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The dull, lifeless career of Mandy Moore

Should she have just gone the Britney/Xtina route and shook her ass onstage? Do you think she regrets taking the goody-girl route now?

by 2007reply 10703/16/2015

It sort of matches her dull, lifeless talent and her dull, lifeless persona. She's lucky to have any career at all.

by 2007reply 104/26/2011

She was terrible on Entourage. That takes a talent of a sort considering there are no good actresses on that show.

by 2007reply 204/26/2011

There was about 5 minutes after Saved where she was getting good notices for what was a clever, funny turn that played on her good girl image. She could've done something interesting onscreen but did safe, bland crap that ended up flopping anyway.

She'll be on a CW pilot within 3 years.

by 2007reply 304/26/2011

I loved TANGLED, so there!

by 2007reply 404/26/2011

Don't go hating on her. Moore has beauty and talent, and loves her gays.

by 2007reply 504/26/2011

Is she still married to Ryan Adams? I've never seen them photographed together. Do they live together in NYC? Or was that all a joke to promote her record?

by 2007reply 604/26/2011

Mandy truly loves the gays. Brit fakes it. She just wants your money.

Fag Fools!

by 2007reply 704/26/2011

I am FILLED with Christ's love!

[Throws Bible at OP.]

by 2007reply 804/26/2011

I loved her in SAVED.

by 2007reply 904/26/2011

What does her loving the gays have to do with her being a shitty, limited actress?

Just because she doesn't have a problem with the fact that I suck cock doesn't mean i'm rushing to see License to Wed.

by 2007reply 1004/26/2011

[quote]Is she still married to Ryan Adams? I've never seen them photographed together. Do they live together in NYC? Or was that all a joke to promote her record?%0D %0D Yes, they are still married. There have been pictures of them around but they aren't publicity magnets, so there aren't a lot.

by 2007reply 1104/26/2011

She is pretty and not an awful actress. She was good on Grey's. She'll have a career on TV. Movies are out of question though.

by 2007reply 1204/26/2011

I do like the quality of her voice, even if it's on the thinner side. I think she's talented, and her voice work in Tangled was great. Her choices for her live-action movies have been pretty terrible / forgettable, though.

by 2007reply 1304/26/2011

I loved her in American Dreams, an underrated Idol spoof. She was so funny.

by 2007reply 1404/26/2011

Sorry but Britney could NEVER come close to the loveliness of what Mandy did for this song.

She did this John Hiatt song beautifully.

by 2007reply 1504/26/2011

I agree on the Tangled love. And better to have a quiet career than be a trainwreck like Brit or Aguilera or a waste of space and under the thumb of a creepy pa like J.Simp. She's doing fine, she's just smart enough to keep her private life private and not be a famewhore. And yes, she's still married to her husband.

by 2007reply 1604/26/2011

Ugh, that was painful to listen to, R15. Jewel did that song so much better for the "Phenomenon" soundtrack.

by 2007reply 1704/26/2011

I don't think she's the best singer, but she's good. And she seems to be sweet and caring. She might be the June Carter Cash to bad boy Ryan Adams' Johnny.

by 2007reply 1804/26/2011

I've always loved her rendition, R15, ever since it came out in the early 2000's. Thanks for sharing.

by 2007reply 1904/26/2011

I just have to add, though, that her husband Ryan Adams has always been laughable to me ever since he stated that he loved cult fiction growing up - he listed Hubert Selby Jr., Henry Miller, and [italic]Dan Brown[/italic] as paragons of that domain.

by 2007reply 2004/26/2011

Well Christina, Britney, etc... are widely considered to be emotionally disturbed, druggy whores in varying states of instability.

Whereas Mandy Moore still has her looks, sanity, reputation as a nice girl and with her lack of hangers-on and drug habit, probably enough $ to live on without having to struggle to resuscitate her career.

"Regrets"? If so, she's a moron.

by 2007reply 2104/26/2011

" Hubert Selby Jr., Henry Miller, and Dan Brown" - that had to have been a joke, R20.

by 2007reply 2204/26/2011

Her mother divorced her father because she fell in love with another woman.

She hasn't talk to her mom for years.

by 2007reply 2304/26/2011

Her career is going really well, actually. Steady income, decent fame.

by 2007reply 2404/26/2011

Oh yes r17 this soooo much better then the MM's version.


by 2007reply 2504/26/2011

Well, someone has to play that vapid blonde girl in romantic comedies and Christian life affirming movies. You can eke out a pretty decent living out of it.

by 2007reply 2604/26/2011

She has a really good voice and she fucked Andy Roddick. She wins.

by 2007reply 2704/26/2011

[quote]Her career is going really well, actually. Steady income

Steady income from what?

by 2007reply 2804/26/2011

Singing-wise she overdoes the breathy sighs and groans, like she's a bad porn actress or trying to imitate Marilyn Monroe - it's unfortunate, because she really does have a good voice and it tends to get upended by her singing style. That's the way she's always sung since she was a teen (and playing off inappropriate jailbait sexual innuendo in her "Candy" video) - I've always found it a bit odd that she tries to sing so "sensually" all the time, even when it's at odds with the material she's singing and the wholesome image she's projecting.%0D %0D That's why I liked her singing in Tangled - her usual sighs and groans were toned way down, and she had to sing in a pretty straightforward musical / Broadway style, with only a bit of breathiness. Really showed off her voice well. And I was actually impressed with her voice acting - she put a good range of emotion and personality in the character, which was a welcome change from the dull celebrity voice work in other animated films.

by 2007reply 2904/26/2011

Loved her in Tangled, too. Wasn't so sure when I first heard she had been cast, but mama was good.

by 2007reply 3004/26/2011

She's Blandy Bore. She's never going to be a huge star, but then she's made a good living without much of a struggle either, so power to her, I guess.

She would probably already be in a regular television series except she's 5'10" and has linebacker shoulders. Hard to find the right role.

by 2007reply 3104/26/2011

Remember that awful cover album she made a few years back called "Coverage" - fuck even the titles of her CDs are lame. I was sitting in a theatre waiting for a movie to start and they kept playing singles from that album while incessantly flashing her picture (Mandy peering through sunlit wildflowers) onscreen. I wasn't sure whether to stab my eyes or ears out. Worse yet, she was trying to "cover" a Joni Mitchel song ("Help Me") while doing that breathy groaning schtick of hers. The memory of sitting there in agony still haunts me.

by 2007reply 3204/26/2011

[quote]Steady income from what?

She's been working steadily in TV and movies for years according to her IMDB page. People don't know because you never hear about her much now. The most I've seen of her in a while was when she was doing press for Tangled which made a nice chunk of money too. It's not Toy Story but it had a great run and it's still playing at my discount theater. The dvds are selling pretty well, too.

I agree, R29, I've always been completely indifferent to her, can't name a single album or song of hers but both her acting and singing were very good in Tangled, especially the lantern scene duet. It's funny because when she first broke out of the pop music scene, she was completely overshadowed by the big 3 blondes (Brit, Xtina, Simpson) but I think she's having the last laugh now in terms of career and personal life.

by 2007reply 3304/27/2011

I'd like to see her play "the bitch" more. She really did it well in Saved.

by 2007reply 3411/14/2011

My favorite review of Ryan Adams. I can't picture him married. For awhile, he dated Parker Posey.

I was at one show when Ryan sang a song called "I am learning how to love.". Great singer, but sort of different.

by 2007reply 3511/14/2011

Mandy is gorgeous, and I do think she has enough talent to lead a TV series.

by 2007reply 3603/29/2012

Remember her craptacular album of cover songs called - get ready for it - "Coverage"? Everything she does is just so painfully dull. Her breathy singing "style" is particularly grating.

by 2007reply 3703/29/2012

I thought she did a good job in Chasing Liberty.

by 2007reply 3803/29/2012

She did a nice job, all things considered, covering of two of my favorite songs from a bit before her time and bringing them to a new audience--"Whole of the Moon" (The Waterboys) and "Drop the Pilot" (Joan Armatrading)

by 2007reply 3903/29/2012

R39. Thanks, Mandy looks adorable with short hair.

by 2007reply 4003/29/2012

She hangs out with Minka Kelly a lot.

by 2007reply 4105/23/2012

I haven't cared for her since she made a cunt remark about Olivia Newton-John when she was promoting her Coverage album. Bitch, you wish you had 1/4 the career that ONJ had.

by 2007reply 4205/23/2012

Wasn't she unlucky enough to have dated Chris Klein? Her arms are oddly flabby and shapeless in the pic at R41.

by 2007reply 4305/24/2012

At least she's not sitting in a cube, surreptitiously posting a thread on some web page.

by 2007reply 4405/24/2012

what did she say about ONJ?

by 2007reply 4505/24/2012

Holy shit, aereola alert @ R41!

by 2007reply 4605/24/2012

She was good in this sweet British RomCom called "Swinging With The Finkels". Her co-star was Martin Freeman of Hobbit and Sherlock fame.

Not a great film but I liked it, nice diversion for a rainy weekend. Saw it On Demand a few weeks ago.

by 2007reply 4705/24/2012

I like her arms, R43. Mandy is a little heavier these days, but it looks good with her frame.

by 2007reply 4805/24/2012

[quote]She hangs out with Minka Kelly a lot.

Hanging out with a woman way hotter than herself takes some guts.

by 2007reply 4905/24/2012

R49 - I think they are equally hot.

by 2007reply 5005/24/2012

Have to agree with most that she sucks as a singer and an actress and is lucky to have a career.

by 2007reply 5105/24/2012

One of my favorite pictures of Mandy

by 2007reply 5205/24/2012


by 2007reply 5305/24/2012

And with Minka again

by 2007reply 5405/24/2012

She has another TV pilot

by 2007reply 5503/01/2013

Her "In My Pocket" song was actually very good.

by 2007reply 5603/01/2013

I love her! Shes pretty and talented :)

by 2007reply 5703/01/2013

She is beautiful (see new pics).

Never understood how she and Ryan Adams got married, but they seem to be happy.

by 2007reply 5804/25/2013

At the Helmut Newton Exhibit opening.

by 2007reply 5906/28/2013

Well I liked her before but she is an absolute cunt in this video where she presages it with some doth protest too much "I'm a credible indie artist" bullshit pre-amble. Bitch who you be foolin. You think we've had collective amnesia or something. Why bother doing the song at all then if you're gonna shit on it and be all apologetic trying to justify it. Ridiculous.

by 2007reply 6006/28/2013


by 2007reply 6106/28/2013

Blandy Snore. Her "Coverage" album is just awful. Joni Mitchell must have barfed when she heard Blandy's cover of "Help Me".

by 2007reply 6206/28/2013

She wasn't dissing Rhianna. I liked the cover.

by 2007reply 6306/28/2013

Mandy does a good cover of Carole King's I feel the earth move.

by 2007reply 6407/25/2013

Thinking about Mandy Moore is kind of like thinking about that beige wall you walked by on your way to work.

by 2007reply 6507/25/2013

I don't get the hate. She's a good singer, a good actress. She has boring personal life because she's not a party animal. She seems grounded.

by 2007reply 6607/25/2013

There was another one, it was Britney, Christina, Jessica, Mandy, and Willa Ford. Willa was the least successful. She had more flavor than Mandy though.

by 2007reply 6707/25/2013

Mandy was tasty as candy.

by 2007reply 6807/25/2013

Do you think she ever enjoyed the supreme ecstasy of eating out Andy Roddick's big fat butt while she had the chance?

by 2007reply 6907/25/2013

Yes, R69

by 2007reply 7007/25/2013

I don't know why I like her, but I do. Her last cd had some really wonderful songs on it, and I find her acting to be charming. I wish she were more successful than she is. Being married to a first class asshole like Ryan Adams is probably taking all her time. That still seems like such an unlikely union; almost as weird as Patty Griffin living with Roger Plant, who, I know from first-hand experience, is a total ass.

by 2007reply 7107/25/2013

It seems like Ryan has cleaned up his act.

Mandy is a good comedic actress - her guest appearance on HIMYM was very good, and against type.

by 2007reply 7207/25/2013

Mandy is often in the company of Minka Kelly.

by 2007reply 7307/26/2013

Mandy's problem is she's just boring. She is too "normal". She's not a slut, not a druggie or a drunk and is not a mean girl. You don't find her famewhoring her way in the press. I feel like she could have had a Taylor Swift-like career had she gone into country-pop.

by 2007reply 7407/26/2013

Yeah R74

She also could have had a Broadway career.

by 2007reply 7507/26/2013

Andy Garcia and Mandy Moore are joining the cast of Christmas in Conway.

According to Brent Shields, a Hallmark Hall of Fame Executive Producer, the two will join Mary-Louise Parker in the production.

by 2007reply 7608/01/2013

r67 Willa wins cause she was the most blatantly slutty. And who could forget her classic performance as Anna Nicole

by 2007reply 7708/01/2013

Mandy and Mary Louise Parker sounds interesting.

by 2007reply 7808/01/2013

What's Mandy up to?

by 2007reply 7911/25/2013

Jaime King, Mandy Moore, and Bethany Joy Lenz hit the red carpet while attending the Annenberg Space for Photography opening celebration for their Country: Portraits of an American Sound exhibit on Thursday (May 22) in Century City, Calif.

by 2007reply 8005/23/2014

Mandy Moore and Minka Kelly do the ice bucket challenge together.

I see more chemistry between these two than I do between Moore and Adams.

by 2007reply 8108/26/2014

She gets to suck Ryan Adams' dick at night. Who needs a career?

Is he circumcised?

by 2007reply 8208/26/2014

I forgot she existed

by 2007reply 8308/26/2014

Planning to release a new album in October.

by 2007reply 8408/30/2014

She gave up singing when she got a few movies. Movies pay so much more so why bother cutting CDs?

by 2007reply 8508/30/2014

heard shes a bitch in real life.

by 2007reply 8608/30/2014

R66 - Really. That's opposite of everything I've seen.

R65 - Maybe she likes singing.

by 2007reply 8708/30/2014

Mandy and Minka Kelly spend a lot of time together and are starting to look alike.

by 2007reply 8809/05/2014

Minka is not doing much, is she?

by 2007reply 8909/05/2014

Mandy is very dull and boring. Her looks, talent and personality are so middle of the road. She does seem to have intelligence and a backbone though. She didn't want to go the whorish/faux-badass route that Shitney and Xtina went down, but what Mandy wanted to do was just so fucking boring that no one cared. If she had played her cards right, she could have done well with Taylor Swift-ish songs and she's obviously a much better singer than that bitch.

by 2007reply 9009/05/2014

Well, we will see with the new album.

by 2007reply 9109/05/2014

I like the fact that she didn't start showing her van when she was 15 like her peers. I always respected her for that and "In My Pocket" is one of my favorite songs.

by 2007reply 9209/05/2014

R92 - I do as well, plus I think she is more talented than she is given credit for. She was really good in Saved and playing against type in HIMYM. She has made a few turkeys (Because I said so), but who hasn't.

by 2007reply 9309/05/2014

Filed for divorce from Ryan.

by 2007reply 9401/24/2015

I interviewed her once. She's as sweet as anyone would expect, and she's a very sincere supporter of LGBT issues, as she has a gay brother. She also came across as more of an artist than I expected. She's not an envelope pusher by any means, but I like that she doesn't fake it.

by 2007reply 9501/24/2015

R95 - That's what I thought as well just watching her.

" She also came across as more of an artist than I expected." = What do you mean by that?

by 2007reply 9601/24/2015

She did some charity event that I was at...she was very kind to be there, because it was a horrible event. She was very kind - took pictures with everyone, hugs, talked to everyone. She had no security and it was in a public place...people just walked up to her. To me, she's very striking in real life - kind of with a glamazon, 90s supermodel type look.

by 2007reply 9701/24/2015

I interviewed her for her Amanda Leigh album (which I mostly like a lot), kind of a hipster-folk pop kind of a thing. She talked a lot about the process of making it, how she didn't want to be overproduced and told how to present herself, how to sound, what to say anymore. She was working on finding both her sound and her voice, and I think that's admirable for someone who had been a promotional puppet since childhood. Actually, in a way, I consider it an accomplishment for any artist who starts out so young to maintain any semblance of a creative career without any of the antics we usually seen from those who remain "relevant." The worst anyone can say about her is that she's a little boring (or apparently on here, people say she's "average" looking--I think she's quite pretty, but I guess everyone is supposed to look like Beyonce?), and that's not really such a bad thing given many of the alternatives.

by 2007reply 9801/24/2015

I remember when she announced her engagement to Ryan. I couldn't believe she was going to marry him--he's so gross.

by 2007reply 9901/24/2015

R98 - I don't think she's average looking. I think she is very pretty, though not a classic beauty.

by 2007reply 10001/24/2015

Either way (believe it or not, gays!), there are about six million other dimensions to life besides living up to a beauty standard. You don't have to believe it to be true, but it's something to think about while you're on the treadmill, anyway. ;)

by 2007reply 10101/24/2015

R98 - "She talked a lot about the process of making it, how she didn't want to be overproduced and told how to present herself, how to sound, what to say anymore. She was working on finding both her sound and her voice, and I think that's admirable for someone who had been a promotional puppet since childhood"

Thanks for the explanation.

by 2007reply 10201/24/2015

Wasn't he cheating on her relentlessly?

by 2007reply 10301/24/2015

Recent pic

by 2007reply 10401/24/2015

"Fans were surprised on Friday when Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams confirmed that they were ending their marriage, weeks before their sixth wedding anniversary.

But the singer and actress had hinted hours before the sad news broke that she was having 'the worst' time.

Mandy shared a photo to Instagram of two traffic signs: the first reading, 'Mercury Retrograde' and the second stating, 'PROCEED WITH CAUTION'."

by 2007reply 10501/27/2015

She spends a lot of time with Minka Kelly.

by 2007reply 10602/17/2015

Mandy and Minka are really looking like a couple. Mandy looks like she has put on a few pounds.

by 2007reply 10703/16/2015
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