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My kitty is being euthanized tomorrow.

She's the younger of two at my parents' house. I adopted her in late 2003 from a couple in Harlem who took her in from the street, got her checked by a veterinarian, and listed her on Craigslist. She's a sweet cat, now maybe 9 years old.

The veterinarian x-rayed her and she has fluid in one of her lungs; she's not eating or drinking and is hiding in a corner of a spare room, barely moving.

This is the first time I've had to have this done for a cat (I had to euthanize my adopted hamster a few years ago, because one of his eyes burst). I'm grieving already. We're taking her back to the veterinarian tomorrow morning. Her ashes ... they'll be mixed with other cats', won't they? So what they give me, if I ask for it, won't really be hers, will they?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 8404/11/2013

I'm very sorry to hear this.

You can request they cremate her by herself.

It costs a little more but was worth it, for me.

Take care, enjoy your evening together and get some comfort knowing you gave her a wonderful life.

She knows and will be there to greet you some day...

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 104/29/2011

My pussy is being "youthenized.". It's called vaginal rejuvenation.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 204/29/2011

I'm sorry OP. My kitty just died on March 22. She had become skinny over the previous five months but was still eating, jumping up on the bed and being her usual self, except that she slept more. One day she started walking around with her head bowed and I call the vet to take her in the next day for euthanasia, but she died overnight. She spent most of the last night asleep under the covers with me until I woke up and took her to her cat box. I put her on a comfy rug and that's where I found her the next morning. She was a 17 year old.%0D %0D I had a "private cremation" so I could get her ashes alone. It was $188; I don't know how much less it would have been otherwise. I was surprised when I picked her up. The urn was a beautiful rosewood box with a floral motif carved on the top.%0D %0D I'm sorry again. The grieving takes a little while. I'm tearing up now.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 304/29/2011


by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 404/29/2011

Euthanize her yourself - it will be more gratifying that way.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 504/29/2011

I will never understand people who keep suffering animals alive.%0D %0D RIP kitty.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 604/29/2011

Better than killing animals, r6.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 704/29/2011

My sympathies, OP and R3. I've been there. I had my elderly cat cremated after she was euthanized and it sounds like I got the same kind of container as R3 did with her ashes (only I paid almost $250).

I guess you really have no way of knowing if they are the right ashes. Never thought of that before.

Anyway, I hope you're planning to hold your kitty when the vet gives her the drugs...

Go fuck yourself with a bottle brush, R2.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 804/29/2011

Aww, so sorry OP. I am pretty old and have done this many times. Your last deed for kitty is a loving one. Adopt another.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1004/29/2011

Just move along, R9. This isn't the thread you're looking for. %0D %0D Oh and eat shit and die, asshole.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1104/29/2011

I'm so sorry, OP. It was so wonderful of you to give kitty a home.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1204/29/2011

r11 sounds unhinged. It's a cat.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1304/29/2011

r9 = stupid shit%0D %0D OP, I know what you're going through, had to do the same for my beloved kittie of 17 years. Time will heal my friend.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1404/29/2011

Antibiotics wouldn't help?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1504/29/2011

No, R13. It's someone trolling a grief thread. The fact that it's a cat is incidental.%0D %0D Oh and eat shit and die with R9, please. Does that help asshole?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1604/29/2011

I know where you're coming from, OP. My dog is still going strong at 15, but when her time is finally up I am going to give myself permission to completely fall apart for a few days. If I can manage it I'll bury her myself in a special place in my yard, but if I can't deal with it I'll have her cremated, and to hell with the cost. She's been a great friend.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1704/29/2011

Thanks for the supportive replies. R15, I'll definitely ask the veterinarian if he's 100% sure it's cancer and if not, whether we should try antibiotics. Thank you for that. Her name is Maisey, by the way. I'm watching Glee season 1 on Netflix to kind of relieve some of the grief I'm feeling now. Sigh.

I'd adopt another kitty but I already have two special-needs black kitties (one was declawed by her former guardian, the other has only one messed-up eye because the other had to be removed) and my parents still will have my oldest cat, a sweet boy I adopted in 2001 during college. I'm moving to LA with one of the black kitties and the other will live with my parents.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1804/29/2011

OP, you have my sympathies. I have two old cats, 18 and 20 years old now. Both have old age ailments. One is diabetic, the other is senile. Both have thyroid issues.

The diabetic cat has arthritis and noticeably limps. I know the day is coming when I will have to have him euthanized and it makes me sad. He can still jump up on the bed and couches and he has a sweet, happy disposition. I tell myself when that stops being the case, it's time to say goodbye. I'm completely aware of the "circle of life," so to speak but it still makes me sad.

These animals have been in my life for almost half my life. It's just sad to think about them not being here.

But I know ultimately, my pets have made me happy over the years so I will do right by them.

You already know this is going to be hard for you. Just accept as fact that any grief you feel is normal and let yourself grieve.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 1904/29/2011

I feel for you OP. I had to have my Siamese Ty put down about a year ago. He was older and was going thru kidney failure.%0D Sorry for your loss. When the time is right, think about adopting another cat from a shelter. I guarantee it will make you happy when you do.%0D Take care..

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2004/29/2011

I feel the anguish you have. When I had to put down my cat of 15 years, I was so sad. He was such a faithful friend to me.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2104/29/2011

My thoughts are with you & Maisey! 9 isn't old--is there any way they can address the fluid on the lungs? I obviously don't know the specifics, but I don't know if it's such a one-way road...%0D If it is, yes, you can have Maisey cremated separately if you prefer...%0D

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2204/29/2011

so sorry that you and maisey are going through this. i had to euthanize my cat last summer--it takes awhile to get through the grief. thinking of you both.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2304/29/2011

Cat people are insane

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2404/29/2011

R9, whoever you are, even if you are 100% joking and sarcastic that's still sick and gross to write. I really don't understand people.

My sympathies OP. I love cats, and I have 2 shelter kitties.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2504/29/2011

Not joking at all, r9. It was a cat and I wasn't going to spend money on a vet.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2604/29/2011

Oh for godsake. This idiot has used the "I threw my cat in the garbage disposal" before. He's an asshole in every thread he's in. #TROLLING.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2704/29/2011

[quote]I threw my 2 year old down the garbage disposal 4 years ago when he started peeing uncontrollably.

I tried that, but she wouldn't fit.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2804/29/2011

Buyer's remorse, eh, Wills?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 2904/29/2011

I've been there, OP. My vet let me comfort my cat as she was euthanized, and if it helps at all, it's a quick and apparently painless process. They just slip away. I also asked to have her cremated separately, which as another poster said, adds only a small charge. I was able to bury her ashes in my parents' back yard as I lived in an apt. Missing them is terribly painful, but the actual process truly does seem to be peaceful.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3004/29/2011

I don't understand how someone can be glib and sarcastic about a situation like this. I'm so sorry for you, OP, but everybody's so right who said how proud you should be for giving Maisey such a good home. Stay with her tonight, huh? Animals are so sensitive.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3104/29/2011

OP, you have my deepest sympathy. My kitty has just been diagnosed with kidney disease.%0D %0D %0D Do vets make housecalls?%0D %0D When my kitty's time comes, I would like for her to die at home. Then, I'd like the vet to euthanize my partner, so that I can start anew on all fronts.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3204/29/2011

R9 is likely the asswipe that beat the dog to death in Pasadena a few days ago.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3304/29/2011

R32, I don't know if they exist everywhere, but in San Francisco a vet came to my friend's house to euthanize her elderly dog. You should call around wherever you live to see if someone will do it.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3404/29/2011

I'm so sorry OP. My cat just escaped from my second floor NYC apartment. She pushed the screen out....I'm so worried. Just know you gave her a great home, and she had love during her life.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3504/29/2011

I'm sorry to hear that, OP. But, 9 years is a long time for a kitty. You treated her well and kept her healthy for a long time. You're doing what's best for her at this time. Spend these last hours with Maisey. She was very lucky to have you. To have each other. And, then maybe you'll see each other again one day. You're a good person. Take care, OP.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3604/29/2011

When did you leave home, OP? It sounds like your kitty hasn't been your kitty for a very long time.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3704/29/2011

So sorry, OP. Through the years I have had to put several cats down when they were terminally ill. Google and find reputable places that cremate cats. There is one near me (I live in Austin, it is in a smaller town near here)that is known to be reputable. I am lucky that my vet will only use them. %0D %0D You gave the cat a great life. So many cats and dogs are loved while others are discarded are left to suffer without homes and medical care. You are a special person with a very luck cat.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3804/29/2011

[quote}Cat people are insane%0D %0D Like dog owners aren't grief stricken? %0D I've had both, and other animals, and it's always as if a child or family member died. If you can't bond with a family pet something is wrong with you.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 3904/29/2011

I'm so sorry OP...we had to put our dog to sleep when she could no longer get up, and was in constant pain -and the medication didn't help. It was an agonizing decision-but the right thing to do none the less. We held her the whole time-and she just let out a sigh...and then she was gone. We sprinkled her ashes at the park where she loved to play. The vet also made a paw print. Sometimes I hold it close to my heart to remember the good times we shared. I still miss her.%0D %0D I hope that the end is peaceful for your beloved companion-and that saying goodbye will be peaceful as it can be for you and that you will have strength to let her go.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4004/29/2011

I'm so sorry, OP. Hugs for you.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4104/29/2011

I condole you!

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4204/29/2011

My sympathies, OP and everyone else who's lost a kitty.

I had to put my sweet tubby tabby Winston down last May [just before my fucking birthday, too].

And had to put Storm down in Dec '08.

And her twin sister Taz in Nov '06.

Omfg, I hope Cleo doesn't die next year. :(

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4304/29/2011

I never knew so many people took their pet's ashes back home with them!

I tried that, years ago, with my dog, but I found that having the ashes was much worse than not. I'd thought that having him in my home would remind me of the good times, but it had the exact opposite effect: every time I looked at or thought about the urn, I was struck anew by pain and loss.

We've never been an ash-keeping family, and now I know why.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4404/29/2011

Your hamster's eye burst?? Lord have mercy!

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4504/30/2011

Petco is having a 50% off sale or two for one on cats. Go by yourself a new pussy.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4604/30/2011

OP? Are you ok?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4704/30/2011

So at around 10am, we arrived at the veterinarian's office. Throughout the car ride, I held Maisey in my arms. She moved very little but was breathing rapidly. She was very weak and weighed about maybe 60% her regular weight. She looked up from my arms, out the car's windows, as we drove to the vet.

The veterinarian explained it was very unlikely this was something that could be cured with visits to specialists for more tests and subsequent treatments; doing so would prolong her suffering. I agreed. He also said mass cremation would follow, and I said I didn't need any ashes.

I laid Maisey on the stainless steel examination table so she lay on her side. She didn't struggle at all. I stroked the side of her head (like her jaw to her ear, which she likes, and which I'd been doing throughout the car ride) and looked into her eyes and just kept saying I love you. The vet injected the drug into her thigh. I kept stroking her head and saying I love you. It was over in less than a minute, with the vet confirming that her heart stopped beating. Her eyes remained open throughout and wouldn't shut completely afterwards.

The vet let me stay with her while. I kept petting her and saying bye and I kissed her on the head. She started peeing on herself, as happens when one dies (not a big deal). I figured her dead body wasn't her; just her shell. I was sad but I didn't cry. I left the room and went home after lunch with my brother.

I napped this afternoon and am watching comedies on Netflix to keep myself like mellow. I'll miss Maisey but she lived a pretty good life and at least she's not suffering anymore. She was pretty calm throughout the day.

Thanks for your support, DLers.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4804/30/2011

Pay no mind to R9. Once or twice a year, he posts some variation of the garbage disposal scenario. This is at least the fourth version of the story. He's clearly a troll.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 4904/30/2011

Jesus Christ this thread is making me cry like a baby. I have a 16 year old cat and am dreading the day that he's no longer with me. I kind of hope that he just goes peacefully in his sleep and I don't have to put him down (luckily he's pretty healthy). I think if I do have to let him go, I may check into the house calls- that's a good idea.

I need to go look at a nice cock thread now to stop my sniffling.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5004/30/2011

I'm sorry, OP. It's hard but you did the right thing, no question.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5104/30/2011

I am so sorry OP. %0D Our babies are never with us long enough. %0D %0D Huge hug from me.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5204/30/2011

Aw, OP, I'm so sorry. And I want to add that I am so glad you stayed with her! You gave her a a sense of security; she didn't have to feel afraid watching you leave the room and instead she left this world hearing your voice and feeling your touch, and you will always have that; you won't regret it. Anyway, thanks for the update. I was thinking about you and Maisey today.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5304/30/2011

OP = my heart breaks for you. I've had to make the dreaded trip twice in the past two years. The first was expected - Delius was 20 years old. It became a situation of his quality of life. That hurt, but I had years to prepare for it.

The second I was blindsided by. It was the nightmare all pet owners have.

Nyx was fine on Monday, and wasting/dying by Tuesday PM. We spent $4000 dollars in three days - NYC vets are the most expensive in the country and we had to go to one of the animal ER hospitals - numerous tests and NOTHING. He lost 2/3 of his weight in 96 hours - he just WASTED AWAY.

At the end, the vets were convinced it was a brain tumour and insisted on more tests - even though it was clear that he was suffering and beyond hope.

Putting Nyx down DESTROYED me for awhile. I still see his 'ghost' when I look around my home.

Some people do not understand how much it can completely fuck you up. "It's just a cat." Fuck them - I LOVED that cat more than most people I'm related to. I'd happily trade in several useless family members to have him back.

Michael and I adopted another cat within a week. Some people need more grieving time and I understand that. My attitude is: "We have the love and means to save another cat - Nyx was a stray kitten - and we should do so."

Another cat does not 'replace' the one you are grieving - but you can look at the newbie as a new start that respects the memory (imo)

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5404/30/2011

Can someone explain to me why cats hide in a corner or under a table when they are sick?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5504/30/2011

[quote]Can someone explain to me why cats hide in a corner or under a table when they are sick?

My guess is that it's their instinct from when their ancestors were in the wild and became sick or injured, they would crawl someplace to hide so as not to be a sitting duck for predators.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5604/30/2011

R55 - It's 'nesting' behavior. Mother cats do it before giving birth, and injured/dying cats do it.

It's instinctual, and if your cat begins to do it - GET YOUR CAT TO A VET IMMEDIATELY. It means that something is very, very wrong.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5704/30/2011

If a pet goes off to be alone and it isn't normal for you pet, go to the vet.%0D %0D My baby (well, she was 13) did, she was my first dog... I didn't know at the time.%0D %0D They go off by themselves to die. That is the way in the animal kingdom. It is a sign if they constantly do it.%0D %0D HUGS AND MORE HUGS OP. %0D I wish I had magical words to make the pain go away, but I don't. %0D %0D I know you heart aches, mine does almost a year later, but it gets easier. I promise.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5804/30/2011

Sending you hugs OP. Go out and do something nice for yourself in Maisey's memory.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 5904/30/2011

IS the bitch dead yet?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6004/30/2011

you are mentally ill r60. seek help

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6104/30/2011

Thanks again, everyone, for your kind thoughts. I saw a movie (Source Code - it was okay) this evening to kind of get out of the house and do something. On the way back to my car, Maisey's death hit me more than it previously affected me, and I started crying a bit (listening to Glee's version of "Blackbird" at the same time contributed to this). I'll miss Maisey very much, and in honor of her, I started giving $5 a month to the Human Society of the United States. In fact, the kitty the lady is holding on their homepage now looks like Maisey, though she was smaller.

I'm here with my two spacial-needs black cats. I'm determined to spend quality time with them, and visit Mittens, my first cat whom I adopted in college, more often. I'm glad Maisey's been relieved of the pain she was feeling. I'm going to try to volunteer more with a local animal rescue on the weekends as well.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6204/30/2011

OP, Thank you so much for sharing your story. Keep ignoring all of the immature insensitive posters among us as you are doing. As you can see there are many of us who understand what it is to love and care for a pet. This is as it should be and those who cannot even have the decency at least not to post anything don't matter here.

I am not embarrassed in the least to admit that your story brought me to tears and that I care for what you have gone through with your Maisy. Maisy was lucky to have had a sensitive caring person like you. My cat just turned 9 and I cannot even imagine going through everything you have! I truly wish you all the best and hope you will have fond memories of Maisy.

Thanks again for communicating your story and yes cry and rest as you need to -- you really gave Maisy a special goodbye by being there to tell her you love her. Cats do know what this means! Thanks again for sharing your story and all the best to you.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6304/30/2011

Poor baby. But remember, you gave her 8 years of love and comfort and she gave you all that back in spades.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6405/01/2011

my thoughts are with you, thanks for sharing your story. I have a dog Maggie, she's 13 and is now blind but she's doing well. I CANNOT fathom her passing. I wish you the best, and if fostering or any kind of association with an animal shelter etc helps then it's all good. xo

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6505/01/2011

Sorry to hear that OP. Both times I had to get it done the last few years they asked whether I wanted a "group" cremation or private. Group is when they do them with the other cats and you get a mix but private is when it's just YOUR cat, only. It's more expensive but it's what I got both times.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6605/01/2011

I'm so sorry for your loss, OP. I know how much it hurts. I hope you'll be okay.

We had to euthanize our cat yesterday. She was only two years old and I'm really sad right now. The house feels so empty without her.

My bf doesn't understand, he never really liked her. I think he's secretly happy she's gone.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6705/01/2011

Argh, I cried when I read this thread, had to leave and come back to it to post.

I had to put my 13 year old ginger tabby down 3 Easters ago the very day that I brought him into the vet- he had advanced lymphoma of the liver (the decline was really fast). I got him when he was a wee feral baby, and he never liked anyone else- always hid from them.

When I started dating my present BF, Milo would come out at night and stare at him, which made my BF joke that "he was the one".

After $1000 at the vet, when it was time to put him to sleep, as we walked into the large room (he was at the far end), he knew we were walking in, lifted his head and meowed. Aaaargh. After he slipped away, the BF started petting him and choked out, "I always wondered what he felt like-he so soft." AAAARRRGGH.

On the plus side, I adopted a 9 year old Bengal who is the Best Damn Kitty in the Whole Wide World. I tell him everyday that he's going to live til he's 20.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6805/01/2011

OP, I'm sorry for your loss and sorry to hijack your thread, but I can't start threads myself and there seem to be a lot of cat people here who might know the answer to my question:%0D %0D I've been feeding this feral cat which turned out to be pregnant, of course. It had kittens (stowed away somewhere) and now when it comes to eat, it won't drink anything. Before it drank water and cat's milk from the pet store, but now won't drink a thing. She looks dehydrated. But I can't go near her, because she scratches, so I can't take her to a vet.%0D %0D What is up with this cat?%0D %0D

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 6905/01/2011

R69, I started a thread for you and posted this:

Perhaps contact a local feral cat organization? Or call Alley Cat Allies? They might be able to direct you to a local organization or provide help directly.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7005/01/2011

R69, another person posted this:

I don't know why she won't drink, but it is important that she get fluids, especially while she's nursing.

Feed her canned food instead of dry -- there's moisture in that -- & maybe stir a little water into the food.

Keep putting bowls of water out for her & change it at least twice a day so that it's fresh.

See if you can find a rescue group in your area, or call the local animal shelter to see if someone has advice.

Good for you, trying to help.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7105/01/2011

Sorry this is the correct Alley Cat Allies site:

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7205/01/2011

And what are you going to do if I don't help you collect your cat? You want to roll around the floor like lovers? You want to fuck me, OP?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7305/01/2011

The ashes I've had of my beloved cat Neko for 15 years are mixed with other cats? Are you sure? Isn't there some sort of notice they should give you when you pay for them? I feel duped. Neko wouldn't have like that.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7405/01/2011

I've only been feeding the feral mama canned or wet pouch cat food. She eats A LOT. %0D %0D Before the kittens were born, my partner went to ARF and brought home a cage with no instructions on how to set it as a trap. He said the ARF people were very unhelpful and bored by him. We have a lot of celebrities with summer homes where I live and they are always giving ARF money and going to their fundraising galas and stuff. Maybe they are only interested in big donors? ARF is pretty far away and it takes a lot of gas to get there and back.%0D %0D Anyway, she had the kittens before we could figure out how to trap her. Now I know where her kittens are, but I can't get at them. They are somehow (I can't explain this well) behind a chimney on my deck, which goes under my house. It's kind of like a little tunnel and there is house insulation in there. I cannot see or hear them and there's now way I can get to them because I can't even put my head under the chimney. There's about 5 inches between the chimney and the deck.%0D %0D I am hoping if she and the kittens survive, she will bring them out when it's time for them to eat "real" food. I want to take them all to a vet to see if they have worms or leukemia or whatever. If they are ok, I want to get vaccines and fix everybody when they get old enough so we won't have more kittens.%0D %0D Also, my mother's cat comes with her when my mother visits and she is old and pampered. I don't want her to catch anything.%0D %0D Can I give a nursing cat worm medicine or the flea medication that goes on the back of the neck?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7505/02/2011

No way am I going to be in some anonymous Vet clinic when my cats die. Or have them mass-cremated like the daily refuse. I hope by then there is a way to privately euthanize your pet in the comfort of your home. I'd like to bury them in the backyard.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7605/02/2011

My kitty has cancer. He has already chosen the place in our house where he wants to die. I am not going to deprive him of the choice to leave us when he is ready--NOT when it is convenient for us, or lucrative for the Nazi vet who so eagerly lusts after the blood money he would get for killing my cat.

Nine out of ten people feel horrible, bone-racking guilt after they murder their pets via euthanasia. So would I. My cat won't be in pain--we have plenty of morphine and so he is comfortable. On the day when he goes to his final rest, he will do so on his own, at home, unaided by a shot of heart-stopping pentobarbital served up on a steel table surrounded by strangers who smell like dogs.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7704/10/2013

My dog, a chihuahua, just turned ten. I can't even think of how I'll make it when she's gone.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7804/10/2013

R77...Why the hell are you posting to a two year old thread? Pay the 18 bucks and start your own.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 7904/10/2013

Oh, OP. These are the times you realize how inadequate language is. There are no words. Hugs to you both.

Make sure you talk aloud to her tonight, tomorrow morning, and on the way to the vet. Tell her how pretty she is, how special she is, and what a wonderfully good girl she's been. Tell her she's made you a better person. Tell her how much you love her. Tell her you'll always remember her--it's so important to remember the hundreds of Maisey moments you were lucky enough to share.

A small favor, please? Ask Maisey to say hello to Bosco, Lexie, Hodges and Greyboy for me; tell them I miss them every single day.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 8004/10/2013

I really appreciate the kind words. Of course as I approach the second anniversary of the loss of my kitty, I wonder at how people here are too beautifully sympathetic to notice how old my bumped thread is.

Why, in the interim I have lost and been griefstricken over four more kitties, two puppies, seven gerbils, a ferret, a pair of cockatoo, my mommy, a bunny, three guinea pigs, a kidney, and my job. And I've posted threads about every single one of them, crying as I typed. You kind words after each one of them helped carry me through to my inevitable next tragic loss.

And now I'm afraid I think my monkey has liver failure.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 8104/10/2013

Sweet baby boy, my heart goes out to you. I've had to do this twice, and I know the pain you're experiencing. May I ask why you don't just request Kitty's remains in order to bury him/her in a lovely spot? That is what I did, and I never regretted it, even when I eventually had to move. I felt like the joy we experienced together in the particular location made it seem correct that their remains stay with the locale.

Don't be afraid to let out all your feelings and pain...the first month will be very sad, but later you will begin to remember only the good times.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 8204/11/2013

If you have a yard, bury kitty there. Put a marker and/or some plants there and you'll always have her near.

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 8304/11/2013

People...Hello! The cat in question has been dead for almost two years. The original OP probably has moved on. Maybe you should too. Doesn't anyone ever read the posting dates?

by 31 y.o. but little-boy sad now.reply 8404/11/2013
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