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Favorite CD Right Now

What CD, Album, Recording, Cloud Music are you loving right now?

Summer is here! Time to make some memories...

I'm obsessed with Hooray for Earth's "True Loves"

And this isn't even the best track....

by Music Manreply 18010/17/2013

Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams

by Music Manreply 106/29/2011

Andy Grammer -- So good. The first single Keep Your Head Up is awesome and so is the rest of it.

by Music Manreply 206/29/2011

Duran Duran -- "All You Need Is Now". Insanely catchy.%0D %0D

by Music Manreply 306/29/2011

Sharon Van Etten, Epic

by Music Manreply 406/29/2011

"Night Work" - Scissor Sisters

by Music Manreply 506/29/2011

Grey Oceans - Cocorosie Unforgiving - Within Temptation Femme Fatale - Britney

by Music Manreply 606/29/2011

The new Ladytron album.

by Music Manreply 706/29/2011

Tell me more about Hooray for Earth? I really liked the video and song.

by Music Manreply 806/29/2011

Who buys CDs anymore???

by Music Manreply 906/29/2011

Cast recording of Book of Mormon

by Music Manreply 1006/29/2011

"The Cold Still" by The Boxer Rebellion. Released in February. It's in constant rotation in my head.

Here's the gorgeous "Caught By the Light:"

by Music Manreply 1106/29/2011

"Who buys CDs anymore???"%0D %0D Lots of people. Just not MOST people.%0D %0D People who prefer to own their music, or who prefer to control what bit-rate they rip the music at, and who want to avoid any sort of compatibility issues or DRM or anything of that sort.%0D %0D

by Music Manreply 1206/29/2011

Has their album leaked already, r7? I thought it wasn't being released until September? I've been playing their new track 'Ambulances' to death.

by Music Manreply 1306/29/2011

I'm liking Foster The People's debut disc.

by Music Manreply 1406/29/2011

I second Stevie NIcks, "In your Dreams" It's fantastic.

by Music Manreply 1506/29/2011

Katy Perry, seriously.

by Music Manreply 1606/29/2011

Belle and Sebastian - Write About Love

by Music Manreply 1706/29/2011

Together - The New Pornographers

by Music Manreply 1806/29/2011

That's why I said CD, Album, Recording. I even included Cloud Music.

Just what are we supposed to call it these days? I do not really know.

I did not like the aughts, 00s, whatever they were for the same reason.

by Music Manreply 1906/29/2011

Wow, OP. I can't stop playing "True Loves". You got me hooked there.

by Music Manreply 2006/29/2011

[quote]Sharon Van Etten, Epic%0D %0D Love her!%0D %0D

by Music Manreply 2106/29/2011

In the car and while walking around the neighborhood:

The Suburbs - Arcade Fire (favorite song: Suburban War)

Outside - Tapes 'n Tapes (favorite song: Freak Out)

i - The Magnetic Fields (favorite song: I Thought You Were My Boyfriend)

While studying:

The score to "The Hours"

by Music Manreply 2206/29/2011

Bruce Cockburn "Night Train"....amazing performance on Youtube...

by Music Manreply 2306/29/2011

Who listens to CDs anymore? With iPods/MP3 players, it's all about individual songs. Gone are the days of having to buy full albums and getting stuck with a bunch of filler songs that you don't like.

by Music Manreply 2406/29/2011

Speak for yourself, oh so cool asshole at R24. Yeah, so I listen to digital music, but I still like to buy full albums if an artist interests me. The best songs are typically not even released as singles.

by Music Manreply 2506/29/2011

R25 = Beyonce upset that her new album is selling poorly.%0D %0D No shit that sometimes the best songs are not released as singles, but you can still buy them individually on itunes instead of buying the whole album if you don't want to. Dumbass.

by Music Manreply 2606/29/2011

A second vote for Duran Duran... the entire CD is good. Every single track. My favorite is "The Man Who Stole A Leopard".%0D %0D "Girl Panic" is going to be the second single, after the title track.%0D %0D I pity those who only buy singles. Most of the best music and certainly my favorite music end up being the non-single tracks on most CDs.%0D %0D

by Music Manreply 2706/29/2011

Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars

by Music Manreply 2806/29/2011

You're welcome R20. Check this track out. This is what I just cannot stop listening to..

"No Love" by Hooray For Earth

by Music Manreply 2906/29/2011

music bump

by Music Manreply 3006/30/2011

All of you are so pretentious, haven't heard of half of these songs or artists you are listing.

by Music Manreply 3106/30/2011

[quote]With iPods/MP3 players, it's all about individual songs. Gone are the days of having to buy full albums and getting stuck with a bunch of filler songs that you don't like.

This is fine for most people that don't really care about music. But for people who make music and those who take it seriously songs come in groups. I haven't bought a physical CD in a while but I still think in terms of full albums. I get excited when I hear a good single 'cause that means there's probably a good album behind it. I don't just stop at the single.

[quote]All of you are so pretentious, haven't heard of half of these songs or artists you are listing.

It's fine, you don't spend much of your time looking for new music. That's cool. But just 'cause you haven't heard of something doesn't mean it isn't good or we're being pretentious.

Music is a giant forest and some people love to go looking for new stuff and not just wait for it to be presented to us.

by Music Manreply 3206/30/2011

It takes investigation to find music these days. There is a lot of good music being made, but like R32 mentioned, it's a giant forest out there. For the true music fan, you have to go looking for new stuff, because the really good stuff will NOT be presented to you. It's the reason why I like starting these music threads.

Besides, the only thing better than turning someone on to the music that you're loving right now is having someone turn you on...

by Music Manreply 3306/30/2011

I just dowloaded the first Yeasayer and the Hooray for Earth. Thanks for the tip!!

by Music Manreply 3406/30/2011


by Music Manreply 3506/30/2011

Matt Nathanson's Modern Love

by Music Manreply 3606/30/2011

Marvin Gaye - "What's Going On" (2-CD Deluxe)

An oldie but goodie.

by Music Manreply 3706/30/2011

Holy Ghost - "Holy Ghost" is awesome electronic music from a duo based in Brooklyn.

by Music Manreply 3806/30/2011

Oh, was that the guy who played with !!!? I've been dying to see !!! live.

I liked Yeasayer's more recent album "Odd Blood" rather than their first.

Thanks for the tip on Hooray For Earth...I like 'em!

by Music Manreply 3906/30/2011

Another vote for Foster The People. It's been on heavy rotation at my place for a month.

by Music Manreply 4006/30/2011

Sharon Van Etten is totally rad, she reminds me of early Cat Power.

by Music Manreply 4106/30/2011

The Friendly Fires, "Pala"

by Music Manreply 4206/30/2011

R31, you are the reason I hate music threads on DL.%0D %0D Just because your tired old ass hasn't heard of a new band, someone else is pretentious because they have?%0D %0D Look, grandma, there are plenty of people who are interested in listening to new music made by new musicians. I'm sure you stopped paying attention long ago, and that's fine, just don't come in here with your get-out-of-my-yard bullshit.

by Music Manreply 4306/30/2011

I'm hardly what you'd call of a fan of Britney Spears, but Femme Fatale is a great club album. Much better than GaGa's.

by Music Manreply 4406/30/2011

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment's CD of Haydn's 6 Paris Symphonies. Breathtaking.

by Music Manreply 4506/30/2011

Class Actress - Journal of Ardency %0D %0D

by Music Manreply 4606/30/2011

She Keeps Bees, Minisink Hotel

by Music Manreply 4706/30/2011

Marianne Faithfull, Horses and High Heels

Antony and the Johnsons, the Crying Light -- What do other people think of him? I find his weird falsetto can be kind of creepy, other times, he seems like a total genius.

by Music Manreply 4806/30/2011

The new Ariodante, with Joyce DiDonato and Karina Gauvin, Curtis conducting. Yum.

by Music Manreply 4906/30/2011

"Marcus Bachmann Sings Mae West"

by Music Manreply 5006/30/2011

iPods/MP3 players, it's all about individual songs, yeah and there are two types of artists, the Single artist, the mainstay of the charts, and album artist, who don't even bother to release singles anymore.

The album artist tend to be the more, credible, indie (I hate that word) artist, while the single artist is the sorta instant celeb pop star, the clear channel R'n'B/Hip-Hop, pop signer. Like Justin Biber, Rihanna, Justin timberlake or Lady Gaga.

And the ringtone market is huge, with some R'n'b artist being accused of making music solely for this use.

R'n'Bling / Corporate hip-hop were they worst thing ever happen to music.

by Music Manreply 5106/30/2011

[quote]Antony and the Johnsons, the Crying Light -- What do other people think of him? I find his weird falsetto can be kind of creepy, other times, he seems like a total genius.

Same here - I had both reactions the first time I heard "Aeon". It was in someone's loft on a hot day and I got goosebumps nonetheless.

Great thread. I wish I had some cool new stuff to add. I'd forgotten all about Ladytron -- loved their song "Destroy Everything You Touch" from a few years ago.

by Music Manreply 5206/30/2011

R49, yum? Why would you use such an idiotic, effeminate, ridiculous term such a 'yum'?%0D %0D 'Yum' is nauseating.

by Music Manreply 5306/30/2011

Two I keep listening to right now,

Dirty Beaches - The Badlands

Shannon wright - Secret Blood

by Music Manreply 5406/30/2011

Because I fucking felt like it. Because people like you are irritated by it, but mostly because I fucking felt like it.%0D %0D The other thing that's ridiculous, "effeminate" (very Mrs. Kravitz), and nauseating is the need to halt around in an outraged fit of caftan about people's posts, rather than actually adding to the thread in a way that has anything to do with the subject.%0D

by Music Manreply 5506/30/2011

You're so butch R55! Yum!

by Music Manreply 5606/30/2011

Oh, I'm listening to Dolly, R35. Better Days is fun and good (not great) Dolly is better than most things out there.

I'm not that old, but I love albums for the same reasons I like books, theatre and other storytelling art. A great album has material that has been written or chosen to create an arc and I find that satisfying when done well.

After listening to my ipod a lot, I put on the full CD of Dolly's Live and Well album a few months ago and was blown away by what I was missing by not taking the time to listen to good albums start to finish more often.

by Music Manreply 5706/30/2011

Friendly Fires' Pala is growing on me.

by Music Manreply 5806/30/2011


by Music Manreply 5907/01/2011


by Music Manreply 6007/03/2011

Wild Nothing, Gemini.

by Music Manreply 6107/03/2011

Midlake's "The Trials of Van Occupanther"

by Music Manreply 6207/03/2011

Craft Spells %E2%80%93 Idle Labor

by Music Manreply 6307/03/2011

Curry & Coco - We Are Beauty.

Also uber kool cover

by Music Manreply 6407/03/2011

BTW check out Sex is Fashion by Curry & Coco, it's so effin kool.

by Music Manreply 6507/03/2011

Kate Bush, Director's Cut

by Music Manreply 6607/03/2011

Curry and Coco are fun!!!

by Music Manreply 6707/04/2011

Really liking Curry & Coco too, Top Of The Pop is so sweet. Def gonna be soundtrack to my summer.

DL is good for somethin', who'd have thought it?

by Music Manreply 6807/04/2011

Music is fun!

by Music Manreply 6907/04/2011

Original cast recording of Passion. Sondheim. I'm addicted.

Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment. Soaked is pure camp deliciousness. And the vocals are thrilling.

Everyhing by Mary Fahl.

by Music Manreply 7007/04/2011

Born This Way by Lady GaGa

Bloody Mary and Heavy Metal Lover are my favorite songs in the album

by Music Manreply 7107/04/2011

Original Cast Recording of Everyday Rapture

by Music Manreply 7207/04/2011

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People is so fucking catchy. Put me down as another fan. It's such a great summer song, too, I can't stop playing it.

Favorite right now is the new Kills cd, Blood Pressure.

by Music Manreply 7307/04/2011

Blood Orange - Coastal Grooves.

Check out lead single Sutphin Boulevard, totally lime honey.

by Music Manreply 7407/04/2011

Aretha Franklin: The Sex Album

by Music Manreply 7507/04/2011

Florence and the Machine - Lungs Gemma Hayes - Let it Break Beth Ditto's recent EP

by Music Manreply 7607/04/2011

Sails is the best song on True loves in my opinion. XX

by Music Manreply 7707/07/2011

Also loving Sahron Van Etten, really like this song form her debut album, Because I Was in Love.

by Music Manreply 7807/07/2011

The Harold Arlen Songbook by the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald. Favorite track: "Ill Wind".

by Music Manreply 7907/07/2011

Debut album by the Secret Sisters

Love their Patsy Cline cover

by Music Manreply 8007/07/2011

"Aretha Franklin: The Sex Album"

I'm shocked and a bit revolted by the photos in the booklet. I could have done without seeing what she does with the double-headed dildo. These photos belong in Penthouse, not a CD booklet.

by Music Manreply 8107/07/2011

I discovered this Canadian band called USS that I absolutely love. Their CD Questamation is a couple years old, but it's awesome.

by Music Manreply 8207/08/2011


by Music Manreply 8307/08/2011

[quote]the really good stuff will NOT be presented to you. It's the reason why I like starting these music threads.

Big pink heart full of love to OP, I love these threads too, I discover all sorts of great new sounds I would never have otherwise heard out here in the desert.

by Music Manreply 8407/08/2011

I like the Ally Bank raise your rate CD

by Music Manreply 8507/08/2011

Do old CDs count? I love the Knnillssonn album. I was only a tot when it came out and never heard of it, really, until now.

by Music Manreply 8607/08/2011

Thanks 84! Big heart back at you. Love the Desert.

by Music Manreply 8707/09/2011

Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez - The Deep End

She has been around for quite awhile (The Scratch Band) and this is an excellent album with a lot of featured artists on it including Dion, Levon Helm, Ian Hunter, G.E. Smith, and Marshall Crenshaw.

by Music Manreply 8807/09/2011

I can't stop listening to Stevie Nicks' In Your Dreams. And no, my vagina bone is NOT broken, vagina bone troll.

by Music Manreply 8907/09/2011

CocknBullKid, "Adulthood"

by Music Manreply 9007/09/2011

Angus & Julia Stone, Down the Way.

by Music Manreply 9107/15/2011

Ritual Union!!!!!

by Music Manreply 9207/29/2011

I finally got Sharon van Etten's Epic, really excellent album, but it's a bit short. One song, DsharpG, isn't a valid song, but over all it makes a totally awesome 6 song EP. Can't wait to hear her next album, if she builds on Epic it will truly be epic.

by Music Manreply 9308/09/2011

Austra - Feel It Break

by Music Manreply 9408/09/2011

another great track from Austra - Feel It Break

by Music Manreply 9508/09/2011

Anyone else here a fan of Les Rita Mitsuoko?

I just discovered them, and love them.

by Music Manreply 9608/09/2011

Jill Scott. Reminds me of Marlena Shaw and Esther Satterfield updated. So In Love with You makes me mental. Old Skool done right.

by Music Manreply 9708/09/2011

Some great link on this thread.

I'm really digging Eilen Jewell's "Queen of the Minor Key" right now.

by Music Manreply 9808/10/2011

Grimes - Visions

Escort - Escort

John Talabot - Fin

by Music Manreply 9903/29/2012

Bear in Heaven - "I Love You, It's Cool."

by Music Manreply 10003/29/2012

Foster The People - Torches

by Music Manreply 10103/29/2012

That Grimes record is not my particular thing but it's very well-done and cool. I think I was hoping for something that sounded more like the cover art looks, by which I probably mean that I saw Japanese characters and thought it would be a one-woman Pink-era Boris album.

by Music Manreply 10203/29/2012

Tropic of Cancer - The End of All Things, V/A - Metal Dance: Post-Punk, Industrial & EBM Classics & Rarities (BRILLIANT compilation on Strut label), Peaking Lights - 936, V/A - Jukebox Jams

by Music Manreply 10303/29/2012

Some Nights by FUN.

by Music Manreply 10403/29/2012

Right now, I am loving

Ceremonials - Florence & the Machine

MDNA - Madonna

and 1/2 of Born to Die - Lana Del Rey

by Music Manreply 10503/29/2012

Janet's The Velvet Rope. It's her most critically-heralded album for a reason. Spoke to me when I first heard it, and still speaks to me now. Covers everything from homophobia and self-worth to abusive relationships and BDSM. A masterpiece.

by Music Manreply 10603/29/2012

Lost in the Trees - A Church That Fits Our Needs

by Music Manreply 10703/29/2012


It's WHICH, not WHAT?

WHICH = Fixed number of possible choices ("Which one?")

WHAT = Indeterminate number of choices ("What do you want to do tonight?")

by Music Manreply 10803/29/2012

After seeing the new Internet Explorer commercial, I had to track down the artist. Loving this album.

by Music Manreply 10903/29/2012

One thing's for sure. You people have terrible taste in music.

by Music Manreply 11003/29/2012

...sez r110, hitting repeat on Spiceworld.

by Music Manreply 11103/29/2012

Patrick Wolf, Lupercalia

by Music Manreply 11203/30/2012

R107 wins! My favorite album of the year (so far)

by Music Manreply 11303/30/2012

Of course no one here will have heard of her, but loving the new Sharon Van Etten album, Tramp. Been a big fan for ages.

by Music Manreply 11403/30/2012

Bobby Jo Valentine. A cute northern California gay-boy acoustic player. My friend went to one of his shows a bought the cd for me, and now I've got a massive crush and play it all the time.

by Music Manreply 11503/30/2012

R114, if you had read this thread from the beginning, you would have seen several mentions of Sharon Van Etten already.

by Music Manreply 11603/30/2012

Melanie Fiona "The MF Life"

by Music Manreply 11703/30/2012

Peter Cox (self titled CD) it's an older work from 5 to 10 years ago. He was the former lead singer from British group - Go West. He wrote most of the songs and did a couple of covers. Really, really great.

by Music Manreply 11803/30/2012

Real Estate and Beach House...both dreamy pop.

by Music Manreply 11903/30/2012

For some reason, I dug out Springsteen's "The Rising." It still moves me deeply, much more than most of the other WTC schlock.

by Music Manreply 12003/30/2012

Sinéad O'Connor, "How about I be me (and you be you)".

by Music Manreply 12103/30/2012

Does it have to be a new release? I really like listening Kristin Hersh Live at Noe Valley Ministry at the moment.

by Music Manreply 12203/30/2012

That 2 Bears album "Be Strong" is very enjoyable. Also, I know I'm a bit late to the party since it was from 2011, but Vanbot's self-titled album is brilliant. I'm surprised I overlooked it at the time of its release.

by Music Manreply 12303/30/2012

Christ, what a depressing thread. From the OP's phrasing to the "only suckers buy whole albums" moron, to the queeny tastes of the majority here... It's no wonder I don't have a good time at underground gay-themed DJ parties. Yuck.

by Music Manreply 12403/30/2012

Please R124 recommend some new music that you are loving so we can all catch up with your taste level!

by Music Manreply 12503/30/2012

Perfume Genius, Put Your Back N 2 It

Hospitality, Hospitality

School of Seven Bells, Ghostory

Sleigh Bells, Reign of Terror

And I'll also throw the new SVE record Tramp into the mix.

by Music Manreply 12603/30/2012

Goyte - Making Mirror

Attached is Bronte. If is does not make you cry on the first listen/watch, it will when you know that he wrote it about the death of a friend's family pet.

by Music Manreply 12703/30/2012

plus, of course, Somebody That I Used To Know

by Music Manreply 12803/30/2012

oops - Making Mirrors

by Music Manreply 12903/30/2012

I would have liked if Tramp made a bigger splash for Sharon.

by Music Manreply 13003/30/2012

Computer Magic

by Music Manreply 13103/30/2012

I haven't heard the new School of Seven Bells yet, but I haven't read a bad thing about it - I think it's on Spotify so I have no excuse. I saw them at the Brilliant Corners festival in Chicago last summer and became an obsessive fan for about two months afterwards.

by Music Manreply 13203/30/2012

Sorry bitches, but Madonnas MDNA will be on replay for a long time to come. My favorite song so far is Im Addicted.

by Music Manreply 13303/30/2012

I really don't understand the point of coming on here to tell those of us who've contributed that our taste sucks. Fine, you don't like something. Taste is subjective. Make a valid critique of WHY you don't like it and for god's sake, add something you think is merit worthy.

by Music Manreply 13403/30/2012

Escort's self titled debut is great. Retro and modern disco. And both at the same time.

Although not an official video, this is quite good and completely hysterical...

For the song "All Through the Night." And there are much better tracks than this!

by Music Manreply 13503/30/2012

dead kids, broken up sadly

by Music Manreply 13603/30/2012

Love Computer Magic - whoever said that.

Really digging a lot of one off electronica stuff.

Have to adit, MDNA is growing on me. Loving I'm Addicted and Turn Up the Radio. Piss off, haters.

by Music Manreply 13703/30/2012

MDNA's "Beautiful Killer" is a great 80's throwback. Very catchy! I love "I'm addicted" too.

by Music Manreply 13803/30/2012

Hey R121, we will no doubt be put down as "elder gays" and "irrelevant" or whatever but fuck 'em... the new Sinead O'Connor really is great. Am listening now and every track works and flows -- like the CD she should've done after "I Do Not Want..." Not too folksy, not too Irish, just rocky enough.

And she may have lost her mind but she hasn't lost her voice and it's magnificent here.

Give it a shot, folks.

by Music Manreply 13903/30/2012

It's ok, r139, OP allowed us to name our favourite CDs, not just downloads. Although, my first Sinéad purchase was on vinyl!

Here's a live version of one of the new songs, "Take off your shoes", about one of DL's favourite topics, child abuse and its coverup by the Catholic church. She was talking about this when everyone else wanted her to shut up and pretend it never happened. Heavy topic, but fantastic song.

by Music Manreply 14004/01/2012

Yppah - "Eighty One"

Stellar new electronic...

by Music Manreply 14104/05/2012

At the moment I like One Direction's Up All Night. Nice uplifting and easy accessable pop for workout sessions.

I also like School of Seven Bell's Ghostory (I especially love Scavenger) and Burning Heart's Extinction (Into the Wilderness, Modern Times, Burn Burn Burn).

by Music Manreply 14204/05/2012

Porcelain Raft's "Strange Weekend" is my favorite album of the moment.

by Music Manreply 14304/05/2012

[quote]Class Actress - Journal of Ardency

I just discovered this in, of all places, a gay-porn clip. Went and bought the single off iTunes. Great retro-'80s/early-'90s feel.

by Music Manreply 14405/13/2012

Sharon Van Etten, Tramp.

by Music Manreply 14505/13/2012

The best of Brick, specifically Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody to Get on Down

by Music Manreply 14605/13/2012

[quote]But for people who make music and those who take it seriously songs come in groups.

So much baloney you must be Oscar Mayer.

by Music Manreply 14705/13/2012

I had long given up on her, but the new Norah Jones album is really, really good. I like her new sound.

Give it a listen.

by Music Manreply 14805/13/2012

Thanks to whoever posted about Widowspeak in one of these music threads. What a great fucking band! Love this album.

by Music Manreply 14905/14/2012

LaVern Baker Sings Bessie Smith

by Music Manreply 15005/14/2012

Cross dressers shouldn't be judged like this. You pack of racist homophobes.

I know you can't mean Compact Discs, because no one and I mean NO ONE, who isn't a douchebag has used them since 1999.

by Music Manreply 15105/15/2012

Widowspeak are awesome, I've been a huge fan since I found a cover of Wicked Game on Bandcamp, when they just started up. Their album was my favorite record of last year.

by Music Manreply 15205/15/2012

Love at the Bottom of the Sea by the Magnetic Fields. "Your Girlfriend's Face" is amazing.

by Music Manreply 15305/15/2012

Quinn Marston- Can You Hear Me See Me Now.

by Music Manreply 15406/09/2012

My favorite right now is St Etienne's new one "Words and Music."

Because "DJ" and "When I Was Seventeen" deserve to be huge hits...

by Music Manreply 15506/10/2012

George Sarah -- Who Sleep the Sleep of Peace

I listen to it every night before bed. Totally relaxing and upbeat at the same time.

by Music Manreply 15606/10/2012

The new album by Swedish band iamamiwhoami is fantastic.

by Music Manreply 15706/10/2012

Not a CD, but Jim Thirlwell's "Here Comes The Rain" is on the top of my playlist.

by Music Manreply 15806/10/2012

I am listening to Scott Baio

by Music Manreply 15906/11/2012

lovin Quinn Marston, very kool.

by Music Manreply 16006/11/2012

This new Hot Chip is fun.

Flutes is a great track!!!

by Music Manreply 16106/15/2012

I like the new Hot Chip, too. I was always kind of on the fence with them but this is very good.

by Music Manreply 16206/15/2012

The new album from The Wanted.

by Music Manreply 16306/15/2012

The new Black Mountain, "Year Zero". It's a soundtrack to a Brazilian post apocalypse surf movie. Really great to fuck to.

by Music Manreply 16406/15/2012

Santigold - Master of My Make Belief

by Music Manreply 16506/15/2012

Girl gone wild

by Music Manreply 16606/15/2012

TOPS - Tender Opposites

by Music Manreply 16706/15/2012

Ice Choir's excellent debut album "Afar" is my current fav.

by Music Manreply 16809/08/2012


by Music Manreply 16909/08/2012

OP, that is also one of my favorite videos of all time. I recommend everyone watch it in high quality full screen, especially if you are a science fiction fan--it's a neat little story told in about two minutes!

by Music Manreply 17009/08/2012

I'm loving the new Cat Power...

by Music Manreply 17109/08/2012

The Wanted 💿

by Music Manreply 17209/08/2012

Miguel's new one is pretty stunning.

by Music Manreply 17310/07/2012

Nothing. I like a selection of songs from some new albums. I haven't listened not a single album whose songs are all memorable and good.

by Music Manreply 17409/27/2013

Shostakovich's String Quartets by the Jerusalem Quartet.

by Music Manreply 17509/27/2013

I agree r174, I loved a few albums from the Spring, Scout Niblett, Shannon Wright and Dirty Beaches but summer and so far the Fall albums are all underwhelming.

I was really disappointed by Neko Case's new album, really dull and more like a collection of b-sides and out takes; same with Mazzy Star's new album, sounds like demos rather than a proper album.

by Music Manreply 17609/27/2013

Yes, R176. Exactly.

To me, the best albums of September are Elton John's(The Divine Board) and Manic Street Preachers'(Rewind The Film)

In comparison to the other September music album releases, both of them maintain a couple of really good songs.

Did you like them?

by Music Manreply 17709/27/2013

Ew...The Diving Board


by Music Manreply 17809/27/2013

Janelle Monae - The Electric Lady

by Music Manreply 17909/27/2013

Teeth of the Sea's new one "MASTER" is the coolest recording right now...

by Music Manreply 18010/17/2013
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