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My glass shower door exploded this morning!

Holy Crap! Sounded like a bomb went off. Shattered into a million little pieces. We were in the next room when it happened. Apparently it's not uncommon since tempered glass can explode at any time if there is any flaw on the edge. Scared the crap out of us! Anyone else have this happen?

by OMGreply 7611/30/2013


by OMGreply 104/26/2011

Interesting news. I didn't know this was a possibility. I will stick with my see through shower curtain.

by OMGreply 204/26/2011

You have a poltergiest!

by OMGreply 304/26/2011

That happened to my front door. It was weird. Nothing was going on, and then BOOM, it shattered in a million pieces. I never knew why.

by OMGreply 404/26/2011

Get out of the closet!

Just missed the right door

by OMGreply 504/26/2011

Is your house built on an Indian burial ground?

by OMGreply 604/26/2011

Glass can only be tempered after it is cut or cast to size/shape. If the anealing process is flawed (uneven heating, impurities within the glass etc) it will only take a small scratch or a torquing of the glass to cause it to shatter. This can happen to glass lenses in eye glasses and pyrex utencils and all other uses of tempered glass.

by OMGreply 704/26/2011

The same thing happened to my stereo cabinet door about a decade ago: nothing was wrong, then suddenly SMASH!

My poor cats were terrified for days afterwards. :(

by OMGreply 804/26/2011

A be bop a loop bob a be bop a lop boppa BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

by OMGreply 904/26/2011

Is Carrie White your neighbor?

by OMGreply 1004/26/2011

I saw that happen once to a car windshield on the freeway. Apparently a pebble got kicked up from a vehicle in front and it hit the windshield of the car just behind it just the right way and the whole thing just went KAPLOOEY! Thankfully the millions of little chunks of glass fell into the car so the driver could still see how to drive well enough to get the car off to the side of the freeway.

by OMGreply 1104/26/2011

Believe it or not, as late as the 1950's there were many cars with untempered glass windshields. The horriffic cuts drivers and passengers suffered in collisions were unbelievable.

by OMGreply 1204/26/2011

Someone posted a similar story on Reddit last week. There seems to be a lot of this glass exploding lately.

by OMGreply 1304/26/2011

[quote]A be bop a loop bob a be bop a lop boppa BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Aretha, jammin next door %0D %0D Oh, DEAR!

by OMGreply 1404/26/2011

The glass door of the Uniqlo store at Broadway and Prince exploded one morning as I was walking past; miraculously, the shards of glass did not hit any passersby.

by OMGreply 1504/26/2011

Thank you, R13! I think you solved The Mystery of the Disappearing Wit at DataLounge. They all went to reddit, apparently.

by OMGreply 1604/26/2011

Poor ol' Della Reese almost died many years ago when she plowed her bulk through a large glass door. I read she had hundreds of stitches.

by OMGreply 1704/26/2011

WEHT our ghost thread? Did it get lost in the Amazon cloud?

by OMGreply 1804/26/2011

GREAT. Now, I have another thing to worry about.

by OMGreply 1904/26/2011

The glass in the door of our wood-burning stove (which was not operating) cracked (with a loud noise) around nine or ten o'clock one morning. The chimney sweep said that this happens from time to time and can be due to such things as a sudden change in the respective temperatures on each side of the glass - for example, a gust of icy cold wind coming down the chimney when the room is considerably warmer.

by OMGreply 2004/26/2011

Have none of you studied the principle of exterior compressive stress against interior tensile stress? It's the same principle as the Prince Rupert's drop or also called Prince Rupert's balls. When damaged, the large amount of potential energy stored in the drop's crystalline or amorphous atomic structure is released, causing fractures to propagate through the material at very high speeds.%0D

by OMGreply 2104/26/2011

Let me tell you, it's a sound you never forget. Sounded like a bomb went off! Then some of the glass went down the drain, and had to call Roto-Rooter to get that out! I'm really considering going with a shower curtain. You look at these doors now like you have an unexploded bomb sitting in your house. You don't know when and if it's going to blow! Crap! Glad no one was on the "terlet" at the time!

by OMGreply 2204/27/2011

Are you sure the glass exploded on its own? I mean, it was the bathroom and all kinds of explosive things can happen there.

by OMGreply 2304/27/2011

scary...thank God you weren't in there when it happened!!!,,you both must have a guardian angel

by OMGreply 2404/27/2011

Is this glass made in China perhaps?

by OMGreply 2504/27/2011

I did have that happen to my shower door, OP, and it was 9 million pieces to clean up.

Fortunately, the shower door company replaced it at no cost.

But, it was loud and messy--kind of like kinky sex with the glass bits.

by OMGreply 2604/27/2011

OP here. Shower door people came out today to measure for replacement. They think that the washer on the door handle had broken/decayed over time, which created the problem. They had all kinds of stories about exploding tempered glass. Yikes! New door next week.

by OMGreply 2704/29/2011

This just happened to me today as I was having a glass shower door installed.

The guy picked up one of the pieces of glass and it just basically shattered in his hands.

by OMGreply 2805/16/2011

I've read numerous articles about this issue over the past decade which generally blame the move to cheap overseas manufacturing (tempering) practices. Most of the articles discussed exploding Pyrex, oven doors, and (more recently) glass table tops. At one time there were quite a few websites devoted to just this issue - no idea if they're still around.

by OMGreply 2905/16/2011

Our exploded this morning while the wife was taking a shower. it was loud and glass every where.

by OMGreply 3001/11/2012

I was at a dinner party once and the hostess served us on hand-blown glass plates. Right after I finished eating - boom - my plate just shattered without my even touching it. I was very poltergeist-like.

by OMGreply 3101/11/2012


by OMGreply 3201/11/2012


by OMGreply 3301/11/2012

Is this what it sounded like OP?

:10 seconds in...

by OMGreply 3401/11/2012

There were probably glass worms in it.

by OMGreply 3501/11/2012

Sounds kind of like what killed film noir actor Charles McGraw.

by OMGreply 3601/14/2012

Oh fess up OP, you were in the bedroom lip syncing to your Victor/Victoria soundtrack when she hit the B-flat.

by OMGreply 3701/14/2012

Have you noticed the calendar?

by OMGreply 3801/14/2012

OP = Lucy and Viv

by OMGreply 3901/14/2012

Great. We're getting ready to order a shower door at Lowe's.

Doesn't tempered glass just break and fall? Does it explode in all directions? Isn't the purpose so it doesn't cut you to pieces?

by OMGreply 4001/14/2012

This happened to a Pyrex glass dish I had. It was still hot - I had accidentally left it in the oven (I had turned it on to clean it), and I placed it on the countertop to cool, and it simply exploded.

by OMGreply 4101/14/2012

I read through that reddit link for a bit, but I didn't see anything remotely witty. Where was the old-DL-worthy funny part?

When we moved into our house, there was an old oven we didn't want. As we were in the process of pulling it out to replace it, there was a loud sound between a bang and a pop, and tiny shards of glass flew through the air as if shot out of a confetti gun. Took forever to find them all, too, but with 6 pets that roam around, missing one or two wasn't an option.

by OMGreply 4201/19/2012

OP are you a screeching queen? Were you watching the Golden Globe red carpet on TIVO? That would explain a lot.

by OMGreply 4301/19/2012

Showers will NEVER go away!

by OMGreply 4401/26/2012

"scary...thank God you weren't in there when it happened!!!,,you both must have a guardian angel"

Or a really devoted childhood imaginary friend!

by OMGreply 4501/26/2012

Can you get glass with a sheet of plastic inside, similar to automobile glass? At least if that breaks, shards aren't going to go flying everywhere.

I had that kind of glass installed in my windows in Washington, DC, as a substitute for putting bars on the windows.

by OMGreply 4601/26/2012

OP here. It' like a car windshield. It just breaks up into little balls when it explodes. Not jagged glass, but I wouldn't pick it up without gloves.

by OMGreply 4701/26/2012

The glass had Morgellon's. Don't touch it OP!

by OMGreply 4801/26/2012

My rear window on my hatchback, in the 90's, did the same thing. I was driving down a stretch of highway, and I thought that I had been shot at. My back window exploded. The glass replacement guy said this happens sometimes.


by OMGreply 4901/26/2012

I know this is an old thread, but our Fleurco glass shower door just exploded yesterday (April 2012). I had taken a shower about 45 minutes prior to the spontaneous explosion of glass that blew glass out of the bathroom and down the stairs to the living room. Scared the hell out of me as I was the bottom of the stairs. Been doing some research to see what happened. Had no idea that this seems to be a fairly common occurence. Not sure what to do now. Do we put up another glass door? Just thought I would post so people know about the danger.

by OMGreply 5004/15/2012

Pyrex old or knew can explode if you move it from temperature extremes (ex freezer/cold fridge to micro). The term is thermal downshock. I think people just notice it more because of the advent of microwaves. Essentially any tempered glass can go through this. I store all my leftovers in glass, but if I plan to reheat them I transfer the desired portion to another plate or bowl before microwaving.

The event is frequently documented among vintage Pyrex collectors.

by OMGreply 5104/15/2012

[quote]Pyrex old or knew can explode

My head just exploded.

by OMGreply 5204/15/2012

re 52 LOL thank you for making me laugh.


havent had my coffee yet

Starbucks hear I cum.


by OMGreply 5304/15/2012

R50 (...)I was the bottom of the stairs.(...)

Didn't it hurt?

by OMGreply 5404/15/2012

Just tape cardboard over the hole.

by OMGreply 5504/15/2012

My dick exploded in my father's ass last night.

by OMGreply 5604/15/2012

OP, you have no one to call and tell this story too? You have to run straight to DL? Sad...

by OMGreply 5704/15/2012

My uncle's patio door shattered once. Well, I don't know if you'd call it shattered. It cracked into this kind of neat looking spiderweb pattern, but the glass didn't 'break'. Whatever coating was on the glass held it together. It was the oddest thing I ever saw, but like I said, it looked really cool. Not safe, though.

by OMGreply 5804/15/2012

made in ...

by OMGreply 5904/15/2012

As beautiful as those glass doors are on showers - the frameless ones - I have tried to avoid glass in the bathroom as much as possible. I am a klutz when wet and I want to feel safe and comfortable in my bathroom.

by OMGreply 6004/15/2012

OMG, OMG, are you and your common-law domestic partner okay?

Did you immediately shriek and say "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, what was that?!" Then, proceed to briskly sashay to the bathroom while your caftan waved in the breeze like Blanche Devereaux retiring to her bouduir?

Have a blessed Sunday.

by OMGreply 6104/15/2012

baths are better for you than showers.

by OMGreply 6204/15/2012

Was Ella Fitzgerald in town?

by OMGreply 6304/15/2012

OP, you don't perchance play with ouija boards, do you?

by OMGreply 6404/15/2012

Should they all be of Plexiglas by now?

by OMGreply 6504/15/2012

JEEZUS, OP, glad you weren't injured.

And here I was thinking I was safe from Norman Bates' mother by replacing my shower curtain with a see- through glass door.....

by OMGreply 6604/15/2012

Mine exploded last week. Praise God that no one was in the bathroom because the glass went at least 8 feet. Glass was on the window sill ledge 5 feet off the ground, in the toilet, in the sink, in the shower, on the floor, on the counter, everywhere!

by OMGreply 6706/13/2012

My 4 month old shower door exploded today, too. Thankfully my husband was not in the enclosure. He had his hand on the handle and it just exploded into a million pieces. He was cut slightly, but not seriously. I called the company and they will replace it along with my towels and throw rugs which were covered with glass. My main concern is that they were not at all surprised by the explosion. They just said that sometimes happens. I'm not sure what to do next. Will I ever be comfortable in the shower again?

by OMGreply 6808/18/2012

A shower glass door exploded on my hand while I was taking a shower and sliced right through a tendon ! Been over two months now and hand is still in the healing process .

by OMGreply 6902/16/2013

[quote] baths are better for you than showers.

Not necessarily.

by OMGreply 7002/16/2013

same thing happened to my shower but i was standing next to it- cut my arm to pieces- thankfully i was clothed or i could have been gelded

by OMGreply 7102/16/2013

745am this morning, massive explosion and thought the house was falling down as I could hear plaster/ maisionary falling .. Looked out side, nothing there .. In the guest bathroom glass every where, the corner shower(approx 4 years old) (curved 4 pane) has a hole in the middle and glass was tumbling down like a waterfall ... We haven't used that shower for 6 maybe 8 weeks ... It's a modern house (12 years old) and there isn't any fluctuation in temperature as the house is a constant 19 degrees there's no movement cracks nothing what so ever ... Very spooky and scared the live out of me and my family....

by OMGreply 7211/18/2013

A can of Zevia (Whole Foods diet coke) exploded inside our fridge the other day.

by OMGreply 7311/18/2013

I have ONE word for you, Benjamin-plastics.

by OMGreply 7411/18/2013

I just googled to find this because one shower door just exploded in our bathroom around 1 a.m. last night. What was weirder it behaved like slow popcorn for at least 20 minutes afterward. The glass actually was popping and jumping. I 'mreally glad I wasn't in it at the time! Anyone know if contacting the manufacture would do any good? The doors were less than 4 years old.

by OMGreply 7511/28/2013

Our bathroom shower tempered glass door shattered into a million pieces yesterday. We will contact our insurance company on Monday and see if its covered for replacement.

by OMGreply 7611/30/2013
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