and Michael's dress. Mondo should have won over that rag.

by Miareply 32301/27/2012

[quote]I loved Austin's vanilla dress and surprised it didn't even make the top ten

With only 10 designers it most certainly did.

by Miareply 32401/27/2012

I meant top 3! Dammit, auto-correct!

by Miareply 32501/27/2012

I liked Mila's dress this week and that's a first. I've hated everything else she's done. I like to see examples of color blocking.

I liked the two prints that Jerrell picked out. I vaguely remember the dress--it had some weird lattice work at the neckline, but I thought he was top three just because the print combo would be attractive to DVF.

Kenley's dress was cute and well made but everyone is designing up this season and she's doing day dresses.

Michael Costello = SoCal Dowager.

Mondo = robbed.

by Miareply 32601/28/2012

Although I wanted Mondo to win for for a playful enough visual with his trademark unpredictable color/pattern matching, I have to admit Michael executed wonderfully in 6 hours!

His design may look trite to some but really isn't when you think of the theme. There was a grapefruit representation in there, centered at the model's waistline, and easily visible when she opened her arms.

by Miareply 32701/28/2012

That was a grapefruit the size of a tumor.

by Miareply 32801/28/2012

Not a fan of Mila but I did like her dress, unlike most of you.

However, it was really undone by it's heavy black and metallic belt and shoes. That bitch can't stay away from black, can she?

How old is he? If you told me 60, I wouldn't flinch.

by Miareply 32901/28/2012

Once again I must applaud the judges for their even-handed comments and constructive criticism. I'm really impressed by their sensitivity and hope Heidi, Michael and Nina are paying attention. They don't really hold back and disagree with each other but express themselves civilly and I'm even learning a few things about design.

I won't include Miranda Kerr (whoever she is) in that praise, however. She didn't offer much of anything and I seriously doubt she'll want to wear Michael's puce caftan anywhere any time soon, as it's so much more suitable for a woman 3 times her age.

by Miareply 33001/28/2012

I just caught up with the last episode and I am confused by the judges. I didn't like any of the outfits but Rami's at the very least was interesting. What confused me is that their criticism and praise were about the same thing. They like Mondo's color choice because it was such literal interpretation but they hated Kara's because it was so literal? The truth was his was just visually more appealing because he understands colors and patterns and has always demonstrated that understanding, and Kara is just not as talented and has done nothing great since the last time she was on PR. She was even on that Sundance show On The Line where the guy who is an editor of some fashion magazine (Elle?) tries to help struggling designers. Even he liked her kimono dress best, which means that even he didn't think she produced anything worthy in the last few years.

Michael's dress was so old looking. But I think it looked "expensive" which is what they always praise. He also relied on draping, which meant he managed to have a more finished look in 6 hours. All I could think of when I saw it was ELDERGAY! EARRINGS! CAFTAN!

by Miareply 33101/28/2012

But I think a defense of the judges' color appraisal/criticism could be made in that Mondo had pretty colors as inspiration whereas Kara did not (brown going into red----eeek!). It takes a smart designer to know when to be literal and when not.

by Miareply 33201/28/2012

I like Michael, but his caftan looked like something Mama would wear to cruise prison meat in.

by Miareply 33301/28/2012

Miranda Kerr is the "top model" that had a bastard baby with Orlando Bloom. Of course they had to include a reference to the darling leech.

by Miareply 33401/28/2012

R332 that's exactly my point. Her problem was not that she was literal, though that was the criticism. He problem was her limited talent as demonstrated by a poor design and poor color sense and questionable taste.

by Miareply 33501/28/2012

Well then, why are you confused by the judging r335?

by Miareply 33601/28/2012

r336 - I assume r335 does not have a problem with the judging, just the reasons they use to justify their decisions, which at times seem contradictory.

I.e. - Kara deserved to go, but perhaps it was not right to state because she was literal, since that's apparently the very same reason Mondo deserved a top two, according to the judges.

But someone else brought a valid point - there are times when literal works, and there are times when it doesn't.

At Project Runway, the only quality that never seems to be acceptable is "matronly" (yet look at the top two this week - you just can't call them that). Taste levels (Miss Piggy challenge) and execution (8-hour challenges or last-minute twists), compromising artistry/integrity (client challenges), and lack of originality ("inspired by" challenges hosted geared towards a fashion icon) can all at times find exception for forgiveness.

by Miareply 33701/28/2012

I just wish they would have a segment called "And now a moment to look at Rami." He is so hot! They must have straight cameramen because I think gay cameramen would be showing Rami's bod all rhe time and these straight cameramen hardly ever show him.

by Miareply 33801/29/2012

And Rami never seems to be interviewed much for his one-on-one comments on the other contestants.

I do wish he would stop shaving his head and also either shave all the facial hair off or let it all grow out. I hate those mini mustache and soul patchy kinds of things he does to his face. Or would he be bald if he grew out his hair?

by Miareply 33901/29/2012

ha, I was just wondering the same thing about Rami, totally random... but there was a shot of his head and clearly there is tons of hair there, no pattern baldness. Wonder what he would look like with hair -- curly? Straight? Any pics out there?

He has had that look since we met him so must be a reason.

Still a great designer too. Kind of surprised he isn't huge yet. Tough biz, I guess, but if I were a woman, I'd sure want his draping and his eye.

by Miareply 34001/29/2012

I thought Rami would be bigger than he is. He only lost his season because he competed against Christian Siriano who seems to be the most successful Project Runway winner/contestant ever.

Rami said something about "fighting for his business"....I also noticed that his website is no longer available. Is he having financial problems?

by Miareply 34101/29/2012

Jack Mackenroth is a lot better looking than Rami, and he has a much better body, too. I wish they had asked Jack to come back instead.

by Miareply 34201/29/2012

[quote]Jack Mackenroth is a lot better looking than Rami, and he has a much better body, too. I wish they had asked Jack to come back instead.

With the purse that falls out of his mouth every time he opens it, Jack is better suited for "Project Accessory."

by Miareply 34301/29/2012

R343, does it strike you as even slightly ironic that someone interested enough to remember all of the contestants on Project Runway is mocking one of them for being effeminate? Aren't we supposed to transcend such bigotry?

I shall take my own advice, rather than suggest that you get your head out of your asshole, which is most likely playing to packed houses already. I don't say things like that because I, sir or madam, am a lady.

by Miareply 34401/29/2012

Rami is a much better designer than Jack. That's why he's there, end of story.

by Miareply 34501/29/2012

And the shoulders. Don't forget the shoulders. Can't.

I wonder whether his contract requires sleeveless shirts.

by Miareply 34601/30/2012

Based solely on this week's designs, Michael deserved to go. But this is when you cash in on your track record, and no matter how much the show tries to emphasize on the "one day you're in, the next day you're out" sound bite, the reality is that a laureled designer's atrocity is always favored over a mid-pack designer's banality.

by Miareply 34702/02/2012

Okay, bring it on, I know I'll get one of those Jackee "Mary!" things and no doubt deserve it -- but actually found myself tearing up at who went home tonight.

(Yes, it's connected to otherwise rough week, no doubt, but whatever... I like so many of these people and want them all to be hugely successful as they deserve to be. And that probably won't happen).

Alright, Jackee, lemme have it.

by Miareply 34802/02/2012

They sent the wrong one home. Jerrell's design was embarrassing.

by Miareply 34902/02/2012

I'll miss Anthony just for how freaking funny he can be.

by Miareply 35002/02/2012

[quote] Michael's dress was so old looking. But I think it looked "expensive" which is what they always praise. He also relied on draping, which meant he managed to have a more finished look in 6 hours. All I could think of when I saw it was ELDERGAY! EARRINGS! CAFTAN!

Michael was designing for his audience. Nobody says old-looking earrings and caftans, but DIANE VON FURSTENBURG. And seeing as how she is his "idol," it's no wonder that dress came out looking like it did.

[quote] I do wish he would stop shaving his head and also either shave all the facial hair off or let it all grow out. Or would he be bald if he grew out his hair?

During Rami's original season (if I'm not mistaken), during Tim's visits to the hometowns of the final three, some pictures were shown of Rami in his younger days, and his hair is really curly. I have a feeling that if he grew his hair out, it would look like an afro.

Anyway, I didn't care for the designs in this challenge. The material they had to work with was horrid and cheap, and the clothes ended up looking horrid and cheap.

The only designs I ended up liking were (surprisingly) Anthony's, Austin's, Rami's, and Kenley's.

I didn't care much for Mondo's shorts and jacket. The patterns were strange, the arrow designed material on the back of the shorts pointed straight to the model's a-hole, and I didn't like the hole on the back of the top. But then again, I've never cared much for Mondo's aesthetic. In my opinion, his clothes are sort of gaudy.

Michael's outfit was a disaster. He most definitely should have gone home with that leotard monstrosity. It was wrong in every way.

Jerell's outfit was alright, but I agree with the judges that there was just too much going on. Too, too much.

I actually would have picked Austin's outfit for the win. The jacket was very detailed, and the whole look was very chic. It was one of the few things I saw going down the runway that seemed in the least bit wearable.

Rami's could have won, but I agree with the hot (gay?) hockey player that the hat was trying too hard.

There was nothing wrong with Anthony's outfit. If he met the parameters of the challenge, he would have been in the top 3, so I can't see how he got sent home. Michael's outfit was clearly the worst - rules or no rules.

And what about Kara? Are designers allowed to sew an entire piece for another designer? That seems unfair and against the rules. If this was the other Project Runway, you just know that Tim would have barged into the workroom and called Kara out on that. It actually seems like a bigger infraction than Anthony's, so why wasn't Kara in the bottom 3?

I'm totally over Mila's designs. They ALL look the same. Black, black, and more black leggings, boots and jackets. Seriously, how many of these retreads can she do, before getting called out for it?

The only good female designer left, is Kenley.

I hope the show starts getting back to straightforward designing. The contestants seem to do their best work when the challenges are about traditional design. The "take the clothes off of someone's back or ass, and make a classic evening gown out of it" type of challenges are just too gimmicky.

by Miareply 35102/02/2012

[quote]If he met the parameters of the challenge, he would have been in the top 3, so I can't see how he got sent home.

Because he didn't meet the parameters of the challenge. It was only mentioned about three times, including statements like "I don't see how we can even judge him."

In other words, he cheated - not in an unethical way like Kara (too bad the judges, or even Marie Claire Editor, are prone to miss that), but in his refusal to follow instructions - especially when he was the one designer who, thanks to his personality which can literally charm the pants off of practically anyone, had the most fabric to work with.

Speaking of which, notice how he didn't have to pay that gorgeous guy a cent to get his pants and get to see him almost naked? Granted it was obvious the guy was an exhibitionist (I was too, when I had that kind of a body a decade ago!), but he still looked happy to oblige.

by Miareply 35202/03/2012

A matter of vital importance, affecting the quality of the design seen on the show: is Austin losing his hair?

Is his forehead rising so fast that he now feels the need to affect a comb over? Please reply as soon as possible, with details and photographs, if possible.

by Miareply 35302/03/2012

[quote] notice how he didn't have to pay that gorgeous guy a cent to get his pants and get to see him almost naked? Granted it was obvious the guy was an exhibitionist (I was too, when I had that kind of a body a decade ago!), but he still looked happy to oblige.

Plus, Austin Scarlett said he got that guy's phone number. What a bitch!

by Miareply 35402/03/2012

Still, Anthony should get some kind of Hall of Fame award for getting a hot guy to take his pants off on camera.

I'll really miss Anthony.

by Miareply 35502/03/2012

Something about Michael seems so insincere, so phony. Just can't stand him. But Anthony was great -- funny and real, and it's a shame he's leaving.

Kara is a mess, and she doesn't belong there. The contest really seems to come down to Mondo with his child's clothes, Rami with his huge arms, and Austin with his creepy eyelashes pasted between his lips and his nose.

by Miareply 35602/03/2012

I knew Michael was going to make Anthony's elimination all about him and right on cue he began crying harder than Anthony and making that stupid face he does whenever he's trying to be dramatic.

How the hell has Jerrell snuck by so far? His personality is kind of boring and his clothes have been downright horrible. Each week he sends a ridiculous costume down the runway. Check out the dress he made for Miss Piggy. It looked like something a saloon girl wore while escaping a fire and this week's outfit was Carmen Miranda as a stripper. Though I must admit his clothes always make me cackle.

by Miareply 35702/03/2012

Jerell's outfit looked like the model tried to squeeze into a piñata and it burst all over her.

by Miareply 35802/03/2012

R348, You know that the exclamation "Mary!" pre-dates Jackee, right? Right?

by Miareply 35902/03/2012

I agree about the inattention to the beauty that is Rami. We get more screen time devoted to Michael and Jerel than we do to the hottest contestant ever to appear on this damn show. Fuck producers get with the program!

by Miareply 36002/03/2012

The Chorus Line type picture at the top in the link has made me re-evaluate the designers'physical proportions: either Austin and Mila are very tall or Rami is short & stocky ... with Michael practically a midget.

Anyone know?

by Miareply 36102/03/2012

God how I HATE Austin's moustache. It's disgusting looking.

by Miareply 36202/03/2012

I can't get to the moustache R362, I'm too freaked out by his eyes. Is that plastic surgery that makes them look like that? I don't think they close.

by Miareply 36302/03/2012

Kind of a lackluster episode except for the dude stripping out of his shorts for Anthony in Union Square Park.

The only aspect of the series that's really bugging me is the producers clearly making a decision for the judges on who their bottoms and tops will be for each episode.

And who is this Sean Avery? No comments here about him? Did I understand it correctly....he's a hockey player and a fashion designer?! Is he purportedly staright?

by Miareply 36402/04/2012

I like Jerell's work. He has a really strong point of view and you can tell something is designed by him with each challenge. I think, in view of past seasons, that is something that the judges like more than anything. They will let someone with bad skills move on, if the garment is showing a POV and is not boring. It's only at the end when you have the very top that taste becomes more of an issue. Jerrel and Anthony both have taste issues, but Jerell has a more interesting and stronger style so he stays.

Kara is a mess, but contestants have been allowed to receive help from their friends if they can get it, and that has been true of PR from season one. So she will get by until she doesn't get any help and falls on her face. She has some talent, but she seems too insecure to hold her own.

Kenley is still annoying but at least she is more self aware this season, so she keeps her annoying habits in check. It might make for less drama, but I for one am grateful for a season with more design issues and less drunken meltdowns.

Austin seems to work too hard to please the judges and he gets boring. But I LOVED the what he made for the last challenge. From head to toe is was perfect.

Rami is finally showing that he is capable of creating something modern and well made. But, like his finale collection demonstrated, I really think that he may be color blind. You cannot explain his choice of color combinations in any other way. You can't even blame it on his Middle Easter background, because they sure know how to play with colors and patterns.

I loved Mondo's as well. He also has a very specific point of view so he will go far in this season. I thought Austin should have won, and I think the decision to give it to Mondo was to keep him motivated and us anticipating. If they gave it to Austin again people would speculate that the judges have something against Mondo.

Michael is annoyingly talented. Serious skills, comes up with some very beautiful dresses, but I doubt I could survive more than an hour in the same room with him.

I also really like Mila and I love that she can stay true to herself, and still fulfill the brief each week. She also has killer skills. Those pants were awesome.

Although I can't really complain about the judges' decision to date, I still don't understand their criticisms. They tell Austin that there was too much stuff on his jacket. Really? Like runways are not filled with garments that have too much on them for the show, but are modified before they are sent to the stores? And the criticism for Michael also did not make sense. I didn't like what he made, but it wasn't because it was too skimpy on the runway. Fashion Week is full of these swimsuit looking things we are supposed to read as short shorts. How would Lady Gaga survive without them? Criticize it for being ugly with a bad boob fit, but not for being too short. It's as though none of them had been to a runway show in the last 10 years.

by Miareply 36502/04/2012

An absolute travesty! Anthony's outfit was beautiful and Jerell's acid trip ensemble fit only for backpacking through Bangkok should never have been given a pass. In fact, every single thing Jerell has "designed" has been a disgrace.

Loved Kenley's dress, Mondo's was cute but not my thing, Austin's was well-crafted and Michael's was a total disaster. He really should have gone home for that.

r356 I agree. In fact, I get a manipulative psychopath vibe from him. I know that sounds extreme but I felt it in his season and it seems so obvious to me. His fake "I'm sorry" and forced crying and humility on the runway continuing on backstage where he made Anthony leaving all. about. him.

by Miareply 36602/04/2012

I'd just like to give thanks to that hung, hottie exhibitionist for getting his shorts off in the park, yum1 For that you deserve a huge well done, Anthony.

by Miareply 36702/04/2012

If they didn't send Michael home for that 1940s swimsuit thing, then it’s obvious that they want to keep certain personalities on the show all season long. So why not keep the hilarious Anthony, to keep the show fun until the competition gets deadly serious? Jerell certainly gave them their chance to eliminate an undeserving contestant who doesn’t add as much to the show, with that ghastly belly-baring outfit that didn’t even alter the lady’s hippie skirt. Really, he cut the skirt off her dress, and added a waistband, not much creativity there.

I would have given Austin the win, that snazzy black-and-gold outfit was much more attractive and wearable than Mondo’s. I would have given Kinley second place, but the judges have been ignoring her.

by Miareply 36802/04/2012

A few comments on the last episode:

Austin was robbed, his design was clearly the best, even though I loved Mondo's design too.

Anthony's design was awful, boring, ugly, execution of the top was crocked and horrible. He deserved to be in the bottom 3, not because he missed the challenge, but because it was fucking ugly. Jerrell should have been sent home though. WTF was that?!?! I am baffled. It was SO UGLY.

I might be in the minority, but I actually liked Michael's design. I thought it was flirty and fun, ok, so it was a bit short, but so what? Like "the average girl" would even wear 95 % of what they make.. please. The design was good, I think it's unfair to say that no girl would wear it. Besides.. I definitely don't think he deserved to be in the bottom 2, Jerrell should have been there instead of him. He clearly wasn't top 3 material this week, but I think he should have been in "safe group", not the bottom 2.. Kara should have probably been in the bottom 3 instead of Michael, just my opinion.. I didn't like what she made this week.

Last but not least.. and it kills me to say this because I really can't stand that bitch, but the dress Kenley made was a lot of fun and I liked it. She could have even made the top 3 imo, but then again.. she would have bumped out one of the guys, and I don't know who that would be.. Mondo, Austin and Rami all deserved to be there this week.

by Miareply 36902/04/2012

I loved Kenley's dress. I think she should have been top three.

Jerrell far and away was THE worst. When he was predicting a top three for himself I thought for sure he was a goner.

The hot guy in the shorts who *allegedly* gave Austin his phone number was a hooker, right?

Sean fucking Avery? Really? I'd say he dials a phone with a pencil, but I'd really be surprised if he knew what a pencil was.

by Miareply 37002/04/2012

Am I the only one who thinks the guy in the park was just arranged for the show? Clearly Anthony would never have asked for jeans, let alone short ones, since it's simply not his esthetics. And what guy in his right mind, even in NYC, would risk getting arrested for starting to undress in the middle of a park crawling with cops. I mean they had a makeshift changing room, but he undressed right then and there. Totally staged. I think the rest were probably authentic, but the producers felt they needed some sex appeal.

by Miareply 37102/04/2012

The guy stripped to his briefs. Not a crime in NY.

by Miareply 37202/04/2012

I wish they had brought the stripped guy in the park (staged or not!) back to judge the competition.

by Miareply 37302/04/2012

I agree with R356 and R366.

Even though Austin looks like a blonde, freaked out Hitler, I find Mondo's looks even more disturbing. I really have a difficult time looking him. He has s freakishly big head and face, no neck and pencil-thin limbs. Ugh.

by Miareply 37402/04/2012

Anthony's remark that Kenley was loud and when a black person says you're loud, you're too damn loud, sounded like it was made before the challenge but the editors held it for his demise.

by Miareply 37502/04/2012

Why didn't Anthony use his muse material for part of the top or even a sash? I agree, Jerrell's look was the worse but Anthony disregarded the rules. Gonna miss his hilarity.

by Miareply 37602/04/2012

[quote]Even though Austin looks like a blonde, freaked out Hitler, I find Mondo's looks even more disturbing. I really have a difficult time looking him. He has s freakishly big head and face, no neck and pencil-thin limbs. Ugh.

I think it has to do with the way he dresses. Either, he's wearing mini shorts or a dress. Doesn't Mondo get embarrassed?

by Miareply 37702/04/2012

Anthony should have just gone with the ugly print for the blouse like he intended, or he should have tried turning it into a wrap skirt or something. He might have squeaked through if he had. I wonder too, though, how much of Rami's outfit was stuff he got from people? Was any of his *muse's* clothing actually in his outfit?

by Miareply 37802/04/2012


The hot guy in the shorts who *allegedly* gave Austin his phone number was a hooker, right?

Like, Duh! He was a whore, darlin.

by Miareply 37902/04/2012

[quote]The guy stripped to his briefs. Not a crime in NY.

No, but the hooker guy was thoroughly disgusting.

by Miareply 38002/04/2012

[quote]Am I the only one who thinks the guy in the park was just arranged for the show?

I thought that was obviously the case, didn't even occur to me it was actually candid. Still enjoyed it, even a reality show like Project Runway which isn't as fake benefits from some producer intervention to spice it up.

by Miareply 38102/04/2012

Mondo looks sickly. I wonder if it's from the meds he takes.

by Miareply 38202/04/2012

I also think the girl Austin picked up was a plant. In what universe would a hot guy be interested in Austin?

by Miareply 38302/04/2012

I can see if the hot guy would be interested in the one who took off his pants. He's so funny....

I am not missing Tim and his catch phrases 'make it work' and 'you need to clean out your work station'...

by Miareply 38402/05/2012

[quote]I also think the girl Austin picked up was a plant. In what universe would a hot guy be interested in Austin?

Only if you're a whore, darlin.

by Miareply 38502/05/2012

They're certainly tearing through the contestants in keeping with their outdate from their original season, aren't they?

by Miareply 38602/05/2012

If Anthony had obtained the guy's black briefs and fashioned a lovely toque, he would not have been disqualified, Michael would have lost, and that would have been great television.

by Miareply 38702/05/2012

Are any of these contestants from the same previous seasons? Or does each one represent a different season?

Really wish they could have coerced Kara Sau, Laura Bennett, Santino Rice, Kotoe, Keith the hot gay Mormon from Utah, Wesley of the Skinny Shorts and a few others back for this.

Who are you missing?

by Miareply 38802/05/2012

Michael would never have gone home in the challenge. If not Anthony, it would have been Jerrell.

by Miareply 38902/05/2012

Blaine the Tanorexic, maybe. He was always good for a sound bite and had a kindness to him, I liked. Ditto Stella the Leatha' girl from same season (back when casting was better).

But in terms of pure eye candy, nobody could top bow-legged hottie Logan. So damn cute, he looked like I invented him on a slab. Perfect.

by Miareply 39002/05/2012

R388, the OP posted a list which would answer your question about seasons.

by Miareply 39102/05/2012


I felt sick to my stomach when I saw the bottom four. Someone I really liked was going.

by Miareply 39202/09/2012

Good riddance to Rami--totally overrated

by Miareply 39302/09/2012

Rami deserved to go but it pains me to see him go before kara and michael.

His outfit sucked big ones. I would never have called the 4 winners of the pair-offs.

I'm glad Jerrell won and Mondo was a wimpy crybaby looking for attention due to his mother's 80th b-day. What does that have to do with anything?

i was so sure Michael was going. Rami is great but he sure had an off night.

by Miareply 39402/09/2012

So disappointed about Rami getting kicked off. Sure, his look was horrendous, but he's better that that.

Mondo was a total pussy tonight. The second he gets some negative feedback he turns into a wuss. He needs to get over himself.

And I can't stand Jerrell. I never could but tonight he took me over the edge the way he just wouldn't shut the fuck up about Michael. I wanted to smack that stupid smirk off his face when he won. He's lucky he's still there because he really should have been kicked off with that abomination he made last week. I can't wait until he gets the boot.

by Miareply 39502/09/2012

Oh my. Who knew Mondo was that weak? What would happened if he got a real smack down?

by Miareply 39602/09/2012

I agree with you R395 regarding Jerrell. I'm not impressed by his work and he's too prissy. Plus he looks dirty.

by Miareply 39702/09/2012

Kara should have been the one going home. Her look was uninspiring and showed zero construction skills.

by Miareply 39802/09/2012

Honestly, I had no problem with Rami going. He just didn't impress me this season. It seems like if you take him away from his draping, he doesn't know what to do. He is still color blind. AND he needs a stylist. He seems so clueless.

Kara is again unimaginative. Nice stuff that you can get at many stores in the mall. It looked comfortable, It looked fairly well made, that's about it.

I totally get Jerrell (however you spell his name, I never remember which letter to double). I may not like everything he makes, but I totally get his vibe and what I like is that he could not care less about what others think about his style, he continues to ensign the way he wants to and he nows that the women who like his work will continue to buy from him. Not the best marketing plan, but, to use an overused word, his work feels authentic.

What I don't get is why it was OK for Jerrell to puts something that looks like it was out of Anthropology catalog but not OK for Austin to make something that looks like JCrew.

Michael stole the design, no question about it. But then that is 99% of what is offered on the market - derivative work. So that in it of itself is not a crime. But because it was derivative, it didn't make the strong statement that Jerrell made. You can tell a Jerrel work, you would never be able to guess a Michael dress.

I like Mila, but not tonight. That poncho thingy felt so stiff and uncomfortable.

Mondo is getting repetitive and not in a good way.

I LOVED Kenley's. It was cute in a Katy perry way. I can see a whole bunch of starlets rocking it. Not only Katy Perry , but her replacement Zooey or whatever that crazy name is. She would also wear this. And I disagree that it's something we have seen a lot. Just because it's a romper does not mean that this particular one is common. And I know it because I went shopping with my niece who was looking for a romper to wear on her spring break cruise and there was nothing even remotely resembling this.

I am really enjoying this show because of the minimal drama and the emphasis on design and skills and talent. SO MUCH BETTER!

by Miareply 39902/09/2012

Kara and Michael must go!!!!!

by Miareply 40002/09/2012

[quote]Mondo was a total pussy tonight. The second he gets some negative feedback he turns into a wuss. He needs to get over himself.

He's always been this way.

by Miareply 40102/09/2012

Project Runway meets Top Chef: Just Desserts

"The hot pants were for my mommy!"

by Miareply 40202/09/2012

So sad Rami is gone. I kinda had a bad feeling when I saw the color of the blouse---it was a pukey color. The jacket was beautiful, if he had made a plain white t-shirt underneath, he could have won over Mila. I am so disappointed that he left early over Kara. Rami made some incredible outfits while Kara has been skating by with mediocrity.

by Miareply 40302/09/2012

I guess I don't know fashion because to me, Jerell's model looked like a homeless woman.

by Miareply 40402/09/2012

Said it a while ago and starting to feel more and more true... it's Kenley for the Win-ley.

by Miareply 40502/09/2012

I loved Jerrell's coat and the overall look he created. I especially liked the exaggerated, but functional snap button on the coat, but I totally agreed with the judges about the unnecessarily large and distracting buttons on the cardigan.

Michael seems really strange and phony to me and something about him seems really off. It doesn't surprise me that he would blatantly rip off another designer's look right in front of them. He definitely can create some polished garments, but he's no visionary designer.

I really appreciate the fact that they switched up the judges this season. Georgina Chapman is a real gem and I think her critiques are usually spot on. They need to give her more of permanant role during a regular season of Project Runway. Same goes for Joanna Coles, who actually makes you forget about the absence of Tim Gunn. Issac is beoming a bit ubiquitous on these fashion related shows, but this is probably the gig he was always aspiring to, so I'm glad he was given the opportunity to be a main player on Project Runway rather than an on another lame immitation program.

by Miareply 40602/09/2012

What did Kenley ever do that was so bad?

I vaguely remember as being whiny on her season, and now she seems more awkward than anything else.

by Miareply 40702/09/2012

Oops! That should read, "becoming" in the last paragraph and strike the extra "an".

by Miareply 40802/09/2012

I thought Jerell's coat was beautiful. Kenley's look was very cute. Mondo's reaction was just unbelievable. And I definitely think it's time for Michael and Kara to go.

by Miareply 40902/09/2012

Can't STAND Cynthia Rowley's hippie uptalk!

by Miareply 41002/10/2012

R388 Laura Bennett was asked, and turned them down.

I'm also thinking Kenley will be in the final three.

by Miareply 41102/10/2012

Kara should have gone home in this round. Her outfit was UG-LY. Gross colors, and it looked really old fashioned. Worst of all, it showed very little design.

I actually agree that Rami's design was horribly sewn and constructed (and draped), but at least he put some effort into it. Kara seems to be coasting, and I'm thinking that Lifetime didn't want to be down to 2 female designers, versus 5 males.

For me, the winner was Austin. Call me old fashioned, but I liked what he did. They asked for Spring, and he gave them Spring. A nice floral print, with a light sweater, and impeccably tailored pants. If that doesn't say Spring, then I don't know what does. It certainly wasn't Kara's design, and most definitely not with her magenta and white color palette.

Kenley's design was cute, but I totally get what they're saying about doing the same thing over and over. She kind of does do the same dress with the little collar and polka dots. It works for her, and she can really make a career of it, but I don't see much innovation.

Mondo's design was another flop. Just like last week's design. The only difference was that the judges were in the mood for it last week, but not this week. That speaks to their inconsistency. Mondo did the exact same crap he did last week, which he won for. So you can understand why he's confused that he was in the bottom this week. In any case, it's all crap. He's not nearly as talented as I once thought he was.

Michael's design was very nice. I would have chosen his over Jerell's. I loved Michael's snarky comment that Jerell's outfit looks like it was made for Moses, and his was made for Jackie Kennedy. ZING! I totally agree.

Jerell's designs are not completely awful, per se, but I think his personality (or lack thereof) really rubs people the wrong way. He's just really "I told you so!" and "I know better than you!" which obviously makes people hate him. Plus, he has a very narrow niche, which is definitely NOT Nieman Marcus.

Mila's design wasn't bad, but when Rami pointed out the puffiness because of bad sewing, it made me sour to her outfit. Plus, she's always so negative. I thought her outfit was definitely the more "Fall look" of the two, but Mila is like Jerell - I just don't like her.

by Miareply 41202/10/2012

Mila was designing Winter, not Fall.

Has Kara ever designed ANYTHING noteworthy or memorable? What in the world is she doing there?

Michael just looks so scuzzy this season. Fat and scuzzy and like he's stopped bathing. He is very low-class.

Kenley should have won this week. Though she's done many variations on the look, this week's variation fit the challenge perfectly and was smart and effortless and minimalist and totally sellable.

by Miareply 41302/10/2012

[quote]Michael just looks so scuzzy this season. Fat and scuzzy and like he's stopped bathing. He is very low-class.

That is something someone writes when they are embarrassed about their own background. I know that this is an anonymous board (which is why I can write this), but if you say these types of things in the real world, please know that you are talking about yourself and it diminishes you in others' eyes.

by Miareply 41402/10/2012

Dear 414 -- First off, learn some grammar before you try to write condescendingly about others. "Someone" is singular. "Their" is plural. Next, read some psychology so you don't sound quite like such an idiot. Finally, think before you post. Wanting to sound insightful isn't the same thing as being insightful.

by Miareply 41502/10/2012

r415, "their" and "they" are plural but are used in conversational English to refer to a "someone" (in lieu of "his/her", "he/she" or "(s)he") when gender is not clear or known.

Face it, r414's point (whether valid or not) got to you and you could only retaliate with a grammar attack and a general accusation regarding his/her (!) knowledge of psychology. What's next? "Your Mom wears Army boots?"

Your insecurity is starting to show and only reinforcing r415's point, which I had, as an outsider, originally ignored.

Go ahead, pick on something trivial about my post, so you can feel better, yet dig deeper.

by Miareply 41602/10/2012

Your mom wears House of Dereon

by Miareply 41702/10/2012

Your mom designs House of Dereon.

by Miareply 41802/10/2012

You are all low-class.

by Miareply 41902/10/2012

Neiman-Marcus shoppers would never buy anything that Mondo, Jerrell or Mila designed. And Kenley's designs are too youth-oriented for their older clientele.

by Miareply 42002/10/2012

I'm torn between my love for r417 and 418.

by Miareply 42102/10/2012

[quote]Mondo's design was another flop. Just like last week's design. The only difference was that the judges were in the mood for it last week, but not this week. That speaks to their inconsistency. Mondo did the exact same crap he did last week, which he won for.

Agreed that it was a flop. But if you can't see the difference between this week's look and last, you don't know much about fashion.

by Miareply 42202/10/2012

I bet Kenley was looking at Austin's high waisted pants and thought that was what she had in mind when she was designing her "Hip Hop" pants & outfit during season 8...

"It's Hip Hop!!!"

That was the funniest designer blunder ever!!!

by Miareply 42302/10/2012

A bit OT, but I really had to laugh that the label on Jerrell's can of soda was covered with duct tape considering how product-placement-raped we are by everything else on this show.

by Miareply 42402/10/2012

Mila style for Neiman Marcus... she would sell there

by Miareply 42502/10/2012

Very Mila style for NM

by Miareply 42602/10/2012

Kenley style at NM

by Miareply 42702/10/2012

No, none of those looks resemble the severity that is Mila. And the Oscar de la Renta polka dot dress is more mature than Kenley's designs.

You rarely ever see any female under 35 shopping at NM.

by Miareply 42802/10/2012

Mila's designs and personality are so boring. I'm so over the color blocking bullshit on every single thing she designs. Can't she stretch herself just a little bit for once?

And I still think Jerell's model looked like a fucking bag lady. I can't believe he won for that garbage.

by Miareply 42902/10/2012

Anybody else recognizing Michael's model as hottie girl from early season of "America's Next Top Model"? Spacing on name, I swear -- no, wait, LESLIE. Looked like she'd be part of Prince's stable, gorgeous but more rock and roll than model.

Glad she's still at it -- and doing well for him here.

by Miareply 43002/10/2012

This model, R430?

by Miareply 43102/10/2012

That's her, cool site thanks. Was in great season with Joanie and Daniele and Jade... had major tattoo on stomach, I think (same as Angelina Jolie) so surprised she went on to much but she works all the time. Nice woman too as I recall.

That's her with Michael, right? Think they should have teamed up and used ALL ex-'ANTM' gals, celebrate reality TV before it's gone.

by Miareply 43202/10/2012

Why does everyone give Austin a pass for the ghastly grandma look he produced this week?

Because I swear, my super-frumpy sixtyish aunt Marie wears that same outfit every time I see her – the same loose-fitting beige pants that add thirty pounds to her figure, and which she always wears too short because the discount stores never have pants long enough for her. And she always wears loose floral print blouses with her beige pants and sweaters, in the same pinks and greens, and she’s got plenty of beige cardigans. She’d look like a million bucks in something tailored and sophisticated, but she prefers the baggy beiges and florals that make her look 20 years older and 30 pounds heavier.

So why the hell wasn’t he laughed off the show for creating an Aunt Marie outfit?

by Miareply 43302/11/2012

I hope Michael cries again when he is finally eliminated.

by Miareply 43402/11/2012

And I hope it's next week.

by Miareply 43502/11/2012

no r414 - comments like that are written by people with eyes.

by Miareply 43602/11/2012

R407, Kenley's biggest crime was disrespecting Tim. She was a ghastly brat. In the same vein as that NYU student who didn't want to go to Zuccotti Park. Just a different stratosphere of entitlement and crazy.

by Miareply 43702/11/2012

Kenley made pajamas. Seriously.

by Miareply 43802/11/2012

I am so pissed that Rami went home. Yes, his outfit was atrocious, but his was the worst??? Has no one noticed that Kenley makes the EXACT SAME THING each week? How many times have we seen the same silhouette? The same collar? The same fabric? God, and here I thought maybe this season wouldn't be rigged, but I guess I was wrong.

by Miareply 43902/11/2012

he made something ugly, and not for the first time. She does not repeat herself, she repeats her sensibilities. It was like when Chritian Siriano (NOT TO COMPARE coz he is infinitely better) but people kept saying that he was making the same thing. But when you looked at the whole season he didn't. He did, for example, always pay attention to sleeves, but he wasn't repeating the sleeves. So she is kinda the same way. She has the girly thing going, she likes light happy colors and she liked polka dots. Her look today looks noting like the one from last week or the week before, but you can imagine the same girl wearing all the outfits. And they would WANT to wear them.

So far no one would want to wear Rami's clothes the way he presented them. You would want a different color, different patterns, wear them as separates and not the way he presented, or, as in the opera and the first challenge, not be caught dead in them. Seriously, this season he made fugly clothes.

by Miareply 44002/11/2012

Bravo, R417. I'm stealing that line!

by Miareply 44102/11/2012

I almost gasped when I saw Rami's jacket open up to that Frankenstein's monster top. Blech!

by Miareply 44202/11/2012

Rami's model looked like she had ginormus and uneven boobs. Those are serious offenses on the runway.

by Miareply 44302/11/2012

wow.. this last episode was a hot mess! OK, so Austin's design wasn't the best, but it was SURELY better than whatever that was that Mila had made? She looked like a homeless person! OMG.. it was awful! Horrible and baggy.. at least Austin's was chic, even if it was 50's chic. I was rooting for Rami, but his green puke colored top ruined it for me, it wasn't nearly as well made as the beautiful blue jacket, it looked rushed, and the green and blue didn't match at all! Kenley winning over Mondo, Kenley making something she has already made a million times before, sure, it looks nice, but is it really THAT fashion forward? I have definitely seen that before, OK, so Mondo missed a bit, but at least his was more fashion forward and "new" than what Kenley made.

This program is so fucking bullcrap! It CLEARLY favors the women! The men are miles better than the women, but yet here we are.. yet another episode favoring the women over the men.. all women in the top, and all men (except for one) in the bottom?!?! WOW! At least they made it clear this time that they do it intentionally, to favor the women, for some of their decisions were so full of BS! They didn't make sense at all.. t could see right through them.

by Miareply 44402/15/2012

I thought Austin's design was much prettier than Kenley's. I know it may have been old fashion but Kenley's look has been done and done and done. I think my sister used to by short sets like that for my niece at Walmart - 2 for $8.

by Miareply 44502/16/2012

And 2 yards for $8 is just about what Kenley spent at Mood on material.

It must have taken her a good 2 hours to throw that thing together.

What does she do with her time and money?

Does Kenley have a drug problem?

by Miareply 44602/16/2012

I hope Kenley and Kara both go. those outfits are busted!

by Miareply 44702/16/2012

Special guest judge sutton foster! Here we go!!!!

by Miareply 44802/16/2012

Sutton says Kenley's outfit looks like a hooker!

by Miareply 44902/16/2012

Mila deserved to go this time with her hooker outfit. But once again, a track record saves someone's butt.

by Miareply 45002/16/2012

Not Kenley, Mila, R449.

by Miareply 45102/16/2012

It sounded like the judges liked all three. Not much criticism to the designers' faces. Great win for Mondo and Kara finally went home for her fiasco. She was so void of new ideas that she even blatently copied the top of Michael's opera gown.

by Miareply 45202/16/2012

I too wanted both Kara and Mila to go. Both outfits sucked, but Mila's was worse. I'm just sick of Kara.

by Miareply 45302/16/2012

I thought Michael's piece worked best as a theatrical costume that had to be donned onstage. Three pieces that could be thrown on with a gesture, that were over-the-top enough to read from a distance, and had a rich-bitch look.

And I liked Mondo's look, but did anyone else notice that he'd basically put Sigourney Weaver's dress from "Ghostbusters" under his jacket? Really, it was the same bronze chiffon over gold lame, with a different hemline and a bit of printing.

On second thought, I forgive him for that. It's one of my favorite all-time screen dresses, and disigners can pay homage to it any time.

by Miareply 45402/16/2012

Kara had to go. I couldn't believe she was there and Rami gone.

by Miareply 45502/16/2012

I LOVED Mondo's design. To me, it was the clear winner when it came down the runway and really conveyed the character without seeming too costumey. They made the right decision sending Kara home. Mila's design aesthetic is a bit one-note, but at least she has a distinct point of view, which Kara lacks.

by Miareply 45602/16/2012

Mondo's dress was just stunning but Austin's dress fit the character more in terms of being ostentatious and gawdy rich.

by Miareply 45702/17/2012

Mondo's was more "Hair." Austin's was "Godspell."

by Miareply 45802/17/2012

Don't know anything about Godspell except the poster for it but of course I figured it was more hippy since it was done in the early 70's. Therefore I thought Mondo's was the best. It was just a stunning dress/gown.

Michael's looked like something of party dress not a dress for some rich bitch. Austin's was just ugly.

Kara deserves to go, no POV, I couldn't even conjure what her "style" is.

Mondo, please stop wearing tank tops. Please. You have the body of a pre-pubescent boy.

by Miareply 45902/17/2012

Well, I know "Godspell" well or thought I did... but have NO IDEA what character they are talking about, a rich woman who steals from poor or whatever? There are Bible verses/stories throughout that touch on greed, etc. but what character is this?

Closest I could figure was it's the "Turn Back, O' Man" woman who does the faux Mae West number. But, really, it's a batch of hippie disciples following Christ (as Superman), very '70s. Am I the only confused one -- or is this all part of the revival?

P.S. Schwartz's hairpiece looked better than usual, though he needs to color the gray sideburns. Or go gray on top too.

by Miareply 46002/17/2012

This week's challenge was very confusing. They stressed separates that could be donned onstage during a musical number but Mondo's winner was really nothing of the sort. Nevertheless, it was stunning so I'm glad he won!

Austin was also fun and I wonder if he would have won had he used some bright or even some Marie Antoinette pastel colors. It would have given the costume the whimsy it lacked. The greyness was too serious.

I thought Kenley's was third best. It looked unfinished and undertrimmed despite all that pattern. Is she druged? She says the weirdest things!

Pathetic how they began the episode with everyone feigning awe on location in the UGLIEST theater on Broadway, Circle-in-the-Square, which looks more like an elementary school auditorium.

At first, Sutton looked so pretty all dolled up in pink satin but she then seemed so uncomfortable on camera ad-libbing and in a short dress with heels and all that makeup and iled up hair. Good luck on her sitcom!

by Miareply 46102/18/2012

bumpsa for fashion!

by Miareply 46202/19/2012

How they judged the outfits didn't seem to fit the challenge. I thought they said at the beginning it was supposed to be something like bits and pieces of others' outfits that she dons? Like she thinks she's a fashionista, but doesn't know how to pull together an outfit. I thought designers like Kenley, Kara, Mila and Jerrell were actually on the right track. Mondo's sort of fit, but it was too eccentric in the wrong way; it was theatrical looking, but not for what this challenge was supposed to be. I actually thought Michael's and Austin's outfits were too put together - they didn't look like assemblages of other outfits. I also think Rami would have excelled at this particular challenge. He was cut way too early in favor of people with less talent, like Michael and Jerrell.

by Miareply 46302/19/2012

I'm predicting the 3 Finalists will be Mondo, Austin and......Kenley!

I might have said Michael for the third place but I can't imagine they won't want a woman in there.

by Miareply 46402/19/2012

You're onto something, R463. In the movie, at least, they dig up those clothes and accessories at a junk yard -- after they've thrown away their "normal" clothes, now that they are apostles.

So, yeah, a raccoon hat here, some torn gloves there, a pair of roller skates... mix and match fabrics too. Kenley's was closer than they wanted to admit (but, then, Schwartz or anyone from the actual show wasn't there to judge). Ditto, Michael's green hat which would've fit right in.

The fact that there is still no obvious winner is proof it's a good show and a strong season. I loved their work again this week.

by Miareply 46502/19/2012

what a hideous decision, I'm glad Mila is gone but Jerrel needed to leave for that awful Indian disaster.

by Miareply 46602/23/2012

I can't imagine why they are keeping Jerrell there week after week.

by Miareply 46702/23/2012

Jerrell was so much better in his season. I can't believe he's been so dedicatedly mediocre this time.

by Miareply 46802/23/2012

I sorta liked Mila's dress. On the other hand, Jerrell's was hilariously overworked. They should have balanced the cast and sent him home instead.

by Miareply 46902/23/2012

[quote]Well, I know "Godspell" well or thought I did... but have NO IDEA what character they are talking about, a rich woman who steals from poor or whatever? There are Bible verses/stories throughout that touch on greed, etc. but what character is this?

Apparently they were designing for Uzo Aduba.

I know nothing about Godspell, but it seems most of the characters have the name of the performer in each production, so it is a bit confusing. I gather that Uzo Aduba sings the number "By My Side."

by Miareply 47002/23/2012

I really liked Mondo's dress but I really don't like him.

by Miareply 47102/23/2012

r471: I liked Mondo better his first season. His little boy lost qualities were more appealing then. I stopped being interested in him this season when he melted down because the judges didn't like the dress he made in tribute to his mom. Don't mix business with family, then, you little baby.

And the constantly dressing either like Pinocchio waiting for the Blue Fairy to make him a real boy or as one of the Von Trapp kids in an all-NAMBLA production of The Sound of Music or as a boy prostitute is really starting to creep me out.

by Miareply 47202/23/2012

I thought Jennifer Beals was going to be in "Pretty in Pink" and Kim Delaney was going to be in "Wonderful". I would have preferred them to the final choices.

by Miareply 47302/23/2012

His outfit on the after-show seemed to be channeling Karl Lagerfeld.

by Miareply 47402/23/2012

Exactly, R471.

Did you see his outfit on the after show? He looked like a little monkey grinder.

by Miareply 47502/23/2012

DL skill-testing question: what thread did R473 think he was posting on?

by Miareply 47602/23/2012

The Molly Ringworm thread.

by Miareply 47702/23/2012

It will be Mondo vs. Kenley at the end, I'll bet you ten bucks!

And I have a question for the fashionistas among us: Does Kenley's distinctive style make her work more salable in the real world, or less?

by Miareply 47802/24/2012

While I really like Mondo's designs, he, himself creeps me out big time.

by Miareply 47902/24/2012

Personally, I would like to see Michael, Kenley, and Austin make the top three, but I'm afraid it might be Mondo instead of Austin in the finals.

I think Jerell's next to go, then Austin in 4th place, just like during his original season.

I was fine with Mila leaving. She is just so boring and negative. Even if she was a fantastic designer (which she isn't), I wouldn't want her to move on, because I just don't like Mila the person. Never mind that horrid half and half dress she made. It was definitely her time.

Jerell's Indian-inspired dress was awful. As Michael Kors would say, "she looked like she was pooping fabric." I mean, it was coming out all over the place, and none of the fabrics he used seemed to match. I agree with the judges, that Jerell doesn't know how to edit himself. His one good idea turns into a mishmash of five ideas, and he puts them all on one dress.

Austin's dress reminded me of that dress he made for Leeza Gibbons in season one, which got him eliminated. Same draping, same style, different colors. And it was actuallly worse than the original. I thought he might go home for it, but I guess Mila and Jerell out-uglied him.

I didn't see the WOW that the judges were raving about with Kenley's dress. It was just the same old thing, and I didn't see Chile or its flag colors in the dress. It was just the same old pattern and style that she makes, time after time. She's a nitsch designer, but I am so bored with it already.

Michael's dress was kind of a mess, but I didn't hate the bow. I actually thought it was kind of cute. He did have technical errors with the back and sides, but overall, I liked his design the best.

Mondo's dress was too plain. He copied Michael with the black jersey material, and all he did was create a simple style, and then fling some color on the back of the dress, which Isaac didn't even like. I'm not sure why he won, but to be honest, none of the dresses were that great, so his must have been the best of the worst.

You know, I want to say that the designs are getting worse, but maybe it's just the challenges. Everybody was doing fine at the beginning of the season, but everything slowly started going downhill, and I'm not sure why.

It's clear they're good designers, but it's also clear to me that if you give them a crappy challenge, then they'll make crappy clothes. In contrast, give them a straight-forward challenge, and they create some beautiful designs.

I wish the show would get back to that formula.

by Miareply 48002/24/2012

[quote]And I have a question for the fashionistas among us: Does Kenley's distinctive style make her work more salable in the real world, or less?

Sure, she designs young and the other for a mature woman. Think Katie Perry and Zoe Deschanel fans. Someone needs to tell Mondo no one need to see those rickety legs, please.

by Miareply 48102/24/2012

I really liked Kenley's and I was positive I wouldn't. I thought hers and Mondo's were the best. The rest were just crap, to me.

by Miareply 48202/24/2012

I'd like the final three to be Kenley, Mondo, and Austin. Although, I'd happily do without Kenley and have all males but I guess that's not possible.

by Miareply 48302/24/2012

My extended family is just as addicted to the show as I am. I have nieces and cousins ranging from early teen to late 20's. They would all wear Kenley. Not all of her stuff, but she makes things that each one of them wanted at some point. I know the romper was a huge hit with the young ones. My 22 year old cousin loved this week's dress. My 25 year old cousin loved the gown. So, yes, I think she can be very commercial. BTW not one of them ever discussed bra needs when they discussed what they liked about the garments on the runway.

by Miareply 48402/24/2012

Did Austin really believe Kenley's comments at Mood? What a fool. That girl is so transparent, it quite obvious she is sabotaging him and everyone else with her compliments.

by Miareply 48502/24/2012

Also, Mila should have definitely stayed. The splint personality dress is very on-trend now (or at least when they were filming the show) and, as split personality dresses go, she did a fantastic job. Certainly better than the horrific dress Julianne Moore was wearing, seriously.

That she went home because Isaac read "communist" is ridiculous. What I liked about the dress was that she indeed tried to capture the spirit of the flag and the country. The bird on the flag represent the country recent independence in 1975. Mila's dress captured the idea of moving from a more being ruled by so many other countries and moving into the short and free side of independence. The flag itself is split in half and in a diagonal line (as opposed to the visually calmer horizontal or vertical split). I think the dress was perfect for the challenge.

Jerrel was so predictable in the need of editing. I liked his dress without the fake green sari, but then it would not have read India. I generally like his crazy take on patterns and embellishments, but not in this challenge.

And before they criticize Kenley on using the same dress over and over, Austin's dress was very very reminiscent of his dress from Season 1.

by Miareply 48602/24/2012

Austin's season 1 dress

by Miareply 48702/24/2012

Kenley's dress from last night was a total retread of one her dresses from season 5.

by Miareply 48802/24/2012

Kenley always reworks her own esthetics which was the criticism she got. She uses a basic silhouette and then tweaks it to address the challenge. Austin made the same dress.

by Miareply 48902/24/2012

That is not a reworking of hew own esthetics, that is a blatant copy of something that she's done before. Nothing wrong with it, but call it what it is. They were criticizing her last night because she always makes a 50s silhouette. That is the same dress.

by Miareply 49002/24/2012

I fell asleep and missed the first 3/4 of the show. What country was Kenley's flag from?

by Miareply 49102/24/2012

Can Austin please just be sent home? Thank you.

by Miareply 49202/24/2012


by Miareply 49302/24/2012

Isaac's Communism comment was right on the money because the longer portion of Mila's dress and especially color, did indeed look like the Soviet Union or China flag, especially with the proportion.

Even with that, I still liked her creation way better than Jerrell.

by Miareply 49402/24/2012

Poor Neiman-Marcus. How in the hell are they going to sell anything from the remaining designers?

by Miareply 49502/24/2012

I think Jerrell's dress, sans the green "Sari", was an interesting idea that was poorly executed. It had a sort of Bollywood princess going off to war vibe and it kind of reminded of the past few seasons of Balmain. His styling was also too literal with that metallic bindi thing. I think the only thing that saved it was the fact that he made it a short coctail dress rather than going for the more obvious long drappy length, which kept it more modern and not quite as costumey as it could have been otherwise. In general, his taste level seems really questionable.

Mila's dress was really well done, but perhaps a bit too conceptual? I was kind of shocked that she was sent home, but as a viewer I won't miss seeing her or her designs.

by Miareply 49602/24/2012

Austin or Jerrell shoud have gone home. Everyone I know thinks Mila's dress was cool.

by Miareply 49702/24/2012

Jerell's dress was hideous - hideous. That was the biggest mashup of fabrics, ideas, colors, oh, just awful. He should have gone home. And the jewelry on her forehead alone was enough to get him eliminated.

Mila's dress might have worked if it had been for another country. It didn't look like Papua New Guineau in any way.

Mondo's dress was beautiful. I really liked the satin stripes near the neckline. I do wish the squares of color had been smaller or put together a little differently or something.

Micheal's dress was fine except for the back. I didn't mind the blue ribbon but imaging how much prettier and provocative it might have been to have just a very thing line of that blue running downward inside the folds of the draping - like Mila's yellow line on her dress.

Kenley's dress was cute - just like every other dress she's made. The little swatches of red and white material were left to fray which looked pretty rough up close.

Austin's dress was soooo boring and to represent the beautiful Seychelles? What the hell was he thinking. I'm not sure Austin really has the chops. I've never seen him design anything that makes me go wow.

by Miareply 49802/25/2012

Jerrell should be designing prom dresses in Spanish Harlem.

by Miareply 49902/25/2012

Mila's dress would have been better if she wouldn't have made the one side long. She should have made it the same length all the way around, and then made the sleeves equal length as well. Instead of the gold piping, put a gold belt or something around it.

Jerrell making it week after week certainly is a shock.

Michael's dress was horrible. They all were, actually. Kenley's was about the best, but it was still pretty much a retread of what she always gives. It was nice to hear Isaac call her out on it. Let's see if she does anything different next week (or is capable of it).

by Miareply 50002/26/2012

Mila was robbed. She has the most modern sensibilities in the group.

I am so tired of Austin and his old lady gowns, Michael and his draped shite and the tacky crap that Jerrell hot glues on everything. How come they never get reamed for doing the same designs and Kenley and Mila do?

I think that Kenley does cute girly designs and Mondo is OK.

by Miareply 50102/26/2012

Mila's dress was very editorial. I liked it.

by Miareply 50202/26/2012

BTW, I think it would behoove at least one of us to mention Joanna Coles' yellow old lady pants - wtf?

by Miareply 50302/26/2012

What I didn't like of Austin's and Isaac raved about them, was that khaki pair of high-waisted, pleated, cropped pants. How many women would look good in them?

by Miareply 50402/26/2012

No doubt, R504. Those look like the kind of pants they put on old ladies 'in the home' because they have plenty of room for the Depends.

by Miareply 50502/26/2012

Thank you, R488. When I saw Kenley's dress this week, I knew I had seen the same basic idea on the show before. (Just didn't have the patience to look it up myself.)

by Miareply 50602/26/2012

These neon avant garde designs for Pharrell Williams were shit on a stick. i didn't like any of them. Mondo's was ridiculous.

by Miareply 50703/01/2012

I liked Austin's and Kenley's and I think Michael should have gone this time.

by Miareply 50803/01/2012

I would have loved to see what Mila could have done with this challenge.

Kenley should have won but Austin's was good too.

I'm OK with Jerrel going home; those glasses and granny skirt were hideous.

by Miareply 50903/01/2012

It's about time Jerrell was kicked off! Just off the top of my head, I can think of 3 prior challenges where he should have been eliminated. I think his aesthetic sucks and I can't believe he made it this far. Hell, I can't even believe he made it to an all star edition. WTF?!?!

And why isn't anyone watching this? The posts are getting less and less frequent. Only 4 posts so far about this episode is fucking pathetic.

by Miareply 51003/01/2012

Kenley should hae won this week

by Miareply 51103/02/2012

Jerrell FINALLY gone.

While I'm rooting for Michael and Mondo, Michael seems to be fading as he did his first season.

In spite of myself, I'm liking Kenley quite a bit. She's substantially reduced her obnoxiousness and while her designs aren't groundbreaking by any stretch, she's got some cute ideas that are pret a porter.

She and Mondo in the final would be interesting.

This season has really petered out, though.

by Miareply 51203/02/2012

I sleep through the first half hour and have my boyfriend wake me up for the runway. I think the producers were expecting a lot more contestant drama and since they don't have that, there's nothing to show. Also the challenges haven't inspired anyone to do their best work.

I'll miss Jerrell, his clothes always made me laugh.

Austin Scarlett for the win. Not because I like his designs at all but I get the feeling Lifetime has already decided he should be the winner.

by Miareply 51303/02/2012

I loved Austin'/ dress.

Why is Pharell Williams the best dressed man in the world? He looks like a punk.

by Miareply 51403/02/2012

Kenley did her model up to look like Nicki Minaj. She may be able to design clothes, but she lacks originality and vision. Mondo for the win.

by Miareply 51503/02/2012

Very little posting was in part due to the fact that the Primetime sticker was slapped again for over a day

by Miareply 51603/02/2012

I'm probably in the minority, but I really like Kenley. It's a shame that she always comes close to winning but never does. Each time they love her designs and you think she's going to win, she never does. Why is that?

I loved both her's and Austin's this time. But I do think Austin's was the better of the 2 and glad that he won. The other's designs were just absolutely ridiculous. Michael's and Jerrel's were the worst and I was glad to see Jerrel finally go home.

Any predictions on who will win? I think it'll be Mondo since the judges always fawn over him every week.

by Miareply 51703/02/2012

Mondo I think clearly has this in the bag. Which I am completely okay with since he is a talented designer.

Honestly once Rami was sent home I do think this is basically a Mondo coronation. I do wish we had gotten more of Rami, his presence definitely raised the playing field of the competition.

by Miareply 51803/02/2012

I'd be happy with Austin, Mondo and Kenley in the final and whichever wins, I'd be okay.

Austin is still my favorite. LOVED his dress. It was Avant Guarde. But I liked Kenley's too although NOT AG. Please don't say "It was Avant Guarde FOR HER," the way Isaac did. That's pathetic. She's not a student or a cripple. No pity votes here.

Michael looked like he copied Mondo's. I wanted him to go despite Jerrell and his maxi pad. I mean dress.

by Miareply 51903/02/2012

Mondo for the win. He's the most talented of the remaining contestants and he was robbed in his own season.

by Miareply 52003/02/2012

So we can all agree whiney Michael is going next week?

by Miareply 52103/02/2012

Nope, Kenley leave next. Mondo wins with Austin second, Michael third.

by Miareply 52203/02/2012

But there has to be a woman in the Final 3.

by Miareply 52303/02/2012

Yep, that sounds right, r522. I figured Mondo would win. I don't care for him much, but I'm so glad Michael didn't win. I can't stand him.

by Miareply 52403/02/2012

Michael will go next. He's out of the few ideas he had going in.

by Miareply 52503/02/2012

I'll miss Jerrell but his last few looks have been terribly sloppy. I agree, Michael will be next. They spent a lot of time this past episode showing how dither-y he is; he made five looks? and sent out that horrid stiff thing?

I preferred Kenley's over Austen's. He did another flora-dora girl gown with some lights thrown in. I can understand that his gown might fulfill the performance part of the brief; it would look ethereal on stage but it's too similar to what he has sent down the runway in the past.

Now Kenley did something technically interesting. The large overblouse and the full skirt should have looked too voluminous but it didn't. The top especially worked under black light when the negative space really popped. It was more conceptual but not really a stage costume. In the end, I think that moronic guest judge (best dressed, really?) cast the deciding vote.

by Miareply 52603/02/2012

Am I the only one who thinks Austin's dress just looks like christmas lights thrown on a gorgeous dress? It's the latter quality that made the design shine (I know, the irony). That, and maybe the fact that the x-mas ornaments lit up the model's face quite dramatically.

I was more impressed with Mondo and Kelly's designs.

by Miareply 52703/02/2012

[quote] Why is Pharell Williams the best dressed man in the world? He looks like a punk.

Is Pharrell one of the gays? I was shocked that he's going to be 39 years old in April. He still looks like a kid. Next year he'll be 40!

I did a little checking up on him, and people were hinting that he and someone named "Lupe Fiasco" were a couple. That's kinda hot.

[quote] I preferred Kenley's over Austen's.

Same here. Kenley's dress was beautiful, both in the black light, and out of it. She is very underrated.

What sucks is that in at least the last three seasons of Project Runway, there have been gratuitous and undeserving female winners.

And only in THIS season, when Lifetime seems to be trying to please male viewers, the female designer is actually good, and yet she isn't getting recognized for it. Talk about Lifetime fucking up.

Why the hell don't they just pick the BEST designer in each season, and then they wouldn't have to be constantly trying to correct their mistakes?

I think Kenley should have won, with Mondo in second place. Mondo's dress was very unique in its shape, and like the model/hostess remarked (or was it Georgina?), everything on Mondo's dress was on purpose, and not an afterthought.

Obviously, Austin is getting a final three edit, with his mother's financial woes being a narrative of the show. He might even win, after seeing the way he was portrayed in this latest episode. That would kinda suck, because even though he's technically a "male," he is pretty female-ish, which would satisfy Lifetime's misandryist tendencies.

Michael seems to be getting weaker with every challenge. I think it's clear he's the next to go.

Oh, and here's a Pharrell link, with his supposed rapper b/f. Gay or nay?

by Miareply 52803/03/2012

Did they show their collections at NY fashion week, as they usually do?

Anyone got a link?

by Miareply 52903/03/2012

[quote]And only in THIS season, when Lifetime seems to be trying to please male viewers, the female designer is actually good, and yet she isn't getting recognized for it. Talk about Lifetime fucking up.

What the hell are you babbling about?

by Miareply 53003/03/2012

[quote]That would kinda suck, because even though he's technically a "male," he is pretty female-ish, which would satisfy Lifetime's misandryist tendencies.

I'm with R530. More offensive babbling here.

by Miareply 53103/03/2012

Can you just stop with the "man vs. woman" bullshit? You sound deranged. Get some help with your issues. Normal people don't have those thoughts.

by Miareply 53203/03/2012

Speaking of deranged, did you forget your meds this morning, R532? I'd hate to run into you in an alley. Your eyes must be bulging out of your head.

by Miareply 53303/03/2012

Who the hell is Pharell Williams? Honestly never heard of him. Second, Kenley's dress was cool and the coat was cool but they looked terrible together. Nothing was cohesive. I like her and I like her style, I get it, and I think she will do well with twenty somethings, but her dress was "just another Kenley dress" which I like, but it looked like she just topped it off with the huge coat to disguise the fact.

by Miareply 53403/03/2012


I know it's hard to believe but there is progressive straight black guys out there.

by Miareply 53503/03/2012

R535, I find ebonics jokes particularly offensive.

by Miareply 53603/03/2012

When did i make a joke?

by Miareply 53703/03/2012

[quote] I know it's hard to believe but there is progressive straight black guys out there.


by Miareply 53803/03/2012

Wendy Williams hooked Pharrell up with Victoria Rowell at an Awards Show. She actually did it on camera, which was funny. He said he was just dumped by his girlfriend, to which Wendy said "What a dumb bitch."

I thought he did a good job as guest judge.

by Miareply 53903/03/2012

I loathe Kenley, but think her look should have won. I'm just glad that Jerrell's fashion reign of terror is over. And while Austen and Mondo are more visionary in their designs (usually) Kenley will win the whole thing because her designs will be more "wearable."

by Miareply 54003/03/2012

[quote]I'm just glad that Jerrell's fashion reign of terror is over.

A-fucking-men! He should have gone weeks ago! Certainly before Rami!

I loved Austin's dress. It had an ethereal quality about it. I think in person it probably looked quite stunning.

Michael's dress was horrible. He makes so many at a time not because he's creative, but because he has no discipline. He's another one-trick pony who should have gone before Rami.

by Miareply 54103/03/2012

I loved this All-Stars edition, but does anyone know when the original Project Runway will be returning?

I hope the person who said that Mondo wins this is right. I just pray to God it's not going to be Michael. I'd rather see Austin or Kenley win over Michael. I never liked him, even during his original season.

by Miareply 54203/03/2012

I thought Kenley's was great. Really worked on the runway.

Austin's was beautiful. Mondo's was OK, I didn't love it.

Michael "psycho" Costello needs to go. He copies from others, he is a one-drape pony and a 100% phony.

Jerrell is blissfully unaware of his lack of actual fashion talent but I am sure any number of Pride floats would love to have him as head designer.

by Miareply 54303/04/2012

[quote]one-drape pony

That's great.

by Miareply 54403/04/2012

Michael really is a talentless cheat, isn't he?

by Miareply 54503/04/2012

It's interesting: the ratings for PRA-S are solid, as they were for the (truly awful) PROJECT ACCESSORY.

If I were Tim or any of the PROJECT RUNWAY regulars, I'd be worried. These other editions are probably a lot cheaper to produce and seem to work just as well for Lifetime.

by Miareply 54603/04/2012

Just for fun I'd like to see an episode or three where the judges had to produce a look for the challenge.

Not so much to prove what they can do within the time constraints or limited budget but to show what *real* creativity can produce.

Like the Godspell one, only Mondo managed to do that right. Everyone else should've been up for elimination. I'd like to have seen what the pros could come up with.

by Miareply 54703/04/2012

I think they should eliminate BOTH Kenley and Austin this week....and then have Angela Lindvall announce that one of them will be saved by Lip Synching for Your Life!!!!

To THIS song!!!

by Miareply 54803/04/2012

I want Michael to win so those bitchy queens at Project Rungay will have a stroke.

by Miareply 54903/04/2012

I love Tom & Lorenzo. What's your complaint with them, R549?

They have become quite successful since starting as Project Rungay, yet remain very funny with their perspective largely in tact. Have you been over there lately?

by Miareply 55003/05/2012

Spoiler: I hope this works.









by Miareply 55103/08/2012

Kenley's getting her ass chewed on After the Runway. Bratty Kenley returns.

by Miareply 55203/08/2012

I miss regular Project Runway. Georgina is dull, dull, dull. I like Joanna and Isaac is good, but still...

by Miareply 55303/08/2012

Oh! And I don't like Angela at all.

by Miareply 55403/08/2012

Folks . .it isn't a spoiler if you reveal what happened AFTER the episode has aired.

by Miareply 55503/08/2012

I just wanted to be careful.

by Miareply 55603/08/2012

I'm sad. Kenley is out and that caftan-crazed Michael is still in.

And pathetic Mondo too. Somebody needs to just put him out of his misery.

by Miareply 55703/08/2012

Michael's dress looked like Jlo's Grammy dress!

by Miareply 55803/08/2012

Mondo's acting hurt by Kenley's sketch comment but when she tries to defend herself and get's louder and is apologizing, he says she's blowing it out of proportion. He's so passive/aggressive.

And she needs to turn down the volume.

by Miareply 55903/08/2012

I really wished Mondo had been eliminated, simply because he just seems like such a hateful queen.

by Miareply 56003/08/2012

Well I hated Michael's dress but Kenley blew it. She changed the pattern after it got approved. She did a ridiculously bad job of matching up her pattern and she did her brat dance again. She killed her own chance.

I'm surprised at this thread being so quiet. Where's the resident "Lifetime will only allow a woman to win troll"? Where are the people who wanted Mondo to be recognized for his talent? He looks better to win than Austin at this point.

Mondo is odd, no doubt. His Pinocchio schtick, I draw like an 8 year old stuff, and avoidance of everyone is off putting. Still-- he's very talented and makes a nice change from the others.

Besides, a Kenley, Austin, Mondo finale would have Austin and Kenley falling all over each other in a very nauseating way.

by Miareply 56103/09/2012

This season has been very boring. Last night was no exception. I thought for sure Michael was going home for doing the same dress as usual but none of the judges even called him on it. His style reminds me of Anya from the last season. All draping and blousy caftans with no real shape or design.

Are the finalists getting to do runway shows or is there some other challenge?

by Miareply 56203/09/2012

Anyone looking forward to NBC's upcoming "Fashion Star"? Could it be any good?

by Miareply 56303/09/2012

I thought Kenley should have been in the finals, even though she is a nightmare and I hate her. I find it incredible that Mondo overheard her talking shit about him considering her demure tone..

by Miareply 56403/09/2012

Would have taken Kenley over that mess Austin paraded down the runway - terrible construction...THAT was a $500 coat? Looked like something from the local Goodwill store...and rope belt like the Clampetts used to wear.

Don't get the praise for Austin - and he was certainly acting more entitled last night than maybe those "after" shows were all taped after the Final Challenge.

Liked hearing Joanna say "Shut up" to Kenley. She's probably never heard that before in her ife - not that she will listen.

by Miareply 56503/09/2012

I don't see how it's possible for "Fashion Star" to be's on NBC....Jessica Simpson is on it....and it's a combination reality/game show.

The only thing it has going FOR it is that Donald Trump and/or Debra Messing are not involved in it...

by Miareply 56603/09/2012

Amen, [R549]. I too would kill to see their prissy heads explode - but given their recap today, a Mondo win will do that too, so hey, works for me.

As to what I find wrong with them (even though you didn't ask me), [R550], they are such seven-day wonders. They found themselves hosting a popular blog, and apparently they decided that the ability to be entertainingly bitchy=FASHION TASTE GODS.

Not so much, guys.

And they are such completely ingratiating suck-ups. As for example, season before last they ADORED Mondo. This season, they hate his guts. What's changed, you might wonder? Their bestie, Kara Janx didn't get along with Mondo during their time on-set together (and much less did she get along with Mondo's bestie Michael), and since she's their bestest girlfriend, they have to pant along behind her. Hence the Mondo-is-whiny scorn.

Even if he whines more than most three year olds, I can't possibly imagine what that has to do with his skills as a designer. And for all of their "we hate PR since Bunim/Murray made it "all about the personalities" bullshit, they are hating on Mondo, just because they hate his personality.

Or rather, Kara hates him, so now, they do too.

If they weren't so transparent in their suck-up-ness, it wouldn't be so annoying. They have obviously been spoiled (which is neither here nor there, I admit) but if it's someone they like being schmauffed, they'll announce on Twitter during the runway show that the person being eliminated WON the night, in their living room. That way, when the elimination occurs, it allows them to keep their anti-Mondo, it's a CORONATION, not a competition, screed going.

Over them, now. And yes, I'm obviously still reading, but now, it's to see their bile, as someone they loathe is going to win. Good times.

by Miareply 56703/09/2012

R567, I loved Mondo two years ago too, but my opinion of him has changed because of All Stars. He's been edited to appear like a whiny brat and some of the stuff he's sent down the runway this season has been laughably bad.

by Miareply 56803/09/2012

OK, my Cliff Notes assessment of the last four.

I'm Kenley! I'm whimsical, girly, and I will cut you if I have to.

I'm Austin! I'm whimsical, girly, and I will slap you if I have to.

I'm Mondo! I'm whimsical, kooky, and I will snub you and then cry if I have to.

I'm Michael! I'm whimsical, nutty, and I will chuck anything in a kimono down the runway if I have to.

by Miareply 56903/09/2012

Kenley was fine this season until she relapsed & had an "It's Hip-Hop" moment!

by Miareply 57003/09/2012

Ugh..I just dont get why Austin is still in the finals

by Miareply 57103/09/2012

I just have to say it again: Austin's moustache completely grosses me out. I can't stand looking at him.

Oh, and Kenley is a Komplete Kunt.

by Miareply 57203/09/2012

I think the judges are not taking Mondo seriously, because of the way he dresses. If you didn't know Mondo, wouldn't you freak out at him?

by Miareply 57303/09/2012

Mondo in his latest get-up:

by Miareply 57403/09/2012

It's obvious the Project Rungay queens have a personal issue with both Michael and Mondo. That would be fine if they'd cop to it and admit that personal relationships with contestants colors their opinions. Instead, they haul out every tired cliche a supposed NY cognescenti can come up with. They even took a shot at Michael's clients in Palm Springs that was way worse than anything on the recent DL thread.

There's nothing worse than a pair of aging know-it-all's who act as if they both got pinched by their two pronged dildo. It can be fun for a while but watching them implode this season has been way more fun.

by Miareply 57503/09/2012

Kenley is a total cunt, but the dress she made certainly addressed the requirements of the challenge better than Michael's aging JLo swim cover-up.

by Miareply 57603/09/2012

What woman wants to wear clothes by a sad sack designer like Mondo? Fashion is supposed to be fun and glamorous, not depressing. There's no way in the world that Neiman-Marcus would carry his clothes.

by Miareply 57703/09/2012

R575 clearly has some other kind of issue with T&L. They are pretty fair generally, and while snarky do not often resort to being catty let alone flat out bitchy like R575,

by Miareply 57803/09/2012

Tom and Lorenzo aka R578 are exactly the kind of eldergays that go to Palm Springs to die. Their blogs this season show they have an ax to grind with Michael and perhaps that's why they're so catty and personal towards him. It's recently extended to Mondo and it's easily proven by their body of writing.

Face it girls, The Hollywood Kids you'll never be.

by Miareply 57903/09/2012

This season's Mondo has been very depressed. I think he signed up for it and then regretted it and hasn't been able to get "into" it. Maybe there's something else going on in his life that's bothering him. He reminds me of Bert who also seemed to get fed up with the bullshit of reality filming very quickly.

This past episode was dreadful in that the garments ranged from pretty bad to awful. I wish the judges could just say: look you all sucked at this challenge so you have to do it again.

Does anyone know if there will be decoy collections? I would love to see what Kenley would've done--presumably she's gotten over that terrible rope idea. I thought she was the best fit for the prize of being guest editor. It's right up her demographic. Not sure if J. Coles would've wanted to work with her tho'

by Miareply 58003/09/2012

I like Mondo and I'm not a female or in any way connected to the fashion industry. But I was thinking a little about how he doesn't sketch out his ideas before he starts making a dress.

Isn't it going to be difficult to get someone to commission a dress from him if they can't see some drawings of his idea first?

Once a designer is established, I suppose they could have people ask them to design something just on faith because the designer's aesthetic is already well known, but do people put that much faith in an up-and-comer?

I'm just asking because I honestly don't know. The way that guest judge reacted seemed to indicate that she found it could be a problem for him.

by Miareply 58103/10/2012

R558 - I was going to post the same thing. I don't get how they thought Michael deserved to be in the F3 after rehashing a look J-Lo wore 12 years ago. Not only that - it's the only look he does well. Every time he attempted something outside the caftan, it was a miserable looking failure.

What I hate about Kenley is her smug sense of perfection about what she does, when she could be so much more if she'd listen to people. Like, for example, the fact that she doesn't match up patterns. Otherwise, I would have still preferred her over Michael in the F3.

by Miareply 58203/10/2012

r579 sounds a little unhinged.

by Miareply 58303/10/2012

Kenley deserved to go home, because the misaligned patterns at the seams were too distracting and made it look amateurish. And she made once again one of her well known dresses and showed her entitled bratty attitude. No surprises there.

This challenge was very interesting since it gave an outsider like me a sense of the business side of fashion.

Austin's coat looked hideous. I wouldn't buy something like that for $500. But I did like the color though.

Mondo's was nice, but I agree that he should have fitted the waist better to give the dress a bit of a silouette.

Michael's design was just lame. As pointed out it was a toal rip off from the J-Lo Oscar dress which to my surprise nobody mentioned in the show (neither the judges or the other designers). Michael is more of a personality than a designer, because he never surprises me as a designer.

All in all this season has not really vowed me regarding the fashion that was sent on the runway. I'm afraid I won't be that interested in what collections the All Stars finalist will present at the end.

by Miareply 58403/10/2012

People might have made a J-Lo reference. The producers would edit it out, though, so it wouldn't look bad if they went with Michael. I really don't understand this F3 at all. I agree with Austin and Mondo, but I don't get how Michael made it this far. There were designers who were so much better.

by Miareply 58503/10/2012

I LOVED Austin's coat. I thought Mondo's dress, at first, was going to be hideous. Then I saw it and I couldn't believe how good it was. Mondo's a grim little munchkin, but I love him. I like Michael at times and Kenley at times. This show was fun but I want PR back and soon.

by Miareply 58603/10/2012

I love R570 for the "its hip hop moment" comment reminder. Thanks!

by Miareply 58703/10/2012

I like Mondo too, R586. He appears grim, but I think he has quite a good sense of humor. He's definitely got some issues, but I'd rather spend time with him than with Michael.

by Miareply 58803/10/2012

Kenley met the challenge better than the other three.

by Miareply 58903/10/2012

How so, R589? She didn't deliver on the one expected element - a fitted dress with a keyhole.

by Miareply 59003/10/2012

Why is everyone so down on Michael? He was very popular on DL during his regular season. I think his clothes are pretty and very wearable.

by Miareply 59103/10/2012

Austin must win to save his mama's house from being foreclosed by the mean ol' bankers.

Hope she don't get tied to no railroad tracks or logs headed for the buzz saw till Austin gets back to the ranch with the dough.

by Miareply 59203/11/2012

I've wondered about that too, R592, for that very reason. Plus if Mondo is being scripted as the winner, the editing sure is making him a somewhat unlikable one.

Not to mention that Austin's aesthetic is much more what I think of, when I think of the average Neiman's customer. Mondo is a bit outre for that crowd.

But I maintain that TLo are acting like spoiled brats (in all meanings of the term), and I think they'd be pretty happy about an Austin win.

But aside from those two, yeah, an Austin win would certainly explain his being willing to chatter so long and often about needing money to save his poor mommy from the bad, bad loan officers.

Of course, there could be no real scripting at all, and Mondo's editing and Austin telling the entire world that his mother is about to lose her home could be paving the way for a Michael win.

Yeah, right.

by Miareply 59303/11/2012

Since Mondo participated as a co-host, co-commentator for that Oscar show featuring the red carpet fashions, I assumed that he was the winner.

by Miareply 59403/11/2012

Finally caught this week's episode, and damn! What an uninspiring set of frocks!

Mondo's and Michael's were just plain ugly, and Austin and Kenley's things were okay to look at, but both looked badly constructed. I can't believe Michael stayed, after producing something that looked like a $15 Ross bathing suit cover-up.

So could someone explain how the finale show works? They don't seem to have had a show at NY Fashion week.

by Miareply 59503/12/2012

The cunts at Rungay have had a long personal relationship with Austin so of course they're rooting for him. It does make me laugh when they break their water over their perceived judges' bias when they can hardly contain their excitement over faves they like on a personal level.

by Miareply 59603/12/2012

Austin will win. He sucks but he'll win. The old ladies at Nieman Marcus will love his clothes. I have nothing besides a hunch but I believe that this season is rigged for him to win.

by Miareply 59703/12/2012

I agree that R293 that Austin's aesthetic is very Neiman and while I love Mondo as a designer...he is very much not designing for the typical Neiman Marcus customer.

I still will be surprised if this doesn't go to Mondo. The judges obviously like him and he is a much more of a unique visionary than Austin is.

There are many other Austins out there. There aren't a lot of other Mondos.

by Miareply 59803/12/2012

[quote]an Austin win would certainly explain his being willing to chatter so long and often about needing money

I guess I really need to pay more attention. I only heard it once for less than a minute.

by Miareply 59903/12/2012

TLo interviewed everyone from their season except Michael and Mondo. They even hosted a party with Ivy, perhaps the most loathsome person ever on PR. There's something more going on here.

by Miareply 60003/12/2012
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