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A Handicapped Love Story

I need help understanding this film, An Infinite Tenderness, directed by Pierre Jallaud. Here's the description:%0D %0D "Candid and heartfelt, this documentary focuses on a physically disabled and brain-damaged boy who draws fulfillment from his friendship with a little girl who's staying in the same hospital and is even more physically challenged. Without employing dialogue or narration, the film takes a direct and creative approach to portraying the small triumphs and tragedies that grow out of the children's connection to each other."%0D %0D This film is beautiful and disturbing and cruel. How did it get made? Ethics experts today would definitely object because the handicapped children don't seem to be acting and they aren't capable of consent. %0D %0D Jallaud is a famous French director but even on Google, there are no reviews or analyses of this film. Why the blackout? %0D %0D %0D %0D

by Rumpyreply 512/28/2012

Damn, (G)Rumpy -- where the hell do you come up with this shit from? You're even crazier now than I remember you being.

by Rumpyreply 105/22/2011

If you see this film, it will change the way you look at snow.

by Rumpyreply 205/22/2011

OP, was his love story handicapped by friends, neighbors or relatives?

by Rumpyreply 305/22/2011

Nobody has seen this film? I think it was made in 1969 or 1970.

by Rumpyreply 405/22/2011

The translation of the message that runs at the beginning of the film states as follows: "This film is not a documentary [document of cinéma-vérité]. It is a story which, even if it is perfectly realistic, is no less a work of imagination."The two principal characters have not been photographed, without their knowing, by a hidden camera. They are actors fully aware of and entirely consenting to a plot which they know in all its details and which, through the film, has become a story of their own." After it was previewed at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 1975 there were some very positive responses.

by Rumpyreply 512/28/2012
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