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Favorite classic Film Noir ("he stood in the shadowns with a fag in his mouth")

"Kiss Of Death" (the original).%0D %0D Richard Widmark was beyond evil. Victor Mature's best performance. Coleen Gray: "I got what I wanted. I got Nick."%0D %0D The tension in the final (Italian restaurant)scene is incredible.

by Pauline K.reply 2311/15/2012

I love so many of them but a couple of faves:%0D %0D SCARLET STREET%0D %0D THE BIG HEAT%0D %0D THE KILLERS%0D %0D OUT OF THE PAST%0D

by Pauline K.reply 105/26/2011

I know they're obvious choices, but I love "Sunset Boulevard" and "Laura."

by Pauline K.reply 205/26/2011

Kiss Me Deadly

Blast of Silence

Double Indemnity

The Post Man Always Rings Twice

In A Lonely Place

And of course Touch of Evil which was the last of the classic noirs.

by Pauline K.reply 305/26/2011

"The Strange Love of Martha Ivers"%0D %0D "The Big Sleep"%0D %0D "The Big Heat"%0D %0D %0D Best lead performance in noir: Barbara Stanwyck, in "Double Indemnity." Runner-up: Ida Lupino, "The Hard Way."%0D %0D Best supporting performance in noir (six-way tie): Martha Vickers in "The Big Sleep," Everett Sloane in "The Lady from Shanghai," Jack Carson, "The Hard Way," and Mary Astor, Peter Lorre, and Sidney Greenstreet, "The Maltese Falcon."

by Pauline K.reply 405/26/2011

and the nominees are:%0D %0D Fury%0D %0D Double Indemnity%0D %0D Out of the Past%0D %0D The Maltese Falcon%0D %0D Shadow of a Doubt%0D %0D D.O.A.%0D %0D Strangers on a Train%0D %0D They Drive by Night%0D %0D The Killing%0D %0D The Killers%0D %0D honorable mention: The Big Clock (remade/adapted as No Way Out), more of a really great acid trip then a truly good movie%0D %0D genrefuck: masterpieces which might loosely qualify as noirs: Notorious, Sunset Boulevard, I Want to Live, The Third Man, Victim, Anatomy of a Murder, Blade Runner

by Pauline K.reply 505/26/2011

Double Indemnity, The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, No Man of Her Own, The Damned Don't Cry, Dark Passage (I always giggle when Agnes Moorehead throws herself out the window).

by Pauline K.reply 605/26/2011

Bump for dark shadows and sinister undertones

by Pauline K.reply 705/27/2011

[quote] Richard Widmark was beyond evil. [/quote]

Widmark was beyond sexy in that movie, too. He pretty much created the giggling, sociopathic villain in Kiss of Death.

His best performance was in No Way Out where he played a racist redneck opposite Sidney Poitier (his film debut). In fact, Widmark has performed in some of the best film noirs to date: Panic in the Streets, Night and the City, Pickup on South Street, The Street with No Name, No Way Out, Road House, .etc.

I think Widmark's presence in film noir is as strong as Bogart's and Mitchum's .

by Pauline K.reply 805/27/2011

The 1948 version of "Road House" with Widmark, Ida Lupino, Celeste Holme and Cesare Romero. .. And the 1962 version of "Cape Fear" with Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum. (Polly Bergen was also in it.) .. Didn't care much for the remakes.

by Pauline K.reply 905/27/2011

Another vote for "Road House": great Lupino performance, featuring her unforgettable rendition of "One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)." She was the finest of all the noir actors, IMO--she's also fantastic in "The Hard Way" and "High Sierra."

A few more I love, beyond the most famous (like "Double Indemnity," "The Postman Always Rings Twice," and "Murder My Sweet:

"The Narrow Margin"

"Born to Kill"

"The Red House"

"Niagara" (far and away Marilyn Monroe's best performance, with great color cinematography)

"Force of Evil"

"The Naked Kiss"

"Scarlet Street"

"The House on Telegraph Hill"

by Pauline K.reply 1005/27/2011

A few more favorites:

Killer's Kiss (the least appreciated Stanley Kubrick film, showing incredible shots of Manhattan's East Side, which Kubrick makes look like a concrete hell)

The Killing

Johnny Guitar

Quai des Orfevres

No touchez pas le grisbi

It Always Rains on Sunday

The Small Back Room

by Pauline K.reply 1105/27/2011

Angel face

by Pauline K.reply 1205/27/2011

Asphalt Jungle%0D %0D Riff-Raff (Pat O'Brien) - the opening scene is worth the price of admission

by Pauline K.reply 1306/30/2011

Night of the Hunter%0D %0D Cape Fear (original)%0D %0D Double Indemnity%0D %0D Strangers of a Train%0D %0D Shadow of a Doubt

by Pauline K.reply 1406/30/2011

Sunset Boulevard, Touch of Evil, Suddenly Last Summer

by Pauline K.reply 1506/30/2011

I'm pretty sure SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER would not be considered film noir.

by Pauline K.reply 1606/30/2011

My Beautiful Laundrette%0D %0D

by Pauline K.reply 1706/30/2011

Asphalt Jungle

by Pauline K.reply 1811/19/2011

Has anyone here seen a movie called Desert Fury? If not, you need to see it pronto! It's on youtube, and it is seriously the gayest movie of the forties.

Wendell Corey and John Hodiak basically play a couple. There are a couple dialogue scenes between the two men that are just OBVIOUS

Mary Astor is playing a nominally straight character but comes across a butch as hell in this movie

Plus golden era lipstick lesbian Lizabeth Scott is in it, too!

by Pauline K.reply 1911/20/2011

Bagdad Cafe would be if it had a more realistic ending.

by Pauline K.reply 2011/20/2011

So many to choose from. [italic]The Maltese Falcon[/italic] remains my favorite, but I recently saw [italic]White Heat[/italic] and loved it. Virginia Mayo is so gorgeous and so trashy. I love the scene in which she's wearing a black negligee, riding piggyback on Cagney's shoulders as he carries off to bed upstairs, while she swings a whiskey bottle in her free hand. Twisted mother-son relationship, evil mother, trashy wife, volatile crook = great material for Raoul Walsh.

by Pauline K.reply 2111/20/2011

Best color film noir: Leave Her to Heaven.

Best performance in a color film noir: Gene Tierney, of course.

Most beautiful noir star: again, Gene Tierney.

by Pauline K.reply 2211/20/2011

'Hangover Square' with Laird Cregar and Linda Darnell is an excellent film noir with an amazing soundtrack.

by Pauline K.reply 2311/15/2012
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