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Antonio Sabato, Jr. plays gay, again

I was really happy to see him tonight on Hot in Cleveland playing yet another gay hunk.%0D %0D I know it doesn't say anything about his real-life sexuality, but I'm still glad to see he's so comfortable taking cinematic walks on the wild side.%0D %0D

by Dave Francoreply 7511/21/2012

It is what he plays best.

by Dave Francoreply 107/20/2011

He has kids and was married before = used goods.

by Dave Francoreply 207/20/2011

Half the guys at "Bear Week" in Provincetown last week were married at one point and had kids. I swear to god.%0D

by Dave Francoreply 307/20/2011

Here are the list of straight actors who played more than one gay themes/characters

James Franco:

James Dean



The Broken Tower-Hart Crain


Emile Hirsch:

Mudge Boy

Imaginary Heroes


Stanley Tucci:


The Devil Wears Prada

by Dave Francoreply 407/20/2011

Please translate your point R4

by Dave Francoreply 507/20/2011

R5, what part of the point aren't you getting?%0D %0D He lists three actors that have played gay multiple times, and lists the movies in which they played gay. Duh?%0D %0D

by Dave Francoreply 607/20/2011

R4 You're delusional and blind if you think James Franco is straight.

by Dave Francoreply 707/20/2011

You know, Betty White is an American treasure and all, but I don't find her particularly funny on Hot in Cleveland. The funniest actress on the show is Wendie Malick.

by Dave Francoreply 807/21/2011

I remember someone posted those scenes from the bad sci-fi movie he was in - he had a major make-out session with another hot guy. I do not doubt for a minute that he has had gay sex before.

by Dave Francoreply 907/21/2011

He's very comfortable with his sexuality, because he has a ginormous cock.

by Dave Francoreply 1007/21/2011

Wendie Malick is hilariously funny on that show. "I'm Victor Victoria Chase." "I should win an Emmy for best performance in a men's room."

And Sabato was funny, too. Great casting and a funny show last night.

by Dave Francoreply 1107/21/2011

Franco's like Keanu-he has sex with whoever he's attracted to at that particular moment, regardless of the gender.

by Dave Francoreply 1207/21/2011

[quote]I know it doesn't say anything about his real-life sexuality,%0D %0D But his sister took care of that when she said he's bi in an interview. That was years before DL so it may take a super-Google search to find the interview.

by Dave Francoreply 1307/21/2011

I've heard this repeated over and over here, R13, but I've never seen any evidence of it. If she had said it I think it would have made bigger news.

He appears to be straight. He has 3 children from 3 different women.

by Dave Francoreply 1407/21/2011

Didn't someone on DL claim years ago that they attended some swanky "A" gay Hollywood party and that ASJ was there with his photographer boyfriend?.

by Dave Francoreply 1507/21/2011

big uncut cock

by Dave Francoreply 1607/21/2011

[r9] Testosterone wasn't SciFi

by Dave Francoreply 1707/21/2011

[r4] Don't forget Bobby Cannavale

by Dave Francoreply 1807/21/2011

[quote] If she had said it I think it would have made bigger news.%0D %0D %0D It did make big news. Though it may be difficult to imagine, there was no DataLonge, no Perez Hilton, and no TMZ at the time. Perhaps you're not aware, but JFK, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush spoke on many topics that never made the news and you won't find any information about those topics.

by Dave Francoreply 1907/21/2011

[quote]He has 3 children from 3 different women.%0D %0D In what possibel way does that "prove" he's not bi?%0D

by Dave Francoreply 2007/21/2011

it doesn't prove it, R20, but it's usually more likely to be straight guy behavior

by Dave Francoreply 2107/21/2011

R21? What is it about "bi" that you're not getting?

by Dave Francoreply 2207/21/2011

r17, Sabato had an extended male nude sex scene, including kissing, in a movie about a meteor or something.%0D %0D r4, Stanley Tucci also was the secretly gay husband in The Daytrippers.%0D %0D And r4, wasn't Emile Hirsh also gay in Taking Woodstock, which is currently running on HBO/Cinemax?

by Dave Francoreply 2307/21/2011

[quote]The funniest actress on the show is Wendie Malick.

Agreed, she is the break out star and deserved the Emmy nomination. Her answer as she is about to kick Melanie Griffith's ass...

Victoria: And you forgot a little Lifetime Original movie called "Soccer Mom Ninja"!

by Dave Francoreply 2407/21/2011

Here is Emile Hirsh as Tim kissing Kyle on Imaginary Heroes..In the end of the movie it turns out that they are brothers...

by Dave Francoreply 2507/21/2011

I'm glad he is willing to go nude and sexy on camera with the guys. That lovemaking scene in the meteor movie Deadly Skies (legs up and everything!) was worth the price of my (former) here! subscription.

by Dave Francoreply 2607/22/2011

I saw Antonio S. on some TV spy movie and he went to bed with this Chinese hot chick. In the morning he gets out of bed and he's got a tatoo butt stamp on him. How many straight guys have butt stamps? Made me wonder.

by Dave Francoreply 2707/22/2011

I've always like him -- and he's still in great shape all these years later.

by Dave Francoreply 2807/22/2011

He plays gay because it's a fucking job. Dude is hot and all but he's no Pacino. He's been painfully bad in movies and it's just enjoyable to watch him.

by Dave Francoreply 2907/22/2011

I'm always appreciative of male actors who show their weenies on film.

by Dave Francoreply 3007/22/2011

Would love to see him play the coach in THE FRONT RUNNER with Chandler Massey as Billy Sive.

by Dave Francoreply 3107/22/2011

and no one has done it more than Ewan McGregor, R30:

by Dave Francoreply 3207/22/2011

The Front Runner is an awful book, a maudlin soap opera and it should never be made into a film.

by Dave Francoreply 3307/22/2011

But the gay dies! It'll be a big hit!

by Dave Francoreply 3407/23/2011

R34 one of the gays always dies...from Philadelphia to Brokeback Mountain the dead gay is Hollywood's version of a happy ending.

by Dave Francoreply 3507/23/2011

Anyone know where to find the gay sex scene in Deadly Skies?

by Dave Francoreply 3607/23/2011

Near the beginning.

by Dave Francoreply 3707/23/2011


by Dave Francoreply 3807/23/2011

NO ONE should make the Front Runner it is a shit book.

They become whores and one dies, it is filled with horrible images and negative images of gay men.

by Dave Francoreply 3907/23/2011

Whores? It's been years since I read it but don't remember tht bit.

by Dave Francoreply 4007/24/2011

any nude Pixs of Antonio?

by Dave Francoreply 4107/24/2011


by Dave Francoreply 4207/24/2011

The Coach is the one who becomes a whore, if I remember right. But isn't it just a one-time whoring?

by Dave Francoreply 4307/24/2011

If there was ever a male celeb I've wanted to make a jack off tape, he is IT!

by Dave Francoreply 4407/25/2011

He's inproved as an actor over the last twenty or so years he's been famous. He was woefully miscast as Heather Locklear's abusive ex husband in "Melrose Place" back in 1995.

by Dave Francoreply 4507/25/2011

Remember when he was in Janet Jackson's "Love Will Never Do Without You" video?

by Dave Francoreply 4607/25/2011

Famous?? You're really being very generous here, R45.

by Dave Francoreply 4707/25/2011

I still dream of his Times Square billboard.

by Dave Francoreply 4807/26/2011

r23, Emile Hirsch wasn't the gay character in Taking Woodstock, it was the one played by Dimetri Martin.

by Dave Francoreply 4907/26/2011

That's a nice shot at r48. He looks almost the same today.

by Dave Francoreply 5007/26/2011

R41, there are lots of screencaps of his big uncut cock from "Testosterone".

You just have to do a search and you will find pics like this:

by Dave Francoreply 5107/26/2011

Do we see David Sutcliffe's (hopefully) cut cock?

by Dave Francoreply 5207/26/2011

I don't think so, R52.

And why do you hope it's cut? Are you trying to stir up trouble?

by Dave Francoreply 5307/26/2011

No, r53, just stating my preference.

by Dave Francoreply 5407/26/2011

No one cares about your preference.

by Dave Francoreply 5508/08/2011

I know I'm not the only one who prefers a cock that been sculpted for greater beauty and enhanced pleasure.

by Dave Francoreply 5608/08/2011

R36, here's the scene from Deadly Skies. Sometimes there's an age verification check. Click on the left button.

by Dave Francoreply 5708/09/2011

[quote]Wendie Malick is hilariously funny on that show.

"Get Mrs. Lady Pants or get out of my business!"

by Dave Francoreply 5808/09/2011

"I know I'm not the only one who prefers a cock that been sculpted for greater beauty and enhanced pleasure."

Yes, Mary. We enjoyed your thread, "My New Dildo."

Now go away.

by Dave Francoreply 5908/09/2011

Love Wendie Malick waaaaay back when she played Allie's ex-husband's new wife on Kate & Allie. She plays those characters so well.

by Dave Francoreply 6009/27/2011

[R52] you do get a glimpse of the tip of his cock through his legs as he steps into the shower. Nice ass shot.

by Dave Francoreply 6109/27/2011

[quote]Half the guys at "Bear Week" in Provincetown last week were married at one point and had kids.

What do you mean, they [italic]had[/italic] kids??? Did they have them killed when they came out?

by Dave Francoreply 6209/27/2011

I fell in love with him when he was on General Hospital. Didn't he and Ricky Martin appear at the same time? If so, I'm guessing there were some stories there...

by Dave Francoreply 6309/28/2011

the reason he's got that perpetual smirk is that, when hard, his cock is ENORMOUS!

by Dave Francoreply 6409/28/2011

anyone seen him in the new Old Navy ad on tv now? He's ageless I swear. Really hot even in his mid to late 40s.

by Dave Francoreply 6511/14/2012

Folks here have been saying ASJ is bisexual for as long as there's been a DataLounge.

by Dave Francoreply 6611/15/2012

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. Tells TheBlaze Why He’s ‘A True Believer in Jesus’ (Plus: His Take on Christianity in Hollywood)

It’s evident that vocal Christians are a rare breed in Hollywood. Considering entertainers’ tough schedules, intense temptations and the controversial actions required to keep and hold on to their fame, it’s no wonder that living a positive lifestyle can be a difficult task in the entertainment world. Lately, though, TheBlaze has been speaking with well-known actors, singers and comedians who shatter the stereotype — or at least the notion — that Tinseltown is godless. Most recently, we caught up with actor and model Antonio Sabato Jr., who explained the importance of faith in his own life.

The former soap star and model highlighted his Christian views and shared some surprising details about his fellow entertainers. The actor, who moved with his family to America in 1985, has made a name for himself in the entertainment world. No stranger to television, movies and modeling, Sabato’s father, Antonio Sabato Sr., was an actor in numerous Italian films in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. As for his own motivation for entering into the same field, the younger Sabato explains: “It was in my genes.”

Growing up in Rome, Italy, the now 40-year-old actor claims that it was hard, as a young person, to escape religion. After all, he recalls churches being present on practically every street corner. As a result of the exposure, Sabato said that he was “always a Christian,” noting that, from an early age, religious themes were a part of his daily life.

“I always believed in Jesus and God as a little boy,” he told TheBlaze.

While the actor claims that he didn’t go to church as a child, God was very much a part of his life. As he grew older, Sabato’s faith “came together” and became a more active staple in his daily routine.

“As I got older, I got closer to my faith and I got closer to Jesus, reading the Bible and living my life under God,” Sabato said.

Over the past few years, the model noted that this Christian views have only increased and that his wife, singer-songwriter Cheryl Moana Marie, has played a key role in helping to refine and bolster his personal beliefs.

“My wife was a big part of it,” Sabato said of Marie, whom he married earlier this year. “Together, me and my wife are believers and we live our lives for Jesus.”

During his interview with TheBlaze, Sabato didn’t simply speak in grand religious terms; he also highlighted what he believes it means to be a Christian. Rather than going to church, an action that he now engages in regularly as an adult, Sabato spoke about the importance of living out one’s faith. In the end, religion is only a construct, he said, noting that Christianity is about having an active relationship with God.

“I consider myself a Christian — a true believer in Jesus Christ — that he died for our sins. [That he is our] true savior,” he explained. “I don’t consider myself any denomination.”

The impact that the faith has had on Sabato’s life is profound, as he notes that his family, children included, is much healthier as a result of it and that family members’ relationships with one another are better with God in the mix. As a father, he claims faith has refined him, as the actor finds himself asking, in various scenarios, ”Would Jesus do it like this?” and “What are the consequences?”

When it comes to Hollywood — a place, as stated, that many assume to be godless, Sabato had a cautionary note for Christians: Don’t assume that Tinseltown is entirely devoid of God.

“You’d be surprised — I think there’s a lot of people who are Christians,” he said of some of his compatriots within the entertainment industry; he then went on to give his theory as to why more people aren’t open about their faith. “It’s because Hollywood is what it is and they kind of have to put everything behind a glass door.”

Sabato noted that he knows many others in the industry who go to church regularly and who share his beliefs. In addition to commenting about other believers in Hollywood, the actor shared his experience surrounding how God has positively impacted his career.

Being a Christian in Hollywood can be tough and Sabato always has to strike a balance, particularly when it comes to controversial roles. For the actor, choosing a role is all about examining a script in its entirety. If he finds it challenging and compelling, he then moves forward with the project. While he claims he’s not too picky, he does look at the degree to which a particular role is “dark” or unpalatable.

For more about Sabato, visit his official web site and follow him on Twitter.

by Dave Francoreply 6711/15/2012

I know some people will take issue with me about this, but as I get older it seems as though the lines separating gay, straight and bi are getting fuzzier with each generation. There was no such thing as a "bromance" when I was growing up.

by Dave Francoreply 6811/15/2012

[quote]Folks here have been saying ASJ is bisexual for as long as there's been a DataLounge.

That's because they're aware of the long ago interview with ASJ's sister who said he's bi. That was published before DL was even invented.

by Dave Francoreply 6911/15/2012

And allegedly a spreader of STDs. Didn't he get beat up over this?

by Dave Francoreply 7011/15/2012

R70 what? tell more about that? *speechless*

R67 interesting link...I can't stand people in th business who claim to be devout christians when hollywood is truly against what a lot of christian teachings say. I'm an atheist but I have studied a bit of religion and just by being in the business, you have to lie, be vain and do all kinds of things which are considered sins. I call those people fake christians. If you're gonna say you're really devout, leave the business.

That said, Antonio is still fucking hot.

by Dave Francoreply 7111/16/2012

Not everything done in Hollywood is sinful or antiChristian. There are really true committed believers who love Christ working in Hollywood, in front of and behind the screen.

by Dave Francoreply 7211/21/2012

r71 and r72, since God is imaginary, "Christianity" means whatever its practitioners say it means.

Hollywood Christians believe God wants them to be a star. Southern Baptists in the 19th century believed God wanted them to own slaves. Mormons used to believe that blacks were sinful. Then in the 1970s when the government threatened to withdraw the religion's tax exempt status, suddenly the Mormon god changed his mind.

It's ALL bullshit from top to bottom. The philosophy of the biblical Christ minus the hocus-pocus would fit on a fortune cookie: Be nice to other people. It's hardly the profound spiritual miraculous stuff followers imagine it is. It's a bill of goods.

by Dave Francoreply 7311/21/2012

[quote]Half the guys at "Bear Week" in Provincetown last week were married at one point and had kids. I swear to god

Oh my gawd.

by Dave Francoreply 7411/21/2012

I think he plays gay a lot because he is not really the best actor out there and it's the work he is offered because he is gorgeous.

by Dave Francoreply 7511/21/2012
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