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On the eve of what was supposed to be Ken Ryker%E2%80%99s %E2%80%9Ccomeback tour%E2%80%9D of gay bars across the country, the troubled yet well hung former gay porn star is behind bars in a South Dakota jail.

Ryker had promised fans that he would be hitting the gym and the tanning salon in the build up to his Cocktails With The Stars appearance on May 5th (this coming Thursday), but he decided to hit the bottle and drive his car off the side of a road instead.


[Ryker], 38, was traveling on U.S. Highway 16, about 10 miles west of Custer, when his Hyundai Santa Fe left the road about 10:30 p.m., according to South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Shann Barrick.

The vehicle struck the rock wall on the right side of the road, rolled and then traveled down the hill on the left side of the road about 50 feet, Barrick said.

Alcohol was a factor in the accident, and [Ryker] was cited for driving under the influence, Barrick said.

[Ryker] was taken to Custer Regional Hospital with minor injuries, Barrick said.

That was back on April 10th, and this morning I spoke with Ryker%E2%80%99s manager, David Forest. Forest confirmed both the report and the speculation that Ryker would not be able to make this week%E2%80%99s Cocktails. If one DUI and some cuts and bruises doesn%E2%80%99t sound like a good enough excuse to cancel an appearance, that%E2%80%99s because this isn%E2%80%99t Ryker%E2%80%99s first DUI. It%E2%80%99s his third. This year.

According to Forest, Ryker is being held without bail, and will (hopefully) be sentenced to inpatient rehab for about six months, as opposed to prison.


Ryker will go to court next on May 17. He expects that he%E2%80%99ll be sent directly to an alcohol treatment program. After a few months, he%E2%80%99ll be able to leave each day for work. He should be out before Thanksgiving. He%E2%80%99s only going to miss the Micky%E2%80%99s appearance AND one in Detroit on May 13th. There were also some %E2%80%9Cprivate meetings%E2%80%9D that we%E2%80%99ll have to try and re-schedule later this year. I think this is a %E2%80%9Cwake-up alarm%E2%80%9D for Ken.

The Sword sincerely wishes Ken Ryker well, both in the treatment of his substance abuse and the rescheduling of his escorting clients.

by Hal Rocklandreply 26508/18/2013

David FOrest is a bit of a sleaze isn't he?

by Hal Rocklandreply 305/01/2011

If he's 38, then I'm 28.

by Hal Rocklandreply 405/01/2011

[quote]Say what you will, he's done pretty well for himself. He owns a couple of commercial building and a cafe in his home town of Philip So Dakota.

You stupid, delusional queen. If he was doing "pretty well for himself", he wouldn't still be hooking through caftan wearing Madame David Forest. He's almost 40 years old and still hooking. That is pathetic.

by Hal Rocklandreply 505/01/2011

He's not from South Dakota--he was raised in Texas. I think he was actually born in South Korea because he's a military brat.

by Hal Rocklandreply 605/01/2011

One thing that SHOCKED me about my DUI eleven years ago was that I wasn't allowed to drink while my license was suspended.

I pretended that I didn't know this while consistently blowing 13 BACs in aftercare - and driving. I graduated to inpatient within five months of the DUI.

by Hal Rocklandreply 705/01/2011

r5, you're very rude. ...not to mention bitter.

by Hal Rocklandreply 805/01/2011

He's not hooking - he's "making appearances" at gay bars.

BIG Difference.

by Hal Rocklandreply 905/01/2011

This is too bad, because Ryker is actually a nice guy.

by Hal Rocklandreply 1005/01/2011

If he were "doing pretty well," he wouldn't be driving a Hyundai and living in the Dakotas.

by Hal Rocklandreply 1105/01/2011

There's no way Julie Andrews would ever appear in porn, even if Blake Edwards is dead.

by Hal Rocklandreply 1305/01/2011

r12, does this sound familiar:

"How about... [italic]eleven[/italic] inches, and a manly smell?"

by Hal Rocklandreply 1405/01/2011

[quote]], you're very rude. ...not to mention bitter.

Yes dear bitter because I'm not a middle aged hooker, bitter because I don't have 3 DUI's, bitter because I don't live in bumfuck South Dakota, bitter because I don't drive a Hyundai, and of course bitter because I'm not in jail.

You really are a fucking idiot.

[quote]He's not hooking - he's "making appearances" at gay bars.

Brush up on your reading comprehension skills dearie.

[quote]There were also some "private meetings" that we'll have to try and re-schedule later this year

Try and guess what a "private meeting" is snookums. David Forest is a notorious pimp in the gay porn industry.

by Hal Rocklandreply 1505/01/2011

[quote]Try and guess what a "private meeting" is snookums. David Forest is a notorious pimp in the gay porn industry%0D %0D How do you know, did you work for him?

by Hal Rocklandreply 1705/01/2011

I doubt David Frost would lower himself to have anything to do with Ryker.

by Hal Rocklandreply 1805/01/2011

How sad...his real name is Gary Pokorney. I don't blame him for being a drunk.

by Hal Rocklandreply 2105/01/2011

That is not his name, it's Bill Flagstaff. I confirmed that on the Colt website.

by Hal Rocklandreply 2205/01/2011

Quit slamming is car. I have a 2008 Kia Altima and it's a great car.

by Hal Rocklandreply 2305/01/2011

[quote]was traveling on U.S. Highway 16, about 10 miles west of Custer, when his Hyundai Santa Fe

I bet the Hyundai/Kia Hates Gays troll {with link} head is exploding!

by Hal Rocklandreply 2405/01/2011

David Forest has been to jail for his pimping, among other things. He's scum and anyone involved with him is in desperate straights. Another one of his clients, Simon Dexter (AKA Harley on Sean Cody) is now selling his used underwear on Ebay.

by Hal Rocklandreply 2505/01/2011

What the fuck is he doing in the Dakotas? Almost NOBODY lives there.%0D %0D

by Hal Rocklandreply 2605/01/2011

He drives a Hyundai? I can never look at him the same again. So not hot.

by Hal Rocklandreply 2705/01/2011

The saddest part about this is that he lives in Custer, South Dakota.

by Hal Rocklandreply 2805/01/2011

It%E2%80%99s obvious the man is gay. He thought the world of heterosexual could cure him of his %E2%80%9Cdeviant behavior%E2%80%9D but instead it has driven him to the bottle.

by Hal Rocklandreply 2905/01/2011

Of course Ken Ryker was hoping for a great deal of private meetings being set up by his manager David Forest for his "comeback" tour where fans can enjoy meeting him in private (for a hefty price of course) where everything's possible (for a price of course).

by Hal Rocklandreply 3105/01/2011

Didn't Forest used to manage Stevie Nicks?

by Hal Rocklandreply 3205/01/2011

I'm always amazed by the delusional queens on DL. No, he's not hooking, and he's probably gay for pay, too. And a millionaire. And not an alcoholic. And HIV-neg. And he's got property all over France, China, and North Dakota!

by Hal Rocklandreply 3305/01/2011

What a shame. South Dakota????

by Hal Rocklandreply 3405/01/2011

The smut picture racket is a one way road to ruin.

by Hal Rocklandreply 3505/01/2011

R33 nails it.%0D %0D The life of a porn star/hooker is one of big money and easy living. I simply don't know why more young men don't go into this line of work, especially during these tough economic times.

by Hal Rocklandreply 3605/01/2011

Is Ken a preacher? Or is there another Gary Pokorney who preaches at the Berean Bible Church?

by Hal Rocklandreply 3805/01/2011

But at least this way porn fans will see a current picture of Ken and not some promo shots from a decade ago.

by Hal Rocklandreply 3905/01/2011

[quote]The life of a porn star/hooker is one of big money and easy living. I simply don't know why more young men don't go into this line of work, especially during these tough economic times.

R33 was making fun of you R17/22. OMG you are a delusional fucktard. Only a small handful of companies pay more then $1K for a scene now. Most of them pay between $300-$800 and some are paying as little as $150-200. Most of them leave the industry worse off financially then before getting into it.

[quote]and you bitches are the problem.

Another stupid delusional queen.

by Hal Rocklandreply 4005/01/2011

I love it!! He didn't even realize that I was making fun of him! Unreal.

by Hal Rocklandreply 4105/01/2011

R2, you don't know what you're talking about. David Forest himself has said repeatedly that Ryker has been chronically unemployed and in serious financial straights for a long time. It's why he moved to god forsaken South Dakota. He and his wife and kids needed the help and support of her family because they were broke ass paupers.

A married man with children who's "doing so well" doesn't need to go back on a nationwide whore circuit to earn some money.

by Hal Rocklandreply 4205/01/2011

He's obviously an alcoholic and probably has been for years. I'd love to see a current picture of him to see how badly the liquor has affected his looks. I know David Forest has repeatedly refused to post a current picture of him on ATKOL.

I'm betting he looks like pure hell.

by Hal Rocklandreply 4305/01/2011

This surprises me about Ken Ryker, because he's a very shy and nice in person. Maybe he's having a hard time dealing with his sexuality, I don't know.

by Hal Rocklandreply 4405/01/2011

[quote] Maybe he's having a hard time dealing with his sexuality

Isn't that what he has been dealing with? Come fucking on and get honest.

by Hal Rocklandreply 4605/01/2011

[quote]If Ken Ryker has a wife and kids, their is no way he is hooking with clients for David Forrest. I believe he's only doing appearances.

Do you have shit for brains? Forest has advertised Ryker for $3000 Overnight Private Meetings. What do you think he does with his clients all night? Play Monopoly? Discuss the global economy?

Get with it, dipshit.

by Hal Rocklandreply 4805/01/2011

Anybody who fucks guys on camera isn't having "a hard time dealing with his sexuality," r46 -- I think you're the one who needs to get fucking real.

by Hal Rocklandreply 4905/01/2011

If anything the dude is having a hard time dealing with his chosen "profession."

by Hal Rocklandreply 5005/01/2011

R45 I refer you to David Forest's own thread at ATKOL where he advertises all his whores. He doesn't quote prices there (you'll have to do that in private), but anyone who says there's no prostitution going on with these "private meetings" is either simple minded or one of Forest's whores.

by Hal Rocklandreply 5105/01/2011

And here's the interview with Forest where he clearly states that Ryker's "overnight" fee is $3000.00 (although he claims to not like to do overnights). I guess he doesn't like to be away from the little wife's pussy for very long (rolls eyes). Also, notice that ALL the pictures posted at the site are very old pictures from Ryker's porn days. He probably looks like pure shit now and they're hoping that once the client gets a look at him (most likely not until AFTER he's paid his fee) he'll be willing to overlook his appearance for a chance to ride that famous bent cock (if Ryker can even still get it up - and he never was really able to fully get it up even when he did porn).

by Hal Rocklandreply 5205/01/2011


by Hal Rocklandreply 5305/01/2011

I once met Jon Vincent's wife. She was out at a party while he was on a date. It was so incredibly fucked up. Her body language was sad, her shoulders completely slumped. It wasn't hard to read the lack of self-esteem.

by Hal Rocklandreply 5405/01/2011

R39, if you think Forest was ever going to post a current picture of Ryker for the world to see you're nuts. That would have killed the deal before it ever happened. He's not going to let anyone see Ryker until he's got the money in hand (and I bet they've got a "no refund" policy).

If Ryker doesn't look like shit now I bet he will by the time he gets out of in-patient treatment. I doubt they have a weight room available for him to work out after group therapy.

by Hal Rocklandreply 5505/01/2011

I think Ryker has one kid and R44/45 is a fucking idiot.

Gary/Ken used to post at ATKOL and always came off as bitter and angry. He was also conservative rightwing repug.

by Hal Rocklandreply 5605/01/2011

R57=morbidly obese caftan wearing queen still jerking her clit dick to Ryker videos.

You're right dear we should have sympathy and empathy for a middle aged, long retired, shit for brains porn hooker with 3 DUI's.

by Hal Rocklandreply 5905/01/2011

I fully admit I am jealous and bitter! Fuck it! I want to go to jail! I want to drive shitty cars! I want to be a whore! GOD DAMMIT! I WANNA LIVE IN SOUTH DAKOTA!!!!!!

by Hal Rocklandreply 6005/01/2011

Wow, either some mumuu-clad Ken Ryker groupie is here, or it's David Forrest himself (Ryker being otherwise engaged).

by Hal Rocklandreply 6105/01/2011

But think of his children, r59.

by Hal Rocklandreply 6205/01/2011

Uhm, no comments on Ken's last video?

by Hal Rocklandreply 6305/01/2011

Look at it this way. The fact that he would even consider going back and doing this kind of work considering his current personal life (married with kids) proves (at least to me) that he's either financially desperate or dumb as a bag of hammers (or both).

by Hal Rocklandreply 6405/01/2011

He's an old man with a wife and kid and he's hooking for David Forest and he drives a Kia? He's hardly living the American dream. Too bad he wasn't smart like Mike Branson who has gone on to a brilliant career in public service.

by Hal Rocklandreply 6505/01/2011

David Forrest has posted on DL in the past so it's a fair assumption that the pro-Ken Ryker posts are his.

by Hal Rocklandreply 6605/01/2011

R63 I read an interview years ago about that bi-video Ryker did. Supposedly he walked off set angry more than once during the filming because the skank porn slut he was supposed to fuck was making fun of him over his lack of prowess dealing with the va jay jay and inability to maintain a hard on.

I guess Stryker wasn't willing to take him out back and fluff him.

by Hal Rocklandreply 6705/01/2011

So says the rumor R65. To date there has been absolutely no proof provided of Branson's "brilliant post porn career". And like most of the positive tales of the boys after porn it's probably a big fat lie.

by Hal Rocklandreply 6805/01/2011

After reading this, I do NOT want him in me quite deeply.

by Hal Rocklandreply 6905/01/2011

Branson does have a degree in something, from last I've heard of him.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7005/01/2011

Uh R68, R65 WAS JOKING! It's been a DL joke for years about Mike Branson.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7105/01/2011

Mike Branson, unlike every other porn whore, used his money hooking and fucking on camera to pay for college. Not community college, but a decent, accredited four year institution. Now he is reaping the fruits of his labor.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7205/01/2011

Link please R72. Talk is very cheap.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7305/01/2011

I thought it was well known that Mike Branson used his porn earnings to put himself through Yale Law School and is now an important judge in a US circuit court on the mid-Atlantic coast.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7405/01/2011

[quote]I thought it was well known that Mike Branson used his porn earnings to put himself through Yale Law School and is now an important judge in a US circuit court on the mid-Atlantic coast%0D %0D Yes, that's what I heard too.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7505/01/2011

Oh to be the lucky guy that is Ken's cellmate in prison. That guy is in for a hell of a lot of fun.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7605/01/2011

R73 again, a joke. The porn writer JC Adams was able to find him about 5 or 6 years ago but the only thing "Mike Branson" would give up info was was that he was living in the Southeast.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7705/01/2011

Porn whore Mike Branson now a big time judge!

Assuming you're serious I must say.... BITCH PLEASE!

The only thing that guy may be judging is a wet jockstrap contest at some sleazy gay bar.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7805/01/2011

Recovered alcoholic here--the fact that Ryker's on his third DUI indicates he's in serious trouble with his drinking. Hopefully he will get some help.

That said, hearing that he's got a wife and kid(s) is a total boner-killer for me.

by Hal Rocklandreply 7905/01/2011

[quote]Is Ken a preacher? Or is there another Gary Pokorney who preaches at the Berean Bible Church?%0D %0D Looks like Ken is a Jr. and his dad is the preacherman (there are 2 Ken Pokorneys in Custer SD - one is 38 and one is 62). I wonder what their relationship is like.

by Hal Rocklandreply 8105/01/2011

He is not that old, I'll bet he's still pretty hot.

by Hal Rocklandreply 8205/01/2011

The most successful ex gay porn star I can think of is Paul Carrigan (real name Manning Tillman) who is a cameraman on major Hollywood pictures like Avatar and Tron2. He's also married w/kids btw.

by Hal Rocklandreply 8305/01/2011

At one point Ken quit the business after one of the Rockland's found Jesus and convinced Ken that he was going to hell. I think it was the good looking Rockland. Ken eventually returned to the biz after preaching against gay porn, etc. Don't know what happened to the Rockland or if he's still with Jesus.

by Hal Rocklandreply 8405/01/2011

I had a dream about Ken Ryker once, he was amazing, and I woke up with soaking wet panties.

by Hal Rocklandreply 8505/01/2011

[quote]The most successful ex gay porn star I can think of is Paul Carrigan (real name Manning Tillman) who is a cameraman on major Hollywood pictures like Avatar and Tron2. He's also married w/kids btw.

More like an assistant cameraman. He still does lo rent gay and tranny porn so I'm going to guess he's not making the big bucks.

Tag Eriksson aka Fredrik Eklund is a very successful real estate agent.

by Hal Rocklandreply 8605/01/2011

[quote]He still does lo rent gay and tranny porn so I'm going to guess he's not making the big bucks

not for the past few years.

"a very successful real estate agent"

he's a whore, darlin'

by Hal Rocklandreply 8705/01/2011

Eklund is probably as successful as those frauds on that stupid real estate reality show from LA with all those dumb twats claiming to sell multi-million dollar properties every week (that we now know is all a big fraud).

by Hal Rocklandreply 8805/01/2011

I don't know any guys who are 40 who wouldn't make their living hooking if they could. Even the rich ones. More power to him.%0D

by Hal Rocklandreply 8905/01/2011

"not for the past few years."%0D %0D Use by date long past, no doubt. %0D %0D

by Hal Rocklandreply 9005/01/2011

[quote]not for the past few years.

His last IMDB title was in 2009 and a lot of porn titles don't get listed on IMDB.

[quote]he's a whore, darlin'

Good for you for stating the obvious, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that he is a successful real estate agent.

by Hal Rocklandreply 9105/01/2011

[quote]More like an assistant cameraman. He still does lo rent gay and tranny porn so I'm going to guess he's not making the big bucks%0D %0D Paul Carrigan is known to have a degree in chemistry. He has other things to fall back on, besides porn.

by Hal Rocklandreply 9205/01/2011

typical sad life of a gay man!

by Hal Rocklandreply 9305/01/2011

[quote]The only thing that guy may be judging is a wet jockstrap contest at some sleazy gay bar%0D %0D Don't assume that every porn star is an idiot. Former pornstar Phil Bradley got his degree as a Hospital assistant.

by Hal Rocklandreply 9405/01/2011

Here is Gary Pokorney's Facebook page.

The guy hasn't aged a bit.

by Hal Rocklandreply 9505/01/2011

R95, how can you tell? All I see is a picture of a toddler, whom I assume is Ryker's kid.

by Hal Rocklandreply 9605/01/2011

Here's Ken Ryker's My Space, STILL looks the same.

by Hal Rocklandreply 9705/01/2011

i would like to meet him as a friend. nothing sexual, no expectations like the rest of the world but just to talk to him and be there for him. i wouldn't see a porn star when i looked at him, just another human being trying to do the best he can.

by Hal Rocklandreply 9805/01/2011

He's a whore darlin.

by Hal Rocklandreply 9905/01/2011

You too sweet, r98.

by Hal Rocklandreply 10005/01/2011

this is nawt hawt

by Hal Rocklandreply 10105/01/2011

[quote]Paul Carrigan is known to have a degree in chemistry. He has other things to fall back on, besides porn.

Yeah sure he does, he's pushing 50 dear, not 30. Just like Mike Branson's Yale JD and Leo Giamani's good MCAT scores, I would guess Mr. Carrigan's degree in chemistry is fiction.

[quote]i would like to meet him as a friend. nothing sexual, no expectations like the rest of the world but just to talk to him and be there for him. i wouldn't see a porn star when i looked at him, just another human being trying to do the best he can.

You have to pay the cash upfront to do that sugar.

[quote]Here's Ken Ryker's My Space, STILL looks the same.

You really think that is a real profile? I have some beachfront property in Kansas I would like to see you.

by Hal Rocklandreply 10205/01/2011

Agree, r101.

Not hawt at all.

by Hal Rocklandreply 10305/01/2011

Paul Carrigan, Drew Andrews and Paul Morgan were the most prolific gay porn stars of the 90s. It would be difficult to find a gay porn from that decade where at least one of them didn't appear in it. They also performed in bi, tranny and straight porn. They all appeared in some very low rent porn near the ends of their careers.

Paul Carrigan (aka Manning Tillman) was always my favourite, I have a thing for beefy guys who are versatile, I especially like the videos in which he bottoms. One of Carrigan's last videos was as the bottom in 'The World's Biggest Transsexual Gangbang'.

I never heard anything about him having a degree in Chemistry but by any definition he is a successful cameraman for Hollywood films. He does not work as just an assistant cameraman, although even that is really impressive. His imdb page lists him as the camera supervisor for Avatar, camera tech for Tron2 and director of photography (underwater unit) for Prince Caspian. You don't get those kinds of jobs on films of that scale unless you are very well respected in the industry. He apparently lives or spends a large chunk of his time in New Zealand, which is where he gets the opportunity to work on these large projects.

Appearing in porn doesn't seem to have had any negative impact on his life or work. He's married (to a woman) with kids. He was apparently married (even wearing his wedding ring sometimes) while appearing in many films. He said in some magazine that he's bi and that his wife was very understanding about his working in porn.

by Hal Rocklandreply 10405/01/2011

He lost me at "Hyundai."

by Hal Rocklandreply 10505/01/2011

[quote]Former pornstar Phil Bradley got his degree as a Hospital assistant.

O M F G!! Phil Bradley is a Candy Striper! How absolutely precious. I can see him now, flitting up and down the hallways, knocking on patient's doors asking "would you like any reading material today? We have People, Us, Newsweek, and all the gossip rags."

by Hal Rocklandreply 10605/01/2011

R101 that looks like protease face. Poor guy.

by Hal Rocklandreply 10705/01/2011

R97 just how do you know those pics on his FB profile are current? Some are obviously professionally done photos from his porn days and the candids could easily have been done by friends in his apartment also from his porn days.

by Hal Rocklandreply 10805/01/2011

Not digging that Mennonite haircut in R101's picture.

by Hal Rocklandreply 10905/01/2011

R104 he's a crew member dear, not a bad job by any stretch but don't blow it up to be something more then it is. A camera supervisor accounts for all of the cameras on set. His biography has always been sketchy. When his son died his obit was posted here and there was no mention of siblings or a step mother in it. Just the father, and grandmother who raised him. His son OD'ed about 5 or 6 years ago.

by Hal Rocklandreply 11105/01/2011

Loved him. Sadly his dick rarely got completely hard.

by Hal Rocklandreply 11205/01/2011

r111, r104 here: I got the info (married, kids, works as cameraman in film) from some interview he gave (I think it was in Unzipped) and that seems to be corroborated by the imdb. I saw the pics of him and his son on the internet, was it confirmed as an OD?

by Hal Rocklandreply 11305/02/2011

Seeing him fuck that woman makes me wish he'd been paired with a super aggressive sloppy bottom whose hole could easily take that cock in one go and take it hard. I know having the bottom moan 'it's too big' like they're having a tonsillectomy without anaesthetic is part of the act but someone like Christian from Treasure Island could really bring out the best in Ken.

And even though he doesn't look his best in the pic above, I still would in a second.

by Hal Rocklandreply 11405/02/2011

Pardon me for asking, but how the hell does anyone find this guy hot? He can't even get it up! Watching a dude try and cram his flaccid penis into a dude's ass for 20 minutes at a time is not my idea of sexually stimulating. I just don't get it!

by Hal Rocklandreply 11505/02/2011

They think he's hot because he's straight, of course.

by Hal Rocklandreply 11605/02/2011

Ryker is about as straight as his crooked cock.

by Hal Rocklandreply 11705/02/2011

^ But...he can't get it up. So who cares?

by Hal Rocklandreply 11905/02/2011

I know, R119, but I just really have wanted to say those lines for a long time now.

by Hal Rocklandreply 12005/02/2011

R118 is typing from her lanai while dressed in a hostess gown.

by Hal Rocklandreply 12105/02/2011

It just goes to show you: you can be 6'4", pure muscle, handsome, and the owner of the all-time Dick of Death, and STILL have a lousy life.

by Hal Rocklandreply 12205/02/2011

WW r122

by Hal Rocklandreply 12305/02/2011

I never knew Ken Ryker was blond.

by Hal Rocklandreply 12407/04/2011

Don't you just "love" David Forest and his "messages" to the "customers" of his "meetings" with Gay "superstars?"

Once upon a time, "someone" uploaded a vid of Mr Forest at a party at his house. You see "him" sitting nekkid in a "chair" and then two young, also nekkid guys, walk in the room, and "piss" on him. One on either side of him. They piss all over him, up one side and down the other, as he "sits" there with his eyes closed. They then "shake off" the last drops and walk out of the room. "The End!"

It was up for just a short time before he had the mods take it off the site. I haven't seen it at all since then.

If you have seen the "Aspen" vid that has Ken in it, you will notice that in the big final orgy scene he is there and then he is gone. He doesn't really interact with anyone for any length of time. Some one who was on that set, said that he had to leave in a hurry because he had a "date" with some heavy duty foreigner and Ken had to catch the private plane that had been waiting for him at the airport. That was the life he used to have before real life crashed down on him.

by Hal Rocklandreply 12507/04/2011

Well R122, it would be a dick of death if he could ever get it up.

Ryker always looked pretty soft in all of his films. I don't ever recall him having a throbbing erection.

by Hal Rocklandreply 12607/04/2011

The fact that David Forest was using nearly 20 year old pics of Ken when advertising his services should have set off the red flags. I'm guessing that Forest was hoping to get the money before the Johns saw the goods.

by Hal Rocklandreply 12707/04/2011

Here are some recent looking pictures of Ryker.

A quick public data search will tell you that Gary Pokorney of Custer, SD is indeed 38.

by Hal Rocklandreply 12807/04/2011

Sorry, but the thought that this guy has a wife and kids is a total boner-killer for me.

by Hal Rocklandreply 12907/04/2011

Those aren't recent R128.

by Hal Rocklandreply 13007/04/2011

The man is gay.

I know porn stars.

They don't get paid a lot of $$ despite the MYTH that these "gay for pay" performers do this for the beaucoup de cash. Lies.

He drives a HYUNDAI for fuck's sake.

He escorts (and yes, that's what happens when you do "gay bar tours").

It's a rotten business.

But no one would stay in that biz that long if you were straight. Sorry.

by Hal Rocklandreply 13107/04/2011

Only people in LA care what kind of car you drive.

He lives in South Dakota. Do you think anyone there expects him to drive a Porsche?

by Hal Rocklandreply 13207/04/2011

I agree with R131--it does take a certain pathology to have a "career" in porn.

by Hal Rocklandreply 13307/04/2011

Well Hyundai's have that great warranty and have excellent gas mileage. Maybe he's just frugal.

by Hal Rocklandreply 13407/04/2011

he needs to lose the sideburns

by Hal Rocklandreply 13507/04/2011

r132, the point is that Ryker is supposedly one of the greatest gay porn stars EVER and yet he is living a wasted life. What happened to all the $$?

Oh yeah, there never was that much.

And yet he still fucked men. Odd thing for a straight guy to do year after year.

by Hal Rocklandreply 13607/04/2011

This is the hottest pic of Ken Ryker aka Bill Flagstaff!!!!

by Hal Rocklandreply 13707/04/2011

[quote] But as far as I know Ken did not do a lot of escorting.

Yes he did. He's been escorting on and off since he got into the industry and was doing it full time for years.

by Hal Rocklandreply 13907/04/2011

But, why is he listed as the president of Ryker, Inc. located in Canoga Park, LA? Is he really working in real estate now?

by Hal Rocklandreply 14007/04/2011

Yes r140. He keeps me on retainer.

by Hal Rocklandreply 14107/04/2011

[quote]troubled yet well hung

It's my *epitaph*!

by Hal Rocklandreply 14207/04/2011

Escorting is less about making a ton of money than it is about making a lot of money for a very few days of work. I don't think anybody ever became rich off of escorting alone...

by Hal Rocklandreply 14307/04/2011

[quote][Ryker], 38,

He's the Patsy Stone of the pron world.

by Hal Rocklandreply 14407/04/2011

Here's a thing I don't get. Ken Ryker and Mike Branson's star rates were about the same. How did Ken Ryker's real name manage to leak and Mike Branson's didn't?

by Hal Rocklandreply 14507/04/2011

Because Mike Branson's name is Mike Branson.

by Hal Rocklandreply 14607/04/2011

I knew a few working boys who were minor pron "stars" and they were able to bring in good money. Even one john a night brought in a minimum of $200 an hour, tax free. If they got a weekend gig, it went to the thousands. A pron superstar like Ryker likely had many of those. What he did with those bucks is another story. The guys I know put almost every cent into drugs.

by Hal Rocklandreply 14707/04/2011

That Ryker is a saint. Saint, I tells ya!

He used all his whoring money to get Hal Rockland out of the biz.

by Hal Rocklandreply 14807/04/2011

Ken Ryker and Jake Andrews from The Other Side of Aspen IV:

by Hal Rocklandreply 14907/04/2011

Gays and their substance abuse problems!

by Hal Rocklandreply 15007/04/2011

[quote]Here's a thing I don't get. Ken Ryker and Mike Branson's star rates were about the same. How did Ken Ryker's real name manage to leak and Mike Branson's didn't?

Ken Ryker kept himself in the "spotlight" so to speak for years even after he stopped making movies, Mike Branson stayed in porn for about a year, left and never looked back.

by Hal Rocklandreply 15107/04/2011

[quote]Mike Branson stayed in porn for about a year, left and never looked back.%0D %0D %0D Are you sure?

by Hal Rocklandreply 15207/05/2011

[quote]Are you sure?

Considering all of his titles came out between 97-98 and he hasn't made a film since, I would say it's a safe bet.

by Hal Rocklandreply 15307/05/2011

Can Key Ryker's punishment be being confined to my house for an entire week, and forbidden from wearing clothes, and I'm allowed to do anything I want and he has to do whatever I say?%0D %0D

by Hal Rocklandreply 15407/05/2011

Branson also never got arrested, which is why we know Ryker's real name.

by Hal Rocklandreply 15507/05/2011

I never knew that David Forest had a part in Stevie Nick's career and I'm a huge Nicks' fan...

by Hal Rocklandreply 15607/05/2011

[quote]Here's a thing I don't get. Ken Ryker and Mike Branson's star rates were about the same. How did Ken Ryker's real name manage to leak and Mike Branson's didn't?

His colleagues on the Court, Nino Scalia and Ruthie Ginsburg, made a few phone calls, that's how.

by Hal Rocklandreply 15707/05/2011

Is Mike Branson really a lawyer then, R157?

by Hal Rocklandreply 15807/05/2011

38?! He looked 40 plus a decade ago.

by Hal Rocklandreply 15907/05/2011

Yes, r158.

by Hal Rocklandreply 16007/05/2011

Okay, I really want to believe you, R160. But, almost everybody else in DL has been saying that was some kind of running joke here? What do you say to that? What's MB's real name then?

by Hal Rocklandreply 16107/05/2011

Branson helped put himself through law school by doing gay porn, r161. He's done very well since then--I think he's some kind of judge now. His real name is John Roberts.

by Hal Rocklandreply 16207/05/2011

[quote]His real name is John Roberts.%0D %0D Ha ha ha, very funny. NOT. %0D %0D EPIC FAIL, R162.

by Hal Rocklandreply 16307/05/2011

How stupid [italic]are[/italic] you, r161?

by Hal Rocklandreply 16407/05/2011

I love how R136 thinks that being "the greatest pron star ever!" is some kind of huge achievement that guarantees a person a lifetime of security and riches. Gawd, wake up, Mary.

Maybe if you're Jenna Jameson. But being the greatest gay pron star ever is no achievement whatsoever - unless you enjoy being the subject of WHET treads at DL for the rest of your life. If you're lucky, someone will chip in that you went on to be a Rhodes scholar and notable human rights lawyer - but no one will ever post a link to verify it.

Gawd, people who idolise pron stars - get. a. clue.

by Hal Rocklandreply 16507/05/2011

I don't care who you are - drunk driving is a despicable crime. I'm glad he's going to jail. They ought to ban him from driving - and not just for the Hyundai!

by Hal Rocklandreply 16607/05/2011

Hilarious thread. I can't get enough of the thought of Mike Branson, Esq.

by Hal Rocklandreply 16707/05/2011

Maybe Branson is dead?

by Hal Rocklandreply 16807/05/2011

How do I know Mike Branson isn't a lawyer? Because I wrote the post that started the rumor in the first place as a joke years ago. Someone else picked up on the myth and extended it further. It's stuck ever since.

Once and for all, no, he's not a lawyer.

by Hal Rocklandreply 16907/05/2011

Wow, a porn whore being arrested. Color me shocked.

by Hal Rocklandreply 17007/05/2011

Forest is already advertising Ryker in his stable with the PS (After Nov. 14).%0D %0D I feel sorry for Ryker. I met him when he was just starting modeling, not porn, and he was a cool guy. That whirlwind didn't suit him and he seems like a total mess. A return to porn and escorting full time will kill him.

by Hal Rocklandreply 17107/05/2011

He is hot. I hope all works out well for him.

by Hal Rocklandreply 17209/18/2011

The delusional queens in this thread are a hoot! It's impossible to know where to respond to them, because they're completely nuts. I do like the loon who says that he knows a couple of minor pron stars who get 200 bucks an hour...funny!

Sweetiekins, the PIMPS keep most of the money, not the HOOKERS. And most of the money hookers make goes up their nose or into a vein. 200 bucks an hour sounds great if these shining entrepreneurs are working 8 hours a day as healthy, private contractors, instead of working whenever they can find a desperate john, and then taking their paltry earnings and sticking it in their arm.

Healthy, functional people don't become pron stars. It's like the Stern joke about how all female pron stars were molested, that turns out to be true. These guys all have alcohol and drug addictions, and are usually horribly self loathing about being gay. They're terribly fucked up. A lot of them have untreated mental illness; some were scooped off the street as homeless teens. How anyone, for one second, could believe that these guys are even remotely okay, just stymies me. People post stuff about these guys getting arrested all the time. They steal, beat their spouses, you name it. But that's what happens to's not a happy, healthy life.

by Hal Rocklandreply 17309/18/2011

Well now that's not totally true Mr. 173. Yes, while a great many porn stars are dysfunctional to varying degrees, there are a few who survived quite well during and after porn.

by Hal Rocklandreply 17409/18/2011, there aren't. Two people is statistically insignificant. Most gay porn stars are not doing well. The fact that one or two people can climb out of the abyss, probably thanks to recovery programs and/or extensive therapy, does not negate the fact that most porn stars end up used and abused without much to show for it.

by Hal Rocklandreply 17509/18/2011

Oh R 175, so I guess you know EVERY porn star there ever was, do you. You're an alarmist loony.

by Hal Rocklandreply 17609/18/2011

Ryker is authentically masculine, which is what makes him so attractive. He looked like a real football player when he played one in adult videos; he talked like a mainstream dude; looked like a real jock; he is/was a man's man.

by Hal Rocklandreply 17811/24/2011

Which former porn stars are well-adjusted, living normal lives now?

by Hal Rocklandreply 17911/24/2011

I just purchased the Ken Ryker dildo. Hopefully he has points in the sales of those things. I expect to get years of pleasure from that thing.

by Hal Rocklandreply 18011/24/2011

R177 - go fuck yourself. I'm sure you're the only one who will.

by Hal Rocklandreply 18111/24/2011

R177= mentally ill porn-addicted closet case who's about as "bisexual" and "masculine" as Liberace.

You can shove your homophobia up your ass, loser.

by Hal Rocklandreply 18211/24/2011

R176= lonely loser who thinks that porn "stars" are his friends because he's hired a few as escorts.

Get some therapy.

by Hal Rocklandreply 18311/24/2011

Ryker seemed more sane and mainstream than most gay porn stars, but then again, we never know the whole story.

by Hal Rocklandreply 18411/24/2011

R184...sane? You're kidding, right?

by Hal Rocklandreply 18511/24/2011

I put the following in the Matthew Rush thread, but it appears that thread has all but died. So here goes here. This is for the poster who asked if there were any well adjusted former porn stars. Unfortunately Sam Crockett has apparently hit a bad stretch as evidenced by the following.

"Poor Sam Crockett (aka Jeff Blythe) was arrested last May for driving with a suspended license, marijuana possession, open container, and possession of drug paraphernalia. I hope he's gotten his act together since then. He's a registered nurse and should have more on the ball than this."

Taking into consideration that mug shots are rarely good representations of the person, I think Sam looks pretty good for almost 50 (at the time of his arrest). Obviously not his finest hour, but I bet he still cleans up nicely.

by Hal Rocklandreply 18611/24/2011

How about Brodie Sinclair?

by Hal Rocklandreply 18711/24/2011

so sorry to hear of Sam Crockett - he was nasty in the sack and always a GREAT performer.

by Hal Rocklandreply 18811/24/2011

R177 hit the nail on the head. He didn't blast gays; he singled out nasty, bitchy, toxic behavior.

Which, of course, would hit a nerve here on DL.

by Hal Rocklandreply 18911/24/2011

Wow, too bad about Sam Crockett.

In regard to the earlier comment:

"Which former porn stars are well-adjusted, living normal lives now?"......I don't know him personally but that Tag Ericson seems to be doing quite well for himself.

And while he is not a former porn star, obviously Michael Lucas is well-adjusted; he has even stayed married to his older partner, who must be at least 20 years older than Michael Lucas, who has to be in his early thirties by now.

by Hal Rocklandreply 19011/24/2011


by Hal Rocklandreply 19111/26/2011

Somebody upthread mentioned Drew Andrews. Whatever happened to him? Anyone know his real name?

by Hal Rocklandreply 19211/28/2011

That might have been me R192. I'd like to know too. He was never the best looking or best built but he had "something" aside from a bigger than average cock.

by Hal Rocklandreply 19311/28/2011

Drew Andrews is married (long term) and has 2 or 3 kids. Sam Crockett once told me that Drew Andrews and Paul Carrigan were the only 2 real bi-sexuals he ever met when he was in the porn business.

Carrigan is also married with kids and works in the mainstream movie/tv industry in a crew capacity.

by Hal Rocklandreply 19411/28/2011

Does he need a lawyer?

by Hal Rocklandreply 19511/28/2011

I always liked both Drew Andrews and Sam Crockett. They were real turn ons when they were on screen. Sam had a scene in a Ryker movie. His dirty talk alone was worth the cost of the video. Drew's scene in Greaae Guns 2 was hotter than heck.

by Hal Rocklandreply 19611/30/2011

FWIW, the last thing I read about Drew Andrews was that he had retired from porn and was working in one of those big stores like Home Depot or Staples or someplace like that in Southern California. His son was living with him, but there was no mention of a significant other.

Check him out in his scene from Das Butt with hairy Daddy Jake Taylor and the late, great bottom, Kyle McKenna.

by Hal Rocklandreply 19711/30/2011

I got the Jim French book from Bruno Gmuder and French says that when he met Gary, who modeled for Colt as "Bill Flagstaff", he told him that he had come out to California to become a porn star, but French was very surprised that he ended up becoming a gay porn star because Gary used straight porn mags to get aroused for the photoshoots.

Obviously he's been a pretty conflicted guy.

by Hal Rocklandreply 19812/31/2011

Anyone have an update on Ken Ryker? He still has the best cock in the business. Did he ever bottom on film?

by Hal Rocklandreply 19905/05/2012

[quote]He was so popular and now he's driving a Hyundai?

Driving a Hyundai? That's just sad.

by Hal Rocklandreply 20105/06/2012

[quote]And while he is not a former porn star, obviously Michael Lucas is well-adjusted; he has even stayed married to his older partner, who must be at least 20 years older than Michael Lucas, who has to be in his early thirties by now.

Early thirties??? LMFAO!! Michael Lucas is 40 honey. Officially an eldergay.

by Hal Rocklandreply 20205/06/2012

I thought Michael Lucas was straight. Just watched Ken Ryker in Mass Appeal 2, and he seems more into the guy than the girl.

by Hal Rocklandreply 20305/10/2012

I met Ken Ryker at a book signing over 12 years ago. He really was friendly and nice and very unassuming, polite guy.

OP's post now reminds me of Brokeback Mountain and the guy with the daughter living in the rancid apartment alone.

by Hal Rocklandreply 20405/10/2012

[quote]Once and for all, no, he's not a lawyer.

Yes, he is.

He specializes in environmental law.

by Hal Rocklandreply 20505/10/2012

R204, worse than that: a trailer!

by Hal Rocklandreply 20605/10/2012

Isn't he supposed to be straight? only did the gay for pay and then found jesus?

by Hal Rocklandreply 20705/10/2012

Ken is bisexual, not straight.

by Hal Rocklandreply 20805/11/2012

I was very proud when a porn star fan site picked up on the more elaborate post I penned here on DL several years ago:

“For the last time, he specializes in environmental law and he has openly acknowledged that his gay porn past would likely scupper his JSCOTUS Senate confirmation hearings. He is quite realistic about the consequences of his youthful indiscretions. But, unlike a lot of porn stars who claim that they are using the business to fund their graduate educations, Branson really did.

"The only real downside for him: he had to resign from Harvard Law Review because he could not juggle school, film work, family and his missionary calling. Some day America will be ready to hear his life story. For now, it is enough that the folks on DL and other sites understand how Branson managed to get a law degree, bring running water and evangelical Christianity to a village in Burundi, raise twins while his wife did her pediatric orthopedics residency and fuck Tom Chase up the ass in “California Kings” in a three-year period.“

Link NSFW...

by Hal Rocklandreply 20905/11/2012

Ugh OP you are creepy. How would even know what is going on with a gay porn star. Do you follow his every move? Careeeeepy!

by Hal Rocklandreply 21005/11/2012

r209, was there supposed to be a link there?

by Hal Rocklandreply 21105/11/2012

Most people don't realize that Mike Branson is now on the SCOTUS given that moving to the law was only one of many changes for her after leaving porn. Her surgery coincided with her career change, and she now proudly represents our nation on the SCOTUS in her new identity as Associate Justice Elena Kagan.

by Hal Rocklandreply 21205/11/2012

Everyone posting to this thread needs their face slapped! Their face slapped viciously!!

by Hal Rocklandreply 21305/11/2012

I know this is an older post. I just love KR...followed for some years now. Ignore the endowment, which it kinda hard to do. The chisled face is classic. I know bad thing happen to folks at one time or another, for whatever reason. The DUI' the state of WV, 1 is a severe slap on the wrist and warning and posted on record. 2 is suspension of license for however long deemed appropriate. 3 is revocation of license permanently. Jail time, I don't know. I don't profess to know anyone in the porn industry, but I do, however, know that it can be a lonely life. Not defending him...don't get me wrong. But his recklessness messed him up. That's just a given. I've collected gigs of stuff since I first saw him in '94. I think no less of him for this. He was simply careless. Don't be kind or cruel...just be honest. That's all.

by Hal Rocklandreply 21407/23/2012

[quote]Ken Ryker’s “comeback tour”

I hate that word! It's a return...

by Hal Rocklandreply 21607/23/2012

I agree R214. he's handsome enough to have been a model or even an actor. The huge cock is almost a curse.

by Hal Rocklandreply 21707/23/2012

That huge cock he could never quite get hard. Then again, it was a pre-viagra world.

by Hal Rocklandreply 21807/23/2012

His best scene was in one of his last movies. He was with this cute, short blond twink with braces. They were in a bathtub, and when they both stood up, Ken just towered over him. Anyhow, Ken fucked him and was going to give him a facial, but missed and cummed in his hair.

by Hal Rocklandreply 21907/23/2012


by Hal Rocklandreply 22007/23/2012

I wonder how accurate JC Adams was:

[quote]Mr. Branson took his porn money, put himself through college, earned an engineering degree and he “has no interest in getting in front of the camera again.” He is “completely done with moviemaking” and very happy with how his life turned out after his porno career.

by Hal Rocklandreply 22107/23/2012

I miss Drew Andrews

Even in those last movies where he was a bit chunky....

Loved his BIG wiener and attitude.

Always wanted him to do bareback porn for me!

by Hal Rocklandreply 22207/23/2012

Whatever happened to Jake Taylor? Wasn't he a security guard about 10 years ago?

by Hal Rocklandreply 22307/23/2012


by Hal Rocklandreply 22407/30/2012


by Hal Rocklandreply 22507/30/2012

Other than Mike Branson, who became a lawyer, does anyone in porn have a happy ending ? It seems every other day, I read about another one in jail, or dead, many times at their own hand.

My question is the chicken or egg - were these guys already messed up, and would have gone on to miserable lives anyway (though unknown) - or, does porn, with the stigma, drugs, and pressure (to always look good, and not age) just flip 95 % of these guys out ? Anyone ?

by Hal Rocklandreply 22607/30/2012

[quote]He took money for having sex. That makes him a prostitute. And that means that he is of low moral character.


by Hal Rocklandreply 22707/30/2012

[quote]Whatever happened to Jake Taylor? Wasn't he a security guard about 10 years ago?

Yes, he was. Then Jake supposedly went back to school to study Inorganic Chemistry.

by Hal Rocklandreply 22807/30/2012


by Hal Rocklandreply 22909/06/2012

R229 = Mary Tyler Moore

by Hal Rocklandreply 23009/06/2012

R229, honey, what's the matter? Are you not able to get any sex?

by Hal Rocklandreply 23109/06/2012

Did Ken Ryker ever suck dick on camera?

by Hal Rocklandreply 23209/06/2012

Hes having a massive breakdown, probably never was gay and the filthy shame and self loathing probably blacks out in drink and whoring

by Hal Rocklandreply 23304/13/2013

Ryker chows down on Jake Andrews cock in "The Other Side of Aspen IV."

by Hal Rocklandreply 23504/13/2013

BUT WE LOVE 'EM FOR IT, [R229] !!!

by Hal Rocklandreply 23604/13/2013

I wonder if he would make an appearance at my son's birthday party in October.

by Hal Rocklandreply 23704/13/2013

Ken Ryker, who just turned 40 per David Forrest, is back escorting again!

by Hal Rocklandreply 23804/14/2013

R235 Interesting. Ken shoves his nose right into Jake's pubes. Ken also kisses Jake with an open mouth. Maybe Ken isn't straight after all.

by Hal Rocklandreply 23904/14/2013

[quote]Ken Ryker, who just turned 40 per David Forrest, is back escorting again!

Where did you hear that from?

by Hal Rocklandreply 24004/14/2013

Forrest is pimping him and Billy Brandt. He claims they're between construction jobs.

by Hal Rocklandreply 24104/14/2013


Yes,but it's a very YOUNG of course he's only "experimenting"

by Hal Rocklandreply 24204/14/2013

Here you go the way, Billy Brandt looked like he gained at least 3 feet of tattoos and about 50 pounds, I cannot imagine how he must look today.

by Hal Rocklandreply 24304/14/2013

Here is one of the last pics of Brandt, I cannot believe Ryker looks as good as he does in David Forest's page.

by Hal Rocklandreply 24404/14/2013

r239, please tell me you actually thought KR is straight. Save some face and say you did not.

by Hal Rocklandreply 24504/14/2013

Well, I've only just discovered Ken Ryker today, in a hot scene with Hal Rockland. They were both so into it. The kissing and frott was hot to death. That made Ken's dick really hard.

When I saw Hal put a condom on Ken I thought he was about to get fucked, but they wore condoms to blow each other. Weird. But totally bookmarked the scene for future viewing.

by Hal Rocklandreply 24605/09/2013

updates on Ken?

by Hal Rocklandreply 24705/10/2013

Didn't the Blessed Ken get Hal to quit porn and take up that "ole time" religion?

And wasn't Hal last seen flipping burgers?

by Hal Rocklandreply 24805/10/2013

I think Ken's married to an Asian girl and you know what that means on DL.

Hal stopped flipping burgers long enough to get a degree and is working as an architect, with a specialization in, I think, fountains.

Little, bigger brother Shane was tricking in Vegas and one of them got him a job with Boeing in Seattle.

by Hal Rocklandreply 24905/10/2013

[quote]Little, bigger brother Shane was tricking in Vegas and one of them got him a job with Boeing in Seattle.

Do you mean Vince? Shane is the one who is/was working for Boeing.

by Hal Rocklandreply 25005/10/2013

he never could get erect. the curse of a big cock.

by Hal Rocklandreply 25105/10/2013

i love Ken!

by Hal Rocklandreply 25205/10/2013

r253, save it for your Mommy Blog.

by Hal Rocklandreply 25405/20/2013

[quote]he never could get erect. the curse of a big cock.

I noticed that too - it always looked soft and limp.

by Hal Rocklandreply 25505/20/2013

Regardless, we are relieved he is okay,he is still the hottest man around, quit bitching,

by Hal Rocklandreply 25605/24/2013

[quote]Say what you will, he's done pretty well for himself. He owns a couple of commercial building and a cafe in his home town of Philip So Dakota.

I'd hit it so hard, again and again.

by Hal Rocklandreply 25705/24/2013

There's a link to him blowing some guy upthread. He isn't doing it like a straight guy. He's at it like there's gold or coke at the base of that guy's dong. Real expert-like.

by Hal Rocklandreply 25805/24/2013


by Hal Rocklandreply 25905/24/2013

Kisses like a gay man, sucks cock like a gay man, its a gay man.

by Hal Rocklandreply 26005/25/2013

Dude is bi

by Hal Rocklandreply 26105/26/2013

imagine being his cellmate

by Hal Rocklandreply 26206/17/2013

I just looked up his photo and he looks pretty bland and cookie cutter to me, like most porn stars.

by Hal Rocklandreply 26306/17/2013

He appears to have a Twitter account, complete with lots of bragging about all the (gay) sex has on trips to New York. That seems completely unlike him, because he's actually shy and soft-spoken in real life. Can someone actually post a photo of someone else and invent posts on Twitter? Isn't that fraud? Slander?

by Hal Rocklandreply 26407/02/2013

Anonymous reply 22 05/01/2011 said Ken Ryker's real name was Bill Flagstaff. This was one of his non-de-plume. Ken Ryker’s real name was Gary James Pokorney. He was born in South Korea in 1972 (where his father was a Baptist Minister). The family returned to Texas in the mid 1980’s, and later he moved to California where he established himself as a model for porn magazines and a dancer, and in the mid 1990’s his career as a gay porn star took off. He’s had an alcohol problem on and off for sometime, and been incarcerated because of it, but whether is off the booze now, I don’t know. However, in 2009, he was working in real estate. Although Ken Ryker has been given a straight persona by sites and studios, it is quoted, “He is openly bisexual …”

by Hal Rocklandreply 26508/18/2013
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