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''90210'' Removing Trevor Donovan''s Gay Character Teddy

90210 is losing a high-profile gay character, TVLine's Michael Ausiello reports:

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Trevor Donovan %E2%80%94 whose heretofore-closeted alter ego Teddy was at the center of a high profile coming out storyline last season %E2%80%94 will not be returning to The CW soap as a series regular for Season 4.

"I look back on getting this real-life story line as a blessing,%E2%80%9D Donovan told TVLine in a statement. %E2%80%9CTo be able to simultaneously take on a challenging role and bring awareness to a relevant social issue was a win-win for me. I%E2%80%99m looking forward to what opportunities and adventures lie ahead.%E2%80%9D

As producers phase out the character, he'll be limited to appearing in five episodes next season as a non-regular.

by Why?reply 4011/30/2013

Poor hottie.

by Why?reply 106/06/2011

New showrunners. Who ran another CW show into the ground. Maybe they're looking to kill it.

Lot of negative reaction - viewers liked having a gay character.

by Why?reply 206/06/2011

So let the debate begin: was he career destroyed because he can't act or because he played gay?

by Why?reply 306/06/2011

This show has an audience of four. How is it still on?

by Why?reply 406/06/2011

Let me guess, they're keeping Dixon and Annie, tho?

by Why?reply 506/06/2011

I ache for him. So hot.

by Why?reply 606/06/2011

But I love him!

by Why?reply 706/06/2011

I want a straight but not narrow video from him.

by Why?reply 806/06/2011

After seeing the pic in R1, is that what the Yellow Skin Troll would like?

by Why?reply 906/06/2011

The show didn't get the ratings spike they hoped for plus more budget cuts assume.

by Why?reply 1006/06/2011

Who's he dating in real life? Diller?

by Why?reply 1106/06/2011

That's a shame. yeah, Trevor is hotter than he is talented, but I still liked his character and actually appreciated the story they told. I find it sad that HE is the one they let go, when we seemingly still have Dixon (has he EVER had a story that was interesting?) and that surfer chick who is just as 'talented' as Trevor, but far less engaging.

by Why?reply 1206/06/2011

Wasn't he only on 5 episodes this past season too? I'm not sure I see the difference.

by Why?reply 1306/06/2011

He's not actually that hot. For example, if you imagine him with dark or red hair -- he wouldn't be hot.

Plus, his nipples are extraordinarily tiny.

by Why?reply 1406/06/2011

And they don't kill Dixon and Annie in a chainsaw accident that turns into a grease fire?

That is ridiculous.

by Why?reply 1506/06/2011

R14: time to get up off that couch, dear. It's been two months since you bathed.

by Why?reply 1606/06/2011

The richest and most interesting gay character in an ensemble drama since I played Matt in "Melrose Place"!

by Why?reply 1706/06/2011

Nice pic at this Advocate article.

by Why?reply 1806/07/2011

I haven't watched since they dumped Jessica Walter. Tabitha was a watered down version of Lucille Bluth, and she made the show.

by Why?reply 1906/07/2011

I only watched it because of his character. Too bad, I won't be watching anymore.

by Why?reply 2006/07/2011

I don't understand why they're getting rid of him. He's the most popular character. The girls love him.

by Why?reply 2106/07/2011

They want to go for more realism, and everybody knows there are no gays in Beverly Hills.

by Why?reply 2206/07/2011

Annie and Dixon need to be decapitated in a collision with a runaway Chevy Vega.

They are awful, boring characters, played by hideously calcified, amateur actors.

by Why?reply 2306/07/2011

The Teddy story was the only reason to watch. Shame.

by Why?reply 2406/07/2011

I'm sad to see him go. Annie, Dixon and their mother, Naomi's sister and Mr Matthews, surfer chick and dude with cancer should all have been canned before him.

by Why?reply 2506/08/2011

In the original 90210, the core group centered around Brenda and Brandon, their family and friends. Annie and Dixon are both lame, their parents divorce happened in the least dramatic way possible and seemingly no reason (if they were going to do it, could have at least added some intrigue and drama).

I like the show but wish they would have stayed with the same formula that made the first one so great.

by Why?reply 2606/08/2011

The only reason to watch now- AnnaLynne McCord and Matt Lanter.

by Why?reply 2706/08/2011

I just don't think its possible for network TV to do a long term, sustainable, gay storyline. I knew when it was announced that Teddy was going from a womanizer to a gay guy that his days were numbered.

by Why?reply 2806/08/2011

Out of all the actors in the show he is the worst. Pretty to look at but that's it.

by Why?reply 2906/08/2011

Unfortunately, this does play into the stereotype that gay characters can't be written for long term. Of course, a number of shows have proven otherwise, but I think TV writers and show runners are still limited in their thinking that coming out stories and AIDS stories are the only gay stories to tell and after that, they have no clue what to do with a gay character.

by Why?reply 3006/08/2011

Sad. He was the only reason to watch that awful show after they axed Jessica Walter.

by Why?reply 3106/08/2011

[quote]I like the show but wish they would have stayed with the same formula that made the first one so great.

On the original show the parents were unexpectedly written off between seasons because of "Jim's new job in Hong Kong," so this isn't all that much of a departure. (Strangely, Jim's new job was apparently lucrative enough to allow him to keep the Beverly Hills house that was home to Brandon and crew for most of the remainder of the show.) "90210" wasn't kind to "adult" characters then (except for Nat), and it isn't now...

by Why?reply 3206/08/2011

"Trevor Donovan looks like Brad Pitt" according to the linked photo.

by Why?reply 3306/08/2011


by Why?reply 3406/08/2011

this real gay jock reminds me of Trevor Donovan

by Why?reply 3506/22/2011

[quote]this real gay jock reminds me of Trevor Donovan%0D %0D %0D Life is so, so, unfair sometimes. He's going to have a blast in life with those looks of his!

by Why?reply 3606/24/2011

He's still on the show this, in every episode that I've seen.

They did a Wizard of Oz episode tonight which I expected to hate. It's been done a million times.

Not as bad as expected. Tonight, "Teddy" was a closeted athlete who set up a bearding relationship with the McCord chick, who was poor in "Annie's" dream.

by Why?reply 3701/28/2013


by Why?reply 3811/29/2013

Trevor Donovan is not much of an actor, yet he was convincing when Teddy was a playboy, and he was also convincing when Teddy came out as gay. Does this mean Trevor is bisexual?

by Why?reply 3911/30/2013

Who knows r39 but he is an unofficial Kennedy.

by Why?reply 4011/30/2013
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