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Jim Nabors

He is Gay, right? The Rock Hudson rumor was nonsense, but despite this Wikipedia paragraph, he is of the homosexual persuasion, no?

[quote]As he was "never without a job" for four decades, Nabors has never married: according to him, he was "really more married to his career". Consequently, he has been the target of rumors alleging he is gay. In the 1970s, a rumor began circulating that Nabors and then-closeted actor Rock Hudson were to marry. Though supposedly intended as a joke (with the punchline being that Hudson would then be known as "Rock Pyle"), the rumor was picked up by media and spread across the country. Nabors was "horrified" by the rumor, as he felt that it hindered his ability to portray himself as something other than a comedic character.

He hasn't had a career in 30 years, WTF is he still doing in the closet?

by Gooberreply 8001/15/2014

Straight as an arrow.

by Gooberreply 106/30/2011

I've met him. Very nice man and down to earth. Whose business is it if he's gay or not?

by Gooberreply 206/30/2011

he's a hundred million years old by now, so i doubt he's very gay these days.

by Gooberreply 307/01/2011

Surprize, surprize, surprize! He's gay.%0D %0D Okay, well it's not that much of a surprise.

by Gooberreply 407/01/2011

Are you asking if he has gomer piles?

by Gooberreply 507/01/2011

Dangerous move. His music career is still propped up by tens of Liberace fraus.

by Gooberreply 607/01/2011

He's gay and out in Hawaii. His partner is a former fire chief.

by Gooberreply 707/01/2011

r2, how old are you?%0D %0D

by Gooberreply 807/01/2011

[quote]Whose business is it if he's gay or not? My mistake, I foolishly assumed this was still a gay gossip site.

by Gooberreply 907/01/2011

He must have made a fortune from his Gomer Pyle TV series because he's been retired and living on the beach in Hawaii for decades.

by Gooberreply 1007/01/2011

R10: Yes, the only reason any actor in Hollywood is not currently on a hit show is because they have already made too much money.

by Gooberreply 1107/01/2011

R11, I think R10 was just pointing out that Jim Nabors was on a couple of television series for a few years and then was able to spend the next 40 years of his life retired in a rather nice place. Of course, nobody is out of work because they've made too much money, but plenty of people don't work because they've made enough money.

by Gooberreply 1207/01/2011

He's an OLD fart!

by Gooberreply 1307/01/2011

[quote] He's gay and out in Hawaii. His partner is a former fire chief.%0D %0D I call bullshit. There's no way some macho Hawaiian fire chief would go for his nelly OLD ass. No way.

by Gooberreply 1407/01/2011

He owns a macadamia nut plantation. If you know the price of macadamias, he's probably doing financially well enough from that alone.

Plus, he's had plenty of live shows through the early 2000s, and a string of appearances in b-movies in the 1980s.

by Gooberreply 1507/01/2011

What R7 said.

He also owns farmland there as well.

by Gooberreply 1607/01/2011

Nabors had a variety show after GP and it was cancelled, most thought, because of his homosexuality. The blind article about his marriage to Rock Hudson came out shortly thereafter.%0D %0D Nabors is a nice man but has politics slightly to the right of Rush Limbaugh.

by Gooberreply 1707/01/2011

[quote] Nabors is a nice man but has politics slightly to the right of Rush Limbaugh.%0D %0D What? Another right-wing freeperish cowardly closeted gay man?%0D %0D I'M SHOCKED!

by Gooberreply 1807/01/2011

Married to his career?%0D %0D %0D %0D People need to stop using that line.

by Gooberreply 1907/01/2011

Everyone knows that he's gay. He probably doesn't think he has to come out for that reason. And since he's been retired from show business for so long, it's not like he's doing lots of interviews where the topic would come up.

He had a liver transplant about 10 years ago. I bet he contracted Hep C many years ago.

by Gooberreply 2007/01/2011

"Everyone knows that he's gay"%0D %0D %0D %0D

by Gooberreply 2107/01/2011

Fewer people know he's gay, than know who he is.

by Gooberreply 2207/01/2011

I don't care about Jim Nabors but I care about three issues related to this thread.

1. I"m more concerned about popular celebrities currently in the news playing games about staying in the closet than a 80-year-old man who lives in Hawaii and has never seemed to be especially closeted to me, despite his keeping his mouth unfortunately shut officially. Too bad for him and for gay people, but shame on creeps for whom coming out would mean something to gay youth.

2. His story of contracting Hep B in the 1990s through a razor nick in India was absurd. With a disease serious enough to require a liver transplant, he evidenced an obvious lack of courage and sense of the plausible.

3. The bullshit about Nabors being some sort of rabid Republican deserves comment, only because people shouldn't just make things up and then have other people chiming in. There is no record of Nabors being a Republican activist. He was a neighbor of the Reagans and a personal friend, and the sum total of his political donations is $800, which he gave to Maureen Reagan for her unsuccessful run. So? Heather Locklear has given $1,000 to Republicans. Isn't that more ridiculous? Nabors has spent his life keeping his mouth shut - including about politics. He may be a chicken-shit closet case, but don't portray the old thing as a right-winger unless you can provide some evidence. Guess what? There isn't any.

Lord. A thread about Jim Nabors. Gollll-llleee!

by Gooberreply 2307/01/2011

Well SMELL YOU, Miss R23. Somebody's on the rag today!

by Gooberreply 2407/01/2011

Quick!%0D %0D Is this gayface or not, for those of you with gaydar?

by Gooberreply 2507/01/2011

If you search youtube, you'll see that most of the Jim Nabors songs are religious, so I'd be inclined to think that he's a right winger.%0D %0D That said, here's one for your 4th of July weekend, bitches!

by Gooberreply 2607/01/2011

Combine this thread with a bit of weed and I end up thinking about, probably even checking imdb, that strange woman who played his girlfriend Louanne. I hated her! At six years old I knew that girlfriend did in the show.

by Gooberreply 2707/01/2011

My GOD his music sucks.

by Gooberreply 2807/01/2011

"Guess what? There isn't any."%0D %0D %0D Giving money to the right doesn't prove you're a right-winger? Whatever%0D

by Gooberreply 2907/01/2011

Good question, R27.%0D %0D I have another question. Do you think that Sgt. Carter ever fucked Jim Nabors? I have to wonder.

by Gooberreply 3007/01/2011

I never noticed before. Sgt. Carter is kinda hot.

by Gooberreply 3107/01/2011

As a youth I once had the pleasure of serving Frank Sutton (Sgt. Carter) breakfast three mornings in a row when he was staying at the hotel I worked at. He was a very pleasant man, very polite. He lingered over coffee and the newspaper. I remember he read it cover to cover.

Now that I look at the date of his death I must have served him just weeks before he died. My bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns might have been a contributing factor in his heart attack.

This is impressive:

[quote]He enlisted in the United States Army during World War II, and served in the South Pacific, taking part in fourteen assault landings.

by Gooberreply 3207/01/2011

Does anyone remember this joke from the '60s?%0D %0D Louanne: Gomer will you come inside?%0D %0D Gomer: Gooolee!%0D %0D Louanne: Gomer will you come into my bedroom?%0D %0D Gomer: Gooolee!%0D %0D Louanne: Gomer will you stick your finger in my belly button?%0D %0D Gomer: Gooolee!%0D %0D Louanne: Gomer! That's not my belly button!%0D %0D Gomer: Surprise, surprise, surprise! That's not my finger either.%0D

by Gooberreply 3307/01/2011

[quote]2. His story of contracting Hep B in the 1990s through a razor nick in India was absurd. With a disease serious enough to require a liver transplant, he evidenced an obvious lack of courage and sense of the plausible.

I remember his speaking of that on Entertainment Tonight! Gosh. He claimed he took a shave over in India with a rusted razor of all things and that caused the nick. Dang. Something about the water quality as well.

Far out. I cannot believe I remembered that.

by Gooberreply 3407/01/2011

I looked up Frank Sutton on Wiki, and surprise surprise surprise, he never married.%0D %0D A big, tough Marine like him never married??%0D %0D And when you google "Frank Sutton" the first suggestion that comes up is "Fran Sutton Gay."%0D %0D Now I'm really starting to wonder...

by Gooberreply 3507/01/2011

Uh, you missed this, r35: "In 1949, he married Toby Igler, with whom he had two children."

by Gooberreply 3607/01/2011

I do r33. What's strange is I even thought of that joke a few minutes beforehand while reading through this thread, then lo and behold.

by Gooberreply 3707/01/2011

FWIW, I read an old "Current Biography" once where Nabors described himself as a "Nixon Republican." But I agree that he was never particularly active in politics.

by Gooberreply 3807/01/2011

How is Hep B commonly transmitted, if not thru a razor nick? A dick nick?

by Gooberreply 3907/01/2011

Regarding the Jim Nabors/Rock Hudson rumors, this info comes from when I was in high school in the 70s in Montgomery County, MD. Nabors was appearing at Merriweather Post Pavilion, doing a singing gig. I had a friend who worked in a fast food restaurant nearby, and she told me that Nabors had stopped in for a meal. She said that Rock Hudson was with him and that they seemed very much like a couple. We all thought that was the weirdest thing ever and I've never forgotten it. To us, Rock was Stewart MacMillan, and was married to Susan St James.

To me, that's a reliable story. There's no way a high school girl in the 70s would make something like that up.

by Gooberreply 4007/01/2011

R33, the pink and wrinkly joke is better.

by Gooberreply 4107/01/2011

Jim was not Rock's type.

by Gooberreply 4207/01/2011

R40, you're an idiot.

Te Nabors/Hudson rumor was discounted by both of them, and disproven years ago...

by Gooberreply 4307/01/2011

Well, R24, you're really clever there. But your put-down doesn't make Nabors the asshole people claim here as much as your comment shows how you're one. That's called evidence, toots. And that's all I'm asking for. Thanks for the example.

Nice, too, to see how menstruation "humor" continues to be the choice of fine minds.

by Gooberreply 4407/01/2011

Christ. If I'd troll-darred before posting my last message I would have withheld it. I didn't realize the thread had acquired a resident troll who was pronouncing to itself like a trumpeting goose without any motive except its own blather. Idiot.

by Gooberreply 4507/01/2011

R40--you're from Montgomery County? I'm from Montgomery County--graduated from Wheaton.

Our county seems to be the birthplace of loads of historical stories. Did you hear about Toby, the cheerleader at Peary who blew the entire football team and, when they pumped her stomach, produced over a quart of semen?

That was right about the same time as that couple that was parking up by Tridelphia Lake got killed by the hook man.

Not to mention the rattlesnake on the roller coaster at Glen Echo.

by Gooberreply 4607/01/2011

R8 Much older then you, sonny, I'm sure. And yes, Nabors doesn't have to be closeted and is not. There was consideration of erecting a giant billboard on the Kalanianaole Highway to announce his status, but it turned out they aren't permitted. As it was, he entertained many hundreds of people nightly in the Dome, and no one had any interest one way or the other.%0D %0D Maybe you should write him and plead for him to stage a public sexual revealing so you can feel better about yourself.

by Gooberreply 4707/01/2011

he hasn't been in the closet for decades. he made money in TV, he retired.

by Gooberreply 4807/04/2011

I read somewhere a long time ago that once the rumor about the wedding was spread, Rock and Jim never spoke to each other again.

by Gooberreply 4907/04/2011

I'm with r2. Even celebrities have a right to privacy. What kind of satisfaction would people like the OP get from knowing if he's gay or not? I never understood people hating people for not disclosing their sexual orientation as evidenced from some of your replies here. As if it's your right to know.

by Gooberreply 5007/04/2011

R43 and R46-- for crying out loud, I've been here over a decade and am not posting a lie. I was a teenager at the time, and so was my friend. I have no idea WHY they were together that day, or why they seemed so cozy. I'm not making this up.

This was the 1970s and my friend and I were both pretty sheltered kids. (Neither of us knew that Hudson was gay. I actually assumed at the time that they must just be very good friends, but such unlikely acquaintance, mostly because Rock seemed so suave and Nabors seemed so doofy.) Why on earth would a 17-year-old make something so random like that up? I never even heard the rumors about them until a few years ago, when I read them here. At the time, I remembered my friend's story, and thought perhaps there might have been something to the rumors after all.

Boy, people are right about this place going down the crapper. You post something that you absolutely 100% heard, and some know-nothing asshole shits on it.

by Gooberreply 5107/04/2011

I know how you feel R51 and I believe what you wrote if that helps any. As for the original person being CORRECT, probably not so. I expect they were close friends, two gay guys in a pretty unsupporting world for them.

by Gooberreply 5207/04/2011

r2 - why are you on a gay gossip board? %0D %0D Nabors is gay, Travolta is gay, Cruise is gay, Franco is gay ... you name him - we dish him ... %0D %0D THAT'S the POINT of the BOARD.

by Gooberreply 5307/04/2011

Frankly I think it's inexcusable that these older gays remain in the closet!

by Gooberreply 5407/04/2011

[quote]he made money in TV, he retired.

Believe it or not, he made considerably more money as a lounge singer and recording artist than he did on TV. He also makes good money farming pineapples in Hawaii.

by Gooberreply 5507/04/2011

He may not feel like he's in the closet, r48, but there are millions of older americans who have no CLUE that he's gay......

by Gooberreply 5607/05/2011


by Gooberreply 5705/19/2012

Well, R57, since you bumped up a thread that was almost a year old, I'd say YOU seem to care, or 'car' in your spelling, quite a bit. That and the all caps thing.

And news flash: this is a gay gossip site. We tend to care whether someone is gay. As Mr. Nabors seems to be.

by Gooberreply 5805/19/2012

"Even celebrities have a right to privacy. What kind of satisfaction would people like the OP get from knowing if he's gay or not? I never understood people hating people for not disclosing their sexual orientation as evidenced from some of your replies here. As if it's your right to know"

Do you even know what the right to privacy is? We have the right to discuss someone's personal life on a gossip site. Why are you even here?

And the "married to my career" shit is just sad. People are still using that excuse?

by Gooberreply 5905/19/2012

He's gay and also hangs out in Whitefish Montana. I've met him.

by Gooberreply 6005/19/2012

My Mother (RIP) and Aunt did not know he was gay. They went to hear him sing a few times and would swoon over him. My Mom had her picture taken with her arm around him and it on her refridgerator.

by Gooberreply 6105/19/2012


Yes, yes it is.

by Gooberreply 6205/19/2012

In addition to Jim Nabors singing at Merriweather Post Pavilion, I did too. I was in the National Symphony's concert chorus and we performed there. Great venue!

by Gooberreply 6305/19/2012

Lol, my mom still gets angry when I tell her that smokey Robinson is gay. Seriously, it gets her blood boiling because she is in love with him.

by Gooberreply 6405/19/2012

r64, is he? I love his voice. I never heard the gay rumor.

by Gooberreply 6505/19/2012

[quote] the rumor was picked up by media and spread across the country.

Absolutely untrue. The media NEVER picked up that rumor anymore than they picked up the Richard Gere/gerbil rumor. The media did not out gays in those days and certainly didn't out Rock Hudson until he was dying of AIDS.

That was a rumor that was spread by word of mouth, not by the media. And I remember reading a Q&A in Parade magazine where someone wrote and asked if it was true that Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors had gotten married in Hawaii. The answer was no. It was just a rumor.

by Gooberreply 6605/19/2012

Jim Nabors got rich because in the 60s he bought land. He saw and ad and it said, For Sale: Property, it's a hole and it's cheap.

The seller meant it was in a bad neighborhood. Nabors being a 'mo thought he meant something else and bought all of it.

Like most crummy neighborhoods in the 60s it now is full of white Yuppies full of Jew guilt and he made a fortune.

by Gooberreply 6705/19/2012

Why do you 'mos have to slur the guy by calling him a gay? Leave him alone.

by Gooberreply 6805/19/2012

I think he's tremendous.

by Gooberreply 6905/19/2012

He made a lot of his money as a headliner in Vegas in the 70s and 80s. Very popuar with the blue rinse crowd. That probably made him more money than Gomer Pyle.

by Gooberreply 7011/20/2012

R60 No gay man would be caught dead in a place called "Whitefish".

by Gooberreply 7111/20/2012

Jim Nabors just got married to longtime partner Stan Cadwallader.

by Gooberreply 7201/30/2013

Learn to read r72

by Gooberreply 7301/30/2013

I can see why JN would remain in the closet, assuming he is Gay. First of all, he is, what, over 80? That generation didn't just come out, usually. His fans consisted mostly of conservative older folks, esp. older women and probably fairly conservative people. Coming out for such a singer would have destroyed his fan base, and his appeal was limited. The young, mod, "jet set" would not have embraced him, only mocked him. So, why come out? Also, remmember, back in the 1960's there wasn't the tolerance/acceptance of being Gay, there wasn't the groups, the movement that we enjoy today, Heck, they were still raiding Gay bars back then in some places!!! Give people of that generation a break.

And Yes, he did have a very beautiful voice. My grandmother had an album of his religious/inspirational songs. It is beautiful. Criticize or praise him all you want, he was not a mainstream music artist.Why should he have come out, if he is gay? It would have not benefitted him one bit, only hurt him.

by Gooberreply 7401/30/2013

Gomer could break it down.

by Gooberreply 7501/30/2013

It's his 1 year wedding aniversary. Congrats Gomer!

He and Ron Howard are the last two left. Hope he's around a lot longer.

by Gooberreply 7601/15/2014

He is 82 and married his partner who supposedly is in his 60's.

by Gooberreply 7701/15/2014

It's weird how in the know r7 was.

by Gooberreply 7801/15/2014

My mom always said his mouth looked like a puckered up hen's ass.

by Gooberreply 7901/15/2014

Wait. Smokey? What?!

by Gooberreply 8001/15/2014
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