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DataLounge Weight Loss Support Thread

As I get older, I know that I really, really, really need to lose weight. As of this morning, I weighed 85 kg/187 pounds (which is far too much for someone who is only 160 cm/5'3"). I've already made some changes to my life over the past couple of months, losing 4 kg/9 pounds in the process (without even trying to lose weight!). So now I'm on a mission - perhaps down to 80kg/176 pounds by the end of the year. Feel free to join me, DataLoungers!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 21708/31/2013

I have lost 60# so far and have 40# to go. I have slowed up a lot as far as loss goes but I hope I am building muscle. %0D %0D I do water jogging and exercises in the pool three times a week. I do pull ups there also. It takes an hour to get everything in I need to do. I will be having knee replacement as soon as I lose the weight and want to be in as good physical condition as I can be.%0D %0D I use a recumbent bike three times a week also and lift 5# weights. Right now I have 10 weight lifting exercises I do with 10 reps of each one. I hope to do up it to 15 reps and maybe more weight. Maybe up to ten. %0D %0D I don't want to be Adonis but I would like to get more in shape for the surgery and then I hope to stop the weight creep due to inactivity. I got so bad with my knees that I just stopped almost all activity and I used to be somewhat athletic. I hate middle age.%0D %0D I will check in and see how you are doing OP. I know this is a rough row to hoe but it can be done.%0D %0D Oh and ignore the crap that will be flung at you. I love this site but some people have a need to be snotty due to their lousy lives. I just let them and go on with my life.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 106/05/2011

Thanks, R1.%0D %0D Wow, you're really doing well. Congratulations!%0D %0D "I will be having knee replacement as soon as I lose the weight"%0D %0D Good luck with that - when bits of one's body start to wear out, it can have a huge impact on one's quality of life. The replacements have really moved on over the past 30 years - there was a time when you had to be a certain age to have one, because the replacement had a fairly short life-time, but not any more. I've heard that a knee replacement is very painful, so let us know when you're due for your replacement, so that we can support you.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 206/05/2011

OP, you type fat. Are you a very fat person?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 306/05/2011

Pretty fat, R3!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 406/06/2011

Another supporter here, OP. I put on 30lb last year because I stopped exercising. As of today I am trying to shift it - the extra weight makes me miserable and none of my clothes fit :(

I can't afford to join a gym for the next couple of months so I am going to try doing a fitness video every morning as well as Weight Watchers and walking places rather than taking the bus.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 506/06/2011

Good on you, R5.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 606/06/2011

I'm here with you, OP. I'm trying to lose about 40 pounds. I already changed my eating habits slowly but drastic over the last couple of months. And after the exams next week I'll exercise more - promised! %0D %0D Let's do this in DL fashion

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 706/06/2011

Youtube has the "8 minute" series. I do the arms, legs, butt and abs. The arm one is my favourite because I use my 12lb weights and I have really noticed a difference. Seeing muscles and having greater strength is very motivating. I do squats with weights before the arm tape and hold the squat position throughout most of the tape. Yes, I am alone when I do this.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 806/06/2011

Good on you too, R7.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 906/06/2011

Thanks R8, I'll have a look.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1006/06/2011

Exercise is beneficial in many, many ways, but has been proven to be mostly ineffective for actual weight loss.%0D %0D The main thing to change is your diet. Watch your calories, abstain from sugar and processed foods, and trust me - the weight will FALL OFF.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1106/06/2011

[quote]The main thing to change is your diet. Watch your calories, abstain from sugar and processed foods, and trust me - the weight will FALL OFF.%0D %0D What about salt?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1206/06/2011

Well R11 the combination is of course best.

But it should also be pointed out that for stress eaters (a good number of overweight people), exercise can greatly reduce the triggers for over-eating, which in turn helps those people to eat less. So for some, exercise *is* the key component of weight loss.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1306/06/2011

R12 - yes, sodium intake is very important. Obviously if you have issues with high blood pressure, you should really limit it. For weight loss, it isn't like salt make you fat per se, but it will cause you to retain as much as SEVERAL pounds of water.%0D %0D Try to get used to cutting back - I can't not have eggs without salt, but I can avoid the HUGE amounts of sodium present in all processed foods. Work on it, and over time your taste buds will require less.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1406/06/2011

I think he was funnin' ya, R14.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1506/06/2011

Oooh, It's nice to see peeps on here supporting each other and nobody making mean comments. %0D %0D A few years ago I gained some weight and then started eating better and became a gym addict. I was flaunting the new me to everybody and swore I would never gain anything back.... %0D %0D Cut to now, Here I sit plus forty pounds. I had to cancel the gym membership for financial reasons and I'm eating more than I burn. I feel invisible when I go out, my clothes are tight, I feel horrible. %0D %0D Any advice for working out at home? It seems like everything I try (can afford) does jack shit for me. I tried jogging but I already got hit by a suburban housewife on a cell phone. Talk about feeling invisible. I think I was more embarrassed than she was.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1606/06/2011

Thanks OP for the opportunity to check in. This week I passed the half way mark on my NYE resolution to lose 130#. Next March I get my Master's degree,and I will be looking for a new job. I looked in the mirror, naked, last Thanksgiving and decided something had to be done as I would neither hire nor fuck me.

So 70# later I am on track. I had an argument with my Dr. last Fall in anticipation of this and he kept pushing me to exercise. I told him that I was a Desk Potato and that any exercise would have to come at the END of the loss because it is simply not sustainable and I did not want to have any phantom loss that would creep back after I gave up exercising as I know I would.

So it is all in the diet. I really like TJ's Vanilla Soy as it allows me to supplement up to a decent protein intake without any fat intake. 4 scoops a day and the rest is a combination of fruits and vegetables, skim milk, skinless chicken breasts, salads with lovely shavings of aged Parm. Reg. and the like. The amazing thing is that I rarely get hungry as long as I get a basic intake of protein. Aside from the soy, everything is simple whole and nutritious. I never thought that I would look forward to a micro baked sweet potato with a light sprinkling of sugar and a heavy dusting of cinnamon (oh yeah, and a tablespoon of one of those heart healthy butter substitutes, my bad)

Again, OP, thanks for the opportunity and best wishes on your diet and surgery.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1706/06/2011

eliminate wheat and dairy, and you will be amazed, OP. it is an easy way to stay thinner.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1806/06/2011

Ok so I just did the "8 min arms" and am about to do the "8 min abs". I am announcing it so I can't back out. It would be so much easier if I had access to a pool. I love swimming. Oh well, here I go.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 1906/06/2011

I lost ten pounds in one month by no longer eating in front of the TV, no longer drinking soft drinks (Instead I drink lemon ice tea and sparkling water or a mix of apple juice and sparkling water) and a daily 30 minute walk.

I see changing my eating habits as an adventure where I explore new territory and challenge myself. I know it sounds very MARY! but I do get a bit of an ego boost out of the experience that I am aware of my own power and ability to make changes.

I write a food diary and plan to start one for my upcoming workout routine as well.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2006/06/2011

I hope you're female OP because being fat and that short would just be sad for a man.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2106/06/2011

Walk or exercise regularly. Avoid any food that has a hydrogenated product.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2206/06/2011

R16 you got hit by a car while jogging? Elaborate, I hope you gave that cell phone yacking twat what-for.%0D %0D

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2306/06/2011

%0D %0D Surely a citizen's arrest was in order r16?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2406/06/2011

r21, do you post every thought that comes into your head?

Because you are not supportive of OP and only offer a silly observation which you thought was a must-post, turn around, wipe off the Cheetos buildup clinging to your fingertips and put in another load of laundry for your mother.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2506/06/2011

R23 Yeah, after during the embarrassment, I noticed she didn't even get off the phone. She didn't hit me hard enough to make me fall over, just a jolt. I think I called her every four and five letter name in the book. She was with her kid, but still... I figure her kid needed to learn Mommy is a stupid cunt.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2606/06/2011

Exercise and diet for weight loss are more separate than people realize.%0D %0D Exercise has many benefits, but true weight loss isn%E2%80%99t really one of them.%0D %0D Concentrate on diet. Emphasis on leafy green vegetables. Very little of everything else.%0D

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2706/06/2011

Also, people, log on to a site like to track your food intake. It can be a little addictive once you do it regularly - but in a good way. I have been tracking for about three years and it has helped me really pay attention to what goes in my mouth.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2806/06/2011

Bikram yoga will change your life. DO IT. I lost 40 pounds in four months. Bikram 5 times a week.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 2906/06/2011

What if you record everything you eat, but you can't kick a sugar addiction? My diet is good, except for that. When I try to cut out the sugar, it's worse than quitting smoking was.%0D %0D

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3006/06/2011

r30, a longterm plan of about six months should do the trick (the time depends on the amount of sugar you eat per day) where you slowly but steadily lower your sugar intake. The trick is to not lower your sugar intake every day in a very drastic manner, but every week for a little bit so the body and mind don't panic because there's some sudden shortage but instead are getting used to the lower amount that they still get every day.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3106/06/2011

R29 How is yoga for building muslce? I've heard that you can actually get ripped doing it and a lot of the Yoga places here in SoCal are pretty inexpensive. I've given it thought. I have the muscle in there, it's just covered by my "winter coat" so to speak.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3206/06/2011

im 5'3" and down to 115lbs from 119!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3306/06/2011

Well their are some good stories here. It kind of gives hope.%0D %0D I track everything at They have lots of health stuff to read and lots of ways to track a lot of stuff.%0D %0D As far as losing weight w/o exercise that has never worked for me. I have to move or I plateau and then give up. With exercise I lose slowly but w/o the starts and stops.%0D %0D Keep up the good work, especially r33. Any weight loss should be celebrated.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3406/06/2011

My advice would be first get off the metric system. It even sounds fat, like a big old German B%C3%BCrgermeister.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3506/06/2011

As evidenced by this thread, the frau infestation of DL is now complete.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3606/07/2011

I'm in the same boat, r16. Lost 50lb and was convinced I would never put it back on. Then I moved house and my gym membership ended and...30lb back on.

I am now setting myself small, achievable goals - I'm going to a music festival on 1st July and want to have shed 7lb by then. I'm doing WW, so going for slow, steady progress.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3706/07/2011

"I'm going to a music festival on 1st July"%0D %0D Which festival, R37?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3806/07/2011

What kind of person says "good on you?"

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 3906/07/2011

I only need to lose about eight pounds in order to be within the normal weight range for my height, but whenever I start to make progress I have an overwhelming urge to stuff myself with high caloric food. I know it's stupid but that's the struggle I'm in now.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4006/07/2011

[quote]Any advice for working out at home? It seems like everything I try (can afford) does jack shit for me. I tried jogging but I already got hit by a suburban housewife on a cell phone. Talk about feeling invisible. I think I was more embarrassed than she was.%0D %0D %0D Try the Wii Fit. I've lost abott 18 pounds in a little over a month.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4106/07/2011

[quote] but whenever I start to make progress I have an overwhelming urge to stuff myself with high caloric food. I know it's stupid but that's the struggle I'm in now.%0D %0D I think most people struggle with that. Whenever I'm starting to eat healthy I get the urge to eat hamburgers with extra cheese or salty popcorn.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4206/07/2011

Bikram and/or power yoga will get you ripped (with good nutrition, of course). I finally got defintion in my triceps after taking up Bikram, and I had been lifting weights for years.%0D Bikram also burns between 800-1100 calories in 90 mintues. Im my classes; I have seen 60 year old men; who are in better shape than most 30 year olds.%0D %0D Just do it!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4306/07/2011

I've lost about 40lb since December on Weight Watchers for Men. Only 100 more to go Really, really tough since I'm also taking insulin. But, the new clothes are nice. Pretty soon I can shop at regular men's stores.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4406/07/2011

r41, what did you use on Wii Fit to lose weight? I didn't find it rigorous enough (and I'm very unfit). However, I did break a sweat when playing Wii Sports boxing.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4506/07/2011

P90x, baby. Do it. Love it. Live it.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4606/07/2011

Exactly r45. The Wii Sports boxing and the Island lap jogging will work wonders. I couldn't believe how much weight I was losing daily. Of course, I start with the yoga poses first before moving to the aerobics. (step basics is a waste of time btw).%0D %0D

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4706/08/2011

I find the P90X loonies to be very cult-ish.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4806/08/2011

I did a few sessions with a personal trainer to learn exercises that I could do around the house (regularly using a gym takes more discipline than I can reasonably expect from myself.) It works for me, but then I'm just trying to stay fit and healthy, not make my body so hot that it gives people instant erections.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 4906/08/2011

I've read quite a few weight loss threads on DL, and there are so many replies saying cut out this type of food and that type of food, but I'm not American, and am quite staggered by the enormity of your servings, the humungousness of your sandwiches and bagels, you are served soft drinks in actual buckets, and it looks to me like a lot of Americans could lose weight if they ate the same food as they're eating now, only less of it.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5006/08/2011

Hi honey! great idea.%0D %0D I am trying to lose 30 lbs. %0D %0D besides cutting portions in half, I started the Running World's beginner running program 2 weeks ago.%0D %0D Tonight I did the 3 min run, then 1 min walk .. repeat 7x. Tomorrow I do 45 min of reg cardio. Then Fri and Sat, I do the 4 min run, 1 min walk.. repeat 6x. They slowly build you up to run 2 miles. %0D %0D So far I am feeling great.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5106/08/2011

[quote]But it should also be pointed out that for stress eaters (a good number of overweight people), exercise can greatly reduce the triggers for over-eating, which in turn helps those people to eat less. So for some, exercise *is* the key component of weight loss.%0D %0D %0D I have found it to be true, since I started the beginner Running program I described above... I am too tired to get off the couch to go snack. lol

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5206/08/2011

[quote]What kind of person says "good on you?"

The British.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5306/08/2011

I saw my penis for the first time since 1983 last week.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5406/08/2011

I haven't given up on losing weight, but after years of losing and relapsing I've decided it's more important to be consistent with excercise. I function better when I can force myself to do some cardio every couple days. For signifigant weight loss, you have to want it pretty badly, and ... well. Determination will waver when you're caught off guard, which is why you've got to stop drinking, too.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5506/08/2011

I'm trying to lose 15.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5606/24/2011

>>What kind of person says "good on you?"

Aussies say it all the time.

Anyway guys - you've inspired me! I don't have to lose that much I don't think - 5-10 kilos would be great tho - had minor knee surgery about 18 months ago - just an arthroscopy to repair some torn cartilage - but had a lot of inflammation and pain afterwards and that kinda put paid to much running and the deep knee bends i did in bikram yoga.

But that was then. Much better now. Time to slowly get back into it... (have such a sweet tooth tho - damn hard at times! - but gone are those days when i could eat and eat and eat and stay a beanpole :( )

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5706/25/2011

I think "good on you" is mainly British and Aussie.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5806/25/2011

I haven't read all the posts, but I was chatting with a guy online and he had "Fat" and "Thin" photo's. I asked him how he did it. He said cutting out all flour and processed sugar. Now, all I ate at the time was flour and sugar. Cut to three months later-after watching 30 lbs melt off my body, going down 5 inches in my waist, I am still on a modified diet-no bread, no pasta, pizza, cake, cookies...I may have a bite of this there and a nibble of that there, but I am down 40lbs, have a 29-30 waist, am off the blood pressure medication and feel great.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 5906/25/2011

r50, Americans eat too much food because it's very cheap and they're very unhappy.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6006/25/2011

How's everyone doing?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6107/02/2011

Today I did %0D %0D 8 min arms%0D %0D 8 min abs%0D %0D 8 min buns%0D %0D In between each I did stairs. I choked down a protein shake after which I haven't done in a while because they are disgusting. I'm doing ok. I'm just looking to tone up/stay toned. I'll likely go for an early morning jog. It takes twenty minutes and sets me up for the day. %0D %0D Also, I bought Kale earlier in the week. I grab a raw leaf to munch on a couple times a day while I stand looking into my fridge, deciding what to eat. I don't really like the taste but I like the convenience and wanted a change. %0D %0D How are YOU doing.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6207/02/2011

I'm not doing as well as you, but I did go jogging for a mile and I didn't totally pig out.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6307/02/2011

I have about 120 lbs. to lose. It's taken years to accumulate this much extra weight - so taking a year or so to lose the weight is acceptable.

Beginning in February, I started adding vegetables to my plates for lunch and dinner. I figured this was a small step in the right direction. My simple formula was to fill half the plate with colorful (green, yellow, red) veggies - regardless of the dinner. I lost about 15 lbs fairly quickly, but - I was stalled and not losing any more.

In late May, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. That got me serious about losing weight. I began using the "plate method." Half of my small dinner plate is veggies, the other half is divided between carbs and protein. Using my FitDay account, I try to keep the calories from carbs, proteins, and fats proportionally equal (1/3 from each category).

In June, I lost 11 lbs. More importantly, I've discovered the incredible joy of food!! There is such amazing diversity in flavor and texture in vegetables, nuts, fruits, and cheeses. My blood sugar level is already down, and I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn for years.

Denying yourself any food group just seems impossible to maintain. I eat anything - just in moderation. Interestingly, the fast food and the sugary desserts just don't taste that great anymore. But the strawberries and peaches and pineapple and bananas taste divine!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6407/03/2011

Over 25lbs in 5 months is amazing R24. It sounds like you are doing it properly.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6507/03/2011

bump for weight loss.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6607/05/2011

I've gained 3 lbs.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6707/18/2011

I have posted here before. I have lost 64 pounds now and have gone down 4 sizes in the underwear department. I have slowed way down but I am lifting weights again and I hope I am adding muscle which weighs more than fat. Feel so much better now. Able to get around without huffing and puffing. Want to lose 40 more so I am concentrating on 10 at a time. Will post again when I have lost that 10.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6807/18/2011

I've lost 60 in 6 months. I've hit a road block, and it's like I know that I've lost 60, so I can splurge and have chicken fingers or a hamburger once in a while.

And also, I was exercising by power walking 4 miles a day, and swimming for about an hour. All that exercise made me hungry as hell, and I would eat because I thought I had burned enough calories to allow some extra food.

I'm not back to square one since I've lost the 60 still, but I think I'm going to cut out exercising and just diet for a while. If that doesn't work, than I will have to hire a trainer.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 6907/18/2011

>>What kind of person says "good on you?"

Pretentious fat American women

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7007/18/2011

[quote]How is yoga for building muslce? I've heard that you can actually get ripped doing it

You need to be already in good shape for yoga to be truly effective.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7107/18/2011

Im doing Weight Watchers and Wii Fit.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7207/18/2011

[quote]so I can splurge and have chicken fingers or a hamburger once in a while.

Eating those high fat , high carb and high sugar content foods will only result in craving for more. The chemical reaction is very basic.

You might try eating snacks small meals every three to four hours with a moderate amount of fat and protein in them. Eat half an apple instead of a whole apple and tablespoon of peanut bitter or a stick of string cheese with it.

If you aren't satisfied by what you eat, you are eating the wrong kind of food.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7307/18/2011

And what has been your success, R72?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7407/18/2011

"So now I'm on a mission - perhaps down to 80kg/176 pounds by the end of the year."

I'm not there yet, but the weight that I lost earlier in the year has stayed off.

How are the rest of you going?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7510/19/2011

It's the alcohol that derails me. I crave crappy food for days afterwards and have no motivation to exercise. Also, at the moment I have the flu and I am bedridden, although it doesn't seem to have affected my appetite - dammit! Another problem is my fibromyalgia, which is flaring up. This slows me down as the weather turns cooler...

Kidding, kidding...

(Btw, I am the 'good on you' person and it is common to say here in New Zealand, similar to 'good for you' I guess.)

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7610/19/2011

I say "If its working for you, then keep at it." I'm actually thinking about food before eating it - and that has made all the difference. That and exercising. And so far, I've lost 25 pounds in three months. I feel like a twelve step person: one day at a time. If I start to get impatient, I think of how long it took to put the weight on.

Mostly I do cardio but some weights. I've joined a gym but my building also has some machines and I use them frequently. I still don't like to exercise but I do it and, most importantly, I feel better.

It's nice to have clothes fit better and to even be able to get into a pair of pants that, a few months ago, I couldn't even zip up.

As for eating, I've been amazed at how much I used to eat. Just eliminating processed foods and eating more vegetables cooked in a healthy way, plus portion control, has made an amazing difference.

So if it's working then continue with what's working.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7710/19/2011

I start my diet Monday. Anyone else?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7812/24/2011

I'm already in perfect condition, but to show my support I promise that if any of you trough hogs manage to lose the first 100 pounds towards your goal weights I won't laugh openly at you when you trip on your own skin.

We're pulling for you! You can do it!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 7912/24/2011

I'm starting on Monday, too. I have 40# to lose. I put on this weight over the last two years just by eating Red Velvet Cake. Seriously. It was a delicious extra 1500 calories per week. I got it at the deli by my apartment. But I hate this extra weight. And I actually like the RVC yogurt. By swapping that, I'll save 1200/week. It'll just be 1-2 pounds/month. But that's fine.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8012/24/2011

I want to lose 10-15.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8112/24/2011

2011 has been a very good year for me. I moved and now live 3 miles from work, after commuting ~40 miles each way. I use the time I save in commuting for exercising.

I cut out wheat from my diet and exercised a lot, both in a gym and by hiking and backpacking. I dropped 25 pounds the first five months and kept it off.

I'm loving my new life. I went on a 14 mile 4,000 ft elevation gain hike today. Now I am eating steamed veggies and a whole grain for dinner tonite.

I'm back to eating wheat, if the weight comes back I'll stop again. My focus now is to move closer to a vegan diet.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8212/24/2011

I rebound (run in place, dance, bounce, etc.) on a mini-trampoline for at least an hour every day and eat mostly vegan (a little dairy now and then and very rarely, meat), and it makes me feel so much better and look better, too.

I know the reason I stay consistently 20 to 25 overweight is that I love potatoes and bread.

Yes, I eat sweet potatoes, too, but I really love baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and "oven-fried" imitation fries.

And I'm a total bread addict. I make my own bread, and can eat a loaf a day if I let myself. I only make it about once a week, but there's never any left the next day.

Also, my vegan and so-called "healthy" alternative to junk is generally a mix of nuts (walnuts, pecans, pistachios, etc.) and raisins, dates, dried cranberries, etc.

I'm completely happy having given up virtually all restaurant food, processed food, most fats, and almost everything like pie, cake, etc.

But I really don't want to give up bread, potatoes and nuts, though if I ever want to lose the extra weight, it's obvious I'll have to, because I am unable to just have an occasional small portion and stop.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8312/24/2011

r83, read some books like, "Wheat Belly". I've read a lot of diet/fitness books this year. While none of them agree with each other, I find it interesting to learn of the varying opinions.

Read some books about diabetes and simple carbs.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8412/24/2011

Has anyone here read The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris?He has some interesting ideas on weight loss and muscle building.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8512/24/2011

R84, I've read all of Neal Barnard, all the old ones of Dean Ornish (before he began to advocate strict vegan) and will get to his newer ones soon, and am reading Esselstyn right now.

I haven't read Wheat Belly, but I know what wheat and white potatoes and pasta and white rice do, sadly. And dried fruit, which is not the same as fresh fruit.

I have all but given up pasta and rice, and have cut way back on the bread (not just white, but any kind of bread does it, though whole grains to a lesser degree).

And I've cut back on potatoes, too, so it's clear to me the only solution is to cut them out completely.

Giving up bread and potatoes, for me, will be like giving up alcohol for an alcoholic. I know it can be done and there is a brighter day on the other side, but I haven't gotten there yet.

Part of getting there is just typing about it here, as I can't really talk about it to anyone I know. They always act as though I'm just a freaking idiot for not being able to cut back to a normal-sized portion like everyone else does.

So writing this on the screen and seeing your response, 84, is giving me some clarity.

At any rate, if anyone is looking for a great exercise, rebounding is fantastic. Almost zero impact if you have arthritis or any joint/ feet/ leg/ hip issues, and it does something no other exercise does, which is great for every part of your body.

The constant "accelerated gravity vs almost zero gravity" of bouncing creates a pump action in the lymph system that flushes out the body and makes your skin look fantastic.

It also exercises every cell in the body in a way that no other exercise does. And I don't know if it's the up-and-down action or the cellular/lymph effect, but it seriously makes you look younger in the face, too.

And it improves circulation to every part of the body, which can revitalize a drooping dick. And I'm not kidding; as an eldergay of 57, I had lost much of the hair on my legs, but it has come back since I started rebounding a few years ago. I don't know if it's the improved circulation or something it does to the organs or testosterone or what.

BTW, it also improves strength without doing strength exercises. The benefits of rebounding was initially discovered by college gymnastics coaches who realized their gymnasts who worked on the trampoline had strength improvement even more than gymnasts who did weight-training.

(Sorry for hijacking the thread, OP. I hope some of this was interesting to someone who reads it.)

(And thanks, 84, I will get Wheat Belly and read it.)

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8612/24/2011

Good luck to you, r86.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8712/24/2011

So which takes up more calories in the long run cardio or muscle building exercises?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8812/26/2011

I gained weight in the last few years as I've had medical issues that cut back on my exercise. I found cutting out wheat (as suggested by my MD who is trying to fix my anemia when I can't absorb iron) made a HUGE difference. I haven't lost as much as I would like, because I still can't exercise like I want to, but I lost some I haven't gained back.

I think the trick is to adopt a bread-free life rather than trying to substitute the gluten free stuff.

Don't forget that you will reach an age where you have to choose between your face and your ass. It's always better to choose face, IMO. You see it more often.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 8912/26/2011

Whenever I start exercising, my appetite goes out of control. Any suggestions on how to keep it under control?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9012/26/2011

Wellbutrin Rx, r90.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9112/28/2011

Which gets you in the best shape,the bike,the treadmill,the stairmaster or the elypticle(sp?) ?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9212/29/2011

I just read R83s posts. Even though they weren't directed at me I am thankful for your contribution.

I just got a rebounder and was wondering if it is really useful. I can't do it longer than 30 minutes, but those 30 minutes are doing me good. What kind of exercises do you do?

Plus has anyone lost weight by swimming. There are the ones who say it is very good and then there's the other group saying it doesn't help at all. I've been going 3 times a week for a km each and am wondering if it's enough.

And I admire people who can cut out all the carbs. I can cut out pasta - no problem - but not potatoes!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9301/31/2012

R90, water, water, water!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9401/31/2012

Weight Watchers and walking everyday has allowed me to lose 20lbs in two months.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9501/31/2012

Almost at goal after south beach.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9601/31/2012

I am mostly in shape but I have some extra stuff around my waist. How does one get rid of that asap?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9701/31/2012

[quote] It's the alcohol that derails me.

Same here. Any advice for a stubborn party animal?

I go out with friends at least four times a week, and we usually have cocktails and appetizers when we go out. How much of an impact on my weight does this cause?

I also refuse to give up any "type" of food. I truly believe that we should eat whatever we want.

If you look at Europeans, they eat a ton of bread and butter, and drink loads of wine, and yet you see many normal sized Italians and Frenchmen.

I agree that portion size is the key, and I do maintain average portions, although I do tend to eat more fried food than I should.

I cannot get through the day without some sort of bread, rice or potatoes, because my body is such that I will always feel hungry unless I eat some sort of starch.

I often experience low blood sugar, and there are times when I will get very dizzy and lightheaded if I don't eat something. Not sure why this happens.

I also do a lot of late-night eating because I tend to be a night owl, which I'm sure causes weight gain. I can't help it, though. If I am even a little bit hungry, I can't fall asleep.

My body is very temperamental, and if I don't get enough food (and particular foods) within certain time periods, my hands will start to shake and I'll be on the verge of passing out.

Funny thing is, I'm not obese. However, I could stand to lose about 20 pounds.

Any suggestions?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9802/01/2012

"good on ya" "it's all good" "spot on"

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 9902/01/2012

It sounds like you're a card junkie, R98. Get your carbs from vegetables and whole grains instead of junk food. Eat before you go out to avoid pigging out on crappy appetizers.

I don't drink, so I can't give any advice about alcohol consumption.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10002/01/2012

R93, R83 here. Congrats on starting to rebound. It has changed my life, and the benefits are far beyond any other exercise I've ever done.

Mostly I just run in place, but sometimes I dance or if I'm really worn out, I just bounce.

And don't worry about doing "only" 30 minutes. That's perfect. Plenty of medical studies have shown 20 minutes a day provides major benefits.

I try to do more, because of my age and because I love the endorphin/endocannabinoid rush (runner's high) I get sometimes, and that generally only happens at about an hour, for me.

There's one other benefit I get that only happens if I just bounce up and down gently, so I usually do it as a warm up at the beginning or a cool down at the end: after about 5 minutes of just bouncing, there's a sort of clarity when it feels like something clears the cobwebs from my brain and I feel alert and clear-headed in a remarkable way.

(One warning, which may or may not happen to you, is that I have to be prepared to eat a piece of fruit immediately after I finish, because if my blood glucose drops, I can suddenly hate my life, my friends, my job, and be an absolute bitch to anyone who calls or is in my presence. But if I have an apple or orange or even a few raisins, I'm happy and feel on top of the world.)

Have fun with it!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10102/01/2012

how are we all doing?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10204/11/2012

There is not a shred of evidence that shows that weight loss works long-term for more than a tiny fraction of people, around 5% (and that tiny fraction includes people who only lost a few pounds). The evidence that fat people can become and remain thin is non-existent.

This is not just because “people go back to their old habits”, it’s because weight loss triggers the body to undergo a number of physiological and psychological changes for the express purpose of regaining weight.

Being surprised when people go on a diet, lose weight and then gain it back, is like being surprised when pregnant women are given thalidomide and then their babies have birth defects. In both cases the outcome is exactly what the evidence told us would happen.

Saying that anyone who tries hard enough can lose weight is roughly the same as saying that any pregnant women who tries hard enough can take thalidomide but avoid the birth defects. There is nothing in the evidence to back it up.

Even if making me thinner would make me healthier we have literally no idea how to get it done. Period.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10304/11/2012

You are completely wrong r130. But if its easier for you to believe losing weight and keeping it off is impossible then just stay fat.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10404/11/2012

Almost at goal, still have stubborn love handles.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10504/11/2012

The reason I believe that diets fail 95% of the time is that there isn’t a single statistically significant study that shows otherwise. If you know of one, I’m open to reading it. (Note that I am not including weight loss surgery in this because when the side effects include death and lifelong misery, I think that’s a game changer.) The reason that I repeat the statistic here often is because I think that we’re being lied to.

If your doctor told you that she was going to prescribe you a medicine that worked for Sally, but that she was legally required to say that Sally’s results weren’t typical, that you probably wouldn’t experience Sally’s results, and then told you that it was more likely to leave you less healthy than more healthy would you take it? If Viagra failed 95% of the time would we blame guys for not trying hard enough or would we say that the medicine didn’t work?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10604/18/2012

I have lost 4.5lb in 3 weeks, just another 74lb to go (yes, I'm a fattie).

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10704/19/2012

Was temporarily living in Miami. Swimming most mornings in the hotel pool, snacking very little, and eating less at the end of the day (these last two due to an insane work schedule). Sad little hotel bar only served wine, so that was it for me -- no hard stuff.

I noticed that weight was definitely coming off naturally. Want to maintain the momentum! So now that I am back in NYC I have cut back on liquor and am eating more homemade things. Made a few gym visits just to stay toned, not really for weight loss. Have futzed around on the trampoline and R83's posts have made me more interested.

A friend of mine who is not very generous with compliments told me I look great.

I'm keeping at it.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10804/19/2012

Any tips for travelers? I'm generally on the road from Monday until Thursday. When I get finished with my workday, I'm starving and exhausted. I usually don't get a lunch, so I hit a restaurant as soon as I leave, which is usually 4PM or 5PM. Bringing food is not an option - I'm in surgery all day.

I know what I should do. I shouldn't order a drink off the bat - usually wine or a beer but a martini if it's a particularly stupid or nasty group of doctors I'm dealing with (this is the wonderful world of medical applications). I should order the big salad and not the steak and baked potato. I should work out in the hotel gym.

I cannot overstate how fucking tired and stressed out I am at the end of some days (not all). I do eat a decent breakfast of yogurt, cereal (something healthy, not sugary) or oatmeal and coffee. When I get out of work though, I'm too hungry to work out first and since I'm already in the car it's easier to just head straight to the restaurant.

Anyone else travel for business and want to talk about this in a realistic way? If you haven't ever traveled for work, you wouldn't really understand.

I've put on 5lbs a year for the last 7 years and I'd like to get it off. I'd be happy with taking off half even. Yes I'm partnered (11 years) and he's kind of let himself go a little too, but he's joining a kayaking group this summer and will trim down quickly. I don't want to be the fattie sitting on the shoreline.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 10904/19/2012

[quote] how are we all doing?

Badly. Very badly

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11004/19/2012

109, bring a snack to work so you are not ravenous at 4 or 5. A couple bananas, some peanuts or trail mix.

Do work out in the hotel gym.

Have a big salad and a drink -- one drink -- after your workout.

You'll sleep better too. Good luck!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11104/19/2012

Why OP? What's they story?

Get back on your horse, girlie.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11204/19/2012

I wish it were that simple R111, but thanks for the supportive words.

Eating in an operating room is simply not an option. These rooms go nonstop from 7 until 4 or 5 and usually I need to be at the side of the surgeon because of the nature of my company's product. Some days it's possible to duck out for a bite, but I would say those days are few. I often don't even stop for a piss.

That said, yes, I should get my ass up earlier for a run on the treadmill, and I should order the big salad, and I should cut back or cut out the drinking. I guess my life will become a complete drudgery. Some days I "reward" myself with a nice meal just for putting up with some of the insufferable assholes I deal with. The expense account is a perk and eating salad on the company dime seems like kind of a waste.

It's mentally and physically exhausting and yes I do it for the money.

I know, poor me. I will man up and let you know on Friday (next week) how I do.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11304/19/2012

I've lost 30 pounds since September, done it slowly and steadily. It's been fun, actually.

Stop torturing yourselves, dear hearts, by obsessing over every bite you eat. Just relax and enjoy the process. And remember the big picture. You can do this.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11404/19/2012

r109, do keep snacks - power bars, nuts, an apple, etc. on hand. If you can't eat it during the day, eat it as soon as you get out of work. It will take the edge off and then you can get to the gym. As for dining, whether it's room service or a restaurant, I've found that many are very accommodating for special dietary needs. Order off menu - ask for chicken/meat to be free from sauces or marinades, plain and grilled or broiled. Vegetables prepared without fat or salt. Or find a restaurant that may be willing to fix you a half-portion. Otherwise, just eat half and throw the rest out. I hate wasting food, but if more restaurants would go back to normal serving sizes, everyone would be better off.

If you work out before dinner you may not want a drink or two as much. If you don't work out, and have a few cocktails, chances are you're not going to be motivated to get up early to hit the gym.

Separately, I'm on a low sodium diet because my blood pressure is running a little high and I've lost 3 lbs in 8 days. So now, in addition to counting calories and carb grams, I'm counting sodium mgs, with the goal to stay at around 1500 mgs a day.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11504/19/2012

[quote]Otherwise, just eat half and throw the rest out. I hate wasting food, but if more restaurants would go back to normal serving sizes, everyone would be better off.

Thanks R115. I couldn't agree more.

Low sodium is very difficult to do, so good on you for being able to do that. My BF adds salt to everything and it's going to swim up and bite him on the ass as he ages (he's 41 now).

It's pretty horrifying if you read food labels. I have a weakness for grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's tomato soup. Well one serving of that soup, a measly 1/2 cup, has 410mg of sodium - 17% of the total daily allowance. An who the hell eats only 1/2 cup of soup? Not to mention this label actually has a green "healthy request" right on it (for low fat and cholesterol).

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11604/19/2012

r15 here, still on a low sodium diet for just over a week, and my blood pressure is down to a normal range now. Initially, I thought I'd stay around 1500 mgs of sodium daily (American Heart Association guidelines are 2300 mg of sodium daily) but I found that I hardly break 1000 now that I know what I am doing and what to eat.

I've basically swapped sodium grams for carb grams - healthy carbs. Tons of fruit, oatmeal and fresh vegetables (frozen ones have sodium). Bread and baked goods are loaded with sodium (not just salt, but baking powder and baking soda add sodium), so have found a decent low sodium bread (10 mgs vs. 180 mg average commercial bread slice).

I am eating very little processed/packaged food. Exceptions are lacy swiss cheese which is low in sodium (35 mgs vs. 315 for American cheese slice) and tomato paste (10 mgs) to make my own very flavorful, salt-free tomato sauce. I use a half tsp of Colman's mustard (85) which is much stronger than the regular stuff or mayonnaise so I only need half as much for a lot of flavor.

I keep track of everything and every milligram of sodium. I'm not hungry and feel great.

I feel like this is the holy grail for me. I'm down another pound since I posted last week. I am sure the initial weight loss was water weight but with all this healthy eating, I'm taking in fewer calories and am dropping weight.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11704/24/2012


by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11804/24/2012

I have never confessed this to anyone.

I weigh 474 pounds.

As of today, I have lost 29 pounds.

It may take me several years, but I am determined to make it this time.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 11904/24/2012

Good luck r119!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12004/24/2012

Congrats on those 29 pounds, R119! I'm curious on how you are losing the weight, diet and exercise? Are you able to be active?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12104/24/2012

Thanks, folks. I'm down 31 pounds as of this morning.

I have tried many, many, many times to lose weight and failed each time. The first step was to deal with the chronic depression I'd been suffering for decades. Once that was healing, I started logging every bite I eat on, even before I was on any particular diet. It was shocking how much the simple awareness of what you are eating helps you limit yourself.

Now I'm on a low-carb diet (about 10% of my daily calories coming from carbs), which has dramatically reduced my cravings. No sugar, or wheat. I've started really loving salads, though I need to increase my consumption of other non-starchy vegetables.

I also got a FitBit (a fancy pedometer), which I wear all day long, and I try to just increase the number of steps I take in a day. Right now I can't do much more exercise than that.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12204/25/2012

Lost 10lbs in 5 weeks. Age 50.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12304/25/2012

[quote]Some days I "reward" myself with a nice meal just for putting up with some of the insufferable assholes I deal with.

That's what i would do: reward myself with food. I'm trying to move away from that, because it is what puts on the pounds. For the people who've lost weight, how do you deal with the hunger? It drives me nuts. Also does anyone have a recipe for a power bar that's good and nutritious? Most of the store bought ones seem to be de facto candy bars. Way too much sugar.

r119, good work! and good luck. I knew a woman who lost a ton of weight just by walking. She told me the secret was just blocking out a chunk of time and doing it. For that hour or so she'd try to think of nothing else except walking.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12404/25/2012

[quote]For the people who've lost weight, how do you deal with the hunger? It drives me nuts.

Cutting your carbs below 100g a day (even better if you can get them below 65g) will knock out your hunger like you wouldn't believe. Then, when you DO get hungry, it will be because your stomach is legitimately empty instead of because your blood and brain chemistry is being jerked around.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12504/25/2012

Lost another 2. Down 33.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12604/30/2012

Congrats R119

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12705/01/2012


by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12805/02/2012

Anyone watch Weight of the Nation?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 12905/15/2012

What is working for me is #1 Completely cutting out sugar #2 Weight lifting and resistance training.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13005/15/2012

I did r129. It was a bit of a snooze. Didn't really learn anything new so far. And the dissections of hearts and aortas were a little stomach-turning.

I love the female walking buddies toward the end who'd each lost 100 lbs. They were great and very inspirational.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13105/15/2012

Have lost 15 lbs in 7 weeks and still haven't started any kind of exercise yet.

My diet consists of eating 5-6 small meals a day. Humans evolved to eat all day and stay in "burn mode" instead of "store as fat mode," unlike other mammals who live off a few kills per month.

NO "white foods" (starch and high-carb) like bread, pasta, potatoes, corn, white rice; minimal carbs except fresh fruit; lots of green and 'vegetables of color' with low-fat proteins like small, lean steaks, skinless chicken, fish, tree nuts in reasonable doses, canned beans, or tofu. Egg white omlettes with maybe one yolk only. Non-fat dairy only (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese). Occasionally eat brown rice or multi-grain bread. No alcohol or sweetened drinks.

I add onions, garlic, and herbs or spices when I cook. When I don't cook, I'll have a Weight Watcher's type frozen entree and add fresh broccoli or asparagus boiled in some broth for flavor. Takes 5 minutes.

I'm NEVER hungry and try to plan as many meals as possible so I don't end up getting takeout or grabbing junk snacks or eating big hunks of cheese.

I don't like salads unless smothered with blue cheese dressing and croutons, so I substitute some shredded cabbage, carrots, and raisins with vinegarette.

My gourmet cooking days are over.

Am age 50 and hope to lose another 20 lbs by maintaining this diet and incorporating walking a 3-4 times times a week for a half-hour.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13205/15/2012

here's a secret: you CAN eat bread but only wheat sourdough, toasted. It is the only bread allowed in macrobiotics, as it is fermented and fermented foods are excellent for weight loss.

to reward yourself and have a real treat: have sourdough toast--it doesn't feel "dietic" and is true comfort food.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13305/15/2012

The way I keep hunger at bay is to eat 6 meals a day as mentioned above. Lean meats, veggies, fruits, dairy, legumes. No processed foods, no breads, no pastas, no rice, no chips, nothing sugary outside of fruits and the occasional one ounce of dark chocolate. I'll even eat an egg white omelet with spinach and fat free feta if I'm hungry at night a few hours before bed. Better than a caloric and fattening snack.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13405/15/2012

Is it okay for a woman to sleep with a married woman if the husband okays it?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13505/15/2012

Weight is creeping up again.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13605/15/2012

Let’s begin with the bottom line:  It doesn’t matter how fat someone is, or why they are that fat, or what the outcomes of being that fat may or may not be.  They deserve to be treated with respect and it is completely ok for them to be that size. Yes, even if they weigh 2000 pounds. Yes even if you think their weight is “their fault.” Yes, even if you would never ever want to be that fat.  Yes, even if you can’t understand how they live. Yes, even if they have problems that can be correlated with being fat.  Yes, even if they have problems that can be causally related to being fat.  Yes, even if studies show that they cost society more.  Yes, even if they actually cost society more.  It is totally, completely 100% ok for someone to be fat.  Nobody needs anyone’s encouragement, justification or permission to live in their body.  Period. This is true whether or not people are able to achieve permanent weight loss – it is a matter of civil rights.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13705/15/2012

Like it or not, fat people are at war.  I’m not hyperbolizing or dramatizing.  If you don’t believe me, Google “War on obesity”.  Tonight HBO premiered its new documentary series “The Weight of a Nation”.  On the premiere page it says “Obesity in America has reached a catastrophic level. Almost every aspect of our lives is threatened. The first step toward ending the damage is learning how to fight back.”

I spend a lot of my time politely asking people to please stop oppressing me.  I don’t apologize for that, nor do I begrudge it – it’s proven to be a very effective way to create change and I think that people deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt and the support they need to shift their thinking, and it’s a reasonably pleasant form of activism. I will continue to do it.

But I also have to acknowledge that there is a war being waged against me because of how I look, by people who have been given every opportunity to know better.  In concert with HBO’s documentary, I received a Tweet letting me know that Kaiser Permanente is launching the “most aggressive anti-obesity campaign in history.”

They know that there are healthy fat people and unhealthy thin people.  They know that not a shred of research shows that any method of weight loss works in the long term.  They know that research shows us that we could vastly increase health by providing access to healthy foods, safe movement options, and affordable/free evidence based health care.  Nobody is obligated to be healthy or thin; however, I wonder how many people would make different choices if they knew they just need 30 minutes of moderate movement 5 days a week?  If they knew that people who choose simple healthy habits have very similar health outcomes regardless of weight.  What would people choose if they knew they could abandon the goal of weight loss completely and they could still pursue health.  America could be a successful role model for giving people access to health, but instead they are choosing to be a failed role model for thinness -  waging war on people based on their appearance for tremendous profit and actively blaming the casualties of the war for the war’s massive failures.

Let’s be clear -  they are pathologizing a body size. It doesn’t matter if they say that we need to seek solutions environmentally instead of at the individual level, or if they say that we should have “compassion” for fat people – they are still telling people that is is not ok to exist in fat bodies and that they should see fat bodies as a threat to America. There are tons of thin people who eat unhealthy foods and are sedentary (which is completely their right), but as far as the government is concerned, as long as you are thin you’re part of the “solution,” feel free to do whatever you want. They want people to look at me (and you, if you’re fat) and think “She is part of a catastrophe.  She is threatening almost every aspect of our lives. The first step toward ending the damage is learning how to fight back against her.”

I say that if they want a war, I will damn well give them one.

The government found a group of people identifiable by how we look, allowed those with a profit interest in anti-obesity to calculate our “cost” to society, decided that we should be eradicated to make things cheaper,  then brought together public and private interests and declared war on us.  That is terrifying.  And it’s happening.

It makes me think of an old-fashioned protest chant “When fat people are under attack, what do we do?  Stand up!  Fight Back!”   How do we do that?  Here’s what I plan to do:

It is no longer an acceptable excuse that those who are waging war against me have “good intentions.”  A war is a war and it has to stop, however well intentioned they may be.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13805/15/2012

When I see nasty comments, or hear anti-obesity rhetoric, I will not turn it back on myself, become sad, or question my right to exist in this body. I will place the anger where it belongs.   How dare these people think that my body is any of their business?  How dare they try to make me a  casualties of an aesthetic war?

I will not cower behind the excuse that one person can’t make a difference.  One person is the only thing that can make a difference.  A protest of a million people is made up of a million individuals who woke up, got dressed, and got themselves to a protest. A boycott that cripples a company was successful because of each individual who chose not to buy from that company. Group success is always and only the result of individual action.

I will not wait for the majority of people to get it.  I don’t care if people think I’m weird, or stupid, or deranged.  The majority gets it because of the minority who lead the way.

I will follow the evidence and not the “everybody knows.“  My inspiration will be Galileo, not those who forced him to recant and put him under house arrest.

They cannot have my money to fund their war.  I will not participate in the anti-obesity diet culture. I will not buy ANY product that touts weight loss in its advertising.  Maybe they will make 60 Billion dollars again this year, but none of it will be mine.  I will take my money out of their wallets and stop funding the war against me.

I will wield my beautiful fat body like a weapon.  I will love it, I will care for it, I will move it, I will show it in public, I will viciously defend my body against anyone who seeks to classify it as anything but amazing. I’m warning everyone right now – back the fuck off.

I will speak up and speak out against anti-obesity rhetoric whenever I see it.  (If you want support doing this you can join the Rolls Not Trolls group on Facebook.)

If this war prevents fat people from getting access to the things we need and want, whether it’s healthcare or fashion, I will do everything in my power to create alternative solutions while fighting for our access to mainstream solutions.

Nobody is obligated to be an activist, but if you are fat, I urge you to consider a strategy to stand up and fight back in a way that works for you.

If you are not fat, I urge you to join in the fight for fat peoples’ right to exist without having a war waged against us. If not because it’s the right thing to do, then because once they are done with us you may be next.  Maybe tall people cost too much because they buy bigger cars and bigger houses.  Maybe big families cost too much because they drive their SUVs around to all of their children’s activities.  Who knows who will be next, but ask yourself if you want to live in a society where the government wages war on people because of how they look, and do nothing to stop it.

I am not afraid.  I am not ashamed.  I am at war.

Join the Club, Support My Work!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 13905/15/2012

Man I could go for some sourdough toast right about now.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14005/15/2012

Dear R139, you seem stressed, here, have a donut.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14105/15/2012

Now, I’ve known all along that “dieting doesn’t work”, that many women have tried dozens of diets unsuccessfully and that it’s far harder to keep weight off than lose it in the first place. But I’d hazily supposed the irreducible core of overweight people over the long term was somewhere between 20% of folk who are genuinely unresponsive to diets up to maybe 50%, if you also count the stubbornly noncompliant, liars etc.

Wrong. As many as 95% of dieters regained all the weight they lost – and more – in one famous study from 1959 study, still much quoted today¹. It’s been questioned on the grounds it only looked at 100 people, and at a time when the study of diet was still fairly basic. Its lead author has himself since questioned the relevance of the study today, saying: “I know we do better these days”².

But do we, actually?

A 1970 study found 83% of dieters had regained their lost weight within 2 years³. A marketing company survey of around 450 individuals in 2002 found a 99% relapse rate after just one year, worse even than the 1959 study⁴. A comprehensive academic review of 31 long-term studies in 2007 found that the longer dieters were followed up, the greater the weight they put back on⁵. The authors pull no punches in their conclusion:

It is clear that dieting does not lead to sustained weight loss in the majority of individuals, and additional studies of the effects of dieting on weight are not needed. A call for more rigorous diet studies seems unwarranted as it has been noted that among diet studies, “greater methodological rigor seems to be associated with poorer results”…We do not think further study of existing diets will lead to a different assessment, nor do we think a new diet formulation will appear that leads to more favorable outcomes.

In addition, they quote several studies to the effect that yo-yoing bodyweight via diets is associated with increased risks of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and death from all causes, compared with maintaining a generally stable weight.

The brutal upshot seems to be that diets only work over five years or more for between 1 in 100 and 6 in 100 people.

If true, that’s a depressing stat indeed. I must admit I’d still want to double and triple check the evidence that weight loss is a (nearly) hopeless cause before starting to base firm conclusions and policy proposals on that alleged fact. And I’ll go off and do that before returning to this subject more than once, I’m sure. But for the moment I’d like to take it as read and ponder the possible implications:

The diet and weight-loss industries are a nearly complete bust for their customers Fat people in gyms are almost all there for the wrong reason Much worse, diets and gyms offer them a repeat cycle of false hope followed by despair, causing them to yo-yo their weight and do more harm than good to their long-term health It’s simply a mistake to blame people for not losing weight, and is in any case pointless Funding and policy efforts to encourage weight loss are misdirected and doomed to failure. It would be smarter to promote exercise and healthy nutrition without reference to weight.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14205/16/2012

R142, this is why the focus should be on building muscle and not getting thin.

Most of us are not genetically wired to be thin people.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14305/16/2012

Of course dieting doesn't lead to long term weight loss maintenance. What leads to keeping weight off is a lifestyle change. It is NOT a diet. If one just thinks in terms of diet, that is only transitional. One must think in improving healthy eating choices and engaging in physical exercise.

The Weight Loss Registry has been studying long term weight loss maintainers (people who've kept it off for years, decades, etc) and what they find is that the people who DON'T gain the weight back are those who have changed their eating and have become more physically active. For those weight loss maintainers, they realize that they can't go back to eating junk food. These individuals changed their eating habits, caloric intake and do more exercise (not gym per se but these people walk more than before, go up the stairs, garden, move around their house), therefore they've upped their physical activity. If you think of getting off the computer and not watching your daily sitcom, you can walk for that hour and that will help you keep the weight off. For many people they don't want to do that or they don't feel they can.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14405/16/2012

I lost 30 pounds last year. Yes, I was fit-fat. (!!!) I'm now back down to my fit weight.

The only thing you have to know is to cut calories down to 2000, and exercise every fucking day. Do SOMETHING everyday.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14505/16/2012

Why do you post stupid threads like this on a Gay Gossip Board? Don't you have anyone in your real life that you can bore with your little problems?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14605/16/2012

I've lost 70 pounds and kept it off for several years. It comes down to "eat less, exercise more, lose weight." It's simple, and it works, but you have to stay with it. You have to keep counting your calories, or carbs, or whatever, and you have to stay active and moving. It's not something you can just set aside once you reach your goal weight.

As R144 says, it takes a life change.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14705/16/2012

I have lost 20 lbs many a time only to gain it back and then some.

I'm not sure what happens to cause it to come back. It's not like I consciously decide to "go off my diet." Generally it's during a time of high work-related stress.

Weighing every day seems to help. Or at least, whenever i've gained weight rapidly, it has been correlated with a time span where I did not weigh self.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14805/16/2012

Just to piss you off, R146.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 14905/16/2012

Go Paleo. Visit Marks daily apple blog. I ballooned after a back injury and gained 50+ lbs. I couldn't even exercise it hurt so bad. I kick started weight loss with Dr pats diet in the book "SLOW LOVE" by Dominique Browning and I still use it everyday and give myself 4 days month to eat anything I want. Exercise is still hard but I do spinning bc I can't have any impact due to my back and weights are out over 10 lbs. good luck it works.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15005/16/2012

Good on you! r119

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15105/16/2012

I have lost 8.5 lbs over the past seven weeks - I'm aiming for slow and steady.

I do Weight Watchers and have been really strict with myself this week, so I should have lost another 2lb by my next weigh-in.

I find that what works for me is setting small, realistic, but time-sensitive goals. My first was to lose 10lbs by the time I go on holiday next week, and I am almost there. My next goal is to have lost 15lb by mid-june.

I have 68lb left to lose...

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15205/17/2012

I've lost 11 lbs in six weeks on a low sodium diet. As I posted upthread, I am limiting my sodium to 1000 mgs a day. This means I avoid most processed food. My diet mainly consists of oatmeal, fruit, salad w/homemade dressing, chicken and nonfat yogurt (not artificially sweetened). I dont limit any of these foods. I also eat eggs, beef, pasta, potatoes, butter, sour cream, unsalted pretzels, natural peanut butter and no salt added bread. These I do limit to once or twice a week. I have a couple of drinks on the weekend but not during the week.

I am eating hardly any refined sugar (just in yogurt) or flour (pasta and pretzels) and have no cravings whatsoever. None. I am not hungry and am saving a ton of money this way. I have been out to dinner a few times and ordered my entree cooked without salt and use lemon and oil for salad dressing.

I know now that all this fake food I had been eating just led to me craving more. I dont think I will get bored eating this way. It is easy, cheap, filling and satisfying. And I feel great. 19 more pounds to go.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15305/17/2012

Tell us more r153. Are you on sodium restriction for blood pressure?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15405/17/2012

yes, 154. My blood pressure was high (140/100) and my doctor told me to cut way down on sodium. He gave me a copy of the AHA low sodium diet, which recommends 2300 mgs a day and he told me to cut it even more, to 1000 - 1500 mgs a day. I average between 700 - 1000 mgs a day. He also told me to get the weight off. I work out, and it's probably what kept my blood pressure lower than it should have been, considering how unhealthy my diet was. He wanted to see me a week later and said if it wasn't down he was putting me on medication. A week later my bp was 120/84 and now I am down to 100/70s. No meds.

My cholesterol and glucose levels were fine, which was kind of shocking actually. No doubt though that if I kept eating the way I had been (bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches several times a week, steaks, pizza every other day for lunch, etc.) I am sure I'd be a diabetic cardiac patient within the year.

I started gaining weight within the past decade (I'm 45). I'd work out like a fiend, give up carbs and alcohol for a couple of weeks to drop 10 pounds and then feel pretty good but eventually go back to my old habits. I'd gain it back and then some.

I know everyone says eating healthy requires a lifestyle change, but I never stuck with it. The thing this time is I am aware of potentially serious health issues, and don't want to risk my life for a pizza. I guess that was my long-awaited wake up call.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15505/17/2012

The thing is, you can have a pizza. Just not every night.

That's why the Weight Watchers philosophy works for so many people.

Deprivation diets, in the long run, are a road to frustration and failure.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15605/17/2012

I eat one meal a day, between 10:30 and 11:00 am

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15705/17/2012

For me, r156, I disagree. In the past six weeks I found that drastically limiting the amount of refined sugar and flour and filling up on healthy foods, have wiped out all cravings. This is the way I need to eat. This is not to say I won't ever have pizza again, but more likely I'd just have a slice and not the whole pie.

I can say with confidence that I am done with processed, packaged food. I look at it like poison now, especially fat-free and artificially sweetened things.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15805/17/2012

I'm talking about weight loss over time, R158. And even in your short time period you yourself use the term "limiting" not eliminating.

In general, long term success and complete abstinence are incompatible for *most people.*

Congratulations on finding something that works for you.

I hope it continues to work for you over the long run.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 15905/17/2012

I am enjoying bob Harper s new book the skinny rules on kindle. The blond gay trainer from the biggest loser.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16005/17/2012

I would like to hear more from r119 about getting depression under control before weight loss. I am in the same place. I eat when I am down, which is almost all of the time lately. I don't want to take antidepressants because I am afraid of weight gain.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16105/17/2012

Way to go, R119! I'm rooting for you. How old are you and what is your occupation.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16205/17/2012

This is why exercise is so important. Exercise works well to combat compulsive/comfort eating caused by depression or any other low mood. Exercise relieves stress and produces endorphin so that you don't feel the need to turn to food for that relief. Plus the ensuing weight loss motivates for further control of eating--a very positive cycle.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16305/18/2012

How do you make a plan for getting fit/losing weight which you can stick to?

Because as a student with 2 jobs there's often something coming up that makes it impossible to stick to a rigoros plan.

But now I have 3 months during summer where I 'only' have to work so it would be good to take this time to get fit.

I'm in my mid twenties, female and want to lose 40lbs. I changed my eating habits to a large part and lost quite a bit of weight but I need to go the extra mile.

Things that are available to me: swimming (inside pool and in good weather outside in the lake), cycling (inside and outside), walking and a mini rebounder.

I'm also a bit depressed so regular exercise would be good.

So is there a site where I can 'plan' a regime which fits me?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16405/18/2012

You have to work out (realistically) the best time of day for you to work out, given your lifestyle and weaknesses.

So, don't pick mornings if you know you will have trouble waking up a bit earlier before work, don't pick lunchtimes if you can't draw a line under work and take your break, and don't pick evenings if you find it hard to prioritise workouts over social events.

I fall into the latter category, so mornings and lunchtimes work best, and I rarely exercise in the evenings. Adding extra walking into your routine is a great way to ensure you still get some exercise even if you can't do your regular workout. I have just spent the past fortnight walking instead of taking trains and buses while recovering from a cold.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16505/18/2012

I have lost ten pounds in the last two months. Changing your life choices is the most important part, as other posters have mentioned. I would highly recommend Mirelle Guiliano's book "French Women Don't Get Fat". It may sound totally cheesy, but it is a great "lifestyle change" book. Thinking more about what and how you eat will do wonders for your overall well-being. Aside from running every other day, this is how I've been losing weight. I think more about my food decisions, and then take some action. I make her surprisingly easy recipes (I am in love with Leeks Mozarella!), and mostly pay attention to the following things: Am I full? Am I satisfied? Often, you may reach both of those without thinking about them, but still "finish" what's on your plate, even if you don't need to. I'd also recommend "French Women for All Seasons" and the "French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook".

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16605/18/2012

[quote]I would like to hear more from R119 about getting depression under control before weight loss. I am in the same place. I eat when I am down, which is almost all of the time lately. I don't want to take antidepressants because I am afraid of weight gain.

R119 here. I haven't posted in this thread for a while because I wanted to make sure I was able to stick to it. I've tried so many times, and my resolve has faded after a couple of weeks.

So far, so good.

Quick history: Depression first hit me hard in college, and I'm 56 now. Around twelve years ago I seriously considered suicide, but tried antidepressants instead. I tried several, and had terrible reactions to them (hives, seizures); my doc concluded my brain wasn't hardwired for them. Moved to Florida where I was loved/needed, and got more sun. Found an acupuncturist, and within three sessions the worst of the depression broke, then went away, no meds. I think now that there was a very low-grade depression that stayed with me, but I was so much better able to function that I thought it was normal. A dear friend died last year and the depression reasserted itself.

My acupuncture physician put me on some Chinese herbs (I'll tell you the name of the formula if you like, but you will almost certainly not be able to get them except from a licensed acupuncturist), and within three days EVERYTHING was different. No elation, but no trace of depression, even the low-grade thing was gone. I am on a small maintenance dose now.

I also found a gifted psychotherapist, after resisting therapy for decades. Within just a few sessions I was able to reframe the world (or at least my world) and that made all the difference. It was all tied to self-worth. Never in my life had I felt I was worthy of anything; I was an abject waste of air. Now? I am smart, surprisingly capable, but more to the point, worthy of love. And it didn't take a lot of self-talk or convincing me; I just needed to look at life differently. I am Sisyphus no more.

Those factors, I believe, have made me able to keep to a healthy diet, take my meds/supplements daily, and walk a little farther each day.

Yes, it will be years before I am of a normal weight, but already I am more healthy than I was before. And I am losing weight steadily. A more moderate pace than I would really like, but very steadily, and my doctor is thrilled.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16705/19/2012

[quote]Way to go, R119! I'm rooting for you. How old are you and what is your occupation.

I am 56. I'm a writer, editorial director, and art director.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16805/19/2012

I am so happy for you, r119! I will check into acupuncture and Chinese herbs. A friend used them years ago to get over low energy levels, and she said that they really helped. I purchased empower plus vitamins online ($220 for two months...ouch) but other people (online) have said that the vitamins and minerals in the formulation really help with depression without side effects. I think that I will do better with weight loss when I can get my booty out of bed at a decent time. When I am depressed I just want to sleep.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 16905/19/2012

I'm in one of those infamous plateaus where I'd like to lose more weight but my body stubbornly wants to stay where it is.

The thing is, I want a goddamn milkshake so much right now.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17005/19/2012

r170, Then maybe you should just let your body plateau. Let it rest. Weight loss is not a race, or a competition.

Love yourself enough to accept your body as-is--you'll take it to new heights in time.

I am totally against rapid weight loss--it strains the heart, ages you, and stresses the adrenal gland.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17105/19/2012

R164, have you tried Jillian michaels videos? I have all of them, and they really do work well. You can start out with the 30 day shred...they are only 25 min with warmups. The 'banish fat boost metabolism' is good too, but is longer and more difficult. They are nice because you only need a couple of weights, and not a lot of space. You can also do them early or late, whenever you find time, and they are only about $10 on amazon.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17205/19/2012

Thank you. I didn't get the milkshake btw.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17305/19/2012

r119, keep up the good work! can you push yourself with the walking a little more? I've also had bouts of serious depression since i was a kid (46 now). I think it's sadly very common with gay kids, understandably.

I find getting my heart rate up and sweating really helps. You don't want to stress your heart too much, so ask your dr. Sounds like you're well on your way. keep us posted.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17405/19/2012

Holding at 124 (5'3, F)

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17505/19/2012

The woman in her mid twenties who wants to lose 40 lbs - you have to work out a lot over next ten years. Trust me you should be more worried about gaining as you approach 30 than losing!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17605/19/2012

I've cut down sugar and carbohydrates in the past week and I feel great. Only sugary thing I consume is an energy drink here and now (light of course) and I habe no problems going without sugar.

The carbs on the other hand. I don't know what to eat in the morning that will take the hunger away apart from muesli (but it has quite some calories) so I end up having one or two slices of whole grain bread. I can't just eat melon and feel full. Is that bad and should I try to cut carbs out completely or is it okay as long as I keep my daily calory intake low (1700 at the moment)?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17705/25/2012

R119 here, just an update.

After my last post, I lost two more pounds, but I felt like shit. Like I barely had enough energy to move. My doc looked at my food log and said, "Well, no wonder, you idiot!" (I may have made up the "you idiot" part, but I think it was implied.) "You are not eating enough calories! You're not giving your body enough energy to keep moving. That would be barely enough calories for me, and I'm a 5'4" tall woman!"

I upped my calories and felt significantly better in a day or so. Since then I have stayed at or below our agreed-upon target (2350 kcals/day), but I have been fluctuating in weight a great deal. Gaining and losing the same four or five pounds, like a ping-pong ball.

My doc then told me to seriously up my protein intake. I was averaging around 24% for protein, but she urged me to get above 30%, preferably to hit 35%.

Done. Lots of shrimp, fish, white meat chicken, and a mega-protein shake at least once a day. Mmmm, chocolatey.

Since then I shed those fluctuating pounds and have broken that dreaded plateau. I am now at 34 pounds lost. So not much overall progress, BUT I'm now heading in the right direction, and I'm pleased that for several months now I have stayed faithful to my eating plan, no bingeing or going off the rails, which is a very, very big change for me.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17806/06/2012

R177, you need protein in the morning. I have egg whites (sometimes with one yolk) and low fat cheese every morning. It keeps me full until lunch time, and is less than 150 calories. Yes, it is boring...but it is effective.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 17906/06/2012

I don't eat after dark. I always eat breakfast with some protein, but few carbs, and I take a B-vitamin. I'm over 40 and this works well for me. Three meals a day, a few snacks (a handful of nuts; a small apple and some cheese, etc.) and I'm feeling full and satisfied, and losing weight without doing much else.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18006/06/2012

r177 i often have a whole wheat english muffin with an egg and vegan sausage pattie. (No cheese, no butter like the ones you get at a fast food place.)

I don't know how you get by on 1700 calories.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18106/06/2012

I started the Adkins diet this week. It's been only 6 days but I have lost 10 lbs. I'm not kidding. I realize that most of it is water weight but it really helps seeing it drop so quickly. I haven't been hungry once since I started, but strangely I eaten around 1500 calories every day I've been doing this diet. And that is my target on my *regular* low fat diets I've been trying to do off and on for years. Going low carb is hard for me and I do wonder how long I'll be able to maintain these levels. It's been an eye opener though, on how much starch and sugar was in my diet (even when I was trying to lose). Amazing how a high fat diet can actually be effective.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18206/09/2012

[quote]you need protein in the morning. I have egg whites (sometimes with one yolk) and low fat cheese every morning. It keeps me full until lunch time, and is less than 150 calories. Yes, it is boring...but it is effective.

Thanks for the replies to my breakfast question. This sounds nice (as does the whole wheat english muffin) but the problem is that I start working at 6 and preparing egg whites at 5 in the morning is definitely not fun.

[quote]I don't know how you get by on 1700 calories.

It's not easy but doable. I write down absolutely everything to keep track and this seems to work until now. Plus if I exercise (I'm not at the moment) I can eat more.

BTW has anyone here experience in making their own yogurt? I love yogurts but they are too processed and have too much sugar in it for my liking so I'm thinking about making my own.

I'm becoming obsessed with my eating habits.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18306/10/2012

R182 - It's Atkins, not Adkins.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18406/10/2012

Being 487 pounds using the toilet was tough.

But after switching to Coke Zero and baked potato chips, instead of fried I lost 10 pounds in only six months.

Now I can wipe myself with a rag on a stick.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18506/10/2012

I just ordered Insanity. Let's see if it works. I plan on eating healthy whole foods and low cal also. Will post again in a week.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18606/10/2012

cake with extra frosting

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18707/03/2012

I've lost 30 lbs since December doing Chefs Diet in NYC (one of those food delivery programs) and working out 3x a week.

Terrified it will all come back on with a vengance.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18807/18/2012

Is it doable to lose 40 lbs in 20 weeks? I am a 40 year old woman at 215 and I want to be 175 when I see my ex wife at Christmas.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 18907/25/2012

R189, that's 2 pounds a week. That's doable, but not easy, and not practical for most people.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19007/25/2012

I'm 6'1" and was pushing 200 after New Year's (193), by far a personal record. I felt like shit and all my pants/shorts were tight. The final straw was snapping a button in public. Thankfully no one noticed. I've lost 22 pounds since early January utilizing more diet than exercise (although I'm very active and participate in a weekday sports league along with weekend hiking & sports). It might go without saying, but make sure you weigh yourself daily and write down the numbers for tracking. It will help you to know what you're doing right/wrong.

Also follow some of the easy tips from other posters already mentioned: eat smaller portions and try to eliminate soda, fast food, and unhealthy desserts & snacks. I've also stopped eating crap at weekend barbeques (a tempting time of year, for sure). I generally try to eat healthy before showing up & don't eat anything, or choose chicken if it's available. Good luck - it can be done!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19107/25/2012

wow you guys are really losing. good job

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19207/25/2012

Do not weigh yourself daily. Weigh yourself once a week.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19307/25/2012

I went on the 'clean' diet, by Dr Junger. You eat natural, unprocessed foods, and get two liquid meals with one solid meal daily. You also get snacks. I lost 16 pounds in 21 days, and my skin looks amazing.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19407/25/2012

Lets see how long you keep that up, R194.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19507/25/2012

What R193 is said is true. Daily fluctuations in weight are meaningless and can mess with your head. It is better and more meaningful to weigh yourself once a week at the same time.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19607/25/2012

I am not overweight but I would like to lose 10 pounds that I gained after having to take Propranol daily to prevent migraines. My problem? It seems after I eat lunch (usually a salad) i delve into anything with chocolate. I finally got off the straight chocolate but now have eaten a Klondike bar every day after lunch. I lnow this sounds silly but it seems like an addiction. I'm no really hungry when I eat it. What the hellis my problem and what can I do to break the cycle? I only want to lose a few pounds, I really have to give high praise to those who are really overweight and have to cut back a lot on calorie intake - it muts be incredibly difficult.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19707/25/2012

r197, a simple trick is simply not buying the Klondikes at the store. Not even buying the shit in the first place is much easier than not eating it once it's in your house/frig/freezer/cupboard. If they have ice cream bars at your office, willpower is your only salvation. Make sure you replace your post-lunch/salad routine with something else. For example, take a walk outside or around the office, or head to the water cooler, or maybe make a phone call to a friend or family member. Eliminate the bad routine.

Weighing myself daily worked/works great for me, but I can see what some of the other posters are saying.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19807/25/2012

I weighs about 210 pounds, I am 5'3" and want to get down to 200. I find these last ten are hard to lose. Maybe if I cum a lot that'll work?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 19907/26/2012

Any recent successes?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20008/16/2012

I lost about 25 pounds in about 11 months. Went from 210 to 180. Have 30 pounds to go (I'm 5'4")

Exercise almost everyday (weights/cardo) and watch my diet. Don't starve myself, but cut out a lot of crap, cookies, etc

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20108/16/2012

Checking on with everyone.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20210/01/2012

I have lost about 21 lbs so far this year, going down from 231 to 210. Summer was really hard and I am struggling to shift any more.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20310/01/2012

Maintaining at 131. A little higher than I like, but maintaining.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20410/02/2012

I'm starting a diet this month. This month I can only spend $80 on food. That's it. Not kidding. Who's in?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20501/01/2013

I'm trying to lose 10 in the next two months. I'm 5'3", 133.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20601/01/2013

This will e helpful

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20701/01/2013

Can I bet the one that makes you all cry?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20801/01/2013

I stopped eating sugar and cut down on carbs in March of last year and as of today, I've lost 28 pounds.

Less fat. More water. Exercise.

It's not rocket science.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 20901/01/2013

Is this goal for you, Mia?

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 21001/01/2013

Excellent people. I'm happy to read that so many of you are cutting out the shit food that is only there to kill us all and make big business richer.

Good on yous!

I'm a fan of slow weight loss myself, so I'm happy to support anyone who needs a boost in their self-esteem. With slow weight loss, we are forced to love ourselves while we are still living in a fat body---this goes against what society is telling us, and we must work against that self-hatred.

But the rewards are ten-fold when we get to that fit place--we can adapt better, not feel as insecure, take on sexual attention better, and have developed a good sense of humor.

So, it's all a win-win situation and I applaud all of you beautiful Dlers--fat, thin, and eeverything in between!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 21101/01/2013

Yes...tomorrow I sugar or white bread or rice. One of our patients just lost 50 lbs doing this.

Need to get up from my office chair so I will start walking at lucnh time ...regardless of weather.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 21201/01/2013

I also need to lose weight. I joined a gym last March and have not set foot in it once. Pathetic, I know. I eat too much sugar and fried foods. Losing weight is harder than kicking cigarettes and booze--and I quit them both (over 23 years ago).

I alsways feel this way at the beginning of the New Year--fresh start and all that. but the feeling dies away. I am utterly depressed and often think of suicide, but doubt I would do it. Maybe this time will be different.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 21301/01/2013

I'm 46 and have 30 pounds to lose. I've been losing and gaining it back for the past 10 years. I'm sick of it and want to lose the weight for good.

I live in Michigan and it's too frigging cold to walk around here right now. Think I'll start with yoga to loosen up since I don't exercise and then maybe move on to T-Tapp, which I've heard good things about.

I do best on low carb so it's Atkins induction and low carb WOE. I had my last goodies and wine on Xmas day and have been good since. Good luck to us all!

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 21401/01/2013


It was just time to get healthy and lose some weight. I'm 53 now, and these last few years have opened my eyes to the fact that the things I ate and my on and off exercise regiment was not good for me. In March, I just decided to get healthier. I exercise for 20 minutes in the morning, eat a better breakfast (oatmeal mostly, but any of the non-sugary cereals will do. Check the box for anything heart healthy), healthier lunches, and healthier dinners. If I crave anything fried or sugary, I eat it, but it only happens every once in awhile. You get into a rhythm and it becomes a no brainer to order, or make yourself a turkey burger if you do indeed crave a burger. Craving fried chicken? Roast it instead until the skin is crispy. Chocolate? Dark chocolate or sugarless chocolate. I was a chocoholic, but I find myself eating just one square and it does me fine. Fruit intake helps my sweet tooth. Ice cream for me is one Skinny Cow ice cream bar a week.

Of course, everyone is different, but this has worked for me for almost a year and I'm losing pounds which I haven't been able to do since I was in my 30's. I've never felt so energetic. It feels wonderful.

Also, make sure you find a good multi-vitamin. Centrum Silver for Women works for me.

Good luck, you guys.

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 21501/01/2013

Struggling to maintain at 129 (5'3").

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 21607/31/2013

Up three pounds this month. :(

by Pudgy Pisces #1reply 21708/31/2013
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