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Wone family settles $20 million lawsuit against three former D.C. roommates

Robert Wone, 32, was probably drugged into a paralytic-like state and sexually assaulted, the documents said. There was no sign of a struggle. Nothing was stolen. And police found sadomasochistic sex toys and machines in the elegant house.

%E2%80%9CIt was a huge shock for me. It pushed me way back. I felt like Robert had been killed all over again,%E2%80%9D Kathy Wone, now 40, said Wednesday in her first extensive interview since her husband was slain Aug. 2, 2006.

Wone spoke on the day that she settled her wrongful death lawsuit against the three men: Joseph Price, 40, Victor J. Zaborsky, 45 and Dylan Ward, 40. Price, Zaborsky and Ward denied any involvement in the killing, and they were acquitted in the criminal case by a Superior Court judge. They said someone broke into the house and killed Wone. No one has ever been charged in the actual stabbing.

by It''s the culturereply 13305/19/2014

Obama did it.

by It''s the culturereply 208/04/2011

What assholes. I hope she got every penny they have.

by It''s the culturereply 308/04/2011

Settled? How could she do that to Datalounge?

by It''s the culturereply 408/04/2011

The trouple bought a house in South Florida. They knew that state laws would let them keep their house even if they lost a court case.%0D %0D The lawyer will probably never get a decent job again. The marketing guy has some part time work. The guy who gives massages is still advertising on gay websites -- just beware if his hands get near your neck and don't leave any knives near the massage table.

by It''s the culturereply 508/04/2011

Nice to have money and influence.

by It''s the culturereply 608/04/2011

The lawyer (Joe Price) was disbarred by the DC Bar and won't be able to work as a lawyer ever again anywhere in the US. So that's some small consolation anyway.

by It''s the culturereply 808/05/2011

why did he get disbarred?

by It''s the culturereply 908/05/2011

Someone explain me this, my feeling is that Wone was closeted, something happened there. Why would they do this sociopathic episode? He was allegedly straight just hanging around 3 queens that he often spent the night with? Am I wrong? Enlighten me please.

by It''s the culturereply 1008/05/2011

[quote] just hanging around 3 queens that he often spent the night with?

From my recollection of the evidence, I don't think that he "often" spent the night there.

[quote]why did he get disbarred?

Because the standard of proof in disbarment matters is not "beyond a reasonable doubt."

by It''s the culturereply 1108/05/2011

Robert Wone had never spent the night with them. He e-mailed several friends (female and male) about needing an overnight stay for one time because he was working late to meet the people on the night shift at his new job. He didn't want his wife, who was ill, to be getting up in the middle of the night to drive to the train station to pick him up.%0D %0D Did Price get disbarred? I had not heard that. He got fired from his DC law firm, not just for this case. He had porn on his office computer. The porn included photos of himself involved in S&M. He was also using his law office e-mail for setting up a website to sell porn and S&M playtoys.

by It''s the culturereply 1208/05/2011

How much you want to bet these three deranged queens post here at DL on a regular basis? %0D %0D

by It''s the culturereply 1308/05/2011

The interesting thing about this settlement is that the trio must pay over and above any insurance monies won in this settlement. %0D %0D The defendants had to agree that Kathy Wone and her lawyers could publicly state that she/they believe the trio was involved in Robert%E2%80%99s murder, that she hopes they rot on their lies, that all three men will be making payments to her, and that when asked in depositions if they killed Robert they invoked the 5th Amendment.%0D

by It''s the culturereply 1408/05/2011

These fucking creeps also insinuated that some black male intruder killed Wone while the rest of them slept.

by It''s the culturereply 1508/05/2011

Yup. His own law firm brought him up on charges with the bar that led to his disbarment. Nothing to do with the murder - the porn charges & misuse of firm materials - but the aura of guilt was enough to get him thrown out. Payback's a bitch, Joe.

by It''s the culturereply 1608/05/2011

[quote]The guy who gives massages is still advertising on gay websites%0D %0D I'd hit it

by It''s the culturereply 1708/05/2011

[quote]How much you want to bet these three deranged queens post here at DL on a regular basis?

I'll take that bet.

by It''s the culturereply 1808/05/2011

Sad story. These three belong in jail for the rest of their lives.

by It''s the culturereply 1908/05/2011

hit if you must but get rid of all knives and syringes in the room first...

by It''s the culturereply 2008/05/2011

Any pictures of the perps?

by It''s the culturereply 2108/05/2011

Yes, R22, the Chinese mafia are famous for drugging and stabbing their victims then cleaning away all the blood and coaxing the patsies to appear freshly showered in white bathrobes when the cops arrive.

by It''s the culturereply 2308/05/2011

I can find no details online that Joe Price was disbarred. Not even on the Who Murdered Robert Wone website.

by It''s the culturereply 2408/05/2011

Maybe, r26, but it's sadder still that a straight best friend can't use the guest room in his gay best friend's condo without being given a paralytic drug and being raped and stabbed. But that's life.

by It''s the culturereply 2708/05/2011

What possibly was on their minds that they thought they could rape this man while he was knocked out and he wouldn't have noticed once he was conscientious? I have no doubt they did not intend to kill him. Something went wrong and he probably died from the shot. But their actually intentions were just as horrifying and bizarre.

by It''s the culturereply 2908/05/2011

Conscientious?? Really?


by It''s the culturereply 3008/05/2011

He died from the stab wounds according to the coroner, R29.

The stabber (most likely Dylan Ward) intended to kill him. What he didn't plan on was that Victor Zaborsky was home unexpectedly and that Zaborsky came downstairs and let out a big piercing scream of horror when he spied a stabbing victim somewhere on the second floor.

The scream was overheard by a neighbor. That is likely what brought the deadly game to a premature end and necessitated the hasty cleanup of the murder site, the 911 call for aid and the story of a non-existent intruder replete with fishy details like a grill-fire that forced the trio to douse the back patio with a garden hose.

by It''s the culturereply 3108/05/2011

why knock him out if the intent was murder? the stabbing, i thought, was to clean up the botched drugging and make it look like an intruder killed him with a knife.

whatever, the entire thing makes no sense.

by It''s the culturereply 3208/05/2011

So instead of just repeating all this shit for the billionth time like some fucking Aunt Diane thread, let's take it in a different direction.

What do we think conversations are like in that household now? Is it an event they don't talk about? Have they all convinced themselves of the intruder theory; is Joe all entitled white dude about it with a "Because I said so" attitude? Is he incredulous that nobody believes him and his partners? Or have they all convinced themselves that everybody else was wrong and life goes on and they never refer to the recent unpleasantness?

by It''s the culturereply 3308/05/2011

[quote]why knock him out if the intent was murder?%0D %0D Nobody said the intent was murder. They probably thought they could get away with drugging him for sex, but messed up and thought he was already dead. Thinking he was dead the stabbing was to make it look like an intruder killed him so they wouldn't be caught in the drugged rape.%0D %0D He was stabbed three times. Did the three housemates each stab him once to create a pact of silence about who did it - a way to be sure the others wouldn't talk?

by It''s the culturereply 3508/05/2011

It's true, R34. Just ask OJ. Even if you get away with murder you never really get away with murder. Dylan Ward got away with murder. Joseph Price got away with being an accomplice to murder and Victor Zaborsky got away with being an accomplice to murder after the fact.

But Dylan Ward, Joseph Price and Victor Zaborsky will never really get away with it. Everyone knows they did it. Innocent people don't plead the Fifth when asked if they stabbed someone or helped clean up a murder scene. I imagine they co-exist in a creepy mutual pact of silence where certain topics and feelings are never to be voiced.

by It''s the culturereply 3608/05/2011

If they wanted to create the scene of an intruder stabbing Wone, R35, then why did they clean up all the blood? Three little red dots on a bed sheet is a few pints shy of the amount of blood that must have been released by three deep stab wounds (including one into a beating heart!)

by It''s the culturereply 3708/05/2011

[quote]If they wanted to create the scene of an intruder stabbing Wone, [R35], then why did they clean up all the blood? %0D %0D You're assuming there was one set of plans for the evening. Zaborsky's scream was enough to make them go in another direction.%0D %0D By the time the emergency people arrived, they found three freshly showered men. There was no sign of bloody towels, no S&M playmats stowed with the S&M equipment, and no photo equipment. Somehow, all those things vanished. %0D %0D Did the items go out the back gate with Price's brother, who missed his evening class for the first time that night? %0D %0D Did they go across the street with interior decorator Scott Hixson who had a history of threesomes with Ward and Price, while Zaborsky was out of town on business trips? %0D %0D Zaborsky had been away and not due home until August 3rd. Instead he arrived back in DC on the 2nd and neither Price nor Ward mentioned that Wone was going to be there.

by It''s the culturereply 3808/05/2011

This entire affair gave DC gay community some very bad press.

by It''s the culturereply 3908/05/2011

Geez. How horrific and terrifying.

This is why I debate the secret; no way did anyone 'attract' that shit to himself.

by It''s the culturereply 4008/05/2011

[quote]What do we think conversations are like in that household now?%0D %0D "Please don't point that knife in my direction."%0D %0D %0D "This is just like the knife that killed Robert Wone."%0D %0D %0D "Who took the knife sharpener?"%0D %0D %0D "I bought us a new set of kitchen knives. They have special handles that destroy all fingerprints as soon as you set it down."%0D %0D %0D "What happend to the butcher knife that we kept in the middle drawer? It seems to be missing." %0D %0D %0D "Why does Dylan always take that knife set along when he has an appointment to give a massage?"%0D %0D %0D "Isn't one set of knives enough for the kitchen? Why did you buy a duplicate set?"%0D %0D %0D "Should we go to the Parker Playhouse in Lauderdale on Friday to see "Sweeny Todd" or should we go to the The Filmore in Miami Beach to see "Marat/Sade"?"%0D %0D

by It''s the culturereply 4108/05/2011

There was testimony that Dylan Ward hoped to be the bedmate of Joseph Price. He figured Victor Zaborsky could be kicked to the curb.

by It''s the culturereply 4208/05/2011

This thread is useless without pictures of the interior of the house.

by It''s the culturereply 4308/05/2011

I don't understand why Zaborsky just didn't flee, hightail it out the door, catch a cab and go to the nearest police station. He'd just gotten home and surely had alibis from where he'd been prior. What could possibly have been going on in the house before the murder that might implicate him in something?

by It''s the culturereply 4408/05/2011

It's the middle of the night in their shared Miami Shores home and Victor Zaborsky awakens to footsteps coming toward the bed. "Is this a dagger which I see before me," he asks and then wonders if it's real or a dream.

by It''s the culturereply 4508/05/2011

R7 - Price and Zaborsky each fathered a child for a lesbian couple they were friends with. The kids were born in 2001 and 2004.

by It''s the culturereply 4608/05/2011

How did they drug him, kill him and clean up the whole thing in like an hour. From the moment Wone arrived at the house to the moment the police arrived it was less than an hour and a half.

Did they drug him the moment he walked in the house? I would think the clean up time would be pretty substantial. It's just weird how so much happened in such a small amount of time. And they sexually abused him?

They must have been on Wone the Second he walked in. Creepy.

by It''s the culturereply 4708/06/2011

Plus they had time to do a load of laundry and shower after the murder? They must have stabbed him as soon as the door shut.

by It''s the culturereply 4808/06/2011

I'm shocked they plead the fifth amendment not to answer the question. If I killed someone, lying in court wouldn't bother me a bit. I'd deny, deny, deny

by It''s the culturereply 4908/06/2011

R49, are you nuts? I'm sure their lawyers told them what would be the best answer legally which was to plead the 5th.

by It''s the culturereply 5008/06/2011

Tell us what you are really getting at, R51.

Clearly you have an axe to grind.

by It''s the culturereply 5208/06/2011

Ward's base price for massages is $90. The three men live in a two bedroom home. Does one of the guys act as receptionist for those who go there for a massage from Ward?

by It''s the culturereply 5308/11/2011

Wow, R46 -- "The Bad Seed Redux"!

by It''s the culturereply 5408/11/2011

Kill all the lawyers. And kill all the douchebag DC assholes.

by It''s the culturereply 5608/11/2011

Price was fired from Arent Fox for the porn on his office computer. It included photos of himself involved in S&M situations. He also used his office e-mail as contact for a porn website he was starting. He's still a member of the Bar in DC but who would hire him after Judge Leibovitz clearly implicated him in the tampering/cover-up. %0D %0D Price sat for the July Florida Bar exam. Passing that exam in Florida gets you about 1/10th of the way to admission to practice law. The bar-admission committee%E2%80%99s character evaluation is unbelivably thorough as they investigate everything you%E2%80%99ve ever done or even thought about doing. Price's extra-legal activities during the past five years will fuel questionaires from the bar%E2%80%99s committee for months, maybe years if he's still walking free.%0D %0D Meanwhile, back in DC, the murder investigation is still active according to the Chief of Police. No doubt there was plenty revealed in discovery leading up to the recent settlement.

by It''s the culturereply 5708/11/2011

[quote]Sorry to burst your bubble but there was no evidence to link any of these 3 with the death of Wone. Mere presence is insufficient and that's all they had.

Their known presence and the complete absence of evidence indicating anyone else was present points a fat finger of suspicion at them. At least one of them had a direct hand in killing Wone and the other two participated in the cover-up if not the actual murder.

The majority of people familiar with the case will always presume the trio's guilt. They will never be free from the consequences of what they did that night, not until the day they die. That's exactly as it should be.

by It''s the culturereply 5808/11/2011

When the murder trial comes around, they've got Price saying he found Wone bleeding at the back door. Next, they've got Price saying they found Wone stabbed in the guest bed. And that's just the beginning of his double tales.

by It''s the culturereply 5908/11/2011

[quote] Their known presence and the complete absence of evidence indicating anyone else was present %0D %0D That isn't evidence of murder. As I said mere presence is never enough. That is basic law.%0D %0D Not finding evidence of another's presence does not mean another was not present. I've worked too long with the results of DC police investigations to know how little the non-discovery of evidence means. I also have learned that citing a "lack of evidence" may not be the exact truth. %0D %0D R59, once I listened to the tapes and read the transcripts it became apparent there were no such glaring contradictions as you are stating.%0D %0D When there is evidence of guilt - if there is ever evidence of guilt - then I will change my mind. Until then I hope I can keep the decency not to accuse people of murder when I don't know what I am talking about or who, if any of them, are guilty of homicide or even tampering. %0D %0D I am very familiar with the Florida bar admissions procedures. Unless Price has committed illegalities or unethical legal practices I don't know why he wouldn't be admitted. Porn on your computer? You mean like the majority of the computer-using population? Interest in S&M? You seriously think they would even go there? Those aren't issues for the bar. And Judge's Liebowitz's speculation/dicta is not law or even usable. There was also no evidence of a cover up. Though there was plenty of speculation - mostly based on unproven allegations and claims. And even if someone was to blame for a cover-up she had no idea who it was. %0D %0D Please! Stop working yourself into a frenzy over your obvious desire to see the guy destroyed. He's not guilty of anything and until it is proven that he is guilty of something then he has a right to earn a living and be left alone by the likes of you and your crazy friends. %0D %0D And, yes, if someone is a good lawyer then there is always someone who will hire them. Even in D.C. %0D %0D The mob mentality and lies surrounding this case have been disgusting.

by It''s the culturereply 6008/12/2011

Don't fret your pretty little head about it, R60. After all, no one died in YOUR spare room, did they?

Forget all about the murder of Robert Wone. Joseph Price, Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky avoided prison, they didn't even have to endure a civil lawsuit. They can go on with their lives just as you and I will. They alone know for a fact whether they are cold-blooded murderers and cowardly accomplices or innocent victims of the world's tidiest knife assailant.

by It''s the culturereply 6108/12/2011

The ability to think rationally about this case flew out the window for some people long ago. %0D %0D When you actually know or it has been proven that someone committed the crimes you reference then get back to me. %0D %0D The need to be part of a melodrama has clouded your brain.

by It''s the culturereply 6208/12/2011

R62, Joseph Price is calling for you to come tie him up and piss on him.

by It''s the culturereply 6308/12/2011

[quote] was probably drugged into a paralytic-like state

Did this show up on postmortem toxicology?

by It''s the culturereply 6408/12/2011

There were needle marks on his feet I believe, but the standard tox screen didn't turn anything up. He drowned in his own blood with no signs of a struggle, so he was unconcious when he died. And I think his own semen was found in his is believed he was brought to orgasm while unconcious via prostate stimulation.

by It''s the culturereply 6508/12/2011

Actually, it was a suicide.

by It''s the culturereply 6608/12/2011

Ooops, R60, not R59.

by It''s the culturereply 6708/12/2011

There were also needle marks on his neck.

by It''s the culturereply 6808/12/2011

R64, they only tested for a few drugs. Regrettably they did not preserve a larger amount of his blood for future testing of other substances.

by It''s the culturereply 6908/12/2011

[quote] There were needle marks on his feet %0D %0D %0D There were no unusual needle marks on the body which could not be easily explained by the resuscitation efforts.%0D %0D [quote] . . . with no signs of a struggle%0D %0D Which does not mean there was no struggle. %0D %0D [quote] so he was unconcious when he died. %0D %0D That is impossible to determine. He may very well have been asleep and awakened by someone in the room. Whether he was merely stirring and startled someone in the room who panicked and attacked him or whether he actually began to confront someone in the room cannot be determined. Another possibility is that he was asleep. One could speculatie that he was drugged but there was no evidence of that.%0D %0D [quote] And I think his own semen was found in his rectum...%0D %0D There was no evidence of semen in his rectum. They beleive there was bodily fluid near his rectum on the outside. %0D %0D [quote] it is believed he was brought to orgasm while unconcious via prostate stimulation.%0D %0D Yea, by the drama queens at that lynch mob site. %0D %0D [quote] All this can be checked in the report which is available online.%0D %0D LOL! %0D %0D Come on. Let's hear all the crazy theories you can come up with. Imagine we will have to be subjected to all the so-called evidence that never panned out or was busted as bullshit on cross examination. The lynch mob site is back to stalking these guys. People need to be careful they don't take it too far.

by It''s the culturereply 7008/12/2011

[quote]This entire affair gave DC gay community some very bad press.

Because every "straight" murder does the same for the hets.

by It''s the culturereply 7108/12/2011

Joe, honey. Put down the pipe. If you were so certain of your innocence, why did you run away to Florida? I'd have stayed and fought to clear my name, particularly as a member of the legal profession instead of running away to the house I bought which can't be touched by any legal proceedings and continuing to live with a 'masseuse' who hires himself out by the hour.

by It''s the culturereply 7208/12/2011

I thought you all wanted him gone. So he be gone. %0D %0D

by It''s the culturereply 7308/12/2011

Several of the posters on this thread give me the creeps. People vehemently defending these guys with specific details about their lives! That lawyer fellow wasn't disbarred? Why do you care so much? That poor Wone fellow just had the absolute worst luck in the world that night, huh? I mean, he could have stayed anywhere else but at a house where he would be drugged and murdered. What are the odds?

I think some of these posters might BE one (or more) of those three suspects.

by It''s the culturereply 7408/12/2011

R70, do you realize that DL doesn't give an award for fiction? Do you expect anyone to buy your fairytales? %0D %0D [quote]I think some of these posters might BE one (or more) of those three suspects.%0D %0D %0D There's no doubt one or more of them have been posting on the Wone threads for about five years.

by It''s the culturereply 7508/12/2011

I've been following details about this case from the start, and the DL's response to it.

I also suspect that one or more of the throuple has been posting here.

OK, so there isn't enough direct evidence to convict them of the crime, tampering, or a cover-up. But it is so blatantly obvious that one of these creeps did it, and that they're all covering up for each other. We don't know for a fact who killed JonBenet Ramsey or OJ's ex-wife, but again, it is painfully obvious who did.

by It''s the culturereply 7608/12/2011

[quote] I also suspect that one or more of the throuple has been posting here.%0D %0D [quote] There's no doubt one or more of them have been posting on the Wone threads for about five years.%0D %0D LOL! That's always the fall back position when your bullshit about the case gets thrown back in your face isn't it? Oh, it must be one of the three posting here. Get over yourselves. %0D %0D [quote] OK, so there isn't enough direct evidence to convict them of the crime, tampering, or a cover-up%0D %0D Do you think by suggesting there wasn't enough "direct" evidence that somehow changes it? There wasn't enough evidence of any kind. Period. Most all of the pretrial talk about all this evidence that supposedly existed never proved to be true. And the evidence that was offered was so weak as to be the equivalent of grasping at straws. They were stupid to bring any prosecution unless and until they had sufficient evidence to convict. %0D %0D When and if there is evidence that one of those guys committed a crime then get back to me. %0D %0D You don't realize how exactly alike you are to those freak banshees screeching about Casey Anthony. You're no different than they and Nancy Grace are.

by It''s the culturereply 7708/13/2011

R77, you DO realize that Casey Anthony is guilty, don't you?

by It''s the culturereply 7808/13/2011

It's only because all three were charged that they got off due to the possibility that Zaborsky didn't know the full details of the coverup and tampering. %0D %0D Price gave two different stories about the knife. 1. He pulled it out of the body. 2. He only moved it from where it was laying on top of the body. Yet there were no fingerprints on the knife.%0D %0D Price told police he found Wone bleeding at the back door. Later, he changed his story to claim they found Wone stabbed in the guest bed.

by It''s the culturereply 7908/13/2011

They've gone to Florida? Isn't that where Casey Anthony's from? Maybe they're going to compare notes. Doesn't OJ have a house there too? I smell a reality show.

by It''s the culturereply 8008/13/2011

Let's cast the LOGO movie! You know that Reichen would be perfect for Ward!

by It''s the culturereply 8108/13/2011

Ward is a scrawny little cunt (or is it runt?)...he would best be played by NPH.

by It''s the culturereply 8208/13/2011

R82 - 'Swedish massage therapist' has Reichen written all over it.

by It''s the culturereply 8308/13/2011

Reichen as that skinny runt is as laughable as r77's fairy tales. David Spade would be a better match.

by It''s the culturereply 8408/13/2011

From today's Washington Examiner:%0D %0D The murder of Robert Wone remains the perfect crime. Whoever stabbed the general counsel to Radio Free Asia in the chest, pierced his aorta and stood by as he bled to death in August 2006 is still at large. %0D %0D It has to be the most bizarre unsolved murder in D.C. history. When police arrived around midnight at the row house on Swann Street, east of Dupont Circle, they found Wone in an upstairs bedroom, on his back on a pull-out couch with clean sheets; he was unblemished except for the three stab wounds, as if he had been freshly washed. Two of the three men who lived in the house were wearing white bath robes when they greeted cops. The third, a lawyer with Arent Fox at the time, was in his undies.%0D %0D "Underwear guy," one of the cops called him in her police report.%0D %0D Detectives grilled the three -- Joseph Price, Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky -- and spent years trying to pin the murder on them. Prosecutors could charge them only with tampering with evidence, obstruction of an investigation and conspiracy. They were acquitted last summer.%0D %0D Last week Wone's widow, Kathy, settled a $20 million civil suit against the trio. For Kathy Wone, it was time to try and move on rather than go through what promised to be another agonizing court case. Price, Ward and Zaborsky declined to answer questions in deposition. They invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid incriminating themselves.%0D %0D Neither the three defendants nor anyone else has ever been charged with murder. The case is open and active.%0D %0D

by It''s the culturereply 8608/14/2011

Dylan's wonky, vaguely Thom Yorke eyes are bad enough, but then there's this quote:

"I believe that massage is a silent conversation between two energetic beings. It requires trust and good listening skills."

I'd be on that table silently grilling him: "So, you DID kill that guy, right? Or was it Joe? How relieved were you when you got away with it? Was it ketamine you used or something else?"

by It''s the culturereply 8708/16/2011

[quote]I'd be on that table silently grilling him%0D %0D Just thinking about that is scary, r87. No way would I let that creep even touch me. Someone who thinks they got away with covering up one killing could consider doing it again.

by It''s the culturereply 8808/16/2011

[quote] The interesting thing about this settlement is that the trio must pay over and above any insurance monies won in this settlement. The defendants had to agree that Kathy Wone and her lawyers could publicly state that she/they believe the trio was involved in Robert's murder, that she hopes they rot on their lies, that all three men will be making payments to her, and that when asked in depositions if they killed Robert they invoked the 5th Amendment.%0D %0D Would you like to refer us to the actual settlement agreement you claim to know so much about? None of what you say has to be the case at all. %0D %0D Nothing sadder than a DL poster pretending to have inside info. %0D %0D

by It''s the culturereply 8908/16/2011

[quote]None of what you say has to be the case at all. %0D %0D %0D Exactly. And we can all pretend Kathy Wone's claims about the trio weren't on the front page of The Washington Post. But saying that it wasn't on the front page of the Post is the same as saying they're innocent of all involvement in the murder of Robert Wone. %0D %0D You can pretend all you want, Joe, but you'll never have a day of peace ever again. You have to keep your two boyfriends close at hand so they don't get tanked and spill their guts.

by It''s the culturereply 9008/16/2011

R70 is so full of shit his eyes are brown. Victor, is that you, hunny?

by It''s the culturereply 9108/16/2011

Hey, asshole, I'm R70 et al and you couldn't be more tiresome with your constant suggestions that anyone who disagrees with you has to be one of the defendants. I doubt very much any of them would be so foolish as to post anything on a web site.%0D %0D There are actually people who are up on the evidence of the case and who understand the law and who think you and your ilk are full of shit. %0D %0D Like I said when and if there is evidence of guilt of a crime by any of these three men then get back to me. In the meantime all you do is blow smoke up peoples' asses and act like some crazy stalker. That proves nothing except you've got issues.%0D %0D FYI, the reason Kathy settled is because her lawyers were straight with her about the lack of evidence and that the insurance policy involved would pay nothing if there was willful misconduct or the commission of a crime. Further, there is a limit to what a law firm is willing to donate in pro bono services when the case is a losing proposition.%0D %0D Though I am not privy to the amount settled upon - nor do I pretend to know - it is less than $100,000.

by It''s the culturereply 9208/16/2011

[quote] I doubt very much any of them would be so foolish as to post anything on a web site.%0D %0D Nice try, but you and your ilk aren't that smart, Joe.

by It''s the culturereply 9308/16/2011

R92, it is pathetic the way you lie and spin your ass off trying (badly) to defend those murderous assholes.

by It''s the culturereply 9408/17/2011

No-one with a functioning brain believes that one, or more, of these three are not involved in Wone's death. Even the judge who ruled in their favor believed they were involved but the evidence provided by a bungling police service could not support a conviction, which must be beyond a reasonable doubt. %0D %0D Some comments from the Judge:%0D %0D %E2%80%9CI%E2%80%99m persuaded the murder was not committed by an intruder unknown to the defendants%E2%80%9D%0D %0D "From the beginning, each one of them %E2%80%93 Mr. Zaborsky included %E2%80%93 displayed a demeanor wholly at odds with what anyone would expect from an innocent person who%E2%80%99s friend had just been murdered tragically and violently"%0D %0D "[Joe Price was] arrogant, unconcerned, flippant, aggressive, self-centered and dismissive. Mr. Zaborsky was hystrionic and tearful, but entirely passive and apparently unmotivated to help detectives%E2%80%A6"%0D %0D 'Mr. Ward was from the start distant and detached, unmoved, patient and calm. He also was apparently unmotivated to help police solve this terrible crime. Of which, had it truly had been done by an intruder, he could easily have been the victim."%0D %0D Some great character references there for you, R92.

by It''s the culturereply 9508/17/2011

I suspect r92 is a lawyer without a soul. I don't like you...

by It''s the culturereply 9608/17/2011

How can your own semen be found in your anus?

by It''s the culturereply 9708/17/2011

Can someone link to the police report? There was a link several threads ago, but I can't seem to find it.%0D %0D All the details regarding the autopsy and the reports from the paramedics on the scene are there.

by It''s the culturereply 9808/17/2011

Here are the legal documents, R98. The first one, headed "Affidavit in Support of an Arrest Warrant - Dylan Ward" is the one that contains the detailed description of the crime scene as witnessed by the paramedics and police officers.

by It''s the culturereply 9908/17/2011

Thanks r99.%0D %0D r70, you are a retard.%0D %0D On page 70 it clearly states that none of the efforts to save Wone by the hospital staff included injecting him with anything.%0D %0D Also, can you please describe a struggle that could have occured that would have left the body as clean as it was. No marks on the hands, clean stab wounds, etc.%0D %0D Willful ignorance is not becoming.%0D %0D

by It''s the culturereply 10008/17/2011

[quote]no One fucking cares.%0D %0D Three guys in Miami Shores care because they know the cops are out to get them for this murder. An insurance company cares because they'll want to prove the guys are responsible for the death of Robert Wone and slam them for the amount of the payout. YOU, r101, care because you can't resist checking in on this thread -- and you'll be back.

by It''s the culturereply 10208/17/2011

[quote] no One fucking cares.%0D %0D You wish, Joe. And the "Nelly Nancy Drews" meme is beyond tired, now. Why don't you ask Victor for a new tag line. He's in marketing, right? Oh, wait...

by It''s the culturereply 10408/17/2011

You can absolutely count on me to identify myself as a Nelly Nancy Drew. I have been hands-on-hips furious at Joseph Price, Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky ever since I first read the affidavit describing their tell-tale guilty behavior.

I will type my little limp wrists off expressing my firm conviction that any one of the trio could end the mystery simply by revealing what he knows. Make fun of me all you like, it only adds fuel to my fairy fire!

By the way, the person who uses the phrase "Nelly Nancy Drews" as an insult DOES realize that he is defending a trio of cock-sucking, ass-fucking, lily-livered faggots, doesn't he?

by It''s the culturereply 10508/17/2011

The guy who uses the phrase "Nelly Nancy Drews" is the same jackass who claims ThoughtfulMasterMind is Umpy.

by It''s the culturereply 10608/17/2011

I just want to state again, as I have on the Wone site, that Price was a well known drug abuser. At least for 15 years. I have seen him doing this in the Apex bathroom (now closed), and in the La Cage bathroom (now closed). Yes, I know, it's my word against his. I have also seen him get extremely angry when high as a kite on cocaine or meth.%0D %0D When drinking Price was typically a falling down drunk. I have seen that, too, more than once.%0D %0D It's easy to become completely self-centered, especially on meth. No wonder something awful happened. I am only guessing that they probably took a sleeping pill each before the police arrived to come down rapidly from the high they were on and to appear somewhat normal. %0D %0D I sincerely doubt that Wone was purely straight. I am certain I have seen him out before but cannot prove it. If I had known of the events to come I would have been careful to make notes but who would have thought this would happen? It's all about drugs in this case. Most definitely. They simply had done too many drugs for too long. Their brains have lost the ability to feel empathy for others. That is another sign of excessive drug use, my dears.

by It''s the culturereply 10708/21/2011

Interesting view of Price, r107.

by It''s the culturereply 10808/22/2011

it's the culture.

by It''s the culturereply 10908/22/2011

R107- did you ever go to the MPD with the information you knew about Joe Price?

Dylan Ward is now doing business as "Pure Energy" massage in Miami Shores. His website has a creepy pic of him on the front page but no mention of his name. I'll bet he is using a fake name like "Michael," which he used to offer (ahem) massage services on some M4M site.

by It''s the culturereply 11009/09/2011

It wasn't rape rape.

by It''s the culturereply 11109/10/2011

[quote]I am only guessing that they probably took a sleeping pill each before the police arrived to come down rapidly from the high they were on and to appear somewhat normal.

Interesting tidbit. Ward did tell the police that he had taken a sleeping pill around 11 pm. Yet he was able to stay up all night and answers questions down at the police station. I always wondered how could have done that after having taken a sleep med. If he were high on meth or some other stimulant that would explain it.

by It''s the culturereply 11209/10/2011

r60, why do you care so much? Are you the anonymous defender of all accused killers? I understand having an interest in this case. I understand feeling strongly one way or the other and having a desire to debate the merits of any theories. But you are quite belligerent in your in your comments; there's an underlying hostility to your posts that are beyond the norm for DL. You write as though you are personally involved in the case and that it matters a great deal to you how people discuss it on an anonymous message board.

So, if you are not one of the accused, and you hate this topic so much, or at least the way people discuss it on DL, then why don't you just leave the thread? That's what i do when DLers and their attitudes and comments irritate me. That is what most rational people do, even after they've been engaging in a heated discussion. Eventually, those not personally invested in the conversation say "I'm not commenting or reading this thread anymore."

Why can't you do that? I suspect it's because you are one of the killers and that's why you can't be objective and casual about this thread. Any other sane person would have left the topic alone by now.

by It''s the culturereply 11309/10/2011

[quote]You write as though you are personally involved in the case%0D %0D I think you're on target with this thought.

by It''s the culturereply 11409/10/2011

"You're no different than they and Nancy Grace are."

If you look at it from a certain angle, this sentence bears some similarities to English.

by It''s the culturereply 11509/10/2011

Does it r115? I will have to reread that post again.

by It''s the culturereply 11609/11/2011

I have no hope that Joe or Dylan will ever lose a wink of sleep over any of this, but I'd be satisfied if Victor ends up as the Dorian Grey portrait of the trouple.

by It''s the culturereply 11709/11/2011

Victor Zaborsky is still working on promoting "Got Milk" advertising.

Is Dylan Ward's massage business still operating in Miami Beach?

Will Joe Price ever get back into a posh law firm?

by It''s the culturereply 11807/07/2012

Six years ago this month Robert Wone finished up a busy day as General Counsel at Radio Free Asia, a new position he had just started a few weeks earlier. He then headed to a continuing legal education class before making his way back to work to meet the night shift. Robert would complete the day by heading over to a friend’s house to stay for the evening.

What happened next remains as much of a mystery today as it did six years ago. The three men who lived in that house insist Wone was stabbed to death by an intruder. The judge says there was no intruder.

by It''s the culturereply 11908/25/2012

One of the killers is POSTING INSIDE THIS THREAD!!!

by It''s the culturereply 12008/25/2012

Mrs. Wone should now sue the brother.

by It''s the culturereply 12108/26/2012

Joe Price's brother had been taking a night class. He was absent from class for the first time on the night of the murder.

by It''s the culturereply 12208/26/2012

Maybe Joe Price's brother was supposed to get rid of the body. He's been in trouble with the law over the years. The next time it happens, maybe he'll trade what he knows for a "Get out of jail, free" card.

by It''s the culturereply 12304/03/2013

Despite the lawsuit being settled, there is still an opportunity for one or more of the trio to be charged in the death of their houseguest. The DC cops bungled the investigation so it will take a new chief to move it up again.

by It''s the culturereply 12407/09/2013

Could have been a CIA assassination for all we know. Maybe he was yesteryear's Michael Hastings.

by It''s the culturereply 12507/09/2013

The trio bought a house in Florida in order to protect that investment from lawsuits.

by It''s the culturereply 12607/10/2013

Threads on this case have always had one or more nuts raving angrily about how unfairly the throuple are being treated by other posters and slinging homophobic insults to try to end the conversation.

The possibility that these posters are of the throuple is not v interesting. I'd be much more interested if it was someone(s) not personally involved in the matter who has taken a liking to the throuple and clings to his guns despite all evidence. To the angry defender (who cannot work a quote box), why don't you tell us why you support the throuple so strongly if, as you say, you aren't of them.

I'll start. When I first heard about this case, my immediate bias was toward the defendants. I suspected there was police homophobia behind them being charged, the accusations sounded so outlandish that they couldn't be true, all that. Plus I admit that I felt protective toward Zaborsky because I read some stuff about him that reminded me of my partner.

Throuple defender, you say repeatedly that there's no evidence establishing that they committed the crime. You are evading the fact that the crime scene was their home, of which they had exclusive control before, during and after the murder. They had plenty of time to dispose of incriminating items and there is considerable evidence that they did so.

The whole case is completely bizarre. Drugging Wone, raping him and/or electro-stimming him to ejaculation? And all in a very short time frame? WTF? But the hardest part for me to swallow about this case is that Wone was an old college friend of Joe Price. They'd known each other for a decade or more. It's hard to conceive of Price, at least, premeditating injury/rape/murder on his college buddy.

But it's less hard to imagine that Ward did the killing (a knife that could've made the wounds was missing from a matched set in his room) and that Price went along with the cover-up because he saw it as the least-bad option.

As for Zaborsky, he probably went along with the coverup out of fear and clinginess.

And of course, in case it still needs to be said, Tina was here.

by It''s the culturereply 12707/26/2013

[quote]it's less hard to imagine that Ward did the killing (a knife that could've made the wounds was missing from a matched set in his room) and that Price went along with the cover-up because he saw it as the least-bad option. As for Zaborsky, he probably went along with the coverup out of fear and clinginess.

You're probably right. The DC cops have no interest in solving this murder.

by It''s the culturereply 12805/18/2014

Weird how this thread got bumped (I didn't do it). Last night I was walking along Swann St, where the murder happened, and my thoughts turned to Wone. I hope justice is eventually served and the 3 assholes who got away with murder suffer for the rest of their lives.

by It''s the culturereply 12905/18/2014

I think the interior design guy who lived across the street knows more than he told. Is that where all the cameras disappeared before the cops arrived? Then there's the woman who lived in the basement apartment. Was she told to stay with friends that night because they were planning some wild games with Wone after they gave him daterape drugs?

by It''s the culturereply 13005/18/2014

Another queen moved into the house.

The infamous Swann Street house where the Robert Wone murder took place has a new owner, and it’s someone with ties to the local real estate community.

Forest W. Kettler — yes, that Kettler — bought the townhome at 1509 Swann St. NW from William N. Herman, land records show. Kettler is the son of Bob Kettler, who runs the McLean development and apartment management company by the same name.

Forest Kettler paid just shy of $1.5 million, a big drop from the $1.6 million listing price when the four-bedroom, 3.5-bath house hit the market a year ago. It was sold in 2008 for $1.48 million. Wone’s friends had paid $1.2 million for the house in 2005, but after Wone’s death, the homeowners spent a considerable sum in repairs and renovations.

Kettler, who works as a project manager at his father’s real estate firm, moved into the townhome Aug. 1. He said he was aware of the tragedy but considers it an isolated incident.

“It didn’t really factor in,” Kettler said. For him, he adds, it was just a good deal on a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood.

by It''s the culturereply 13105/19/2014

I knew four really nice people who lived at 1509 Swann back in the '80s. The gay murder [italic]is[/italic] just an isolated incident.

The two who owned the house probably paid under $100K for it.

by It''s the culturereply 13205/19/2014

I don't think anyone has ever suggested it was not just an isolated incident.

by It''s the culturereply 13305/19/2014
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