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When is Nathan Fillion finally going to find the right girl and settle down?

He's forty this year, and time's a wastin'!

by Cherylreply 6202/10/2014

Sorry, he PINGS!!! Pings HARD!!! He's gayer than Liberace's butt plug.

by Cherylreply 105/23/2011

Best ass on TV!

by Cherylreply 205/23/2011

I believe he's never found the right man.... but he's certainly enjoyed himself while looking!

by Cherylreply 305/23/2011

Does he not have a bf/partner? He's cute and seems like a really nice guy, I'm surprised he's single. He should hook up with Hugh Jackman.

by Cherylreply 405/23/2011

Leave him alone. He's Canadian!

by Cherylreply 505/23/2011

Why're starting a soap thread.%0D %0D

by Cherylreply 605/23/2011

So Cute!

by Cherylreply 705/23/2011

Apparently he is straight but kind of weird, according to some DLer from a thread a couple of years back.

But I don't believe that and think he's probably gay and out to friends and family. Too many rumors about the guy.

by Cherylreply 805/23/2011

I understand he has a steady girlfriend. He chooses to keep his personal life private.

by Cherylreply 905/23/2011

I KNOW he fucked Tuc Watkins, first when they were in Llanview years ago, and again when they both were on Desperate Housewives a few years ago. It was fairly common knowledge among a group of actors I know from WeHo who knew them both. And they're both going back to NY to appear in Llanview again before that show goes off the air. It wasn't a "relationship" as much as it was a fuck buddy kind of thing...

by Cherylreply 1005/23/2011

what's Nathan going to do on OLTL? They currently have a Joey.

by Cherylreply 1105/23/2011

When the right girl (with a penis) crosses his path (at the local gay bar), I'm sure he'll decide to settle down (and bury his face in the guy's ass).

by Cherylreply 1205/23/2011

He's really weird looking. He looks like a sheep.

by Cherylreply 1305/23/2011

No sexual orientation listed on this website (where even Jake Gyllenhaal is listed as "straight") usually means closeted.

by Cherylreply 1405/23/2011

He is not gay, r1...shut-up!

by Cherylreply 1505/23/2011

I think he's cute.

by Cherylreply 1605/23/2011

Not a very muscular chest, but decent nipple placement.

I think when he stands, he might have moobs...

by Cherylreply 1705/23/2011

I'd take him, he is gorgeous.

by Cherylreply 1805/23/2011

He's got a great broken nose, and a great powerful voice.

by Cherylreply 1905/23/2011

I never thought of him as gay. I suppose he could be, but I don't automatically go there just because he's 40 and single.

by Cherylreply 2005/24/2011

He had a hot n heavy romance with Vanessa Marcil. Vanessa has had so many great boyfriends. Nathan Fillion, Tyler Christopher, Brian Austin Greene

by Cherylreply 2105/24/2011

He broke up with Darla Delgado several months ago and was dating some blonde Playboy model last I read. Don't know if they're still together.

by Cherylreply 2205/25/2011

His is the penis in the Daniel Craig gay porn photo.

by Cherylreply 2305/25/2011

Regardless of whether hes gay or straight the string of girlfriends really doesn't make any sense. Hes either a bigger man whore than Charlie Sheen or hes got a really bad bearding strategy.

by Cherylreply 2409/03/2011

link to peen pic pleeze

by Cherylreply 2509/03/2011

I think he's cute and very charming on the show but he's going to need an eye job before too long.....the bags under his eyes are pretty bad for a 40 year old.

by Cherylreply 2609/03/2011

Nathan "dated" Liz Hendrickson for a while. I think we all know what that means.

by Cherylreply 2709/03/2011

Tell us dear........

by Cherylreply 2809/03/2011

Captain Tightpants!

by Cherylreply 2909/03/2011

He is a manwhore. He openly hit on Sandra Bullock after her break-up, while he was still with his girlfriend at the time, then took the Twitter post down, probably because his girlfriend got upset.

by Cherylreply 3009/03/2011

If I was physically capable I would gladly bear his children. As it is, I would gladly drink his bath water.

by Cherylreply 3109/03/2011

If there is a God, some lucky male or female got to spank, lick or plow that tremendous tush!

by Cherylreply 3209/03/2011

When is Nathan Fillion finally going to find the right diet plan and settle down with his weight trending less towards Vincent D'Onofrio territory?

by Cherylreply 3309/03/2011

Are you kidding, Charper? That little bit of chunk is one of the best things about him!

by Cherylreply 3409/03/2011

Pardon me, R34. I'm probably overreacting - I know what you mean about the appeal of his fleshiness. But I keep seeing him add to year after year it in a way that suggests a longterm dirigiblic future.

by Cherylreply 3509/03/2011

"But I keep seeing him add to year after year it in a way that suggests a longterm dirigiblic future."

What, you think he can somehow prevent the aging process? Honey, we're all aging, and we're all not going to look very pretty after a certain point. get used to it.

by Cherylreply 3609/03/2011

Rat face.

by Cherylreply 3709/03/2011

I do have a girlfriend - I love her very much. She lives ... in the next city. Yeah, the next city. It is a long-distance relationship. Very hard, but I love her.

by Cherylreply 3809/03/2011

He's definitely always pinged for me. But actors can be confusing. even the straight ones ping.

by Cherylreply 3909/03/2011

He's Canadian. That's why we're confused.

by Cherylreply 4009/03/2011

They've been playing "Serenity" on SyFy all weekend.%0D %0D God I love Nathan Fillion. He's fun to follow on Twitter too.%0D %0D

by Cherylreply 4109/04/2011

Nathan needs to marry me, and drill my ass every day. He's gorgeous.

And I like him now, even with an extra 20 lbs and a few wrinkles. He's still hotter than hell to me.

by Cherylreply 4209/04/2011

[R39] And her name is.....Christopher. Topher for short, I'm sure.

by Cherylreply 4309/04/2011

I loved Serenity. He was gorgeous.

by Cherylreply 4409/06/2011

I love Nathan because he looks like a sweet choirboy who probably is a savage in bed. THE BEST KIND!

by Cherylreply 4509/06/2011

Just more love.

by Cherylreply 4609/06/2011

Didnt Nathan and Dana Delany have a thing once upon a time.

by Cherylreply 4709/07/2011


by Cherylreply 4809/07/2011

FWIW, I worked with him. He was exactly like the characters he plays. Didn't ping at all. Nice guy, sincere, friendly, all that. I know it doesn't mean much, but, there you go.

by Cherylreply 4909/07/2011

Thank you, R49!

Will you give some details on how/where/in what capacity you worked with him?

by Cherylreply 5009/07/2011

If Nathan is gay who has he been with in the past? Tuc Watkins, Ryan Reynolds, Gerard Butler, Shawn Pyfrom? Hes worked with all of them.

by Cherylreply 5109/08/2011

Will he have a career after Castle?

by Cherylreply 5209/09/2011

He's so weird looking and looks way older than his supposed age and he's fat and he mugs instead of acts. What is it you like about him?

by Cherylreply 5309/09/2011

He looks fine for his age!

by Cherylreply 5411/07/2012

He has a girlfriend who lives in Canada.

by Cherylreply 5511/07/2012

The guy looks pretty gay!

by Cherylreply 5605/24/2013

R52 No he is riding Stana Katic's coat tails now. R53 Ditto. He's simply not handsome. Now he is also too heavy

by Cherylreply 5706/01/2013

Nathan Fillion just received RAVE reviews for his role in the movie remake of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

by Cherylreply 5806/01/2013

R53 Your view seems trite, but I must admit , you tell the truth. He no longer fits Beckett, yet the show is based on their romance.

by Cherylreply 5906/08/2013

The guy gets more and more ugly with age..Geez!

by Cherylreply 6008/03/2013

It appears that Nathan has a new girlfriend. It's slightly embarrassing that she has to wear 5 inch heels even to reach his shoulder.

by Cherylreply 6109/27/2013

His latest girlfriend - thoughts?

by Cherylreply 6202/10/2014
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