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Moley people stay youthful longer.

If you have more than 100 moles, you will age more slowly, resulting in fewer wrinkles, and a much reduced risk of osteoperosis. %0D %0D The reason involves segments of DNA called telomeres which shrink over time, but if you are a man of many moles, your telomeres are much longer. This helps put off the moment when cells are no longer able to divide and renew tissue.%0D %0D But, it's not all good for the estimated 10% of moley Caucasians, because they might be more prone to cancer.%0D %0D Does not apply to frecklers.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 6601/31/2015

Moley people are great if you have a Braille fetish.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 106/10/2011

This is something I've speculated about for a while now. I've always noticed moley people had softer-appearing skin than non-moley people of the same age. I'm not moley.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 206/10/2011

I'm running home right now to tell him! He'll be so pleased!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 406/10/2011

Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 506/10/2011

I love you, r5.

Do skin tags count? My dad always called them pearl moles.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 606/10/2011

Good news for the Jonas Brothers.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 706/10/2011

I thought moles had a 30 year lifespan.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 806/10/2011

I knew this guy who had an obsession with touching other people's moles. Maybe it was more like a compulsion. If he saw a mole on a random person he had to go up and touch it. Bad enough, but on top of that he was also a horrible person. I would have had sympathy for his freakishness if he weren't such a dick.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 1006/10/2011

Busy Philipps is thrilled!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 1106/10/2011

God so am I! My face is mole-less, but I have moles everywhere. I seem to block them out and imagine perfect skin, until someone points them out. Then I see the damn star-systems. But hitting my thirties I do look better than my peers, and none of them smoke. Thanks, 92-year old moley gran.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 1206/10/2011

The Mole-people will conquer the world!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 1306/10/2011

You'll be more youthful, but you'll also be more repulsive.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 1406/10/2011

r11, Busy Phillips moles have always repulsed me. They are so fucking ugly. Adrianne Palicki is covered with moles. She has over 20 moles on her face. She ought to be ashamed of herself.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 1506/10/2011

Rachael Mcadams has over 50 moles on her body.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 1606/10/2011

[quote]She ought to be ashamed of herself. For what? Genetics? Being attractive?

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 1706/10/2011

Con-nect the dots! La la la la la! %0D Con-nect the dots! La la la la la!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 1806/10/2011

My younger brother used to say Michelle Republicunt Kwan never won an Olympic gold medal because the judges marked .10 for every mole and skin tag she had.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2006/10/2011

Kwan is popular with many women because she's so ugly. They think if someone ugly like her can become a millionaire in spite of her looks, they will find success too. The teeth, the moles, the nose as big as Texas. They find her homeliness endearing.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2106/10/2011

Moles, ew.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2206/10/2011

R17, She is not attractive. Those moles kill any potential good looks she may have hidden somewhere.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2306/10/2011

I had every mole removed from my body. My plastic surgeon used to talk about his avocado farm while cutting them out. By the time he'd done all the cortisone micro injections on repeat visits to remove every last scar, I feel I'd paid off his estate.

You can now have drug therapy to lengthen your telomeres. The downside is it's not for the poor and it's possibly carcinogenic. But quite a lot of people are having it.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2406/10/2011

Heh, I always tease the BF about his moles. I tell him he's covered in nipples (which he has a 3rd one).

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2506/10/2011

They're beauty marks, people!!!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2606/10/2011

What's the benefit of looking youthful if you still look moley? Eww.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2706/10/2011

More time to live with their affliction.%0D %0D Yay!!!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2806/10/2011

Does this mean Matt Damon's butt will stay perky and full longer?

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 2906/10/2011

Does the health benefits of moles remain if you have them removed?

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 3006/10/2011

I have lots of moles and I look young.%0D %0D A lot of them were right on my collar line around my neck so I had them removed.%0D %0D At first I got two really noticeable ones taken off; then I had 3 more taken off that were pretty annoying, too.%0D %0D

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 3106/10/2011

I have quite a few moles - most look like freckles, but they are permanent.

If a mole is flat, removal leaves quite a nasty scar. A plastic surgeon took a mole off my arm, and left something equivalent to a small stab wound scar.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 3306/10/2011

What is crazy is that some psychic people said meditation helps align your DNA. Well, new research says that regular meditation lengthens your telomeres! They were correct!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 3406/10/2011

On a census form, Busy Phillips doesn't mark her race as "white." She puts down "polka-dot."

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 3606/10/2011

You called?

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 3706/10/2011

A well placed mole can make a plain face very attractive.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 3906/10/2011

[quote]If someone has a mole on their face I won't consider dating them.

You are weird. I had a mole removed from my face, but it's because I was self-conscious about it. I must say, it made a big difference. As a friend put it, "my face opened up." And, no my mole was not huge. It was maybe 5mm wide, but it was sticking out and growing.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4006/10/2011

I have them on my face as well as elsewhere. No, I'm not lazy or stupid. The scars they leave behind are awful. I just live with it. If someone doesn't like them, too bad.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4106/10/2011

My mom always says that having a lot of moles means you'll make a lot of money in life. I have no idea where this folklore originated. I wish it were true.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4206/10/2011

Busy Phillips has enough money that she should have her removed her moles by now. What the fuck is she waiting for? It's damn ugly.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4306/10/2011

Oh, come on, moles didn't make either Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford "repulsive."

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4406/10/2011

Monroe's mole was fake. Crawford would be a hundred times prettier without the mole. It looks like she has a shit stain above her mouth. Nasty.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4506/10/2011

I'm moley with oily skin and look a few years younger than I am. I still get asked out and chased at 37...ancient!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4606/10/2011

You sound very ugly, R46. You must be rich.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4706/10/2011

Gosh are you fuckers serious? Since when are moles such a problem that people are going to get them surgically removed? Something is wrong in the head with you mother-fuckers... now a hare-lip is something else...

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4806/10/2011

A mole that rubs against clothing or is exposed to sun is considered a melanoma risk.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 4906/10/2011

Well the, Matt Damon should be young forever because he has more moles than the KGB.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 5006/11/2011

Don't waste money on a dermatologist removing moles. You can yank them out with a fish hook.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 5106/11/2011

R51 also circumcised himself and removes his own hemorrhoids.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 5206/11/2011

I, for one, am proud of my prominant moles and plan on keeping them. Even the ones with hair growing out of them.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 5306/11/2011

I'm 31 years old.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 5506/11/2011

One of my favorites

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 5606/11/2011

Dee-scus-ting, r56.

Enrique Iglesias did the right thing by removing his mole. Anyone who doesn't remove their hideous mole has poor regard for themselves.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 5706/11/2011


My father died of malignant melanoma in his 50s. In his case, a mole went cancerous; he was diagnosed at Stage IV when it had spread to lungs, liver and and brain. Two other family members also had died of melanoma. I have an increased risk of melanoma, and I believe in health promotion/disease prevention.

My family history is why I have had 20+ removed and visit my derm annually. She has not removed all of my nevi - just the ones that have potential to be precancerous or are in places that risk irritation (along the shirt neckline, behind the ear where glasses sit). None have been removed for cosmetic reasons.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 5806/11/2011

I dated a moley guy and t freaked me out the first time. I never really got used to his back being covered with moles (it really was like reading braille when we were fucking), but I wasn't as grossed out the more I got to know him.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 5906/11/2011

Agreed, R38, my mother died of melanoma at 39. I've had several moles taken off that were in places that could be irritated by clothing/shoes/etc.

Of course, I'm also very careful to protect my skin from the sun. All you kids out there working on your tans, please think about the cancer risk -- if that doesn't bother you, think about wrinkles.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 6006/11/2011

What's the point of looking youthful if your hideous appearance makes children cry? Get those moles removed, people!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 6106/12/2011

agreed r61. people with moles are selfish to inflict their ugly flaws on the world.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 6206/12/2011

Mark Sanchez baby!

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 6310/24/2012

ok the majority of you really need to realise not everything is about looks, you can't define a person just because they have a mole. I have a mole and i hate it, by putting awful comments like this would only make people feel shittier about who they are, my mole isnt even that bad but i havent had my hair up since i was in primary school because of comments like this and by seeing more comments like this by 'adults' only makes me want to get it removed even more but because im so young my parents wont allow it, i just hope you realise some people may have fuck ugly moles but i doubt they are as judge mental as all of you, i do agree that moles are butt-ugly but seriously nothing should be just about looks get to know the person first before you judge their mole yeah?

your sincerely the mole's friend

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 6403/02/2013

This is why Italians are so well-preserved.

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 6503/02/2013

democrats are evil

by Nat Geo May 2011reply 6601/31/2015
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