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WEHT Ron Eldard?

He was in that short-lived TV show "Men Behaving Badly" and the movies "Sleepers" and "Ghost Ship". He lived with Julianna Marguilies for a while, then they broke up and he sank from sight. I thought he was kind of cute in a blond bear sorta way. What is he doing now?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14912/22/2013

He's in Super 8.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 106/05/2011

I was just wondering about him. Liked him in House of Sand and Fog and never saw him again. Maybe his agent is bad.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 206/05/2011

I enjoyed his colored brief scene in that wedding movie he made with Annabella Sciorra. He was looking good, and had a decent package.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 306/05/2011

The word on him during his "Men Behaving Badly" days is that he was a diva who made things more difficult than they needed to be.

Perhaps he turned out to be another head-case who ruined his own career?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 406/05/2011

Whatever do you mean, R4?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 506/05/2011

I do remember him being photographed in a compromising position with another actress on the set of a movie whose name I cannot remember. Shortly after that there was a press release saying that he and Julianna parted ways.

Regarding MBB tv show, I also read that he made things very difficult for Justine Bateman, and she left.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 606/05/2011

He had nice feet. He used to show them all the time on MBB

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 706/05/2011

He's Holly Hunter.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 806/05/2011

Always thought he was cute, but I've heard the rumors about him being difficult as well.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 906/05/2011

LOL, R8, I participated in that thread, although honestly I can't remember if I was "Ron" or "Holly".

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1006/05/2011

Is it not rumored that he is a physical abuser? Loved him as Shep on "E.R." btw. I believe he was dating Julianna Marguiles at the time.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1106/05/2011

I thought I read the same thing, #11; that he had abused Julianna.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1206/05/2011

There were rumors of substance abuse and diva behavior. He was the priest (played in the film by PS Hoffman) in the second cast of DOUBT on Broadway, when Dame Eileen Atkins replaced Cherry Jones as the Head Nun. I know Dame Eileen didn't care for him at all.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1306/05/2011

Cool - I found a clip of Ron's feet:

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1406/06/2011

Jennifer Connolly was the other actress in the "compromising" photo with Ron.

Never were abuse rumors, just some people confusing the character of Shep (and the rest of his gallery of violent thugs) with the real person.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1506/08/2011

I thought he was amazing in Iphigenia in Orem from Labute's Bash: Latterday Plays.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1606/08/2011

He was really sexy in the film, "The Last Summer," which nobody saw.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1706/08/2011

Is he playing Kyle Chandler's husband in "Super 8"? That would be something to see.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1806/08/2011

He should cut his hair, he's turning into an old lesbian.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 1906/08/2011

Correction, it was "The Last Supper" not the "The Last Summer."

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2006/08/2011

What does his body look like? He's 45 and still not married, eh? He's foxy

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2106/08/2011

I saw him in "Doubt" on Broadway with Eileen Atkins. He wasn't very good at all, while of course Atkins was a force of nature. He has zero charisma on stage.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2206/08/2011

from his IMDB page%0D %0D %0D "In November of 1999, elected one of 25 performers of "Stars of the New Millenium" by members of the Talkin' Broadway All That Chat forum"%0D %0D %0D that killed his career I bet

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2306/09/2011

Agree, R22. A disappointment.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2406/09/2011

I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear he's into men these days. He gives me the "late in life discovery" vibe.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2506/10/2011

He's in Super 8.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2606/10/2011

He was on IN PLAIN SIGHT on USA a few weeks back.

GOT FAT! and had long shaggy blonde hair - I didn't recognize him!

Screencap below:

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2706/11/2011

More on Ron here:

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2806/11/2011

Thank you R27 and R28. The Roadie sounds like it might be a good film. I think he looks fine, not as fat as I thought he'd get.

And he's still single? He must be hell to live with or something.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 2906/11/2011

Funny that he's in Super 8, cuz for some weird reason I've always confused him with Kyle Chandler. Also Ron Livingston.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3006/11/2011

What is with the long blonde shag. So not becoming on a 40-something man.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3106/13/2011

[quote]He should cut his hair, he's turning into an old lesbian.

Hmmm! Interesting.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3206/13/2011

Whereas you have always been one, Jul.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3306/13/2011

That's why I find it interesting, R33

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3406/13/2011

Julianna is not a lesbian.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3506/13/2011

He's still goodlooking. He gained 30lbs for his role in Roadie. Did he lose it for Super 8?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3606/13/2011

[quote]He gives me the "late in life discovery" vibe.

Oh god, it's the latest incarnation of the "epitome of bi" troll.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3706/13/2011

The same way Matt McConaghey's career went when Details called him "The Next Big Thing", R23?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3806/13/2011

Apparently not, R36, since the IN PLAIN SIGHT photo linked above was taken AFTER he'd finished shooting SUPER 8.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 3906/13/2011

He looks like a younger Gerard Depardieu in "Super 8."

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4006/17/2011

That's NOT a good thing, R40.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4106/17/2011

I've seen him on TV interviews from way back in 2005 when his TV series Blind Juatice came out and he did make my gaydar sound alarms. But you know he can't come out since it might ruin his career (Rupert Everett, anyone?)Anyway, at the very least he comes across as "confused" or maybe he's on the down low.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4211/19/2011

He gave a brilliant portrayal as a psycho child molester in the disturbing "Bastard Out of Carolina", costarring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jena Malone, and directed by Anjelica Houston. His scenes with Malone in that film make you want to jump through the TV and kill him. I hadn't seen him in years either, until one day a few months ago I was watching "Law and Order SVU", and saw him on there looking beefier and with the long blonde hair.

sidebar: He's got one big bubble butt on him as well. One of his earlier roles was in the gem "Drop Dead Fred"

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4311/19/2011

Link please, Sidewinder.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4411/19/2011

Unfortunately, his bubble butt is no longer. I just went on YouTube for the Roadie trailer and it's rather flat now. He did have a nice one 20 years ago. He's still cute but I have to agree with the other poster, the long hair is not becoming on him. I like him with facial hair best, like in "Sleepers" or "Freedomland".So what substance abuse problems did he have? Was it drugs or alcohol? I think he has a horrible agent. The last few movies he's been in have been straight to video: Already Dead, Diggers, etc.. But I'm still a fan! I would still get on all fours for him!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4511/19/2011

I saw him in the audience of Love! Valour! Compassion! once when I was young.At the time I was convinced that alone made him gay. Now I don't know.

BTW why is Love! Valour! named that? Is it a reference or tribute to Shakespeare or something?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4611/19/2011

He pinged to high heaven in Drop Dead Fred

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4711/19/2011

Who did he play in Drop Dead Fred? Was he Phoebe Cates?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4811/19/2011

Can find no shirtless pics or underwear pics...he's a very modest fella.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 4911/19/2011

He is shirtless in "Sex and The Other Man" and "Diggers",both straight to video, but not in any movies lately. lately. He really pinged on a few episodes of ER. When he did the Tony Danza show a few years back he made the comment to Tony "I thought it was really cool that you were in my dressing room naked" PING!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5011/19/2011

Does Julianne Marquiles only have boyfriends and husbands who are gay or bisexual?

Her current husband seems gay or bisexual.

And she lived for about 10 years (if not longer) with Ron Eldard.

I found him charming in the play, Doubt, in NYC and I did think he had charisma on stage.

Afterwards, out on the sidewalk by the theater, I was surprised by how short he was, but handsome and cute.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5111/19/2011

r51 when you saw him on the sidewalk in NYC did he give off any gay vibes?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5211/19/2011

R44, the entire movie's on Youtube. In the following clip, from 8:48-8:54, as he's going up the stairs, you can really get a good look at his great tush. That scene, as is the entire movie, is really disturbing, though.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5311/20/2011

R48, he was Phoebe Cate's boyfriend in "Drop Dead Fred".

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5411/20/2011

How short is he? I don't believe he's 5'10 like it says on his profile.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5511/20/2011

R55, I'd give him 5'10", but not more than that.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5611/20/2011

I thought he pinged in True Love to be honest with you. And in that Charlie Rose interview for his "Bash" play he really pinged. Has anyone ever met him in person? Maybe he doesn't ping in person, just for the cameras...but as they say, cameras don't lie!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5711/20/2011

I don't think he's gay. He's probably like a George Clooney, staying foot loose and fancy free the rest of his life. I know he dated Amy Rice for awhile (cinematographer for the Obama presidential HBO doc) If he were gay someone would out him eventually.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5811/22/2011

Did he date Holly Hunter? What is the Holly reference?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 5911/22/2011

Yikes. Drugs?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6012/07/2011

Yikes! He looks like Gerard Depardieu's little brother in that pic.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6112/07/2011

A weight gain like that isn't from drugs - it's biochemical. Metabolic problems.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6212/07/2011

I don't recall IMDB being wrong, but wasn't he in China Beach? Also a comedy about the same time where he played a charming but slow character, not Bakersfield PD. In any event, he has tended to the chubby side all the way back then. He was still cute, though.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6312/07/2011

Re : That pic you posted is shocking ! He does look like a young Depardieu. He's Kilmerized. On to strictly character roles now. Hard to see, when the hotness fades away.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6412/08/2011

What's the advance word on the movie Roadie?

Is it a small indie film shot in NYC with actors Eldard is buddies with? "Hey. we all live in NY, in between projects, I've got a script here that I want to star in... who's game?!"

I mean, Jill Hennessey married to Bobby Csrnavale? Does Julianne Margulies play Hennessey's sister?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6512/08/2011

Roadie has had good buzz/reviews.

I wonder if the weight gain is for a role. He looks terrible.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6612/08/2011

His weight gain was for the role. I have met him personally several times and yes, my gaydar shot through the roof!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6702/09/2012

Ron used to be so hot.

He looked like chopped liver next to Kyle Chandler in "Super 8".

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6802/09/2012

I know. I was with someone recently who also knows him and said I hope he finds some peace with himself. Conflicted? I'd say.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 6902/09/2012

He reminds me so much of Holly Hunter. Lots of the same career issues.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7002/09/2012

I really think he's gay. That's not a bad thing by why hide?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7102/09/2012

What is the Holly Hunter connection?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7202/09/2012

I wish I knew.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7302/09/2012

So is Julianna Margulies a FOD?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7402/10/2012

Why do we need Ron Eldard when we have Jake Weber and Tim Roth?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7502/10/2012

I think everyone looks like chopped liver next to Kyle Chandler, R68. He's dreamy!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7602/11/2012

His voice was also sexy too !

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7702/15/2012

Love! Valour! Compassion! Comes from a poem by either James Merrill (I think) or possibly John Ashbery--both gay poets.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7802/15/2012

Still fat?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 7903/28/2012

Bed wetter, player of the pink oboe.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8003/28/2012

Wrong, r78. "Love! Valor! Compassion!" comes from John Cheever's Journals. Faced.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8103/28/2012

RE. 80 Is that code for yes, he's gay, and likes golden showers ? I'm new to this .

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8203/28/2012

Ron Eldard, R80, or Holly Hunter?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8303/28/2012

bump for ronnie

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8406/12/2012

Always found his husky voice sexy .He's like the repairman you want to have sex with .

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8506/12/2012

He does have a sexy voice. I do believe he's lost the weight but he kept the long hair. He needs to lose that too. Okay, once and for all: If any man out there has had sexual relations with Ron, please step forward and dish. You can remain anonymous.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8606/12/2012

I might have had relations when we starred on "ER". Don't tell Julianna!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8706/14/2012

He has the most amazing big ass and thick legs.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8806/14/2012

Good big ass - or flabby, womanly big ass ?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 8906/14/2012

[quote]Good big ass - or flabby, womanly big ass ?

You be the judge...

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9006/15/2012

Womanly. Always made his shirts stick out funny (which you can see in R90's gif)

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9106/17/2012

Ron and Holly Hunter have indeed had very similar career issues.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9206/17/2012

He was incredible in the Broadway production of ON THE WATERFRONT. Unfortunately, the rest of the show was a trainwreck. But he was really, really good. TONY-worthy in my opinion.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9306/17/2012

I think he's gay. He pings off the charts. It makes sense that his only long lasting relationship was with Julianna Margulies who also pings like crazy and has gay rumors surrounding her.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9406/17/2012

Agree r93 . He gave a tremendous performance in On The Waterfront. I saw the show three times just for his performance, which was award worthy that season.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9506/17/2012

I went to high school with Ron (then Ronnie) at P.A. (yes, we were both "kids from Fame" lol).

I had the worst crush on him. And he was, as far as I could tell, straight. He had a very serious relationship with his high school sweetheart that went on for several years (and past graduation as far as I know).

I saw him every day in his tighty-whities when we changed for acting class ... let's just say I have seen the promised land (drool).

Ron was incredibly cool and very, very popular. He was the one we all figured was going to make it as an actor ... there was no end to his talent and his sexy, rugged looks only helped. Corey Parker (then Corey Haas) was good friends with him and I believe he also hung out with Esai Morales here and there (Esai was 1 or 2 years ahead of us).

The last time I hung out (briefly) with Ronnie was a few years after H.S. when he was in the off-Broadway production "Servy n' Bernice Forever" in which he had *full-frontal nudity*. Seriously, he was so unbelievably hot the entire audience gasped at once. It was a quick scene, but worth the price of admission. After the performance he was still the sweet, friendly Ronnie I remembered.

I was pretty quiet in school and not really in his social circle so there was no reason to stay in touch. Unfortunately, Ronnie has not returned for any of our reunions. We're all proud of him and I'm sure everyone would be so happy if he came to the 30th reunion next year.

He was not a problem on Men Behaving Badly ... the script was not at all what he signed up for and the show was so inspid that both he and Justine Bateman wanted out. Rob Schneider was the only one who thought it was funny and wasn't embarassed to be in it. The Huffington Post article linked earlier in this thread mentions that Ron was in "Biloxi Blues" on Bway ... that's not actually true. He was hired as an understudy, but was visciously fired during a rehearsal by Neil Simon in one of the cruelest moments of one of Simon's legendary nasty tirades (just ask Mary Tyler Moore, she has a few stories to tell).

Ron's performance in "On the Watefront" deserved the Tony award. The rest of the production was cursed and awful and it closed in a week. It was a magnificent performance in a production that should never have been attempted and had no chance.

I don't believe Ronnie was gay then and I seriously doubt it now ... although I'd leave my husband of 21 years in a second if Ron ever came out!!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9606/17/2012

I can't believe you guys can't include a decent picture in threads like this... we're almost up to reply 100 for chrissakes!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9706/17/2012

From Freedomland:

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9806/17/2012

From Super8:

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 9906/17/2012

There used to be a website dedicated to him that had some great HQ photos. It's long since been taken down.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10006/17/2012

"Good big ass - or flabby, womanly big ass ? by: A. Recker"

Which one does Anthony Recker have?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10106/17/2012

Any more Dame Eileen gossip, R13?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10206/17/2012

Nice post, R96. What was his HS girlfriend's name?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10306/17/2012

r96 do you know WEHT Corey Parker? Has he left the business?

He was my favorite Corey.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10406/17/2012

Not enough body pics; what about screencaps from that movie he made with Annabella Sciorra about the Brooklyn newlyweds??? He was in some tight black briefs and he looked delicious.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10506/17/2012

[quote]He was the one we all figured was going to make it as an actor ... there was no end to his talent

That surprises me - I've always thought he wasn't quite up to snuff. The rest of you must have been awful.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10606/17/2012

I first met Ron Eldard in the 90s when his TV show Blind Justice was launched. I saw him at an undergroud club in LA where anything went. He was alone; I was with friends of mind from nurses' assistant school. Between NA school and taking online courses in hand modeling, I was a busy little bee, and this club seemed like the perfect place to loosen up with my friends. There were several celebs there, including some sports figures, but we were all shocked to see Ron sitting at the bar, nursing a drink, looking rather bitter and angry. We found out from the waitress that his TV show had just been canceled. "Oh well," I blurted out rather loudly, "Better get that convenience story application filled out, RON!". We all broke into peals of laughter and I thought I saw him turn around and give me a dirty look, but wasn't sure. "Wow." I said to my posse, "He's REALLY in a bad mood!". My friends began to leave, either to get home to loved ones or to make hookups, and by 1am or so, I was sitting in the booth by myself, feeling a little lonely. No one wanted to sit with me; I had too much Joop for Men on, as I was apt to do at times. And of course, a little tipsy from the mojitos I had quaffed. I got up and staggered toward the exit, but figured I should pee first before I left to flag down a taxi. I opened the door to the bathroom. It was empty and I walked over to a stall and opened the door. Suddenly I was pushed inside, falling forward and hitting my head against the wall. "Hey, what the FUCK..." I slurred. Just as I reached up to grab my head, two strong hands spun me around, and I was staring into the face of Ron Eldard. His face was twisted in lust, anger and resentment. I was speechless with fear. Before I could speak, he put his hand over my mouth and said, "You're gonna help me fill out my CONVENIENCE STORE APPLICATION, ASSWIPE! You'll OBEY ME or DIE, pigboy!". I pushed against his massive chest, but it was no use, he was much stronger than I. "Can't you take a joke? I was j-j-ust k-k-kidding!" I whimpered. I tried punching him, and in return he head-butted me and slapped me across the face several times. I went limp from the shock. All of a sudden, he started ripping my clothes off, exposing my taut, naked body. Somehow, he had stripped down to his waist. I started struggling with him again, realizing his intent and needing to get away, but he forced me to the floor of the stall and laid on top of me, using his knee to force my thighs apart. He still had his hand over my mouth, and he took it away long enough to stuff his t-shirt in my mouth, making it impossible for me to scream. H-h-he pushed my legs up and over his shoulders, and spit in his hand. I closed my eyes, knowing what about to happen, and helpless to do anything about it. H-h-he RAPED me! I thought I'd pass out from the pain. It went on for about twenty or thirty minutes, when he started moaning and grunting. He climaxed and collapsed on top of me, spent. I tried to get from underneath him, but he was too heavy. Ten minutes later, he got up and wiped his cock with my face, put his clothes back on and as he left the stall, h-h-he said, "Thanks for the RIDE, PIG-BOY!"

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10706/17/2012

Wow, R107... that was...


Don't quit your day-job, okay?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10806/17/2012

Rape Troll rocks!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 10906/17/2012

r107, please tell me you didn't just say " course in hand modeling?!"

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11006/17/2012

I l-l-l-love the Rape Troll.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11106/17/2012

[quote] WEHT Corey Parker? Has he left the business?

It appears that he's now working primarily as an acting coach, based out of Memphis.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11206/17/2012

R107, I give that a -100/100

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11306/18/2012

Just cast in the Steve Jobs biopic. Although with Ashton Kutcher in the lead, it sounds like a turkey waiting to happen.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11406/27/2012

Playing Steve Wozniak in the Steve Jobs movie.

Guess he can't lose the weight after all...

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11506/27/2012

He's not playing Wozniak.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11606/28/2012

If he is straight, like his high school classmate said, then does he have a girlfriend now? Or maybe he is a late in life homosexual, like the other poster said. Or maybe he's a straight guy who likes it on the down low. We know there's enough of those in Hollywood.Either way, wished I could have seen that performance in Servy n' Bernice. If the audience gasped, he must be hung like a horse!You are so lucky!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11707/17/2012

okay, so far no men have fessed up. so if there are any women who have slept with Ron, please give us all the juicy details!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11807/17/2012

for heaven's sake no one, man or woman, has come forward. maybe he practices tantric celibacy or something.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 11907/23/2012

Ron, I know you're not gay. So I would personally like to provide my vagina for your sexual pleasure. call me! BTW, the poster who saw the full frontal, please describe Ron's dirty bits in expllcit detail!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12009/06/2012

I am the real Ron Eldard.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12109/06/2012

Ron is ridiculously sexy.....I'll take him if no one wants him.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12209/25/2012

I think it's sad people that don't know Ron Eldard bash him. Just because you don't see him in gossip mags everyone assumes crap. I am a woman and I think he super sexy.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12309/25/2012

He will be on "Justified" on FX which starts January 8th. I hope he lost the weight and the long hair. Don't know when the Jobs movie comes out. Right now he's filming "Poker Night" I think in British Columbia.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12412/14/2012

I'm trying to upload a pic of him with his high school girlfriend, can someone help? go to high school performing, scroll to the very bottom and click on photos (highlighted in blue), then click the pic on the left of the old building marked "historic photos" then scroll to the 1980's, click "class of 1983 historic photos", then scroll down to heading from Lisa Spiteri Jenkins. I believe the top right pic of 2 kids sitting on a couch is Ron with his girlfriend. She looks Puerto Rican. OOOOH he likes Latinas!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12512/14/2012

This one, R125?

You don't upload photos to DataLounge. You copy the URL of the image and paste it into the URL field in your post.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12612/14/2012

thanks! that's the one. he was pretty cute back then.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12712/14/2012

That girl looks like Julianna Margulies a little bit when she started out on ER and had that short, kinky hair. Of course it doesn't prove anything. Lots of gay guys have "girlfriends" in high school. Honestly, the first time I thought he was gay was when I rented House of Sand and Fog and they have a 15 minute featurette/the-making-of. They show him talking on there, just being himself and he pinged off the screen. If that doesn't prove he's secretly gay then I don't know what will. Unfortunately for most actors they have to stay in the closet or else it will destroy their careers. Sad, but true. Check out that featurette if you don't believe me.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12812/14/2012

R125/R127/R128 must be new here and doesn't seem to know we can tell they're the same poster.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 12912/14/2012

He improved with age that's for sure.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13012/14/2012

Ohmygod, r97. Eldard looks like Anne Murray in that photo!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13112/14/2012

R131, you mean that tennis player who signs "Snowbird"?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13212/14/2012

Just saw him on the new season of Justified. He hasn't lost the weight or the long hair. The weight I can understand, once you put it on at a certain age it's hard to get it off and he is pushing 50, but the hair- Come on!Has he just let himself go or did his management tell him it looks good? Sorry Ron if you want to keep it long at least get it styled.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13301/09/2013

Ron Eldard is seriously a long running performance art project that Holly Hunter has been working on for decades. You won't believe the next act.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13401/09/2013

Ron Eldard is pushing 50??

I feel old.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13502/14/2013

Ron just watched you on Justified. I was up for that part! Your long hair looks awful but the weight gain still looks good on you. You need to cut your hair and make yourself more attractive. You don't want to end up like me.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13602/21/2013

he played a gay character in "Fathers & Sons" which you can rent if you want to see him dressed in drag. He makes an ugly chick. Saw pics of him from the play "American Buffalo" which he did in L.A. a couple of months ago. I think he's even fatter. I wonder if he has a girlfriend?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13706/12/2013

taken on 04/20/13...still fat...I give up on him

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13809/01/2013

R138, OMG, is that him on the left in that photo? He is obese and hideous looking!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 13909/01/2013

yes, 'm afraid that is him. He really let himself go.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14009/01/2013

He's kind of turning into an American Gerard Depardieu. But I still love him.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14109/01/2013

The first photo on IMDB shows his stylist got the flowy shirt memo. Unfortunately, I believe he dressed himself for the picture @ R138.

White's supposed to be so slimming - yet even his wrists are puffy.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14209/01/2013

Kill it! Kill it with fire!

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14309/01/2013

Did his breakup from the E.R. girl knock him for a loop?

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14409/01/2013

He still looked good after his break up when he did Freedomland. I think when he gained weight for Roadie and quit coke as another poster said his weight spiraled out of control. Another hot picture of him on the left that everyone can jerk off to...

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14509/02/2013

YUCK! Better pic to jack it to

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14609/03/2013

I thought he was really good in Top of the Lake but was surprised by how small his role turned out to be.

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14709/03/2013

How funny! glad to see he got skinny now if he'll just do something with that hair...

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14809/04/2013

I think he's really attractive now. He was cute before, but just a little "boyish" looking. I like everything about him, I think he's very attractive (also just watched Roadie and the last season of Justified).

by Ron Eldard''s Stalkerreply 14912/22/2013
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