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Please share your Sasquatch encounters here.

by MarshallLawreply 10801/01/2017

My first encounter was when I was 15. We were at a Harvest Festival and we were all given Sasquatch Pie. I still say Pumpkin is the best and this was just a poor substitute.

by MarshallLawreply 105/15/2011

It was New Orleans in 2004 during Southern Decadence. I was really drunk (I thin k he was too) and I kept catching him looking at me. He followed me from Oz to Lafitte's and we started making out on the balcony. He had really bad breath.

I said I was going in to use the rest room and I ducked out. Later on that evening (well, morning, by then) I ran into him at Rawhide and I blew him on the pool table while a bunch of leprechauns and a smurf looked on.

by MarshallLawreply 205/16/2011

More Sasquatch encounters here.

by MarshallLawreply 305/16/2011

My favorite Sasquatch moment.

by MarshallLawreply 405/16/2011

OMG, R2, I was one of the leprechauns!!! What a small world. That Sasquatch had terrible body odor but I do like 'em hairy. From the looks of it, you give great head, as I recall.

That smurf was really obnoxious. He kept rubbing his little pee-pee against me.

by MarshallLawreply 505/16/2011

omg i think i remember r4's show. i remember one came up to the winow while these people we at a cabin. gave me nightmares!

by MarshallLawreply 605/16/2011

Is it this clip R6? Mysterious Monsters freaked out a lot of us.

by MarshallLawreply 705/16/2011

Leapin' lizards! That done scurred me!

by MarshallLawreply 805/16/2011

A gas station parking lot after midnight ... a pickup truck with discarded McDonalds hamburger wrappers littering the backseat floor ... no lube ... it was horrible ... I was picking the hairs out of my teeth for weeks after ...

by MarshallLawreply 905/16/2011

Me too!

by MarshallLawreply 1005/16/2011

History's "Monster Quest" has done quite a few Sasquatch stories.

by MarshallLawreply 1105/16/2011

Monster Quest

by MarshallLawreply 1205/18/2011

I made him gag. :(

by MarshallLawreply 1305/18/2011

Its name is Laura W.

by MarshallLawreply 1405/18/2011

I worked with Sasquatch!

by MarshallLawreply 1505/18/2011

He asked to use my shower afterwards, but I told him it was broken because he use all my product and I'd never get all that hair out of the drain.

by MarshallLawreply 1605/18/2011

I took a photo of Sasquatch!

by MarshallLawreply 1705/18/2011

This was lurking outside my window. I'll never forget it's bulging eyes and hideous foul odor!

by MarshallLawreply 1805/18/2011

Jesus Christ r18 keep that at home!

by MarshallLawreply 1905/18/2011

Riiight R18! Yeaaaaaaaah! but ya love it when she gives ya a bath. Vrooom! Vroom!

by MarshallLawreply 2005/18/2011

If you watch the documentary 'Legend of Bigfoot', the filmmaker is one of the lucky few to have actually photographed the shy creature on more than one occasion.

by MarshallLawreply 2105/18/2011

I actually met a guy who sincerely says he has seen Bigfoot. Only he says is was "a bad sighting" and he "doesn't like to talk about it." WTF?

by MarshallLawreply 2205/18/2011

More Sasquatch

by MarshallLawreply 2305/19/2011

May I recommend comedian Scott Herriott's Squatching and Journey Toward Squatchdom DVD's (I own both)? Quite well done in the food for thought vein and very amusing. I'm a believer.

by MarshallLawreply 2405/19/2011

thanks r24 I'll check them out.

by MarshallLawreply 2505/19/2011

who? me?

by MarshallLawreply 2605/19/2011

I prefer the Yeti. They have a gentler countenance thanks to their Buddhist outlook.

by MarshallLawreply 2705/20/2011

I was shopping at the old Marshall Fields on State years ago, and Sasquatch was working the Clinique counter.

I thought that a bit odd.

by MarshallLawreply 2805/20/2011

Do any of you remember "The Legend of Boggy Creek" about a bigfoot in Arkansas? That movie, based on a true story, scared the bejeebus out of me as a kid.

by MarshallLawreply 2905/20/2011

Is any of that Sasquatch poo real?

by MarshallLawreply 3005/20/2011

It's as real as Sasquatch, MarshallLaw.

by MarshallLawreply 3105/20/2011

I once traveled up Vancouver Island in Canada hoping to run into a Sasquatch, but no such luck.

by MarshallLawreply 3205/25/2011

Sarah Palin had an encounter with a redheaded sasquash for jesus.

by MarshallLawreply 3305/25/2011

Camping trip in July 1977 on Mt. Rainier, WA. I spent each night expecting Bigfoot to steal me out of the tent.%0D %0D To this day I can't watch any of those monster shows on Sasquatch. I'm a bit phobic about the whole thing.

by MarshallLawreply 3405/25/2011

Sasquatch Lives!

by MarshallLawreply 3505/30/2011

Is anyone watching "Finding Bigfoot"? Apparently, they never do.

by MarshallLawreply 3607/11/2011

Sasquatch raped me!

by MarshallLawreply 3707/11/2011

Funny you should mention this. Last weekend I drove to Chicago from the east coast. At 2AM I began to get sleepy, so, I pulled over into this wooded area and fell asleep. About 2 hours later, I awoke to the sound of heavy crunchy footsteps, and when I looked out my window, I saw this huge, hungry-looking, hairy figure staring at me like I was lunch. I was so alarmed, I shouted, "Fuck me!". At that, he ran away.

by MarshallLawreply 3807/11/2011

Vancouver Island is Mecca for Sasquatch, R32. I am surprised you didn't see any.

by MarshallLawreply 3907/13/2011

Scariest monster I've ever seen...

by MarshallLawreply 4007/13/2011

There's a one-horse town up in Oregon that holds a regular "Bigfoot & Beer" gathering. I guess they don't have much else to do over there.

by MarshallLawreply 4107/18/2011

F&F for r40 for posting a racist tea-bagger video.

by MarshallLawreply 4207/18/2011

Here is a link to "Bigfoot and Beer".

by MarshallLawreply 4307/18/2011

Sasquatch guest-starred on my television show.

by MarshallLawreply 4407/18/2011

Is everything big on a Bigfoot?

by MarshallLawreply 4507/20/2011

Sasquatch is a total power bottom.

by MarshallLawreply 4607/20/2011

There's a town in Oregon where it's illegal to shoot Sasquatch.

by MarshallLawreply 4707/20/2011

Sasquatch now works for the TSA.

by MarshallLawreply 4807/20/2011

Sasquatch will soon appear on "The A-List."

by MarshallLawreply 4907/28/2011

Bigfoot lives!

by MarshallLawreply 5009/02/2011

It spawned and has a reality show.

by MarshallLawreply 5109/02/2011

Bigfoot is the ultimate Bear.

by MarshallLawreply 5209/02/2011

Back before you had to pump your own gas (ugh!) I was running quite low and stopped late one night at a filling station just outside Randle (WA.) Surprised to see the lights on. I mean, you can't get more in the boondocks than Randle, WA. Even more surprised to see a full-grown male (you could tell) Sasquatch come out of the repair area and around to my window. He leaned down but didn't say anything. (Can they even talk?) I wasn't so much frightened as stunned and said, "Fill 'er up with regular, please," which he proceeded to do. He even ran the credit card and returned it to me after I signed. Then he then shuffled back to whatever he had been doing in the shop. Still curious, but not stupid, I drove away. NEVER told anyone about this until tonight!

by MarshallLawreply 5309/02/2011

mmm, sasquatch...

by MarshallLawreply 5409/03/2011

He fucked me last night.

by MarshallLawreply 5509/04/2011

Sasquatch violated me a couple of weeks ago. He told me his name was Janie Lane though.

by MarshallLawreply 5609/04/2011

R45 No, alas, and that's the saddest part.

by MarshallLawreply 5709/05/2011

I want more "true" Sasquatch encounters, please.

by MarshallLawreply 5809/06/2011

Bigfoot and beer

by MarshallLawreply 5909/12/2011

The Marble Mountain footage

by MarshallLawreply 6009/12/2011

Today, Macys, 2nd floor ladies dept. Look just like this, but had no head

by MarshallLawreply 6109/12/2011

I'd rather talk about Sasquatch than politics any day.

by MarshallLawreply 6210/01/2011

For laughs, my partner and I used to get stoned and watch the various Sasquatch and other cryptozoology videos on Youtube together. I work nights, and it was not so funny when I came home in the morning to his still-scared Mary!-moment..We live in a mid-atlantic rural area, surrounded by pretty much nothing but deciduous forest.

I was greeted by a wild tale of noises heard outside, in the middle of the night - including, 'weird moans', and branches beat against trees, rhythmically - answering each other, back and forth - from out back. The one trash barrel outside was turned over, but I found no other evidence. He insists it happened, to this day (though he saw nothing, he was literally hiding) - but we no longer go to Youtube and laugh at such things.

by MarshallLawreply 6310/01/2011

Mitt Romney thinks Bigfoot is a hoax.

by MarshallLawreply 6401/18/2012

Didn't he eat your turkey meatballs too?

by MarshallLawreply 6501/18/2012

Sasquatch is a known throughout the Northwest as the cuntiest cunt that ever cunted!

by MarshallLawreply 6601/18/2012

core alley 2009

by MarshallLawreply 6701/18/2012

Bigfoot lives!

by MarshallLawreply 6812/04/2012

Dancing Bigfoot

by MarshallLawreply 6912/04/2012

This Florida-based eyewitness worked at the Warsaw Ballroom during its 1990's gay heyday.

by MarshallLawreply 7012/04/2012

First one who mentions my name gets my dirty panties FedEx'd to their office.

by MarshallLawreply 7112/04/2012

BUMP for Bigfoot.

by MarshallLawreply 7212/05/2012

Asshole is married to my sister. Saw him on November 11, he ordered lobster because it was on someone else's dime.

by MarshallLawreply 7312/05/2012

Will there be a Bigfoot Christmas?

by MarshallLawreply 7412/08/2012

My elementary school principal, Sister Nathaniel, was a Sasquatch. When she shaved off her body hair she looked like Fred Flinstone in a nun's habit.

by MarshallLawreply 7512/08/2012

I woke up and looked in the mirror...

by MarshallLawreply 7612/08/2012

Finding Bigfoot is scheduled to return in November. In the meantime I bought me a DVD called "Box of Bigfoot" which features three bigfoot movies from the seventies: The Legend of Boggy Creek, The Capture of Bigfoot and The Legend of Bigfoot. Has anyone seen any of these drive-in, cult classics?

by MarshallLawreply 7710/04/2013

Bigfoot lives! (See link.)

by MarshallLawreply 7810/04/2013


by MarshallLawreply 7910/04/2013

Sasquatch = Khloe Kardashian

by MarshallLawreply 8010/04/2013

Recent DM article on a sighting

I just find it odd that there are no droppings, hairs, or any kind of trace of this supposed being. And the photos and videos are always blurry.

Surely in this age of smartphone cameras/videos someone would have gotten some clear shots.

by MarshallLawreply 8110/04/2013

R77, most Bigfoot movies were low budget horrors, fit the drive-in crowd.

by MarshallLawreply 8210/04/2013

Not sure why the bump, but here's the best site for sasquatch nowadays. They're serious, do careful analyses and have some intelligent commentary. Their conclusions are a bit crazy, but once one accepts the unlikely presence of such things matters of derivation and history do come up.

Here is almost a half hour of footage with comments. Note that some of the images are clearer and more spooky than most one sees.

by MarshallLawreply 8310/04/2013

In Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, I killed several Sasquatches.

by MarshallLawreply 8410/04/2013

Stupidly, Bigfoot's a phobia of mine. I refuse to go camping because of it.

by MarshallLawreply 8510/04/2013

Bigfoot lives.

by MarshallLawreply 8610/14/2013

That "Boggy Creek" movie also scared the shit out of me when I was a tot.

When I was a kid, I remember my uncle being late for a family gathering. Quiet guy, not a drinker, normal man. He showed up, shaking, white as a ghost. He swore up and down he had seen a "Bigfoot" running across the road. Creeped us all this day, not sure to believe him or not.

by MarshallLawreply 8710/14/2013

Why does the Sasquatch cross the road?

by MarshallLawreply 8810/14/2013

Throughout most of our existence as a species we've shared the planet with other hominids. Therefore, it's not as if something like a Bigfoot couldn't possibly exist. It's just that we are so good at killing things and driving other species into extinction that it would be incredibly surprising to discover that another hominid is roaming the planet.

by MarshallLawreply 8910/14/2013

There has been speculation by cryptozoologists that maybe these beings (and other cryptids) exist in a dimension adjacent to us and walk through the "holes" when they can to check our reality out. Remember "The Mist"? As Marcia Gay Harden's superbly smart and evil zealot said "a door instead of a window was opened".

by MarshallLawreply 9010/14/2013


Shapeshifting Sasquatch attacks hunter with rock in Oregon!

Taylor Lautner to star in Sci Fi original!

by MarshallLawreply 9110/14/2013

My first encounter was in rural NJ - The male was ape like and seemed dull or slow, the female was the more aggressive of the pair - she was seen flipping tables and calling people prostitution whores.

by MarshallLawreply 9210/14/2013

Wow - R83 - that's a lot of different bigfoot clips. I haven't seen most of that.

It's pretty convincing.

by MarshallLawreply 9310/14/2013

If they actually exist then they would have to be fairly intelligent and inhabit areas humans generally avoid. You'd also have to wonder if they're nocturnal ( which would be very strange). The only thing is they're always spotted alone which makes me question how intelligent they could possibly be. Even Neanderthals and Homo erectus lived in small bands. I'm skeptical but it's not completely out of the question.

by MarshallLawreply 9410/15/2013

R94, the reason why we tend to see solitary Bigfoots is because they are young males who go out on their own before they settle down and start a family. Family groups tend to avoid contact with humans.

by MarshallLawreply 9510/16/2013

Is anyone watching the new season of "Finding Bigfoot"?

by MarshallLawreply 9611/18/2013

Interesting clips of the Patterson film inverted..

That thing looks real...

by MarshallLawreply 9711/18/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by MarshallLawreply 9811/18/2013

"Finding Bigfoot" lost me when the BFRO teamed up with that buffoon "Turtle Man." That sent "Finding Bigfoot" straight into crazy reality show territory.

by MarshallLawreply 9906/10/2014

Finding Bigfoot is as much of a stupid reality show as Turtle Man. To compare Finding Bigfoot to a serious science show like Cosmos would be ridiculous.

Turtle Man is Animal Planet's most popular show, after Finding Bigfoot. It made sense for Animal Planet to link the two. Whether or not Turtle Man made up the story about him seeing Bigfoot when he was 9 is best left unanswered.

by MarshallLawreply 10006/10/2014

Finding Bigfoot is getting repetitive. Either find Bigfoot, or go off the air.

by MarshallLawreply 10106/11/2014

"Finding Bigfoot" is Animal Planet's most popular program. It's not going anywhere.

by MarshallLawreply 10206/17/2014

I find the cast of Finding Bigfoot to be mostly insufferable, with the possible exception of Cliff. Bobo is a living embodiment of the big, dumb, beer-drinking, straight jock. And Renae is a lesbian.

by MarshallLawreply 10307/22/2014

Bigfoot lives! (And so does this thread.)

by MarshallLawreply 10412/30/2016


by MarshallLawreply 10512/30/2016

My sister is a giant. But we never talk about it.

by MarshallLawreply 10612/30/2016

They shit on my furniture.

by MarshallLawreply 10712/30/2016

Finding Bigfoot will return January 8.

by MarshallLawreply 10801/01/2017
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