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After what, 20 years? Her music is still so relaxing. There, I said it!

by Tokerreply 6705/16/2013

Luv her!

by Tokerreply 104/27/2011

hate her

by Tokerreply 204/27/2011

figure her

by Tokerreply 304/27/2011

Smell HER!

by Tokerreply 404/27/2011

Should have won the Oscar for her beautiful "May It Be" for the Lord of the Rings.

by Tokerreply 504/27/2011

I had a boyfriend who loved to play Enya during sex. I used to get hard every time I saw tnat damn Hershey's white chocolate commercial.

by Tokerreply 604/27/2011

I love Enya!

by Tokerreply 704/27/2011

Hate you, R2.

by Tokerreply 804/27/2011

I hate her music, but I do think she's a beauty.

by Tokerreply 904/27/2011

Her music is vastly different from anything else I like but there's no denying that her first three albums are things of beauty. I also like the fact that nobody knows anything about her besides her music. And she must have a portrait of herself hidden in a room of her Irish castle that's aging while she stays eternally young and beautiful.

by Tokerreply 1004/28/2011

On a boat, on a boat, on a boat upon the ocean. If you're scared, if you're scared, you might pass a nutty motion. If it hurts, if it hurts, be sure to use some lotion.

by Tokerreply 1104/28/2011

1. Enya is the artist that defines New Age Music and took it out of folklore and onto the world stage. Thousands of musicians owe her their careers.

2. She has sold over 70,000,000 records. More than Celine Dion, 11 times Lady Gaga.

3. She writes all her own music and plays all the instruments on her CDs.

4. It takes Eyna as long a 5 years of studio work, to finish 1 single album.

5. She has never married and lives with her longtime female "friend".


Support family for once in your life.

by Tokerreply 1204/28/2011

A friend turned me on to Enya while in college back in the mid 90s.

The woman is a genius.

My favorite songs are:



Trains and Winter Rains

Only Time


Cursum Perficio (My absolute favorite!)

by Tokerreply 1304/28/2011

I hate that disgusting drivel she pumps out, detest it! the only song I like is this mashup with Prodigy:

by Tokerreply 1404/28/2011

That wasn't a mashup R14. That was a remix of Orinco Flow with a new drum track.

I understand now why you say what you say. Back to your world of rappers who can't play a musical instrument or write music and have to sample (steal) from those who can.

by Tokerreply 1504/28/2011

Isn't she worth a fortune, well over 100 million.

by Tokerreply 1604/28/2011

her music is the equivalent of aural farts.

by Tokerreply 1704/28/2011

She is a lesbian who lives in a big ass castle!

by Tokerreply 1804/28/2011

Is she reclusive?

by Tokerreply 1904/28/2011

[quote]She has never married and lives with her longtime female "friend".

She lives with Nicky and Roma Ryan, her producer and lyricist, respectively. It's long been rumored to be a polyamorous situation.

Nicky Ryan used to be the manager of Clannad, the Irish group Enya was once a part of and which consists of members of her family. Nicky quit managing them and took Enya with him in the early '80s, which led to bad blood with her family that persists to this day. I've always thought that part of the bad blood was the personal relationship with Nicky and his wife.

by Tokerreply 2004/28/2011

[quote]Is she reclusive?

Could be. A girl I knew in the late 90s went to Scotland or Ireland or wherever it is she lived at the time and she told me Enya had a huge pink mansion with gigantic Rottweilers as guard dogs.

by Tokerreply 2104/28/2011

Too bad that Sinead O'Connor is aging so badly because of her 'issues'. Otherwise she would be a match for Enya's beauty. Both of them have great faces.

by Tokerreply 2204/28/2011

[quote]her music is the equivalent of aural farts.

I agree, gay aural farts.

by Tokerreply 2304/28/2011

My favorite

by Tokerreply 2404/28/2011

[quote]Otherwise she would be a match for Enya's beauty. Both of them have great faces.%0D %0D Back in the late 1990s, when Sinead had hair for a little while, she could have passed for Enya's sister.

by Tokerreply 2504/28/2011

Post some pics and video if you can, R25!

by Tokerreply 2604/28/2011


by Tokerreply 2704/28/2011

Music for intelligent Lesbians.

by Tokerreply 2804/29/2011

or music for the brain-dead

by Tokerreply 2904/29/2011

Something about Enya's music facilitates release.

by Tokerreply 3004/29/2011

She's one of the Brennans of Clannad fame. She left in the early 80s to begin her solo career.

Enya's sister Maire Brennan re-recorded her vocals to Clannad's "Harry's Game" for Chicane's "Saltwater".

by Tokerreply 3104/29/2011

One of the funniest things I've read on this site was a post about "Only Time" being used by NBC to connote "seriousness" in its ads in the aftermath of 9/11. It became such a cliché that, in the poster's office, any important announcement would be preceded by a solemn intonation of "Who can say where the road goes..."

by Tokerreply 3204/29/2011

The comment about Enya living with the Ryans and having a sexual relationship with them is pure BS. She lived with them before her music took off in the late '80s but only for financial reasons. After her money started coming in she bought a townhouse and lived there until renovations on her castle were completed in the early '90s when she moved into it. %0D %0D

by Tokerreply 3305/18/2011

Enya's music is better than Sominex and Tylenol PM combined!


by Tokerreply 3405/18/2011

I liked her better when she was part of Clannad. Don't like her new age crud.

by Tokerreply 3505/18/2011

It's Enya, not "inya!"

by Tokerreply 3605/21/2011

Actually it's EITHNE, not Enya. EITHNE is the singer, ENYA is the organization fronted by EITHNE and those two Ryans

by Tokerreply 3705/21/2011

She does NOT live with the Ryans. They live in their own mansion that is attached to the studio, and Eithne lives in a castle/mansion of her own

by Tokerreply 3811/23/2011

Enya writes and performs all her own music and has sold over 12 times the number of records as Lady Gaga.

Enya is the highest selling female composer in recorded history. Also she is rumored to be family, so.....

by Tokerreply 3911/23/2011

SO who do you think she has relationships with? Men, women, both? Any names?

by Tokerreply 4011/23/2011

Enya lives with her female partner of many years now.

by Tokerreply 4111/24/2011


by Tokerreply 4211/24/2011

Does anyone know the Enya song with the lyrics "Suckin' on my titties like you wanted me calling me like Blondie check out my chrissy behind it's fine all of the time like sex on the beaches what else is in the teaches of peaches? huh, what?"

by Tokerreply 4311/24/2011

Can't help you out with that one, R43, but it sounds beautiful.

by Tokerreply 4411/24/2011

It's Peaches, R43 and the song "Fuck the Pain Away". And it is beautiful.

But, back to Enya... I've always assumed she's a lesbian. I think one of the songs on Memory of the Trees made a reference to Sappho, which just confirmed it for me.

by Tokerreply 4511/24/2011

Um, newsflash. Her name is Diane and she lives in the San Fernando Valley. The Enya mystique is marketing bs gone awry!

by Tokerreply 4611/25/2011

"Boadicea" is such a haunting, unsettling song. Listen to it alone on an autumn evening with the wind blowing outside and try not to get creeped out.

by Tokerreply 4711/25/2011

70 million albums?!

That's a lot of elevators.

by Tokerreply 4811/25/2011

Enya has been around and recording for over 20 years. Lady Gaga and Adele won't make it to 5 years.

by Tokerreply 4911/25/2011

I met her in NY at a record signing when her "Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya" album was released. She was lovely. I asked her if she'd ever tour and she was very honest and said probably not because of the unique sound with all the over dubbing of her voice it would take so many people with the chorus and orchestra it probably wouldn't be affordable.

by Tokerreply 5011/25/2011

It is doubtful that any of you really know anything about Enya's lifestyle. She is almost pathological about her privacy and would never let her secrets about her life be known to anyone on "the outside."

by Tokerreply 5105/05/2012

I lost my virginity to the Orinoco Flow album.

Of course, I am a lesbian. It was with another girl. We were 16 and 17.

I am not ashamed. "'Orinoco Flow' is a beautiful sing."

by Tokerreply 5205/05/2012

I loved and still love Enya. She is close to Clannad because it was formed by several of her brothers and sisters.

Have any of you tried Loreena McKinnet (sp?)?

by Tokerreply 5305/05/2012

[quote]She does NOT live with the Ryans. They live in their own mansion that is attached to the studio, and Eithne lives in a castle/mansion of her own

It's like you wrote that from your 16th century hut.

by Tokerreply 5405/05/2012

First time I heard her was in a shop in Berkeley. Song was "Caribbean Blue" and it stopped me in my tracks. I made them find out what it was for me. Still love it.

by Tokerreply 5505/05/2012

Yes, R55. My favorite as well.

I think I heard it in a shop as well, and I was living in Berkeley at the time.

It's very Berkeley.

by Tokerreply 5605/05/2012

My favorite Enya clip. Years later and it still makes me laugh:

by Tokerreply 5705/05/2012

That's so cool, r56. I was in an overly precious toy store on 4th st., if I recall.

by Tokerreply 5805/06/2012

"Book of Days" is one of her better efforts.

by Tokerreply 5905/06/2012

I want this played at my funeral.

by Tokerreply 6005/06/2012

Enya - Amarantine Live

(Skip to 2:00 for the song. Tracy Smith in the clip, so you've been warned.)

by Tokerreply 6105/06/2012

What's with the repeated references to Gaga? They're obviously mining two completely different areas of the pop field. Just because Enya uses layers of her vocals to mask her lyrical deficiencies, and "lives in a castle ", doesn't make her superior to Gaga or anyone. It just makes her Bono with a twat.

by Tokerreply 6205/06/2012

She does herself no favors by having nothing to say about her private life and never being seen out on the town. That gives gossips a lot of ammo to use. She says she doesn't care about gossips but I bet she does and would like to say once and for all that she is straight and here is the name of her boyfriend. Or to admit that she really is a lesbian and here is the name of her female lover.

by Tokerreply 6305/16/2013

Eyna is the only female song writer in history to define and entire musical genre (New Age Music).

The fact that she is family and still doesn't lie about it, should be good enough.

by Tokerreply 6405/16/2013

She and Sinead O'Connor did collaborate on a song on O'Connor's "The Lion and the Cobra." ("Never Grow Old" or something like that.) Enya spoke the Irish language while O'Connor sang.

by Tokerreply 6505/16/2013

I know what you mean. On bath night I put on Enya, light my Glade color changing candle and sip a Suisse Mocha General Foods International Coffee.

by Tokerreply 6605/16/2013

Oh I bees enya

by Tokerreply 6705/16/2013
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