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All mini-marts, hotels and 7-11's will be closed due to a death in the family.

by Samreply 1902/15/2013

Har Har Har.

by Samreply 105/03/2011

Thank you, come again!

by Samreply 205/03/2011

Good one, OP. There is a mini-mart in the next town that isn't owned or operated by anyone from the Mid-East. It's the only one I know of.

by Samreply 305/03/2011


Webbie, delete this racist thread immediately!

by Samreply 405/03/2011

I know all those brown people look alike to you darling, but the hotels are all owned by [bold]INDIANS[/bold], who are primarily [bold]HINDU[/bold]. Gandhi, cow-worship, elephant gods, ring a bell? Hell, there's billions of brown people on the planet who aren't Muslim a-tall.

Now please go back to fucking your cousin in the trailer park, where you belong.

by Samreply 505/03/2011

What happened??

by Samreply 605/03/2011

We May Doze, But We Never Close.

by Samreply 705/03/2011

Obviously the OP is not from New York.

by Samreply 805/03/2011

When a Hindu man in India marries, on the wedding night he peels off his wife's Red Dot to reveal if he has won a taxi, doughnut franchise, or hotel in the US. If there is nothing, he will continue to work at the Call Center helping Americans with their tech problems.

by Samreply 905/03/2011

This thread is a freeper racist bonanza!

by Samreply 1005/03/2011

Yes, nothing like the death of a Saudi lunatic Luddite demagogue murderer to unite Americans on the DL in ridiculing Indian merchants and hoteliers, being confused with Pakistani merchants and hoteliers, being confused with Mideast lunatic Luddite demagogue murderers. Or not.

Here's wondering about those dirty nukes supposedly scattered across North America in the event of Bin Laden's demise.

by Samreply 1105/03/2011

[quote]I know all those brown people look alike to you darling

Can you freaks please give the "brown people" thing a rest.

by Samreply 1205/03/2011

OP = Gilbert Gottfried

by Samreply 1305/03/2011

op is an idiot.

by Samreply 1405/03/2011

R14 would be upset if OP said Grossinger's Deli is owned by a Jew. He doesn't want people to state the obvious.

by Samreply 1505/03/2011

R9 LOL I'm laughing so hard it hurts. You%E2%80%99re terrifically funny because it is so true what you are saying.

by Samreply 1605/03/2011

Geez, would all you PC queens and dykes please lighten the hell up.

by Samreply 1705/03/2011

I hear that those red dots taste even better than the candy dots.

by Samreply 1805/03/2011


by Samreply 1902/15/2013
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