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Best Carly Simon song of all time...

I nominate "Boys in the Trees"

by benreply 12109/19/2013

Just looooove "Coming Around Again"

by benreply 107/14/2011

"All I Want is You" has always really moved me. "Anticipation" is another amazing one.

by benreply 207/14/2011

Embrace Me You Child

by benreply 307/14/2011

This is one of my all-time favourite songs

by benreply 407/14/2011

sorry, forget to add link - doh

by benreply 507/14/2011

Maybe not the best but "Jessie" is the one that sparked my love for Carly.

by benreply 607/14/2011

I really like Carly Simon, but I hate Embrace Me You Child a lot.

I love The Right Thing To Do.

by benreply 707/14/2011

She's okay but don't like that she came from money. Spoiled Girl, indeed.

by benreply 807/14/2011

"My New Boyfriend", "Tired of Being Blonde", "You Belong to Me"

by benreply 907/14/2011

"That's the Way I Always Heard It Should Be" --%0D %0D quite fine!

by benreply 1007/14/2011

Jesus, I hate comments like the one made by R8.%0D %0D Anyhow, best ever Carly song: Theme from the movie Swing Shift...'Someone Waits for You'.%0D %0D Below are opening credits, if you never saw it.

by benreply 1107/14/2011

So, douchebag at R8, what was she supposed to do? Kill herself?

by benreply 1207/14/2011

She's a terrible performer, saw her live and you could barely hear her and she was el BORE-O!

by benreply 1307/14/2011

Do charity work, become a paralegal, anything but the treacly crap she turned out.

by benreply 1407/14/2011

Really homely, horse-faced and can't sing, NEXT!

by benreply 1507/14/2011

Loved Tired of Being Blond and Hello, Big Man.

by benreply 1607/14/2011

I like the little known "My Lover, My SOn".

by benreply 1707/14/2011

Loved the theme from the very strange "Swing Shift" - that film's tone shifts scene to scene and it doesn't gel. Goldie doesn't look good, she's too old for starters.

by benreply 1807/14/2011

How about "Haven't Got Time for the Pain"? I esp. like the "pouring donw from the hevans" line...

by benreply 1907/14/2011

I'm normally really tasteful in my music selections, but the exception may be the Devo-esque "Them." It's hilarious if you're one of the reviled ones (I am.)

What shall we do about them?

When they move into your neighbourhood

They take over but good

They want you all body and soul

Then it's just your body

Then they go

What shall we do about them?

by benreply 2007/14/2011

so how is she part black? (from another thread) she has a good range - her voice - and a very clean timbre.

by benreply 2107/14/2011

R21, are you deaf?

She has a horrible voice. I can't understand how she's had a singing career. Now, she's written some fine songs but she can't sing.

by benreply 2207/14/2011

As a vocalist, she is very limited. Not bad, not that great, either. One critic called her "flat-voiced."%0D %0D I always hated "Jesse" with a passion. A song about a woman who is an asswipe for some clod named Jesse...ugh. Rick Springfield must have loved that song; he filched his hit "Jesse's Girl" from it. Boy, he'd really love to have "a woman like that", that is, a subservient, passive asswipe. I hated "Jesse's Girl", too. %0D %0D I have liked some of Simon's songs. Here are the ones I liked:%0D %0D That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be%0D %0D Anticipation (that's my favorite, I think)%0D %0D The Right Thing To Do%0D %0D Legend In Your Own Time%0D %0D Three Days%0D %0D Our First Day Together%0D %0D You're So Vain%0D %0D No Secrets

by benreply 2307/14/2011

"Robin" owns this thread!

by benreply 2407/14/2011

"Let the River Run," Carly Simon's 1988 Oscar winner from [italic]Working Girl[/italic] is her best. "You're So Vain," from 1973 (and which garnered her Record of the Year and Song of the Year Grammy nominations), is her most iconic.

by benreply 2507/15/2011

Another vote for I Haven't Got Time For the Pain. I also love Nobody Does It Better.

I'd say You Belong To Me as well, but Michael McDonald's version is far superior.

by benreply 2607/15/2011

Oh yes and another vote for That's The Way I've Always Heard it should be. Love that one too.

by benreply 2707/15/2011

But a legend's only a lonely boy when he goes home alone.

by benreply 2807/15/2011

I agree that "Boys in The Trees" is indeed the best Carly Simon song. Another would have to be "Touched By The Sun" from her album "Letters Never Sent". She wrote it for her good friend Jackie Onassis. It also has some good background vocals by her son Ben Taylor.

by benreply 2907/15/2011

She released so many albums. Which Carly album is the your favorite? Which is her worst?

by benreply 3011/28/2012

Carly Simon Live From Martha's Vineyard is by far my favorite album. It was filmed for an HBO special in the late 80's.

My favorite song of hers is Nobody Does It Better.

by benreply 3111/28/2012

DYK that Paramount wanted either Carly Simon or Linda Ronstadt for Sandy in "Grease" because they wanted a name female singer to make sure the soundtrack was a success.

by benreply 3211/28/2012

Right Thing to Do.

by benreply 3311/28/2012

Not the best song but it is catchy. I love everything about this cheaply-made 1982 Carly video for "Why".

by benreply 3411/28/2012

I like the song Scar.

It's about her getting breast cancer. She runs into Warren Beatty and he can't get away from her fast enough as soon as he finds out she's sick.

I can play it 15 times in a row and find a new delight with each playing.

by benreply 3511/28/2012

"Boys in the Trees" isn't her best tune, but the lyrics are as good as anything Joni Mitchell ever wrote.

Back in the day, I liked Carly because I thought she struck a good balance between Carole King (great melodist; mediocre lyricist) and Joni Mitchell (great lyricist; mediocre melodist) because Carly wrote good lyrics with good music.

BTW, she didn't write Nobody Does it Better.

by benreply 3611/28/2012

I really like "After the Storm".

by benreply 3711/28/2012

Carly Simon's "Jesse." Omg, that song drove me wild from the very first time I heard it.

by benreply 3811/28/2012

Second Scar.

by benreply 3911/28/2012

Listen to the track, "Haunting" from Boys in the Trees.

Her voice is gorgeous on this track. Great song.

by benreply 4011/28/2012

Leeeeet the River Run

by benreply 4111/28/2012

Too many to name, but it's great to see her get some respect here as a songwriter. She's always been underrated by the rock press and critics.

by benreply 4211/28/2012

Like R9, her Spoiled Girl album is a big fave.

by benreply 4311/28/2012

Not a Day Goes By

by benreply 4411/28/2012

I also think "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" is Carly at her finest. It's a haunting, melancholic, and dreamy song.

by benreply 4511/28/2012

Do lots of gay men like Carly Simon? I wouldn't have thought so. Many of her songs are simply soaked in estrogen, and things about straight women that gay men like to complain about.

That said, I second "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be." Also "Coming Around Again." She's not afraid to risk sounding stupid for something that feels true to her.

by benreply 4611/28/2012

Better version of "Let The River Run"

by benreply 4711/28/2012

I love "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Shoud Be."

by benreply 4811/28/2012

Love her version of It Keeps You Running. Also love Are You Ticklish?

by benreply 4911/28/2012

an obscure one--The Carter Family

by benreply 5011/28/2012

I don't think Carter Family was obscure. I do think it is her best song though. You used to make me moan in bed..... I just think she's great. Such a Good Boy is great too. Love Jesse. Vengeance is great too. It Happens Everyday is the best breakup song. It just sings about love gone cold. No emotional build up or cheating or great crisis. Just how a love peters out. You used to adore used to adore me...still it happens everyday....

The Stuff that Dreams are Made of is a great Carly classic too.

by benreply 5111/28/2012

I think this thread is about me!

by benreply 5211/28/2012

I grew up on the Heinz ketchup commercials so I kind of like "Anticipation" but she was SO overexposed.

Kind of ironic that GArease went with an "unknown" who wound up more popular than almost any female singer ever.

by benreply 5311/28/2012

R45 is right.

by benreply 5411/28/2012

You're So Vain... you probably think this Youtube's about you.

by benreply 5511/29/2012

Always loved The Best Thing, from her first album. Second favorite is Embrace Me You Child from No Secrets.

by benreply 5611/29/2012

I wish I had never found out that Mick Jagger sings background on "You're So Vain." I'm a big fan, but since I found that out, he's all I hear.

by benreply 5711/29/2012

I don't think it was ever a single but "Do The Walls Come Down" from COMING AROUND AGAIN is gorgeous and haunting.

by benreply 5811/29/2012

Love Carly. Nobody Does It Better and Let The River Run are probably my faves. Another one I liked that I haven't seen mentioned yet was Vengeance.

by benreply 5911/29/2012

Tired of Being Blonde

It Should've Been Me

by benreply 6011/29/2012

Why on the liner notes to "Ben" does it say "sung in the style of Judy Garland"?

She doesn't sound like Garland at all. And why is she gargling over the bridge?

by benreply 6112/02/2012

For me, it's "Libby"

Runners up would probably be "Boys in the Trees" and "Tired of Being Blonde"

by benreply 6212/02/2012

Sorry if some of you are annoyed that I dug this one up, but I LOVE "Tired of Being Blonde." I think it's her best recording. Just love it. It's very mid-80s, but still, just great. The whole album, "Spoiled Girl," was ignored, but I think it's probably one of her best. "Coming Around Again" is probably her very best, but "Spoiled Girl" is a close second. I also love her 1982 song with Chic, "Why." WHY that wasn't a hit is beyond me.

by benreply 6309/13/2013


by benreply 6409/13/2013

We Just Got Here, from the 'Have You Seen Me Lately' album. It's a perfect end of summer song and expresses that 'where did the time go?' feeling beautifully.

by benreply 6509/14/2013

"Close Your Eyes," with James Taylor.

by benreply 6609/14/2013

Coming Around Again. I love that song.

by benreply 6709/14/2013

The extended mix of Chic/Carly Simon's "Why" is the BUSINESS...

by benreply 6809/14/2013

I've always liked "Two Hot Girls (On a Hot Summer Night)" from the COMING AROUND AGAIN album.

[italic]Me and Jenny twinklin' like crystal and pennies..."[/italic]

by benreply 6909/14/2013

When I am sad, I sometimes type "C-A-R-L-Y" into iTunes, select "shuffle," and let her go to town. She's my favorite female singer after Linda Ronstadt. In recent years, I've liked her next-to-most-recent album of standards, "Moonlight Serenade," on which she performs what became my new go-to versions of "Moonlight Serenade," "Where or When?", "I've Got You under My Skin," and "How Long Has This Been Going On?"

Others I've liked are "I've Got to Have You,"

I have the combined "Coming Around Again"/"Itsy Bitsy Spider" as a playlist on iTunes, and sometimes I just put it on repeat for an hour or so (I've made CD-Rs of just those two songs for the car, for friends, etc.)

Among her originals, "You're the Love of My Life" (excellent mother-child song), the entire "Spoiled Girl" album, and the "Anticipation" album are my favorites. But I pretty much like everything Carly does.

I'm posting a newer song, "How Can You Ever Forget?" from the album "This Kind of Love." I liked it immediately. Maybe you will, too.

by benreply 7009/14/2013

Well, I certainly know which is her WORST....

by benreply 7109/14/2013

R70, I don't know why I thought you were referring to Ace's "How Long Has This Been Going On"...

by benreply 7209/14/2013

R72 Not only did I think they were the same song, I thought Ace was Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead.

by benreply 7309/14/2013

I agree that "Boys In The Trees" is at the top of the list and may be the best. That whole album is excellent."You Belong To Me" is another of my favorite Carly songs. I also like:

Why It Keeps You Runnin It Happens Everyday Coming Around Again

She's not quite on par with Joni but she's excellent.

by benreply 7409/14/2013

After listening to nothing but Carly for a while, I realize there's nothing I like more than the "Coming Around Again"/"Itsy Bitsy Spider" combo. I really can listen to it for hours.

by benreply 7509/14/2013

[quote]Do lots of gay men like Carly Simon? I wouldn't have thought so.

You would have been right about that, R46.

[quote]Many of her songs are simply soaked in estrogen, and things about straight women that gay men like to complain about.

Right again. This is a lesbian, frau and lesbian-frau thread. t

by benreply 7609/14/2013

I promise you, r76, I am neither a lesbian nor a frau. But just because I'm curious, what do you think is appropriate music to replace Carly Simon?

by benreply 7709/14/2013

"Let The River Run"

by benreply 7809/14/2013

I will never forget being in a dive bar on a business trip and "Haven't Got Time for the Pain" came on.

This very large black woman started calling out as it played.

"You tell 'em Carly! Ain't got NO time for that shit!"

"Get it girl!"

So really, what other answer could it be but "Haven't Got Time For the Pain." ?

by benreply 7909/14/2013

HOTCAKES, anyone?!

by benreply 8009/14/2013

I like her rapping on Janet's "Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)"

by benreply 8109/14/2013

No mention of We Have No Secrets? Brilliant lyrics.

"in the name of honesty, in the name of what is fair, you always answer my questions, but they don't always answer my prayers"

by benreply 8209/14/2013

I liked this performance of ALL I WANT IS YOU from David Letterman

by benreply 8309/14/2013

I loved her live version of "Coming Around Again/Itsy..." from the Martha's Vineyard special back in the '80s.

by benreply 8409/14/2013

Didn't she do a cover of Ben?

You know, after Michael Jackson?

by benreply 8509/14/2013

Isn't that wonderful, R84?

by benreply 8609/14/2013

I love her version of It Keeps Your Running.

by benreply 8709/14/2013

Funny how many love "Tired of Being Blonde" (video on Itunes, fyi) -- when it is one of the few she DIDN'T write. My old pal, Larry Raspberry, wrote it and I was just thinking about him last night and here is this thread.

Personally, I have to vote for "We're So Close" off the undersung "Spy" album. Because it was a soundtrack for my first gay affair in college. And, yep, ours turned out as badly as the one in the song. ("We're so close we can dispense with love..."

by benreply 8809/14/2013

R77, that is such an odd question. It is universally known among homosexual men born before 1975 that Joni Mitchell is the gay icon female singer/songwriter. Carly Simon is for straight men.

by benreply 8909/14/2013

That song from Hotcakes that goes "I'm not turned on ,by the way you smile" is a lyric but not the title. I once went to a party at her house . She and Darryl Hall sang in her pool house with minimal accompaniment. There voices were amazing. For some reason, Kitty Carlisle was there too.

by benreply 9009/14/2013

Its called "Just Not True". Also, "Forever my Love" is great.

by benreply 9109/14/2013

R89 has it backwards.

Simon and her sister Lucy started singing in gay clubs when they were still teenagers. She's talked about it. She outed Cat Stevens as bi (which explains a lot). She has said that she wishes she had explored her sexuality when she was younger, and has said that she wishes her son Ben was gay and would fall in love with his spinning trainer. :) Simon has a huge gay fanbase and she knows it; Mitchell has never had much to say either to or about LGBT people.

And looking at Simon's work, it's hard not to see a gay vibe there. In one of her earliest songs, she sings about wanting to 'role play' to fulfill her lover's fantasy. Among the fantasies, in verse, are a "Queen" and a foul-mouthed Marine".

by benreply 9209/14/2013

R90...Kitty was close friends with Groucho, and Simon was in that circle. Dick Cavett was her friend (also Woody Allen), and Cavett introduced her to Groucho. Simon knew Cavett and Allen from performing at "The Bitter End".

by benreply 9309/14/2013

"We're So Close" is brilliant, and really indicative of Simon at her best. Mitchell was more of a poet, but Simon excelled at irony. "We're So Close" was conspicuously about Taylor, and the lyrics are great.

"There's a husky voice That speaks to me in the dark And on the phone from studios And Westside bars, Through tunnels of long distance. He says: we're beyond flowers He says: We're beyond compliments- We're so close we can dispense with love We don't need love at all."

by benreply 9409/14/2013

"We're So Close" is Carly Simon at her best, witty, incisive and sad.

"Tired of Being Blond" is like press-on nails on a rusty chalkboard.

by benreply 9509/14/2013

R89 R92 I'm with R92. With the exception of a few songs, I find Joni Mitchell chilling at best. I doubt I would like to spend more than a moment in a room with her.

Carly and I, in my mind's eye, would be friends for life if we were ever to meet.

by benreply 9609/14/2013

R88, I had no idea Carly didn't write that. I always thought the "L. Raspberry" credit was a "raspberry" to James Taylor (like when Prince would take various pen-names such as "Camille" or "Jamie Starr" when he wrote some of his songs). I still love that song. I was a 20-year-old gay boy when I first heard it and for some reason it really resonated with me. Probably because it was about wanting to live your life they way you wanted to and not caring about what other people thought.

Did Larry Raspberry die? The way you said you were thinking about him recently made it sound like he passed away.

by benreply 9709/14/2013


by benreply 9809/14/2013

And by the way, I just watched the video for "We're So Close." Wow. What a riveting, devastating song. I have that album ("Spy") and never listened to anything other than "Vengeance." I have to dig that LP out now. You're probably right: THAT was her greatest moment.

by benreply 9909/14/2013

Thanks for the heads up, Bebe, had no idea that video existed. Song still makes me tear up after all these years. She's lip-synching there (which is fine) so that's the exact version on the album. It did come out on CD eventually. Big flop but I played it to death, especially that song.

And as far as I know, and per imdb, Larry Raspberry is alive and well. I was in an acting class with him in L.A., right before "Tired of Being Blonde" came out, and remember he was very cute -- and extremely nice man. I still have a VHS tape of him lip-syncing the Barry Bostwick song from "Working" (a class assignment for some reason) and he was great even then. Another one that should be more famous than he is.

"From the Heart", another buried album track (from "Torch") always got to me too. There's a strange 3 disc collection out there, one of those in a designer tin, that has so many of those great album tracks, not just the obvious hits.

by benreply 10009/14/2013

"Nobody Does It Better "

Incredible love song!

by benreply 10109/15/2013

Cow town

by benreply 10209/15/2013

I love her "Reflections" album which I keep copies in CD and vinyl.

by benreply 10309/15/2013

I just recently found out that Carly Simon is part nagger. I think she's a quadroon, which makes her children with Taylor all octoroons. They're all naggers to me. She does have some REALLY unusual features. That huge mouth must be several standard deviations away from the norm.

by benreply 10409/15/2013

Not a Day Goes By. Her best composition!

by benreply 10509/15/2013

Remember when she cursed out John Travolta and threw her drink in his face in "Perfect"?

by benreply 10609/15/2013

[quote]Mitchell has never had much to say either to or about LGBT people.

I do remember a lyric from a song Mitchell wrote about a right-wing televangelist:

Tonight, I'm going dancing With the drag queens and the punks Big beat deliver me From this sanctimonious skunk!

by benreply 10709/15/2013

Were any of you posters on the AOL Carly Simon board back in the late 90s?

Carly would post on there regularly.

It was interesting, but also a bit unnerving to see the crazy of someone you admire.

by benreply 10809/15/2013

Stop this at once !!!

Carly is the voice of the heterosexual white elite female -- not their gay stylist/hairdresser/decorator/companion. You mustn't believe that her music holds any meaning or truth for your kind. me find a bag that matches these shoes...

by benreply 10909/15/2013

R105, "Not A Day Goes By" is Sondheim not Simon.

by benreply 11009/15/2013

[R108], I was on the AOL board where Carly posted under the name 'Mrs Rhale.' It WAS interesting, and the crazy wasn't all from Carly, by any means.

by benreply 11109/15/2013

She reconfigured "Not a Day Goes By" for "Torch", and her version was much better than the original.

You think she's looney, you should meet the son.

by benreply 11209/15/2013

R76 can't find his atrophied penis.

We are MEN, Mary. Go play your Bieber songs.

by benreply 11309/15/2013

How often is she on key?

by benreply 11409/15/2013

Spill, R112, about the son.

by benreply 11509/15/2013

God, where to begin? LONG story. Long, long story.

Very messed up. Got into heroin even though his dad had been in recovery for the very same addiction. Strange relationships with other guys, that seem very 'marriage'-like, and yet he's oddly homophobic and afraid of being thought of as gay. Very dumb, but that because he dropped out of High School at 16 and never finished. Strange relationship with his mom's boyfriend Al Corley, in which he mooned after Corely like a puppy dog, then dated Corely's ex-girlfriend. Went to Tibet at 16 to become a Buddhist and train in martial arts. Came back home and became a weirdo who slept all day, then went out at 3 AM. Has a weird fear of transgender women, mainly because he had sex with a couple before realizing they were still intact.

It's a long story. He got all the weird from both sides of the family, and all the addiction issues. Hygienically challenged. Huge pothead, and drinks heavily. Probably more. Some in the family think he's gay and can't deal with it. Which is probably from that time in Tibet, because the family is tremendously pro-gay.

The sister is much more stable, but is kind of a snob.

by benreply 11609/16/2013

HOw do you know this about Ben? Has he ever been with a man? Who else in the family thinks he is gay? I heard he was a real ladies man.....

by benreply 11709/18/2013

[quote]Not the best song but it is catchy

No it [Why] IS the best song. You can't beat Chic. And as someone else said, possibly myself, the 12" mix is quite something.

"Kissing with Confidence" by Will Powers (uncredited vocals by Carly) and "Why" are probably her two best known UK hits outside of "Vain". Oh and "Nobody Does It Better", one of the best Bond themes.

by benreply 11809/18/2013

Interesting a lot of us love "Tired of Being Blonde." Carly herself is on record as not liking this one too much, though I think she claims it was forced on her by the label (I may be remembering wrong.)

One of my favorites is "If It Wasn't Love," an obscure track from the 1986 movie NOTHING IN COMMON.

by benreply 11909/18/2013

R117, I know the family; friends with some of them. I'm not getting too much into that, because it'll become apparent to them who I am.

Ben's a big mess. Not a mean person, not a bad guy, but a mess.I guess you could say "ladies' man" if you mean that he hits on every pretty girl he meets. Overcompensating, if you ask me. The real person in his life is his song-writing co-collaborator, who's a complete asshole. If you ask me. It's an interesting family. They are very...interesting.

I want to hear about the stuff Carly said on AOL! She once asked me if I liked being the top or the bottom! :) She's kooky, but good-hearted.

by benreply 12009/19/2013

"Why" is epic. Chic is amazing.

by benreply 12109/19/2013
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