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I peel my toenails off.

It helps me relax. I peel my big toenails down to the quick, but for the rest of my toes, I peel them completely.

by Rumpyreply 2810/27/2013

I've always wondered about that.

by Rumpyreply 105/30/2011

I pluck my nose hairs. I kind of like the pain, but most of all, I feel more confident in social situations knowing none are sticking out there.

by Rumpyreply 205/30/2011

Wish you did the same with the pubes stickin' out of your bikini, Cheryl.

by Rumpyreply 305/30/2011

I pick my nose.

by Rumpyreply 405/30/2011

Oh, Ethel - you slay me!

by Rumpyreply 505/30/2011

Ouch! Rumpy, just take some Elmer's glue and put some in the palm of hand, let it dry and peel that off.

by Rumpyreply 605/30/2011

Surely that's OCD behaviour?

Had a friend who used to pluck her nose hairs out. Every time she totally denuded her nostrils, she would come down with a cold.

by Rumpyreply 705/30/2011

I push my hemorrhoids back into my asshole. If I don't do it, who will?

by Rumpyreply 805/30/2011


by Rumpyreply 905/30/2011

I shave the dead skin off the soles of my feet and eat it.

by Rumpyreply 1005/30/2011

r7, plucking out nose hairs would hurt so bad. Ouch

by Rumpyreply 1105/30/2011

Dry skin from your feet should be added to your meat ball or meat loaf mixture instead of bread crumbs. They are high in sodium, so cut your salt a bit.

I sprinkle mine along the baseboards as the stuff kills roaches.

by Rumpyreply 1205/30/2011

Try sandpaper on your eyeballs, Rumpy. It may hurt at first but it feels so good when you stop.

by Rumpyreply 1305/30/2011

Why am I not surprised?

by Rumpyreply 1405/30/2011

I like to pick my blood clots out of my vagina and eat them. They make for good chewing bits.

by Rumpyreply 1505/30/2011

I do remember my Elmer's glue! I would squeeze the ejaculate over the orange tip and wait until in ran down the side and dried. And then, the fun of peeling it off.

by Rumpyreply 1605/30/2011

I like my own smegma.

by Rumpyreply 1705/30/2011

Rumpy, you don't have to share everything on Datalounge.

by Rumpyreply 1805/30/2011

Rumpy, you are so Black Swan.

Well, minus the pretty and talent.

by Rumpyreply 1905/30/2011

You all sound like potential YouTube stars. Document this behavior for all to see. I wish I was an agent.

by Rumpyreply 2005/30/2011

And you're still single, Rumpy!

by Rumpyreply 2105/30/2011

I peel labels.

by Rumpyreply 2205/30/2011

I recently realised that I have quite long nose hairs, and it bugs the shit out of me. I'm a fair-skinned blonde chick, so the hairs practically glow in the light, making them even more obvious imo.

I've tried trimming them with scissors (the kind made for trimming short hairs) but then it seems much harder to get the boogers out, like they're clinging for dear life or something.

But a few months ago I bought one of those cheap ear/nose hair trimmers from a dollar store, and it works great! Gets the hair to a manageable (read: invisible) length quickly and easily!

It also works well on my eyebrows, which is awesome cuz I frigging hate waxing them!

by Rumpyreply 2305/30/2011

I don't understand: do you mean you peel your toenails COMPLETELY off, so there's just weird-looking skin sitting there?

Or do you just peel off layers of nail?

by Rumpyreply 2405/30/2011

Do your nailbeds then bleed?

by Rumpyreply 2505/30/2011

Honey Badger doesn't give a shit about what you do with your toenails. Honey Badger picks fights with venomous snakes on a daily basis!

by Rumpyreply 2605/30/2011

R17, Ralph Fiennes, is that you?

OT, I chew the flesh on the inside of my mouth.

by Rumpyreply 2705/30/2011

never heard of smegma... lol thats pretty disturbing....

by Rumpyreply 2810/27/2013
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