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"Mob Wives" on VH1

Make the RHONJ look like graduates of Miss Porter's.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 50202/21/2015

I love Karen Gravano, Renee (whoever her daddy is) is a skank. The show is my guilty pleasure.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 104/18/2011


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 204/18/2011

Renee Graziano is trannylicious!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 304/18/2011

Drita D'avanzo is my favorite. She seems kinda sweet under that tough exterior.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 404/18/2011

Does the FBI watch this show? Is this for real?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 504/18/2011

By faaaaaaaarrr, my favorite show ever!!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 604/18/2011

This show must have three lawyers for every cast member.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 704/18/2011

Renee Graziano lol the whole I'm not going to talk to her I honor my dad shit.%0D %0D She let it slip that her dad would cut her off.%0D %0D Bitch has to be 50 get a fucking job. Bitch is pathetic.%0D %0D But so is the bitch coming back.%0D %0D Shes just a fame whore who abandoned her child to fame whore it for a generic housewives show.%0D %0D She acts all tough but shes full of shit she knows noone is gooing to do anything to her with the cameras rolling.%0D %0D So she'll get away with talking a lot of shit and not backing it up.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 804/18/2011

Renee Graziano is trannylicious.%0D %0D %0D Thats a softer well lit picture of her.%0D %0D You'd have to watch the show to see how rough this bitch really looks.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 904/18/2011

I don't understand something...

Does Renee really just dislike Karen because of something her father did 20 years ago? Is she for real? Or did the producers/writers tell her to think that way? This can't be real.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 1004/18/2011

..wait.. Can someone tell me where these women get their money? They don't seem to work and have McMansions and kids to support while hubby is jail..

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 1104/19/2011

R10%0D %0D How old are you ? Have you never heard of Sammy "The Bull"?%0D %0D It would make sense to me that Renee's father wanted her to drop contact. Even at 50 I can understand her doing it if he's paying her bills.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 1204/23/2011

Where do these snobby bitches get their money???

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 1304/27/2011

On the show they show pictures of Renee with her husband, Junior, when they were together. She was very attractive; striking actually, back then. %0D The Albanian on the phone to her husband in the clink - 'you know why you didn't get a package (of food)? Because you don't deserve to eat!"

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 1404/28/2011

Wow, just watched the "supertrailer" never heard of this show before. Wow!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 1504/28/2011

More garbage on TV to let morons get their rocks off laughing at Italians.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 1704/28/2011

Sammy the Bull was a psychopath. Do we really need to glamorize these people and make them wealthy?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 1804/28/2011

Sammy the Bull was a psychopath. Do we really need to glamorize these people and make them wealthy?%0D %0D %0D Hes daughter is beyound being a poser.%0D %0D She names off all the Gangsters then says shes gangster.%0D %0D Bitch pleases your Daddy is a gangster. Your just a spoiled bitch he has to write checks for. lol%0D %0D

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 1904/28/2011

Unlike the Jersey Housewives, at least these women own up to their mob connections. And they throw down every episode. %0D %0D I enjoy seeing Renee get choked. She makes the most hilarious faces. D'rita or whatever, talks so tough but she's a twig who'd snap in half. And her make-up during the testimonial makes her look like an 80 year old wet cat. %0D %0D

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2004/28/2011

Renee is an over-the-top drama queen. Her son clearly hates her and with good reason. Is she playing to the camera or is she really certifiable?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2105/04/2011

Renee is such a drama queen. I really feel for the son...poor thing! But I love this show!!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2205/04/2011

Renee's visit to the fur store was hilarious. I wish she had gone with the red one. %0D %0D And how appropriate that their restaurant hang out is named Crust.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2305/05/2011

R23 - she looked like a chubby Little Red Riding HOOD in the fur store.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2405/05/2011

I enjoy this show, and not even as a guilty pleasure. I think it's truly good. It's like a reality version of the sopranos.

The second season will of course be terrible, as the only "real" season of a reality show is the first season before the cast is aware of their "characters" and how they are on camera, but this is compelling stuff.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2505/05/2011

R25, Completely agree. They would have to conjure up fake drama to make it interesting.

Enjoy it while it lasts...

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2605/05/2011

What's next, "Serial Killer Pals"?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2705/05/2011

Not yet, R27, but soon.%0D %0D R24, you made me laugh. Don't forget orange, leathery 'chubby little red riding hood.'

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2805/06/2011

Karen looks like a bloated Holly Marie Combs (Piper from "Charmed"). Is the book project real or just for the show?

Renee is like a New Jersey version of Eddy Monsoon from AbFab. Her son is totally Saffy.

I have watched only the first episode so far and I am surprised how much I like it (and the songs they use).

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 2905/06/2011

Anyone else think Carla looks a lot like Stacy from "What Not to Wear?"%0D %0D Also, all 4 women seem to have the exact same hair length. Is that a Mafia thing?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3005/06/2011

I watched this show because of this thread. What a mess! And yes Renee looks like a hard-faced drag queen.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3105/06/2011

Wow, I'm watching it too. I want to see what the guys look like. I might be wrong but I'm pretty fucking sure Sammy's daughter used to sell a shitload of extasy in AZ. I think Sammy took most of the rap for her but.

I want to see the men.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3205/06/2011

Renee really turns into a multi layered character with all that drama confessions at her shrink.

I don't know if her son is just embarassed to show his emotions on TV or if he really isn't willing to show them at all.

Best lines so far "All the hot men are in prison" and "I didn't send you food because you don't deserve to eat!"

Great drama that all of Renee's loyal friends didn't show up when she needed them and the only one being there for her in person was Karen. Loved how pissed the other two were when Renee said to them that she no longer wants them to come over.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3305/06/2011

I need to see all the episodes online. It is like a real life Sopranos. Please help me find them online this is so good.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3405/06/2011

How many episodes are there? I've only seen 2. It really is addictive and I even had a dream about them.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3505/08/2011

Isn't all their money illegally obtained? You wouldn't think they'd be flaunting that on TV. How are they getting away with that?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3605/08/2011

When Renee said that she was tired of the abuse, was she basically saying that her ex-husband physically abused her? That might explain the face.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3705/08/2011

Probably R37, if you marry a bank robber or murderer you probably think you're on the lower end of totem pole. I still haven't been able to find any pics of the husbands. So they get to keep all of the money? Their houses, gyms, clothes and cars are tacky but fucking expensive. How does the Bulgarian survive w/ two kids and one income, a makeup artist doesn't make much.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3805/08/2011

LOVE this show. It is actual drama. They scored HUGE with the timing of the big Mafia bust last year.

Part of me feels for them, but then I know and they know their money is due to crime, intimidation and murder. No one seems to work, yet everyone's in prison.

You can't have it both ways - you can't turn a blind eye to all the crime, enjoy the freedom of not working and the privileges of being mafioso, then bitch about the bad parts. It's a shitty trade in my opinion - but they were born into it.

Unlike Housewives, there really isn't much comedy going on - just major drama. For me, it's a really intense show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 3905/08/2011

I loved how the wives were complaining after the bust that the feds 'always come at 5 o'clock'. Sorry to inconvenience you, gangster family. They figure you'll be home then!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4005/08/2011

I laughed at that too, R40. I didn't know that cops were required to make an appointment before showing up and hauling your mobster husband off to prison.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4105/08/2011

Oh, and it has one of the best soundtracks around. Very cool bad ass music.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4205/08/2011

How can a 6 and 8 year old not know their father is in jail?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4305/08/2011

What did Renee mean by "I was fucking disrespected by an Irishman"? The guy being Irish somehow makes it worse?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4405/08/2011

'You're a shitty cunt!'%0D Out of the mouths of babes. To his little sister, no less. That kid of Carla's is on a one way ticket to juvie. And she doesn't seem inclined to stop him. %0D %0D Renee is an emotional infant. That guy starts to give her crap and she calls on her husband to save her even though she knows he could go back to jail? And what a shithead that he showed up. I missed her son this episode. And I noticed in the last episode, next to Renee's phone in the living room was a Barbie doll. Whose was that? Does she still play with them? %0D %0D I want D'rito to go after Karen. Karen tries to act tough with her gangsta hand gestures and such, but I bet she'd start crying after the first punch if any of those bitches went after her physically.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4505/09/2011

Why would anyone risk their lives/reputation by being on the show?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4605/09/2011

I don't know R45, Karen was a strip club house mother and ran a big (and violent) Ecstasy ring when she lived in AZ. She might surprise you. When does this show air, I've only seen two episodes on demand.

The one with the great hair, with the insider trading husband. What are her mob ties?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4705/09/2011

I didn't know that, R47. Has she spoken about her drug ring? I must not have been paying attention. She just seems like so much hot air, but maybe not. She's certainly stirring the pot on the show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4805/09/2011

[quote]How does the Bulgarian survive w/ two kids and one income, a makeup artist doesn't make much.

Drita is Albanian. Her family is very conservative and disowned her after she married Lee, but Albanians have their own mob thing going on too.

P.S.: I wanna see the menz too.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 4905/09/2011

I'm watching the psychic episode right now. Renee is being read with tarot cards and she's smoking a cigarette. Her hand is shaking again! I wonder what's up with that - she was drinking, just like out at the bar with the fight with Karen. Is it the drinking or is it the nerves? She's interesting to me.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5005/09/2011

I noticed the hand shaking too. She seems like she's a mess. I'd love to get a peek into her medicine cabinet.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5105/09/2011

Renee is a hot mess!%0D %0D I wish they could have recorded Junior's conversation with the guy in the bar.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5205/10/2011

I love Renee's whining about "the children" and how hard it is for them when the fathers end up in prison. Sweetie, you grew up as one of those children, and then chose to marry a mobster and bring children into that life. You can't be surprised by this.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5305/10/2011

((bump)) for this post...

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5405/16/2011

When are new episodes shown?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5505/16/2011

itunes has the season pass for $12 or $19 - is it worth getting for a summer watch?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5605/16/2011

New episodes are shown Sundays at 8 p.m. and repeated throughout the week.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5705/16/2011

The Irish guy in the bar will not be so rude to another woman if he has a brain.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5805/16/2011

Mob Wives! Now that's a reality show I can watch!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 5905/16/2011

They need to stop saying "fuck." %0D %0D Girls, for christsakes, act like ladies. The show: Primo guilty pleasure.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6005/16/2011

Itis the most honest show on Television. And it will start many a fashion trend. The best reality show ever. (Or evah! for you New Jersey and Staten Island queens)

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6105/16/2011

Renee is hard to take and seems to believe all the mafia legends apply to her. She is exhausting.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6205/17/2011

This show is my guilty pleasure on Sunday nights - you couldn't make this script up! Best reality show on right now. As someone said upthread.. hope there isn't a second season because something will be lost with the "wives", and it won't be considered reality (more scripted).

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6305/17/2011

Karen is such a shit stirrer. She's all pissed about past memories and feeling betrayed that her friend hooked up and married her exboyfriend with whom Karen was through anyway. This wasn't about putting things on the table and resolve them it was about starting drama. And really, they fight over a jerk who bitches at his wife about not getting the food he ordered and his exgirlfriend probably writing about him in her book?

Renee is a shit stirrer as well trying to get all the attention and blowing some comment out of proportion trying to mess up Carla's relationship. Her bloodied up face was a total AbFab "Hospital" moment.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6405/17/2011

a friend told the bf and me about this show, and I thanked him 2 days later after recording 2 episodes and watching back to back.

This show is amazing.

And so raw.

They are fucked up twats. But enjoyable fucked up women.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6505/17/2011

..that's right.. who could forget this week's episode with Renee's face - bloodied and red - after the peel! It looked the episode in SATC, when Samantha had her peel - only 100x worse. I think I'll re-watch the episode just to see Renee's face - yeesh!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6605/17/2011

I was hooked when during the first episode, Drita has Karen over to reconnect and they are walking through jer house and Drita turns to Karen and points to an oversized (blurred) painting hanging over the couch saying "You remember that painting, don't you."

Cut to Karen in the confessional saying "Yeah, I remember the painting. It used to hang over the bed that I rode your husband on for seven years!"


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6705/17/2011

It says full episodes at this link. I'm watching them on FIOS.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6805/17/2011

Bump for Renee's Dinner Party / Shit Storm

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 6905/22/2011

bump for the dinner party.. vicious face slapping all around!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7005/22/2011

Drita and Karla seem to be the ones who are not playing to the camera. Drita is completely frightening, but she seems on the up and up. Karla, I suppose, is the classy one, until you get some wine in her at Renee's house and the digs come out. Renee and Karen have obviously studied the reality shows and know what will get the screentime and milk it. For that, they're the least interesting to me.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7105/23/2011

^^bump^^ for good, trashy (reality??) television!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7205/23/2011

Renee is scary and I don't think she's playing for the cameras. I think she'd be the exact same way if they weren't there. %0D %0D I want a second season because their lives fascinate me. Carla's casualness about her boyfriend, D'rito and Lee's fucked up relationship, and most of all Renee's deadpan son. I can't get enough of them. %0D %0D And I can't stop saying, 'You're a shitty cunt!' That and 'dumb twat neck' really need to be made into bumper stickers.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7305/23/2011

I don't think Renee was playing for the cameras.. because she took Carla down in swoop (after Carla put her hands in Renee's face) - almost banging her head into the table.. And, D'rita taking her shoes to fight somebody/anybody. Sheesh!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7405/23/2011

MY SON...MY SON. Oy, poor son.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7505/23/2011

Great catfight -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7605/23/2011

Well, the back of Karla's head introduced itself to the floor rather quickly. Nice to meet cha.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7705/23/2011

When I hear Renee say "my son" what I really hear is "me". She is totally projecting everything she feels onto him.

I think he is playing it up a bit. The son's reactions show that she isn't always this way. I don't doubt that she is a crazy psycho mess.

Love the show. As a New Yorker I can't help but feeling that I know Karen. She seems like a friend of mine. Carla also seems like someone I would have worked with.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7805/23/2011

Great show!%0D %0D Who is your favorite wife?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 7905/23/2011

Wow. Just watched the latest episode. Drita looks really hot, but in my opinion she would look even better without those fake boobs and lips. I like her interaction with her daughter while dressing up.

Carla is right about Renee when she says that Renee has problems with every male partner her girlfriends have (because they take precious time away which the friends could spend with Renee).

Renee being angry about her precious son having to find out that people don't think very high of his mother and dare to talk (or text) back to her is so silly. And she did call Carla's boyfriend a cocksucker, right?

The fight was edited badly and has so many fucking breaks! It's like each single hair pulling has its own fucking sequence!

And it looks like they make up in the next episode with Drita getting where Karen's coming from with her resentment of Drita hooking up with Lee.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8005/24/2011

Renee is a major drama queen and above all, an instigator. She loves stirring the pot and then getting angry about it all.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8105/24/2011

I'd watch just for Renee's facial contortions.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8205/24/2011

Renee looks much better with her hair pulled up.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8305/24/2011

I bet Renee can put her fist in her mouth.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8405/24/2011

Do these bitches suck good cock?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8505/24/2011

From the NY Post:%0D %0D %0D A Catfight between the "Mob Wives" cast members got so ugly that one ended up cut and bloody. Staten Island's Karen Gravano and Drita D'avanzo got physical while shooting the season finale at the Rare View bar atop the Shelburne Hotel. Security separated the two, who were taken in different elevators. The fight spilled into the lobby, and security threw them out of the hotel, sources said. In the scuffle, Renee Graziano cut her leg on a bench. A VH1 rep said, "At this time, we are concerned about the well-being of our cast. The network has yet to determine whether we will air this footage%0D %0D

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8605/24/2011

More:%0D %0D 'Mob' mentality%0D By MELANIE LEFKOWITZ%0D %0D Last Updated: 12:43 PM, May 24, 2011%0D %0D Posted: 10:51 PM, May 23, 2011%0D %0D Regrets, she has a few. %0D %0D Renee Graziano -- the tough-talking, hair-pulling diva at the core of the VH1 show "Mob Wives" -- wishes she'd been filmed with better cameras "because I don't want to look so fat." %0D %0D Sometimes she's disappointed to see herself act like a "loud, foul-mouthed drama queen." And if she hadn't been blinded by rage, she would have done things differently during the dinner-party-turned-wild-brawl shown in this week's episode. %0D %0D "Why didn't I crack her?" she said about with fellow "Mob Wife" Carla Facciolo. She was still furious after watching the show Sunday night from the couch in her Staten Island home. "I'm not violent. I don't raise my hands ever. I would never hit somebody. But I should have broken her f- - -ing jaw." %0D %0D The fight with Facciolo took place months ago, but the wounds are still raw. %0D %0D Graziano and fellow cast member Karen Gravano watched Sunday's episode together -- for the first time -- both still fuming over their spats with Facciolo and Drita D'avanzo. %0D %0D "Ooh, I'm so on fire right now!" Graziano yelled at the screen. %0D %0D The show's success has ushered in a new kind of fame for Renee and Karen, whose fathers, Anthony Graziano and former underboss and federal cooperator Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, were high-ranking mobsters. %0D %0D "To me, it's a little crazy being under a microscope and people picking it apart, especially with me and Renee, when we come from this world," Gravano said. "I'm sure deep down inside, my family didn't want me to do it . . . I can honestly say there's mixed emotions." %0D %0D Graziano, who says she no longer speaks to her father, said her mother "wishes America could see the softer, funnier side of me." %0D %0D She has 23,000 followers on Twitter and her celebrity fans include 50 Cent, Pilar Sanders and Joan Rivers, who called her "my favorite mob wife." As for those who don't like the show, she tells them, "Change the f- - -ing channel. %0D %0D "I usually watch the show alone on Sundays, and then I don't talk to anyone until Tuesday . . . I'm my own worst critic," Graziano says. %0D %0D Watching herself on TV has been a learning experience, she says. %0D %0D "I've learned that I do not need to call my ex-husband to solve all my problems," Renee says. "I learned that I'm a great mother -- and I learned that I'm a big mouth." %0D %0D Now that shooting is over, the "Mob Wives" see each other only on occasion. %0D %0D "Do I like them every day? Maybe once a week I like them," Graziano said before Sunday's show aired. %0D %0D After the episode, she said she'd realized "people you think are your friends aren't" -- and said it may be time to get rid of them. %0D %0D Trying to stay neutral while watching Sunday night with Graziano and Gravano was Jennifer Graziano -- the show's creator (and Renee's sister) -- who had an uncredited cameo in the episode, as a blurred figure trying to break up the fight. She ran downstairs after watching it unfold from a monitor in a bedroom, she recalled. %0D %0D "When that fight was happening, I wasn't thinking anything about the show," Jennifer said. "It was all about separating my friends and keeping them from going somewhere they'd regret."%0D %0D %0D %0D

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8705/24/2011

tune in just to see the face that is the original JYD, Renee Graziano.

Jesus Fucking Christ is she hideous. Like a man in drag.

And freeze frame the credits when DoRida comes on. Her face is seriously crak'd.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8805/24/2011

Drita gets on my damn nerves though. I mean we get it already you can crack someones face open. Plus most woman who grew up in the streets and know how to fight, don't scratch and pull hair, we all will send someone calling 911 at the end of a fight, nothing special!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 8905/24/2011

D'rita personifies 'rode hard and put away wet' better than anyone I've ever seen.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9005/24/2011

And VH1 better air thar hotel fight.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9105/24/2011

WHY is American embracing all this TRASH dumbed down culture?

Do these vile shows make you feel better about yourselves?

VH1 and MTV used to actually have shows about music!

Don't get me started on why Italian-Americans aren't protesting this low rent white trash representation about how a certain segment of Italian-Americans live.

God forbid, a TV network presents people of accomplishment, oh I forgot, that won't bring in the sort of ratings they crave.

No wonder I watch so little TV, look t what passes for entertainment. Bring back some great sitcoms, musical variety shows and the soaps!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9205/24/2011

Meant to type "why are Americans..."

It seems the popularity of a show as "The Sopranos" made mob culture acceptable to a wider viewing audience, so much, that a daytime soap, based around a hospital, "General Hospital", suddenly became all about a sullen vindictive, boring, one note, mobster!

The producers of this "Mob Wives" trash fail to see that "The Sopranos" was fiction, James Gandolfini and the rest of he cast, were acting.

There's nothing remotely glamorous living in fear of getting suddenly 'wacked' one day.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9305/24/2011

The sad thing is that like the rodent Gotti grandkids, the mob wives have lived all their lives in fancy homes profiting from bloodshed. There's nothing really cute about violence and intimidation.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9405/24/2011


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9505/24/2011

I'm just amazed at how well crime pays. Those houses are at least a half a million dollars. They don't have to pay restitution? I think Drita's really pretty. I loved when Karen confronted her and she said "Wow, this girl is really confident that I'm not going to snap."

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9605/25/2011

Tonight was one of the best episodes yet. My favorite quote of the night goes to Drita:

[quote]"Is it about friendship or is it that your new man does not pound you good enough that you have to remember how mine did it?"


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9705/29/2011

Well, doesn't Drita have remember how well her husband pounded her out too since he's been locked up for god knows how long?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9805/29/2011

I think Drita's really pretty. I used to think I was too good for reality television but this show is amazing. What does Drita's husband look like?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 9905/29/2011

The show has been renewed. I would expect them to have to introduce more wives.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10005/30/2011

[quote] "Well, doesn't Drita have remember...."%0D %0D Oh, dear.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10105/30/2011

R92 needs to wash her pussy.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10205/30/2011

This show is wrong on so many levels, but it's also highly addictive. r97 's quote from the show is pure gold.

I have to admit I'd go straight for one night to hook up with Drita.

How can these women fight over guys who probably had more sex with their male prison bitches than with their own wives?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10305/31/2011

Drita is hot. I bet Karen's just jealous because Lee wouldn't touch her now with his cellmate Bubba's dick.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10405/31/2011

Where can I watch episodes of this show for free online ?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10505/31/2011

r97 LMAO I missed that part! Its the truth though. %0D %0D I'm also curious to see Karen's baby-daddy because her daughter definitely has a little black in her.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10605/31/2011

Renee's dad is due to be released in January 2012. Will he join the show for season 2??

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10705/31/2011

I'm shocked at all of the love for Drita's beauty. If she were in her late 40s or 50s I'd say she looked good, but she's only in her 20s and she looks SO hard. Eating something would probably help with that.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10805/31/2011

r108, WTF? She's in her 20s? No fucking way.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 10905/31/2011

[quote]Where can I watch episodes of this show for free online ?%0D %0D VH1. Right now you will only be able to get the current show, but wait a bit and you will be able to watch the entire season.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11005/31/2011

r105,%0D %0D At the link, go to "Tv shows" and search for Mob Wives.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11105/31/2011

Drita should be in her early 30's no?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11205/31/2011

Drita should have passed on the plastic surgery.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11305/31/2011

I read somewhere that Drita has lived in 11 different places in the last 6 years. I wonder if VH1 set her up in the house that she's in. How does she pay rent?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11405/31/2011

This show is a serious guilty pleasure moreso than any of the Bravo housewives.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11506/09/2011

Is R105 REALLY that fucking stupid?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11606/09/2011

I watch this show. Part of me feels guilty for watching because these people shouldn't be famous or making money because of what their families did.... On the other hand. %0D %0D %0D Drita is my fave, but after the fight episode, it was quite obvious Karen would bust her ass. She had that look in her eye like she was going to straight out murder the toothpick. %0D %0D I hate Carla. Horrible mother. A slut. An instigating bitch. All mouth without anything to back it up. Her husband is HOT though. %0D %0D As for Renee, she looks like a tranny... she's annoying, but I want her to beat Carla's ass.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11706/10/2011

Junior cheated on poor Renee AGAIN??? Yuk on both of them.%0D %0D At least she now has street cred with Ghostface Killah.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11806/21/2011

Drita was seriously insane at the end of the latest episode. Karen just gave her a chapter of her book (and it seemed like a nice gesture for a friend asking another friend's opinion) not the head of Drita's husband in a box. Drita didn't even read the chapter and still got mad about stuff that 'might' be in it. I know it's fake drama, but still that shit wouldn't fly even in a daily soap.

Renee being a stylist came out of nowhere. What happened to her idea about the juvie letter service website?

I like Renee this episode for standing up for herself and ditching that no-good ex husband of hers.

Carla seems kind of nice. She's the boring one that makes every other castmember look insane.

It's interesting to see how the kids deal with their fathers being in jail or coming out of it. But there are moments in the show where I feel the kids are exploited (like that phone conversation between Drita's daughter and her husband and when he's coming out - why's that a secret anyway?).

I don't believe for a minute that Karen is struggling to decide whether to stay or to go back home where her daughter is. Of course she will stay if there's a second season.

Next episode is the finale. Another fight. Wooo-hoo!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 11906/21/2011

I think Lee isn't telling Drita when he's coming out because he knows he's got a few more years in there and he doesn't want her to leave him.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12006/21/2011

I don't understand why Drita has no other source who can tell her when he's due to be released.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12106/22/2011

Wouldn't Drita had gone to his sentencing after the trial? I don't understand why she doesn't know how long he will be locked up. It's all bs for the cameras...

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12206/22/2011

Lee could have fucked up inside prison and got his sentence extended, but still, at least his lawyer should know when he can come out.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12306/22/2011

Renee is a hot tranny.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12406/23/2011

How old is Drita? Link to a picture of Lee. Why does Renee hate the boring one's boyfriend?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12506/23/2011

None of these women work. How is that?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12606/26/2011

Hey fagolas, just wanted you to know I'm in negotiations with VH1 for a spinoff called "Mob Children".

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12706/26/2011

The man went to prison twice, and she's shocked he cheated on her?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12806/26/2011

The final episode is a big let down. Bad repetitive editing and the fight is the cliffhanger.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 12906/28/2011

Typical dialogue during the fight, "You mutha fuckah! I'm gonna kill you!"

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13006/28/2011

R128, Exactly! All of these women are delusional. How do you let your exes move back into your home with your kids? You fuck those kids so badly with these dysfunctional yo-yo relationships. I bet Carla has her criminal ex-husband back in her house, even though she has a boyfriend. I have no sympathy for fools...

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13106/28/2011

No goddam it, I was *cheatin*' on Lee with Dave!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13206/28/2011

"Damn, yous was my gurl, Driter. You done me wrong by gettin' with Lee behind my back."

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13306/28/2011

Will they add more Staten Island hos for next season?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13406/29/2011

I laughed out loud when Renee's "front row seat" she was boasting about in her confessional got her right in the middle of the fight with no chance of escape.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13506/29/2011

Does VH1 actually record the convos from prison? How come we didn't see Carla's husband on camera?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13606/29/2011

This show is the single best guilty pleasure out there.

Now this is real drama.

And damn are they fucked up.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13706/29/2011

I love this show. It sort of pisses me of that I have to hear about those douches from the Hills, those shitty Real Housewives shows and those idiots from those dating shows but no press is doing any stuff on these women who are actually interesting.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13806/29/2011

R135, it was hilarious and I love that during the fight the viewer mainly saw Renee's legs akimbo and her Spanx.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 13906/29/2011

Love this show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14006/29/2011

The spanx definitely made a cameo!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14106/29/2011

I wonder if someone at the FBI has been assigned to watch the episodes. Every time I see Drita's house I wonder what stuff was paid for with bank robbery money. When she played dress up with her daughter that was cute, but when she talked about how her husband liked to spend money on clothes for her I was like yeah bank robber money.

It's a guilty pleasure for me too. I didn't think I would like it because yeah their men wreaked total havoc, and have been a negative impact on our culture. I guess since the mob was originally so secretive part of the fascination is seeing mob connected people letting it all hang out. If I were Karen Gravano I'd be concerned about retaliaton, show or no show. Because she's capitalizing on what daddy did. Unless everyone still holds fast to the you don't touch the wife and kids thing.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14206/29/2011

The finale fight -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14306/30/2011

I want Karen's "I'm gonna get you you dirty Ho!" as ringtone!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14406/30/2011

Best reality show ever.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14506/30/2011

Anyone watching "Famous Food"? It should be trashy enough to take the place of "Mob Wives".

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14607/05/2011

r146, I would impore everyone not to watch that. Those famewhores do not need a platform.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14707/05/2011

I'm glad that Renee wore those spandex pants under her dress, because if I had to look at those naked cellulite thighs spread wide open and her big fat granny panties, I would have been traumatized forever!%0D %0D I don't know how this cutie came out of Renee. He's adorable!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14807/06/2011

The reunion is on tonight, along with the equally trashy "Celebrity Rehab" and "Famous Food".

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 14907/10/2011

I love these women who go on a REALITY TV SHOW and then proceed to tell fans to "mind their own business" when they make comments about the ladies' lives.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15007/11/2011

Has anyone found a picture of Drita's husband?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15107/11/2011

This show is so, so wrong. My BF and I found it about two weeks ago and while we haven't made a point of watching it, we saw reruns the last two Sundays while at home doing nothing.. (yeah, I know. I watch so, I'm part of the problem.)%0D %0D We watched the finale show last night and it was head shaking.%0D %0D I'll not watch it again despite my fascination with it. It's just too fucking trashy and shows America at its worst.%0D %0D

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15207/11/2011

Looks like Karen put on a few pounds between the show and the reunion.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15307/12/2011

Best line in the reunion show:%0D %0D Renee (to Carla): "You're filler!"

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15407/15/2011

They're baaack!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15512/01/2011

They are coming back on VH-1 in January.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15612/01/2011

I still want to see Drita's husband.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15712/01/2011

Viola Davis -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15812/01/2011

A [italic]Mob Wives: Chicago[/italic] spinoff has been announced.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 15912/01/2011

^ Whoops

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16012/01/2011

Take three

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16112/01/2011

Sophia Bush and Drea De Matteo -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16212/14/2011


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16312/15/2011

Excuse the [italic]beauté[/italic] of the newest cast member, Angela "Big Ang" Raiola (with Carla and Drita at a VH1 event).

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16412/20/2011

Renee shows off her freshly lifted ass:

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16512/27/2011

Is Carla pregnant? She is showing some gut in that picture.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16612/27/2011

Season 2 trailer -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16712/28/2011

YAY! Come on Sunday night!!!!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16812/29/2011

Will everyone be lusting after Joe?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 16912/29/2011

More of the petite flower that is "Big Ang":

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17012/30/2011

That's a MAN baby!!!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17112/30/2011

Mob Wives' First Season is now available on Amazon. It is UNCENSORED.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17201/01/2012

Poor Renee. Nearly dying in the pursuit of beauty and she still looks like hammered shit.

AJ hit a growth spurt or he's started juicing. He's sporting some nice arms.

Drita is a Slim Jim with pink lipstick. How old is she, really?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17301/02/2012

Big Anj has got to be a man, perhaps a mobster in hiding? I need to see more of 'her'.

And poor AJ is Renee's only friend and she treats him like shit.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17401/02/2012

This season is going to be more juicier than all of the Real Housewives franchise put together.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17501/02/2012

Carla definently looks pregnant, r166.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17601/03/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17701/03/2012

Big Ang looks like Milton Berle in Patti Stanger drag, sounds like Harvey Fierstein, and dresses like Steven Tyler.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17801/03/2012

Love Drita - the way she will pause for about 10 seconds to consider what someone just said to her and then - boom! She goes off like De Niro in "Goodfellas".

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 17901/03/2012

I so can't wait for the new season. I hope there will be a dinner party or restaurant visit in every freaking episode where they can "clean the air" with lots of "boom boom" sound effects.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18001/03/2012

R178, you're absolutely right.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18101/03/2012

This is Drita's web site.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18201/04/2012

Do you think Big Ang is a smoker?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18301/04/2012

When Renee said she had a hole in her back - that is just plain gross. I tried not to look at her iphone picture of it. When they were putting on their faces for Renees birthday party, they all looked so hard with shiny, bumpy skin. Dah-rita looked pretty worn down.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18401/04/2012

That new one looks so scary I'm already afraid to leave the house on Halloween. Or open my door on that day.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18501/04/2012

The new STAR is Big ANG-- write her into the show producers!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18601/04/2012

I'd love to see Big Ang on Letterman.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18701/04/2012

Big Ang does look like Milton Berle in drag - but laughs like Herman Munster.

What's not to like?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18801/04/2012

It looks like Big Ang will steal the thunder from the ladies this season.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 18901/05/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19001/05/2012

I screamed at the TV when they plopped that slab of fat from Renee's back down onto the table. Ugh! And she was such a baby

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19101/05/2012

When Renee was on the phone inviting Drita to the party and Drita told her to put her dancing shoes on and Renee laughed. Sounded like the Silence of the Lambs guy.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19201/05/2012

I am watching the first season on DVD. The show is more enjoyable without all of the bleeps when it airs on television.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19301/05/2012

The dialogue is so heavily edited--you see lips moving but nothing coming out. That's a bit extreme, even for "reality" TV shows.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19401/05/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19501/05/2012

Who is Big Ang and what is her Story?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19601/05/2012

Big Ang is the niece of the late "Sally Dogs" Lombardi, a capo for the Genovese family.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19701/05/2012

She also co-owns/tends bar at this hole-in-the-wall in Staten Island.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19801/05/2012

Some of you in the entertainment business should call the producers and get Big Ang in every show-- Also put the Jersey Shore cast in the Monkey Bar-- Pauly D and Vinnie and Big Ang is a Home run.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 19901/05/2012

Big Ang on Twittuh:

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20001/05/2012

This is Carla's web site.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20101/07/2012

They have a Facebook page as well.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20201/07/2012

Tonight is a brand new episode.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20301/08/2012

Renee Graziano is the most real one of the all. Carla is so ditzy most of the time. Drita does not care what anybody thinks. Karen is too busy hanging on to old shit that she needs to let go.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20401/08/2012

Karen is a little bitch who likes to pull hair while drita is a bad ass bitch who will sock your ass across the face.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20501/08/2012

It's hard to remember that what we're watching now happened only 2 months after the last season's shoot.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20601/08/2012

I love the brawls -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20701/09/2012

LOL at Big Ang at 5:03. It looks like something that came out of Stonewall circa 1969.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20801/09/2012

Carla is probably back with her husband right now.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 20901/10/2012

Karen is a little bitch who likes to pull hair

Karen is a sad ass little bitch with Daddy issues.

Everything in her life evolves around daddy she has no idenity of her own.

Everyone else seems to have a life Karen still using her daddy for attention.

She has nothing else to offer and deserted her family to do the show and relive her teenage years.

Shes fighting over highschool boyfriend shit.

She needs to grow up and realize shes a none motherfucking factor.

She didn't marry Lee she didn't have his kids Drita did so she can't tell anyone about their husband its the past grow the fuck up.

All her drama is old teenage shit from a couple of decades ago.

She brings nothing to the show. Shes so big and bad then why is she hiding behind her fake ass cousin.

Her cousin is so desperate and thirsty for her 15 seconds.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21001/10/2012

That is so true, r210.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21101/10/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21201/10/2012

Review -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21301/10/2012

It got terminated.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21401/11/2012

My mother was a mob wife, and me a mob kid. Always wondered where the money came from, now I know.

My mother was a saint. And she wasn't a cavone like these women.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21501/11/2012

Does anyone know when this fuckery comes back on?

My BF loves it and it's the ONLY reality TV in our house.

Any idea when the premier is?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21601/11/2012

A week ago, R216.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21701/11/2012

Who wants to read Karen's book anyway?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21801/11/2012

Anybody on here?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 21901/13/2012

Which cast member will leave the show after the second season?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22001/13/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22101/14/2012

how much money per episode do these girls make?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22201/15/2012

[quote]No one seems to work, yet everyone's in prison.

WTF does this translate to?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22301/15/2012

Big Ang needs a show of "her" own. What a character. What a laugh. What an over-the-top kitchen.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22401/16/2012

No way Karen's boobs are fake, im sorry but she is Italian, and im not saying Italian Women all have big tits, BUT her's are real. NO way you can get fake boobs that are that nice looking and have sag. Most fake tits look hard and like big plastic balls, here look nice and soft and have some sag. Also SHE looks like an Italian Khloe Kardashian, with tits and thickness. I love this show, even some of the "older" ones on the show are fuckin hot, ID BANG EM ALL!!!!! Hope Junior doesnt read this.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22501/18/2012

Junior is a hot daddy.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22601/18/2012

Karen Gravano is one ugly beeyotch without makeup.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22701/18/2012

Can somebody start a For Love and Hip-Hop thread? Thank you

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22801/18/2012

As long as we're making reality requests, how about a new "Dance Moms" thread? I want to talk about Abbey Lee Miller.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 22901/18/2012

Last night's episode was Great! Jr. is moving back into family home. Big Ang meets her son for lunch. He looks just like Justin Timberlake.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23001/23/2012

The music on this show is excellent.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23101/23/2012

I assumed Big Ang was a man until I saw a photo of her as a kid -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23201/23/2012

Big Ang is awesome!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23301/23/2012

Karen was fucking pathetic in that meeting with Carla - sooo immature and purposefully trying to stir up shit.

I hope she gets her ass seriously kicked - she's been a total bitch to Drita over NOTHING and her mouth is getting her in fucking trouble.

Carla's cool - a bit boring, but cool. Ramona is a joke - she left her husband cuz he started to get in with the mob and THEN DATES A MOBSTER. Riggghhhht Ramona - you're so above the Mob.

Ang rocks - please have her replace Karen.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23401/23/2012

I find myself liking Drita and think she owes nothing to Karen. She married Lee after Karen and Lee were not even together - no? She has been a good mother and loyal to Lee and makes sure the kids respect their father.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23501/23/2012

That Carla/Karen "scene" was beyond fake. This show is usually good about hiding it, but that was too obvious.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23601/23/2012

Big Ang looks and sounds like Harvey Fierstein! Love her, she is a real down to earth person. No attitude, just a fun gal. Karen is such a pathetic loser. Her big mouth and whining is getting really annoying and over the top. She keeps dragging up the past and looking for apologies. Ramona needs to go.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23701/23/2012

Does one get a voice like that strictly from smoking?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23801/24/2012

I had heard they were going to do an American version of "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding," but it seems redundant now.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 23901/24/2012

Karen is the trouble maker and the one to hate on the show-- All the other wives are so likeable! Carla is my fav...

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24001/24/2012

Karen is one nasty Fat B -- I cannot imagine any guy that would want to get up on that.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24101/24/2012

Now there are two AJs: Renee's son and Big Ang's son. Renee's AJ has some definite anger issues, probably because he knows Junior is gonna jerk Renee around again.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24201/24/2012

Karen needs to go back to Arizona.

Could somebody please start a thread about the Baseball WIves on VH-1?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24301/24/2012

Big Anj's AJ is HAWT!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24401/24/2012

Kare nees alot of therapy and anger management classes

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24501/24/2012

Pic of Big Ang's son AJ. Please.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24601/24/2012

Kare also needs Weight Watchers and a good stylist.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24701/25/2012

That is so true, r247.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24801/25/2012

I didn't realize Renee's sister is the creator/producer of this show?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 24901/26/2012

Okay, I've lost track.. Which one is the fat one who keeps going on and on and fucking on about how she'll "finish the wah" and "don't fuk with me cause I'll come back stronger" etc. etc. etc?

She and her trashy cousin, that's ALL they go on about and seem anxious to fight like dogs.

I know which one Big Anj is and, I'm in LOVE!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25001/26/2012

Big Ang and her AJ:

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25101/26/2012


You're speaking about Karen and her cousin Ramona.

I hate Karen and wish somebody would take her down.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25201/26/2012

Is Big Ang a woman or a man in drag ?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25301/26/2012

r253 check out r232's post then get back in the loop.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25401/27/2012

Junior flipped on Renee's old man and Renee is in the hospital -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25501/28/2012

Pics of Big Ang's cock, please.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25601/28/2012


Renee will kill Junior with her bare hands over this.

I hope the show was filming when all this happened.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25701/28/2012

Big Ang used to sell coke for the mob:

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25801/28/2012

I hope Big Anj's son knows to lay very very low right now--He is as much of a star as Anj is right now. He and Anj could be the stars of the show if they work it right. But hey AJ the Feds are watching

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 25901/28/2012

R256 - LOL!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26001/28/2012

Who do you think will leave the show after this season?







by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26101/28/2012

Renee will give herself a heart attack. She needs to calm down.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26201/28/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26301/28/2012

All the Karen stuff this season seems so staged. Everytime she jumps up with her diatribes about "going to war", I have to laugh.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26401/29/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26501/30/2012

Mob Wives gossip -

Karen and Ramona both have accused Carla of not liking them because of Drita. Well apparently that’s not the case! According to my sources, the real reason Carla doesn’t care for the two is because they both tried to jump her best friend! Back in the day, Carla’s best friend used to hang out with Karen and the two were good friends. My sources exclusively reveal that while Carla’s best friend and Karen were friends, Karen was sleeping with Carla’s best friend’s boyfriend for years! Karen would hang out with the friend and sleep with her boyfriend after. This was going on for a while. Carla’s best friend “beat up” Karen and one day Karen randomly knocked on the best friend’s door with Ramona and jumped her! That’s why Carla has always had her guard up regarding both of them!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26601/31/2012

Thanks for the tip, r266.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26701/31/2012

I can't stand Karen.

She's a shitty mother. There's no reason why she shouldn't have her daughter with her in NJ.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26801/31/2012

r268, that stupid bitch lives in Staten Island. She is way too classless for NJ.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 26901/31/2012

Karen and the phoney tears over her daughter leaving - what a piece of shit she is. Poor kid although with a mother like that she needs a better role model anyway. Ramona and Karen accusing other women of being bullies is a hoot and a half.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27001/31/2012

Hate Ramona. She's a loud mouthed idiot trying to get a regular spot on the show. She's like the Kim G of MOB WIVES. I hope she gets jumped.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27101/31/2012

The after show with the female Andy wanna-be was unwatchable. But then so is Andy's.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27201/31/2012

Carla looks great for 45.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27301/31/2012

Renee is the most real one on the show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27401/31/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27502/01/2012

Carla was on the Big Morning Buzz on VH-1 a couple of days ago. She was a little shy on there when she was being interviewed.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27602/02/2012

Carla seems the least ridiculous out of the bunch. Karen and Drita are now constantly playing for the cameras. As suspected, season 2 is much more awkward given they are aware of everything.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27702/02/2012

Bunch of cows

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27802/02/2012

Karen reminds me of Natalie from the Facts of Life.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 27902/04/2012

I actually agree with you, r277.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28002/05/2012

Big Ang's pool party. I wonder who the hottie at 2:26 is.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28102/05/2012

OK this show seems fake, i understand it happened in the past and everyone is either dead or in jail. but seriously real families with mafia back ground do not come out and put their family on blast. There are serious security reasons on why people should not know who the families truly are. So do i feel these are actors? Yes... do i think they are portraying someone else's life sure. i do like the show, but i can not take it too seriously because "real" mafia families, stay behind closed doors. just saying.. but i do really like karen lol shes my fave :) haha

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28202/07/2012

They are taking questions for Big Ang and her son, AJ on their Facebook page right now!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28302/16/2012

Karen Gravano without makeup -

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28402/16/2012

Would you get your guido on with AJ?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28502/16/2012

R284 - without makeup AND 12 years old.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28602/16/2012

It looks like a mug shot! That's how she looks on the inside.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28702/16/2012

No love for this show??? It is an amazing train wreck with so many sound bytes! I want a t-shirt with big Anges face on it.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28802/21/2012

Behold the beauty!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 28902/22/2012

Did anyone catch Karen talking about her book and her dad in the last episode? She said they made her dad into the 'escape goat'!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29002/22/2012

Big Ang's new pup is precious.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29102/22/2012

Renee's son has a nice spare tire.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29202/22/2012

I saw that, and actually rewound it. She, THE BESTSELLING BOOK AUTHOR, said "Sammy da bull was da excape goat!"

But I love the show for Big Ang, her son, Rene (so fucking batshit crazy)...actually the whole show.

But what will happen to these train wrecks when the show is over in a year or so?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29302/22/2012

I get the feeling Drita and Renee are the most natural on this show. Karen is drumming up interest for her book so is trying to create drama. Ramona and Karen together are like two Joe Pesci loudmouths. Having said that, Karen and Renee seem to be the two who are the biggest emotional messes. I feel bad for Renee. She's trying to make it work with Junior which is a losing proposition, yet she tries. She has some measure of self awareness at times but not enough to save herself.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29402/22/2012

woah R289. She is working it with the sexy posing. She has many moles. This is after surgery?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29502/22/2012

How about the "therapist" in sneakers and a t-shirt in what appeared to be the upstairs bedroom of a house? And of course - with the strategically placed degree on the wall.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29602/24/2012

Hey fellas!

did yous guys catch BIG ANG on my show last night?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29702/24/2012

Do yous gays like the wise guys?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29802/24/2012

Renee reminds me of that lady wrestler Chyna who took a lot of steroids. But honestly, even with the steroids altering her voice and her body being extremely muscular, Chyna is softer and more feminine than Renee.

Renee is so hard. Her voice, her make up, even when she's crying. She has no softness whatsoever.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 29902/24/2012

Renee needs to stop with cigs. But I'm sorry, I love her. When she was talking about how these wise guys spend only 25 % of their time with there wives and kids, the other times cheating etc, she said take your 25% and shove it up your ass, and as she did that, She did the ol skool flipping off where you pound the fist into the other arm and raise your other hand up with the middle salute. ha! I haven't seen that for sooo long, I fell out, Who does that anymore? I thought it was sooo funny. I loved her after that.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30002/24/2012

Did anyone catch Ramona's hefty son? Yikes.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30102/24/2012

All her kids were fairly homely. Betcha they look more like Dad.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30202/24/2012

Both Renee and BIg Ang have very dramatic and attractive eyes. Renee is very good looking; her personality roughs up her allure, though. Big Ang probably started out very attractive, then the lips and the cigarettes and the boobs attacked

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30302/24/2012

Nope Big Ang was never pretty I have seen pics from back in the day, before any surgery, she looks like a dowdy no chin having normal staten island housewife who smokes way too much! Stop with the Big Ang being pretty, never gonna happen!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30402/24/2012

Fuck with Renee, yous fuck with me!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30502/24/2012

304- Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30602/24/2012

296 - my partner used to work with him (the therapist) at a mental health agency for adolescents on Staten Island. i would be stating the obvious by saying he is a complete fucking tool. so i'll just say that at the time he marketed himself as the "hipster" therapist due to his putative ability to connect with kids and talk their lingo.

the only problem was all of the kids that went to him ended up hating him and requesting someone else.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30702/24/2012

big Ang through the years

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30802/24/2012

I like all the women except Karen and Ramona. Those 2 make me want to punch them.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 30902/26/2012

I've seen that show since it's on TV when I go to the gym and exercise and it's right by the cardio machines.

What I want to know is if these women are really supposedly involved in the mob or close to men who are in the mob WTF are they doing going on TV and talking about or bragging about being in "the family" as they say?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31002/26/2012

I don't think "the mob" is what it used to be. They all turn state's evidence and rat each other out all the time. It's really just a bunch of crooks who happen to be Italian.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31102/26/2012

Why is Victoria Gotti not on that show?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31202/26/2012


Karen is really the only one that brags about the life and her father went against the life to save his own neck. She disgusts me because she thinks she's so tough. She's really just a fat slimeball who left her kid in she could write her book in NJ. Why couldn't she bring her kid.

The other women are shown to be good mothers

Renee,Drita,Carla are interesting to me because their husbands are either in prison or facing prison. The show examines their life and their kids lives.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31302/26/2012

Somebody is really going to knock the crap out of Karen one day.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31403/03/2012

r314 I believe the ugly fat stick already did.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31503/03/2012

It wouldn't surprise me if Carla is back with Joe. She truly loves him.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31603/03/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31703/04/2012

Ramona is a bore. I really hope if there is a third season that VH-1 will change cast members from Staten Island, New York. They can get rid of Ramona, Karen, and Carla. They can keep Renee, Drita, and Big Ang.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31803/07/2012

I wonder if the spin-off from the show will be ten times better.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 31903/08/2012

Anybody home?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32003/09/2012

The show apparently sunk in the ratings after the premiere. The second season is even more obviously scripted than the first.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32103/09/2012

I have to agree with you, r321.

Everything seems scripted on there now. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get renewed. Shit, Baseball Wives failed in the ratings for VH-1.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32203/09/2012

Get rid of Ramona.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32303/09/2012

I agree. Ramona is annoying and nothing about her seems real. Get rid of her.

I think this show was off the air for a few weeks and people seem to have forgotten about it.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32403/09/2012

Get rid of Karen. She's fat and boring. Ugh!!!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32503/09/2012

Could someone make a "Dance Moms" thread? We need to talk about Abby's "Showgirls" routine brought to life by ten year olds.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32603/09/2012

Someone make a "Dance Moms" thread please. Go to the link to see what I'm talking about.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32703/09/2012

The spin-off of Mob Wives starts airing in the spring.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32803/10/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 32903/10/2012

I'm so annoyed by the This is scripted trolls. STFU. It's quasi reality Tv on VH1 who fucken cares losers!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33003/10/2012

I'm so annoyed by the This is scripted trolls. STFU. It's quasi reality Tv on VH1 who fucken cares losers!

I have to agree with you, r330.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33103/11/2012

Carla is boring too. She doesn't bring too much drama to the show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33203/11/2012

I really like Drita. I just love her. She doesn't seem to want a lot of drama, but deals with it, likes to laugh. She seem's fun. Renee is one of those women who are toxic, breeds drama want's drama, wouldn't know who she was without it, toxic. But gr8 for quasi reality tv, and she cracks me up at times.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33303/11/2012

When Drita Big Ang and Carla went to the wig shop, it was funny. The show doesn't always have to be, yeah my dad and family, and hub is mob. STFU Karen and Renee!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33403/11/2012

Renee's on anti-depressants. Big surprise. Looks like she had many more pills in that bag.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33503/12/2012

Ramona is so boring that she doesn't even belong on the show. Period. I tell all of you on here that if VH-1 wants to keep the show alive they will have to get some new folks from Staten Island to appear. There is going to be a point where Drita, Carla, Renee, and Karen might tell VH1 enough is enough.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33603/12/2012

I love Carla because she's the most glamorous. The show has devolved into scripted scenes of the ladies going out to lunch and discussing what was discussed at the last lunch they had. It's running on fumes now. The wig shop scene was cute, especially Drita's imitation of Big Ang.

Hate hate hate Ramona. I want someone to punch her.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33703/12/2012

I do believe it's running on fumes now. I also think that the creators and VH-1 don't do something soon. They might as well call it a day. I found out on another web site that the cast members do not film scenes together anymore.

There is so much animosity towards some of the cast members that it's not even funny. For this season, they have three episodes left to air.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33803/12/2012

What is the spinoff? And who is in it?? Tia

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 33903/12/2012

Drita D'Avanzo Talks to DJ Toro at 92.3 NOW

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34003/14/2012

[quote]What is the spinoff? And who is in it?? Tia

[italic]Mob Wives: Chicago[/italic]

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34103/14/2012

The Chicago spinoff should be interesting.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34203/14/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34303/15/2012

The "Shooting Range" clip from Sunday night's episode.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34403/16/2012

Big Ang on WWHL!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34503/16/2012

Here is another clip from Sunday night's episode.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34603/16/2012

The C hicago Mob wives look ruff ruff.. I'm just saying...

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34703/17/2012

Mob wives Renee Graziano & Carla Facciolo fight.

P.S. They did made up afterwards.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34803/18/2012

This shit got old fast.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 34903/18/2012

"This shit got old fast."

That is so true, r349. I really don't think VH-1 will renew the show unless they get some brand new cast members and put Renee, Drita, Carla, Karen, Big Ang, and Ramona out to pasture.

Jennifer Graziano, the show's creator, will have to find new cast members to keep the show going.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35003/18/2012

The problem isn't necessarily the cast members - it's the production structure and contrived plots which are even worse than those of the RH franchise.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35103/18/2012

I hate Karen and Ramona.

I wish the show would drop them.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35203/18/2012

Karen Gravano is a fat piece of crap . The apple doesn't fall from the tree. Karen go take care of your daughter instead of showing your fat face on tv. Your baby daddy is a low life crack dealer and your father is the biggest rat in mob history you have no buisness putting your name in the same sentence as the mafia.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35303/18/2012

Carla's husband is sex on a stick.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35403/18/2012

Shucks. Carla's husband might have had some dick while he was in prison.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35503/19/2012

It's so obvious Carla wants to hit that again. Are they back together yet?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35603/19/2012

I wish I knew, r356.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35703/19/2012

AJ was cute during the sex talk with Renee. His girlfriend is cute too, but damn if she doesn't already sound like a mob-wife-in-training.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35803/19/2012

Was Carla's husband on the show, R354? They've usually avoided showing him so I've given up. I would have watched if I'd known they were going to reveal him.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 35903/19/2012

^ On last night's episode he came home from the halfway house.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36003/19/2012

Carla's husband was there. He was quite cute.

The thing I've noticed about this show is no matter what the mothers look like they apparently have some butt ugly kids. (talking to you, Ramona) Not sure how this genetic stuff works but clearly New Jersey needs a redo.

Ramona needs to depart. No matter what the mundane topic (cooking, buying groceries, etc.) Ramona is going to rumble/kick ass. Sure honey. All 40 year old females with FOR (homely) kids get into daily fist fights. Yawn.

Who decided this stupid, inane, repetitive shit would fly? Is there a mobbed up version of Andy Cohen?

This show officially sucks.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36103/19/2012

I don't think the public could bear another season with the same old stuff. The Karen and Drita stuff was getting old. The Ramona stuff is getting old as well. Jennifer Graziano should have never added her to the show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36203/19/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36303/23/2012

Ramona sucks. Like most reality shows, the shelf life is one season. The only novelty this season has been Big Ang but without any plots, who cares?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36403/23/2012

The preview for Sunday is Renee screaming for 30 seconds straight.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36503/23/2012

Like she does EVERY week, R365.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36603/23/2012

This is the second season. I think in the minds of the public that the first season of the show will be considered classic. I think that Jennifer Graziano adding Ramona was the downfall. Plus four of them are no longer filming together. That's why the public sees Carla and Drita together or Renee, Carla, Ramona, and Karen together.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36703/24/2012

Renee finds out that Junior snitched and sent her daddy back to prison. Junior was supposedly MIA after that - has he been found or is he in hiding?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36803/24/2012

The public is enjoying Big Ang on the show. She needs her own show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 36903/24/2012

Anybody home?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37003/25/2012

I'm drawn to Big Ang for some reason. If she had a spin off, I would watch it.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37103/25/2012

Last night's episode was more about the nervous breakdown of Renee Graziano than the typical bs. There was still drama but it was more lighthearted.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37203/26/2012

Well at least this is something we know isn't scripted. Junior really did turn on the father.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37303/26/2012

Yep, r373.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37403/26/2012

What happened after this given that it was filmed months ago? Did Junior go into hiding?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37503/26/2012

[quote]I'm drawn to Big Ang for some reason. If she had a spin off, I would watch it.

I'd love to hang out at her bar (she hosts a gay night once a month).

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37603/26/2012

Really, R376? I wanted to go to her bar but was scared at the prospect of facing a straight Staten Island crowd. I'll have to find out when it occurs.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37703/26/2012

According to [italic]Next[/italic] magazine, it's the first Friday of every month.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37803/26/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 37903/28/2012

Joe Ferragamo is a sexy daddy.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38003/29/2012

UPDATE: Do Drita Davanzo And Karen Gravano Make Up?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38103/30/2012

r381, perhaps because the whole "feud" was manufactured for season 2?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38203/30/2012

Good thought r382.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38303/30/2012

Big Ang should have her own show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38403/30/2012

Junior wore a wire and sent Renee's dad up the river. I read on another website that he's entered the Witness Protection Program

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38503/30/2012

It's interestng that the feds didn't care that Junior was a reality show cast member. I guess it was so crazy that no one expected it.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38603/30/2012

I'm ready for this season to be finished.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38704/01/2012

Renee is the world's biggest drama queen. Every time I put the show on, her hands are shaking and she's hyperventilating and on the verge of vomiting she's so worked up. Get a grip.

And, by the way, bitch. Your guy and your dad wouldn't have so many problems if, you know, they were law-abiding citizens.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38804/01/2012

Junior is scum. To do what he did and then ditch his son without so much as a goodbye.

In the Witness Protection Program he'll never get to see his son again.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 38904/01/2012

Nope r389.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39004/01/2012

It's really hard to have sympathy for these people when they are actually engaging in criminal behavior, as r388 said. I get that Renee wouldn't "go against" her father, but please. He had to be guilty of something for Junior to get it on tape. The only true victim in this is the kid.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39104/02/2012

I will also add that Junior is one brazen piece of shit. To agree to be filmed fauxcourting Renee while planning a doublecross is epic fuckery.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39204/02/2012

We will have to wait two weeks to see a brand new episode of the show.

By then, the trailer for the Chicago spin-off will be shown.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39304/02/2012

I get so sick of Renee's whole "How could the feds do this to me? They're taking away my family!" schtick. Um, your dad and your ex-husband did this to you.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39404/02/2012

Actually I do remember her saying in one episode that she doesn't blame the "feds" because they're just doing their job.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39504/02/2012

I don't believe a second of this show. Fake/coached 'reality' like all of the rest.

And I think Big Ang is a guy.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39604/02/2012

Big An is Milton Berle in drag.


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39704/02/2012

OMG you it's scripted trolls are so fuckin annoying. We get it!! You dont think its real, it staged. Got it! Now fuck off already. It's a mindless 'reality' show on VH1. Ugh!~

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39804/02/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 39904/03/2012

R398, have a cig, sweetie, and calm down.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40004/03/2012

Holy shit that was a fucked up episode.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40104/03/2012

Interview with Carla's ex husband.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40204/04/2012

Carla's ex is another hot goomba.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40304/04/2012

Renee Graziano calls her co stars out on Twitter.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40404/05/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40504/05/2012

No one's watching this year?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40604/06/2012

"No one's watching this year?"

That figures r406.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40704/06/2012

Big Ang gets her own show on VH-1. The show will be taped in July.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40804/10/2012

Just read something I didn't know: that the creator/producer of this show is Renee's sister. How in the world can she think it's in her sisters best interest to surround her with cameras and play to her narcissism?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 40904/14/2012

I still think that Carla might leave the show at some point because she doesn't like the drama but then again it pays the bills.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41004/14/2012

It's come out that Junior once killed a guy. Renee is such a phony waiving her Bible around.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41104/14/2012

Has this show been off for weeks? I feel like I haven't seen a new one in a long time but there's nothing on my dvr.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41204/14/2012

There is a new episode coming on tonight.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41304/15/2012

Anybody home?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41404/16/2012

Home. Watched. Interesting watching the whole Renee/Junior thing finally play out. I have always gotten the feeling that Renee thinks AJ is SOOOO much more adversely effected by his father than he actually his. I don't think the kid gives a damn.

The pathetic attempt to manufacture drama re: Carla and Renee was lame. There was enough REAL stuff without the "Carla said this and aren't you angry?" BS.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41504/16/2012

"I have always gotten the feeling that Renee thinks AJ is SOOOO much more adversely effected by his father than he actually his."

I think that having your criminal father rat out your criminal grandpa, sending him off to spend his golden years in the pokey, has to have an adverse effect on a kid.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41604/16/2012

I'm very glad that Ramona wasn't in the last night's episode. I'm already sick of her. I believe that Carla is two faced. I'm a Drita fan all the way.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41704/16/2012

R408tThat is going to be great. I love that chick, man. I really do.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41804/16/2012

I read somewhere that Karen and her father are not speaking right now. Apparently, Sammy The Bull didn't like the idea of his daughter being on a reality tv show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 41904/16/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42004/18/2012

Most intense happenings EVAH on a reality show!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42104/18/2012

Will anyone watch the Big Ang spinoff?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42204/18/2012

Fuck yeah! R422

She is campy as hell, seems like an empathetic lady at this point in her life, and she has a proper gay night at her bar once a week.

What is not to like with Big Ang?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42304/18/2012

Renee I could never be friends with. Granted, she chose this life, so what do you expect BITCH. She is the type of person if asked in a checkout line by the cashier at the grocery store how are you? She would start telling them all the things wrong with her life, show pictures of her surgery gone wrong, total narcissist. I know so many people like her. STAY away from them. NOTHING will ever go right for them. EVER!

Good tv tho! *wink*

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42404/18/2012

R424 - Renee didn't really choose the life - her dad was/is HUGE in the mob. Very high up - higher than everyone else on the show.

It's not something she could leave. What an intense story though - you couldn't make this shit up.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42504/18/2012

Renee is a trip. What would the show be without her?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42604/18/2012

I thought Junior was hot, but Carla's ex looks so handsome in that pic. I would totally get double-penetrated by them in prison!!!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42704/18/2012

Jr HOT? Barf!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42804/19/2012

What was the big falling-out with Renee and her dad?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 42904/19/2012

I'm surprised Renee's family didn't have a problem with her marrying a Puerto Rican.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43004/19/2012

I just found out that Joy Behar will be the host of the Mob Wives two part reunion that will be shown on the 20th and the 27th of May.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43104/19/2012

r431, that's rich coming from the woman who mocked the cast of jersey shore live on the view.

she was nasty and mean.

mob wives are as trashy or worse than the skanks and hos on jersey shore.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43204/19/2012

Yep r432.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43304/20/2012

[quote]She is campy as hell, seems like an empathetic lady at this point in her life, and she has a proper gay night at her bar once a week.

Big Ang's gay night at the Drunken Monkey (I think it's just once a month) is the only gay nightlife in Staten Island. A gay bar opened there in 2009, but it only lasted a year or so.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43404/20/2012

I'd be scared to death.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43504/20/2012

They should have asked Wendy Williams to host the two part reunion instead of Joy Behar. Wendy hosted the reunion last year.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43604/20/2012

I love Big Ang and will definitely watch the show.

I can't stand Ramona and I bet she's green with envy that Big Ang because the breakout star instead of her.

Renee is a drama queen. She's exhausting.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43704/21/2012

I always die laughing during Renee's breakdowns.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43804/21/2012

VH-1 would never give Ramona her own show because she's unlikeable so is Karen.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 43904/22/2012

This season will have seventeen episodes in total. The two part reunion will make it nineteen.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44004/22/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44104/22/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44204/22/2012

Karen Gravano should take her fat ass back to Arizona before she gets popped by one of her father's victims family matters.

Carla Facciolo is just a waste of air time.

Big Ang is a hoot.

Ramona needs to go away.

Drita is a riot.

Renee is a sweetie.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44304/23/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44404/24/2012

I still wish someone would answer my question about why Renee and her father are estranged.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44504/24/2012

R443, I thought the exact same thing about Karen. Instead of flaunting who I was, I would still be looking over my shoulder and worrying about the safety of my daughter and myself if I were Karen. She seems to get her rocks off by bragging about who her father is like it's something to be proud of.

I can't stand Ramona. Renee is too much of a drama queen. I like Drita alot. Carla is a total bitch.

But Big Ang is my favorite and I'm looking forward to her show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44604/24/2012

R455, from what I've read, Renee's father was upset about her doing the show. I guess he must of been angry at her sister too since I think she is the creator/producer.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44704/24/2012

Thanks, R447 but Renee said she hadn't spoken to her father in "years." It's always appeared to be something grave and longstanding, but I missed the episode where she said what it was.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44804/24/2012


There is something bigger between Renee and her father. They've never explained it though.

It has to be bigger than being on the show because Renee always says "years" when she mentions the length of the estrangement

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 44904/24/2012

I love Drita and Big Ang. Renee is good for drama but she's exhausting.

I hate Karen and Ramona.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45004/24/2012

I've watched every episode and I don't remember Renee ever explaining why she and her father were estranged.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45104/24/2012

Shucks, even Karen and her father aren't speaking to each other because of the show. I read that somewhere.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45204/25/2012

'Mob Wives' Star Karen Gravano Talks About Infamous Dad In Memoir.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45304/25/2012

For some reason I thought Sammy the Bull was dead. I looked him up on Wikipedia and found out he's back in prison for selling $500,000 drugs a WEEK.

Karen,her mom and brother were all involved and arrested. Karen and her mom got off with probation. Sammy got 20 years and the brother got 8 years.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45404/25/2012

That was in 2002, R454.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45504/25/2012

Interesting article at the link about Madonna's former mob boy toy Chris Paciello. On page 2 they mention Drita's husband Lee. He is apparently a pretty hardcore criminal and I guess that's why Drita lives in the nice house she does. Ubderneath all the camp humor of the show there is a lot of bloddshed.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45604/28/2012

Joy Behar To Host Reunion Shows.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45704/28/2012

Anybody home?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45804/29/2012

Mob Wives has one more episode to go. Then it is the two part reunion. The finale airs on the 13th, bitches!!!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 45905/07/2012

I think I read somewhere (didn't hear it on the show) that Renee's father was pissed at her and her sister about the show. But it does seem like there must be more. Weird that he kept up a relationship w Junior while freezing Renee out.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46005/08/2012

The show is boring and repetitive. It's the same "let's fight" crap over and over. When you've seen it once, that's more than enough.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46105/08/2012

I completely agree r461. I just deleted it from my playlist.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46205/08/2012

The irony is that the third season of the show starts in September. I don't know if the public will tune in like they did in the past. I might not be watching it in September myself. Karen and Ramona wilo have to go before I will watch it again.

VH-1 will lose some viewers with the Mob Wives Chicago spinoff.

VH-1 will gain viewers with Big Ang's own reality show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46305/09/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46405/11/2012

I'm not sure Big Ang is so fascinating on her own. This season was nothing without Junior's betrayal, Big Ang or not.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46505/11/2012

You've got a point there r465.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46605/12/2012

Tonight is the season finale.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46705/13/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46805/15/2012

I stopped watching a few months ago and watched a few minutes of the finale while channel surfing. They were having the exact same conversations. I felt as if I hadn't missed anything. In the few moments I saw Karen was warning about how Drita better not hit her at their big meeting and all I could think was, 'Bitch you better hope she hits you because your show could use the ratings boost.'

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 46905/15/2012

I don't think Dita nor Carla will be back for another season of the show. Karen and Ramona are a waste of energy. Jennifer Graziano appeared on the reunion show part one on Sunday night. She's a piece of work. I really feel sorry for Renee though.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47005/22/2012

Who watced the part one of the reunion show?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47105/24/2012

[italic]Mob Wives Chicago[/italic] preview. Leah DeSimone makes Big Ang look like Monica Bellucci.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47205/24/2012

Yep r472.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47305/25/2012

I watched Part 1 of the reunion and it wasn't all that great. But at the end, Ramona & Drita started getting into it and security got called. So I will watch Part 2 to see if anything goes on with that.

The only other interesting part of Part 1 was Karen stating that Carla had an affair with Karen's married uncle. Would of liked to hear more of that because all the other girls were shocked - guess they didn't know.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47405/25/2012

Read interview at the link R474. It's with the (ex)wife of the guy Carla shtupped.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47505/25/2012

Jennifer Graziano likes to instigate the behaviors of the cast members. She's the sole creator of the show.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47605/25/2012


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47705/26/2012

These bitches are back! Did anyone watch? Renee's a junkie.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47801/07/2013

Yeah, I watched the second half. It was really dull and the preview of the upcoming season looked boring as well. That woman, Love is her name? looked like she would spice things up, but I guess not.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 47901/07/2013

The major problem with this show (aside from the obvious) is that the episode structure is completely monotonous. Scenes consist of talking about upcoming meetings and the meetings themselves. There is rarely anything else.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48001/07/2013

[quote]I'm not sure Big Ang is so fascinating on her own. This season was nothing without Junior's betrayal, Big Ang or not.

I adore Big Ang and think she'd be a blast to hang out with, but I wish the producers would give her more to do than wring her hands and be all "Can't we all just get along?" when a fight ensues. I'd love to see her get pissed off and put a beatdown on a bitch.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48101/12/2013

Any of you Staten Island hos get with Carla's hubby?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48201/27/2013

i think Big Ang is too cool to fight.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48301/27/2013

Another staged "feud" for a stale show. VH1 can't be happy with the sinking ratings.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48401/28/2013

Renee's son is very handsome

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48501/28/2013

"I'm gonna ask them to resume da body"



This is what's wrong with america.

The land of the dumb.

Yet, I watch. Fascinated.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48601/28/2013

r485, too bad she has probably scarred him for life.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48701/28/2013

He seems a lot more together than you would expect

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48801/29/2013

[quote]Any of you Staten Island hos get with Carla's hubby?

Joe Ferragamo is [italic]soooo[/italic] hot -- and I love that they give him his own talking heads now.

Picture it: This guy buttfucking Joe Gorga from RHONJ.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 48901/29/2013

I would let him do pretty much anything he wanted with my no-no while wearing Ferregamos

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49001/30/2013

Did he give or take in prison?

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49101/30/2013

I HATE RAMONA!! She is so fake, they should of never let er on the show. Drita is definitely my favorite!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49202/08/2013

Big Ang bump

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49303/04/2013

Why no posts?? Mobwives is amazingly horrific and dl stays quiet? Lets have a sit down bitches! Watch me wave my butter knife in your face while the cameras bleep my every word. This show is true italian-american trash at its finest! Watch my people and lets discuss!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49403/14/2013

I agree R494. For whatever the reason, I've been watching the current season (I think the season finale is next week).

I'm crushin' on Renee's son, AJ. Very cute and he said in this weeks episode that he's moving to FL.

What's up with the chunky one? She's the one who's father is in jail and she has a kid living in AZ with her ex-boyfriend. Someone should tell her to scale back the attitude; she ain't all that.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49504/03/2013

There are no words. Caught this for the first time last night. They actually pay these cows? The lowest of the low, ugly, crass, low life trash. Why does every other word have to be fuck? Ang is a drag queen isn't she?- I thought of her being in Hairspray as Edna....she sounds exactly like Harvey Fierstein. And the pig Harvey Weinstein produces it-disgusting....we are doomed if people actually watch this garbage-but I sat through it with my jaw dropping, damning reality TV.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49604/08/2013

Anyone see the new show - Mob Wives New Blood - last night?

I thought it was pretty good! It looks like it might be a really good season.

But Big Ang...a baby? Really? Neal is an alcoholic and Ang smokes like a chimney and is in her fifties! She can't be serious!

I did agree with the new girl Alicia that Karen Gravano bragging about her father all the time was awful - especially for the victims and their families.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49712/06/2013


by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49801/04/2014

Will Alicia DiMichele Garofalo actually have to serve any time? Poor thing. She makes beautiful babies.

PS: Her brother Anthony is extremely HOT! And he kinda pings to me. Woof!

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 49901/30/2014

Anyone know these hooorahs??? I love to hate them. I cringe at just about everything they say, do and wear but I can't stop watching! It's my Thursday night dvr joy watching.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 50002/20/2015

R498, R499, R500

There's a more current thread already going about this season.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 50102/20/2015


TG's quite good there but you can see how much he's declined health wise since then. That clip was only 3 and a half years ago.

I know he's had major health problems but he is so so thin now and very pale.

by Teresa "Bitsy" Giudicereply 50202/21/2015
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