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Vintage HBO Program Guides!

Does anyone remember these things??

For anyone too young to remember those bygone days, HBO would mail out out a small, colorful and information packed little magazine before the start of each month.

The %E2%80%9CHBO Guide%E2%80%9D listed what was going to be on HBO each day and gave you a synopsis on each film to be broadcast.

Those days are gone....

So %E2%80%93 feel free to explore post and enjoy the Facebook page for Vintage HBO Guides that I created. There are already over 160 scans from various guides on the page with more on the way. All comments, discussion and images are welcome. Enjoy!

by StyGuyreply 3511/10/2013

OP = Anthony????

by StyGuyreply 105/14/2011

LOL--I remember those well, OP. I remember being particularly excited at the synopsizes of movies deemed "too dirty" for me to watch by my parents.

by StyGuyreply 205/14/2011

I remember only watching movies that had R ratings in those guides.

by StyGuyreply 305/14/2011

I used to eat the guides!!

by StyGuyreply 405/14/2011

I have more memories of monthly, cable-programming guides. This was in the early-1980s.

by StyGuyreply 505/14/2011

I remember when my small town got The Movie Channel for the first time. It was like getting indoor plumbing or electricity for the first time. You had this box that sat on top of your TV that you had to switch on to watch it.

by StyGuyreply 605/14/2011

Yup. I remember those, Op. We had free (premium) cable cable in the dorms and I learned quickly that it,s near impossible to jerk off to "Autopsy"

by StyGuyreply 705/14/2011

There is still an HBO Guide - it sits in every hotel room. It's not as detailed as the old one, but I still flip through it when working out of town.

by StyGuyreply 805/14/2011

Those were when HBO didn't start programming weekdays until 4, and on weekends they would start at noon. And it was the same 15 or 20 movies all month.

by StyGuyreply 905/14/2011

WOW! Memory Lane! I haven't thought about these in 30 years!

by StyGuyreply 1005/14/2011

Hotels still get those guides.

by StyGuyreply 1105/14/2011

YES! I remember those well. And I also remember the old 'HOME BOX OFFICE' boxes that sat on your tv, and you had to turn the key and slide something to go from regular TV to HBO. And I remember that HBO's programming was ALL over the place...they had movies, for sure, but they also had music videos, they had short films--all to fill time to get to the top of the hour. They also had that instrumental music--I guess it was a promo--where it was like this little 3D town and then the camera panned over it. Anyone else remember that? They still use a portion of that music to this day when they show the HBO logo.

by StyGuyreply 1205/14/2011

OP, it says its a closed group.

by StyGuyreply 1305/14/2011

I watched, without any sort of subscription, on a big C-band dish starting in 1978. Free HBO before they scrambled it, but no program guide was given out to pirates!

In the earliest days of HBO, they filled time between movies with short, Urban Exploration clips shot with the (then brand new) Steadicam. The camera floated through the most amazing landscapes, gardens, abandoned stuff, museums...quite stunning. Loved the clips so much, I later bought a consumer/low end Steadicam Jr. so my videos float, too.

by StyGuyreply 1405/14/2011

Everything you posted I remember well, Lila. I remember the slider box--you had to turn the TV dial to channel 3, then slide the switch. Then you turned the dial to get Cinemax, USA, ESPN, and 2-3 other channels. HBO Video Jukebox--remember that, too. I remember when we first got HBO, they would play only 2 movies all day--sometimes they were themed, like "Gray Lady Down" and "Poseidon Adventure." It all seems so spartan, now, but God, it was so space-age at the time.

by StyGuyreply 1505/14/2011

One of the VERY early HBO promo's with that music@!

by StyGuyreply 1605/14/2011

Due to popular demand...the group in now open!

by StyGuyreply 1705/14/2011

This brings back a lot of memories!

by StyGuyreply 1805/15/2011

I remember when daguerreotypes where all the rage!

by StyGuyreply 1905/15/2011

This is great!

by StyGuyreply 2005/15/2011

I remember when HBO and Showtime showed taped performances of plays and musicals. Wait Until Dark with Katharine Ross, Pippin with William Katt, Chita Rivera, Sweeney Todd with Lansbury, Barefoot in the Park and The Rainmaker.

by StyGuyreply 2105/15/2011

My crazy parents were anti-television.


I didn't know there was color tv!

They didn't get a color tv until I was in college. This was the mid 80's!

by StyGuyreply 2205/15/2011

R22, if it makes you feel any better, I didn't have color TV until I went away to college myself. My parents even got basic cable before they got color TV. I got to see cable TV (mostly TBS and MTV and a few other channels... really, in those days it just mean something like 20 channels instead of 4) in glorious black and white!%0D %0D

by StyGuyreply 2305/15/2011

Oh my God, I used to LOVE that HBO opening. When they updated from the old intro to tht one, HBO aired a 30-minute documentary on how they designed and created the thing, from the miniature set to the score and recording to the camaer work. It might seem trite now but that opening was a big deal when first introduced. %0D %0D As for the HBO guide, it's still available. I get it sent electronically, as a pdf, each month. I'm posting the link to this month's guide below. (Be forewarned that the cpver image is highly disturbing.)

by StyGuyreply 2405/15/2011

Troll-dar funny in this thread.

by StyGuyreply 2505/15/2011

I loved those guides.

by StyGuyreply 2605/16/2011

They still have these guides in some hotels. I saw one just this past week in the Embassy Suites in Charleston....

by StyGuyreply 2705/16/2011

Troll-dar = the gift that keeps on giving

by StyGuyreply 2805/16/2011

Did anyone see the HBO movie about the fat failed alcoholic TV show writer...I forget what it was called "Finding...."

It aired a few times then ..poof..

by StyGuyreply 2905/16/2011

We had some service called "Wireless Cable" and the only channel we received was HBO, via a special antenna. I do remember these guides back in the mid to late 80s.

I loved that feature presentation intro.

by StyGuyreply 3005/16/2011

I found one of these recently in a men's room near the Met Opera Shop. The pages were all stuck together. I realized too late it was jizz. It takes all kinds, truly, and I am glad everybody can have their own peculiar interests without being mocked for them.

by StyGuyreply 3105/18/2011

i remember them and i saved them for three or four years, still got 'em

by StyGuyreply 3206/03/2012

Yes, I remember. We got HBO in 1976. It was $20.00 a month and never went up in the almost 20 years we had it. It came in a little white box that was like an A/B switch. You clicked on button and got HBO and then the other to go back to your regular TV stations.

HBO was really something in those days, great films and made for HBO films and musical specials.

by StyGuyreply 3306/03/2012

Also you need to checkout the tv/hbo archive @ as well

by StyGuyreply 3411/10/2013

The link doesn't work for me.

by StyGuyreply 3511/10/2013
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