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Which famous guys would be mean fucks in bed?

Like slapping, spitting and calling you 'whore'?

by No Mercyreply 15401/29/2013

Richard Simmons.

by No Mercyreply 107/07/2011

Mr. Sheen, surely.

by No Mercyreply 207/07/2011

Gerard Butler

Colin Farrell

Ryan Kwanten

And not that I'm interested, but I bet Ian McKellen would be like that haha

by No Mercyreply 307/07/2011

Chris Meloni - you'd be begging him to stop.

by No Mercyreply 407/07/2011

Me, OP, because you've been a very naughty boy and you need to be punished!

by No Mercyreply 507/07/2011

michael chiklis

by No Mercyreply 607/07/2011

Daniel Craig

by No Mercyreply 707/07/2011

Christian Bale

by No Mercyreply 807/07/2011

Dawg, the Bounty Hunter

by No Mercyreply 907/07/2011

Bruce Willis

by No Mercyreply 1007/07/2011

Michael Fassbender

by No Mercyreply 1107/07/2011

Daniel Radcliffe. I know you won't believe it, but I'm sure it's true.%0D

by No Mercyreply 1207/07/2011

George Clooney.%0D %0D Gerard Butler.%0D %0D Tom Cruise.%0D %0D Charlie Sheen.%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D

by No Mercyreply 1307/07/2011

Scott Caan

by No Mercyreply 1407/07/2011

I could believe it of Daniel Radcliffe easier than with Colin Farrell.%0D %0D I'd add Ben Affleck to the list.%0D %0D Jeremy Piven%0D %0D Kevin Spacey%0D %0D Denzel Washington%0D %0D Eminem%0D %0D Sean Penn

by No Mercyreply 1507/07/2011

Hal Sparks; 'cause if you don't worship him, he'll have a hissy fit; and start tearing you to pieces.

by No Mercyreply 1607/07/2011

Jeremy Piven is a big, whiny bottom. He doesn't belong on this list.

by No Mercyreply 1707/07/2011

Chris Meloni was the first name that I thought of.

by No Mercyreply 1807/07/2011

Tom Bianchi (if you didn't clean the beach house)

by No Mercyreply 1907/07/2011

Colin Farrell wasn't mean at all in that sex tape of his. He was all gentle and sweet and shit. BAH!

by No Mercyreply 2007/07/2011

Colin just hasn't been with me yet. I would show him a thing or 2...

Plus I doubt Daniel Radcliffe would even know what he's doing. My money would be on the ginger one for being a whore. Or that Malfoy kid hehe.

Add to list:

Joe Rogan

Sean William Scott

That guy from the DQ ads... lol

by No Mercyreply 2107/07/2011

Bob Saget

by No Mercyreply 2207/07/2011

Kathleen Turner

by No Mercyreply 2307/07/2011

Jeffery Dahmer. Especially if he was hungry afterwards.

by No Mercyreply 2407/07/2011

Peter Jennings

by No Mercyreply 2507/07/2011

Jason Isaacs%0D %0D Jeremy Northam%0D %0D Alex O'laughlin%0D %0D Scott Speedman%0D %0D Patrick Wilson%0D %0D Michael Fassbender%0D %0D Michael Sheen%0D

by No Mercyreply 2607/07/2011

Kevin Spacey

by No Mercyreply 2707/07/2011

Liam Neeson%0D %0D Thomas Jane%0D %0D Eric Bana

by No Mercyreply 2807/07/2011

James Brolin

Ryan O'Neal

the late Norman Mailer

by No Mercyreply 2907/07/2011

Mark Wahlberg owns this thread.

by No Mercyreply 3007/07/2011

Tot Mom Casey Anthony

by No Mercyreply 3107/07/2011

James Franco and I can assure you of that.

by No Mercyreply 3207/07/2011

JOSH Brolin

by No Mercyreply 3307/07/2011

Josh Lucas

by No Mercyreply 3407/07/2011

Nicholas Cage

by No Mercyreply 3507/07/2011

Erik Rhodes

by No Mercyreply 3607/07/2011

Denis Leary

by No Mercyreply 3707/07/2011

[quote]James Franco and I can assure you of that.

James, please stop posting here and trying to make yourself relevant among the gays. Don't you have some friend's arty film project to be in or an awards show to ruin somewhere?

by No Mercyreply 3807/07/2011

Bob Barker

by No Mercyreply 3907/07/2011

David Arquette. He looks like a good angry dirty fuck.

by No Mercyreply 4007/07/2011

Eric Cartman

by No Mercyreply 4107/07/2011

Eliot Spitzer

by No Mercyreply 4207/07/2011

John Cusack

by No Mercyreply 4307/07/2011

Having very little to go on besides obnoxious public personas and/or very convincing mean guy performances, I would guess the following:

Tom Siezmore

Jack Nicholson

Christian Bale

Joaquin Phoenix

Ray Liotta

Harrison Ford

Christopher Walken

Kevin Spacey

Bill Murray

Joe Pesci

Ryan O'Neil

Russell Crowe

Josh Brolin

Charley Sheen

Sean Penn

Mel Gibson

Javier Bardem

Daniel Day Lewis

by No Mercyreply 4407/07/2011

This was just a role, but when Denzel played Malcolm X as a young punk. There's this great scene where he's sitting back against a headboard in boxers and a wifebeater, one leg on the bed, one leg on the floor. His gf sits on the edge of the bed between his legs and he seduces her, telling her to kiss his foot, while glaring at her with such contempt. That gave me j/o material for weeks.

by No Mercyreply 4507/07/2011

Timothy Olyphant%0D %0D Rufus Sewell%0D %0D Christopher Eccleston%0D %0D Vinny Jones%0D %0D Clive Owen

by No Mercyreply 4607/07/2011

Ralph and Joseph Fiennes

by No Mercyreply 4707/07/2011

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

by No Mercyreply 4807/07/2011

Wow, that is pretty hot R45.

by No Mercyreply 4907/07/2011

Ryan O'Neal owns this Thread

by No Mercyreply 5007/07/2011

Robert Conrad is reportedly #1 in this department.

Ken Wahl.

Lorenzo Lamas.

Michael Madsen.

The late Robert Pastorelli and Ray Sharkey, certainly.

by No Mercyreply 5107/07/2011

some of these names just scare the shit out of me; the only one who fits the bill for me in terms of someone who'd be a mean fuck in bed, but would hold you later and help make you feel taken care of is Meloni.%0D %0D Maybe it's all those years of Elliot having compassion for all those victims.%0D

by No Mercyreply 5207/07/2011

All of them. Celebrities are all spoiled bitches and they are not nice people. Especially when they have skanks and sluts available to them who will do anything they want, just to say they fucked some jerk-off who was on one season of Big Brother or the Real World. It expands exponentially when it is someone who was actually in a movie.

by No Mercyreply 5307/07/2011

Patrick Wilson? Jesus Christ, if ANYONE famous is sweet and caring and gentle in bed, it's he.

by No Mercyreply 5407/07/2011

Aaron Carter.

by No Mercyreply 5507/07/2011


by No Mercyreply 5607/07/2011

Jared Padalecki

by No Mercyreply 5707/07/2011

None of the men mentioned in this thread can come close to Viggo Mortensen

by No Mercyreply 5807/07/2011

He's not a major celebrity, but CT from MTV's The Challenge looks like he would be a HOT fuck. He looks like he can bang a hole but GOOD.%0D %0D Him, and Mark Wahlberg, also. I would love to bottom for either of them.

by No Mercyreply 5907/07/2011

Oh god, Yes to CT, R59.

by No Mercyreply 6007/07/2011

Barack Obama%0D %0D Richard simmons%0D %0D Dr. Phil McGraw ( and would smell like beer farts)%0D %0D Donny Osmond%0D %0D the late Buddy Ebsen

by No Mercyreply 6107/07/2011

Pat O'Brien

by No Mercyreply 6207/07/2011

Daniel Craig would leave your hole looking like a ripped out fireplace. In a good way.

by No Mercyreply 6307/07/2011

Tom Hardy

by No Mercyreply 6407/07/2011

Jesse James

John Edwards

Chris Cuomo

by No Mercyreply 6507/07/2011

Robert Reed. Bob Crane. James Woods.

by No Mercyreply 6607/07/2011

[quote]Tom Hardy

Unfortunately, I'm pretty certain all erotic encounters with him end up with him sloshed and flaccid before he passes out.

by No Mercyreply 6707/07/2011

Chris Cuomo? I don't see that.


by No Mercyreply 6807/07/2011

I'm surprised no one - in 68 replies - has mentioned Kristy McNichol.

by No Mercyreply 6907/07/2011

Tyler Maynard

Paul Giamatti

Carrot Top

by No Mercyreply 7007/07/2011

r28 and r65 tie for best choices ...

by No Mercyreply 7107/07/2011

Chaz Bono!

by No Mercyreply 7207/07/2011

Tom Cruise! He just looooves the ladies.

by No Mercyreply 7307/07/2011

Esparza is a good choice

by No Mercyreply 7407/07/2011

Kevin Costner

by No Mercyreply 7507/07/2011

Definitely not Christian Bale, according to long-standing decent DL gossip.

Timothy Olyphant Sean Penn although I think he's gross Josh Brolin Tom Hardy, if sober Gary Oldman, in his prime for some reason, I think Jeremy Irons could throw a mean fuck David Fincher even though he talks like a bottom

by No Mercyreply 7607/07/2011

Regis Philbin

by No Mercyreply 7707/07/2011

Alan Rickman but only as Hans Gruber,The Sherrif of Nottingham and Professor Snape

by No Mercyreply 7807/08/2011

Martin Short.

by No Mercyreply 7907/08/2011

John Cena WWF

by No Mercyreply 8007/08/2011

Errol Flynn

by No Mercyreply 8107/08/2011

R81, if there's anything left of him I think he would just lie there.

by No Mercyreply 8207/08/2011

To R45, the thought of Denzel naked , makes me want to throw just know he has bad breath, ugly feet...yuck

by No Mercyreply 8307/08/2011

Ben Roethlisberger

by No Mercyreply 8407/08/2011

Kellan Lutz%0D %0D He has such a swagger to him and he loves being ogled. I get the feeling he'd be pretty nasty in bed.

by No Mercyreply 8507/08/2011

Kellan Lutz seems like he would hold a mirror up and stare at his own reflection while you serviced him on the other side of it, and he'd put forth zero effort until he came with a girlish little whimper. But his jizz would taste like honey.

by No Mercyreply 8607/08/2011

Guy Kibbee.

by No Mercyreply 8707/08/2011

Actually, I have this theory Hugh Grant would throw a vicious fuck.

by No Mercyreply 8807/08/2011

Eric Balfour

Matt Dillon

Matthew Fox

by No Mercyreply 8907/08/2011

John Cena

Benjamin Maisani

Jason Statham

by No Mercyreply 9007/08/2011

Tom Berenger%0D %0D William Peterson%0D %0D Willem Dafoe

by No Mercyreply 9107/08/2011

Ben Maisani looks like he is a VERY violent fucker.

by No Mercyreply 9207/08/2011

Christopher Walken

by No Mercyreply 9307/08/2011

Chef Michael Voltaggio.


by No Mercyreply 9407/08/2011

And don't forget that massive cock of his, R92! I bet he's a real beast in bed. He probably can fuck for hours.

by No Mercyreply 9507/08/2011

Jeff Goldblum

by No Mercyreply 9607/08/2011

I agree with most of the guys on this thread besides Patrick Wilson and Chris Meloni.

Wilson seems like a sensitive lover and Meloni has always seemed to me to be a bossy bottom.

by No Mercyreply 9707/08/2011

^besides = except

by No Mercyreply 9807/08/2011

R66 might be right?

by No Mercyreply 9907/08/2011

Vinnie Kartheiser is supposedly kinky in bed. Not sure what that means in his case.

by No Mercyreply 10007/08/2011

Vincent Gallo.

by No Mercyreply 10107/08/2011

What? No Gale Harold?

by No Mercyreply 10207/08/2011

I bet that ladie's man John Travolta would have heterosexual women everywhere just out of their minds with desire after putting his big manly penis inside of them. They would probably need a free stress test.

by No Mercyreply 10307/08/2011

I don't think Obama would be that good, R61. I think he'd ask permission with every step.

by No Mercyreply 10407/08/2011

Novak Djokovic.

by No Mercyreply 10507/08/2011

Don't forget about lil' ole [hic] ME! And yes, I do count as famous!

by No Mercyreply 10607/08/2011

r102, why would Gale be listed; he isn't a mean puss.

by No Mercyreply 10707/08/2011

Joe Biden

by No Mercyreply 10807/08/2011

R87, I have a friend who dated Kibbee and you're right. He was a mean fuck - a scat-on-studio-commissary-china fetishist - and a dirty talker. He loved three ways and would double-top my friend with Billy Barty, holding him in place and using him like a sex toy.

by No Mercyreply 10907/08/2011

I OWN this thread you filthy whores!

by No Mercyreply 11007/08/2011

The Allstate "mayhem guy"

by No Mercyreply 11107/08/2011

Michael Bloomberg

by No Mercyreply 11207/08/2011

The cast of Glee.

by No Mercyreply 11307/08/2011

Prince Harry has my vote.

by No Mercyreply 11407/08/2011

Another vote for Sean Penn

by No Mercyreply 11507/08/2011

I don't see any of R26's being 'mean fucks' in bed who slap and spit on you. Well, I don't know who Michael Sheen is, so maybe he would. And possibly the first guy. But Patrick Wilson? Scott Speedman? No. They both seem a little wimpy, but still sexy and probably still good in the sack.

by No Mercyreply 11607/08/2011

Jani Lane, apparently.

by No Mercyreply 11707/08/2011


by No Mercyreply 11807/08/2011

Michelle Obama

by No Mercyreply 11907/08/2011

Tom Ford

by No Mercyreply 12007/11/2011

Anderson Cooper owns this thread.

by No Mercyreply 12107/11/2011

I think AC would be Robotic in bed.

by No Mercyreply 12207/11/2011

No one said Justin Timberlake? He has some mean lil fucker in him.... it's not the one's you expect.

by No Mercyreply 12307/11/2011

I think Anderson Cooper would want his partner to do the slapping/spitting/whore stuff.

by No Mercyreply 12407/11/2011

Eric Bana while doing his best aussie accent in your ear.

by No Mercyreply 12507/12/2011

Kurt Russell

by No Mercyreply 12607/12/2011


by No Mercyreply 12707/12/2011

[quote]Anderson Cooper owns this thread.

Anderson Cooper: a mean fuck in bed?

It would be like being raped by a tiny albino elf.

by No Mercyreply 12807/12/2011

Harvey Kietel!!!

by No Mercyreply 12907/12/2011

John Saxon

by No Mercyreply 13007/13/2011

Karl Urban

by No Mercyreply 13107/13/2011

Oh r123, pleeeease! Justin Timberlake's a whiny little power bottom.

by No Mercyreply 13207/13/2011

[quote]It would be like being raped by a tiny albino elf.

Who cares? He's fuckin' HOT.

by No Mercyreply 13307/14/2011

Image aside, I think New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is on the flip side -- he wants his partner to be the one who "would be [a] mean [fuck] in bed." Bitch-slap Chris, whip him into submission, and he's yours any time wanted.

by No Mercyreply 13407/14/2011

All the mean fucks out of bed would still be mean while fucking.

by No Mercyreply 13507/14/2011

All the bikers from Sons of Anarchy especially Ron Perlman and Kim Coates.

by No Mercyreply 13607/14/2011

Vincent Cassel speaking dirty french in your ear the whole time.%0D %0D

by No Mercyreply 13707/14/2011

I see you, R136, and you back off my Kim Coates, or I may have to pull a razor out of my sock.

I'll add Dean Norris and Giancarlo Esposito (Hank and Gus on BREAKING BAD).

by No Mercyreply 13807/14/2011

This thread is making me horny.

by No Mercyreply 13907/14/2011

What's his face, that football player with the beard that was in the Beach Boys

by No Mercyreply 14007/14/2011

I see you R138 you gettin into "Tig" territory for real (lol)%0D %0D I liked him ever since Waterworld. I swear he and Rufus Sewell are related somehow and Ian Mcshane is their daddy.%0D %0D Add Ian Mcshane to the list also (lol)

by No Mercyreply 14107/14/2011

Kevin Costner. It's always the seemingly nice guys who are the freaks.

by No Mercyreply 14207/14/2011

Anderson Cooper is a complete lady in bed, if the stories all over NYC are to be believed.

by No Mercyreply 14307/14/2011

Ben Maisani is a complete stud in bed, if the stories all over NYC are to be believed.

by No Mercyreply 14407/14/2011

[quote]Anderson Cooper is a complete lady in bed, if the stories all over NYC are to be believed.

He squeals like a girl? He's a bottom? He's a frigid and inhibited WASP?

by No Mercyreply 14507/14/2011

Got you beat, R141. I've liked him since The Client, before he had that big ole mole removed. Talk about a hot mean fuck!

Speaking of which (and keeping to The Client theme): Anthony LaPaglia. Brother Jonathan is purtier, but not hotter or nastier.

by No Mercyreply 14607/14/2011

Oh Yeah r146 I used to watch Jonathan on New York Undercover before he did 7 Days and you are right he is finer than Anthony. He also studied to be a doctor before becoming an actor.%0D Anyhoo I remember Kim from The Last Boy Scout and Bad Boys but those appearances were brief.

by No Mercyreply 14707/18/2011

I vote for the Rock - he would be amazing.

by No Mercyreply 14807/18/2011

Elijah Wood%0D %0D Sean Bean

by No Mercyreply 14907/18/2011


by No Mercyreply 15001/29/2013

Bing Crosby

by No Mercyreply 15101/29/2013

Stone Cold Steve Austin

by No Mercyreply 15201/29/2013

I don't think that Colin Farrell would be mean in bed. He is a jerk but not this way. He can't be faithful and he swears a lot but i don't think he would be abusive with a woman. Nope. He seems actually the type that likes to give pleasure to his sexual partner. He is not stingy with licking. Good boy!

by No Mercyreply 15301/29/2013
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